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revved-up edition of State Focus, Hello and welcome to a rather as Bathurst in our Central West of the motorsport universe becomes the centre for Holden and Ford fans everywhere, has never looked better, Now Mount Panorama the grand tour this morning and on hand from pitlane to give us Norm Mann the Mayor of Bathurst, Hi Norm, how are you? beautiful day. Hi Ali, excellent, That's good, that's good. The face lift looks spectacular. I'm talking about Mt Panorama. I'm not talking about your own mate, It's in magnificent condition. over the last couple of weeks, We've had a lot of rain and the mountain looks terrific. Yeah sure does, the actual re-development now tell me about of the facilities up there. You have spent what $24 million? yes Ali that's right. $24 million, $10 million from Federal $10 million from state, from council's money. and $4 million and stage two at this stage. And we have completed stage one the big wow factor, So what's going to be as far as race fans are concerned? of the pits, are now 36 pits Well I think the overall appearance has been completed and the corporate space above them as part of stage 2. to the pits and the corporate space, And just looking front on it looks fantastic. we have ever seen before. Looks like nothing that most fans use on the weekend. Yes, now also the pedestrian bridge You have widened that as well? after the Olympics Yes, the council straight some Olympic bridges. had the forsight to buy to provide two new bridges, And there's two being put together 33 metres long old one times the amount of traffic as the and they will take five to three has a representative Well look the ACT and Southern NSW, driving up there this weekend. is a part of the BOC race team, Canberra's Dale Breed and John Bow. which is run by Brad Jones and we asked him We had him on the show recently the mountain this year. if he thinks that Ford can conquer when you get in a good package, Thing is to the guys a few times. and this is what I have said a good job in a good package. It's so much easier to do guys and comfortable with the team, And I feel comfortable with the John and Kim and all the guys, and I get on well with Brad and And their cars are fast. and do a good job. And it is easy to get in We hope he does the best up there. He's so excited about the big race. up there on the mountain, Now Norm Mann means to the local economy. Lets talk about what this event It's huge dollars, isn't it? Yes indeed. It's a huge event for Bathurst. million in contribution Probably getting around $30 range of areas, to the local economy in a whole would be in the several hundred and the number of jobs, over the race weekend that are provided Mt Panorama more for car races? Do you think you will be using

We hope so. into NSW parliament, We have an application and we are hoping to increase bearing in mind the fact that five full track events a year. the availability of the track to in the next couple of years, We won't go to five to expand and possible other races but there's plenty of room over other long weekends. a big weekend Norm. Well it looks like it's going to be in the top ten shoot out And you can catch all the action from 12o'clock which is live this afternoon, your home of motorsport. on Southern Cross Ten, from 7am with the 1000 off and away And race day coverage starts from 10am tomorrow. Thanks a lot Norm, or are you a Holden man mate? are you a Ford and I have a Ford truck, I drive a Holden I will have to flip dance, so I guess all the best. but I wish both of them Norm Mann, thanks Norm. Mayor of Bathurst, Not a problem. that by the end of this weekend, Now, if you find has left you craving the V8's at Bathurst even higher energy thrills, you better head to Dubbo next month motorcross mayhem. for a dose of big air They call them the Crusty Demons, of the filthiest freestyle show ever. and here's just a taste this is mad Much more than motorcross, and the fans love it. now all of that will be coming soon Oh, complete madness there, on Saturday 19th November. to Dubbo's Apex Oval The Crusty Demons Outback Assault, and you better be quick for tickets very quickly, and they sell out on-line from around the 17th October. so tickets go on sale to have Lauren Jackson back home, Well, it's always great season in women's basketball. and this season will be her 10th odyssey to the US, Fresh from her usual basketball from our State Focus team. Lauren sat down with Phil Lynch to playing with the Capitals again Lauren you most be looking forward after missing all last season? It's looking to be a lot of fun. and I am really excited. I think the team's very talented Ankle ok now? a whole season with it? Because you missed and it lasted the season. My ankle is great to do that in America. I wasn't so sure I was going But it lasted the season over there really good at the moment. and it's actually feeling retrospect? last year good for you in Was that time that you had off a lot of other things? because it helped you get over a lot of problems weren't they? lke your shins were giving you My shins are still around though. Yes they were.

and aching every now and then. They're still there for me to have the break, But yes in retrospect it was good I don't want to have another break, But I honestly, ever again. to get back into it. It's so hard now I felt I was before the injury. And get back to the level to where for yourself playing all year round. You always made it very hard But does the Australian competition as it always had? hold the same level of excitement Yes. Definitely. I think I focus so much on the WNBA and the professional aspect of basketball. When I know you can come back here and have fun and you can get better, and do all these things. And also things like family and my friends and playing in front of my country. I love it. I love Australia. Speaking of friends, teaming up with coach Karrie Gruff again. That's got to be good for you? Yes it's going to be fun. I am sick of playing against her, so it will be fun playing under her. The capitals line up looks pretty solid. You're going to be the third biggest on the team that's a situation that you haven't been in too often is it? No I haven't. It's going to be fun playing against them everyday, and I will get my shot blocked a few more times than I would like, It's going to be good. It's going to really challenge me and give me a run. So I am very excited about it. Are we going to see a better player than we saw the last time you were in the WNBL do you think? I hope so. I mean, you guys have to make that judgement. I think that I have had a little more experience now and I mean hopefully, yes. Are you committed to playing with the Opals in the Commonwealth Games? Was that a tough commitment to make? No. Not at all. I think the Commonwealth Games are just huge for sport in Australia generally. To be a part of the first basketball team that's ever played there is going to be awesome. It wasn't hard at all. I guess the reason I ask the question is because, some of the other players, particularly some of the men, have been borking at it. Yes well I mean, I guess, everyone has their own opinion, but for me it was just a matter of representing my country at home, again, something I love doing. And it is the Commonwealth Games, the competition may not be world championship or, Olympic standard but it is going to be a lot of fun. You can always say you played in the first Commonwealth Games in basketball. That's right, that's exactly right. Lauren Jackson chatting with Phil Lynch there and the Canberra Capitals have a couple of away games, before they come back to the AIS for a game against Bulleen on the 16th Alright, stay with us. After the break, we ask Canberra's water chief if there's a long, thirsty summer ahead for the ACT. That's next

Welcome back to State Focus. Well, we've been lucky enough to have plenty of good rain, across most parts of southern NSW. But you've got to still feel for Goulburn - they've had the wettest September in 35 years, but they have 6% less water in the main storage dams than this time last year. As for the ACT, the spring soaking isn't going to mean the end of water restrictions and to give us a better picture of the shape the territory is in, waterwise, is Actew's CEO of H-2-0, Mr Michael Costello. Hello how are you? I'm just fine. Look, lets talk about water restrictions. Do you think stage three is going to be necessary, going into Summer? No No, that's good to hear. Absolutely not. A lot of that's to do with the effort of the people of Canberra They're a remarkable statistic. In that two and a half years, Canberrans have saved 64 gigalitres of water. Which is the normal consumption of water we have in a year,

with out any restrictions. So we have saved a years worth of water. A whole year, in one year without restrictions. So we are definitely meeting those daily conception targets. Absolutely, and this is the only state or territory in Australia that's had that success. What about our dams? Just how full are our dams? We have 61.4% as of this morning when I checked. When we first put restrictions on, that was two and half years ago, with stage 1 restrictions, we had 53% in our dams. So you can see we are at stage 2 with 61%, so people are starting to ask the question, well, should we even have stage 2? I know I can say this for certainty, We will never again go back to the days where there were really no water restrictions. Where you could basically do what you like, 24 hours a day, have the sprinklers on flat out, Those days are long gone? They're gone There will be a day come where we will go back to, where we say we are at 68% or 70%, it's ridiculous to have water restrictions, but our base measure of water conservation with the government will be different. Now we are going to start transferring some water, aren't we. From the Cotter catchment through to Googong Dam. When's that starting? That will start by the end of this month. And is that critical to our bigger picture? It is. And it is one of the reasons we feel confident in looking in the reduction of water restrictions. $25 million or around about, we think it will cost us and that will give us, at a minimum an extra 20% to our water capacity every year. That's great. So do you think we're going to have to get a new dam in years to come, or is this a bandaid solution? Certainly not a bandaid solution. It's part of the solution. We have also recommended to the government, that they consider a new water pipe from the Murrumbidgee River into the Googong based from Angle Crossing. And if they decide that, those two things together, in our view. Even on a very pessimistic outlook on our weather over the next 20 or 30 years, that will provide the water this city needs. Well Michael Costello, the good news too for Summer is it's above average rain fall, at least average rainfall. Which is just what we want, so that's good. Well that's what the bureau says they say 50 -50. So there's a 50 without a chance and maybe below average. I don't blame them at all after the last couple of years. Michael Costello thanks for joining us. My pleasure. And also in the ACT this week, our federal police have been busy lending their expertise to investigators in Bali after last weekend's bombing. Canberra will be home to a new AFP facility to analyse data connected to terror cells within Australia. In other news, homes in Canberra's newer suburbs may soon have new power meters to keep tabs on electricity use. The idea of a natural gas pipeline through Cooma, is back on the agenda for Snowy River Council. And Goulburn's public pool will stay closed for summer because it uses 20,000 litres of water a week. On the South Coast, the focus has been on the safety of patients in public hospitals. Surgeons at Bega hospital saying some elective surgery is being done at night to get through the waiting list. Qantaslink may start weekend flights in and out of the Illawarra with the success of its weekday schedule. The PM is planning a trip to Wollongong in 2 week's time. And late night bus drivers with the Premier Illawarra company say they're being targeted by hoons in the Port Kembla area. In the Central West, the recent rain has topped up Wyangala Dam. Water levels are up to 27% thanks to the high runoff from the Lachlan. Dubbo's storm season will see the deployment of storm-trackers for Country Energy. Cowra police are urging local shop-keepers to be part of their new program to catch kids wagging school. And the recent racemeet in Warren raised $10,000 for Careflight And this week in the Riverina, there's been talk of the Junee private jail going public. It would cost an extra $20 million to run Junee as a public prison. Rail jobs at Cootamundra may be on the line as part of frontline staffing cuts by CountryLink. The weather may be mild, but the Rural Fire service says residents should be making firebreaks around their homes now. And, Charles Sturt Uni students are staging Bar the Car Day next Wednesday at its Wagga campus. Over the past 12 months, State Focus has been following the concerns of residents living in Dubbo's Gordon Estate - a mainly public housing area in West Dubbo that has had its share of trouble. NSW Housing Minister Cherie Burton has made it clear that she is not going to tolerate violent or difficult tenants, and she's on the line right now... Hi Cherie how are you? I'm good, how are you? I'm pretty good. Now two families have recently been evicted for the Gordon Estate area. And they were difficult weren't they? Is it sending a clear message now? That's right. have been emerging over 20 years. The main problem has been some feuding families there. that have caused a lot of heart ache amongst tenants. to deal with that was to move them out. What do you believe is the main problem there in this particular estate? I think it is important that first of all we separate the families that aren't getting on, because that's never going to change, they're never going to make up, they're never going to be friends. You're always going to have these difficulties. And the next step for me is to try and to get some leadership. and some ownership. I grew up on a housing estate and I think that a lot of tenants feel very powerless. And I think it's important to empower tenants to have control over their community, and say which direction their community goes in and to keep other troublesome tenants in line as well. The government should be in partnership with the tenants to make these estates successful. the Dubbo Estate. My view on housing estates is that, why should people who live in public housing have to put up with violence, and intimidation and people destroying their community. Just because you live in public housing doesn't mean you have to tolerate that. We are the land lord of the last resort and we have to recognise that, it's a difficult decision to actually throw people out on the street. all of those avenues of conciliation, If that is ignored and people just continue to do the wrong thing and to cause terror amongst a community, they have no place in public housing, as far as I a concerned. It's as much about supporting the people that's doing the right thing aswell. Thank you so much Minister I will have to leave it there. Cherie Burton thanks for your time. No worries. OK after the break, how should Canberra celebrate 100 years? Two of our former Chief Ministers are open to all kinds of ideas. They're next on State Focus.

You're watching State Focus now in a moment, we'll get into spring-racing mode, when we chat to legendary race-caller Ian Craig about tomorrow's Crimsafe Canberra Cup it's going to be a great day, but right now, to a couple of fine fillies who've gone the distance within the ACT political arena. Former Chief Ministers Kate Carnell and Rosemary Follett may be from opposing political ranks, but they are working towards a common goal these days, the celebration of Canberra's century. Welcome to the show, nice to have you here. Thanks very much. Now Kate, lets start with you. Canberra's 100, our centennial is the year 2013. It seems a long time away. It's not that long away. Because to plan a really great year really does take a while.

But even to allow community groups to really get their act together, and really think about the things that they would like to do. For our centenary. Takes a few years, so it's good that it's underway now. This is why we have you ladies here. We are wanting ideas aren't we Rosemary at this stage? Absolutely. And we hope that all Canberrans will really get behind the century of our city. And put forward their ideas. I am hoping they will think big. time opportunity for all of us. So, let's think what's the best way to celebrate, to put Canberra on the map, nationally, internationally, and really make this 100 year celebration, quite something. Kate Carnell, what do you love about Canberra? I love the city. I think we all love the city, I know Rosemary does and I suppose we wouldn't have done what we did, if we didn't really love it, let's be fair. And why is it so unique? Look it is the national capital. That's pretty exciting. It is the most successful, planned city in the world. It brings together a whole range of different cultures, different parts of Australia. In a way that every Australian can own. Now that's pretty special. It's a great place to live, it's a great place for kids. It's a great, truly Australian city. We're not a big place are we? But you are asking them to think big. So will we have the budgets to think big too? Will we have concerts, will we have a sporting event? Is that what you are looking at? Well I think that Canberra is a place with a great sense of community. It's clear to me, that an occasion like this will be another time when the community wants to pull together, want to celebrate together. We also need to look more broadly at what a national capital might do. To mark this significant mile stone. And what a world capital might do as well. So I think there are a number of different levels for looking at the centenary. This will be a whole year of celebrations, at various levels, right from community level right up through to the last legacy projects, that we're very hopeful that we can get the Federal government to buy into as well. So, this isn't just a birthday for we local Canberrans, it a birthday for the whole nation. The nation's capital. Very important Look thank you for just dropping, Can I, just on a personal note what are you up to these day Kate? Well I am being the CEO of the Australian division of General Practice. So back to my roots, which is health. Health policy and I am absolutely loving it. Still here in Canberra, because I couldn't leave, it's too great a city. You're as much an institution as the National Gallery, I think. And Rosemary, what are you doing with your self? Well I have retired from full time work. And very much enjoying having leisure time, time for friends and family. It's a wonderful time of life I think. And I know that amongst the people that I talk too, they really enjoy it as well. And lots of golf I hear. Lots of golf, yes my word. Doesn't improve me at all. But I enjoy it. Well thank you very much for joining us today. And if you do have an idea for the centenary party, the taskforce wants to hear about it - whether it's big or small - and the ideas competition is open until December 5 and you can get some more information on the website,

it's all there OK, Well Bathurst may have the V-8's, but their horsepower of the 4-legged variety happening in Canberra tomorrow with the running of the Crimsafe Canberra Cup, and calling all the action at Thoroughbred Park will be this man, you'll know the voice, the legendary Ian Craig. Hi Ali nice to talk to you, Hi every body. And are you still enjoying your race calling Ian? Yes indeed Ali. Everytime I wake up of a morning and I think that, I am going here and then I'm going there. you are so lucky in life, Ian to be able to do in life what started out as a hobby. and has turned into a full time job. Now Let's talk about the Crimsafe Canberra Cup. It's $125,000. It's a fantastic race. I often associate Canberra Cup day as, a mix of city and country. We get the best of the country jockeys and the best of the city jockeys, likewise with horses. it's a testing race, 2000 metres. They start to really work from about the 600. It's a long run home, it's a beautiful race course. Every horse, his or her has their chance it's going to be a very, very competitive event again tomorrow. It also attracts some pretty big names too. Is that the attraction of the Canberra Cup, that it is such an important event on the calendar? I think so. Yes and $125,000 is very, very big prize money. When you look back over the years, Ali, I will remember in 1992, that great horse, Superimpose, won the Canberra Cup. And we have had horses hit the host spot in many areas. such as Iron Horse Maltese Beauty. So Assertive for Gay Waterhouse last year and I think that it's another high light of the Canberra Cup, that you've got an Australian great like Gay Waterhouse, that seems to have a runner year after year. Good on you, Ian Craig, I'll leave it there, thanks so much for your time and enjoy yourself in the National Capital. Nice to talk to you Ali. Well that is another State Focus. Hope your horse or even your Holden gets home this weekend. Now next week, the Australian Moto-Gp will be happening live from Phillip Island, and so State Focus will be moving again to Sunday morning at 9, So, hope you can join us then and bye for now Live captions by Southern Cross Ten, Canberra.