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(generated from captions) Tonight - A grand final sell-out pounce on the last tickets. as Tigers fans for a Parkinson's disease cure. Sydney research paving the way caught in a Central Coast lake. caught in a Central Coast lake. And the great white shark

This program is LIVE captioned. This is Seven News with Ian Ross. Good evening. a second dose of grand final fever Sydney is enjoying carrying our hopes with the Wests Tigers Sunday's NRL premiership decider. into is in the heart of Tiger territory. Seven's Chris Maher are showing their true colours. Chris, the fans grand final merchandise today - Ian, they've been snapping up T-shirts, caps and flags. Sunday were gone in under an hour And the final 7,000 tickets for after many fans queued all night. (all chant) Tigers! Tigers! Tigers! the spirits of Tigers fans. It was wet, but that didn't dampen I got here. Seven o'clock last night And it's State against State, versus Queensland's. Sydney's underdogs Of course...

take our trophies now, can we? ..we cannot have the foreigners

a St George supporter, Crofton Lee was first in line,

to take his grandsons. but he was keeping a promise I got here at 11.30. REPORTER: Yesterday? Yesterday morning. the tickets earlier in the year? Because you forgot to buy Indeed. the hottest tickets in town. Just 7,000 seats left in the stadium, I'm off to the grand final! Woo-hoo!

it was a sell-out. Within 40 minutes, Just grab a ticket and go. Come on, don't mill around. Two traditional clubs five years ago, forced to join at the hip now sharing a date with destiny. The Tigers! or a new Wests Tigers, Whether you're a West or a Balmain go those mighty Wests Tigers! come Sunday,

I tell you somebody who'd be that

happy that they've made it. Laurie

Nicholls. He died there a couple of

years ago. He'd be up in heaven

proud. watching those boys and he'd be so

the grand final has already been won. But up north, it is as if like conquering heroes. The Cowboys were welcomed home

in Townsville... There's never been anything like this Can't believe it, mate. so we'll see how we go from there. Still got one more game to go has never seen the game healthier. ..proof Rugby League's expansion Go the Cowboys! as favourites. The Tigers go into the grand final

One punter could claim $1 million quinella at odds of 2,000 to 1. after picking a Swans-Tigers Chris Maher reporting. Thanks, Chris.

after their grand final victory, Two days from our most famous landmark. the Sydney Swans are flying high A 10m red-and-white flag the Harbour Bridge this morning. was proudly hoisted above

Western Australia's Premier tomorrow It will be handed to heartland. to fly in the West Coast Eagles' the Swans were still celebrating. This afternoon

the party going to go, guys? REPORTER: How long's Got a calendar? (laughs) through the city on Friday, It could last until a parade today's pub tab. once they have sorted out Channel 7's chairman

about rival media boss James Packer has made startling claims over pay television. in a billion-dollar lawsuit Kerry Stokes says came to his home, the Nine Network boss to snatch AFL broadcast rights. warning of a plot his talking for the witness box. The Seven Network chief is leaving Can't comment, thank you. Kerry Stokes gave his first evidence In court, that Australia's media giants his pay TV sports channel, C7. had colluded to crush of broadcast rights The method was to starve the channel and Rugby League competitions. to the national Aussie Rules Nine Network chief James Packer Mr Stokes claims

in a meeting in December 2000. confirmed the fix was on

Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation Packer revealed lost the rights to Aussie Rules. was behind a campaign to ensure Seven bid for the NRL was doomed as well. Packer also indicated Seven's James Packer then told Kerry Stokes It's claimed Rupert Murdoch that he wouldn't oppose

the rights to the NRL. when it came to getting that he knew what it meant Mr Stokes then replied the Packer and Murdoch media empires, to go up against run out of his own country. but that he wouldn't be Seven lost the NRL bid. Just days later, Mr Stokes is expected for at least a fortnight. to remain in the witness box for another eight months The case should run with $1 billion at stake. over a violent road-rage attack. Police are hunting two Sydney men On Saturday night, suffered a fractured skull the driver of this Mazda ute another motorist at Green Valley. after an argument with

He's undergone surgery for his attackers, while police search who were in a red sedan. information that might assist police We'd like anyone that may have any or Crime Stoppers. to call Green Valley police The number is - are experiencing long delays tonight Drivers heading south of the city in the M5 East tunnel. after a multi-vehicle pile-up at one o'clock this afternoon, Seven cars and three trucks crashed blocking all west-bound lanes. As a result, Southern Cross Drive to Kensington. traffic is banked back along with minor injuries. Two people were taken to hospital to reopen shortly. The tunnel is expected Premier Morris Iemma tough new anti-terror laws is expected to back John Howard's in Canberra tomorrow. at a national meeting may be forced to accept a time limit But the Prime Minister compromise individual rights. over concerns the laws John Howard for Mission Australia today. was opening new crisis accommodation But he has another mission in mind - to get a foothold in this country. making it tougher for terrorists have their reservations, And while premiers they look set to back tough new laws.

to our very society. We're dealing with a threat there can't be half measures. You can't muck around, At the heart of their concerns are so-called control orders to restrict the movements of suspects and preventative detention to detain them without charge for up to two weeks. It's not something that any democratic government would like to do

but we have to acknowledge the world that we live in, and it has changed. The Prime Minister tried to divert those concerns ahead of tomorrow's summit. You won't be able to get a control order without going to a judge and there will be judicial review available in relation to preventative detention.

But the states are likely to insist on a sunset clause which will review the laws every three years and reverse them after 10 years. Making sure that we protect the freedoms in Australia whilst protecting our security as well. On this issue, the states hold the upper hand. Mr Howard has been stung by criticism that these new laws will unfairly target the Muslim community. He says they're designed to protect all Australians. Four foreign nationals have appeared in court, charged over an ATM scam operating across Sydney. Police claim they stole more than $200,000 after installing skimming devices on automatic tellers. The devices picked up account information, which was then used to make fake ATM cards. We've recovered a significant sum of money and we feel we've absolutely smashed this syndicate. Concerned customers should contact their bank.

A treatment to stop the onset of Parkinson's disease is a step closer, thanks to a breakthrough by Sydney researchers. They have found a trigger to the illness, which could also pave the way to a cure. Professor Glenda Halliday and her researchers have spent years trying to unravel the mystery of Parkinson's disease. Now a breakthrough. We're really excited

because we've actually at least found a very common and final mechanism that is amenable to treatment. They've found dopamine cells, which regulate smooth body movement, get coated by these red antibodies just before they die. By switching off the antibodies, the cells can be saved, stopping Parkinson's. The patients can look forward to developing treatments for this. Well-known celebrities with Parkinson's include Michael J. Fox and Mohammed Ali. The disease also affects 80,000 Australians, including Neil Sligar. "In five years time you'll be in a wheelchair", I was told, "You'll need a carer, "You won't be able to do up your buttons." It's been slowly progressing,

but I'm certainly not at that level yet. Treatment for Neil has been the same since the 1960s. This discovery could change all that, possibly in a few years. We're grateful for all research but this one really seems to be sensational. Researchers say they couldn't have made the breakthrough without organ donation but the result could save millions of lives in the future. They're also working on an early-detection blood test. The capture of a great white shark in a swimming lake on the Central Coast has alarmed some residents but not the experts. They are confident the two-metre creature was most likely a loner. This is Jaws junior. For a great white, it's young and small but it's caused more than a ripple in these calm waters.

I don't think we'll go prawning anymore with junior Jaws out there. The shark drowned in fishing nets 500m off Canton Beach, inside Tuggerah Lake. Its capture solves a long-running local myth about sharks at the popular fishing and swimming spot. Very sceptical, but the proof is there - they've got the fish! Well, I find it hard to believe because it's so shallow out there, practically as far as the eye can see. We would like to have fresh shark on the menu, no problem at all! Great whites are protected and Fisheries is carrying out tests to confirm how it died. Born fully-formed hunters, even a young shark could kill. But this is being treated as a one-off. The first day of the school holidays and it's rain, not sharks, keeping the tourists away. But if you listen to the experts, you won't have to worry about running into Jaws junior's mum out here any time soon. Inside a coastal lake! It's the only one, to my knowledge, in NSW. But some are keeping an open mind. I wouldn't be surprised what happened, the way the world's going. Ahead in Seven News - Supermodel support for embattled covergirl, Kate Moss. Also, the new team ready to drop in on bushfire hot spots. And celebrating 150 years of Sydney trains. between luxury car and four-wheel drive. Introducing the totally redesigned, all-new M-Class. So you could win a truckload of cash. Don't miss Oz Lotto's $4 million jackpot. Now you can access the world with Grapevine - ActewAGL and TransACT's very own internet service provider - offering dial-up and broadband plans on the TransACT network.

Blistering speeds of up to 2 megabits per second, incredibly large downloads. And from just $9.90... ..Grapevine will grow your world. Call: Or visit: It may not seem like it in today's weather but parts of Sydney's west are already on bushfire alert. Drought and recent high temperatures have authorities bracing for a summer of fire emergencies but they insist they will be prepared. So often the deadly fire threat to homes and lives starts with a lightning strike in remote country. And that's when they send in the fire jumpers,

specially trained volunteers dropped into the danger zone.

This game is all about striking swiftly.

We need to get in and attack the fire before it has time to escalate. We've arrived at your drop-off point, over. There are no roads, no water tankers carrying everything they need, it's just them versus the fire. We try not to be in unburnt country. That's known as the dead man's zone, so we try not to be there too often. The Premier met with Rural Fire Service chiefs today to learn they are bracing for a long bushfire season. A Skycrane will be returning to help. As each year goes by, we're better prepared than the year before. It may seem strange to talk about the bushfire threat on a day like today but the Rural Fire Service says this rain has come too soon to do any real good in reducing the risk, it may simply encourage new growth in the bush,

adding fuel to summer fires. It would prefer good rain in November. The weather bureau has put the chances of that at fifty-fifty. The chances we'll need the fire jumpers are much greater. You really think you're doing something. We can get in there, we can stop a loss of homes and lives and livestock. A massive rescue and clean-up operation has been launched along the US Gulf Coast in the wake of Hurricane Rita. The storm was less devastating than forecast but residents are still being urged to stay away. 24 hours after the storm, a chance to collect those who rode out Rita. We were stubborn. I'll never be stubborn again.

Emerging from their battered homes, residents are seeing a landscape littered with uprooted trees, snapped power poles and buildings torn apart. Along the coastline, small communities were washed away. Going from door to door, rescue crews found survivor Leroy Ogea. It's worse than I've ever seen. A huge tree crashed through his home of 60 years. Like others, he's just thankful to be alive.

Oil refineries along the Gulf Coast escaped Rita largely unscathed. Relief also in New Orleans, where levees are being restored faster than expected.

But military officials are pressuring President Bush to set up a national search and rescue plan

to save more lives in the future. That's going to be a very important consideration for Congress to think about. There's no doubt that that massive evacuation, in the end, saved lives. is how to get all those people back home. The problem now for authorities is how to get all those people back home. They'll be allowed back in stages, but for now, people are being told this is not the time to go home. Australian Guantanamo Bay prisoner David Hicks has applied for British citizenship in a new bid for freedom. Hicks revealed his mother was British

while talking about the Ashes cricket series with his American lawyer.

Hicks' father says he supports the move. Too right I do. I mean, the Australian government aren't interested, so let's see if the British can do something. All nine British men held at Guantanamo Bay have been released after intervention from London. Hicks will face a US military court next month, charged with war crimes and attempted murder. Supermodel Naomi Campbell has spoken out in support of her embattled friend, Kate Moss. Campbell, who has admitted using drugs herself, is in Colombia to judge a modelling contest. It's like she hasn't killed anybody, she's a human being and I think it's really like a vendetta, and as my friend - she's still my friend - I stand behind her and support her in her recovery. four major modelling contracts Moss has lost four major modelling contracts since a newspaper published photos of her apparently snorting cocaine.

Hollywood star Demi Moore has reportedly married fellow actor Ashton Kutcher. American gossip magazines say Moore, who's 42, exchanged vows with 27-year-old Kutcher in front of 100 family and friends. Among them were Moore's former husband Bruce Willis and their three children. The couple's two-year relationship has attracted plenty of attention, mainly because of the age gap. Sydney's railways today rolled back in time 150 years

with a re-enactment of the first train journey to Parramatta. Historic steam locomotives were fired up, then governor Sir William Dennison. retracing the trip taken by HORN BLARES Back in 1855, the journey took around 50 minutes. only 15 minutes longer than it does today. Time for sport with Matthew White. A glimmer of hope for an injured tiger?

This is one match you don't want to

miss. It's gonna be a long week for Pat Richards but at least it's started well. More shortly. Also tonight, how Benji is marshalling the troops for a grand final assault. And a spectacular debut for the A1 Grand Prix series. Grand final week has started well for the Wests Tigers with winger Pat Richards still a chance of playing in Sunday's match against the Cowboys. Team-mate Brett Hodgson was holding the X-rays that have cleared Richards of a broken ankle. North Queensland skipper Travis Norton is also racing the clock with a back muscle injury. We're gonna leave no stone unturned and do everything we can to get it right. Cowboys' second rower Luke O'Donnell has avoided a charge for yesterday's hit on Eels' half, Tim Smith, while Tim Mander has been named referee for his second grand final. It's no secret Benji Marshall has been one of the Tigers' big success stories this year but the secret behind Benji's success is all in the family. It's helped put a schoolkid from New Zealand within reach of Rugby League's biggest prize. Benji Marshall and the boys at the Tigers have been told to keep it low-key. We don't want to get too far ahead of ourselves. We're in the grand final but we haven't won anything yet.

But he's already a winner to his mum Lydia and little brothers Jeremy and Jordan. Couldn't ask for much more of a son than what he is. Benji doesn't know his dad but he's now the man in this family. Fans marvel at his skills on field, but off the park he is setting the family up for life having left New Zealand as a schoolboy for a shot at League stardom. It was hard for me to say to him "go" but it was a choice that I decided he had to go because there was nothing back home for him. Now, though, they're all back together, and everyone's winning. I said to him at the beginning of this year, "Oh, we're moving over" and he bought the house for us. They just encourage me and they're there every week and mate, that's my inspiration. Benji will relax with his brothers before the grand final and while they'll have some words of wisdom they won't ask him to step or even score a try. I don't really ask him. I just tell him to play his best.

Oh no, they're my motivation, man, my pride and joy, so whatever they say, goes. It doesn't bother me. Benji's asked the Tigers for 40 tickets to the match as more family and friends fly in from New Zealand. They're all coming over next week and they're really proud. Before the weekend, the US had never lost a Presidents Cup on home soil. Well, nothing's changed. The Americans and the Internationals were all square heading into the final day, but the US dominated the singles. One of the most significant wins was Fred Couples over world No.2 Vijay Singh. COMMENTATOR: Oh, it's got a chance. Oh, he's got it! What a putt! Another magic moment in the Presidents Cup

for Fred Couples. The Internationals had never outscored the US in the singles and they copped a belting again today. Chris DiMarco finished the job. The Americans won seven of the 11 singles matches, with one drawn. And just six years after he watched his first Formula One grand prix, 24-year-old Fernando Alonso is now the sport's youngest ever champion. He is also the first driver from Spain to win the title. Alonso finished third behind Juan Pablo Montoya in this morning's race in Brazil to secure the title. COMMENTATOR: Well done, Fernando Alonso. The win breaks Michael Schumacher's stranglehold on the championship. And a spectacular debut of the A1 Grand Prix series in England - all the cars are the same so it is a true test of driving skill. The Lebanese entry has some work to do,

lucky to walk away from this one. Aussie Will Power grabbed second spot, but watch out for this name in the future -

Nelson Piquet Jr won it, the son of the former Formula One champ.

As we build up towards the grand

final, we've set up a bit of a link

on our web site so we've got all

the news and details for you. I'll

be asking questions on statistics

and details throughout the week.

Very timely. I'll be looking. Thanks. Nuala has Sydney's weather after the break, but first finance. The share market powered to a record high today.

Telstra shares fell though, hitting a two-year low. Macquarie Bank shares made their biggest gain in three years after a positive profit outlook. SONG: # If you need someone to go that extra mile, Retravision... # At Retravision, we can deliver and clean up, and you'll clean up too. Check out our September catalogue bargains. We'll do this Vax 'Maxim' vacuum for $227. This Electrolux Oxy3 vacuum for $597. And this Dyson Turbine vacuum for $799. Plus, there are five homemaker packs to be won. # At Retravision Yeah, we'll do it. #

It was win-win for Sydney this weekend, the Swans on Saturday, and some welcome rain on Sunday. That late rain continued for much of today, with falls up around 10mm to 20mm with falls up around 10mm to 20mm across Sydney. Even Warragamba Dam received 17mm. It's dried off for the moment, but a line of showers, and perhaps even storms, are heading our way tonight. very warm overnight, The cloud and rain kept temperatures very warm overnight, around 16 degrees, which is nine above average. But it put a cap on daytime tops and in spite of warm northerlies, tops only reached 20 degrees. On the charts, we have a low pressure trough to thank for the rain, which delivered widespread falls to much of our State. That trough line will relocate northwards tomorrow, clearing the rain and leaving us in cooler southerlies until the next change on Thursday. Some thunder and lightening could move through with the showers tonight. The wet weather should clear early tomorrow, leaving a mostly fine but cool day, with some cloud around. Northerly winds will warm us up again Wednesday. Perhaps some morning rain on Thursday. Clearing Friday for what should be a fine and warm NRL finals weekend. Pollen levels creeping back up to medium tomorrow.

I don't know what I was more

exsieftd about, the Swans winning which is great, or the rain.

I thought it was wonderful to see

that rain. I went and stood in it

for 10 minutes, saved having a

shower. Thanks, Nuala.

And that's Seven News to now. I'm Ian Ross. Thanks for your company. Goodnight.