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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Tonight - densely-populated Florida coast as Hurricane Wilma hits the warning to travelling Australians. our Foreign minister issues a timely

overseas If you're worried about hurricanes don't go the hurricane zones. and physically abused. I was sexually

as well as facial injuries. I suffered internal injuries recommended A national child abuse register in cases. to deal with an alarming rise What I want to make sure is

other venues that we have flexible day care in without compromising on quality. centres to open And a radical plan to allow day care in some unlikely places it's not the answer? but why do critics say Hello and welcome to Ten's Late News. I'm Sandra Sully. Also tonight -

the potential for sexual assault. The loss of inhibitions and falling victim to binge drinking Why young professional women are their long-term health. and how it's hurting As we go on air tonight the Florida coastline. Hurricane Wilma is lashing

defied evacuation orders thousands of residents who have for emergency shelters. are being urged to head Category 3 storm The outer fringes of the of up to 185km/h are expected to bring winds of up to 2.5 metres. and a storm surge through Mexico, After cutting a destructive path up the coast threatening Miami Wilma is now expected to move quickly

and Fort Lauderdale. Australian family Celebrations tonight for one loved ones missing in Mexico. who'd feared the worst, with their not long ago to say The newlyweds phoning home the fury of Hurricane Wilma. they were safe after escaping tonight in the Gramelis household. From devastation to absolute joy the phone call Just hours ago they received they'd been desperately waiting for. Are you alright? Is Michael alright? and her husband Michael Their daughter Katerina

to say they were OK finally able to call home of Hurricane Wilma. after being caught up in the fury all day waiting to hear her voice I've been picking up the phone I was so happy. and when I did hear it in Cancun Mexico The newlyweds were honeymooning for a number of agonising days and hadn't been heard from I feared the worst. happened to her? Did you think something may have Yes, I did. To both of them.

at criticism tonight The Foreign Minister lashing back to warn tourists the Government hasn't done enough or help those stranded. overseas If you're worried about hurricanes don't go the hurricane zones. don't blame the Government. That's the best advice I can give, Relief too tonight footballers for the families of four Australian in Mexico. and their two friends holidaying been freed Jai Mullane telling his father they'd and taken to a hotel. from a flooded cinema car park They were standing in squalor horrendous, that part of it. and you know it was pretty But where they are now,they've got beds and that to sleep in. desperately trying Katerina and Michael are now and back home to safety in Sydney. to get out of Mexico happier when I see them. A very happy ending and I'll be Natarsha Belling, Ten News. is being recommended A national child-abuse register

as one way of dealing in cases across Australia. with an alarming rise problem is reaching epidemic levels. A police summit has been told the BABY CRIES What is it this time?

every 15 minutes. One Australian child is abused that number on the rise. 33,000 cases are reported each year, the violence directed at children, I am continually reviled by

emotional abuse, sexual assault. be that physical abuse,

suffered for years. Dr Caroline Taylor and physically abused. I was sexually as well as facial injuries. I suffered internal injuries many cases go unreported. She knows why on a number of occasions I disclosed to my mother

and I was beaten up for disclosing. by the offender. I had pets that were slaughtered Calling it an epidemic, are taking part in a 3-day summit. police from across Australia of a national child abuse register. FBI experts advising on the benefits it's the law that must change. Victims say We have a legal system to rape children with impunity that basically allows sex offenders appropriately, because it does not respond it silences them. it punishes victims, survivors, physically, sexually or emotionally Research shows 96% of children abused knew their abusers.

of all sex attacks on children And a staggering one-third are carried out by a parent. deserves our protection. Every kid in this community Jacinta Hocking, Ten News. two Australian ports tonight - A crisis confronts and the port of Melbourne Port Botany in Sydney are grinding to a standstill

with a new computer system. because of a problems a backlog of shipping containers Port Botany will be clogged with

on Wednesday the same fate a day or two later. and Melbourne will suffer is the result of problems The congestion new cargo computer system. with the Custom service's Other ports say they're coping well. to a city siege There's been a peaceful end more colourful characters Some of the Northern Territory's contradictory evidence to Joanne Lees have come forward and given at the Falconio murder trial. But the judge in the case that Darwin's a hick town. is furious at suggestions Greg Dick swears blind and his girlfriend Joanne Lees he saw Peter Falconio at an outback roadhouse. he says, It's not hard to pick the tourists, on one hand. when you can count your community

They were definitely there. around, and the same vehicle. To me, there's a good set of twins It's as simple as that. outside the Aileron Roadhouse, Dick was doing yard work north of Alice Springs, an orange kombi when he first noticed had arrived. and feared a load of ferals So he stopped for a couple of joints and a closer look, particularly at the attractive woman. I didn't perve on her for very long. But he did notice her male companion had an Italian accent and fashion sense. Haircut? Like a wog style. She was absolutely beautiful and he deserved to be with her. But there's a small problem with their account - Lees has said she and Falconio did not stop at the roadhouse - a detail that still baffles the witnesses. The evidence lifted the mood in the court but journalists were reminded to ensure they reported it accurately after a weekend feature article angered Chief Justice Brian Martin.

The judge took great exception to the Fairfax article which he says portrays Darwin as a "hick town". He says, if that was the case, how did the journalist get a horse to ride out on?

He's demanded an apology and will check it is being published tomorrow before deciding on what action to take. The Crown prosecutor was also livid - the article suggested he'd called the judge Brian instead of Your Honour. The court says it didn't happen, but the British media still insist it did.

We just couldn't believe that he called him Brian in court. Amber Muir in Darwin for Ten News.

And the court has heard an accountant told Peter Falconio Australian politicians have made a last-ditch attempt to prevent a Melbourne man being executed in Singapore. They hope new evidence could save his life. After launching a public campaign to save Van Nguyen, his Australian lawyer was in Canberra again pleading for help. I think there's a lot more the Australian Government can do. I think this is the time in fact

for them to be doing twice as much as they previously have, while he remains alive. His push appears to be working. Foreign Minister Alexander Downer writing to his Singaporean counterpart, pleading for leniency. I cannot pretend that I think that I have much chance of success. I cannot mislead people. The 25-year-old was arrested at Changi Airport three years ago and later sentenced to death for trafficking heroin, pleas for clemency rejected last Friday. The Federal Opposition has also written to Singapore. Other high-profile drug cases not lost on the Shadow Foreign Minister. Australia, in the past, through the Government and Opposition, have strongly supported the interest of people like Schapelle Corby who have received less than capital sentences. Personal pleas also from PM Howard in Singapore earlier this year, arguing the Melbourne man had cooperated with authorities and was trying to pay off his twin brother's legal debts. With all legal avenues exhausted,

If there is anything new then we

will put that before the

authorities but if there's nothing

authorities but if there's nothing authorities but if there's nothing new, I don't want to raise false

expectations. With all legal avenues exhausted, the public campaign and 11th-hour diplomatic efforts are the only hopes remaining for Mr Nguyen, who will be given just two weeks notice of execution. Since being on death row, he's found religion. His mother and supporters still hoping for a miracle. Allan Raskall, Ten News. A former airline worker has admitted to rorting millions of frequent flyer points. He used a computer to accumulate them without taking a single flight. So prolific was Austin Perrott's scam, he accumulated enough frequent-flyer points to fly around the world 88 times. Melbourne's County Court was told that over 6.5 years the former Singapore Airlines customer service supervisor helped himself to 16 million frequent-flyer points

from nine airlines. Among them, more than 4 million were with Qantas. Perrott also targeting Air New Zealand, British Airways and his own employers. With access to a computer check-in system used by all airlines, he made bogus flight bookings to accumulate points. He used false details to set up 29 frequent-flyer accounts and was paid by family and friends to book flights, accommodation and car hire on their behalf. The 45-year-old pleading guilty to nine counts of obtaining financial advantage by deception. The defence told the court that although Mr Perrott and his family had a house in a wealthy suburb and were paying for private school fees he should be regarded as a financial struggler who was also battling with his conscience. Prosecutors put the value of the redeemed points at more than $200,000, the defence arguing the figure is closer to $80,000. Mr Perrott now faces a possible jail term. Cameron Baud, Ten News. An Australian idol contestant has revealed the tragedy that marred her appearance on the top-rating TV show.

A family friend of Anne Robertson was murdered in Sydney last night. Jeremy, rest in peace, for one of our friends that passed away last night Rest in peace. We love you from our family. The 19-year-old victim was stabbed in a brawl that broke out on the front lawn of a house when he was visiting friends. A man has been charged over the incident.

(Sings) # I never, never, no, no,

stop loving you. # Stay on Ten. After the break - A radical plan to allow day care centres to open in some unlikely places. What I want to make sure is that we have flexible day care in other venues but without compromising on quality. But why do critics say it's not the answer to an old problem? And a head for heights recommended for anyone putting their hand up

to buy one of Australia's most unusual homes. It can't be repeated and it can't be built out, so whoever buys the view has got it forever. Did you get your car insurance renewal in the mail? A renewal! A mule?! I-I didn't get a mule in the mail! A RENEWAL! You should look into your renewal. Look into my mule?! The ad says AAMI can save you money. DOOR OPENS Save me money? SONG: # Lucky you're with AAMI. # MAN: 18. 23. (Excitedly) 34. Yes! With Instant Scratchies' new ticket Combination Bingo, you could win 150 grand. Crack the big time with Combination Bingo. SONG: # Scratch me happy. # This program is captioned live. A boy walking to school has been the target of an abduction attempt in the second incident in the same area in Sydney. Police say the 13-year-old broke free from the man's grip at Caringbah in the southern suburbs before the attacker drove off in a white 4-wheel drive. Police say the attacker is:

The Pacific Islands forum begins tomorrow with the PM confident of success, saying a new mood is sweeping the region. Ahead of the trip, Mr Howard was in Far North Queensland today to announce new education and youth support initiatives. He met indigenous community leaders and local school children. Tomorrow he'll be in Port Moresby. The PM believes self-help and self-reliance

are assuming greater significance among Pacific nations. We want to help and we understand our responsibilities but we want measured improvements in governance and also sensible use of resources as a condition of our aid. The main focus for regional leaders at the forum will be to sign the Pacific Plan - a 10-year cooperation blueprint

for pooling resources. There's growing concern tonight over a radical plan to create more child care places. The Federal Government wants to relax the rules on where centres can operate. A purpose-built childcare centre at this business park is a godsend for parents. Trouble is, thousands around the country either can't find similar places or can't afford them.

Family Minister Kay Patterson believes she has an answer. What I want to make sure is that we have flexible family day care in other venues but without compromising on quality. She wants to extend family care which allows an accredited parent to look after six or eight children in their own home. Senator Patterson wants to extend that to unused space in offices or plants or shops. She has qualified support from the Treasurer. which is properly regulated, It has got to be child care both from a safety point of view has proper standards of view. and from a stimulation point And that's the rub, more than baby-sitting. child care has to be

of finding a space It's not just a matter

centre there. and saying we will do a childcare

some creative thinking The Minister is urging

now to be carers many parents who are willing but the Opposition says

safety standards in their own homes can't afford to provide the required or office. let alone in a spare basement the shortage of child care workers We are not going to see an end to

and the pay until we improve the status of child care workers. and the conditions Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. The Federal Government's beach houses is on the market. One of Australia's most recognisable of interested buyers And the first requirement is a head for heights. literally as far as the eye can see It's a stunning view, it could be yours. and, with the Pole House up for sale, The man behind the iconic structure has put it on the market but still doesn't know what inspired the radical concept. I can't answer that.

It simply came out of my brain. architect and builder, Frank Dixon is the owner, engineer, in 1962 coming up with the daring design recovering from a surfing injury. It took him years to buy the land.

planning approval was easy. Then, unlike today, who was also the shire engineer, The building surveyor, and said, "Yes, why not?" looked at it for maybe 10 minutes in 1978, He finished the one-bedroom home retaining the original features. to fetch more than $1.5 million. But it's the vista that's expected and it can't be built out, It can't be repeated

has got it forever. so whoever buys the view The 82-year-old says is his favourite pastime, watching incoming storms the house swaying up to 30cm. during the Ash Wednesday bushfires. The home's bleakest hour God help them. If anybody is trapped in there, was destroyed, Every house surrounding it the Pole House virtually unscathed. to put a price on how much it cost Frank says he's unable to build the Pole House, as he did so much of it himself, but in 1965 he paid ?18,000 for the land - that's around $36,000.

Tenders for the house close November 7. Do you think there'll be tears? I think so, yes. Mignon Henne, Ten News. After the break - potential for sexual assault. The loss of inhibitions and the

are falling victim to binge drinking Why young professional women to their long term health. and what it's doing Then in Sports Tonight - to look on the bright side Andrew Johns tries of the Kangaroos tour. after being ruled out This cockroach is dead, they carry? but what about the germs kills cockroaches Only Baygon Germkill

to kill the germs they carry. and has the antibacterial power Now, that's the whole story. Also available in flyspray. New Baygon Germkill. If we're serious the more than 170,000 new jobs about creating Australia needs every year, that delivers more jobs. know what you're looking for? MAN: Does your search engine CRUNCH! for Australians. Try the search engine Imagine if everything you liked Sporty looks, and handling, award-winning safety

a new 5-speed Activematic or 6-speed manual. No, make that three times. SONG: # Zoom, zoom, zoom! # HORN BLARES The new Oz Lotto is here. through public education campaigns, Despite the apparent high profile to put their lives in danger Australian women are continuing of breast cancer. by ignoring the early warning signs awareness campaign - changes. That's the message of the latest women how they used to be intrigued The new TV advertisement reminding breasts when they were growing up. about finding changes in their those feelings of excitement The campaign recalls and diligence. with the same degree of care Australia's Breast Cancer Day, The launch coincides with for vital research. which raises money than party drugs. Binge drinking is more dangerous as young women hit the practice hard, That's the official verdict drink for drink. many tempted to match the men like a good idea at the time After-work happy hours may seem but they can quickly turn sour. For many health experts,

is now more worrying than drugs, a massive spike in binge drinking because so many do it.

who are causing greatest concern. And it's young professional women with male colleagues at work Pressure on them to keep up and away from the office, can be dangerous. The loss of inhibitions and the potential for sexual assault. victim, alcohol-poisoning The risk of being a sex-attack

short-term dangers and memory loss are among the Long-term binge drinking can cause: and it's the same story. Go to any bar they've probably had too much. Many young women admitting

17. How many drinks did you have? Maybe a few too many. that 22% of young women admitted A recent national survey found at least once a month, to having a drinking binge within a 4-hour period. equating to nine drinks adding to the temptation. New bottled cocktails as men - they do actually compete. Which enables women to drink as much They drink in rounds. They keep up with them.

we've never seen before. This is something that of a venue can be a comical sight, While someone stumbling out it's no laughing matter - hospital officials insist

due to alcohol binges is on the rise. the number of admissions Frank Coletta, Ten News.

The Federal Government has confirmed it's Julia Lee. At CommSec tonight, spotlight today Julie, Telstra's been in the

and of course tomorrow it's showdown for the new boss when he finally meets the shareholders.

While the rest of the market has

been falling today, Telstra

actually rose 1% and that's ahead

of the annual general meeting

tomorrow. Tomorrow's AGM is the first one where

with the new CEO.

There will be me questions of

Telstra's outlook with the share

price dropping more than 20% in the

last three months. There's many

company with AGMs with jfpltd B hi

fi and Pacific brands. How has the

market reacted to today's inflation

figures? Inflation has been on the

rise. The latest figures show a

rise of 1.5% for the September

quarter. Underlying those numbers

are the rising oil prices as well

as rising building costs. What is

fascinating is that companies have

been slow to pass on the costs to

consumers with the grap between

raw material costs and final prices

the biggest in five years. No doubt

that that won't be for long. But

having a look at the Australian

share market anth and its

performance in more detail. The All-Ords closed nearly 8 points lower amid lingering doubts over the US economy.

ANZ Bank closed up 17 cents and CBA gained 16. Rio Tinto closed a $1.55 down and BHP and News Corp both lost 26 cents on the day.

CommSec's Julia Lee. The weather's next and then it's 'Sports Tonight' with Ryan Phelan. Ryan, yet another blow for rugby league's best player. What's the latest on Andrew Johns? Yes Sandra, the Tri-Nations tour for Andrew Johns is officially over. The team doctor today deciding it would be too much of a risk to play on.

Johns not expected to be back before the end of the year. Why Lee Freedman will wait until the last moment before deciding on a Cup run for Makybe Diva.

And a setback for sacked Test bowler Jason Gillespie. The day's sport is next.

Let's take a look at the weather. Cloud is building across Victoria and the east of NSW, bringing rain and severe storms. Rain and storms over Queensland too. Low cloud is crossing Western Australia, bringing wet weather. From the synoptic chart, showers and storms will clear from Victoria and eastern NSW. continuing across Queensland, though.

Widespread showers and storms continuing across Queensland, though. Isolated showers in parts of Western Australia. Late thunderstorms in Darwin,

Late thunderstorms in Darwin, Cairns and Brisbane. Sydney and Canberra and Hobart could also have some storms. Melbourne and Adelaide will have showers clearing later. Showers for Perth and a mostly sunny day for Alice Springs.

And that's the latest from Ten News. Sports Tonight with Ryan Phelan is next. I'm Sandra Sully. from the Late News Team, goodnight. Supertext captions by the Australian Caption Centre.