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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Tonight - the Bali Nine betrayal. Claims our Federal Police the young drug suspects. doublecrossed Terror alert. against the New York subway. A major bombing threat And the Cross City shambles. told to slash their tolls. Tunnel operators

and Jessica Rowe. Ten News with Ron Wilson Good evening. Also tonight - that could wipe out cervical cancer. the Australian discovery

with the traffic at Mount Panorama. And a kangaroo plays chicken But first this evening - in the Bali Nine case, stunning developments the family of one of the suspects. Federal Police accused of betraying

the father of Scott Rush Court documents show was about to run drugs, suspected his son after asking police for help. but claims he was doublecrossed

in the Federal Court in Darwin today Bombshell documents lodged claim Scott Rush's father, Lee, to make money from drugs feared his son was going to Indonesia Robert Myers, for advice. and went to a Brisbane barrister, Court documents claim to see what could be done. Mr Myers went to the Federal Police

undertook to alert Scott Rush He claims the police he was under surveillance to the fact

so that he would remain in Australia. But no warning came of the Bali Nine, and he and other members

a party to today's court action, including Renae Lawrence, who is also

were arrested on April 17. that could bring the death penalty. They now face charges to force the Police Commissioner, The court action is designed Mick Keelty, Philip Ruddock, and the Attorney-General, if they broke existing guidelines to explain can help foreign police on whether our police might be imposed. in matters where the death penalty to comment on the allegation, The Federal Police have refused before the court. saying it is a matter they will dispute the claim But it is believed

or his barrister that Scott Lee's father before he left Australia. contacted the Federal Police Federal Police sources say who were tipped off. it was Queensland Police the Law Council of Australia believes Either way, an inquiry into the matter. there needs to be stopped from leaving He should have been or, at least, warned. conspiracy, perhaps, in Australia, He could have been charged with allowed to go to Indonesia. but he should never have been

will continue in Darwin on Monday. The Federal Court action of Scott Rush and Renae Lawrence The separate trials next week. are set down to begin in Bali Greg Turnbull, Ten News. its travel warning for the US, Foreign Affairs has reissued common sense wherever they are. saying Australians should use in New York, It follows a new terror alert may be planning warning up to 19 bombers to smuggle explosives onto trains. to use briefcases and prams not to panic. Commuters are being told after the first London bombings Almost three months to the day the FBI has warned within days. the New York subway could be hit that we have had a threat This is the first time with this level of specificity. the city's 486 subway stations, Extra police are now guarding

which were already on high alert. will be paying particular attention The Police Department luggage and other containers. to briefcases, baby strollers, the threat was uncovered Intelligence sources claim during a raid in southern Baghdad. possibly linked to al-Qa'ida, The plan - for 19 operatives, separate subway carriages. each targeting We have done and will continue to do

to protect this city. everything we can as President George W. Bush boasted The warning comes America and its allies had foiled since 9/11. at least 10 serious al-Qa'ida plots to attack inside the United States. ..including three al-Qa'ida plots The FBI says it, too, this latest plot, has "partially disrupted" the Mayor quick to stress in Manhattan. there have been no arrests individuals involved in this To say there are multiple

so to speak, is my intent here. and some have been resolved, 9 people were arrested in France The warning comes 10 days after

on the Paris subway system. for allegedly plotting attacks In New York the Mayor has urged who use to the subway each day the 4.5 million commuters to be alert, not afraid. and I'm going to take the subway. I've looked at the information

Leisa Goddard-Roles, Ten News. In the United States, to capture the Bali bombers, Progress in the hunt police in central Java indicating one of the suicide attackers. they've identified the businesses targeted by the blasts But new claims have emerged that were warned a month in advance. show signs of moving on The cafes at Jimbaran Beach before food is again served but it will be weeks

where two bombers struck. at tables on the sands

Before then security will be enhanced and surveillance cameras, to include bag checks, fencing apparently been discussed measures that had before Saturday's attack. The plan was raised weeks ago, indicating the beach was a target. apparently because of threats the Federal Police said Back in Canberra reports of those threats. Indonesia was following up no substance found to them But there's certainly been

at this point in time. One top hotel says but security remained tight. there was no fresh warning that this would occur We had no prior warning or advice security procedures in place. so we had our normal back into the streets At Kuta traffic has been allowed has been shielded from prying eyes. but Raja's restaurant may be making progress It seems the investigation

away from Bali in central Java,

they know the name where police believe of one of the suicide bombers. Ten News has confirmed are cooperating on this lead. police across several districts Among all the speculation, however, proceed with their customs. the Bali locals was marked The end of the Galungan festival with offerings to the sea and prayers. Sitting alongside them taking time for some reflection of her own Mercedes Corby, sister of convicted drug trafficker Schapelle. Colourful and public Hindu traditions such as this are part of the attraction for many people who come to Bali, and maybe such peaceful traditions will bring them back. All Balinese people love Australians to come to Bali. We love we are together. We love peace. In Bali, Nicole Strahan, Ten News.

The Newcastle man who lost his wife in the Bali blasts says he saw a terrorist detonate one of the Jimbaran Bay bombs. He's also told how he managed a final conversation with his dying wife. Grieving son Adam Williamson revealed today his father, Bruce,

who was almost blinded in Saturday's blasts, scrambled desperately in the sand and debris trying to find Adam's mother at Jimbaran Bay.

She's got little gold ball earrings and he felt her head and found the earrings and called for help. Seconds earlier he'd seen the suicide attacker run into the crowded restaurant. He just seen someone jump out and detonate the bomb. The couple were slipping in and out of consciousness. His dying wife called his name and they tried to have one last conversation. And then he said she actually gained consciousness And then he said she actually gained consciousness and she was calling his name. He believes they were in a police car

and he was trying to talk to her in the police car but he said once they got to the hospital, he didn't, sort of, see her after that. The next day in Singapore General Hospital Adam had to break the news to his father that Jennifer hadn't made it. He remembers his mother as a sparkling, generous woman. Just the way she was - a loving, caring person, um, full of life.

Adam says his family's not allowing itself to be consumed by anger. Rather, they're feeling compassion for the Balinese and as for reports there were warnings of the attacks months beforehand, he believes everything that could be done was probably done. I'm more saddened for the people for doing it, that they're so screwed up they think this is the right thing to do. Bruce Williamson's expected to spend at least another fortnight in Singapore

as he recovers from a punctured lung. Also hopeful of happier times, Richard Anicich, whose brother, Paul, remains in intensive care. His wife, Penny Anicich, will be moved to a general ward tomorrow. At times like this, when family and friends and the community pull together, it's of great comfort. In Singapore, Nick Way, Ten News.

Five men, charged over an alleged gang rape in Sydney's south-west, are free tonight. They've been granted bail despite a court being told some of the accused have allegedly threatened to kill the victim and a police witness. The mother of two of the accused boys collapsed outside court, dragged away by relatives after screaming hysterically for her son's freedom. Threatening security staff she thrust her fists at them

as they led one of her sons into custody. Just have a bit of respect, mate.

A supporter angry his friend was denied bail. Do something saying that how easy it is for girls to make guys look guilty. Now 19, this accused was 16 at the time of the assault. Bidura Children's Court was told his DNA was found at the scene. The vicious assault happened in June 2002.

A 17-year-old girl allegedly met one boy at a train station in Sydney's west. It's then claimed she dropped her house keys. Some of the men allegedly had a set cut at a nearby store and later following her home. The court told she was forced to perform sex acts on eight males.

Startling new evidence was also presented to the court today claiming some of the accused have been caught on tape since the assault allegedly plotting to kill the victim and a co-accused who has become a police witness. One allegedly said: But he today walked from court on bail after the magistrate ruled these were not serious threats but speculation and bravado. The case has been adjourned until November. Jacinta Hocking, Ten News. A major backflip from Roads Minister Joe Tripodi today, calling for the Cross City Tunnel toll to be reduced. The Government now convinced traffic jams on the city's streets would ease if more motorists were using the tunnel.

First it was William Street with lanes disappearing to force motorists into an expensive Cross City Tunnel.

Now a further proposal to restrict traffic on Oxford Street

sparking more anger. The Cross City Tunnel's toll of $3.56 is the problem with only 20,000 vehicles a day using the tunnel instead of the projected 90,000. The Government's now done a backflip and is pressuring the tunnel's private operators

to cut the toll. They need to convince the public that there's value for money

so it's a commercial decision for them but it's obvious that motorists are making the decision not to use the tunnel. The Minister says

there were too many concessions to the Cross City operators in the contract signed in 2002, and he wants some of the traffic changes reversed, including the lane closures on William Street.

At the moment there's obviously compromises that are being made and we're of the view that, and we agree with motorists and we understand their anger, that those compromises are too much. The NRMA insisting motorists are being ripped off. Drivers are being shafted. They're being told you've got no choice - either experience traffic delays or go a long way round to get to work. But late this afternoon the tunnel operators refused to cut the toll, placing them on a collision course with the Government. The company's financial position will gradually worsen

Stung by bad publicity and poor patronage, the tunnel's operators are now considering a toll-free period to get motorists used to the underground option. The NRMA says the tunnel should be free every weekend and from midnight to dawn each day. John Hill, Ten News. Bill Woods joins us live, now, from Bathurst and Bill, some wet weather on Mount Panorama this afternoon. Thanks, Jess. The conditions have tested the skill and patience of all drivers. Qualifying for tomorrow's top-ten shoot-out proved challenging for Jason Bargwanna in his Falcon. Craig Lowndes posted the fastest time ahead of the shootout. It's V8 motorsport's biggest weekend of the year, but the famous Bathurst race is about more than just the cars. You can get it driving, you can get it signing. A big day's racing gets a well-earned crowd at Bathurst. Bathurst is everything. It's the pinnacle, you know, of the motor racing calendar and I think just when you come into town it stands the hairs up on the back of your new. It does for me, anyway. It's man versus mountain, Ford versus Holden and you're never too young to be into the rivalry. Up the Fords, down the Holdens! Some fans go to a lot of trouble... You'd be popular too if you were a Ford dealer. ..but it's not always appreciated. Buy a Holden! It's all about sponsorship and space is a premium. ZZ Top swung by and not everyone dresses for comfort over style, like the grid girls, easily the second most popular crowd on the track after the drivers. Everybody knows that Bathurst is the pinnacle of Australian motorsport.

It's so great to finally be here. A new batch in the running for the title of next year's Miss V8 Supercar. Back on track, proof that cats aren't the only ones with nine lives.

Of course this is where most fans would love to be, right in pit lane in the thick of all the action, but not everyone's as lucky as I am.

Still, if you love the smell of petrol in the morning

as long as you're somewhere on Mount Panorama that's fine. Especially if it's near the drivers, autograph sessions a sell-out. I'm worried you'll get repetitive strain injury before you've got to drive the car. Yeah, it's lucky I sign and change gears with this hand. So many families up here for Bathurst, that's great, isn't it. I mean, you're a family man now, it's good to see. It is great to see that the... ..from when I first started here in '94 when it was, sort of, the blokey thing, you know,

get drunk and stagger home and now it's really turned around to a big family environment and you see the kids and the families running around - it's our next generation. Angela Bishop in Bathurst for Ten News.

And Ron, I'll be back with a look at how all the drivers fared in today's qualifying session a little later in sport. Next - Sydney high society figures jailed for fraud.

A Camden boy survives a fall into freezing water down a well. And should modified vehicles be on the road? Debate flares after a deadly accident.

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This program is captioned live. A 72-year-old woman has been jailed for 4.5 years after hiding millions of dollars from the Tax Office. Ida Ronen's two middle aged sons were also imprisoned for their part in the cash-skimming scheme. The Ronans made their fortune selling discounted clothing

but are now paying a hefty price for their methods. The elderly matriarch pocketed millions from the family's Dolina fashion business and didn't declare it as income. She bagged the cash

and took it to her apartment in exclusive Darling Point, where her loungeroom was once described as "awash in notes". Her sons were aware of the tax fraud scheme and each took a chunk of the proceeds. Other money was sent to Ida's bank accounts in Israel. The deception described in court today as: But it was only uncovered by chance when another person's phone was tapped and mention was made of Ida's bank transfers. A marathon 10-month Supreme Court trial followed. It was not until the three Ronans were finally convicted they expressed any regret. The cash scheme netted the Ronans up to $17 million but it's ended up costing them far more - their legal bill alone stands at $13 million. And then there's a $7 million fraud penalty,

not to mention the loss of their freedom. The result too much for supporters of the family. As far as a human being is concerned, she didn't deserve this. She is much too good. The Ronans were highly regarded within the Jewish community where many benefited from their philanthropy, but the court pointed out that was largely funded by tax evasion. Ida will be 76 before she is eligible for release. Amber Muir, Ten News. A miraculous story of survival for a Sydney family tonight.

Their young son fell 7m into a water tank clinging to a rope for more than an hour

before being rescued. A graze to the head is the only mark 8-year-old Jake has of a terrifying ordeal and an amazing escape. I was thinking I was going to drown.

Chris Hamilton was fixing the pump on their property's 20-foot-deep water tank

which had about 5 feet of water in it. We had the lid of the tank half-open

so we could drop a bucket on a rope to get water out to prime the pump. Jake was chasing his two sisters around the yard. I wasn't watching where I was going so I tripped over the top and fell in. I went under and I touched the ground with my feet and then I pushed myself back up. Jake's 5-year-old sister, Tiana, raising the alarm.

So I grabbed the torch and jumped up and had a look in there and there he was in the bottom floating around in the water. Chris dropped a rope down, Jake clinging to the rope for more than an hour before rescuers pulled him free. Dad yelled out, "Grab the rope!" and I saw the rope hanging down so I swam to it and went under the water again and then I went up and saw the rope in front of me so I grabbed it. Just staying afloat was an amazing effort - Jake has never learned to swim, and when his arms got tired he'd grip the rope with his teeth. Jake's one tough little boy,

and he has a great story for when he returns to school. I fell in a tank and I got really famous 'cause I was on the news. Tim Potter, Ten News.

Very nice story, Mr Potter. Time

for a check of the weather, Tim

Bailey all the way up the mountain.

At last I've got you far enough out

of my mind it's great. What about

of my mind it's great. What about the cheek of you to come back to

work after being sick all week on a

work after being sick all week on a Friday. Folks, doing it live from

Friday. Folks, doing it live from the MCG of motor sport, the Super

Cheap Auto 1,000 live from Bathurst.

It a privileged space. We're doing

it live from Pitt Lane. It looks

like the rain will clear from here

for the next 48 hours which is good

news. Sydney-wise, we had a bit of

everything today. Grey clouds, blue

sky, a bit of rain when your head

comes off the pillow tomorrow.

comes off the pillow tomorrow. comes off the pillow tomorrow. Don't worry about it. It is going

Don't worry about it. It is going it be fine and sunny, 28 degrees,

26 on Sunday and a total fire ban

26 on Sunday and a total fire ban in place. Live from Mount Panorama,

fun and games on the TV. See you in

10 minutes. Next in the 5:00 news - the Australian vaccine that may wipe out cervical cancer. And holy house fire, Batman! The famous Wayne mansion reduced to ashes.

SONG: # Fit and strong... # MAN: It seems just yesterday. This building stands as a powerful reminder of just how far Canberra and the region has come since our predecessors first switched on our city some 90 years ago, in 1915. This solid stone powerhouse also symbolises

ActewAGL's strength of purpose in serving the community right from day one. Every essential service in Canberra is provided by ActewAGL - electricity, water and natural gas. All delivered by local people - over 1,200 of us. Our commitment to supporting the community gets stronger every day. We're setting the benchmark in customer service. We're setting the benchmark in customer service. We're always looking at ways to improve our products. We're a leader in product innovation.

We continue to invest in the future, offering improved products and services, and increased community support. ANNOUNCER: ActewAGL has always been here, and always will be. # Hey, let me at it Oh, yeah! # Oh, yeah! #

This program is captioned live.

Time to check on the traffic with

Time to check on the traffic with Vic Lorusso in the Mix 106.5

traffic helicopter. Take us down to

traffic helicopter. Take us down to the tunnel at the airport tonight, the tunnel at the airport tonight,

the tunnel at the airport tonight, Vic? Yes, traffic delays for

motorists leaving the CBD, possibly

catching a out of Sydney. Traffic

catching a out of Sydney. Traffic is heavy towards the airport tunnel

and these delays bank back towards

the Eastern Distributor, Ron. John Howard is standing by his Immigration Minister despite a scathing report on the wrongful deportation of Australian woman Vivian Alvarez Solon, but we may never know just what role Amanda Vanstone played in the bungle. The Department of Immigration's reputation emerges bruised and battered after the inquiry into the wrongful deportation of the mentally and physically ill Australian Vivian Alvarez Solon. It's a bad read. I can't say more than that. Nevertheless Mr Howard sees no cause to sack either Amanda Vanstone or her predecessor Philip Ruddock for the Department's failures. It would be a different matter if the Minister personally had to decide on every deportation. But the Opposition says there is a missing chapter in the report. What role did Minister Vanstone play after Vivian's ex-husband approached her office with his concerns. Did you look at why it was that at least 16-26 days had elapsed, but nothing was then done.

If I may I'll find out and respond. Labor says the Government protected the Minister by excluding her office from the inquiry's terms of reference. The Department of Foreign Affairs also came in for some heavy criticism in the Alvarez report for hiding behind red tape and failing to meet its important obligations to an Australian citizen. It is now promising to do better in future. But Immigration agent Marion Le says the Government itself must bear much of the blame. Like a fish that rots from the head down, the culture change in DIMIA has everything to with the harsh and inhumane asylum policy introduced by this Government. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. An amazing success rate for a cervical cancer vaccine developed by an Australian scientist. It's proved 100% effective in worldwide clinical trials and should be on the market within months. Cervical cancer is one of the world's leading killers of women.

Now a major drug company has proved a vaccine developed by Australian scientist Ian Frazer can prevent it.

But what stunned American researchers most was just how effective it is.

We prevented 100% of precancerous changes in the women who received the vaccine, and that is a larger trial than has been published before and has more encouraging results. The company gave the drug to 12,000 women in 13 countries over five years. None developed cervical cancer. The vaccine will be marketed next year and could eventually become part of the Australian vaccination program. Probably 12- to 14-year-olds will be the major target group, although there'll be some advantage in having the vaccine right up to the age of 35. The vaccine stops the human papilloma virus developing in teenage girls when they become sexually active. Professor Frazer is also working on a second vaccine to kill the virus in an estimated 5 million women worldwide already infected. Future vaccines will expand that up to 90%-100% and, in principle, these vaccines should eradicate cervical cancer for good. Until then, cancer groups advise women to continue with regular pap smears. Mark Suleau, Ten News. It was an outbreak that even Batman couldn't conquer. The mansion that served as home to Bruce Wayne, otherwise known as Batman, in the 1960s television series has burnt down. The fire department says the home, which was being remodelled by new owners, was engulfed within minutes. The Tudor-style mansion covered almost 1,500 square metres and sat on two hectares of land.

The luxury home featured in many television shows and movies over the years. Still to come - calls for a crackdown on modified 4-wheel-drives. Also - new measures aimed at discouraging problem gamblers.

And a bizarre record - we'll check out the world's biggest tower of tinnies.

There are millions of super fund and union members out there. MOUTHS: Oh! Well, good news. for super fund members and union members. It's ME. So for simple, secure, low-cost banking, And switch to Members Equity Bank - the Super Funds Bank.

This program is captioned live.

Time for another check of the

Time for another check of the weather and Tim Bailey, you're in

Bathurst where it's all about the

Bathurst where it's all about the Bathurst where it's all about the

Bathurst where it's all about the cars. It is indeed. This car, we

probably don't want to see a great

probably don't want to see a great deal of it. This is the safety car deal of it. This is the safety car

deal of it. This is the safety car deal of it. This is the safety car that will come out if any

that will come out if any shenanigans goes on trackside at

Bathurst. This is the Chrysler.

Bathurst. This is the Chrysler. Look at it. 5.7L worth, released

Look at it. 5.7L worth, released later this year. Bathurst is about

a balance between safety and danger

a balance between safety and danger a balance between safety and danger ft. Hi. Safety and tkpairpblg. Hi.

There's a few of the grid girls

There's a few of the grid girls around. Not that I'm getting carried away

around. Not that I'm getting carried away with that. This is car

is a Chrysler and this is Natasha

and Crystal. What have we got

weather-wise? Across Sydney

tomorrow, some rain early. It will

tomorrow, some rain early. It will tomorrow, some rain early. It will tomorrow, some rain early. It will clear and then a brilliant day 28

degrees, sunny blue skies and a

degrees, sunny blue skies and a

degrees, sunny blue skies and a total fire ban. 26 degrees Saturday

and Bathurst is live total fire ban. 26 degrees Saturday and Bathurst is live Sunday before

the Japanese Grand Prix, the forecast

the Japanese Grand Prix, the the Japanese Grand Prix, the forecast here 15 degrees with rain

clearing. See you again at 5:55, I

clearing. See you again at 5:55, I have things to dedo and I'll get back to you. Returning now to our Bali coverage and it's been confirmed Newcastle couple Colin and Fiona Zwolinski were among the victims from Saturday's bombings. Their sons, Isaac and Ben, now face a difficult future but have the support of an entire town behind them. Just minutes before these images were taken

at last night's prayer and reflection gathering, brothers Isaac and Ben Zwolinski's worst fears were realised. Their parents, Fiona and Colin, had been killed in the Bali bombings. Distraught family members have now closed ranks around teenage boys. All day long a constant trail of gifts and flowers, and, similarly, heartbroken relatives and friends. I want to make no comment. I'm a bit upset.

Even a police presence, ensuring they were able to grieve in private. The mass outpouring of emotion at Newcastle's cathedral hasn't been seen in the steel city for many years. Dr Adam Frost's quick-thinking made him one of the heroes of that dark night. Words from his son, Joseph, echoed the anger of a grieving community. But what's heroic about murdering the innocent

and leaving families in ruins? This sad and sickening act has torn us open but we'll stand together and we'll make it through. At John Hunter Hospital the news is increasingly positive. Eric Pillar, one of the more seriously injured patients, has now been taken out of the High Dependency Unit and Kim Griffiths is expected to be discharged over the weekend. Three more of the injured underwent surgery today as counselling teams are readied to visit local schools on Monday, when students return from the darkest holiday period they've ever seen. In Newcastle, Frank Colleta, Ten News. A State Government inquiry tonight into the safety of modified 4-wheel drives. Dubbed "killing machines" by some, Dubbed "killing machines" by some, the RTA is now examining calls for tighter regulations and licensing. A tragic accident - the death of a 3-year-old boy knocked down and killed at South Windsor by a modified 4-wheel drive.

Police say the boy ran in front of the traffic, the driver not at fault,

but this accident has reignited controversy over the safety of such vehicles, with demands for tighter regulation and special licences.

That's something the State Government is now prepared to examine. I've asked the RTA to look into it further and to see what can be done, what reforms can be introduced to improve safety.

Road safety experts say the very size and visibility of modified 4-wheel drives make them potential killers. Adding to the criticism, Staysafe Chairman Paul Gibson. He says regulations covering the modifications of 4-wheel drives

need to be tightened. Now, to drive that modified vehicle on the open road then that person should have a special licence to do so. 4-wheel drive groups are not impressed. Well, they're no more a death machine than a small truck or a mini van or any large vehicle for that matter. The Government has asked the RTA to report back as a matter of urgency. Paul Mullins, Ten News. To finance and a limp end to a week of bloodletting on the market today. The All Ords finishing the week down just two points.

Julia Lee at Commonwealth Securities and so much for being a nation of beer drinkers, now we're drinking more wine.

Ron, Australians are buying more

Ron, Australians are buying more wine. In fact in August we bought

wine. In fact in August we bought 36 million litres, that's 2.5

36 million litres, that's 2.5 bottles per person and a 5% jump from bottles per person and a 5% jump

bottles per person and a 5% jump from the previous month. We are

buying more wine and probably

drinking more wine which is great

drinking more wine which is great news for the local wine industry. Thank you, Julia. Julia Lee at Commonwealth Securities. Radical proposals tonight to tackle problem gambling. They include limiting cash withdrawals from ATMs

where people are having a flutter. Libby Mitchell knows the devastating effects of problem gambling all too well. She's lost $500,000 and severed lifelong friendships. It's been an absolute disaster for me, personally,

for my children and the rest of my family. Combating the epidemic a hot topic at a meeting of gaming ministers. One proposal - to reduce daily withdrawal limits on ATMs in all gaming venues to $200. The States arguing only the Federal Government could enforce the change. If they can't do that, then we can't effectively regulate helping problem gamblers. Federal Family and Community Services Minister, Kay Patterson,

passing the buck. The State's have the authority to do that now. If they think that's the right thing to do then they can do it. The dispute doing little to help those struggling with their addiction. It highlights once again that they're not serious about problem gambling. Independent research has found both State and Federal governments don't know enough about the industry to solve its growing problems. I think there's a lot of scope for the States and Commonwealth to work together, and together they could do a lot more to understand the problems of gambling. But cooperation in tackling the issue seems increasingly unlikely. They're getting a huge revenue from gambling but they only spend less than 0.5% on problem gambling and some of these issues They need to come to the plate and do something as well. The Government needs to stand up to the gaming industry and start protecting citizens. Rakhal Ebeli, Ten News.

Bill Woods at Bathurst, and rain frustrates the drivers. Yes, not only did it make the circuit tricky, qualifying was cut short with Lowndes the fastest. All the highlights shortly. But rain wasn't the only hazard here today. And just how many balls it took for Adam Gilchrist to slam

the fastest-ever one-day century by an Aussie.

I'm smart enough not to get caught. Help us keep the system fair and avoid serious penalties by keeping Centrelink up to date when your circumstances change.

This program is captioned live.

Craig Lowndes is still on top of Mount Panorama, keeping a firm grip on this weekend's Super Cheap Auto 1000 in spite of a rain interruption.

The 1996 winner was nearly half a second better than the rest after qualifying this afternoon. Mark Skaife second fastest in his Commodore. Championship leader Marcos Ambrose third but all that could change after tomorrow's shoot-out.

This local hopping mad and lucky to come away unscathed after losing traction around the daunting and dangerous Mount Panorama layout. Jason Bargwanna couldn't dodge trouble in his Falcon. COMMENTATOR: A big crash to the Bargwanna/Winterbottom car. Certainly not what we're here to do. Our qualifying's when you put everything on the line, have give it a go, not to brake... Unfortunately it's just grabbed the rubber tyres and it's just pulled it in.

Fortunately it wasn't damaged too much. With rain threatening the V8 Supercars in a mad scramble to set a quick time former Bathurst winner Craig Lowndes quickest in earlier practice and was again the man to beat in qualifying, taking provisional pole position ahead of tomorrow's top-10 shoot-out. Is it enough? To the line...yes it is!

A 2:07.1, the fastest time of the weekend. It's the first time in a long time that we've had good car speed and reliability so for us it is sensational. 4-time Bathurst winner Mark Skaife is among the favourites for Sunday's race and he was the leading Holden with the second-best time. Bathurst has been somewhat of a bogey track for defending series champion Marcos Ambrose. Third quickest today and chasing his first win at the mountain. Kiwi Greg Murphy has owned this track in recent years with back-to-back wins. He's fifth fastest in his quest for three straight victories.

It's not too far away. It's just we're not quite there. Obviously there are a couple of others who have it pretty well nailed, especially Mr Lowndes at the moment. The rain eventually arrived and created havoc and washed away the chance to set any more competitive times. Tim Hodges, Ten News.

A blazing century from Adam Gilchrist has Australia headed for a massive score in game two against the ICC World XI. Gilchrist is back in the record books after another memorable innings.

Australia can wrap up the 3-game series with a win. The Aussies all smiles - one up in the series and, after winning the toss, a mirror image of Game 1. The new opening combination of Adam Gilchrist and Simon Katich piling on the runs. Gilchrist brutal on Shoaib Akhtar before the quick limped to the bench with a knee injury. Andrew Flintoff next under attack. COMMENTATOR: Oh, what a shot. What a shot! COMMENTATOR: Oh, what a shot. What a shot! Umpire Darrell Hair and Muttiah Muralitharan renewed aquaintances 10 years after the chucking controversy, but Murali had more immediate problems. That's a six. That's a beautiful shot. Gilchrist keeping the crowd on their toes, hammering 50 off 37 deliveries.

That's a super catch. Spin eventually breaking the 110-run stand.

Bowled him! Akhtar returned to action but probably wished he hadn't. High and handsome! Gilchrist's 73-ball century the fastest one-day international ton ever by an Australian. That is a superb century. But three runs later the carnage was over. And gone. While the World XI wanted wickets Damien Martyn was craving runs, a big partnership with Ricky Ponting setting a huge challenge for the world's best. Tania Armstrong, Ten News. The Wests Tigers may yet have home ground advantage in the World Club Challenge. Talks are under way

to bring the annual match between the NRL and English champions to Sydney. The match hasn't been played in Australia since 1993. Just about every year

the NRL premiers go to England as champions only to finish as chumps. But the NRL today revealed their English counterparts are keen to stage the game in Sydney next February. They're certainly happy to come out here and, obviously,

there's a lot of support for the Wests Tigers at the moment, so it's a possibility. Telstra and Aussie stadiums both want to host the event. A final decision to be made once the English Super League champions are known next weekend.

British teams have won 7 of the 11 challenge matches dating back to 1976, including Leeds's defeat of the Bulldogs earlier this year. Shane Richardson tasted defeat at the hands of Bradford while Panthers chief executive in 2004. I mean, it's freezing at that time of the year. You play on different grounds, smaller grounds, and it gives them a massive advantage. And that's probably why they've won so many of them. But it's time we brought it home, here. The Tigers also preferring to play the game in Australia. But one local rival says the game's development on the world stage should come first. If we take our players over there we'll fill a stadium up. If Leeds or Bradford come out here and play Wests Tigers next season certainly the Wests Tigers fans will show up, but I don't know how much other interest you'll get. One of the players set to feature in the match - Tigers prop Anthony Laffranchi - today collecting a wedding band to sit with his premiership ring. Meanwhile, there's been a major shake-up at the Brisbane Broncos, with former internationals Glenn Lazarus, Gary Belcher and Kevin Walters resigning from the coaching staff. Adam Hawse, Ten News. To the tips and Michael Sullivan's selections for tomorrow's Caulfield meeting.

That's the day in sport. Later on Sports Tonight with Ryan Phelan, Alissa Camplin's injury setback ahead of the Winter Olympics. Plus all the latest from trackside at Bathurst.

And a reminder - all the action from Bathurst can be seen exclusively here on Ten this weekend. We're on air from midday tomorrow and from 7am on Sunday for the big race. Next - Tim Bailey checks out the weather for the weekend.

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92 time to get all the good oil on

92 time to get all the good oil on the weather now. Tim Bailey up in

Bathurst, you have actually had a

bit of rain up there already. Are

bit of rain up there already. Are you sending it our way? Yes, I'm

going to hand-ball it to Sydney

town. Drips and drops tonight and

then clearing to 28 degrees

tomorrow and 26 on Sunday with a

total fire ban. Wouldn't swap you for quids

total fire ban. Wouldn't swap you for quids though, Ron, Pit Lane

Bathurst, it is the Super Cheap

Auto 1,000. Greg Murphy, thank you

for taking the time out. Our tech

man says we've done you last year

and the year before and you've won

and the year before and you've won each time so no pressure. No

each time so no pressure. No pressure at all. I'm not going to

change fate by doing this. Anything

can happen

change fate by doing this. Anything can happen at any time on Mount

can happen at any time on Mount Panorama. Saw a bit of that 457en

to both cars today really. Yes,

anything can happen. People talk

anything can happen. People talk about history and all sorts of

stuff and repeats for myself and

stuff and repeats for myself and

stuff and repeats for myself and rick Kelly if either of us win it.

rick Kelly if either of us win it. It is so hard. There's lot of cars

It is so hard. There's lot of cars going very fast and this circuit,

going very fast and this circuit, this race is demanding and you

don't know what's going to happen

until don't know what's going to happen

don't know what's going to happen don't know what's going to happen until the last lap. It the MCG of

until the last lap. It the MCG of motor sport, it is your Grand Final.

There is a special feeling about

this place. It used to be the Grand

Final because it was the last race

in the championship. We have three

rounds to go but it is our AFL

Grand Final and the biggest race of

the year and hopefully stops the

nation for motor sport. And you're

pretty good at it. You're chasing number five.

pretty good at it. You're chasing number five. Can you smell it? You

number five. Can you smell it? You can always smell it but I don't

want to get too carried away or

want to get too carried away or cocky because you make bold

statements and someone reminds you

of it if it doesn't go as planned.

We're doing OK. Has a bit of work

to do. Thanks for taking the time

out. You will see all the action

tomorrow throughout the afternoon

on Network Ten. The race itself on Network Ten. The race itself

on Network Ten. The race itself coming to you live from 7:00am on

coming to you live from 7:00am on Network Ten Sunday right through to

5:00pm and then go anywhere because

we have the Japanese Grand Prix

covered. Weather-wise, a bit of

grey stuff up there across Sydney

town tomorrow and Bathurst as well town tomorrow and Bathurst as well

town tomorrow and Bathurst as well and a blue sky in the afternoon for

and a blue sky in the afternoon for tops of 28 degrees. As far as the

race itself is concerned,

tops of 28 degrees. As far as the race itself is concerned, looks

like a rain clearing scenario for

like a rain clearing scenario for Sunday and tops of around 15

Sunday and tops of around 15 degrees. Into your backyard:

Satellite - we put a camera on a

Satellite - we put a camera on a kite and called it a satellite.

Thick cloud over SA, Victoria and

Thick cloud over SA, Victoria and NSW ahead of a deepening low

generating widespread rain and

thunder over inland areas. Tomorrow

- a low trough moves to the Tasman

- a low trough moves to the Tasman clearing most rain from NSW. The

business of the brolly, predicted

precipitation, drips and drops

precipitation, drips and drops across rooftops - rain over NSW

will contract to the western across rooftops - rain over NSW will contract to the western slopes

and ease Sunday, a weak area of

high pressure moving into the

south-east clearing showers and

alpine snow. Much pressure on? It

is sponsored by Super Cheap Auto

is sponsored by Super Cheap Auto and the race is Super Cheap Auto.

Mr Thorn would love it if we pulled

it off. He is a great supporter of

motor sport. He is and Network Ten

motor sport. He is and Network Ten bringing it to you all across the

bringing it to you all across the weekend. Let's go interstate:

That's it from me from Bathurst.

Have a good one. Lovely weekend to

Have a good one. Lovely weekend to everyone. Nice to have you back, Ronnie. everyone. Nice to have you back, Ronnie. Good evening.

First there were the great pyramids of Egypt, now Australia has the great 'beeramid'. Standing more than 5m tall it's the largest of its kind ever built, beating the world record by more than 1,000 cans.

While not a great wonder of the world it's still a massive achievement, made of 10,660 empty tinnies and probably causing a few thousand hangovers in the process. That's the 5:00 news. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Jessica Rowe.

The Late News is at 10:30. Goodnight.

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