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the Cross-City Tunnel. Sydney motorists finally test-driving A family's relief feared missing in Hurricane Wilma, as Sydney newlyweds, phone home. visit the spot And a stabbing victim's friends where their mate was murdered.

with Ron Wilson and Jessica Rowe. VOICEOVER: Ten's 5:00 News

Good evening. Also tonight - in child abuse cases. the plan to combat the shocking rise Missy's moment to shine at the ARIAs. And our new pop princess - of the CBD's surface streets But first - a dream run on many the Cross City Tunnel a test drive. as motorists gave thousands of drivers underground, It went toll-free today, tempting

right across town. easing the gridlock Thousands of extra vehicles Cross City Tunnel's toll-free offer taking advantage of the many for the first time. and taking the underground option,

It's fantastic! I can't think of

anything better than that. over the toll of $3.56 each way, Facing a backlash from motorists the tunnel's private operators the tunnel's private operators for motorists are hoping the 3-week free run boosting traffic volumes and profits. will win many of them over, clearly heavier than usual, With the peak hour in the tunnel RTA traffic control centre saying and staff at the are using the tunnel, it looked like twice as many vehicles Cross City Motorway's chief executive the figures, appeared to be playing down refusing to cut the toll. while at the same time about a 20% increase today. We think there's probably been

to go on a bit further over time, And we expect that increase over the next three weeks. were well above that. But the real figures operators revised their projections By mid-afternoon, the tunnel using the tunnel All those extra vehicles on the surface was coping better, meant the road system in the CBD. the lightest traffic for weeks

bumper to bumper, was running well. Park Street, usually

So was Market Street, of the traffic avoiding the tunnel. which had been taking the bulk future motorway developments The Government moving to review and associated traffic changes. debate has been the changes in say, The greatest difficulty in this for example, William Street. John Hill, Ten News.

of a Sydney couple Relief tonight for the family on honeymoon in Mexico. They were trapped by Hurricane Wilma back home a short time ago. only making contact with relatives They were married only last week. CHEERING and 27-year-old Katarina Gramelis 33-year-old Michael Cotrim in Cancun, Mexico were celebrating their honeymoon when Hurricane Wilma struck.

Their motel was evacuated, in a college with 200 other tourists. the couple sheltering from the storm Katarina's family is distressed. There is little they can do to help. and find them. Even if I could go there myself I would lift up every stone. at the moment. I just feel so helpless for a week. They've only been married honeymoon. And they were off on their spoken with the newly-weds Until this afternoon, they hadn't since Saturday. The windows broke. She said to me, "Mum, it's wet. "The doors are broke. It's too wet. They have to move us." "I have to go. I never talk to her after that. That's all. we jump up so high. Every time the phone rings, of four Australian footballers The news is better for the families holidaying in Mexico. and their two friends Jai Mullane telling his father today

from the flooded cinema carpark they've been freed and taken to a hotel.

They were standing in mucky water. and that to sleep in. Now they've got beds

to get out of Mexico While everyone's keen as soon as they can will continue their holiday most from that group of six

going to Dallas and Hawaii into America, before heading home next week. Wilma, too, is moving on. from slamming into southern Florida Now only hours away

with winds of over 140km an hour. While Wilma has claimed seven lives their daughter is safe. Katarina's family is now relieved

It's my little girl. Evan Batten, Ten News. classroom for two hours on Wednesday The State's teachers will leave the to attend a stop-work meeting latest pay deal. to vote on the Government's 4% a year increase They've been offered an average over the next three years.

HSC markers won't be affected supervision during the stoppage. and there'll be minimal classroom gone up at Port Botany. The no vacancy sign has officially of the new Customs computer system, There was another malfunction today at 100% capacity leaving the port straining since the 1998 waterfront dispute. for the first time ships will have to be turned away The State Government warns from Wednesday improves dramatically. unless the situation in industry And there's a genuine concern

will not make it that Christmas goods

onto the shelves for Christmas. will be passed onto consumers. And the increased handling cost

the Customs bungle The Government says $2 million a day in delay costs. is costing local importers over the fatal overnight stabbing A man has been charged in south-western Sydney. of a young man Police reinforcements were called in of the victim to deal with friends and relatives who were overcome with emotion. the house with two mates The young victim was visiting on the front lawn. when a brawl erupted with sticks They were allegedly attacked who have since been charged. by two men suddenly stabbed in the neck, The 19-year-old

where he collapsed beside a car. staggering into the street It started and that was it. on the way to hospital. The victim died proving a handful for police Dozens of his friends and relatives and assess the crime scene. trying to secure in the area at the time An officer support group quickly sent in to assist. trying to settle all the boys down. Next minute, the coppers were there

Today, more than a dozen young men where their friend fell, filed past the spot refusing to talk about the killing. In the hours after the stabbing, police called in a group of Pacific island elders to help calm the situation. They've been working with them in this troubled community

for around five years. And because of the influence the elders have over the many Islanders in this area, police say they can help put a stop to any attempt at revenge. Today, 22-year-old Minto man Richard King chose not to apply for bail when he faced court on the murder charge. Neighbours horrified at what happened to the victim.

He'd just finished school but I didn't really know the bloke. It's sad to hear about it. Harry Potter, Ten News.

A national child abuse register is being put forward as one way to deal with an alarming rise in cases across Australia. A police summit in Sydney has been told the problem is reaching epidemic levels. What is it this time? One Australian child is abused every 15 minutes. 33,000 cases are reported each year, that number on the rise.

I am constantly reviled by the violence directed at children, be that physical abuse, emotional abuse or sexual assault. Dr Caroline Taylor suffered for years. I was sexually and physically abused. I suffered internal injuries as well as facial injuries through my abuse. She knows why many cases go unreported. I disclosed to my mother on two occasions and I was beaten up for disclosing. When I was eventually able to escape the abuse,

I had pets that were slaughtered by the offender. Calling it an epidemic,

police from across Australia are taking part in a 3-day summit. FBI experts advising on the benefits of a national child abuse register. Victims say it's the law that must change. We have a legal system

that basically allows sex offenders to rape children with impunity. It does not respond appropriately. It punishes the survivors, it silences them. What is so tragic is that so often, the perpetrator is someone the child knows and trusts. Research shows 96% of children abused physically, sexually or emotionally

knew their abusers.

More than one-third of all sexual attacks on children

are carried out by a parent.

Every child in our community deserves our protection. Jacinta Hocking, Ten News.

There's growing concern tonight over a radical plan to create more childcare places. The Federal Government wants to relax the rules about where centres can operate. A purpose-built childcare centre at this business park is a godsend for parents. Trouble is, thousands around the country either can't find similar places or can't afford them. Family minister Kay Patterson believes she has an answer. What I want to make sure is that we have flexible day care in other venues but without compromising on quality. She wants to extend family care which allows an accredited parent to look after six or eight children in their own home. Senator Patterson wants to extend that

to unused space in offices or plants or shops. She has qualified support from the Treasurer. It has got to be child care which is properly regulated, has proper standards both from a safety point of view and from a stimulation point of view. And that's the rub, child care has to be more than babysitting. It's not just a matter of finding a space

and saying we will do a childcare centre there. The Government is urging some creative thinking but the Opposition says many parents who are willing now to be carers can't afford to provide the required safety standards in their own homes let alone in a spare basement or office.

We're not going to see an end to

the shortage of childcare workers

the shortage of childcare workers the shortage of childcare workers until we improve the status and the

pay and the conditions of until we improve the status and the pay and the conditions of childcare workers. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. Tim Webster has a look ahead to sport. And Andrew Johns could miss the kangaroos tour. Yes, the recurrence of a knee problem is likely to see him ruled out by tomorrow. Johns seemed resigned today to the inevitable, mentioning the timetable for recovery from further surgery would see him ready for next year's NRL season. We'll hear from him in sport. Also a little later - the Aussie women's sports team who put embarrassment aside to show off their new sponsor's products.

Plus - the Aussie soccer star who's going to cut off his wedding ring for the love of the game. Still to come - some colourful outback characters give evidence at the Falconio murder trial. Also tonight - parking fine fury. The cash-grab by councils, devastating suburban shops. And - the binge drinking epidemic. The dangerous behaviour putting young women at risk.

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Some of the Northern Territory's more colourful characters

have come forward to give evidence at the Falconio murder trial. But the judge in the case is furious at suggestions Darwin is a "hick town." Greg Dick swears blind he saw Peter Falconio and his girlfriend Joanne Lees at an outback roadhouse. It's not hard to pick the tourists, he says, when you can count your community on one hand. They were definitely there. To me, there's a good set of twins around, and the same vehicle. It's as simple as that. Dick was doing yard work Dick was doing yard work outside the Aileron Roadhouse north of Alice Springs when he first noticed an orange kombi and feared a load of ferals had arrived. So he stopped for a couple of joints and a closer look, particularly at the attractive woman. I didn't perve on her for very long. But he did notice her male companion had an Italian accent and fashion sense. Haircut? Like a wog style. She was absolutely beautiful and he deserved to be with her. But there's a small problem with their account -

Lees has said she and Falconio did not stop at the roadhouse. A detail that still baffles the witnesses.

The evidence lifted the mood in the court but journalists were reminded to ensure they reported it accurately after a weekend feature article angered Chief Justice Brian Martin. The judge took great exception to the Fairfax article which he says portrays Darwin as a "hick town". He says if that was the case, how did the journalist get a horse to ride out on? he's demanded an apology and will check it is being published tomorrow before deciding on what action to take. The Crown prosecutor was also livid - the article suggested he'd called the judge Brian instead of Your Honour.

The court says it didn't happen, but the British media still insist it did. We just couldn't believe that he called him Brian in court

Amber Muir in Darwin for Ten News. An explosion has destroyed a grocery store in Ashfield. Flames quickly took hold of the business and threatened to spread to two adjoining shops. Fire crews were forced to wear breathing apparatus while they extinguished the blaze. Forensic teams will remain at the scene until the cause of the explosion is determined.

Motorist outrage tonight as Parramatta Council becomes the latest local government making a cash grab from parking meters. Retailers fear customers will steer clear of suburban streets in favour of big shopping centres with free carparks. The yellow envelope on the windscreen is always a nasty surprise,

adding even more cash to councils' massive parking revenue. Paramatta City Council is jumping on the bandwagon, installing meters to its CBD, charging $3.60 to park for an hour. Very frustrating - the parking that is here is pretty pricey. It will absolutely destroy business down our end of the city, basically because customers refuse to pay. Council officials standing by the decision.

The reason we're introducing meters into Parramatta is to try and better manage parking demand and it's very difficult for cities the size of Parramatta with large urban office populations. Businesses insist it's just revenue raising. Ever since the councils took over from the police

in running and policing parking, it's been all about cash. Leading the cash grab is Sydney Council,

Parramatta Council plans on reinvesting the parking revenue in free shuttle bus services

that will ferry workers from parking sites into its CBD.

But local businesses argue that does nothing to help potential customers find a park.

And it's set to hurt small business. Parking meters turn people away to major shopping centres owned by major shopping conglomerates where parking is free.

More dangerous than doing party drugs - that's the official verdict on alcohol binges. The practice is hitting young women hard. Many tempted to match the men drink for drink.

After-work happy hours may seem like a good idea at the time but they can quickly turn sour. For many health experts,

a massive spike in binge drinking is now more worrying than drugs, because so many do it. And it's young professional women who are causing greatest concern. Pressure on them to keep up with male colleagues at work and away from the office, can be dangerous. The loss of inhibitions and the potential for sexual assault.

Long-term binge drinking can cause: Go to any bar and it's the same story. Many young women admitting they've probably had too much. How many drinks did you have? 17. Maybe a few too many.

A recent national survey also found that 22% of young women admitted to having a drinking binge at least once a month, equating to nine drinks within a 4-hour period.

New bottled cocktails adding to the temptation. Which enables women to drink as much as men - they do actually compete. They keep up with them. They drink in rounds. This is something we've never seen before.

While someone stumbling out of a venue can be a comical sight,

hospital officials insist it's no laughing matter - the number of admissions due to alcohol binges is on the rise. Frank Coletta, Ten News.

Time to check the weather. Tim

Bailey is out at Idol again, what

is happening weather wise? Sticky

little Monday. Pretty pleased to be a beach

little Monday. Pretty pleased to be a beach bum on a day like that.

79% relative humidity. Temperature

got to 27 degrees, 5 above average

and it won't go away tomorrow. It

looks like maybe a shower and a

storm. Warm and in form for 27.

Let's look at sky watch from Idol

headquarters. It was a grey old day

but it didn't stop the stickyness

dripping over us as we but it didn't stop the stickyness dripping over us as we wrestled the

office. Pollution levels now. And a

special surprise from 'Australian

Idol' tonight will come in on that

badge, David Hasselhoff, special

guest on 'Australian Idol'. Forget

the Hoff, don't bother the Bailey!

See you again in around about ten. Next- an airline worker accused of stealing frequent flyer points faces court. And - the spectacular volcanic eruption threatening one of the world's rarest creatures. WOMAN: Hey, Dad!

Did you get your car insurance renewal in the mail?

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If we're serious about providing a future who leave school every year, that helps build a stronger economy Vic Lorusso in the traffic helicopter. Time to

check on the traffic with

Vic Lorusso in the Mix 106 Traffic

Helicopter mix . Jess is upset

Helicopter mix . Jess is upset tonight, all of the people using

tonight, all of the people using her tunnel. Definitely in breakfast,

trying to get into the city would

trying to get into the city would trying to get into the city would have been a challenge. Not as many

as we saw trying to get to the C

bsm D earlier this morning. Traffic

crewsing nicely there into the CBD.

We mentioned during the crewsing nicely there into the CBD. We mentioned during the break, it's

also going to add relief for

also going to add relief for traffic into the CBD. Here's the

run along William Street. Usually

in the afternoon with a lot of

traffic heading towards Kings Cross,

but now a lot quieter as people are

but now a lot quieter as people are taking advantage of the toll free

day on the Cross City Tunnel.

Andie Kearns, the 19-month-old daughter of rugby great Phil Kearns, remains in a critical but stable condition in the intensive care unit of the Children's Hospital at Randwick. Andie was run over on Saturday morning on the driveway of the family home in Mosman. A former airline worker has admitted to rorting millions of frequent flyer points. He used a computer to accumulate them without catching a single plane. So prolific was Austin Perrott's scam he accumulated enough frequent-flyer points

to fly around the world 88 times. Melbourne's County Court was told that over 6.5 years the former Singapore Airlines customer service supervisor

helped himself to 16 million frequent-flyer points from nine airlines.

Among them, more than 4 million were with Qantas. Perrott also targeting Air New Zealand, British Airways and his own employers. With access to a computer check-in system used by all airlines, he made bogus flight bookings to accumulate points. He used false details to set up 29 frequent-flyer accounts and was paid by family and friends to book flights, accommodation and car hire on their behalf. The 45-year-old pleading guilty to nine counts of obtaining financial advantage by deception. The defence told the court that although Mr Perrott and his family had a house in a wealthy suburb and were paying for private school fees

he should be regarded as a financial struggler who was also battling with his conscience. Prosecutors put the value of the redeemed points at more than $200,000, the defence arguing the figure is closer to $80,000. Mr Perrott now faces a possible jail term. Cameron Baud, Ten News. Confirmation tonight that there were no survivors from a Nigerian airliner which crashed with 117 people on board. The 737 has come down in rugged country after taking off in a storm. after taking off in a storm. Wreckage is strewn over a large area with senior Nigerian and US officials among the victims. It's unclear what brought down the jet but authorities don't believe it's terror-related. It's the seventh crash of a Boeing 737 in the last 2.5 years. Another scare for victims of the Asian earthquake - a big aftershock reported in Pakistan,

but there are no immediate reports of new damage. As survivors continue to risk their lives to escape hopeless conditions, there's been mounting criticism of international aid efforts. Former Pakistani cricket great Imran Khan says the response has been poor and the situation will become desperate because of the approaching Himalayan winter. A volcano has begun erupting on one of the Galapagos Islands, flooding lava across the unique landscape. The molten rock has been pouring over the world heritage-listed site

which inspired Charles Darwin to come up with his theory of evolution. There are concerns about the island's giant Galapagos tortoises which favour habitats close to volcanic craters. 3,000 people live on the southern edge of the Pacific island but they're said to be in no danger. Still to come - the campaign to stop Australian women ignoring early warning signs of breast cancer.

Also tonight - a court hears how a former 'Neighbours' star's drug habit led to fears he was a danger to himself and others. And - the winners and grinners at the ARIAs - and what our rock stars got up to at the after-party. If we're serious about creating the more than 170,000 new jobs Australia needs every year, we need a new workplace relations system

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Time for another check of the

weather and Tim Bailey, you're with

one of the stars of the ARIAs. I am indeed,

one of the stars of the ARIAs. I am indeed, James Matthison who did a

indeed, James Matthison who did a great job hosting last night. I

can't believe you're still awake.

What time did you get a head on the

What time did you get a head on the

What time did you get a head on the pillow? It was an early night! It

pillow? It was an early night! It always is at those things. Pig

flying through the What about David

Hasselhoff, he stole the show. He

did, with missy Higgins. It's a tough

did, with missy Higgins. It's a did, with missy Higgins. It's a tough room to do as a host, your

first solo gig in the big time. A

few butterflies? I was totally

nervous, but once you warm into it,

nervous, but once you warm into it, you can't of relax and have fun. It

you can't of relax and have fun. It looked like that and you did a

looked like that and you did a great job. Tonight too on Idol,

don't has willing the Hoff. He is a

big fellow, 6'5" and he will be don't has willing the Hoff. He is a big fellow, 6'5" and he will be on

big fellow, 6'5" and he will be on Idol tonight. Now an important

storm warning right across most

storm warning right across most areas of NSW. It's unsettled, hue

humidity, strong winds and maybe

hail and the boom crash opera.

Right so, into the back yard and around NSW.

Tomorrow at James Matthison's house,

27 degrees with a shower and a

storm, and we'll see you again at 5:55. Top stories this news hour - a national child abuse register is being put forward as one way to deal with an alarming rise in cases. A police summit in Sydney has heard the problem is reaching epidemic levels.

Relief tonight for the family of Sydney newly-weds, believed missing in Hurricane Wilma. Michael Cotrim and Katarina Gramelis have phoned home from Mexico a short time ago saying they're safe and well. And - Sydney motorists are finally giving the Cross City Tunnel a test drive. It went toll-free today for a few weeks, easing traffic right across town. Claims tonight a former 'Neighbours' star's drug-affected antics made the producers concerned for a baby's welfare. Shane Connor is suing Grundys for unfair dismissal.

On screen he was a larrikin builder and family man Joe Scully. On the 'Neighbours' set, though, Shane Connor was allegedly seen somewhat differently. A court today told a 'Neighbours' producer had once described Mr Connor as a danger to himself and others. The actor blamed some behavioural problems on the amphetamines he'd injected and swallowed for two of his four years on Australia's longest-running soap.

Mr Connor admitted he'd missed work one day because of an amphetamine hangover

and that his onscreen performance had been affected by others on at least four days. The court heard producers ordered him home one day because he was incoherent, disruptive and suffering facial contractions. And that they'd told him his behaviour was unprofessional, had alienated the rest of the cast and led to concerns about him acting alongside a baby.

Mr Connor told court guilt and shame over his drug problem had led him to deny the producers' claims. He described himself as a passionate person, admiting others could see that passion as aggression. Union representative Allan Fletcher, Dr Karl on the show, told him he had to pull himself together. Grundy's lawyer said other actors will give evidence against Mr Connor during the case. Christopher Still, Ten News.

Finance - and the Australian share market closed lower today. Craig James at Commonwealth Securities. The latest reading on inflation provides relief for home buyers? Today

Today we had the figures on

producer prices anden flaigs at the

business levels. While prayss were

up, they were driven -- while

prayss were up, they were driven by

oil prices. With consumer

inflation on Wednesday, the Reserve

Bank is going to stay on the

interest rate sidelines. And good

news for wine drinkers? Fosters

said today that the wine industry faces challenging conditions due

to the glut of wine grapes. The

word "challenging" is effectively

code word for lower prices. That's

bad news for wine makers but good

for wine drinkers with attractive prices. A new generation has taken over the Australian music industry.

Young stars Missy Higgins and Ben Lee dominated this year's ARIA awards during a glittering night at Olympic Park. A red carpet in the bright sunlight was bit of a rude shock for the night owls who populate Australia's rock'n'roll world, but they were determined to have a good time anyway. Is red your lucky colour? What a great frock. I know. I thought I'd try and match the carpet this year. After 33 years in the biz, Barnsey's still keen being inducted into the Hall of Fame. It's a great thing. I thought it was pretty good getting in the first time with Chisel but this is really special. But no-one was more popular than the Hoff who clearly has some catching up to do when it comes to Oz music. In my day, it was the Little River Band and Kylie Minogue was 12. (Sings) # Hey there, baby, baby... # The Rogue Traders kick-started proceedings and it wasn't long before the night's big winner started gathering her haul. Hang on. I've got a speech in my boob. Missy Higgins would go on to win five awards including Best Female Performer and Album of the Year where she was overcome by Hoff-mania. CHEERING Ben Lee, who won three awards including Best Male Performer and Single of the Year, also a Hoff fan. While the Hoff might have brought the house down, Neil Finn had it on its feet

as he played tribute to Crowded House drummer Paul Hester who committed suicide earlier this year. (Sings) # And that's why I tell you... # (Crowd sings) # You better be home soon. # CHEERING As always, though, the biggest part of the evening for Australia's rock'n'roll industry is the part they do best -

the party afterwards. Three levels of partying with seven bars,

there for the crowd of 2,500 to make the most of.

The apprentices of rock busy meeting their idols. I met Jimmy Barnes. I love him. (Sings) # He's a working class man... # Angela Bishop, Ten News. Australian women are putting their lives in danger every day by ignoring the early warning signs of breast cancer. That's the message of the latest awareness campaign changes. The TV advertisement reminding women how they used to love finding changes in their breasts when they were growing up. The campaign recalls those feelings of excitement and enthusiasm and urges women to get to know their breasts once again with the same degree of care and diligence. The launch coincides with Australia's Breast Cancer Day which raises money for vital research. Tim Webster with sport. And - Andrew Johns unlikely to be on the Kangaroos flight. The signs aren't good. In fact, there are problems with more than just his knee.

More shortly. Plus Mat Roger's designer eye for league jewellery. Also - the soccer star banned for wearing a wedding ring

faces a desperate measure.

And - our netball champions become blushing models for their new sponsors.

Australia cannot afford to continue with six different workplace relations systems and 130 different pieces of employment-related legislation if we are serious about creating a stronger economy that delivers more jobs.

A knee injury has Kangaroos halfback Andrew Johns in extreme doubt for the Kangaroos tour to the UK. A final decision will be made tomorrow but he's already considering the possibility of surgery.

Andrew Johns en route to yet another medical appointment. A right knee injury looks likely to rule him out of the remainder of the Tri-Nations series. It's sore just to walk on. Every step hurts. I can't train with the side

and when I am out there playing I can't run at my full pace and I am not making an impact. Johns has been in visible pain at Kangaroos training over the past fortnight. Of major concern is that Johns's knee is causing pain to other parts of his body. He hasn't had 100% movement in his knee. That is now starting to create some problems with his back and his hip. Further examination of scans tomorrow

will determine Johns's short-term playing future which could be more surgery followed by another rehabilitation program.

Get it cleaned up now and it might take a couple of months but then I'll be right for training maybe in December or January and then look forward to a good year for next year for the Knights. If Johns is ruled out it'll be the third consecutive Kangaroo tour he's missed due to injury. I'd love to get over there again but I have just got to be smart about it. I am not 21, I am 31 now so I just can't be pushing myself while I am injured. Rob Canning, Ten News. Mat Rogers has thrown down the gauntlet to Matt Giteau

ahead of the Wallabies' European Spring Tour. He says he wants to make the five-eighth position his own - despite Giteau long being groomed as the successor to Stephen Larkham. Mat Rogers made such a fist of his five-eight debut for the Wallabies two months ago, he wants the job full time, starting with Australia's next Test against France on November 5. I've been training there and it's certainly something I want to do.

Matt Giteau's a fantastic Number 10 as well, so whether there's myself in that role or him, we'll just have to wait and see. Coach Eddie Jones to decide between Rogers and Giteau next week. The Wallabies fly out for their 5-match tour on Wednesday,

which also includes Tests against England, Ireland and Wales. Despite five straight losses to South Africa and New Zealand, their goals remain high. We want to come back five and nothing. We want to win them all. That's what we're planning to do. Despite being a Wallaby, Rogers remains a rugby league fan. He's just started a family business venture selling NRL-designed jewellery.

His model girlfriend, Chloe Maxwell, helping show off the range which includes chains and dog tags. My young bloke loves them. I think the kids will certainly get into them and it's a trendy piece of jewellery to wear nowadays - the dog tags.

And it's a good way to support your team. Adam Hawse, Ten News.

The Connections of Makybe Diva have paid the entry fee for the Melbourne Cup. But Lee Freedman says he will not let public sentiment interfere

with Makybe Diva's history-making bid to win a third consecutive Melbourne Cup. The master trainer is more concerned with his champion mare's wellbeing than satisfying public demand.

Whilst it would be great for

everybody concerned to see her run

everybody concerned to see her run in a third Melbourne Cup, it might

not be in her interest, so we'll see how it not be in her interest, so we'll see how it plays out.

Bookmakers are taking no chances, though, the Diva remains a firm favourite for the $5 million race. Dumped Australian fast bowler Jason Gillespie can't take a trick - now nursing a badly bruised lung on the sidelines. Gillespie set to miss tomorrow's Pura Cup clash against the full-strength NSW Blues. Good news and bad news for Jason Gillespie after a vicious blow from Brett Lee during the Redbacks' ING Cup loss to the Blues. X-rays revealing no broken bones, but a badly bruised right lung operating at just 70% capacity. While he courageously sent down 10 overs on painkillers, he won't get through a 4-day match. Said it was quite stiff to start with. He's a tough character and wants to bowl well and try to get his Test spot back. It's an aim shared by Damien Martyn, the axed Test batsman hitting back with a one-day century for WA, then taking a swipe at the media over continued criticism of former team-mate Simon Katich.

I feel sorry for him, I've been there. I feel sorry for the media, what they do to those players, it's unfair. It's a tough job what they do and they've been fantastic for four or five years, so you should give them a break and let them play cricket. Things are a little less tense for the West Indies before Thursday's tour opener against Queensland, their only hit-out before they take on the Aussies in the November 3 first Test. Even if they'd won in England, I think they would have actually played the same way. They are always playing to win. Tania Armstrong, Ten News. Normally, Perth striker Damian Mori is running rings around opposition defenders but in a bizarre first for the A-League his wedding ring has landed him in trouble. Mori was ordered to remove the ring for safety reasons before kick off in yesterday's 2-1 win over the Melbourne Victory and when he couldn't he was sent to the sidelines. No luck there, either. His match over before it started. I've actually played the last 11 years with the ring on so, I didn't know there was a rule there. We tried to take it off. The ring doesn't come off. It has to be cut off. We didn't have the tools to cut it off and then he just wouldn't let us play. He hasn'tcut it off as yet. The ring still firmly in place when Mori arrived home in Adelaide after the match.

World motoGP champion Valentino Rossi has missed a chance to equal Mick Doohan's record of the most wins in the season,

finishing 2nd in the Turkish GP behind Marco Melandri. Casey Stoner's celebrating, though. After a fall cost him a tilt at the 250 World Crown title last weekend, Stoner avoided the hazards today. Casey holding out new world champion Daniel Pedrosa by the barest of margins. The battle for third place getting ugly between Hiroshi Aoyama and Alex de Angelis. In the 125's Sergio Gade and Hector Fuable crashed out hard. Thomas Luthi the winner.

A boost for Australia's netball team before its 4-Test tour of New Zealand and Jamaica. A new sponsorship has them in their own range of sports lingerie. A training session with a difference. Australia's netballers unveiling a little more of themselves than they're used to.

Yeah, modelling. Probably not one of the things I'm great at and I don't know if I was the best one to fill out the bras either.

The girls busting to get onto the catwalk to celebrate some new support for their sport. An uplifting break from full-on preparations for Saturday night's Test against archrival New Zealand in Auckland. If you can walk down a red carpet in your undies when there's people looking at your butt, I think we can take on New Zealand. These girls represent their country for love, not money. The cost of sports bras an added burden to the budget. So netball officials went looking for a bra sponsor and ended up with a major sponsor, ironically from a New Zealand company. So who's gonna win on Saturday night? I'm not sure, but hopefully the Australians look fantastic. After New Zealand, it's off to Jamaica for three Tests. The West Indian team renowned for its aggression. They're quite cheeky, those little Jamies.

They've got a 6'7" goaler out of the blue somewhere. I think they cut her down from a forest. I've asked for some bras that are elbow-proof. You've gotta protect all parts of your body. Leanne West, Ten News. Later on Sports Tonight with Ryan Phelan - gold medal cyclist Ryan Bayley getting back to his Olympic best. And David Beckham sees red for Real Madrid. We'll show his latest send-off blow-up.

Vic Lorusso in the traffic helicopter.

There was an accident at the

There was an accident at the junction near the M2, but as can

you see, we have traffic crawling

you see, we have traffic crawling all the way to the you see, we have traffic crawling all the way to the north-west. The

M2 hasn't been affected. Elsewhere,

in Sydney's south, blocking the

in Sydney's south, blocking the Princess Highway and a busy run to

Princess Highway and a busy run to the airport for general Homes Drive. the airport for general Homes Drive.

the airport for general Homes Drive. Thank you and Tim Bailey is back

Thank you and Tim Bailey is back

Thank you and Tim Bailey is back with all of the weather details next.

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We've had a slight technical glitch

and we can't hook in Tim Bailey so

I'll go to the reserve script now.

The concern situation, the humidity on 79%.

The satellite and bright cloud

building across eastern NSW and

Victoria ahead of a front and

triggers rain and severe storms.

Thick cloud over eastern Queensland

near a trough also generating rain

and severe storms. Low cloud

crossing WA with a front causing

showers to increase. Tomorrow's

weather map, shower and storm

mostly clearing from eastern NSW

and Victoria in the wake of a front.

and Victoria in the wake of a front. Moist northerly winds and an upper

trough will trigger widespread

showers and storms across eastern

Queensland. Isolated showers in

south western WA due to an onshore

wind. The rain map for tomorrow.

Shower and storms clearing from

eastern NSW and Victoria.

Widespread showers and storms

across eastern Queensland, possibly severe

across eastern Queensland, possibly severe and possible storms in

Tasmania. The rainfall map for

Wednesday, and a cold front will

sweep across the south-east

bringing showers to victory a a

trough may bring storms over

western NSW and inland Queensland.

Drizzle will clear as a ridge high

pressure develops. We're still trying to get

pressure develops. We're still trying to get Tim back on, he's out

trying to get Tim back on, he's out with the cast of Idol on but we've

had a few glitches with the system

and we'll get to him shortly if we

can. Around the capital cities,

Cairns Cairns late thunder and 31.

Canberra a possible storm.

Melbourne, clearing shower and 22.

Hobart, late thunder. Adelaide

clearing showers and 26. Perth

shower and 18. In Darwin, a possible

shower and 18. In Darwin, a possible thunderstorm and in the

Alice, mostly sunny and 38.


The UV, Sydney is 3 and moderate.

Now, we apologise, we haven't been

able to get Tim so Jess. Good on

you Ron, you did a great job.

you Ron, you did a great job. The of Cornwall and the Prince of

Wales attending a service where

Lord Nelson is buried. A tribute to a fellow sailor killed in his finest hour. Some of the cadets here had come from as far away as the Falkland Islands to remember Nelson's greatest battle. Because the Battle of Trafalgar was so big and we captured so many French ships and it basically put an end to the enemy's navy at the time. So, it's just a really great day and we should remember it. And in St Paul's Cathedral - the place where he's buried - there was a special service of thanksgiving.

The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall joined other members of the royal family

and senior naval officers as they were reminded of Nelson's humanity, courage and inspiration. He had lost an arm and was blind in one eye and yet he rose above all of that. What he has shown everyone - all of us - and I believe this as well - every single person has an element of greatness lurking within them and he showed that that can happen.

It's not just here at Trafalgar Square but in countries as far away as the Falkland Islands, Canada and New Zealand there have been much smaller events today to remember the achievements of Lord Nelson. That's the 5:00 News. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Jessica Rowe.

Sandra Sully will have the Late News at 10:30. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.