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(generated from captions) the Bali Bombing anniversary - Tonight, This program is captioned live.

Sydney remembers three years on.

who approved the Cross-City Tunnel. No regrets - from the Minister in Sydney's notorious road rage case. And a verdict Good evening. speaks out about life behind bars. Also tonight - one of the Bali Nine And putting on the glitz - on their night of nights. cricketers share the spotlight Martin Stephens Suspected heroin trafficker into his six months in a Bali jail. has given a revealing insight He's learning the local language that may result in his execution. and often dwells on the events Behind bars, reality is setting in. for more than two hours, Martin Stephens in a holding cell

awaiting his court appearance. At times, holding back tears, in jail, how hot it is Stephens told of the conditions to the day on April 17, and how he often he thinks back allegedly carrying 2.3kg of heroin when he was arrested

strapped to his body. in five packages Earlier, his mother visited him, sharing his cell. Stephens joked with prostitutes in the foreign environment. And he's doing his best to fit in

I tried to speak, I really want to

learn the language. Putting on a brave face is one thing, his future is grim. but Martin Stephens knows holding him together, It's the little things like making a birthday card yesterday. for fellow accused Renae Lawrence

The ordeal is taking its toll. the youngest of the Bali Nine, 20-year-old Matthew James Norman, led Si Yi Chen and Tach Duc Thanh in across the compound. for a separate court visit Theirs is the only joint trial, as they heard the charges. the three remaining in custody in the Malati Hotel The three were staying Sukumaran when police raided it. with alleged mastermind Myuran

The trials are ongoing. will face court tomorrow. Andrew Chan and Scott Rush In Bali, Leonie Mellor, Ten News. to the Bali bombing victims, Sydney has paid tribute Australians lost their lives. three years to the day since 88 the wind and rain today Hundreds of mourners braved in a moving ceremony at Coogee. to pay their respects and heavy hearts, They came with teary eyes in Bali three years ago. drawn together by two bomb blasts Time may heal all wounds, are clearly still hurting. but those gathered here that night in Kuta - Nearly everyone lost someone special she lost her mum. he lost a son, he lost a daughter,

of their pain 10 days ago All were reminded when more bombs went off in Bali. Only those people can understand

and Busselton are going through. what the families of Newcastle at the moment. We know where you are at We share your pain and like you, how anyone could perpetrate we can not comprehend such a senseless act. a miserable day for so many, October 12 will always be bear the pain. but they help each other would be such a horrible lonely day, If that wasn't there, I dunno, it is taken out of it, you know. so I suppose the loneliness 20 lives in Sydney's eastern suburbs. The first Bali bombings claimed was unveiled to honour them - And today, a new memorial hundreds of grieving hearts. 20 photos, 20 names,

(Sings) # I see your true colours. # healing process for the whole region. The memorial, another step in the in one group, in one hit, When you lose 20 people the whole community. it certainly does affect

It's been three years were cut short by an act of terrorism since these young lives that the men responsible and some families are angry still haven't faced the firing squad. wants to save money on bullets, If the Indonesian Government I'll do it myself. That's no problem, in a heartbeat. They just don't deserve to be here. from a man who's lost so much. A sentiment you can understand Dan Nolan, Ten News. In breaking news- Corby has had her sentence cut convicted drug smuggler Schapelle

by five years. Hotman Paris Hutapea said A short time ago, Corby's lead lawyer of the decision, the Bali High Court notified him an official document. but he's yet to see the sentence by five years He says there is a verdict reducing

to 15 years. in Denpasar, Corby, who's in Kerobokan Prison about the court's decision yet. hasn't been told

at memorial services across Bali, Extreme security become the target of more attacks. authorities fearing mourners could At the place where so many perished,

No apologies today the Cross City Tunnel. from the Minister who approved sit in CBD gridlock, While furious drivers has its teething problems. Carl Scully insists every big project former roads minister Carl Scully, Premier Morris Iemma and crisis over the Cross City Tunnel. the man now being blamed for the

who won Cabinet approval It was Mr Scully streets and left motorists fuming. for the deal that has jammed city

everything was looking rosy. Back then, congestion in the city. It will significantly reduce pedestrian and bus movements. It will improve half of William Street No announcement then about closing towards paying an expensive toll. and funnelling motorists Today, the minister stood defiant. I do not apologise of the people of Sydney for trying to improve the ability hundreds of sets of traffic lights. to be mobile, to be able to avoid And, like a true Labor mate, when asked the Premier backed his minister shoulder for the Cross City debacle. how much blame Mr Scully should None, none. None at all? None at all, none at all. this is massive engineering. As I made the point, they are difficult,. They were complex, is you don't do them. The alternative The Opposition disagrees. they made compromises, The Government has already admitted they made mistakes. of Carl Scully. That was all on the watch for the Government Now there's more trouble brewing over the Lane Cove Tunnel. Like William Street in the city, near the Lane Cove tunnel the capacity of arterial roads will be cut back, but to pay a toll. giving motorists little alternative Government lawyers pouring over

both the Cross City and Lane Cove contracts to find a way out of the mess. John Hill, Ten News. Breaking news from Bali where Schapelle Corby has had her jail sentence reduced. Reporter Nicole Strahan joins us.

Nicole, how long will she now spend behind bars?

What does it mean for Schapelle

Corby? A short time ago one of her

lawyers was able to talk to the

media and confirmed that on Friday

media and confirmed that on Friday a formal decision will be handed

down, indicating that her sentence

down, indicating that her sentence down, indicating that her sentence has been reduced from 20 years.

That follows her appeal to the High

Court. There are reports that it's

been reduced from 20 to 15 years, a

reduction of five. He was

unprepared to elaborate on that in

particular, so we'll certainly find

particular, so we'll certainly find out more a Friday. That's from 20

to 15 years, Schapelle Corby's

sentence has been reduced. This

doesn't rule out a further appeal.

doesn't rule out a further appeal.

doesn't rule out a further appeal. Her lawyer said he'd like to appeal

to the Supreme Court for a further

reduction and if not free her and

reduction and if not free her and that's when he would be happy. He

that's when he would be happy. He was able to speak to her and says

her reaction is so-so. Thanks. Extreme security at memorial services across Bali, authorities fearing mourners could become the target of more attacks. At the place where so many perished, the service of reflection and mourning is no less painful,

even though three years have passed. The tears still flowed as flowers were placed at the memorial.

Nearby, an intensified police presence - more officers than mourners amid fears there could be another attack. Australia's Foreign Minister condemning the terrorists. An ideology which is abhorrent to all religions and which has been condemned roundly by religious and community leaders. One father who lost his son wouldn't be scared away. A terrorist has taken my son in a heinous deed and I'm not going to let them stop me coming to commemorate his life. And it seems the investigation to catch the culprits behind the latest blasts is strengthening. A man known only as Hasan is being questioned by Bali police. Police receiving information that a man seen with Hasan resembled one of the bombers.

While Bali police chief Made Mangku Pastika

is reluctant to describe the arrest as a breakthrough, victims and their families pray it's enough to expose the masterminds. They're barbarians, in my opinion. In Bali, Nicole Strahan, Ten News.

Maverick Nationals Senator Barnaby Joyce has crossed the floor of Parliament, voting against his own government. It's sent a shudder through Coalition ranks and now Labor is demanding he do it again.

No longer the boy who cried wolf, Barnaby Joyce has used his vote to stymie a Government bill

he believes discriminates against small business. Splitting the bill also reflects that when legislation comes into this House, that it's not a carte blanche, that you can't just expect legislation to go straight through. And true to his word, the senator joined the non-government parties in a series of crucial votes. There being 32 ayes and 32 noes, the matter is resolved in the negative. Labor alleges Liberal enforcer Senator Bill Heffernan tried to intimidate Senator Joyce between votes. Neither man is commenting. The vote caught the Government on the hop. REPORTER: Are you fazed by Barnaby Joyce's actions in crossing the floor? Oh, it's very good legislation the Government's proposing and we'll be continuing that legislation and we'll just have a bit of a chat about everything. Kim Beazley was attacking the new work laws at a nursery when he issued this invitation to Barnaby Joyce. Barnaby Joyce, having joined us to protect small business, now to join with us and protect the workers. The Government's new work laws selling blitz stepped up today

with 4-page ads in major newspapers around the country. The Opposition estimates the cost at $1 million. That provoked a protest from Labor MPs accusing the ads of being nothing more than spin, especially claims that Anzac Day would be sacrosanct.

Mr Howard says thousands already work on the day. They are going to be in no different position than they are now. How can the PM possibly say that when he knows he's removing the no-disadvantage test? But new employees contracts don't have to match existing pay conditions. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. Tim Webster, with a look ahead to Sport and finally some wins for cricket's World XI. Well, off field at least, scooping all the major gongs at the International Cricket Council awards. It was a glamorous night for the games biggest names as they shared the spotlight with their partners. A little later - how the Wallabies fared in the nets when they joined the Aussie cricketers at training. Also coming up -

the Kangaroos limber up for their Tri-Nations opener against the Kiwis. The reason they expect to be at full stretch on Saturday night. Plus, we'll meet the mystery man with the whistle for the game. Also, Ron, we'll have a bizarre protest at the Dragons and who's fared best in the Caulfield Cup draw.

Still to come - a verdict in Sydney's notorious road rage case. Sydney's high-tech team using science to track down terrorists. And we'll get some expert advice on fashions for the Spring Racing Carnival.

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The award-winning Ford Territory winning 'Wheels' magazine Car of the Year. Ford Territory - the possibilities are amazing.

A verdict today in the notorious road rage case, which resulted in the death of a 60-year-old man on Sydney's Glebe Point Road. The man who delivered the fatal blow has been found not guilty of manslaughter but guilty of maliciously inflicting grievous bodily harm. For 60-year-old Beni Sarkis, a Saturday afternoon drive with his wife ended in a death sentence two weeks before Christmas last year. It was a road rage incident that struck fear into every driver. Maka Afu was the man who threw the lethal punch - a part-time boxer, 25 years younger and much stronger than his victim. The deadly exchange started on Glebe Point Road, in Sydney's inner west, when both cars had a right of way dispute. Afu allegedly gave Mr Sarkis the finger. Angered, Sarkis then got out of his Lancer, to tell his fellow driver he was going so fast he'd kill someone. In a tragic turn of events

that should warn any driver of where road rage can lead, Mr Sarkis was punched in the face, his skull fracturing as he hit the ground. Mr Sarkis's distraught wife, Homa, witnessed the whole event and rushed to her husband's aid, but he later died in hospital. A jury this afternoon found 36-year-old Maka Afu not guilty of manslaughter,

but guilty of a lesser charge of maliciously inflicting grievous bodily harm. Afu's lawyer admitted his client has a history of violent offences. And had just completed a 12-month good behaviour bond for another assault when he committed this offence. Afu's partner today fled from court distraught after having the judge order the father of two stay in custody. He'll be sentenced later this month. Jacinta Hocking, Ten News. Home improvement in Sydney is set to become a whole lot more expensive.

Manly council is charging residents a bedroom tax which could cost some families more than $50,000. It's a dream for many to buy on the Northern Beaches, but for some it's turning into a nightmare. Anyone in the market for an old house to renovate within Manly Council's boundries is in for a rude shock. They'll have to pay than extra $12,500 per bedroom in tax. On the average home, that's almost $50,000. I'm trying to build a 4-bedroom house, so I'm nearly out of $50,000. I had no idea I'd ever have to pay. The Wynne family is one of many caught out by the so-called section 94 contribution after buying state Government land 18 months ago. It also applies to knock downs. They didn't collect the money from the State Government, so they want to collect it from individual families. Manly council officers were unavailable for comment, but some councillors will make a last ditch attempt t o abolish the levy on Monday night. I don't want to be a councillor that gets sacked at the end of the day just because we used an improper index, you know. You just can't pluck figures out of the air. And it looks like the local government minister won't be intervening. That means if Manly Council gets its way, others are likely to follow suit. Up to 20 families in the Seaforth area who are faced with the same impost are set to launch a class action next week if the levy is not thrown up. Developers have actually paved the way for a successful case after taking a Baulkham Hills and Liverpool councils and winning. Frank Coletta, Ten News. There's been yet another fatal crash involving a P-plate driver in western Sydney. It claimed the life of a 19-year-old man, and left his younger brother critically ill in hospital, excess speed allegedly to blame. A mangled wreck, a parent's nightmare - the P-plater's distraught family now praying their dead son's 17-year-old brother, a passenger in the car, will survive. It was like a 10-car smash, the biggest bang I have ever heard. It was tragic. I knew I said it would have been a miracle for anyone to come alive out of that. The brothers had just slowed to 60 through a speed camera zone

before heading uphill. Police believe the driver put his foot down approaching the nearby traffic lights because when he was forced to brake suddenly to avoid the large truck turning right, he left skid marks 70m long, excess speed allegedly causing the carnage. It's one of the reasons the crash investigation unit was called in and I daresay it would be a factor. Rescue crews didn't take long to get the driver out,

but they had to cut the roof off the car so paramedics could stabilise his badly injured brother who was flown to hospital. I understand the truck driver allegedly told crash investigators that he was well into his right turn with the arrow on green when the sedan coming uphill slammed into and under his 13-tonne truck. The Coroner now set to decide who was actually to blame for yet another fatal involving a young P-plate driver. There is a message for all drivers observe the speed signs and be mindful of other drivers. Harry Potter, Ten News.

NSW is set to lead the country in counter-terrorism forensics. The State Government has just agreed on a location for a new purpose-built laboratory, housing our best crime scene investigators.

When it comes to crime, forensics experts don't catch the crooks, they catch them out.

Almost every murder and major investigation in NSW relies on crime scene investigators and the police force is sparing no expense in buying the latest scientific tools for the job. This is some of the new equipment we've bought as well, which is the shoe print database. But at present,

the forensic scientists don't have their own dedicated facility.

The Premier today announcing the site for a new $4.7 million purpose-built laboratory in Sydney's west. And the centre will have the capacity to detect and analyse explosive residue, chemical and biological warfare agents and it will be at the forefront of investigations into any terrorist attack that happens on our soil. Most of the current counterterror work relates to threatening letters containing suspicious powder. But they're always prepared for the real thing. This is an example of anthrax spores. The new centre will bring together 140 forensics experts from three separate police facilities to just one. Their specialist skills ranging from counterterrorism and disaster victim identification to forensic botany. Detectives now expect to wait weeks for forensic results.

A new lab would mean the evidence is available at one central testing point. Together, they can case manage the exhibits, they know for example, I'll have it at 11:00, once you're finished with it. We can do our examination, pass it on to the next one. Faster results will mean earlier arrests. Shaun Fewings, Ten News. A vastly improved treatment for ovarian cancer is a step closer tonight.

The vaccine re-educates a women's immune system to recognise cancer cells as intruders.

In early trials, the treatment has stopped tumours from growing. In the phase one trial we established the vaccine could produce an immune response, we now have to show whether that immune response will kill the tumours. The results thrilling survivors. Oh, I think it's marvellous news, excellent news, bring it on. Scientists hope women will one day be immunised against the disease.

Check of the weather, Tim Bailey,

Check of the weather, Tim Bailey, you warned us about it, we dived

you warned us about it, we dived

you warned us about it, we dived back into winter. 18 degrees, four

below average. An overcast day, .

Berowra top-scored with 10mm. That

Berowra top-scored with 10mm. That was before 9afpl. Up to 3:00, it

was mainly coastal, saw Bondi get

7mm. That's not much good to us.

The showers look like they'll

reform and certainly drop rain

reform and certainly drop rain across the Sydney base inon Friday,

Saturday and Sunday. How much rain

we get will depend on a low

pressure system that is moving

around the north coast of NSW, or

around the north coast of NSW, or will be for Saturday and Sunday.

Skywatch - it had a case of the

greys all day today. Maximum tumps

18.2, four down on average. Current

temperature, 17 degrees. Pollution

levels are low everywhere.

Tomorrow's temperatures - 23

through to 27. I'll see you again

in round about 10. Next - a series of legal firsts as an Aussie terror suspects faces night court. Plus - wild weather and stinginess adding to the misery of earthquake victims. With WorkChoices, you cannot be sacked due to family responsibilities, like caring for a child who's fallen ill. Your rights will be protected by law. To find out the facts, call the hotline for the WorkChoices booklet.

'AMAZING' BY ALEX LLOYD PLAYS winning 'Wheels' magazine Car of the Year. Ford Territory - the possibilities are amazing. A powerful hailstorm has ripped thought parts of southern Queensland. Fist-sized clumps of ice hurtled through car windscreens - and punched holes in the roofs of homes. The weather bureau issued a warning, but nothing could prepare anyone for this. Hailstones cut a swathe through the Gold Coast's northern suburbs, Oxenford, Pacific Pines and Helensvale. Tim Obank was watching TV when the real drama erupted outside

and he grabbed his camera. All of sudden the skies came over grey, and the next minute I heard this terrible noise. I didn't know what was happening and I looked out the window, and like missiles going into my pool. One resident in Helensvale found a hailstone in his bedroom. I've looked outside and it was the size of tennis balls, the size of footballs, just sitting on the balcony. Tourists at Movieworld were also caught in the storm. The carpark told the story. It was littered with smashed glass and panels beaten with fist-sized divots.

Look at the size of the crater, that must have been a big one. They were the size of your fist. Absolutely amazing. I just hope there's no people been hit by them. We came outside and all the cars are smashed. This is a hire car, we've got to take it back now. It's going to be fun, isn't it. An act of God, I don't know if we'll get the insurance back. The SES was inundated with hundreds of calls for help, broken roofs and smashed windows the most common complaint. The full extent of the damage is still be being assessed. The storm ended as quickly as it started. Now begins the big clean-up. Andrew Leahy, Ten News. Australian Terror suspect Joseph Thomas has made legal history, during a court hearing during the early hours of the morning. was there to support the 32-year-old, who is accused of supporting and receiving money from al-Qa'ida. The unique hearing sat until 1.30am to accommodate witnesses overseas. Three prisoners in American custody gave evidence via videolink. They can't be identified. It's the first terror case under Australia's new Security Information Act. Thousands of people made homeless by the earthquake in Pakistan are preparing to spend another night in the cold without shelter. Torrential rain has hampered efforts to bring aid into the region. For the survivors, time is running out in a region deep in misery and short of hope. However, there's no shortage of evidence of the mounting human cost of the devastating earthquake.

An already confronting salvage effort being further hampered by new waves of extreme weather. Torrential rain making life even tougher for those trying to find shelter and causing havoc for rescue teams. Residents from remote areas heading to cities already in ruin, such as Muzaffarabad, looking for help. It's led to fears over the spread of disease in increasingly crowded refugee camps. The scourge of looting is taking a toll on the relief effort as the greedy compete with the needy. The number of dead has already passed 20,000 and is expected to top 50,000. A further 1 million have been left homeless. International rescue teams from Britain, the United States, China, the Middle East and France calling on all available resources from sophisticated periscope cameras to simple voice and hearing. Hello! Rescue team here! Can you hear us? Make a noise! The occasional success re-energising the rescue teams. This 4-year-old boy plucked to safety after spending more than 60 hours trapped in the rubble. Major Australian charities have reported a slow response to their appeals, fearing post-tsunami apathy. A tragedy that is much larger than we actually thought, and the size and proportion of it demands that we respond with great compassion. In a region no stranger to hardship, the need for help has never been so great. Cameron Baud, Ten News. Most politicians enjoy the rough and tumble of parliament. But it got of hand in Taiwan when a debate over a bill to setup a new media watchdog degenerated into a brawl. One opposition politician ended up with a bloodied eye when he was hit in the head by a flying mobile phone.

Vic Lorusso in the Mix 106 traffic helicopter.

Time for a check of the traffic.

Time for a check of the traffic. Glid lock down in the south-west.

Glid lock down in the south-west. Whaus causing that? Major accident

Whaus causing that? Major accident over Liverpool and the Hume Highway.

Two Campbelltown bound lanes

Two Campbelltown bound lanes closed. Take a look at the delays

closed. Take a look at the delays heading past the golf course on the

heading past the golf course on the Cumberland Highway. The delays go

Cumberland Highway. The delays go all the way back past Cabramatta

all the way back past Cabramatta and in to Canley Vale. It will be

and in to Canley Vale. It will be slow. The M5 is a better option.

More at 5:50. Still to come - proof we're ditching snail mail for email. Also, blast-off for the rocket that has Australian authorities on alert. And we'll get some expert advice on fashions for the Spring Racing Carnival. SONG: # Fit and strong... # MAN: It seems just yesterday. This building stands as a powerful reminder

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Just as we were enjoying the warm

weather, it's turned cold on us?

What's going on?. 4 below average,

18 degrees. That day was about as

much fun as sitting at home with a

spoon hitting yourself on the knee.

It will maybe clear a bit tomorrow

and showers late, and showers

across Friday, Saturday and Sunday,

temperatures around 22 degrees or

just below.

Tomorrow - 23 to 27 degrees, partly

cloudy in the morning, maybe an

afternoon shower and then showers

afternoon shower and then showers right across Friday, Saturday and

Sunday. See you at 5:55. Tonight's major stories - no apologies from the minister who approved the Cross City Tunnel. While furious drivers sit in CBD gridlock, Carl Scully insists every big project has its teething problems. Sydney pays tribute to the Bali bombing victims, three years to the day since 88 Australians lost their lives. Hundreds of mourners braved the wind and rain today, to pay their respects in a moving ceremony at Coogee. And convicted drug smuggler Schapelle Corby has had her sentence cut by five years to 15 years. Corby has been told of the decision and says she'll continue to appeal. Her family remains outraged insisting she's innocent and should be free. In finance news, another record result for the Ten Network, making it Australia's most profitable TV network. Group revenue jumped almost 15%, television revenue up 11% to more than $839 million. This financial result is our highest, and another record, the first time a TV network has made more than $300 million EBITDA. The network retaining its ratings domination of the 16- to 39-year-old demographic. Finance - and the Australian share market made up for yesterday's losses. Craig James at Commonwealth Securities - proof tonight we're ditching snail mail for email.

Yes. Australia Post-has released

its annual result and says mail

its annual result and says mail volumes have barely moved. It's

having a big impact on

profitability. Their profit was up

profitability. Their profit was up by 1% but its letters division was

down by 20%, $57 million. They

haven't given up on letters

completely, encouraging bills to

make greater use of promotional

make greater use of promotional mail. And consumers are still

feeling glooly? Yes. They're

pessimistic for the first time in

pessimistic for the first time in 2.5 years. That's whater index

shows today, below 100 for the

first time since March 2004. The

first time since March 2004. The sharp falls in share prices last

sharp falls in share prices last week and higher petrol prices. It's

unlikely to last, interest rates

are stable and the economy is Thanks. Craig James at CommSec. in

good shape. Rescue teams are on alert across Australia after China's latest rocket launch. The 2-man crew blasted off this morning with their orbit to repeatedly take them over Australia. Emergency Management Australia says its ready to help if the astronauts have to make an emergency landing here. Possible landing sites have been identified in NSW, Queensland, the NT and WA. Spring Racing Carnival is upon us, and when fashion takes to the field, disaster can sometimes result. So Gai and Kate Waterhouse are offering their tips

on what's hot and what's not this year. Spring Racing Carnival fever can bring on Spring Racing Carnival panic. What does one wear? According to the ladies from racing's royal family, the Waterhouses

When you go to race day, you want

to stand out in the crowd.

Everybody According to the ladies from racing's royal family, the Waterhouses

wants to stand out. According to the ladies from racing's royal family, the Waterhouses there are three main themes this year - rose garden, riviera chic and safari. Remembering always a little bit of leopard print is OK, the whole animal is not.

How old was she when she started Hats are back.

rating your hat collection? Pretty young. Hats are back. The fascination with fascinators wearing a little thinner this year.

Women are going out and

making a big effort with wearing

hats like Mum today. The little

hats are coming more in fashion.

The golden rule is straw for spring,

felt for autumn. Mix that up, and

you'll be a fashion loser. Other

you'll be a fashion loser. Other no nos is not too short a skirt, no

hot pants, not too many sparkley sequins. A little bit of sparkle can go a long way. Not on the blokes however, they're better off in pinstriped 2-button suits with plenty of colour in the shirt and tie department. And for both sexes - style over practicality is not always a good idea. Angela Bishop, Ten News. Tim Webster is back with sport - and the protest against the Dragons hits the streets.

Yes. Ahead - a bizarre protest

over the potential axing of Thompson and Timmins. Also - world cricket's biggest awards night turns on the glamour in Sydney. Plus - a Bondi build-up for the Kangaroos as they prepare for the Kiwi they fear most. The race is on for 1,000 Test wickets

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The race is on for 1,000 Test wickets but Shane Warne says he won't reach that milestone. The current world record holder still believes his arch rival Muttiah Muralitharan will leave the biggest mark on the game. It's a quartet that's had batsmen in a spin all over the world. Even team-mates can't wait for a clash of the giants. You've got a spectacle here and we get to appreciate the two greatest spinners to ever play the game. While Shane Warne was first to 600 Test wickets, he says it's inevitable he'll be overhauled by his Sri Lankan mate. Look at him. He's young, he's fresh and he gets wickets all the time

so I don't think there's any rivalry there. I'm just happy to hang on to it while...

I've got a little lead on him at the moment but I'm sure he'll catch that up pretty quick. Shane's being modest because it's not the case because he can take easily - what? - a thousand wickets because he'll be going to play for another five or six years. The ICC is devoting Saturday's play to an appeal for earthquake victims in Pakistan and Asia. The Wallabies already finding out how generous Aussie cricketers can be. Watch the ball, mate. I'm a little bit nervous, mate, but, you know? Wendell Sailor and Matt Dunning fulfilling boyhood dreams by facing Glenn McGrath and Warne in the nets. You can only, you know, appreciate how good these guys are uand it's a great opportunity for us to get here and, mate, it's good to have a bat against the best bowlers in the world. Last night, no shortage of glamour as South Africa's Jacques Kallis and England's Andrew Flintoff

were crowned joint winners of the ICC Cricketer of the Year award. On a night dominated by all-rounders, a warning shot from the best young player on the scene. I think I let myself down in my bowling.

I used to be a bowler who batted. I'm now a batsman who doesn't bowl. So I think it's something I need to definitely work on. Tania Armstrong, Ten News.

More fallout in Dragon's heartland late today over the futures of Lance Thompson and Shaun Timmins. Fans staged a public protest. The streets of Kogarah have never seen anything quite like it. Girls in bikinis joining the fight to keep local hero Lance Thompson in the red and white. St George Illawarra as a family.

The boys out at Wests, they must laugh at this. A Bondi build-up for the Kangaroos ahead of Saturday's Tri-Nations opener against the Kiwis. Matt King straining to make his Test debut. The Australians wary of Stacey Jones's return to the international stage. I just think it's certainly going to lift their team. It's like Andrew Johns or someone coming into our side. He's held in very high regard in New Zealand

and they want to send him out the way he deserves to be sent out. The Kiwis may be missing Benji Marshall, Sonny Bill Williams and Dene Halatau, to name a few, but they haven't lost their famous pluck. It's an understrength side perceived by Australians. We believe we're strong and we believe in ourselves. The underdogs refusing to be overawed by Australia's sublime halves pairing of Darren Lockyer and Andrew Johns. Um, they're pretty good players but last time I looked they had two arms and two legs as well. The referee for the match flying into Sydney early this morning.

The name Steve Ganson a mystery to many. Is he Aussie? Kiwi? I don't know. Do you know who he is? Na. He's a Pom. A Pommy, OK. He'll be good.

The Englishman not afraid to send players off if trans-Tasman tensions boil over. Yeah, certainly yeah. Definitely no problems with that. Meanwhile, Mal Meninga is favourite to be named as Queensland coach tomorrow, replacing Michael Hagan. He'll go head to head with former Canberra team-mate Ricky Stuart, a winner in his first year as coach of the Blues. Adam Hawse, Ten News. Rising star El Segundo's grip on Saturday's Caulfield Cup has strengthened after drawing barrier four.

And despite the favourable gate not all his rivals are conceding the cup is a one-horse race. He's enjoyed the perfect Caulfield Cup preparation and it only got better for El Segundo at this morning's barrier draw. Widely considered the horse to beat on Saturday, the only missing piece of the puzzle was soon put to rest. And he's got it, barrier four. I'm a bit nervous. I've got to say, I've been waking up a bit early. The phone calls have been enormous, and he seems to have captured the imagination of the public. El Segundo's price shortening to $3.50. However, his good fortune wasn't shared by a number of rivals. Equal second favourites Plastered and Dizelle drawing 16 and 21 respectively. But not all El Segundo's rivals are conceding. From 14, Peter Moody is confident Vouvray can win the race she's been set for since finishing an unlucky fourth last year. I wouldn't swap my mare. She's 110%. I thought I should have won this race last year. She's going into it a better horse. Only one thing will beat her - lack of ability. The quartet of international Cup runners were put through their paces at Sandown this morning. English stayer Carte Diamond fully deserving of his place in the field, according to trainer Brian Ellison, who rates his charge the equal of a more familiar European visitor. Vinnie Roe's a very, very good horse, he's run well twice in the Melbourne Cup, and he's a good horse back home. He's every bit as good. Damian Booth, Ten News. And later in 'Sports Tonight' with Ryan Phelan - Wallaby Cameron Shepherd talks about the changes he's made

Time for a check of the traffic. A

Time for a check of the traffic. A broken down truck at Homebush? We

are. Truck stalled in the right

hand lane. We have RTA assisting

hand lane. We have RTA assisting the truck. The delays extend back

toward the Ryde Bridge as traffic

tries to proceed tors Hurstville. Tim Bailey's back with the latest weather details next.

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Time for the weather details. It

was a bit damp overnight, couldn't

make up its mind. You don't mind it

make up its mind. You don't mind it

make up its mind. You don't mind it cold and grey as long as you get

rainfall with it. Unfortunately it

rainfall with it. Unfortunately it only stretched to showers. That

amounted to 10mm, a handy 10mm, but

most of it was coastal, falling on

most of it was coastal, falling on the sand and into the sea. 7mm past

9:00 this morning at Bondi.

Tomorrow looks to be a Jack of all

trades, blue sky, light cloud, then

overcast conditions in the

afternoon to showers. Temperatures,

23 through to 27 degrees. Then

they'll drop for Friday. Looks like

a windy day, little on the wet side,

a windy day, little on the wet side, showers forecast. Saturday and

Sunday, it's going to depend on a

low pressure system. Where the

system ends up across Saturday and

Sunday, how far north or close to

the city on whether we'll have rain,

showers or drizzle.

The satellite - cloud is forming

The satellite - cloud is forming over eastern Queensland ahead of a

trough bringing scattered showers

trough bringing scattered showers and severe thunderstorms. A cloud

and severe thunderstorms. A cloud band moving along the southern WA

coast and low cloud pushed onto the

NSW coastline by onshore winds. The

weather map for tomorrow - winds

weather map for tomorrow - winds will xien with low pressure to

produce rain and storms across the

produce rain and storms across the NT and Queensland and a cold front

will cause showers across the

south-east, mainly in Tasmania.

Prescription - possible showers.

Prescription - possible showers. Isolated afternoon showers in NSW.

By Friday, a broad trough will

generate further rain through the

generate further rain through the interior and storms will develop in

interior and storms will develop in NSW as the trough drifts east. What

NSW as the trough drifts east. What we're keeping an eye on is the low

pressure system that will end up

pressure system that will end up somewhere off the coast of NSW by

the weekend to tell us how much

rain, showers or drizzle we end up

with across the weekend. It looks

with across the weekend. It looks like being pretty dodgy, below

average temperatures and some rain.

If it's going to be grey, let it rain! That's the 5:00 news. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Sandra Sully will have the late news at 11:30, goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.