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(generated from captions) Welcome to A Current Affair. Hello again. thieves. They may be Australia's dumbest Their target was a spy camera store. on camera, lots of cameras. And, you guessed it, they were caught Also tonight - crikey - 7-year-old. she's Australia's most successful label, even her own TV show. Bindi Irwin has her own fashion Plus, free gifts at your fingertips. The online bonanza products to cars. giving away everything from beauty What's he really like? And superstar David Hasselfhoff. This program is captioned live. Dumb and Dumber First, they might be called and even Dumber again. specialising in surveillance cameras. Thieves who set out to rob a store Well, guess what? Now, the owner has them all on video, and what they did. so everyone can see who they are Meet dumb... ..and dumber... ..and dumber again. from their friends, They probably wouldn't steal and stolen from me. but they've come in has come up with a novel way Businessman Ben Pastor he's shaming them for all to see. to deal with shoplifters - one of our monitors in the window, We've put it on

some images of it, we've also downloaded in the window. and we've also stuck their faces of his surveillance camera store In the front window in Melbourne, home movie he plays his own continuous featuring a group of teenagers equipment a few weeks ago. who stole $1,000 worth of recording three guys, one girl. They're all coming into the shop - his hand in the showcase, The chap on the left is now putting into his pants. and he's about to slip the goods Look at the guy in the white shirt - and slips it under his shirt. again, puts his hand in, We were hoping that these people

in the window - would see their own pictures and return the goods. they would come in, apologise, reason for putting it up there. And that's basically the fundamental I mean, how dumb can you get? along this strip, Out of all the shops to steal from a security shop. these four clowns have decided dozens of spy cameras here, Not only do they sell in the store is recorded 24/7 but everything that goes on but three security cameras. by not one, not two, looking at the camera. This is a person surveillance cameras here He knows there's and they still go ahead and do it. the retailer of surveillance cameras I can understand how, in particular, by this. would be particularly angered

'Inside Retailing' magazine says Jasmine Smith from $4 billion a year - shoplifting costs the industry little wonder shopkeepers like Ben do-it-yourself justice. are resorting to in security technology - Most retailers will invest to rent a CCTV system even smaller retailers can afford so it's very common. for around $40 a week, picked a worse place to try and rob? Do you think that they could have Maybe a police station. Who could forget these two dumbies camera shop on the Gold Coast breaking into a surveillance four years ago? by no less than 25 different cameras. The crime captured They're wearing gloves never been photographed so much but they've probably in all their lives. and said they recognise the faces A few people have come in

who they are - they're local people. without actually knowing and make a report? Why not go to the police and we made a report. We did take it to the police We felt nothing would come out of it didn't know who they were, because basically the police and they're also very busy the time to be doing and checking. and I don't see how they've got and, despite the radical tactics, It's been two weeks

Ben Pastor still has no leads. the offenders come in and apologise. I would actually like to see

That's all I really want out of it. And the return of the goods. shoplifters who steal from you? Will you continue to publicly shame We've only had one. Hopefully there won't be any others. Ben McCormack there in Melbourne. Alright, how's this for justice? assaults a taxidriver A drunken student after a night on the town. he's let off without a conviction - But, in court, fault for serving him too much beer. the magistrate reckons it's the pub's The fact of the matter is for your own actions. you have to take responsibility They should take responsibility. Oh, it's a joke. It was 9:00 on a Thursday night to Three Wise Monkeys when Bradley Jory came here to have a few drinks with some mates. Eight or nine beers later, another pub for just one more beer. the boys headed up the road to Fast forward to 3:30 with hotel security and Bradley started arguing tried to get in a cab. before he and his mates It was here things turned nasty. at the cabbie. Bradley was seen yelling racial abuse and they hailed another cab. His friends pulled him away But Bradley wasn't finished - opened the door of the cab he kept yelling, crossed the road, and hit the cab driver. He was charged with assault. for selling the beer? So the magistrate is blaming the pub that is very fair. OK, I don't think got off with a slap on the wrist, When it came to court, Bradley Jory and a $500 fine. a good behaviour bond for selling him too many beers. The magistrate blamed the pub is, from the judicial system is, The message we're sending out today of the hotel industry you know, it's the responsibility or the hotel licences in this state to look after everybody when they leave home to the detail of when we get them back home. to the time We're writing a blank cheque.

and you just blame the pub. You can go out and do what you like, it shouldn't occur. Exactly. That is absolute nonsense, of the Hotels Association. John Thorpe is president known when to call it a night. He believes Bradley Jory should have within the hospitality industry, Being a part-time barman he must do to obtain another drink. he knows the rules, he knows what

responsibility Do bar staff take their in selling alcohol seriously? Absolutely. responsible service for alcohol. That's why we introduced It's like saying -

going back to the supermarket and blaming them that I've fed too much red cordial to my child that I bought from your store. It makes no sense. Take their own responsibility. FILE STORY: Are you alright there, sir? Previously a Current Affair showed how easy it was to get served alcohol while intoxicated. They staggered in, split drinks and and broke the odd glass... Using actors, the social experiment showed there was no discretion by bar staff. Again they were served three drinks each, no questions asked. Drink after drink, they were given. Is this bloke a wise monkey? (Laughs) That's a good ending. Let me say this - I would say at this stage I'd leave off 'wise'. David Eccleston with that story. If you don't recognise the face, you'll certainly recognise the name. Bindi Irwin is the 7-year-old daughter of 'The Crocodile Hunter',

Steve Irwin. And, crikey, she's a chip off the old block. Crikey, mate, look at that little beauty.

I'm terrible, terrible! Terrible she's not. 7-year-old Bindi Irwin is a remarkable little girl growing up in a 250-acre zoo. What happened to your teeth, mate? You punched them out, remember? And I punched them back. She got me back though. I can't believe she said that on national television. From day one, nothing about Bindi Irwin's life was going to be ordinary.

We've got everything here - koalas, crocodiles, Tasmanian devils - everything in the world. She got her first passport when she was one. That's 231 flights for Bindi. No, 400. You've had 400 plane flights? Over 400. She has her own school and teacher - the lovely Miss Emma. EMMA: She's a honey, she's wonderful, she's a beautiful girl with a gorgeous heart. She just wants to be just like her dad. Just tell them the stuff I know about her? Yeah, just say hello... And soon she'll have her own wildlife TV show in America, just like dad. Is he on? No, he's not on. Hi guys, my name is Bindi.

Yeah, you're going to be doing your own show, remember? Oh yeah. Starring? Me!

Co-star - me! Everyone - me! It's just part of her natural day is in and around cameras and big animals. She loves to have her back rubbed. Loves it. CROWD LAUGHS Are you going to eat this? STEVE: As good as anyone in the world. Oh yes. In fact as good as Wes, me mate, and Terri, me wife She's always patching me up - cuts and breaks and in hospital that I get. Bindi gets a lot of practice at this. If she's not a documentary movie mega-star, she'll be a surgeon. She even has her own award-winning line of clothing. And you of course are wearing today?

Yes. A Bindi... It's Bindiwear. It's over here. This is what I'm wearing. Can you do that again? That hand move? You do that very well. Thanks. Perhaps she could even give her old man some tips. I'm actually trying to break free of the khakis to varying degrees.

Not that there's anything wrong with them?! No, no, no, I love them. So we are going to do my favourite koala? Yeah. What wonderful parents for a child to have - it's all been just such an excellent adventure. She's just constantly amused and full of life and fun. She's very, very happy, she drives me crazy - "Can't you be unhappy for just a minute, Bindi?" She's like, "Why, dad?" She'll talk try and talk me through difficult periods. FILE STORY: And I'm sincerely sorry that people have seen what I did as endangering my son. TERRI: While everything was unravelling too, I thought it was nice that Bindi said, "To me the most important thing is the joy of our family." I'm like, "What are you - writing for Hallmark now?! In a whole sentence? She said to me

the most important thing is the joy of our family. I found it very funny, very amusing that there were little groups set up to save baby Bob. You're kidding me? No, mate, I'm dead serious. And you should see baby Bob feed the crocs now. Stop it. He has come such a long way. That's yellow and green and that says "Wildlife Warrior". Bindi watches over baby Bob and a 12-year-old World Vision girl in the Philippines and all the koalas in Australia Zoo's animal hospital. He got hit by a truck and his jaw's broken and his pelvis is broken.

But he's on the mend?

Yep. Kazai is a great friend to have - koalas are really great friends. Who's the best boy in the world? Hmm? A little girl with a big future. Still ahead - David Hasselhoff - the Hollywood star the girls love to love. And - freebies at your fingertips - the online giveaways where you're always the winner. Get this computer package, including printer, for only $799, and digital camera starter pack for $275. To help Australians reach a better balance Welcome back to A Current Affair. I guess we're all pretty sceptical when we hear the words "something for nothing." But the Internet really does offer a bonanza in free gifts - everything from cars to cosmetics. It's all about knowing where to look. I got all this for free! Jodie is a fan of freebies. I just like free stuff. And that free stuff - from body to baby products - is all available at your fingertips. It's really fun just to have something free arrive in the mail, maybe once a week or so. From tea and coffee to skin cream and even perfume - you can get it all for free on the Internet. Brendan Yell runs Shopfree - a website that features hundreds of free offers, from casseroles to coffee. You can go to the website, register with us, and we will send you out emails with free offers in them. All you have to do is just respond and we send the free offers sent right out to you. If all this sound too good to be true, Brendan says it's actually a clever marketing ploy. Statistics show your are five times more likely to buy a product if you have received a free sample first. Marketing today is all about trust. If you get a free sample and you like it, you trust it, you know you're going to be happy when you buy the actual product. But there has to be a catch. Well, occasionally we might get you to fill out a couple of survey questions. It might be a free sample of Nivea skin cream. We might ask you, "What brands of skin cream do you currently use?" "Do you use moisturisers? What brands do you like?" This is what I won simply going to a survey website - - filled in some simple details, they sent me out some surveys. Before I knew it, I won the iPod. Listen up. Andrew McMillan says the iPod only cost him 15 minutes of his time. Our award program has allowed people to gain free things such as free SMS credit, free mobile phone ring tones, gift vouchers,

fuel cards, luxury items such as iPods, mobile phones, home theatre systems. Tony Lee says runs a rewards system, kind of like like frequent flyer. You receive points for doing surveys, which can be redeemed later for gifts - even free SMS credit on your mobile. It's a win-win scenario.

But what about my private information - what happens to that? It is protected at all times. We employ secure systems and we ensure that when we deliver information back to the client that all personal information is removed. Certainly you would not sign up for a site if you had not read their privacy policy first. Any decent site that's running one of these services will have a privacy policy where they will guarantee your details will not be disclosed to a third party. Gail Lipscombe is editor of 'NetGuide', an Internet specialist magazine. She says companies pick your brain for their market research. In return, you get their goods for free! Give it a go, you've got nothing to lose. Your details are private as long as you check out the privacy policy,

so have a go - you can only win. These consumers companies have, for may years,

rung people up at home at 6:00 at night

asking them for their opinions on their products so they can make a better product. Now these companies are discovering that people will, in their own time, be quite happy to fill out surveys online. And they can use all that money they used to in calling them at home in providing great prizes. From holidays for nothing to cold hard cash, Adrian Saunders from Freeoffers says you get it all online. At the moment we are running a competition where you can win $30,000 cash just for giving your opinions about the everyday grocery items you use. Yeah, so it's true, you can get something for nothing. Elise Mooney reporting. And there's more about those online freebies at our website. As we told you last month, Gabrial Pennicott was a smooth-talking conman who cost mum-and-dad investors up to $20 million. Pennicott fled the country,

has been left to face the music. so his business partner, Jan Lee, The elusive Jan Lee. Martin King from Channel Nine. Jan Lee, Why are you running, Jan? who've lost millions. She runs rings around investors

Tell us where the money is, Jan. with authorities. She runs the gauntlet of a lot of these companies, Jan. You were a director mile when she's asCed the w Areabouts And as you can see, runs a mile when she's asked the whereabouts And as you can see, run a

of $20 million. of that performance? Neil, what do you think trying to hide something, Well, it looked to me as if she was just aren't happy with her at all. and there's a lot of creditors who is in league with this man, Jan Lee, or Jane Lee, or Jun Lee, who's also on the run in America. Gabrial Pennicott, ..and I don't blame you if you're sceptical! Hundreds of investors were lured into property and other schemes that failed. $350,000, I've lost. $350,000? That's right. Francis McMenemy in Melbourne now has to sell the family home she's owned since 1961. So he listened to Jan Lee? Oh, yes, and she used to rule the office very firmly. in all this? How firmly entrenched was she The first introduction she was there the whole way through. and she was there

We went to a few seminars investment opportunities, where he was delivering money-back guarantee. which were win-win, for Neil and Adelle Taylor. Make that lose-lose, no guarantee into Sunset Capital. They invested $250,000 were directors. Both Pennicott and Lee be given back to us We demanded that our money

and deceit and no money. and we ended up with lies We don't have our own home anymore. We're left renting now. with two young children And it's difficult to buy our own home again. to put another deposit together Sandra Simon on the Gold Coast says her involvement with Pennicott and Lee has cost her $200,000. Financially, you're wondering where you're going to put food on the table for that week. It's very hard. It could be a property there. It could be a wine deal. It could be an investment deal. Or it could be a renovation scam, a mobile phone racket, or a car-leasing column. We had two BMWs and one Mercedes. OK. Why three cars for two people? Well, he never sold the old one, he just bought a new one. Just had a spare. for Pennicott these days, Seems no-one has a good word including his former wife, Elaine. That's for sure. Well, he's a con man. She's not too keen on Jan Lee either.

They were business partners. day and night. They were on the phone constantly, all around the world together. They travelled

dinner with Gabbie in China. Here's Jan in business class, Probably. Is this a pyramid scheme? distinction, a real big spender...# #...I could see you were a man of ran 18 companies. The slippery Pennicott of six of them. Jan Lee was a director of s x of them.

It's a staff entry only. Today, Jan has a date

Sunset Capital in the Federal Court. with the liquidators of

so she's threatened with arrest. She doesn't show, You know where the money is. she's running late. When she does show, Not happy, Jan. The investors are not happy. Not happy, Jan. We're not happy, Jan. We've lost $250,000 bucks, just because of you. and we can't retire when we want to when I first reported them in 2002, Had ASIC dealt with these complaints Pennicott's ranks in 2003 many of those that joined could have been spared this agony. the Real Estate Consumer Association Denise Brailey is from in Sydney. for these people. There's no counselling to go and get civil remedy, They're told yet when they've been fleeced, and get legal advice. there's no money to go and get legal adv ce

They're not happy, Jan! Martin King there. is still deciding The Director of Public Prosecutions

Gabrial Pennicott and Jan Lee. what charges can be laid against Up next - don't hassle the Hoff - with a Hollywood legend. we get up close and personal for the WorkChoices booklet. with a huge 20% off. Some exclusions apply. and get into Kmart now. Let the fun and games begin specified existing award conditions wages and To find out the facts, Clooney, there was The Hoff. Before Brad Pitt, before George in the '70s, the '80s and the '90s, Through a succession of roles David Hasselhoff became actor in the world. just about the most recognisable is hotter than ever. And it seems The Hoff Oh yeah, that's good. The Hoff is hot.

and say, I had Richard Dreyfuss come up to me the world's most perfect job. "I want to meet the guy who has "You know, and Julio Iglesias? who has more women than me." "I want to meet the man my wife is right here And I went, "Oh, perfect, "and I'm going to get killed." the pin-up boy this summer for Pepsi. David Hasselhoff is down-under to be unofficial ones on the Internet - It's a well-paid gig, unlike those Beef Stroganhoff. Schwrazhoff. Harry Hoffer. The Hoff a lump movie. Don't hassel the Hoff. He's a cult figure. My kids get a kick out of the stuff

you know? because they see me as dad, How did a dad get cult status?

Simply 'cause he's everywhere. and things be the way they are? What did you expect, to come home

'The Young and the Restless'. Started off in Smart alec car. Then he was the 'Knight Rider'.

I've got to admit, this car is something else. But we really know him as the guy with the hairy chest in 'Baywatch'. Saving lives isn't part of competition on my beach - you step out of line again, you've got me to answer to. You made chest hair look good. Thank you! I have a separate bed for my chest. Thanks to 'Baywatch', the 'Guinness Book of Records' claims he's the most-watched TV star in the world. 200 million homes see it in China. Right now, "Why does this work?" And I asked them kids, it's scary, and beautiful people. And they say, "It's bright colours, "And it turns out OK." to have not to see death And what a great thing for kids and people using foul language. or reality TV But hey, you know, for being a sexist show, 'Baywatch' got canned go to bed together. but we never had anybody it doesn't exist. Show me the episode - (Sings)

is singing. But The Hoff's real passion He put out a couple of songs - came up to him. and one day, a German-speaking fan "It's number one in my country," This girl says, Where's Austria?" and I said, "You from Austria? Heavens - there's even a German town named after him. And when the Berlin Wall came down, look who was standing on top of it. And here was the 'Knight Rider', the theme of saving lives, hero in a talking car, and because my name was German, that, you know, it's David Hasselhoff, and he's the Knight Rider...

And he lives down the road. He has his own town. Lately, it's been Broadway, interspersed with cult figure cameos. Who are you? I'm David Hasselhoff! from corny to cool again And now I've gone his chest hair to The Hoff. Brady Halls showing off After the break - $4 million in Lotto. the battlers who just cleaned up money isn't everything. But for them, employees together with employers their workplace arrangements can agree to change They won a windfall so many Australians only dream about. A $4 million jackpot that should have set these battlers up for life. But, their little boy needs a miracle that money can't buy.

We've won $4 million. All you want is a is he lthy is a healthy child. is a healthy ch ld. You're

We've won $4 million. All you want is a healthy child. You're looking

in the camera. Go on, have a in the amera. Go on, have a look.

in the camera. Go on, have a look. You would not imagine what this d sease

disease can do. The $4 million is

disease can do. The $4 million is nothing. Whatever it takes to make

him better. I'll give youse

everything I own if you can cure my boy. It's a story that'll really touch your heart on Monday night. Have a great weekend. See you then. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.