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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. for Schapelle Corby. A court cuts the jail sentence anniversary of the Bali bombing. Tearful services on the third on another Sydney motorway. Drivers to be forced to pay the toll Good evening. much the focus of attention tonight, The tourist island of Bali is very with three major developments. of the Kuta bombings As Australians mark the anniversary heroin trials, and alleged drug mules face some important news - Schapelle Corby has been given her sentence has been reduced. We cross now to Mark Burrows. take us through what's happened. And Mark, Well, the High Court here in Denpasar

to make an announcement was not expected until this Friday. on Schapelle Corby's appeal word leaked out early. But as things do here in Bali, on her 20-year sentence. A 5-year reduction than the possible death sentence 15 years sounds a whole lot better she was looking at six months ago. they are still not happy. However, her legal team says he won't be completely satisfied Her lawyer, Erwin Siregar, says until she is found not guilty. Here

is what Erwin Siregar said a short time ago. because she is not free. Of course I'm not happy is not guilty, then I am happy. If the sentence is my client

What avenues are now left for

Schapelle Corby? Well, Schapelle

Corby's lawyers now say they will

appeal to the next court, the

Supreme Court in Jakarta. We also

believe that Corby will be told of

this reduction in sentence by her

lawyer and her sister tomorrow

morning. Mark. OK, thank you. have gone on trial More members of the Bali Nine accused of heroin trafficking. for the first time Another four faced court today since they were arrested in April. The walk will soon be familiar. at the moment. I'm feeling a bit squished Alleged drug mule Martin Stephens through the bars of a holding cell. his mother there to comfort him on a day like this? REPORTER: How does a mum feel on a day like today? How would any mum feel in stifling heat. Stephens waited almost two hours I need air! he was remarkably positive. But for a man whose life is at stake, they've got of me behind bars, This is the first decent picture like this. a damning picture - The prosecution painted had agreed to courier 2.3kg of heroin that the Sydney bartender out of Bali, strapped to his body,

to confuse sniffer dogs sprinkled with pepper and wrapped in sandwich paper. and $500 spending money. All for return flights to Bali Next door, of helping to organise the operation. the joint trial of the three accused

financial backers Si Yi Chen, one of the syndicate's and Tan Duk Than Nguyen, the couriers' accommodation who police say paid for

the heroin to them. and personally helped strap 18 at the time of his arrest - And Matthew Norman, how he paid the mules' expenses, his parents were in court to hear in 5 months. on his third trip to Bali by both police Tomorrow, the man accused of the Bali Nine and other members Andrew Chan, of being the syndicate's ring leader, will be in court. its case. The prosecution will outline until next week. Witnesses may not be called National Nine News. In Bali, Nick Coe, for many Australians It's been a painful day of the 2002 Bali attacks, remembering the victims

island's latest terrorist atrocity. less than two weeks after the many made the journey to Indonesia - Despite the renewed dangers, determined to mark this day three years ago. and honour the loved ones who died on the latest terrorist attack, With so much attention almost seem like lost veterans the 88 Australians who died in Kuta of an appalling war - staring back at their loved ones. the names etched in granite, and it doesn't get any easier. We lost our niece in the bombing one for every victim. 202 seconds of silence, how many died here. It's still hard to comprehend Our hearts are all the heavier of just over a week ago. following the heinous attacks they could to make the place secure, The Indonesians did everything for some. but it was never going to be enough were due to make the trip here, 100 Australians scared many off. but the October 1 bombing Those who did make the trip, though, to be intimidated. said they didn't want William Hardy lost his son Billy. time to come over It was a little bit of a nervous I will come as long as I'm able but I've always said and the other people who died. to commemorate the life of my son the South Sydney rugby league team, Sean Garlick, former captain of the night of the bombings, went back to his hotel early all died. but nine close friends who partied on "Surely you're still not going," We have people telling us, for about six months to come back. because we've planning And in the end we said, "Bugger it, affect us again." "we're not going to let this later this evening Most will come back Bar and the Sari Club exploded. to remember the minute when Paddy's and it seems to help. There's a shrine here now but being here is beautiful. It's been pretty tough all through, 23 in all, The victims of the October 1 attacks, including four Australians, were not forgotten. and later, at Raja's cafe in Kuta. Wreaths were laid at Jimbaran Bay National Nine News. In Bali, Mark Burrows, Across Australia, also came together to remember families and friends of the victims deal with their loss. and to try to help each other was at Coogee, One of the biggest services today in Sydney's eastern suburbs. In driving rain, the tears flowed. SONG: # My days are cold without you # Always dream about you... # is still very raw. Three years on and the pain here How can it? How can it get easier? It will never get easier.

a place of reflection and worship. The cliff tops at Coogee have became? SONG 'TRUE COLOURS' PLAYS to a new plaque, Family and friends reaching out of the 20 local residents bearing the names and faces who died in the bombings. that died over there They're all beautiful people and these things bring back their memory - or keep their memory alive. And in the service, which included a minute's silence, the victims of Bali's latest atrocity were also remembered. We share your pain and, like you, we cannot comprehend how anyone could perpetrate such a senseless act. In Canberra, PM Howard led a wreath-laying ceremony in the gardens of Parliament House. In Perth - a dawn service and a toast to a mate. BELLS CHIME While in Melbourne, hundreds gathered for the unveiling of a new Bali memorial - a fountain and 202 lights representing all the victims. And amid the sadness today there was some anger - normally peaceful people

driven to demand the bombers be finally put to death. I am ashamed of that - but I can't help that. And with a heartbeat, I'd do it for them - without any remorse. Damien Ryan, National Nine News. Back in Bali - police are making headway with the investigation into the latest attacks. They've arrested a Javanese man who's identified one of the suicide bombers as a person named 'Yanto'. It's believed the arrested man, known only as 'Hasan', shared a hotel room with Yanto and the two other bombers in the weeks leading up to the attack. But Hasan's wife told police her husband left Bali three days before the attacks.

Police have fingerprinted the Bali hotel and are continuing to interrogate Hasan, but they say he's being evasive. Now to news in Sydney - and if you think there's anger over the Cross City Tunnel, just wait until the Lane Cove Tunnel opens in two years. The builders of that project are also planning

to force drivers to use their tollway by choking existing routes - and the Government says we'll have to get used to it. It's known as the missing link of Sydney's motorway network - the Lane Cove tunnel - linking the M2 to the Gore Hill Expressway. Another major road project bringing with it big changes. There are always adjustments that happen. Travelling towards the city, there'll be no access from the M2 onto Mowbray Road. Epping Road will be tightened with just one lane each way for general traffic and there'll be a new transit lane. But it's the Cross City Tunnel that's still bearing the brunt But it's details of the new road that are missing - all designed to funnel more cars into the multimillion-dollar project. But for locals trying to get details of just how they'll be affected

it's not easy, as Nine News discovered when we ra ng the tunnel's so called hotline based in .. of all places .. jakarta. But it's the Cross City Tunnel that's still bearing the brunt of motorists' frustration. There's no doubt that the Cross City Tunnel

has become a symbol, not only of the arrogance of this Government, but also the incompetence of this Government. If you were expecting any sympathy from the man responsible for doing the deal on the Cross City Tunnel, then think again. Carl Scully denies he made mistakes doing the deal and has no regrets. I do not apologise for trying to improve the ability of the people of Sydney to be mobile. Nigel Blunden, National Nine News. While many drivers think of them as revenue-raisers, the State Government has declared fixed speed cameras proven life savers. New figures today from Roads Minister Joe Tripodi state the cameras have led to a 90% drop in fatal crashes at accident black spots. The study over three years also claims the general community has a positive attitude towards the cameras. A man has been found not guilty of manslaughter over the road rage death of a fellow motorist in Glebe last year. 35-year-old Mark Afu was instead found guilty of causing grievous bodily harm to Benny Sarkis. It was claimed the two drivers became involved in an argument - Afu punching the older man, who died after falling backwards. Afu had claimed self defence - he'll be sentenced next month.

Harsh weather has struck the earthquake zone in the Himalayan regions of Pakistan and India, threatening the lives of at least 3 million homeless survivors. The conditions have also slowed the relief effort

in the most isolated areas. As if these people hadn't already endured nature at its most cruel. Now, heavy rains wash away their hope. Sometimes, sheets of plastic are the only shelter. This man burns the remnants of his house to keep warm. The bad weather has grounded rescue helicopters - further delaying help for remote areas. Occasionally, though, a boost for morale. Within minutes of landing in Balakot, this French rescue team fed their camera deep into the pile and found a scared young boy, wedged between concrete slabs, beneath the collapsed school - the only survivor in his class. The French bored into the rubble and gradually cleared a hole large enough to pull 4-year-old Fraz to safety, and into his father's arms. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE It was a moment of joy for these desperate people. In Muzaffarabad, survivors claw at aid. They have nothing and now need to fight to live. Around them, the injured are dying where they lie.

They have no medication, no medical attention. Where there are doctors, treatment is crude. This man carried his 8-year-old daughter, who has head injuries and a broken arm, all the way from a remote mountain village. He says he's hopeful and happy that she'll be airlifted to safety. But when he finally gets to the front of the queue - he's turned away, because the chopper is already full. Michael Usher, National Nine News. And the quake has prompted an appeal from the major aid agencies In the news ahead - a remarkable rescue 800km out to sea. And brash young Bratz call Barbie a copycat. by offering the most exceptional value ever (Crowd stops chanting) (Crowd cheers) Salute the new leader in small cars. Viva - the revolution. SONG: # Born free # As free as the wind blows # As free as the grass grows # Born free to follow your heart

# Born free... # Only a stress-free cow can produce a stress-free yoghourt -

Jalna yoghourt. Now in twin-packs. For more chances to win, ask for a Powerball Megapick. You could: With work choices, To find out the facts, Rebel National Party Senator Barnaby Joyce has defied the PM and crossed the floor of Parliament, forcing a change to Government legislation. The Labor Party is now daring him to do it again and block the new workplace laws.

The rebel Queensland National was defiant this morning. You should be free to follow your conviction on things. After talking big for months about crossing the floor, last night, concerned to protect small retailers, Senator Joyce finally did it.

He joined Labor and the minor parties to amend legislation

that would have limited the ACCC's power to stop takeovers. REPORTER: How did you feel upon crossing the floor? Oh, well, a little bit nervous, as you'd expect. The Government's not amused. It was a carefully balanced, carefully crafted package. We'll continue to have discussions.

But Labor hopes that, having got the taste, Senator Joyce will cross the floor again to block sweeping changes to industrial relations. What we want to hear from Barnaby Joyce, having joined us to protect small business, now join with us to protect the workers. In Parliament today, Labor targeted the Government's multimillion-dollar industrial relations advertising campaign. SPEAKER: Order! All members of the Opposition will put those banners down. Mr Beazley claimed money spent on TV commercials in one evening would employ 50 nurses for a year and the total cost of today's 4-page newspaper ads equalled the annual pay of 40 young Australians on the minimum wage. And the Government was on the defensive over the admission

that, under the new individual contract system, holiday entitlements for Anzac Day and Christmas can be signed away, despite this assurance in July. Is Anzac Day sacrosanct as a public holiday? Absolutely. Laurie Oakes, National Nine News. Now to an incredible rescue at sea.

A New Zealand couple, whose yacht rolled in terrible weather,

had been drifting for four days. They got into trouble about 800km off New Zealand's east coast. Things got worse when a ship sent to rescue them ran over the top of their yacht. Went under the rudder of this boat, this 40,000-tonne ship, and for some reason we got spat out. They were eventually rescued last night by this P&O ship and today were flown to Christchurch. The man suffered a back injury in the ordeal. Both say they'll never sail again. Two years after their first manned space mission, the Chinese have returned to orbit. From a Gobi Desert launch pad, two men set off on a 5-day mission - authorities dropping their usual secrecy to show the take-off live on television.

A case of up anchor in England, for the first time in 460 years. Four metres long and weighing two tonnes, it belongs to the 'Mary Rose', Henry VIII's flagship, which sank in 1545. It was recovered by the same team which raised most of the warship's hull in the 1980s. Doll wars have erupted in the United States - the makers of Bratz suing Barbie's Mattel company, claiming the queen of the toy box is a copycat. Bratz alleges the new Barbie 'My Scene' doll has stolen the so-called Bratz look. After ruling girls' hearts for 45 years, Barbie was already losing ground to Bratz in a market worth more than $1 billion a year. Ken with sport next - and the spinners for the World XI and Australia side by side. All ready to weave their magic. Also, terrified Wallabies face the Aussie pace attack. And the Caulfield Cup favourite draws beautifully. VOICEOVER: Refresh your home with a new look at the Summer Home Sale at Kmart, with 40% off Homemaker sheets and towels - and 25% off the new Living with Deborah Hutton towel range. Summer Home Sale now on at Kmart. With WorkChoices, it will be against the law for an employer to sack an employee for refusing to negotiate an Australian Workplace Agreement. To find out the facts, call the hotline for the WorkChoices booklet.

BOUNCY, UPBEAT MUSIC Smooth as. VOICEOVER: Forget that line the wrong make-up leaves behind. the powder foundation New from easy, breezy, beautiful CoverGirl. Also new, get that sunkissed glow

with Tanfastic Bronzer from CoverGirl. World cricket has come to the assistance of Pakistani earthquake victims, with the ICC donating $650,000 and promising to raise more during this week's Super Test.

As part of their preparation, the Australians today joined forces with the Wallabies in a very different training session. A rare meeting of sporting elite, together for a unique PR exercise - a boyhood treat for Wendell Sailor, facing Glenn McGrath, Shane Warne and Stuart MacGill. To get Wendell, he looked pretty good in the nets too, actually. Slogged a few around. Couple of reverse sweeps, as well, by a few of the guys. Mate, it was good to have a bat against some of the best bowlers in the world. And obviously, you know, the best players. The banter got better when Muttiah Muralitharan and Daniel Vettori spun yarns with their Aussie counterparts. With the game's two highest wicket-takers at the table the question was asked, "Who's the greatest?" Greatest New Zealand spinner? Well, I think the guys to the left and right of me have obviously proved themselves. I'm to the left of you. All are tipped to play - MacGill keen after missing every Test during the Ashes.

Yeah, I guess that means I'm fresh and the second most important thing is you can't blame me for any of it. The men to blame, complete with partners, dominated the game's International Awards Ceremony. England's Kevin Pietersen both One-day Player and Emerging Player of the Year. Team-mate Andrew Flintoff joint Player of the Year with South Africa's Jacques Kallis. No, I just came for the food. Andrew McKinlay, National Nine News. The Kangaroos continue their hassle-free build up to Saturday's Tri-Nations Test against New Zealand, with Steve Price primed for a big game against the Kiwis. The Australian prop, who also captains the Warriors, says he won't be holding back against his NRL team-mates. I'm sure that the club loyalties will certainly be important to the side on Saturday night and you know, it will certainly be for the jersey that you're wearing

which is for your country. Coach Wayne Bennett made sure he set the example at training today - the Aussies will start red hot favourites. Caulfield Cup favourite El Segundo will continue to attract the smart money

after an ideal barrier draw for Saturday's big race. The boom 4-year-old will start from gate four - his main rivals didn't fare as well. While there have only been two Caulfield Cup winners in the ast five years, from barrier 4 in the past five years, El Segundo's connections were thrilled to draw the inside running. COMMENTATOR: He has a habit of laying in, El Segundo, he wants an inside ally and he's got barrier 4. Another advantage - the 4-year-old will carry just 49.5kg in the Cup. That's a massive drop on the 57kg he carted to win the Yalumba Stakes last Saturday. COMMENTATOR: El Segundo takes it. and 2003 Caulfield Cup winner Mummify The people's favourite and 2003 Caulfield Cup w nner ummify had a horror draw. Barrier 20. The favours continued to fall for the controversial English horse Carte Diamond, with barrier 7. The last horse to qualify, Sir Dex, drew 1 and the John Hawkes' trained Dizelle will be the widest barrier with 21. While there's unlucky to be any luck there for Hawkes, Darren Beadman brought a smile to the Sydney trainer's face today, guiding Mnemosyne to victory in the Group 1000 Guineas at Caulfield. And Mnemosyne is going to win the 1000 Guineas... Mnemosyne paid $3.30. Clinton Fletcher, National Nine News.

If only horses could talk, it would

make it so much easier. If only. After the break - finance and Jaynie with the weather.

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pop into your local Optus World store. Yeah! In finance -

the volatile sharemarket and the Bali bombings,

ave been blamed for another drop in consumer confidence. damaging already weak sentiment. The news sent retail stocks lower. The Ten Network slumped after a disappointing profit and warnings of a softer advertising market. There were gains in resources and the banks drove the All Ords up 37.

Now Jaynie with the weather. A few clouds lingering after our dose of rain with the city Temperature now on 17. And after our windy night, the rain dropped in this morning with the heaviest falls in the northern and western suburbs and up to 10mm for the central coast. We still have a few menacing clouds set to deliver Sydney

a few spots of drizzle overnight and tomorrow morning. It was a little nippy out there today The city was 4 degrees under the average. Severe storms however have struck the south east of Queensland with large hailstones and damage to property. There are more storms over central and northern Queensland. For our State? Isolated showers along the coast and adjacent ranges, north from Wollongong.

Thursday, showers will spill onto the eastern areas of NSW with storms in the south east and the far north east. A humid and stormy day for Queensland and the Northern Territory. Canberra - an afternoon shower, tops of 20 for your Thursday. Late showers and storms for Melbourne with a southerly change. Wet and windy in Hobart and Adelaide. Rain-free in Perth, an afternoon splash for Darwin, storms for Brisbane.

Sydney - warmer tomorrow, thanks to northeasterly winds, freshening along the coast. The odd sprinkle overnight clearing throughout the day with showers redeveloping mainly over the western suburbs and ranges. Another southerly for Friday. Then the weekend is looking cloudy and a little wet, Mark, with more next week.

That's National Nine News for this Wednesday. 'A Current Affair' is next. I'm Mark Ferguson. Goodnight.

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