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(generated from captions) obsessed with Bec Cartwright - Tonight, the confessions of a stalker, and two marriages. and how it's cost him his career Hewitt's new bride out of his mind. But he still can't get Lleyton That story later. valued diamond earrings at $8,000, Also, this jeweller exactly the same earrings at $2,000. and the next day he valued I am not prepared to talk. You're not prepared to talk? Why not? Can I just ask why not? dirty tricks of the jewellery trade. We go undercover to expose the to "Asianise" parking signs Plus, the controversial plans who can't read English. to help drivers compulsory homework for schoolkids. Also, the call to make housework And the business of flirting, with men and women lining up of attracting a mate. to learn the dos and don'ts would like to know How many of you guys

what the other half really thinks? the jewellery industry is on notice. But first, the industry to lift its game, The consumer watchdogs have told are obviously falling on deaf ears. but their warnings in this special report, And, as Catherine Kennedy found out being used by the jewellery trade some of the tactics are simply outrageous - who are paying the price. and it's consumers # Diamonds are forever... # Hello, Arthur. How are you? Hi. I'm Catherine from Today Tonight.

You won't be seeing me, darling. a couple of questions about... I just wanted to ask you as many questions as you want. You can ask ..a significant differentiation.

something special. It was supposed to be it would turn into a nightmare. I never thought there's a significant differentiation I just wanted to understand why in the valuation of jewellery. I don't want to wear them. in the industry, From the things that I've seen I believe it is a problem.

Yes, I'm not prepared to talk. Why not? Can I just ask why not? You're not prepared to talk? Because I don't want to. It's easy to be dazzled by diamonds. also been dazzled by the valuation. It's much harder to know if you've a wedding anniversary present. It was supposed to be be able to buy something like that. I've been waiting for years to

So they were very important. have just discovered that, Chris and Kathy Weimann customer satisfaction isn't. while diamonds may be forever, I feel they're tarnished every time. They've got no meaning anymore. present, As a 44th wedding anniversary

a pair of diamond earrings. Chris Weimann bought his wife Kathy They thought they'd snared a bargain run by Arthur Perlman. after visiting the gold shop from 2003 Having been shown this appraisal at a hefty $8,500, valuing the diamond set they picked them up for just $2,800. and liked them. We sort of looked at them

But their joy was short-lived revalued. when they had their precious stones it came back - To our shock and horror, it was not even a quarter the original valuation certificate of what was on before we bought them. which was handed to us came in at just over $2,000, The new valuation and, to their dismay, of the stones from an SI to a P2. significantly downgraded the quality to see that much less of a grade Well, naturally it was a great shock than what they should have been, the value on the certificate. not to mention To check the original valuation, to the original valuer. Today Tonight returned the earrings This is what we got back.

they came in at just $2,700, This time given in the original valuation. and judged to be not of the quality We then went back to Arthur Perelman

and another similar pair with the Weimanns' jewellery to check what he had to offer. at least $2,000 - at least. The two pairs of earrings are worth it's old-cut. The trouble with one of them is a quarter of that - $400. Having said that, we'd pay you he's not a registered appraiser, Arthur Perelman admits just $400 a pair - yet he was happy to offer purchase price, one-seventh of the Weimanns' the maximum he'd get was $1,000. and he claimed have so many different values? How can one pair of earrings I just wanted to understand why in the valuation of jewellery. there's a significant differentiation You talk to the valuers, not me. The Jewellers Association as a qualified jeweller. can't find any records of him

about selling jewellery to the store, And yet, if you inquire staff send customers upstairs equipped with an eye glass, where Mr Perelman, what their items are worth. will tell them It's like a second-hand car. These are second-hand. to get new price for second-hand. You're not going to be able for a 30-year-old thing. You won't get a new price consumers' worst suspicions... And to confirm you're getting screwed now, you are. If you think by unqualified valuers, I believe, Poor valuations in the industry. is a fairly large problem Council of Jewellery Valuers says Peter Gerard from the National the business needs to lift its game. There is no legislation, as I said, in this regard, that licences or protects the people should be able to sort it out. but the Department of Fair Trading Is it any wonder a national campaign the ACCC are currently conducting of the jewellery industry to improve the standards the rights of consumers? and to protect many people in the industry. It's of great concern to many, that this is going on The general public should know of putting them back in his window and he's got every opportunity what he did to us and doing exactly the same to the next customer. who you can trust. Just makes you wonder Catherine Kennedy with that report. cooking, cleaning and shopping Now to the education expert who wants compulsory homework. to become part of children's a poor work ethic and a bad attitude He says, kids these days have in housework. and that the answer lies David Richardson takes up the story.

and stuff, doing housework. I hate, like, getting dirty I'd rather do homework you actually have to clean. because housework, in the world There's probably only one thing kids hate more than homework - that's housework. But, guess what, kids - some schools want to make household chores a nightly ritual. They've got to realise that the parents are not their slaves. They've got to do things around the home. They've got to do their housework. They should be doing housework basically every night, unpaid. It's the brainchild of one of Australia's best education consultants, Ian Lillico. He has been around kids for 30 years as a teacher and high school principal and he believes set homework has done nothing to improve our teenagers - quite the opposite.

REPORTER: Have we bred a generation of sloths? Well, I think we have been partly responsible for that. And if we also mollycoddle kids and drive them everywhere and they sit down more at home and watch TV and all the rest of it, how are they ever going to develop any kind of life skills or a sense of "I'm a useful person"?

Ian's answer is monumentally simple - get kids to do household chores. Make your bed? Yeah. Clean your room? Yeah. Empty the dishwasher? Mow the lawn? Sweep the paths? And what do kids say? "I've got too much homework to do." We've got to say "Over a fortnight, here are 12 things you need to do. "10 minutes of per night, minimum, "20 minutes in the high school. 30 minutes in the upper school." Do you then grade it? Some schools have got to that point, but what we have to realise is it has to be signed off by the parent as a standard. Which means a slapdash, sloppy job and you have twice as much housework to do the next night. Do you think it's fair that kids have chores? Well, I guess

we've got to push our weight around the house occasionally. Wade Farmer and his younger brother Ethan have a list of chores to do every day. Given the choice, they'd opt for housework over homework any day. What if you had an hour and a half of chores a night? It's pretty easy. It's less than what it takes to do homework. Yeah, sometimes it's even fun. Nowhere is it written that parents have to do all the work and I think it's really important that young people feel they have a role in the family and it's a constructive role. Teenage psychology expert Michael Carr-Gregg is dead against set homework but all for kids doing more housework and he believes parents need to use a rewards system to kick-start their kids off. If I want my dog to sit, essentially I yell "Sit" and every time its bottom touches the ground I reward it. I don't think there is a huge difference between what I'm expecting parents to do and their kids. But what happens when the kids don't put their bottom on the ground? Then you have to actually remove a privilege such as TV, computer and the Internet. from the set homework regime, Schools are already moving away from the set homework regime, giving kids more time to spend playing after school. This proposal This proposal takes it one step further, with a handful of schools already trialling the idea. around the home And if kids kind of did their thing around the home you'd have less stressed parents who then can actually find ways of saying, "Well done" to their son and their daughter and doing a few family things together. Because really, let's face it, we're actually shut off from our children right through their schooling, and by the time they're 18 you're trying to give them some advice, you want them to go on a picnic, they'll say, "I can't do it." Although it will probably be a lot harder to make it a reality than it sounds. Homework, because you can always ask your parents to help, and if you're doing housework, you just have to do it. Well, they both suck anyway, so... Chores as homework - an idea I'm sure a lot of parents would welcome. Now to a controversial call to "Asianise" parking signs for drivers who can't understand English. The idea was initially raised being booked for illegal parking, to curb the number of drivers being booked for illegal parking, but opponents believe it's going too far. I was rather disgusted about it because, is this Australia

or another country? Council was concerned at the number imposed on the people of Cabramatta

And the high rate of fines being

imposed on the people. The whole argument is ill-informed and illogical. It started as a helpful suggestion at a council meeting, but it has now sparked a racist clash in Australia's Vietnamese capital of Cabramatta.

I came up with a suggestion, saying

the reason they've been fined is

because they don't understand the

signs. So the idea was to include

Chinese characters to alleviate the

number oof people getting booked. Racist or not, Fairfield city councillor Laurie White has done his homework. He says it's simple - some of the Asian community cannot read Australian parking signs.

I was staggered to see the numbers

of people being fined here, and we tried to provide an education program. Here's what he claims is proof. Fairfield City Council takes in both the suburbs of Fairfield and Cabramatta. notices were handed out last year In Fairfield, 300 infringement notices were handed out last year

for parking in loading zones. In Cabramatta, it was a whopping 2,441.

Something's wrong, and we need to

do something to respopd to the

community pofs problem, and it's

about education, and if signs make

a difference, let's do them. Should they They should not have a licence if they can't read. Don Douglas has lived in Fairfield for 50 years. understand our language, tough luck - He says if the Asian community can't understand our language, tough luck - they live here, they should be able to read a parking sign.

This is what you get a licence for.

If I went to another country, would

they change the languages on the

signs? The community is devastated. Councillor Thanh Ngo says Councillor White's proposal is simply an attack on the local Vietnamese community. It's a nonsense argument, and I think Councillor White should be ashamed of himself for using the racist finger, pointing it directly at the hard-working residents of Cabramatta. Ngo says the problem is not that Asians are bad drivers, but that there aren't enough parking spaces in Cabramatta, forcing people to park illegally. We do not have enough places to park in Cabramatta, so no wonder so no wonder people are parking illegally.

I'm not a racist. I'm married to a

migrant. It's just a cheap shot

taken. Have a review on their

licence. Have the RTA review their

licence. If they can't read a

parking sign... To claim that

Asians don't obey the parking signs

is a load of rubbish. So what do you think of the council's plans to "Asianise" parking signs? Well, you can let us know on our web site, or just give us a call. Now, still to come, the secrets of flirting, and the Aussie men and women who are paying to learn how to flirt. And after the break, the confessions of a stalker - the man obsessed with former soapie star Bec Cartwright. I am her No.1 fan and I am very proud of that. I have dreamt about her on a lot of occasions and we've been together in our dreams and they were all loving and very nice dreams to my heart. turn the gas off with the bottle. # I just gotta have it # Hey, let me at it Oh, yeah! # Time to Hungry Jack it # Oh, yeah! # Oh! Hi. MELLOW, QUIRKY MUSIC (Moans contentedly) Mmm. Whatever your project, big or small, Mitre 10 can help keep costs down with unbeatable prices because we'll beat a lower everyday price by 10%, excluding competitors' sale prices and trade purchases.

Now to the man who has been ordered to stop stalking former soapie star Bec Cartwright.

Despite her marriage to tennis ace Lleyton Hewitt, Alistair Stewart remains obsessed with Bec - and it's an infatuation that's cost him his career and two marriages, as Nicolas Boot found out. All I really wanted was her friendship and her love, and I can't help the way that I felt for her and... You still feel for her. ..I still feel for her, and nothing would ever change. All I wanted was peace, love and happiness. My game was to actually introduce myself to Bec and to be with Bec, but under the circumstances, but under the circumstances, everything went backwards. Tonight, an insight into the mind of a celebrity stalker, a sad yet chilling obsession by a grown man.

Alistair Stewart has been to court

and been ordered to stay away from Rebecca Cartwright. I have dreamt about her on a lot of occasions and we've been together in our dreams, and they were all loving and very nice dreams to my heart and made me even more closer as a fan to her in my heart. For the past two years, Alistair has spent every waking hour, and his dreams, infatuated with Bec Cartwright. Do you love her? I just love her nature. I love the way she looks. I love everything about her. He threw in his job and moved to Palm Beach, where Home and Away is filmed and Bec Cartwright lives. He took up modelling and even infiltrated the set, appearing as an extra in two episodes,

all so that he could meet Bec and have a chance to be with her. As soon as I seen her, I just couldn't resist myself from going straight up and seeing her.

I'm a very straight-up type of person and I'm not scared of going to introduce myself. As you've guessed, Alistair lives in a fantasy world where everything revolves around Bec Cartwright. His bedroom is a shrine to the starlet. He gathers and treasures everything about her.

But I used to cut especially right round every little part of her, so that it was a perfect cut-out. TV CLIP: It's going to ruin everything between me and... Rebecca Cartwright played Hayley on Home and Away.

Guess what name Alistair chose for his own daughter? I selected Hayley after Bec Cartwright because I love the name of Hayley on Home and Away. So you even called your own daughter Hayley? Yeah, Hayley Jane. This is me, Alistair Leslie Stewart, and Rebecca June Cartwright, which was...

Everything in Alistair's mind seems to have some association or connection with Rebecca Cartwright. A cut-out of Rebecca. His favourite brand of clothing is Rip Curl, the initials of Rebecca Cartwright. He breeds fish, red comets - again, Rebecca Cartwright's initials. Because she was born in '83. I chose to buy an RX7 because she worked for Channel 7, and she was born in 1983. Alistair's infatuation with Rebecca Cartwright didn't end there. He became obsessed with anyone whose name was Rebecca.

On one occasion, he followed a woman home. The car's numberplates spelt Rebecca. I was yearning for a Rebecca, but it was really Rebecca June Cartwright that I loved. A small percentage of stalkers are delusional. They've got crazy ideas and they think they're receiving messages from the star through the television or through the words in a particular song that's aimed personally at them, and they see this as a signal to make contact. Forensic psychiatrist Julian Parmigianni says

stalkers and celebrity stalkers often lead normal lives, but behind closed doors, in their mind, they've crossed the line between reality and fantasy. It gives them great pleasure and they fantasise about it and they fantasise about the next step, and, at least privately, their whole lives revolve around the stalking behaviour. They actually enjoy it. And I had this present to give to her on the day that I met her. It was nothing scary at all, just a pair of, like, bikini bottoms and a bikini top and a little... Alistair's stalking of Bec Cartwright has caused the breakdown of two marriages, and he can't hold a job. I am her No.1 fan and I'm very proud of that and I would never, ever in any way do anything to hurt her. I love her and cherish her. Alistair wants to point out he isn't violent and would never hurt anyone, and he isn't jealous of Rebecca's husband, Lleyton Hewitt. If Bec loves Lleyton and that's the man she wants to be with, well, I pray to God that everything works well for them, and I would love to be able to be a friend of theirs,

and I really wanted to go to the wedding as well to wish them the best. What would you like to say to Bec Cartwright and the other Rebeccas that you've followed? I apologise for any hard feelings or any hurt that I've put on to Rebecca Cartwright and any other Bec. It was all for love, not war. I believe in peace, love and happiness, not war. That report from Nicolas Boot. And coming up next - The business of flirting. It appears Aussie men and women have a lot to learn about attracting a partner. So now they're paying to be taught some of the secrets. The flirting workshop is very much about what signals do you send out, when do you send them out.

You've got lovely eyes. It's happening. I don't know what I'm saying but it's coming through. That's a cheeky 20% off men's and women's styles. And 20% off the coolest kids' looks. hurry into Kmart. Get into Kmart for 25% off Now to the art of flirting, and how a lot of single men and women are lining up to learn how to do it. With divorce rates at an all-time high, and a lot of recently single people complaining that the scene has changed so much, they just don't know how to go about finding Mr or Mrs right, a lot of singles are now turning to the experts to teach them the dos and don'ts of how to flirt to increase their chances of finding a partner. Hi, my name's Jack. I'm 31. South American. Love salsa dancing. Hi, my name's Kate. I'm 26 years old. I like guys that are outgoing, passionate, creative, confident, likes the outdoors, and you have to be very funny. ABBA'S "TAKE A CHANCE ON ME" PLAYS Kate Towart and Jack Corrales are singles on the prowl. But before either returns to the hunt, they're taking some tips in a bid to get an edge on the rest of the pack. How many of you guys would like to know what the other half really thinks? (all) Yeah! Kate and Jack have just signed up for a flirting workshop. They're all the rage at the moment. Katia Loisel says the numbers attending her Perfect Dates flirting workshops have gone through the roof. Flirting is a communication skill and the key to it is practice. It's like driving a car. When you first drive a car you're stalling all over the place and you couldn't do it. It's all about attracting the opposite sex, but Katia says flirting can pay off in all sorts of everyday situations. It's the type of thing you can take into any situation. You know, you can use it in the workplace, you can use it when you go shopping to get a discount. You can use it to find a date and also just interacting with the opposite sex. Second thing I want you to focus on is your body language. If we look around the class now we see a few things. We see lots of - arms crossed, legs crossed. And so, the day-long course begins. The assembled singles take part in all sorts of exercises. Largely it's about learning. It's touchy-feely stuff, but Kate and Jack are getting into it. For Jack, it's also a chance to jump a few personal hurdles. Are there mistakes you think you were making that perhaps this workshop will help you overcome? Heaps. Space-invading - way too close to somebody and really not getting anywhere. This is your social zone. This is your personal zone. When we're getting this close, we're in your intimate zone, and, guys especially, you don't go there if you don't know the person. Does this make you want to go out into the real world and practise what you've learned? It would be fun, yeah. Yeah, I'd go and try it. It would be fun, yeah. For seven hours, we've put Jack and Kate through their flirting paces and watched them improve hour by hour, exercise by exercise. But now the ultimate test. We've brought them to a real bar, with real people,

to flirt the night away. Let's see how they go. Would you do wake-boarding, or something like that as well? Yeah, I don't think I'd be strong enough to do that. You've got lovely eyes. They're both putting in the big ones. Jack. in particular, is on fire. For Kate, it's a bit of a struggle. Time for a pep talk with Katia. He's a really cute, cute guy, and he's obviously interested in you. He obviously thinks you're gorgeous, so just play around with him, just have some fun with him - lots of eye contact, maybe a few gentle touches, really, really gentle. Back at the bar, as Jack is getting closer and closer to the new stranger, Kate gives it another crack - and starts to get a nibble. A friend of ours just had a birthday so we thought we'd come out for a few drinks. If they can go out and they can approach people and they can be comfortable doing that, then they're successful. Flirting workshops range in price. Katia has a deal where you get a day-long workshop and a night of speed dating for $174. For Kate and Jack, it may only be a matter of days before they decide whether it's money well spent. It's been good. It's definitely practice-makes-perfect. I had a go and, you know, relaxed and spoke to a few guys and it worked. It's happening. I don't know what I'm saying, but it's coming through.

So what's going to happen here? Well, at the moment, it looks like I may ask for her number. High five! Thank you. Glenn Connley learning about flirting there. Now to one of the stories I'll have for you tomorrow night, when we'll look at telemarketers - how they can drive us mad, and how one mum who hung up on them is now being bombarded by abuse at 3am. I was offended.

I think telemarketing has become out of control. You don't know what they've got, what details of yours they've got. They won't take No for an answer. It's mind-boggling and scary. They won't go away. I think someone does need to step in and stop this. And that's among the stories I'll have for you tomorrow night. So I hope you can join me for that. And until then, have a great evening. Please take care, and goodnight. Captioned by Seven Network Email - Get into Kmart for 25% off