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(generated from captions) Tonight - Back in the arms of loved ones - emotional homecoming. the Bali bomb survivors' considers bribing drivers to use it. Sydney's Cross City Tunnel the Olympic women's rowing drama. And Alan Jones sued over This program is LIVE captioned. This is Seven News with Ian Ross.

Good evening. have had emotional family reunions Nine Bali bombing victims in a Newcastle hospital from Darwin. following their mercy flight survivors But four of the seriously injured have since had further surgery with their ordeal far from over.

It feels good to be home. Victims of the Bali suicide bombings with their loved ones. are relieved to be back until you see them, I haven't been too emotional

having them all here. and, yeah, it's been really good could be weeks away But moving in with the family horrific leg injuries. as doctors treat By the looks of things, it's very healthy. all the doctors have been saying I think it's all looking very good. but emotional, too. Not just physical pain, Last night, were airlifted from Darwin nine of the most seriously injured John Hunter Hospital. and stretchered into Newcastle's for them It's been a bloody awful experience

it's good to get them home. and, you know, Finally reunited with worried family. homecoming last night There was a slightly teary where they came through the door, and we were glad to see them to be back in sleepy hollow. and they were glad eight of the patients can go home. It's likely to be days before to be absolutely sure. It's difficult at this early stage

for a few of the patients. I expect several days Julia Lederwasch is the luckiest. to leave hospital. Doctors allowed her life can be the same. She's happy, but she's not sure because it's different. No, I don't know

Things are quite different. Surgery not just for Aleta. for three others today. There were operations All eight patients are stable, in the high-dependency unit. although some remain Doctors here say to shrapnel wounds of this kind the closest they've even seen earthquake 16 years ago. were those caused by the Newcastle

will disappear in time, But while the flesh injuries will not easily be forgotten. this dreadful experience

and emotional side of things The mental and psychological is very important here with their family and friends. and it's great that they're back remains in a critical condition An Australian man in a Singapore hospital with serious burns and injuries. Terry Fitzgerald's family and his 13-year-old daughter Jessica, thanked doctors treating him

in Saturday's bombings. who was also burned a full recovery, She's expected to make brother Brendan was killed. but has been told her 16-year-old to have lost Brendan, We are devastated to have lost Brendan,

memories we have of him forever. and will honour and cherish the a great sportsman, He was a beautiful boy, a compassionate and caring person. remain in a serious condition. Three other Australians the deaths of two Australians Indonesian police have confirmed Bali bombings. missing since Saturday's Seven's Adrian Brown is in Indonesia. for the people of Newcastle? Adrian, more tragedy have confirmed the deaths Ian, sadly forensic tests Colin and Fiona Zwolinski. of missing Newcastle couple on holiday in Bali, They were part of the group along with their two sons.

Tonight, the authorities in Jakarta

coming under pressure to ban the

group responsible for the attacks. to ban Jemaah Islamiah Joining Australia's call are the youth of Bali. are uniting in a protest next week, Hindus, Muslims and Christians demanding the death sentences and the original Bali bombers for Amrozi finally be carried out. do this execution, (broken English) If government

is a law - is a country of law. at least they prove that Indonesia will urge Indonesia And Foreign Minister Alexander Downer to outlaw the group when he visits Jakarta next week. to ban Jemaah Islamiah in the past. Indonesia has come under pressure It didn't work then. told Seven News And today, a presidential spokesman

that it remains a sensitive issue.

One of the reasons you can't ban it

registered with the government. is because it's never been

on JI, and says Sidney Jones is a respected expert will not stop terrorism in Indonesia. banning the group not a bad thing to do now, While it's still

counterproductive, and it wouldn't be

at all on the problem now. it's not going to have much impact for this latest atrocity The man-hunt for those responsible and the island of Java. is now focused on Bali, Jakarta plotted their deadly attack. That's where the 2002 bombers Police have denied earlier reports Azahari Husin. they'd arrested Malaysian fugitive They believe he, and Noordin Top, behind Saturday's blasts. were the masterminds no positive identification There's still of the three suicide bombers of five suspects or details on the whereabouts who served time in jail for bombings. Despite these setbacks, they are making progress. police insist almost finished at the crime scenes. In Bali, the forensic work is may be allowed to reopen Restaurants at Jimbaran Beach as early as tomorrow night. witnesses since Saturday's bombings. Police have spoken to almost 100 Police

have spoken to more than 100

witnesses, not suspects, since the

bombing, and here in Jakarta,

thousands of posters have gone up

Azahari Husin. Back to you. appealing for information on

Tonight - Back in the arms of loved ones - The owners of the Cross City Tunnel to encourage more drivers to use it. are considering financial incentives They're hoping to off-set fury off William Street over the latest plan to force drivers over the latest plan to force drivers

and onto the tollway. it's here for good. This chaos is not temporary, motorists into the Cross City Tunnel. It's the latest plan to force It's a joke. six lanes wide. William Street used to be Two have been taken out for a new pedestrian boulevard. Two more will become T2 transit lanes. That leaves single commuters with just one lane in each direction. It doesn't matter how many cafes you put along here, people will still be drinking coffee in smog. The RTA argues it's part of a long-held vision for the area. I actually believe it'll improve bus flow along William St and taxi flow. But not car flow. The tunnel operators admit it's designed to encourage more people to use the $3.50 Cross City Tunnel. With only 21,000 drivers using the motorway each day, they're now considering financial incentives.

We're certainly going through the details and we're certainly reviewing options that we have to increase our patronage. The changes to William Street will impact most on those coming into or out of the CBD. They're being told to consider car pooling, walking, or catching public transport. For those that don't need to go right across to the other side of the city or that just to go to the city, it'll definitely be an issue. I mean, I love going through the city. I don't want to go under a tunnel. Sydney's cafes and fast-food outlets are feeling the pinch as high petrol prices force diners to tighten their belts. More workers are also trying to save a few dollars by taking their lunch to the office.

The food courts across Sydney are quieter these days, restaurants a little emptier. Trade is definitely down at the moment. You've just got people not spending as much as they used to. They either spend for breakfast or for lunch. For many, the rising cost of petrol means dining out is now a treat. Usually I try and make my lunch, yeah. Just being more careful of take-outs and things like that. After solid earning last year, Sydney's restaurants are now losing money by an average of 9%. While takeaway shop taking have pretty much flat lined. Supermarkets aren't hit by higher trucking costs. Their contracts are locked in. But it's hurting small retailers. Last month, David Bisoglio paid $16 for a box of bananas. At the moment, they're around $40 a box, I paid today in the markets, and I'm not making anything on them - just due to the fact of petrol prices. It's just getting beyond a joke. Petrol prices are also impacting on the size of the cars we're buying. People are now steering away from powerful four-wheel drives and V8s

toward smaller, more economical vehicles. Sales of Toyota Corollas are up 38%. It's the first time in seven years a small car is the top-seller. Sara Burton has just bought one. It is hitting your pocket, but at the same time, you've got to look for better options, and this is it. The Australian stock market has had a horror two days, with $40 billion wiped off the value of shares. Today investors watched their savings slump,

with the market down more than 2%. That means in the last two days, down a total of 4.2%, the biggest fall in two days we've had for four years. Among today's biggest losers was BHP Billiton, down 3%. Macquarie Bank shares plunged on fresh speculation it's about to launch a takeover bid for the London Stock Exchange.

Australia's Olympic chief has successfully sued Sydney's king of breakfast radio, Alan Jones. John Coates claims the 2GB broadcaster defamed him over the collapse of rower Sally Robbins at the Athens Games. He's untouchable as Sydney's top talk host, but today all the talk was about Alan Jones. That's life, isn't it? He was up in arms about Olympic bosses in Athens. when Sally Robbins went down are saying is I think what the rowing parents they practised a cover-up to Sally Robbins, from the moment something happened movement, Coates and others, and the leadership of the Olympic telling these people what to say. were virtually took less than an hour A Supreme Court jury by AOC chief John Coates to agree with a claim as an incompetent bully. that Jones had painted him that his leadership is fine He's wanting to pretend was sadly lacking when in fact the leadership here in how to handle this. Coates' lawyer Bruce McClintock said Jones had put the boot in to his client, describing his comments as "like a knife in the ribs". Alan Jones' lawyer, Guy Reynolds, told the jury Coates' legal team totally misunderstood the broadcasts. Mr Reynolds said the accusations of a cover-up were directed not towards John Coates but towards the rowing coaches. He said the broadcasts weren't about the Australian Olympic Committee president

but about why Sally Robbins had been picked for the Australian Olympic rowing team. The jury didn't agree. A judge will now determine a damages payout. whether John Coates should receive a massive compensation claim Taxpayers will have to fund the Immigration Department after a damning report found and mentally ill woman. wrongly deported a physically million overhauling the department. The government will now spend $230 Vivian Alvarez Solon's ordeal... One word seemed to sum up I agree with Mr Comrie's findings of this matter that the government's handling was absolutely catastrophic. the only word in the scathing report. But "catastrophic" wasn't shameful episode, "Dereliction of duty, "defying commonsense and decency..." "inaccurate assumptions, knew she had been wrongfully deported Three Immigration officers and did nothing

while she languished for four years

for the dying, in a Philippines hospice psychological injuries untreated. her physical and The other two will be investigated. One officer has since retired. in Australia within weeks, Ms Alvarez Solon is expected home with a big compensation claim. there would be a compensation claim. We would expect with it fairly and expeditiously. We've given a commitment to deal 20 more cases are being investigated sweeping changes. as the department undergoes ministerial sackings. But the Opposition wants

Bill Farmer, The department head at the time, a Queen's Birthday honour has been given and made our ambassador to Jakarta. So on that form, of becoming the next Prime Minister Amanda Vanstone has got more chance than being sacked. buy the copyright I'm thinking of trying to I'm Still Standing. on Elton John's song Ahead in Seven News - of bird flu. Fears grow about a worldwide pandemic from a terrifying highway crash. Also, a policeman's lucky escape for Tom Cruise and his new love. And a baby on the way to look at the Mazda2. My husband said And my son likes the Mazda3. That one. with the fun Mazda2 from just $15,990 Final approval has been given for a new waterfront park on Sydney Harbour.

The State Government will spend $16 million redeveloping the former Caltex fuel depot at Ballast Point on the Balmain Peninsula. $24 million has already been spent buying the site. This site, Ballast Point, along with Ball's Head opposite,

forms the gateway to Western Sydney Harbour. The park should be completed in 2007. are examining a van Melbourne forensic experts this morning. destroyed by a crude fire bomb on the van's seat Police noticed a suspicious device of Kew early the morning. during a routine check in the suburb They called in the fire brigade, before they arrived. but the van erupted in flames timing device, I suspect, It must have had some sort of

some sort of remote ignition source. or at the very outside maybe yesterday. The van was reported stolen the clock back to early last century American scientists have wound a modern-day bird flu pandemic. as they try to prevent flu which killed 50 million people, They've recreated the 1918 Spanish hoping to unlock some secrets. When the scientists talk about a bird flu pandemic, they mean worldwide - everywhere. This is what the last one looked like in 1918. They called it Spanish flu then, and it killed more than 50 million people. Ken Carotty survived. Every morning when you got up, you'd ask who died during the night. Death was there all the time.

Body of Christ. Patricia Wilson was a little girl in New York. Sometimes when we'd go out, we'd have our nose tied up with a handkerchief. a type of bird flu as well. Scientists now know that was from people who died in 1918, And by taking virus samples in the permafrost in Alaska... including a woman buried and frozen This is a section of lung. ..they've been able to recreate it. was an entirely bird-like virus The virus

that adapted to humans without actually mixing with human strains. the previously circulating to be able to beat the new one - By studying the old virus, they hope if it comes. In Jakarta today, of the anti-viral drug Tamiflu. Australia handed over 50,000 doses a team of people from Australia We have also got here today in which we can assist Indonesia. who are looking at further ways Indonesia confirmed another death from bird flu today - a 23-year-old man. The latest hurricane to roar out of the Gulf of Mexico has killed more than 160 people. Rivers swollen with torrential rain from Hurricane Stan have washed away houses and bridges in Mexico and Central America. Tens of thousands of people are homeless, and there are fears hundreds more may have been killed by mudslides. An American policeman is lucky to be alive after a van ploughed into his parked car just seconds after he ran to safety. by other police The stolen van was being chased when it swerved to avoid road spikes, crashing at over 100km/h. also survived, thanks to air bags. Amazingly, the van driver and his fiancee Katie Holmes Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise are having a baby. since their romance began, It's just six months about his feelings and Cruise's openness it was all a publicity stunt. prompted some to suggest You know what? I don't care. Do you mind?

She's magnificent. I don't care. I love this woman.

has two adopted children 43-year-old Cruise with second wife Nicole Kidman. for his 27-year-old bride-to-be. It will be the first baby Time for sport with Nick McArdle. The smell of burning rubber - it's that time of the year. You can almost smell it from here. Yep, first practice today for the Bathurst 1000. That's next. Also tonight, Shane Watson answers the call. And the teenage golfer worth $26 million. New South Welshman Stuart Clarke will make his debut for Australia in tomorrow's second match against the World XI in Melbourne. Glenn McGrath will be rested. All-rounder Shane Watson was the man of the match in game one, in Australia's 93-run victory. with three wickets and a run-out an embarrassingly small crowd But the match attracted of just over 18,000. a bowling all-rounder Australia desperately needs Andrew Flintoff. in the mould of England's Shane Watson could be the man. It's just great to perform well as well. I suppose in such a big stage I've really been improving a lot. As I said, I know

They didn't show it last night is one of the greatest gatherings of but the World XI cricket talent ever in Australia. Watson's scalps were all quality. Outside the line. COMMENTATOR: Big shout. Oh, big wicket for Watson! He's given him! The key wicket of Pietersen and it was virtually game over when Sangakkara went. Out! Another one gone. Ponting just held on - 6/101.

Watson was also deadly from the outfield as Shaun Pollock discovered. Oh, that is gonna be close. That is out.

Not even a job for the third umpire. Watson's inspiration, Flintoff had a crack late in the innings.

Oh, he's hit that. He's hit that a long way. But the Australian had his revenge - Flintoff for 38, line-up left red-faced, the star-studded rest-of-the-world all out for 162. Catch! One up Australia. Out! That's it. more dropped catches. The only negative - The Aussies got away with it felt his men had proved a point. and Ricky Ponting bit extra about this. There's something just that little to get back out and show everybody, This is the first chance we've had public of the world really, all the cricket-loving just how good a cricket team we are. on their historic grand final win The Wests Tigers are cashing in a new naming rights sponsor. with the signing of to the scene of their triumph The players returned for the first time since Sunday's game, feeling the pinch after five days of celebrating. Not too bad today. Was a bit seedy, a bit dusty, a couple of days ago, but we've got Ben Galea's wedding Saturday so that's another excuse to get together and have a few more beers to celebrate again. As if they need an excuse. The new sponsor is car maker Proton - a two-year deal with an option for a third, worth $2.5 million. Craig Lowndes has set the fastest time in practice today

ahead of Sunday's Bathurst 1000. Lowndes took his Ford over the mountain in just over two minutes and eight seconds, leaving him confident he can end Holden's six-year reign. Seems to be comfortable to drive. It's easy to drive. At the moment, we are the fastest, but I'm sure every other team down pit lane will have a good look at their data now and go on with it. Holden's Mark Skaife was second-fastest. An American teenager has become the richest woman in world golf - and she only turned pro today. Michelle Wie is the hottest thing in the game since Tiger Woods hit the big time. A week before her 16th birthday, she's worth $13 million after signing sponsorship deals with Nike and Sony. COMMENTATOR: She might have made it. Oh, yeah! The first time I grabbed a golf club, I knew that I'd do it for the rest of my life, and I loved it. And some 12 years later, you know, I'm finally turning pro,

and I'm so excited.

I reckon she'd be pretty popular at

school. Beating them off with a golf club. We may get a little bit of rain tomorrow. Nuala has Sydney's weather details after the break. in the Bunnings Warehouse spring catalogue. 450mm yard broom, just $9.98. Tub with rope handles, a low $4.98. Lowest prices are just the beginning.

Good evening. Check this out.

This snake was made by a little Guatamalan girl from bottle tops. A little boy in Dominica made this A little boy in Dominica made this guitar from wood and fishing wire, and it actually works. They're just two examples of the ingenious toys that resourceful kids in developing countries have made. They're here at the Child Fund Toy Exhibition, a great way for our kids to learn a great way for our kids to learn about the rest of the world. Closer to home, our skies have stayed grey for the last 24 hours.

And that kept temperatures well up in the teens overnight. But the cloud combined with cooler southerly winds during the day to keep tops along the coast at 22. Warming up to 26 in Penrith. 25 in Richmond and Campbelltown. An upper-level jet stream is responsible for the narrow streak of cloud over us. It will start to break up overnight. But more cloud is on the way later tomorrow ahead of a trough line and low that will deepen over Victoria and bring rain to much of the south-east. A little cooler tonight as some of the clouds break up. Some sunny breaks tomorrow should help tops up to 23-25 degrees. But the cloud will return in the afternoon, with the risk of some light and patchy rain in the evening. That rain should clear around midday on Saturday. Fine but mild for the rest of the weekend. Perhaps some showers around Tuesday and Wednesday. Our dams are still well in need of a top-up, with levels still down below 40%. If you want to come and check out these incredible toys and the children who made them,

the exhibition is on at The Gallery in the Entertainment Quarter. I

stole this guitar from Eric.

There's your guitar back. Wave

goodbye, guys. See you. Goodbye. And that's Seven News to now. I'm Ian Ross. Thanks for your company. Goodnight. Hello and welcome to Today Tonight.