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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Tonight - No comment thank you. today What a media magnate told a court by another titan of the TV industry. about a visit to his home tough new stand against terrorism. Agreement among the Premiers on a

we're dealing with mass murder When it comes to terrorism, with mass murderers, and when you're dealing you can't have any soft options. they have for the Federal Government? But what's the ultimatum And - As the card is inserted, on the rear of the card the magnetic data by the camouflage device. is captured resorted to high-tech gadgetry Police show how a gang the life savings of ATM customers. to allegedly withdraw

and welcome to Ten's Late News. Hello there, I'm Sandra Sully Also coming up TODDLER COUGHS to swim? At what age do you teach a child And later in the news, because our brains need oxygen. Breathing is a very important factor headaches without drugs a step-by-step guide to preventing but will it work for you?

of our biggest media moguls. A rare insight into the dealings gave evidence today Channel Seven boss Kerry Stokes billion-dollar court case, at the television industry's personally warned him of a plot claiming a rival to snatch crucial sporting rights. calmly faces the glare of cameras Channel Seven's boss he is trying to sue. from the very media outlets his first trip to the witness stand The Perth-based entrepreneur making against all of its media rivals in Seven's battle

as well as the NRL and AFL. to lock Seven's pay TV channel, C7, Stokes claims they colluded to broadcast major sporting events, out of negotiations and that caused C7 to collapse. on the way media moguls do business. The case throwing a spotlight came to his home in 2000 Stokes claims rival James Packer to warn him of an ambush. Packer allegedly saying: Packer warned Stokes It's also claimed for the NRL broadcast rights. against competing with Rupert Murdoch Stokes says he replied:

Four days later, C7 lost its NRL bid than Murdoch's Fox Sports. despite offering more money hardly gentlemanly. The media face-off in court At one point, News Limited's lawyer while cross-examining him. had to be reminded to face Mr Stokes to the crowded public gallery He had been directing his questions

rather than the key witness. to take several weeks. His questioning is expected Mr Stokes, how do it go today? No comment, thank you. up to $1 billion in damages Seven wants and a pay TV industry restructure. The case continues. Amber Muir, Ten News. an ultimatum Premiers have given the PM in Canberra. on the eve of their terror summit

new laws They want sunset clauses on tough if John Howard doesn't agree. and warned they'll go it alone for tomorrow's summit The premiers have begun arriving strong action is needed. and there's agreement we're dealing with mass murder When it comes to terrorism, with mass murderers, and when you're dealing you can't have any soft options. You've got to remember to kill themselves to kill others. terrorists are prepared

of the London bombings In the aftermath

to review Australia's preparedness. the States asked for this meeting On the table are measures

without charge like 14 days detention of suspects of tracking devices and an unprecedented use

not convicted of any crime. on suspects These are extraordinary powers. They're not something would want to do, that any democratic government but we have to take. The States are calling for safeguards to the courts. like the right to appeal John Howard agrees. matching the expansion of the powers It was always the case that we were

with appropriate safeguards. limit, or sunset clause, on the laws But he's reluctant to put a time

and that could lead to a stoush. to have sunset clauses. We can unilaterally decide on that. We'd prefer to have agreement every three years Victoria is proposing a review

after 10 years. and wants the laws to expire

Whatever is finally agreed, designed to protect all Australians the PM insists the new measures are and that includes Muslims, they're being targeted. some of whom are complaining for greater protection WA is also looking gas and oil fields. of the North West Shelf that we have the resources It's crucially important

of that infrastructure. devoted to the protection Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. A legal loophole terror suspect David Hicks. may secure the release of Australian

for British citizenship Hicks has applied

will negotiate his freedom. in the hope England with his American lawyer Michael Mori The plan was hatched Ashes cricket series. after a conversation about the recent he didn't care who won The Adelaide-born detainee said

because his mother is English. for the citizenship application. His lawyers argue that's ground release of all six of their citizens The British have already secured the detained at Guantanamo Bay. interested The Australian Government aren't can do something. so let's see if the British is due to start in a month. Hick's military commission for al-Qa'ida terrorists Tough jail sentences tonight

attacks in America. responsible for the September 11 18 men A Spanish court has tonight jailed plan the terrorist attacks in 2001. on charges of helping al-Qa'ida to leader of al-Qa'ida, One man, believed to be the Spanish was sentenced to 27-years jail. for up to 11 years. The others sent to jail

al-Qa'ida operatives to date. It's the biggest trial of suspected

Petrol prices are on the way down costing less than a $1 a litre but the PM warns the days of fuel are long gone. at a summit this week. He's planning to grill oil companies petrol prices are easing. In the major cities, signs at last $1.22 in Melbourne, $1.15 in Sydney. Canberra though, is still hurting and the pain is here to stay.

to go back to the days I'm afraid we're not going for quite some time, if at all. of having petrol below $1 a litre Experts say that would only happen if crude oil drops back to US$40 a barrel. It's now at about US$65. If we're feeling hard done by here in Australia, just think of our UK brethren that are paying $2.50 a litre for petrol. Cold comfort to those travelling long distances to work. RADIO CALLER: I'm now spending up to $140 to $150 a week. John Howard will raise the issue with oil companies on Wednesday, but says his hands are tied. If there was a solution I can assure you it would have been grabbed by world leaders long before now. The ACCC says it can only investigate price fixing or collusion. High crude oil prices are out of its control.

That's not our responsibility. Not good enough, says the Opposition. The Treasurer can direct the ACCC to investigate these matters and that's in the interest of all motorists, But, in a sign it's feeling consumer pressure, the ACCC will now disclose the margins refineries are charging. It seems the only other way prices may fall is if States offer a rebate through the extra GST collected through higher fuel prices.

And that's not going to happen. If you spend more on petrol, you spend less on something else. And the overall take in a Goods and Services Tax which is a consumption tax roughly equals out. Leonie Mellor, Ten News. Four men are facing court over a high-tech banking fraud. Customers from at least three banks were ripped-off to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

It looks like the card insert section of an ATM. But this simple device, when fitted to the real thing, has helped alleged members of a Bulgarian organised crime group to milk bank accounts of up to $1 million. Police smashed a sophisticated crime gang which had allegedly hit customers of the ANZ, Commonwealth and St George banks or anyone who used the respective banks' ATMs to make a withdrawal. As the card is inserted, the magnetic data on the rear of the card is captured by the camouflage device.

Easy pickings for the alleged criminals. A skimming device on the back of the unit records the account details. Then a miniature digital camera hidden inside another plastic unit stuck on to the ATM at head height records the PIN being punched in. The data later used to encode a fake card with magnetic details

using this encoder. The card and PIN allowing cash to be withdrawn from an ATM. Police have seized over $100,000 from the gang and are warning bank customers to check their account balances.

Our investigation concerns in excess of 10 such devices across the Sydney metro area. And it covers a period of a couple of months. 32-year-old Svilea Marinov, one of four men arrested,

appeared in Burwood Court charged over the scam. Members of the gang were first photographed at this ANZ branch in Mosman back in early August fitting a skimming device and a camera to this ATM. Police told the court the gang went on to steal $800,000 from ANZ customers' accounts. Police say their investigation continues. John Hill, Ten News. There's been a delay for Schapelle Corby who's waiting for judges to make a decision on her appeal. The judges were to decide by Thursday but they've now written to Indonesia's highest court to ask for more time to make up their minds. The convicted drug smuggler may now have to wait a month before knowing of the outcome. After America's recent battering from two deadly storms, President George W Bush wants the military to lead the response to any future disaster. There's now a traffic gridlock as hundreds of thousands head home in the wake of Hurricane Rita. Another massive trail of destruction after yet another hurricane. It's devastating. In Louisiana, one family is feared dead after ignoring calls to evacuate and trying to ride out the storm in a caravan. The deputy begged the woman to let the three children leave with him. She advised, "No". 50,000 troops are in the area. They're helping to quickly rescue hundreds trapped in flooded homes.

I know that it was possible to do it quickly and to move in as one, with federal, state and local folks working all together. Touring Texas and Louisiana, President Bush heard first-hand the problems post-Katrina. ..five helicopters showed up at the same place to get one person. The President suggested

the Pentagon may take charge in future disasters. If there is a natural disaster of a certain size that would then enable the Defense Department to become the lead agency in coordinating and leading the response effort. As thousands defy authorities and rush home there are renewed calls for greater planning of future evacuations. With Texans returning home the Mayor of New Orleans is also preparing to reopen his city - residents returning tomorrow. Breaches in the levees are nearly filled and drainage pumps are about to start again. Engineers predict New Orleans could be dry again within a week.

In Texas, Leisa Goddard-Roles, Ten News. Stay with us. After the break - BABY COUGHS at what age do you teach a child to swim? And, Put your left hand up if you can hear me. we'll show you a new hi-tech device that takes surfing instruction to the next level.

Australia is sending more bird flu drugs to Indonesia as our neighbour struggles to cope with the crisis. Bird flu has now killed six people in Indonesia

including a 27-year-old woman who died today. Australia will send 40,000 courses of drugs to combat the virus, bringing the total number of doses we've donated to 50,000. I think they've been caught a bit short, to tell you the truth and they're finding it difficult to handle. We're doing everything we can to help them.

The Foreign Minister says Indonesian authorities have been slow to distribute drugs to their people,

but the system is improving. With our swimming pools being cleaned up for another summer of backyard fun, debate's raging over the best time to teach our kids to swim. Some say before the age of two is a waste of time while others rush from the womb to the water. Kids and water - it can be a dangerous combination.

These tiny tot classes are booked months ahead

These tiny tot classes are booked months ahead with parents desperate to 'drown-proof' their babies. At the age of two she was learning to blow bubbles, learning to go across to the edge of the pool. I'd like to think that if he fell in he could at least come to the surface, not panic, and that would give us the time to dive in and grab him. There's no telling these mums they've introduced their under-1-year-olds to water too soon,

but the experts are still arguing the toss. Bradley Low doesn't want to see little ones in his water-safety classes until they reach at least six months. At that point I feel they have the comprehension and the understanding to be able to learn some basic water safety skills. But the face of water safety in Australia says "get 'em a lot earlier", starting in the bath. As soon as you come home from hospital, the first day.

Just sit them up -

they're little squirmy, wriggly things when they first come home, and tip water on the forehead. but you can pick them up the release of a DVD Next month will see pushing newborn water safety. I've seen some fantastic results. save themselves at 18 months, I've got kids that can are keen as well. but it's because the parents

Also making plenty of noise - and other first aid training groups, the Queensland ambulance service

in classes of our own - begging all of us to enrol resuscitation classes.

One of the biggest factors bringing people back around in successfully is early resuscitation. importance of everyone learning CPR. So I can't over-emphasise the in backyard pools across Australia, Last year, 40 toddlers drowned seven in Queensland. Tim Collits, Ten News. A fatal attack has led to a new call to lift a ban on hunting crocodiles.

A man snorkelling with a friend was taken off Groote Eylandt in the Northern Territory on Saturday. The Northern Territory Government say there's been a big increase in the number of crocodiles and wants the Federal Government to lift a ban on trophy hunters. Wildlife officers are searching for the 4-metre crocodile to relocate it to a safer area. A young surfer has told how he fought off a great white shark

with his bare hands. before going back in the water. He says he'll think twice to his lower legs and arm, Nursing injuries recounts the birthday surfing trip shark attack victim Joshua Berris which almost cost his life. What it did to my surfboard... Yeah, it was aggressive for sure. and not me, for sure. I'm glad I had my surfboard that's for sure. Otherwise I wouldn't be here now

with five friends off Kangaroo Island The 26-year-old was surfing when attacked by a 5m great white. surfboard a bit under me It had its mouth open and I had my its mouth and I kicked and pushed that into and went absolutely crazy. and it grabbed a hold of that Flinders Medical Centre. He's now recovering in the midday yesterday The attack happened just before

near Cape du Couedic on the island's south-west tip. Joshua was wearing a black wetsuit at the time and it's believed the shark may have mistaken him for a seal. Witnesses say a colony of up to 40 seals was in the area, known to locals as a feeding ground for great whites. He did say that it probably wasn't the smartest thing to do. I don't think any of the six with him

will probably surf there again. Mr Berris is the latest in a long line of South Australians attacked by sharks.

Jake Heron cheated death Three weeks ago, Port Lincoln man on the state's West Coast. also fighting off a great white Jarrod Stehbens was taken A week earlier, young scientist while scuba-diving off Glenelg, in six years. bringing the death toll to seven still searching for his remains. Police returned to the scene today Belinda Heggen, Ten News. is turning surfing on its head. A new coaching device with a helmet Surfers are taking to the waves fitted with waterproof radio's

from the beach. so instructors can pass on tips Surfing's going high-tech. waterproof radio transmitters Helmets fitted with

voice communication device are offering the first for surfing coaches. Put your left hand up if you can hear me. They're Cheyne Horan's secret weapon, allowing the former world champ to talk to his students during training from the shore. For the student it's fantastic and for me as a coach the communication is instant. Instead of surfers paddling in and wasting energy they get their instructions while in the water.

Looks like there's two waves in this set. Airini Mason is the first surfer in the world to train using the helmet.

Training's been so much better. in and out of the beach It just saves having to walk when you're out there and you just understand a lot more out there. and your coach is telling you stuff hand gestures and towels signals For years coaches have used from the shore to communicate with surfers in competition but the introduction of the helmets

is sure to make a few waves. raise the sport's profile. It may even help racing, If you look at guys like, the tell him how to drive Michael Schumacher, he has his coach and you've got American footballers the next move. telling the quarterback If surfing officials approve Cheyne plans to introduce the helmets into competitions in October.

Summer Burke, Ten News. When we come back - Breathing is a very important factor. A step-by-step guide to preventing headaches without drugs but will it work for you? And in 'Sports Tonight' Balmain rugby league legend Paul Sironen talks up the Wests Tigers grand final chances.

SAS troops in Afghanistan have had a high-level visit from home

just days after officially starting duty.

has toured the Camp Russell base, Defence Minister Robert Hill for a year. where 190 soldiers are based They've only just started work in a fire fight with insurgents, but on Friday were involved and an Afghan soldier dead. which left one Australian wounded leaders Senator Hill also met local community who've praised the soldiers' work.

from doctors Some new advice tonight who get headaches. for the 15 million Australians to try to prevent the pain They're urging patients avoiding the need to pop pills. before it comes It may look odd, even at the boss, but rolling your eyes, before it starts could stop a headache by reducing eye strain, one of the most common causes of a pounding head. A new survey of 1,200 Australians found when headaches hit, 82% of us pop a pill. 70% have no idea of the cause. Doctors say to prevent them

we must first understand what sort of headache we have. The most common is a tension headache, feeling like a band is squeezing the whole head. Migraine strikes at one side and often causes nausea and affects vision.

Doctors say about 7 million headaches a year could be prevented if we identified the causes of what precedes the pain. by keeping a diary or lack of food. Physical things like lack of sleep

and poor posture, Along with eye strain, stress for tension headaches. they are the most common triggers often it's what you've eaten. For the 3 million migraine sufferers, The worst offenders: could be a breath away. But help for a headache because our brains need oxygen. Breathing is a very important factor to make the brain function. 25% of the oxygen needs to be there in a very shallow fashion. We tend to breathe

Jacinta Hocking, Ten News. petrol prices are plunging. As we heard earlier

To tell us why,

we're joined by Commsec's Julia Lee. Julia, what's putting the pressure on oil?

Crude oil prices have dropped more

than $1 and it's the reports that

hurricane Rita and the fallout

isn't as bad as first feared. In

fact, the oil rigs in the Gulf of

isn't as bad as first feared. In fact, the oil rigs in the Gulf of

Mexico have escaped relatively

unscathed from the category 3

storm. Despite the fall in oil

prices energy stocks have done

quite well today. And also, how

soon will that flow through to the

bowser? It's great news for

motorists at the moment. Petrol

prices have started to fall for the

first time in almost four months

and things should get even better.

Petrol prices are expected to be

around $1.15 at

around $1.15 at the bowsers as long Petrol prices are expected to be

as oil prices stay around the

current levels. So good news for

drivers today. The Australian share

breaking day. market had an absolute record

The All Ords soared 51 points. was Macquarie Bank adding almost 6%. The standout in the banking sector

ex dividend. Telstra plunged as it went BHP added 56 cents. at 75.72 US cents. The Aussie dollar is trading $US461.25 an ounce. Gold is trading at

Julia Lee at Commsec. Thanks Julia. An Australian oil platform

We have an update in the Gulf.

BHP Billiton says one of platforms has suffered severe damage

The company says one of the

The company says one of the platforms has suffered severe

damage after being cut from its

mooring and going adrift. That is

all the details so far. The weather's next and then it's 'Sports Tonight' with Ryan Phelan. Ryan, the knives are out for Parramatta coach Brian Smith? Yes, Sandra again he's been made the scapegoat after his minor premiers failed to score a point finals. in being knocked out of the NRL and the CEO of the club However the players are standing behind their man.

could. He prepared us as best as any coach

courageous and then some. We'll reveal why Leo Barry's mark was A1 season. Plus an horrific start to the new The day's sport is next.

Here's the word on the weather the east coast and there's thick cloud blanketing Australia and Victoria and apart from low cloud over South of the country. it's clear across the rest The synoptic chart shows a cold front of Western Australia. sweeping over the southern coast triggering storm activity. There's a trough over New South Wales Cairns will be mostly sunny tomorrow, a late thunderstorm for Brisbane. and Canberra. Showers expected to ease in Sydney

Melbourne will see an early fog clear. Hobart and Adelaide will be mostly sunny, showers for Perth. The chance of rain in Darwin and clear in the Alice. Wedding bells in Hollywood And that's the latest from the Ten News centre for this Monday, September 26. 'Sports Tonight' with Ryan Phelan is next. I'm Sandra Sully, from the Late News team, goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.

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