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(generated from captions) children and human cloning It is

such a controversial subject.

Marcia, we appreciate your time

this morning. Thank you very much.

It is one of those topics that

people feel quite strongly. Drop us

an email or SMS. As Australian heroin smuggler Van Tuong Nguyen faces the death penalty in Singapore, back home the campaign to save his life is gaining pace.

A petition is being circulated in Federal Parliament asking that Nguyen be spared the gallows. However, Coalition MP Wilson Tuckey has already declared he won't be signing it because heroin kills young Aussies. So is this campaign right and will it make any difference? It's over to our Big Guns of Politics, Human Services Minister Joe Hockey and Shadow Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd. Good morning.

Joe, do many in the government share Wilson's view?

Support the petition, well, as

individuals a number may. I will be

signing the petition because I am

opposed to the death penalty. Kevin,

will you? Absolutely. Six or nine

months ago we sent a petition

through to the Singapore an

government itself asking that they

extend an act of mercy to this

young man. Our view is trafficking

drugs is obscene. The death penalty

is obscene. Does one obscenity

justify another ob sent, from your

point of view, no. It is a young

man's life and we are doing what we

can do Obviously their view it

sends a message. Do either of you

see that point holding up ? It is a

very difficult situation. If the

situation were reversed we

wouldn't like another country

asking us not to jail a hierpb

trafficker. Also go one step

further, think of domestic politics

in Singapore, they executed a

father of two children for a

similar offence. It might seem similar offence. It might seem a

bit rich locally that you are

prepared to execute your own

citizens but you are not prepared

to execute foreign citizens who are

heroin traffickers. It is a very,

very difficult issue. It is causing

a lot of personal grief for a lot

of people but Alexander Downer have

moved heaven and earth to try to

get him out I got to absolutely no

criticism of John Howard and downer

in the representations they have

made. We tried to work with them

quietly in the background. The

Singapore an government has

representations in not doing an act

of clemency. If Wilson has red neck

views on hanging people, he should

probably keep it to himself at the

moment. There is a buy partisan

effort to show an act of mercy to a

young man in his early 20s when he

committed this offence Is the

anti-terrorism legislation still

going to be introduced on Melbourne

Cup day? Unlikely since there is a

draft going to the state premiers

on Monday. This is a great

distraction courtesy of Keven in's

mates Oh Joe. We are sitting on Mel

bun Cup day. Parliament usually

sits through the Melbourne Cup. We

don't stop working Don't you take a

break for the one and a half

minutes it runs? We do Surely - I

bet on politics. You can understand

people seeing this as a smoke

screen. While the Melbourne Cup is

running and you - The war on

terrorism is far bigger than the

Melbourne Cup. I know it is dear to

your heart but the priority is the

anti-terror legislation. This comes

about as a result of the London

bombings and that happened back in

June. We are now up to November.

Why it has to come in Mel bun burn

Cup week We have four sitting weeks

coming up. Our job is to

scrutinise these bills. They are

very serious they go right to the

hear of our freedoms The. M says as

long as it is in by Christmas. Is

that enough time? When we got the

past slab of bills the committee

got a hold of it for sometime and

the result big changes to the bills.

What we said on this one give it to

a Senate committee to go through it

in great detail. I spoke to the

shadow minister last night and

asked if they had a copy of the

bill. There is no bill and we are

supposed to debate it next week.

Labor premiers have copies of the

bills. Even one of them put it up

on his web site but the bill isn't

settled yet. We haven't seen the

final bill. The final bill is going

out to consultation with the labor

premiers on Monday. I haven't seen

a final bill either but I am sure

we will have plenty of time to look

at it Does Han sard Melbourne Cup

proceedings or does it stop There

is no race caller in Parliament.

Get one. We will find you a seat I

just want a really quick comment.

Queensland counsellor and the

daylight saving forcing Queensland

to be on the same time zone. Do the

Feds want it? Do the Feds want it,

probably not. Do I see it

happening? No. I think Far North

Queensland is opposed to daylight

saving but southern Queensland

supporting daylight saving so

perhaps we should create another

state. My friends in Far North Queensland would support that.

Everyone south of Townsville is a

Mexican. I grew up in a farm. My

mum and dad always said it would

change the curtains. The bottom

line it needs another referendum. I

worked for Wayne Goss. We took it

to a referendum. It would be a

interesting question today.

South-east Queensland, basically

majority want it. Head to the

noosa River and people start to

react. It has always divided the

state Divide the state then.

Queensland will be one and always

be one We will leave it on that

beautiful note We even had a State

song If we had more time we would

ask you to sing it. We have Ben Lee

getting ready. Have a good weekend.

Enjoy the race on Tuesday. We're nearly at the half-way mark but there's plenty still to come on Sunrise today. I don't know how we can ever repay ya.

Remember the Conn children?