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and destroyed everything in sight - who ransacked a single mum's home and I mean everything. what the hell I've done wrong I can't honestly think to make them want to do this. in a moment. I'll have that shocking story for you why three daughters are so hell-bent Also we will find out from marrying a younger man. on stopping their 85-year-old mum I love her. is now tearing that family apart. The battle and how six couples and 18 children Plus, the pitfalls of car hire had their dream holiday ruined.

the ultimate weight-loss challenge And the dieters who took shedding the kilograms in record time

can get into shape for summer. and how you, too, that simply defies belief. First, to a story and her two small children How a young single mum went on holiday for a week the utter devastation of their home. only to return to The house has literally been trashed. Here is Adene Cassidy. I opened the door that Amanda owned was just gone, and, like, it was everything and it was just awful. An invasion of privacy. Disgusted. to trust anyone again. I don't think I'll ever be able There's barely a centimetre of carpet

not ruined, There's barely a centimetre of carpet nor a corner left untouched. teenage vandals When bored and malicious and its belongings, set out to destroy this home they didn't miss a thing. they made sure is there? There's nothing they haven't touched, The roof, everything. Nothing, yeah. The roof, everything.

Cereal. Two litres of sauce, soya sauce. My kids' pictures. the - oh, it's stuck to the couch. They've pulled out everything from Yeah.

and just chucked it everywhere. from the pantry They've pulled out everything

(Cries) Amanda Miller walked into this When 26-year-old single mum with her two young boys, after a week away she was gutted. her clothing, Every piece of furniture she owns, her children's brand new toys,


We might be able to clean it, out of it. but you won't get any noise of dollars, deliberately wrecked. Electrical goods worth thousands coming out of here. That's all eggs and sauce cracked an egg and shut the doors. Oh, it looks like they've just what the hell I've done wrong I can't honestly think to make them want to do this. doing this to other people's houses I used to hear them talking about because they were just drunk. jumping from a window Neighbours saw two young boys in the early hours of the morning. Their description, says Amanda, she has helped in the past, fits teenage boys

when they needed it. even giving them a place to stay

these teenagers, To know that I trusted these blokes, and done this... and they've come into my house What do you think the motivation was? I've got no idea. Just kids with nothing to do, on some form of drugs or something. maybe been drinking or the most difficult thing is For Amanda's mum, Pam, with this senseless crime, trying to come to terms police are hot on their tail but believes with DNA and fingerprint evidence. It's beyond even comprehension. in movies and that sort of thing, Like, you see this sort of stuff anybody has got - I don't know. but you don't think that or intelligence or something or intelligence or something You think people have got hearts

all sort of comprehension, but that's just beyond that sort of vandalism. Good boy. (cries) rental property have insurance, While the owners of this Amanda had none. to insure her possessions. She simply couldn't afford

after this? So how do you pick yourself up and my children are alive and unhurt Just thank God that me what we can. and just try and salvage that they get caught I really do hope in the court system and they get thrown actually does something and the court system a slap on the wrist, and not just gives them have got to get stopped. because these kids Let's hope they are. of the happiest days of our lives. Wedding days are meant to be one But for 85-year-old Beryl Winn to be anything but. her big day is shaping up a man almost 20 years her junior You see, Beryl is preparing to marry and her three daughters are outraged. is a gold-digger They think Mum's husband-to-be on stopping the wedding, and they are hell-bent as Nicolas Boot reports. to us... DAUGHTER: You shouldn't have done it to our family. 2ND DAUGHTER: ..what you've done Our mother hates us now. You've destroyed our family. Why would a man he's one year older than me - he's going to be my step-dad, a demented woman? why would he be marrying you will stand up and be counted. If you really are the genuine thing, Don't push past, David! what your children are doing? DAVID: Do you see Don't you! Take that off! The gloves are well and truly off. on stopping their 85-year-old mother These three daughters are hell-bent who has dementia, Beryl Winn, 20 years her junior. from marrying a man from marrying a man

I love her.

she's been treating me so badly, I don't know why, because I don't know why I love her, but she's my mum. All the girls really wanted was a prenuptial agreement, for you to sign that your intentions were genuine. just to show have a serious battle on their hands. There is little doubt the Winn girls moved in with their mother Since 66-year-old David Fortune in January earlier this year Kathy, Maureen and Jen say Beryl's daughters by David. they have been squeezed out for the first time, is in tatters. Their relationship with their mother, Everything's centred around David. making an appointment to see her. We can't see her without of going out with Mum Within six weeks he was changing her will. he rang me and said David has found his way into the will. He will have a share in Beryl's million-dollar house. He has access to her money, as they now have joint bank accounts. But before David was on the scene the girls had power of attorney over their mother's affairs. Now they have no say whatsoever. We always said, "Well, if you marry David, the house will be his." And she said, "No, my four girls will get my house." And we said, "Well, no, legally he's entitled to the house." But she doesn't comprehend that because of her dementia. DAUGHTER: You're the one mentally abusing her! DAVID: Do you hear what your children are talking about doing to you? Yes, they're looking after her, like children should look after her. You've abused her! We have not! You're the one mentally abusing her, not us! GENERAL COMMOTION The girls' concerns to stop the wedding

could well be justified. One of Beryl's doctors, a dementia expert, two months ago wrote - BERYL: I'm entitled to have who I want, and I'm happy. David is very good to me. He's never nasty to me. He doesn't spend a bit of my money - not a bit. Not a bit of my money - he doesn't. He's got enough money of his own. DAUGHTER: That's why he went and got your money changed into his name - that's how really good he is, Mum.

He doesn't need your money? Why did he put it... He doesn't need my money! He's got his name on your account! Immediately I am concerned about her assets and her wellbeing

and, ultimately, what is going to be left for her children. Lawyer David Galbally QC says the alarm bells should be ringing for the daughters. His advice is a prenuptial agreement, a legally binding document protecting Beryl's assets from David and to proceed with caution before Beryl is wheeled down the aisle. The daughters had power of attorney. That has now been removed. The control of her assets is now in the hands of her future spouse. Therefore, the concern for the family is those assets might be dissipated against her wishes or even if she doesn't know, because she suffers from dementia.

REPORTER: The girls say that since you came along that the relationship with their mother has stopped. DAVID: They have mentally abused Every time they have come there, they upset their mother. I've got to call the minister to come and protect me from them. If you believe David, the girls are wicked, they manipulate their mother and they don't want her to be happy. Every time they come they upset her. We will lose our mum if he does marry her. People are going to say, "Your mum's 85. "Why just not allow her to enjoy the remaining years of her life "with David?" I'd love her to enjoy her remaining years with David but it's the motive behind it. Is he just there to marry her so that he gets the money and the house and then just neglect her afterwards? This is where David and Beryl will be married this coming Sunday. The minister who is conducting the ceremony says despite Beryl's early onset dementia she meets all the legal requirements to be married. Another doctor has determined Beryl is capable of making her own decisions but Beryl's daughters, who have watched the dementia take hold, say they won't attend or having anything to do with the wedding. DAUGHTER: We don't have access. All the time we had, he undermined it. He went and changed every single thing. He didn't discuss anything with us - whatever he did, and we had legal rights, and we had blood rights, and he came in and did everything underhandedly, never let us know what was going on, or anything. DAVID: That is not true. It is not true.

Speak to our minister, it is not true. It's just so sad, isn't it? Now, should a Muslim student be allowed to defy school uniform regulations on religious grounds? It's an issue that's dividing one of Australia's biggest multicultural schools which is threatening to suspend a teenage girl for refusing to wear a school dress, as Rohan Wenn explains. 14-year-old Shna Kuzu is facing what is, for her, a tough decision. A choice between her school and her faith. I think it's important because it's my religion and I want to follow my religion. Since the start of this school term, the girls at Dandenong High School have been expected to wear the summer uniform, which is a school dress. But that has presented a problem for Shna, because currently it is the Islamic religious period called Ramadan, and in the same way that some Catholics give up something for Lent, some Muslims observe Ramadan by fasting and dressing a certain way. When fasting during Ramadan, we don't eat during daylight hours and women are not supposed to expose their body. So skirts are out? Skirts are out - skirts and dresses. But when Shna turned up to school wearing trousers she was threatened with detention and told if she continued to wear pants, she would be suspended. What do the boys wear during summer? They wear the school trousers. The school told Shna that if she needed to keep her legs covered, she could wear stockings under the dress. But Shna's Turkish-born parents believed that wasn't appropriate, as her brother, Eric, explains. Wearing a skirt while fasting is absolutely inappropriate, according to our religion. Shna says other Muslims girls at the school have reluctantly agreed to wear a school dress despite their faith. My friend was really upset, she was crying for a week and didn't want to come to school. The family is hoping the school will exercise tolerance for the 30 days of Ramadan. 20 days from now, Shna, you'll be back in the dress?

Yep, I will. It is not the first time Shna has been in trouble with the school about her uniform. Recently she got into a blue with the school because she was wearing the wrong blue trousers. She says her parents just couldn't afford the school-approved version. These are the pants that the school actually wanted me to wear.

Right, and how much do these cost? These are $50. Okay. And they're the ones your parents bought? Yep. Okay. How much are they? They're $22. Alright, a little bit darker, same sort of cut?

Yep. After being given detention twice for not having the right pants, a pair of school-approved trousers were donated to Shna by the local paper. Nonetheless, Eric says in such an economically depressed area, it is extraordinary that a school would expect families to shell out $560 for a school uniform. And he thinks the school is taking such a hard line over the dress because Shna previously wore the wrong trousers. This school is not a private school, it is a state school - it is a government-funded school. Now, I would expect them to be a little more lenient with such issues. While the school wouldn't comment on camera, an Education Department spokesperson said Dandenong High School was within its rights to enforce a school-uniform policy. Shna says exceptions should be made on religious grounds, adding she doesn't feel she should be forced to choose between her school and her beliefs. I actually feel hurt 'cause I'm not allowed to wear the dress while fasting and that's my religion and I want to follow my religion. I want them to exercise some sort of tolerance - that's all. That's all. Allow us to be who we are. Should school dress codes overrule religious beliefs? You can let us know your thoughts on our web site at -

or you can give us a call. Now to what was supposed to be a dream holiday for six families but it turned out to be more like a nightmare. First, it hailed, and their rental cars were badly damaged.

Then, finally, they became stranded with no money. Here's Gavin Alder on what has truly turned out to be the holiday from hell. We visited Movie World yesterday. The kids were having a ball. 1, 2, 3. The hailstorm hit.

It was very frightening for the kids and for us, as well. It hit hard and fast, bringing the sort of excitement these families from Melbourne weren't looking for on their dream holiday to Queensland's Gold Coast. A freak hailstorm swept through the glamour strip hitting the Movie World theme park hardest. It was just the second day of a two-week getaway they had been planning and saving for for more than two years. We scrimped and we scraped, and a lot of times the kids went without us. It's their dream. They wanted to come up and visit in Queensland. Now an act of God has shattered the family holiday as they face a battering from hire-car companies to pay for the damage caused by the storm. Now we're all freaking about how we're going to find the money. They have been told they have to find enough to pay insurance excess bills of $2,750 each. We're stressed because we know we're going to be up for a fortune which impacts the kids, because we can't get them what they wanted, what we had planned for them. Amanda's car was worst hit, but she cannot see how Avis has come up with that figure. This is the worst one here, quite a big lump there, but paint's not chipped or anything,

a few little ones on top of the roof, but certainly not $2,750 worth.

What surprised her most was that all three companies - Avis, Thrifty and Europcar - had the same excess fees on their contracts.

And that was $2,700 for each of the six cars? Each of the cars, regardless of whatever damage the cars had. And they didn't inspect the cars? No, didn't even offer to come out and inspect them or ask us to take the cars anywhere to be inspected. We were just told that next Friday when we give the cars back in next Friday they'd automatically just deduct it off our credit cards. In Robert Burns' case they didn't even wait. He says as soon as he told Thrifty He says as soon as he told Thrifty what had happened they reminded him he would have to pay $2,750 excess using the credit card he used to hire the car. And then politely told me that they'd frozen the account, so they had their hands on the money. That's right - Robert says the company Robert says the company took the excess off his credit card while he was on the phone. Without having seen what damage was done? No. Without inspecting the car? No. They've taken the money? Yes. That's right. And how do you feel about that? Oh, I'm pretty p'd off. A lot of people go away on holidays and rely on their credit card. Thrifty says it is checking Robert's claim but denies his credit card has been accessed. Avis and Europcar are yet to respond. But the Insurance Council of Australia says all customers should be given the option of paying higher rental fees to reduce their excess. And says the council's deputy chief executive Dallas Booth, it's worth considering. Clearly there's a price attached to this and people often will baulk at paying an extra $20, $30 a day or whatever it is for some of the insurance options. So people baulk at that because they don't think they might be affected by it. But damage to vehicles, damage to other properties is always possible. He also advises us to read the terms and conditions especially the fine print, very carefully. But even now, these families say

they can't find any mention of storm damage. It's just devastating for all of us, especially, as I said, it's a freak of nature. It was no-one's fault. We didn't neglect our care of our cars. We parked them in the appropriate areas. We drove the appropriate things. We did everything they've said to do. But a freak of nature is a freak of nature. If you've been caught out by a hire-car contract or if you've had your holiday ruined, we'd like to hear your stories. So please leave the details on our web site at - or give us a call. Coming up - he's the greediest lawyer of them all, charging 10 times what he gets his clients back. But after the break, we'll show you how they finally got even. And we'll also meet the king and queen of weight loss. Their simple tips to get you in shape for summer. I think it's changed my life dramatically. I'm a different person, I'm a confident person. It's ironic that you can reach this age in your life and say "I'm at my physical peak." Just visit our website. ALL: AUSfund - another service from Industry Super Funds. Over a number of years we've been following the shenanigans of one of Australia's greediest solicitors. Michael Baker wanted to live the good life

and managed to fund that lifestyle by overcharging client after client usually those who could least afford it and when they didn't pay up, he'd sue them. his clients will have the last laugh, But now his clients will have the last laugh, as Karryn Cooper explains. He hasn't got any comment. Come on. Solicitor Michael Baker promised to protect and serve his clients, but today, after being struck off for dishonest and unscrupulous conduct, he clearly felt he needed the protection. A partner in one of Queensland's biggest no-win-no-fee personal injury firms, Mr Baker was hauled before the Legal Practitioners Tribunal for professional misconduct.

He had been overcharging his clients and abusing his staff. No comment. FILE FOOTAGE: They are only interested in money, what they can get out of you. Ken MacNaughtan was not part of today's judgment, but he is one of dozens of those who are happy to see justice.

After Baker's law firm won his work injury claim, they kept the payout, and billed, then sued him for more. I feel they are getting their money from the misery of others. Mother-of-three Kerry Jackson - yet another past client, not involved today - was forced into bankruptcy after winning her case. She, too, was sued for more than double what she won. But Mr Baker, clearly, was not remorseful and intends to fight the ban. Why do you think you still deserve to practise? If you're keen to lose a few kilos and shape up just in time for summer,

we've got all the inspiration you need. Here's David Richardson with some dieting champions who took the ultimate weight-loss challenge - and won. Daniella, I want you to keep your eyes closed for a second. Okay. She had no idea losing weight could be so rewarding. Daniella, it's Peter Nicholas from the FatBlaster Challenge. Hi. I'm going to open the bag for you. You won! You won. What prize? First prize. You won first prize. Oh, no! This mother-of-two has been dying This mother-of-two has been dying to lose weight for years but it took a competition to see her drop 22 kilos in just 12 weeks.

How does this feel? Oh, my goodness. I can't believe it. 1,000 kilometres away a 50-year-old celebrates the moment that changed his life. The decision that has transformed him The decision that has transformed him from a 100kg slouch to a 73-kilo machine. I think it was a mid-life crisis, mate. I think I turned 50 and then looked in the mirror and hated what I saw, you know, what I'd become - just this fat, balding guy that couldn't run out of sight on a hot day. This is Danielle and John

before they accepted the challenge to lose weight and these are the photos that won them a nationwide contest. I just wanted to be in the top 20. That was my goal. I even said it to my husband. I said "I'm not looking at a major prize or anything

"I just want to be top 20."

It meant a life-style change including the FatBlaster supplements and heaps of exercise. What do you now think when you see this? It's sad to see this, because, I don't know, I think she's sad. You look in the mirror and you see yourself now? Oh, I look fabulous, you know. I can get undressed and not have to turn the lights off, you know, like when my husband's in the room. It's not how they look, it's how they change psychologically. What we find - and perhaps we've been lucky - is most of our winners haven't relapsed. Peter Nicholas is the boss of Cat Media, the company that owns FatBlaster and sponsors the weight-loss challenge. In its fifth year, the FatBlaster Challenge saw 60,000 Australians attempt to lose as much weight as they could in 12 weeks through a combination of exercise, supplements and diet. The differences vary, anything from 8 to 40 kilograms. It's the hardest thing in the world.

Losing 10 or 12 kilograms over three months is a phenomenal achievement. I thought to myself it's ironic that you can reach this age of your life and say "I'm at my physical peak." John lost 27 kilos working out in the gym twice a day.

It has now given the father of six and grandfather of five more energy than he's ever had in his life and he's not quitting now. The fitness industry's where I want to be. And I'm now a qualified gym instructor and within another two to three months I'll be a qualified personal trainer and where I can use the supplements in my program to help other people go from fat Johns to fit Johns. It's giving them an added incentive. Whether the pills actually do any good or not is highly debatable. Nutrition scientist and fitness expert Joanne McMillan-Price welcomes people losing weight but she worries weight challenges like this lead some to go overboard. Is losing up to 10 kilos in one week dangerous? Yes. Yes, because there's no way that you can lose 10 kilograms of fat so the danger is that if people are losing, they become so obsessed with the figure on the scale that they're not just losing fat but they're losing water, they're losing muscle, their body's having to break down its own tissues in order to make up that energy deficit. Which means nothing to Danielle and John. They've lost the weight they never thought they'd lose, won $15,000, a holiday and a new car each. And both claim they will never return to their old selves. I think it's changed my life dramatically. I'm a different person. I'm a confident person. I don't want to lose any more weight, no, no. I just want to have a healthy lifestyle. They both did incredibly well. After this short break a sneak peek at Desperate Housewives' Mrs Solis who is on a mission down under. Just before we go a look ahead to tomorrow night's exclusive interview with Desperate Housewife Eva Longeria as we take you on set for her first Australian fashion project. I love it. I love hats. The only Australian man I know is Crocodile Dundee. I'm looking to have a good time because I hear Australia's a party country. (laughs) That's something to look forward to tomorrow night. So, until then, I hope you have a great evening.

Please take care, and goodnight. Captioned by Seven Network Email -