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(generated from captions) This program is LIVE captioned. # I'm easy like Sunday morning You're waking up with friends. This is Weekend Sunrise. # Easy like Sunday morning # everyone and welcome to the show. Good morning,

When you hear that song going, you

can almost smell the moan gross out

there. everyone and welcome to the show. Good morning, And with Reaso on his honeymoon, Mark Riley. it's good morning to our own

The infamous Mark Reilly

It is great to be here.

Very good to have you.

We're always criticised for not

getting out of Canberra. Here is

proof we do.

I wouldn't be surprised if you find

that good for the soul. Give you a

bit of perspective, perhaps. since the bombings in Bali. Well, it's seven days Our reporter Paul Kadak to gauge the mood one week on. hit the streets overnight to gauge the mood one week on.

We'll cross live to him shortly. Also this morning - breakthrough of the year. what could be the medical prevent cervical cancer. The vaccine that can the hype matches the reality. We'll find out whether to athlete Alisa Camplin. And we talk exclusively We'll find out whether out of the Winter Olympics. this week's knee injury rules her And later, we get all romantic.

Poor girl. This week as opposed to

last month as opposed to last

year's. We wish her well. And later, we get all romantic. and John Cusack. We'll chat to Diane Lane latest romantic comedy, They meet online in Hollywood's Must Love Dogs. used online dating? Have either of you

On-line date sergeant a concept I

have not had anything to do with.

Carrier pigeons in my day.

We've all been partnered for at

least 10 years so we've missed all of this.

It wasn't in my day either. The

Internet wasn't invented. I did

once write a note to a girl on the

back of a beer coster.

That's as out there as you got?

She got a drink and I got told to

Well, the soapbox is open. push off.

online dating stories. Head online to tell us your the latest news with Simon Reeve. Right now, though, it's time for Good morning, Simon. Good morning. earthquake on the Indian subcontinent The death toll from a massive has risen to more than 3,000. 7.6 on the Richter scale, The quake measured of the Pakistani capital Islamabad. with its epicentre 100km north neighbouring Afghanistan and India Huge tremors were felt in for the next 48 hours. and aftershocks are expected

have wiped out dozens of villages Authorities say landslides and there are fears in collapsed buildings. thousands more could be trapped to hit the region in 100 years. It's the strongest earthquake killed by a giant mudslide More than 1,400 people have been in the Guatemalan highlands. Authorities say from the village of Panabaj. there were no survivors

The mudslides from tropical storm Stan. were triggered by torrential rains from tropical storm Stan.

are under water Parts of Central America and Mexico wiped out after days of heavy rain. and entire villages have been of the Australian victims The bodies of three of last week's Bali bombings have returned home. couple Colin and Fiona Zwolinski, The flag-draped coffins of Newcastle Jennifer Williamson, as well as Newcastle woman

arrived in Sydney early this morning. Australian victim, The body of the fourth

16-year-old Brendan Fitzgerald, will be returned to Perth shortly. 23 people died in the attacks. Exactly one week after

the suicide bombings, Exactly one week after Bali's surfing community in a sunset memorial service. has remembered the victims into the ocean in Jimbaran Bay. More than 100 surfers paddled and shared a minute's silence. The group then formed a circle

Very peaceful, very quiet. and think about what's happened A time to reflect in the future. and what's going to happen are still hunting the perpetrators. Indonesian police are still hunting the perpetrators.

of the two key suspects 10,000 photos a central Java village have been dropped over yesterday. where one of the fugitives escaped The Federal Government changes to industrial relations. will today announce its controversial to reveal a softened package The Prime Minister is expected to protect workers. with a number of safeguards union advertising campaign. The changes follow an exhaustive Under the new legislation, levels of award pay and conditions workers will retain their existing if they move to individual contracts. The Government says industrial relations the changes will modernise and boost jobs at home. Authorities are on alert has spread to Europe. with news the Asian bird flu virus Romania has ordered a mass cull tested positive. after three dead ducks of the disease in the country. They're the first cases reported in Turkey. Another outbreak has also been are spreading the disease. It's believed migrating birds more than 100 people worldwide, The virus has infected killing at least 60. Holden's six-year domination To sport, and Ford is hoping to end of the Bathurst 1000. Craig Lowndes in his Falcon for 161 lap classic. has started from pole position has became the first player To soccer, and David Beckham to be sent off twice for England in the World Cup Finals as the team stumbled to a place with victory against Austria.

two minutes into the second half Beckham was shown two yellow cards in Andreas Ibertsberger. for fouls against for the finals Frank Lampard put England on course with a first-half penalty. the Hunter Mariners, Brisbane has defeated In Basketball,

the Razorbacks by a point. while the Adelaide 36ers piped Melbourne accounted for Townsville. is the national netball champion New South Wales over Victoria in extra time. after a thrilling grand final win It was 46-46 at full time. New South Wales took the match. The lead changed several times before for the tournament. They remained undefeated John Buchanan's future Australian cricket coach looks safe this morning. is up for renewal this month. Buchanan's contract The team's success in the Super Series

means it's likely to be extended. The terms will see Buchanan given access to specialist coaches with technical experience he does not have. The final one-day match of the Super Series is today. Now to Sunday's weather. And we'll have more news at 8.30.

Just when you thought summer was

here, it disappeared again.

That's right, very chilly this morning. Well, this time last week, we were waking to news Bali had again been bombed. As you can imagine, it was a nervous time in Kuta and Jimbaran Bay last night. Our reporter Paul Kadak was out and about. Paul, what did you see last night?

If the people of Bali were hoping

last night was going to be a return

to a typical busling Saturday night

in Kuta and Jimbaran bay, they

would have been quite disappointed.

It was quiet. Perhaps not as bad as

we saw in the aftermath of the 2002

bombing, but everywhere we went, we

saw shops an restaurants that had

far more staff than customers. This

is something we've been seeing over

the week since last weekend. There

are people out and about during the

day, but once night falls,

traditional night spots are

abandoned and people prefer to stay

in their hotels, protected by their

hotel security. In Kuta square

itself, - some of the things we saw,

we saw police on patrol with sub

machine-guns and we saw shops

closing about two hours early for

lack of customers. I suppose for

tourists who were about last night,

one of the main afractions seemed

to be the bombed out shell of the

restaurant where that final bomb

exploded, to see it for themselves.

Some had only seen it on TV. When

they did, there were a number of

emotions, but for some, fear was

not among them.

We're not worried. It sounds weird.

We feel quite safe. The security

around the hotels is quite

different to what I've ever known

it before.

The less people on the street.

There was more during the day and

dropping off at night.

We're staying out of the main

restaurants and stuff like that.

That's made us a bit more Kay shus, but still having fun.

There was a bombing in London a

month ago. It is just the way it

goes. Not many people got hurt,

thank God.

We arrive add couple of hours

before the bombing, like one or two. We

We were at the hotel and we heard

it and we didn't know what it was

and we heard the sirens and baultz

it was the first night, we didn't

know what was going on.

It's a bit dipresing. We've come

here for a holiday and the first

day here the bomb went off. Really


Paul, we're one week on now. How

have locals paid tribute?

Last night on Jimbaran beach, we

saw quite an im prels sif ceremony.

Local and Australian surfers

gathered together, about 100 of

them. They lined up together on the

shore before paddling out to form a

circle of rememorandum entrance.

Bali is what it is today because it

was discoverd by surfers in the

mid-70s, so it was quite a moving

ceremony, but that's one of the key

things we saw, but also there were

many personal tributes. We saw one

local woman who came down to the

beach. She sat down on the beach in

front of the cafe lgs and stared

out into the ocean for several

hours, perhaps contemplating what

had happened and wondering about

what the future will hold. Unlike

Kuta scare, Jimbaran beach's cafes

have not opened. They are waiting

for a cleansing ceremony, which

will mean that the spirits of those

who were killed can finally return home.

The bodies of the Australian

victims have you been flown home,

haven't they?

That is correct. That was a sombre

sight. We saw the three wooden

carved coffins draped with the

Australian flag leave the hospital

here yesterday afternoon, taken to

the airport and then flown back to

Australia. Colin and Fiona and

Jennifer Williamson flown to Sydney

and from there they'll be taken on

to Newcastle.

This week is the three year

anniversary of the 2002 attacks. Is

there anything planned for that?

Yes. I suppose it shows what a

poignant time it is in bar plea.

There are family and friends of the

88 Australian victims of the 2002

bombings already in Bali. They will

be taking part in what we think

will be a few low key services,

nothing huge, but some low key

commemorations. Of course, the bar

knees will mark the day as well. In

200 the 2, Indonesians made up the

majority of the victims, as they

have again in 2005.

Thanks for that, Paul. Tabloid newspapers often scream headlines of cancer breakthroughs. Unfortunately, the reality often doesn't match the hype. But if anything, one such story this week deserves even more exposure than it received. An Australian scientist has come up with the world's first cancer vaccine. Designed to prevent cervical cancer, the drug could be on sale here next year. Well, our next guest is an expert in the field and has been anxiously watching the trial process, Dr Gerry Wain from Sydney's Westmead Hospital. Good morning to you. This work was done by Ian Frazer from the University of Queensland. Just how significant is his breakthrough?

Because it sounds enormous.

It is an enormous breakthrough. It

is on Ian's part, the culmination

of a lifetime of work, preemly,

looking at the science behind

cervical cancer, the viral

infections behind it, and coming up

with a vaccine and the study this

week has shown the vaccine is incredibly effective.

Can you explain to us exactly what the vaccine does.

I think the best way to understand

that is to go back to the way

cervical cancer develops. Viral

infection of the cervix, HPV

infection of the cervix, is a very

common side effect that happens

really after anyone commences

sexual activity and it is intren

tiff to sexual activity. More than

80% of women will show evidence of

HPV at some stage in their lives.

What happens is most women resome've that infection

spontaneously and it gos away with

no consequence, apart from having

no consequence, apart from having

an abnormal Pap smear, most women

wouldn't know they have it.

Unfortunately in a small number of

women, that infection per zipslgs

and then it starts to produce

changes in the cervix that go on to

form cervical cancer. We have

screening programs in this country

that pick up those changes, so we

can detect them before they go on

to form cancer, but the advantage

here of the vaccine is that it sets

up antibodys to the virus before

those changes commence, so it

really goes right back to the very

beginning, and this gives us an

extra fantastic approach to

preventing this disease. This is a

very important disease. It is the

second commonest cancer in women in

the world and what we've got now is

a way of preventing it right from the beginning.

And also a very insidious one. It

is very difficult to detect this.

It is very dif consult to detect.

The commonest way is by having an

abnormal Pap smear. We've got a

very successful program to do that

and that is how we treat knit this country.

Can I ask on behalf of all women

who've had a Pap smear in their

lives does this mean the end of them?

It doesn't mean the end of them for

women who haven't had the vaccine.

What we're going to see is a whole

generation of women who will be

able to have the vaccine and that

will substantially reduce their

risk of kapbl ser and reduce their

need for pap smeerps eventually.

For current women who haven't had

the vaccine, we have to stress

strongly they have to continue

having Pap smears, but for the

daughters of women who have had Pap

smears, this is a great breakthrough.

What age should the girls be vaccinated?

That has not been completely

figured out yet. The first

suggestion is women should start having it before they become

sexually active, so they'll be

looking to giving it to girls and

boips in their teenage years, but

there probably is some benefit for

women who have gone beyond that age

group as well.

It sounds like we'll face one of

those medical cultural debates,

though, won't we if you start

talking about vaccinateing girls at

13, you'll have concern tiff groups

saying you're encouraging them to

be sexually active early.

But most parents want to be

grandparents and when they know

that their children are going to

eventually become sexually active,

they want to have grandchildren and

they want their children to grow

and get older. There is the anxiety

about sexual activity, but let's be

real here. We're looking at a

lifetime of protection against

cervical cancer.

With a breakthrough like this, does

that mean there could be a possible

cure for cancer, all sorts of


Cervical cancer is quite unique,

because it is connected to the

virus. Many other can serps have

other causes and unfortunately this

is just one particular breakthrough

for this particular cancer, but it

is the second commonest cancer in

women, so across the world, so it

is a very big breakthrough.

And it is Australian, which is

fantastic. We keep leading the

world in so many areas of science

and medicine.

Another Nobel prize.

I hope so. It certainly deserves it.

Thank you for your time this

morning. It really is great news. in the fight against breast cancer. And later, how you can help lighting up their porches in pink. People across Australia are now

I've got my pink light on the porch and it looks fantastic.

My porch light is bung at the

moment. I'll get a new one.

I'll get you one of the pink lights.

They look great. the life behind bars for women. Also ahead, unique insight on

a Weekend Sunrise exclusive. But next, will share her Olympic heartbreak. Alisa Camplin Stay with us.

Airwaves Menthol Eucalyptus Gum

You're waking up with friends. Now, back to the Sunrise team.

this morning. our brightest stars is in doubt The Winter Olympic dream for one of

our brightest stars is in doubt The Winter Olympic dream for one of this morning. surgery after a serious setback. Alisa Camplin is preparing to undergo crippling knee injury The aerialist suffered another in the United States. us now from Melbourne. Alisa is back in Australia and joins Good morning.

What happened?

I was working on a quad twisting

double somersault over in the US

with our team and unfortunately I

did a fantastic jump and I thought

I landed quite well too, but under

the water, my ski took off like a

bit of a helicopter blade and

started spinning and it snapped my

knee out again.

Does this rule you out of the

winter Olympics?

Absolutely not. I was listening to

- coming back from the break, I was

like don't rule me out yet. There's

a couple of options I need to

consider. One is going very conservative and having an

arthroscope and clean k out all the

old graft and putting myself in a

brace and trying to jump in rehab

without an ACL ligament. The other

option is to go for a bit more

radical surgery which is a lot more

popular in the. US and it does

allow for a quicker recovery than

normal and I have to hope I can

beat the time line and have the

support of the A oofplt C to go

ahead with that. I'm not sure yet what I'm going to do.

This is the same knee you injured

in October last year, isn't it? The

surgery that you're having this

time, is it the same surgery you

had last time?

Last time I had a hamstring graft,

which meant I gave up a portion of

my own hamstring and had that

rethreaded through my knee to

supplement the ACL ligament that

had blown out. This time the

traditional effort would be to use

the patella tendon. So I don't have

have time to do that. We're

considering using a kadar va graft,

which is from a dead person's body

and if my body accepts that tissue,

it should be able to heal quickly.

Like I said, it is not very popular

in Australia. We haven't had a lot

of practice with the speed of

recovery that might be necessary

for me to make the Olympics N

tufplt S they've had a lot of

success getting athletes back in

about 7-12 weeks and a lot of

soccer players have used this same

technique. If that's the option I

choose, as oppose to going the more

conservative approach, I'm got my conservative approach, I'm got

fingers crossed I can make it.

Just listening to that, what you

put your body through in this sport

is amazing. It is like - Rugby

League players don't have injuries

like this. What was it, a quad

twisting double sum saut and now

you're talking about conservative

options. I doesn't sound very conservative.

I'm a kopbl ser tiff person and I'm

not going to jump at the Olympic fs

I don't feel ready. I'm ready to

take on the challenge here. People

don't achieve things, great things,

in life if they just sit around and

hope that the nofrpl is good enough.

I need to push the bar here and go

for it. I done that in the past and

had success on and off the sporting

field. I'm ready to rise up to this

challenge and give it a go. I've

had fantastic success in my sport

and such highs and this is

definitely one of the lows, but I

know I have the strength inside me

to come back from this and even

know I'm ago tailtd right now

because I don't know which

direction I'm going to go and I

speak to my surgeon tomorrow and with the Australian team Olympic

doctor, the two of them are going

to help me decide what is the best

approach to giving me any chance of

defending my gold met dal.

Have you even entertained the

thought you won't be there? We're

four months out now.

Yes, I guess it is a possibility

and at the end of the day it is

just sport and sit the Olympic

games and it has been my whole life

for the last four years, but if it

doesn't work out, I've had a

fantastic career, but I still

believe that I have highly

competitive jumps. I've been

jumping so beautifully in the last

few weeks. I feel like my jumps

deser to be there. I'm not ready to

give up. I have a bad knee and it

haltz got to be fixed either way.

I'm going to give everything I can

and if time runs out on me, that's

too bad but I'll always know I

tried and I'm ready to be brave

here. I don't know I can win

another medal, but I'm quite

prepared to try and make history

with the time lines of my recovery.

We'll jump with you when you jump

and win gold medals. How do you

keep such a positive attitude?

My team-mates, like Jacqui Cooper,

she had a bad accident before Salt

Lake City and she's been with me

and she's like, "I can't believe

you're not go cai zie, I'd need to

be put in a padded cell if that

happened to me woe all thought you

would have such a good chance at

the Olympics." I still do if I can

get this knee back. I can only look

forward. There is no point in

sitting down and trying. She's been

through hardship and I have been

too with the knee reconstruction

last year. I feel inside myself

that I can do it. There's just no

point giving up in life, you've got

to go for it and I don't want to be

average, I u want to try and be

really good. It

It is a terrific attitude. We hope

it comes through for you. Thanks so

much for your time this morning.

No worries, I hope everyone keeps

your fingers crossed for me.

Absolutely. We believe. My colleagues in Canberra re-election of the Howard Government. are today marking 12 months since the for a diary entry. That sounds like a good reason That's next. As only you can do, Mark. from the newsroom. And we'll get the latest on Seven. You're watching Weekend Sunrise


on Weekend Sunrise. Checking news headlines More than 3,000 people have died the Indian subcontinent in the worst earthquake to hit in more than 100 years. on the Richter scale The quake measured 7.6 Afghanistan and India. and flattened parts of Pakistan,

Rescue workers are desperately trying to free people from collapsed buildings. The bodies of three Newcastle victims of the Bali bombings have arrived back in Australia. The flag-drapped coffins of Newcastle couple Colin and Fiona Zwolinski as well as Newcastle woman Jennifer Williamson arrived in Sydney early this morning. The body of the fourth Australian victim, 16-year-old Brendan Fitzgerald, will be returned to Perth shortly.

And the Federal Government will today announce its controversial changes to industrial relations. Prime Minister John Howard is expected to reveal a softened package which includes a number of safeguards to protect workers. Weather watch -

from the newsroom. And that's the latest from the newsroom. Thanks, Simon.

We have that interview with die

onlane later on about their knew

movie must love dogs. The soap box

has gone off. Us three dinosaurs

who have never on-line dated. Jason

and Nadine. She says, "My brother

married his wife, who he met on the

net last night and they met three

years ago on line." Another marital

one. San die've dee says, "Both my

brother and I have met partners on

the Internet. My brother is to be

engaged in February and I'm into a

three year relationship with a US

Air Force soldier who I met on-line

while I was pregnant." I'm

figureing he knows. Then she says,

"Things are going well and he

adores my son." That's a very

interesting laugh you've got going

on there, sandy.

Complicated and interesting. We'll

leave you with that thought. They say a week is a long time in politics,

imagine what can go on in 12 months! Yes, as you're about to see, it's a rather special anniversary. My friend here is about to mark it with the Riley Diary. It's exactly a year since that extraordinary night when John Howard re-wrote the election record books. I am truly humbled by this extraordinary expression of confidence. His long-time official, and now unofficial, adviser,

Grahame Morris, made an informed prediction to us the following morning. It may well be on this result that Mark Latham is not going to be the next Labor Prime Minister. He sure got that right! Tanya Plibersek, now one of Labor's stand-out performers, was not so right. I'm confident that when people have had three years to get to know Mark, to look at our positive agenda, that they'll have a very good response to him. Three months later, as we know,

he took a spectacular swan dive from the top of his famed ladder of opportunity. KATH AND KIM TV CLIP: Oh, that's nice. Yeah, that's nice. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah, that's elegant. Yeah, look, that is nice. And suddenly the Bomber was back! And he was all fired with ambition. We know that because he told us so. I said at the time I nominated for party leadership that I was fired with ambition for my party and my country,

and so I am. But the fire sometimes appears to be barely a flicker and some are already looking towards a new flame-haired firebrand who was certainly talking like a leader at a recent book launch. This is the new economic agenda. and opportunity for all. It is all about opportunity and opportunity for all. Opportunity for all, now that's got a familiar ring. But the last Opportunity Express ended in an unholy bus crash. Still, what was Julia Gillard really saying to Big Kim in that speech? Kimmy, Kimmy, Kimmy. Look at moi, please. Look at moi. Look at moi. Look at moi. Others pretenders are absolutely gropeable that Julia day-night... ..err, sorry, Julia Gillard is getting all the attention. They reckon they're the great hunks of political spunk. But 12 months after pulverising Labor at the polls again, for John Howard either. for John Howard either. it's not all plain sailing

of politics There's a certain bloke on his side (mimics Kath) Look at moi! who seems to be saying - Peter Costello on the world stage of late. has been prancing noticeably KATH: He's a great hunk of spunk. reads something in the wind. And big Kimmay Poor old Peter of the long-distance smirk. is experiencing the loneliness by short-distance comments A loneliness sometimes eased

from punters passing by. from seven weeks in Sydney Mr Costello I've just come back you going to become prime minister? and everyone wants to know when are Even in Sydney they want to know. (laughs) Thank you for that question, sir. churning again on the PM's future, As the Canberra rumour mill begins of budging. he's showing no public signs for a job in private enterprise. (laughs) I'm certainly not looking and probably pretty soon, But there will be a time, whether to find a new career. when he'll have to decide was in his dad's service station. His first job back into small business Maybe he'll go and get a real job.

THEME FROM KATH & KIM PLAYS just a fool # And there is a jester,

That was very interesting that was

just a guy walk k past Peter Costello in the middle of press


It wasn't a set up, I'm sure. He

doesn't want to be asked about leadership, surely. It embarrassed


His face completely lit up. He had

an enormous amount of respect for

that guy that he doesn't show to

political journalists

Don't you love it when politicians

don't say so they just laugh. Qt

what can I say that won't tick off

the Prime Minister? Nothing, I'm

just laugh.".

Speaking of anniversaries, next

march will be 10 years for John

Howard. Do you think that is when

move? Peter Costello is going to make his

I think he might be allowing John

Howard to reach that milestone. It

is a significant one. In the last

few months, things have started to

get a bit more serious on the

backbench and people who support

him are now talking very seriously

about next year or bust. Two

options, really. Jopbl how either

decides that 10 years is a pretty

good record and I'll stand down.

Why would he? He's incredibly

popular. He's got the overwhelming

support of the backbench. If he

doesn't, the ball is in Peter

Costello's court. He can either

challenge and there would be one

unholy mess for a while, or he

could give it up and I don't think

he's going to give it up.

Interesting times ahead. We look

forward to your Mark Reilly diary

next week and we will be having it

every week while you're hosting the show.

Thaks for that, more work! help to combat breast cancer. All month on Sunrise, we want your light globes Simply buy one of these pink Osram and illuminate your outdoor area.

I've done it and it looks fantastic. National Breast Cancer Foundation. Every dollar raised will go to the The globes are on sale for just $2 from Bunnings Warehouse, Carpet One and are available now and Professional Real Estate outlets. And we have some added incentive. Every week on the show, pink porch. we'll be judging the most creative on offer. And there are some great prizes

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to see if you're a winner.

Ahead this morning - and Diane Lane. Hollywood big guns John Cusack about online dating. Hear what they really think survive behind bars? But next, how do women from fiction. We'll separate the fact

Can you imagine life behind bars? us an insight into Wentworth The classic TV series Prisoner gave for women. a fictional high-security prison Remember this?

It is not up to me, I've got to

talk to Fay

Get your trolley. I've got 18

dollars copping to me.

What is the rush, you're not going anywhere in a hurry

Might as well get it over with.

I'll go and see her now.

Beauty. You're a marvel

Someone is not gloating.

to real life experiences? But how does TV drama stack up next That brings back some memories.

after they get out? And how do women get on prisoner Kat Armstrong. Joining us this morning is former And author Xavier Waterkeyn, dozens of female prisoners. who has interviewed Good morning to you both.

How did you end up in prison shon

and how old were you?

I was 20 at the time. I had become

a heroin addict at about 18 and

after I began using heroin, I

started to commit crime that ended

up in me going to jail.

What is life like in prison,


It is a whole another world

compared to the free world. It is

difficult. It is - your rights are

removed, both as a woman and as a

person. You are restricted in

everything that you do. It is very difficult.

Did you have to learn how to survive?

Absolutely. There is a pecking

order and there's - you have to -

you have to learn to survive and to

fit in there.

Is that prisoner stereotype close

to true or is it - bits and pieces

of it right?

How it is perceived and how it is

really talked about is - I wouldn't

say - the show prisoner I , it

wasn't like any of that for me.

In terms of the pecking order,

where did you sit? Did youd decide

you had to be tough or did you

decide you'd pull your head in and

become a little bit invincible?

A bit of both, because if you don't

stand up for yourself, you get

picked on and weakness - you don't

want to show weakness because

you're vulnerable if you do.

Talking about weakness, I'm

intrigued. You went to prison three times That's right.

Was it your addiction that led you

to crime, was tit heroin? Yes

On each occasion?

Every occasion, and even during the

periods that I wasn't in prison

when I was using, it was constantly

trying to avoid the law

And that is a common story, no doubt.

The majority of women that are in

prison today are in there because of drugs.

Turn together you now, you've

spoken to many women like Cath. Is

there anything that most female

prisoners have in common? Is heroin

abuse a regular thing?

The classic story of a woman who

goes into prison, and this is what

I found through my research, is

they will undergo at some point in

their lives sexual abuse. 85% of

women are in jail have experienced

some form of sexual abuse. That

create as great deal of pain. They

can't talk about it. It brings into

question issues of trust. You can

no longer trust the people that are

in your care because somehow they

haven't been there for you. You

turn to some form of pain relief.

And when you're young and you don't

have any other choices or you don't

perceive any other choices or you

can't bring yourself to talk about

such a deep wound, you turn to

drugs. Drugs are illegal, et cetera.

So the drugs lead on to further

crime. You need money to get more

drugs and so on and so forth.

So it cycles an it cycles and women

like Cath end up in prison inside

the system and you're very critical

of the system. Why?

I'm critical of the system on two

levels. I'm critical because we

want contradictory things from the

system, we want it to be a deter

represent and we want to to be rehabilitating. rehabilitating. A

rehabilitating. A system can either

be so terrible that you don't want

to be a part of it, so it is a

deterrent, or it can be good enough

that you will get some form of

healing. Can the system be both

things at the same time? I'm not sure.

Cath, you're a vocal advocate now

for women prisoners. What do you

want to achieve?

I want to achieve change for the

women, I want to give the women a

voice. I want the women to speak

out about their stories, as they

have done in the book women in

crime, as I did, because I feel

that through education and through

people talking about the reasons

that get them into trouble, it can

help get them out of trouble and

keep them out of trouble.

So some lessons there to be learned?

Absolutely. Yes

Thank you very much for your time

and thank you for being so and thank you for being so honest with us. And you can read more tales of women on the inside in Xavier's book Women in Crime. It's out now. Next up, meet the stars of Hollywood's latest romantic comedy. Diane Lane and John Cusack tell us why Internet dating is the way of the future.

These days, more and more singles are logging onto the Internet to find love. In the new movie Must Love Dogs, the recently divorced Diane Lane joins an online dating service. After a rocky start, she meets hapless romantic John Cusack. Katherine Tullich spoke to the lovebirds

for this Sunrise exclusive. MOVIE: Single chicken breast, please. For an extra 75c, you can get two breasts, two thighs and a wing. We've got 100 recipes here. You can always cook them up, freeze them and... Look, I'm divorced, okay.

I eat alone, usually standing over the sink.

I don't want a bunch of chicken hanging around. Internet dating is the topic of the new romantic comedy Must Love Dogs. The film stars Diane Lane and John Cusack, who are looking for their perfect match. That's my high school graduation picture. That's all I had - that or you wedding photo. Voluptuous? Carol, every woman listed claims to be at least voluptuous. Most are sexually confident. Some are gorgeous inside and out.

she'd never go online to find love. But Diane Lane admits and not actually live them. It's fun to try on different things as well as my character did. I couldn't have handled it played by Elizabeth Perkins, My sister in the film, who happens to be my best friend. I know! it was cheating - How great was that - of my character online anyway, she creates a web page

on one of these dating services. Voluptuous. adjectives to live up to Oh, yes, and hands me all these or live down, as the case may be. I would be furious of humour about this whatsoever. I don't think I would have any sense I know! is more forgiving than I am But it is a comedy and my character and she's curious, you know. on her cyber bait, So once these guys start nibbling and her adjectives about herself, her page from high school on it. Which has a picture of you I know! on the Internet, isn't it! It is all about honesty

In our old photos, we're so young. Yeah, exactly. While the likelihood John Cusack online of finding Hollywood heartthrob is, after all, pure movie fantasy,

back in a romantic comedy. it is still great to see the actor skip all the small talk, You know what, can we just can we skip the small talk?

when you first meet somebody, I have this theory that you have to be totally honest that is the time when because you have nothing to lose. it gets a lot harder. Five, 10 years down the road, and say, You can't just wake up one day this is the real me." "Happy anniversary, dear, It doesn't work that way. You know what I'm talking about? We're never going to see each I mean, this is it.

other as clearly and as nakedly

right now, this instant. as we do in this moment, aren't I? I'm really scaring you right now, Just a little bit. to see you in a film like this I know many women will be so excited in romantic films. because we don't often see you All right. I'm happy to oblige. What attracted you to this? Diane. of being wanted I think it was a combination by really great people. and then being wanted This film is obviously about dating. As an actor - that dates are like auditions. I think I read that you said Kind of, yeah. presenting yourself to someone, You know, you're sort of can I return visits, saying, "Can I get a callback, "should we do a project together?" and you weren't in the public eye, If you weren't an actor you would have ever considered? would it be something I don't think so, no. to meet anybody online. I don't think I'd want that sort of weird... I know, because there's hiding behind the screen and stuff. Yeah, it is like you're This film is a nice fantasy, but I don't think many women on the Internet. would probably meet a guy like you would meet a girl like Diane. I don't think many guys Exactly! Diane Lane is married to Josh Brolin, In real life, son of actor James Brolin, Barbra Streisand. who happens to be married to in her new extended family. Diane says she's enjoying life I'm so happy. and we have a big blended family. We're almost a year now Our girls go to the same school now.

is what impresses my daughter. The main thing that I'm impressed by that Barbra was a director. And she was so impressed my mum's boss?" "You mean you could be "That's right, Eleanor." And I was like,

She's like, "Wow!" That was what got her. but that was what got her. And she loved Funny Girl,

I filled your freezer. There is now enough meat in there who answered your ad. to feed every guy Whatever.

Do I get my meat?

That looks like fun. Can you

imagine Christmas at the Diane lane house?

You'd just sing all the way through lunch.

The Carols would be fun.

She is major spun k.

She is aid amazing. Back in my days

when I was editing dolly, I pit put

her on the cover and she was only

14 years of age. She looks about 15

now. She's amazing.

John is also a major spun k, definitely.

10 top reasons why we like him. I

admire him. High fidelity is my

favourite all time film. I see

myself in that record shop flicking

through, making lists, there are

top 5 reasons why I do this, 10

reasons why I don't mow the lawn.

Continue to share, please.

You can't see a John queue Zach

thing going on?

A tiny bit. Must love dogs is in

cinemas right now. Thank you for

joining us. We'll be back next

Sunday on Weekend Sunrise. Email - Captioned by Seven Network