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Now if you are a Telstra shareholder, you might be wondering mean for my portfolio. what does all this sell-off business Well soon we'll try and crystal ball dollars and cents. just what T-3 will mean in dividend

And it is almost Bathurst 1000 time. by with his V8 stable-mate Canberra driver Dale Brede will drop Brad Jones. for this year's big race,

They'll be in very soon. But first - Lets go to our Melbourne studio finest. to chat with one of Wagga Wagga's

What you saw with Michael Slater, was what you got. A man passionate about his cricket, about his shortcomings off the field. and probably too candid

But then again Michael Slater it? that's a Wagga boy for you, isn't hi. I'm alright, Wagga boy has come out in you? Yeah and I still do old Wagga boy stuff coming out upbringing there because I'm very proud of my

and my father still lives there as I can so I get back there as much

been back for awhile, although I have to say I haven't time hasn't allowed that but the Wagga boy must always stay. Yeah foresure, competitive? Yeah too competitive I think as a four or five year old my older brother and older sister and mother and father they put up with so much out the backyard the cricket matches trying to join in with

or football. or whether it was hockey

you got out, I heard you took it very badly when

is that true? as a kid to mind and there was one that comes it was primary school cricket a ball finger up at square leg that was my father who had his and I throw my bat all the way of the ground and sulked and went and jumped into the car

night and dad gave me a good tanning that

and I will not let you play cricket. So I learnt a big lesson that day. The Michael Slater story It is all here in your book Slats,

it's a great read. a Latham Were you tempted to possibly do

and get back at those of you over the years? who perhaps have been critical No absolutely not I was in was to make sure that the space

when I wrote the book was a nice space and I got through the angriness and bitterness that is always going to be there shortly after you feel you've been unfairly dropped and I waited for that moment reflection where I felt I had good honest on what had happened. and a good balance in reflecting of shots at people in there So look there are a couple

well but I try and balance that up as

he was the guy and when I talk about Steve Waugh in 2001 ashes who handed down that fatal news match career and that was the end of my test had that instinct and at that moment I knew I just that that was going to be the end of my test match career. What a career you've had, 14 centuries, I mean amazing 74 tests,

219 your highest score what you do in life left have moments you wished you'd gone

instead of going right the movie it's a bit like Sliding Doors

you wonder the possible outcome sensitive to things I wish in a way I wasn't as

towards the end of my career as a cricketer as well but then that was what made me up I did and that's why I played the way So there's no major regret, things happen the end of my career you learn from that you become a much better person been able to grow and I sit here as a person who's through some negative experiences negatives that allow you to grow. and I think in life it's the

So it was all good, I think at the end of the day to have played 100 test matches I can say well I would of loved test match mark that was my goal at about the 50

but then if as a 12 or 14 year old to give you one test match you said look Michael we are going

you'd take that as well. So I feel very blessed the opportunity I had. and honoured to have been given for Michael Slater, Look we've got a little surprise

OK on the line, Life, your first coach but we have managed to track down the moment. Hi Warren. Hi Michael. How are you old boy? to go to training. I'm alright, I'm just about ready

of a surprise so it's good to talk to you again and welcome back to Australia. to catch up on Look you guys have got plenty

Smith, but I just wanted to know Warren

could he have done it without you? That's a very good question people at Narrabeen yesterday because I was speaking to some

that Michael Slater was there I think the thing that I was lucky

time I just happened to be there at the

fellow at seven year old and I saw something in a young

which I never ever seen and I still say it today I've never seen it and I'm probably a bit biased but I've always said that this boy things in his life, injuries and he's come through some big

and a few other things and I'm very very proud of him and he's a bit like a son to me. that question, Look I think if you were to ask me

Warren? could I have done it without

It's an easy one to answer and it's no. father very quickly at a young age He was a guy who became my second in my family because of what was happening

the technic and once more he was teaching me

players out there Definitely so all you junior listen to your coach OK. often Ali They don't come along like him very but one thing I like about him to has said, is that everyone that I've spoken

he's such a great commentator and I think his people skills his life skills and if you look at him His cricket speaks volumes speaking on TV the way he conducts himself

there's none other better than him. But I'm probably a bit biased. Just a little bit there Warren, he's lapping it up that's foresure. Warren Smith I do want to ask you one more question though Michael, the ashes aftermath, you know is it time that Shane Warne had a shot at the captaincy? Yeah look it's a question a lot of people are asking and I think it's a little bit too late for Shane Warne unfortunately because there was no doubt for me that throughout that whole ashes campaign he was the one guy that Ricky Ponting was going to and it's the way that Ricky likes to captain is to keep it an open house and he goes to his senior players but there was the closing moment of the fourth test match at Trent Bridge where it almost seemed like Shane was conducting the traffic out there but at 36 it's a very short term option and we are not really into sacking a captain but keeping him in the side and I think it would be very unfair on Ricky, he's going to grow as captain and he'll become a fine captain I'm sure of that. Alright, well we'll take your word for it, you've been there and done that. Slats is the name of the book, it's a fantastic read, if your not into cricket you are going to love it anyway. And it's available from Wagga Wagga to Wollongong at the moment Random House publishing is the publisher. Thankyou Michael Slater. Thankyou it's been nice talking to you. there's nothing like being at Canberra's Manuka oval on a summers day, watching the Prime Minister's Eleven, and while it's traditionally a January event, they have moved it forward this year to December. Now they have switched teams on the Aussies. So instead of South Africa, the PM's Eleven will be taking on the West Indies. Friday December the 2nd, which will wrap up the Windies Test tour for them. Tickets through Ticketek from early October. That is the dilemma for anyone with Telstra shares. That's next on State Focus is going to be one of those issues that will be with us for quite awhile. So what if you have shares in Telstra or maybe you're thinking about the potential to snap up a few at a pretty good price? If anything, the Telstra debate is confusing many mum-and-dad investors, and joining me now is Stephen Matthews, who's chairman of the Australian Shareholders' Association. Thankyou for joining us. It's a Pleasure Ali. Lets talk about shareholders expectations from the next sale of Telstra, are they too high? Well there is certainly some disaffected shareholders out there those who bought in at T-2 and I think probably T-1 those who are still holding would be looking at the price a little nervously. The question of dividends we've been promised two special dividends in the next 12 months and Telstra is planning to return $1.5 billion to shareholders but those returns are now in some doubt. Will that ultimately affect the value of Telstra on the market? Yes shareholders particularly retail investors of the dividend yield that is the dividend as a percentage of the share price. Now Telstra was recently with the special dividends yielding expected to yield around eight percent that's a pretty good yield and they'll be disappointed if those special six cent dividends are scrapped as is likely to happen. Alright, now the thing about Telstra shareholders is their not in it for a quick buck, there in it for the long run. about what they are hearing at the moment in the media? Well they probably are, there are 1.6 million shareholders in Telstra and of that number a very large number are retail shareholders who tend to buy their shares for the long haul unlike the institutions who are looking at only for there quarterly bonus. For maximum impact? For maximum impact on their bonus but not on the company. Stephen Matthews do you think that in a couple of years time we will be looking at this and say what was all the fuss about and that Telstra shares will bounce back, it's going to be a good healthy company? What should of happened of course is that all these regulatory issues, all the operational issues, all of the community issues should of been sorted out prior to T-1 so everybody knew where they stood and there wouldn't be this doubt that exists now. So we don't quite know how the regulatory issues are going to play out and we don't quite know when he speaks. Sometimes he speaks with his regulatory hat on, sometimes with his I'm a major shareholder hat, and other times as the leader of a government who needs to sell Telstra in order to achieve other objectives to presumably insure his re-election, including a budget surplus next year I suspect. Well if there is one thing at all it's the fact that it will be here to the next election. Stephen Matthews I'll have to leave it there thankyou very much for joining us today. Thankyou Ali. that caught our eye this week. In the ACT, home sellers may be relieved to hear the real estate experts believe the market has bottomed out. In the boom from '98 to late 2004, house prices rose a massive 97%. Residents at Hall, on the northern outskirts of Canberra have formed a committee to fight plans for a windfarm. Canberra's Paralympic ski champ Michael Milton, has conquered Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa, saying that it was harder than skiing at 210 kph. And councils in the southern region have been told the Minister wants to do more amalgamations, saying there is still 20 councils too many. On the South coast - Doctors at two hospitals, say enough is enough. At Bulli Hospital, medicos say the 24 hour emergency should close, with just one doctor on duty. And a special taskforce will look at Bega hospital's operating schedule, which is unable to keep up with demand. The holiday town of Broulee may go alcohol free on New Year's eve, to avoid a repeat of last year's trouble. And Eden trawler fisherman, Lockie Marshall, has won Seafood Producer of the year at a national awards. To the Central West - free spring. Last years widespread spraying has done well to get on top of any new hatchings. Teachers of special needs kids in Orange, Cowra and Bathurst are willing to go on strike, to keep classes at current levels. Dubbo council has rejected an adults only shop to be set up in an industrial area. dAnd he's still a bit tender, but Dubbo gasfitter Glen Keiser, broke the world record for the longest tattoo session and raised $1000 for charity as well. And in the Riverina this week - but not before a last stand by Nationals politician Kay Hull. She says voting against her party and the sell-off was one of the hardest thing she's had to do. To burn or not to burn those willow tree stockpiles? Recent rain has made a burn-off unlikely again this week. Gundagai mayor, Len Torzer says locals just want to see work start on the Coolac-by-pass, which is now subject to a new aboriginal claim. And at this stage, Cootamundra residents are saying they don't want council to bid for a new jail. it is 25 years since news broke from a Northern Territory campsite that a dingo had taken a tiny baby called Azaria Chamberlain. The case can still liven up dinner party conversation, as can the sight of this dress, that fuelled a 1000 ugly rumours. Many who believed Azaria was killed by her mother, Lindy, held up this black dress as proof of witchcraft and it was Lindy herself who believed the dress and booties should be preserved and part of a new exhibit which is opening soon in Canberra. Captivating and Curious, is a showcase of some of the more unusual items from the vaults of the National Museum of Australia. disappearance of her baby, does Lindy Chamberlain-Creighton still feel persecuted by an event that to this day, still has some claiming they know where Azaria's body is? Judi Hogan from our State Focus team recently caught up with Lindy from our Bendigo studio. and a lot of people say to me today, well why don't you ask for an apology from the Northern Territory? I believe if you ask for one then it isn't an apology. It's like a school yard bully. It needs to be freely given, in order to be meant. And as long as you've got a clear conscience yourself you don't have to worry about the other person. Your still waiting for that apology? I think it would be nice don't you? Yes. Today although you were cleared of all your chargers. Do you still find people abuse you or accuse you? Well it's interesting, that just recently people that have been in power during the time this happened to me, in a certain state of Australia, who are now coming out of the woodwork and saying well we know she was cleared, but in our mind she's really just out on licence. And despite all the evidence they just never want to admit that they were wrong, that they did wrong things themselves and covered up evidence. It's like a sulky school boy, who just doesn't want to admit he's done the wrong thing. It must be difficult for you under such scrutiny all the time. How do you cope with this? it a little bit at a time and for the most part it becomes so common that you don't notice it. Every now and then it's a little more than usual, and you think I'm being starred at. What would you like to say to those people, who still believe that you are guilty? Well I hope they never get themselves in a situation like has happened to me. The information is there and people tend to forget that the media's a business exactly the facts and nothing else. And so they blame the media, when they should really be blaming themselves for not watching it intelligently, and being careful of what they believe in, and how they see it. It's been a pleasure speaking to you today Lindy, thankyou for your time. It's a pleasure. Chamberlain Creighton there. OK after the break - Our local connection to the big race at Bathurst, can Dale Brede or Brad Jones get Ford across the line? They're next on State Focus. TRAIN WHISTLE HOOTS, CAR STARTER MOTOR WHINES Don't you just hate it when things won't work when you want them to? That's why you'll love the control of TransTV Digital with over 40 digital-quality channels to choose from, plus an abundance of entertainment on demand. You can start, stop, pause or rewind movies. TransACT - there's no time like everytime. right now, but in a couple of weeks time, the sporting focus will be on Bathurst, and that other race that stops the nation for nearly eight hours. The SuperCheap Auto 1000, will attract 170,000 Ford, Holden and even the odd Volvo owner to the mountain and our next couple of guests will see it all from the driver's seat. I'll start with you Dale. What's a nice Canberra driver hooking up with a bloke from Albury? Well you are right and I have been asked that question alot, but It's something about that country lifestyle, just going down to the factory with the boys and spending some time at Winton and with my good friend here Brad. That's enough lies I suppose. Why did you get him on board? He was cheap, no not really. It's very difficult to select drivers to tell you the truth. You've got to get someone that can obviously that can do the job, be competitive and bring the car back in one piece. And last year we used John Bowe who we have had in the team for five years and my nephew Andrew, who has gone off to drive for another team. And we have known Dale for a few years now and really I think he's more than capable driver. So there is that Southern NSW connection there. The funny handshake, Well look you did the full V8 super season last year Dale, How tough has it been to jump in the car, whether he will tell you or not? It is difficult that was obviously a concern but Brad and the boys gave me every opportunity, we did two development series rounds to just keep the race miles going and fitness and obviously we've done some testing as well. But the good thing is when you get in a good package, and this is what I've said to the guys a few times, It's so much easier to do a good job in a good package and I feel comfortable with the guys and I feel comfortable with the team, I get on well with Brad and John and Kim and all the guys, and their cars are fast, so it's easy to get in and do a good job. So I'm really happy to be part of the team. Brad, just how close have you come to winning Bathurst? You've been on the podium plenty of times, but how close? Well you know, I have only finished second three and third three times, so probably the closest was in 2001, and I was less than three seconds behind Skaife after six and a half hours of racing. So that makes it hard, but hopefully one day I will get to win it. And the cars are feeling like they've got what is takes for this year? It's so hard to tell until you get up there. After the first practise session you have got a pretty good idea. It's not always about having the fastest car. We've had the fastest car up there before and have had things break on it. Last year Steven had the fastest car and they hit a kangaroo so it's just having the best balance. Having a fast car, good team, all those bits need to be put together properly. And with those ingredients you could come up with a win. We did Sandown and you got touched up quite a few times there. Were you disappointed a bit, because the car had the pace? I was a little bit disappointed a bit that we didn't quite get the result that we really deserved, they guys worked really hard all weekend, the car early in the weekend was probably not quite where we needed it to be. By the time we got to the race, I thought the car was very good. We had a good package. And John in his first round did a sensational job, so it was disappointing but the pleasing thing from it was that we had good car speed, we were competitive, so we go to Bathurst now with a lot of confidence. Knowing that we can do a good job. Sandown is always a bit difficult. There's a lot bit of carnage at Sandown that you don't seem to get at Bathurst and with the changing conditions that we had that weekend. The year before there was 7 or 9, last year there was one, so Bathurst is a much longer lap and gives you an opportunity to win. Bathurst is a very different challenge Bathurst is not the sort of place where you can't make a mistake slide off the road and get back on again and the way you go. You make a mistake at Bathurst, you hit a wall. For me, I'm a bit of a dinosaur, I help run the business, I drive the car, I see the sponsors, it's very tough now a days to do all that stuff, For sure it's a real job isn't it? For sure it's a real job. Well good luck up there it's going to be very exciting especially that incentive too that if you actually beat Greg Murphy's lap record in the top ten shoot out it's ten grand to the driver that does that. I think it's 20. I think it's 20 All I want to do is win the race. In fact if I win I'll pay me 20. Well it is your Holy Grail, but look thanks for joining us boys I really appreciate it. Good luck. And of course Southern Cross Ten is your home of motorsport and the marathon begins on Friday 7th October from 1pm till 4pm, so you'll get qualifying live. Saturday's action starts at 12pm for that all important top 10 shoot-out. And all the race day action starts at 7am right through till 4.30pm, it seems an early finish but they are crossing to Japan for the Formula One. So check your local guides closer to the event. And October is going to be a big motorsport month for Bathurst which will host the final round of the Australian rally championship. They'll be actually running three special stages on Mount Panorama, and they could also do with more volunteers to help out on the event, just go to the website we'll see you back at our usual State Focus time of 12pm on Saturday. Have a great week and bye for now. by Southern Cross Ten, Canberra.