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(generated from captions) I'm Naomi Robson. Hello and welcome to Today Tonight. of a loving grandmother. Now, this man confessed to the murder So why is he still walking free? to his wife he did it? He did. REPORTER: Did he confess

linking him to the killing There was so much evidence his incredible ruling, but when the judge made and family members devastated. it left police, prosecutors

Also tonight,

after hundreds of bats moved in. the house earmarked for demolition to get them out and save their home. A family's race against time before people. Plus, airlines putting profit

is un-Australian. How Jetstar treated these war heroes

Aussie juice industry. And the $1 billion which is better for you? From supermarkets to juice bars,

calcium and sugar content. We test for vitamins, exclusive scientific tests. The shock results of our But first tonight - the curse of lotto against each other. that's set a brother and sister Money, as we know, and certainly the worst in people. can bring out the best with a lotto win, When the Bishop family scored big of a better life. it should have been the beginning here's what can happen. But when greed takes over, she's a very money-hungry person It appears actually knew. and not the person my father your brother out of the house Can you tell me why are you keeping

that he's lived in for four years?

it was my father's house. It's not his house, over a dad's dying wish This is a bitter family dispute a brother and sister which has divided over their late father's estate, as they battle including a lotto jackpot.

My father made a will in '97 beneficiary and power of attorney and left my sister as sole and executor. the Gold Lotto, $400,000 And in 2001, he won looking after and caring for him and since then I've been for myself and my son. in this house that he bought

lived with his dad 43-year-old Lindsay Bishop for the last four years of his life as he was dying of lung cancer. and claims he took care of him He says his dad's last wish Joel inherit his house. be that he and his 10-year-old son to repay me, He was trying to find a way this is what family does - and I assured him that

because this is what family does." "You don't have to repay me

have the house. And he insisted Joel and I is named as executor of the will The problem - his sister Caroline

father's estate with her brother. and refuses to share any of her of the will? So you're the executor and trustee Yes. it 50/50 with your brother? But did your father tell you to split No. Not at all? Not at all. The will was written in 1997 Ian Claverhouse-Bishop when renowned Queensland pianist was living in a rented house to bequeath his children. and didn't have much rich winning $400,000 on Gold Lotto But four years later, he struck it and he bought up big. He bought a Ford Laser, in it, myself, my father and my son. the house, so we could all live a Rolls-Royce. He bought a grand piano,

But Ian never amended his will. in charge of the will Really, he left my sister that she would do the right thing knowing in his heart and split everything 50/50. to have the house, If your dad wanted you and call his lawyer? why didn't he just pick up the phone his daughter. Because he trusted my sister, and sister is getting nasty Now the dispute between brother

battling it out in court with both of them and slinging dirt at each other. estate with your brother 50/50? Why don't you split your father's of my brother, My father lived in fear my brother used to bash my father. actually. I think she is a money-hungry cow, does Lindsay have on the estate So how much claim in the will? even though he wasn't named

a claim against his father's estate He is entitled to make 15% and 25% of the estate. and could receive somewhere between after his father, The fact that he also looked of his life, particularly towards the end of the claim that he has. might increase the size might increase the size

from de Groots Lawyers says Estate expert Phillip McGowan except when it comes to land. verbal promises are enforceable,

that he receive the car However, the promise return for looking after his father or some other part of the assets in by a court. could certainly be determined it out in court, With the siblings set to battle will no doubt cost them the legal fees a good portion of their dad's estate. And if it's not settled quickly, it might just be the lawyers Gold Lotto win. who benefit from their father's

Now to a self-confessed killer. is still a free man. A man, who surprisingly, to killing two women Lyle Simpson admitted damning evidence has been held back but his confession and other because a judge has ruled to be biased against him. it would automatically lead the jury has this exclusive report. David Richardson Did you kill Rhonda? No.

to see her alive? You were the last one I don't go around strangling people. she was even hurt. I didn't even know He's denying it now, that he was a killer. but this man confessed to his wife at the scene of a murder His DNA put him evidence. and there was other compelling the streets? So how is he still walking You didn't kill Rhonda Buckley? I've got nothing to hide. I didn't kill Rhonda Buckley.

I just want to be left alone and everything else. so I can walk the streets Lyle Simpson is free was so damning because the evidence against him if allowed in court. it would be unfair Confused? our system works, Well, that's the way

as we'll see tonight. killed your mum? Do you believe Lyle Simpson

Yes, I do. No doubt in your mind at all? No. Rhonda Buckley was a 51-year-old mum-of-three

and doting grandmother. But she was found dead in her bedroom by youngest daughter Suzy and her husband Steve. As soon as Steve pulled the covers back I went screaming from the unit and it was...I freaked. SIREN WAILS Rhonda had been strangled and DNA in the form of semen found in her body. But it took police two years to come up with a suspect -

Lyle Simpson, a 47-year-old married father of two kids. Did he confess to his wife that he killed two women? He did. One being Rhonda? Yes. Police claimed Simpson was Rhonda Buckley's lover, they'd had a fight and he had strangled her. Police were convinced they had their man. Shortly after Rhonda Buckley was murdered, Lyle Simpson made four phone calls to his wife.

He confessed to her that he had just killed two sheilas, claiming one was a prostitute.

He also boasted "There are now two less sheilas in the world." Simpson also told his wife he was going to kill himself. One day after Rhonda Buckley was killed Lyle Simpson tried to gas himself in his car.

He failed. But it was this crucial piece of evidence that would ultimately lead to a court letting him go free.

One week before Lyle Simpson was due to stand trial for murder a Supreme Court judge found two crucial pieces of evidence would not be allowed in the case.

Simpson's suicide attempt was deemed inadmissible. The judge thought it was unfair because he believed

the jury would automatically think Simpson was guilty when something else may have sparked his suicide bid. The court also rubbed out Simpson's telephone confessions to his wife. Without all that crucial evidence prosecutors had no choice -

so they dropped the charges.

I was shocked, yes. Angry? Very angry. What faith have you got in the legal system?

None at all. It just sort of tells me that if I go out and murder someone and say, you know, "As long as I attempt suicide and say I had other problems, "that I'll get off with murder." There was never two sheilas killed. There wasn't... do you know what I mean? What they got, the information, if they ever found two sheilas

I might say "Well, I might have done it" but I haven't done nothing. But in this exclusive interview confessed killer Lyle Simpson maintained his innocence. What about those phone calls confessing to his wife? What it was, I played the poker machines and these two women were playing the poker machines and doing all their money. And I rang up and I said, "Look, these two women are playing the poker machines. "I've had enough of 'em." I said "I'm killing these two women playing the poker machines." There's a lot of evidence there. There is a lot of evidence there, but it doesn't make sense you know, just because there was a bit of a coincidence.

The only reason I committed suicide - No, I think it was probably because your sperm was on her body.

You were seeing her. Yeah, but the trouble is I wasn't... And then you tried to kill yourself. Yeah, but... Suzy and Steve are still hopeful new evidence will emerge and their mother's murder will be solved. While the charges have been dropped, they can also be re-laid. So Lyle Simpson isn't totally in the clear. Though with each passing month, the truth dims.

You know, I feel sorry that Rhonda's died, but, you know, that's got nothing to do with me and I wish people would leave me alone. Please come forward, Lyle. You know you've done it and that's all I want, you to come forward. David Richardson reporting there. Now to the family in a race against time as they try desperately to rid their home of hundreds of unwanted visitors. to rid their home of hundreds of unwanted visitors. You see, their house has been overrun by bats. They're in the walls, the ceilings, everywhere. And now the owners have been told their house is no longer fit to live in. Here's Rodney Lohse. DOG HOWLS This is a scary story. About three years ago we noticed there was some scratchings up in the ceiling.

We acted accordingly, thinking they were mice or rats. Jill and Michael Kyridis live in a real-life haunted house, or anything as far-fetched at that, haunted not by ghosts or anything as far-fetched at that, but by beasts far more real and frightening.

Michael and Jill have even been told by the council their house is no longer safe. The whole roof was moving in the summer. The heat makes them irritable.

You see, despite how exciting a certain superhero makes it sound, Mike Kyridis says it is no fun living with this creature. We counted 45 bats evicting one area of the house in 15 minutes and that's just one area, they can evict anywhere, we can't film everything. Living in a real-life bat cave,

Mike and Jill's unwanted house guests are bats. And Mike says hundreds are living inside his walls and ceilings. Now, it's got to be said they are very, very small bats, the size of large moths. When there's lot of animals there's noise, there's scrabbling about in the night of bat poo, or guano. and there is lots and lots This is some of the bat faeces here. flying in the house? REPORTER: So they have been They've been flying in here, Inside the ceiling, it is even worse. You can see the faeces in there. It looks like, ah, rat faeces. for disease, Bat poo is a breeding ground called histoplasmosis, including a fungal disease

which affects humans, their lungs, a pneumonia-type of disease. and you get a relatively easy problem to fix - Now it might sound like and clean up the poo - get rid of the bats are a protected species except the bats to keep them out of the house. and it is almost impossible The house has to come down. to a horizontal board We need to go from vertical board

the bat can enter. to minimise any space the bat can enter.

could afford to rebuild, Even if Michael Even if Michael

he doesn't believe he should have to an act of nature. because this isn't simply that belongs to Forest Tasmania We have an adjacent block of land approximately three years ago, that was logged approximately three years ago,

there was something upstairs. when we initially realised Because the bats can't talk, decided to turn Jill and Mike's home we cannot ask them why it is they

into their own personal bat cave. But we can put two and two together this land was logged and it was around the same time this land was logged

decided to take up residence. that the bats decided to take up residence.

you could draw that conclusion. I don't think there is any way Richard Shoobridge says Forestry Tasmania's it is all an unfortunate coincidence, Randy Rose says it probably isn't. even though bat expert Professor

They don't travel long distances. been living in the forest, They are forest bats, so they have living nearby and they probably have been the clearing of land for forestry and the disturbances and wouldn't help. I believe they are liable. But Forestry Tasmania has not completely washed their hands of the Kyridises.

of the Kyridises. to cut these holes in the ceilings They sent around a carpenter so Mike could install a noise-maker.

Forestry put in to emit the bats. These are the noise generators to live with. And this is what we were supposed ZAPPING SIREN NOISE could live with that much noise. I don't know how anyone Except for the bats, out of the ceilings who simply have moved deep into the walls of the house

to hibernate till next summer, are out in the cold, while Jill and Mike from the loggers. unlikely to get any more assistance

and we want to come back to this. This is our home Rodney Lohse with that report. Now, still to come, orange juices. of scientific tests The shock findings and juice bar favourites. on the popular supermarket And coming up next, of some of our war heroes the un-Australian treatment their marching orders. and how an airline gave them Yes, I was angry, should do something about it. And I think the airline We've been let down completely.

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some of our war heroes Now to the un-Australian treatment of by cut price airline Jetstar. turned upside down The diggers had their reunion plans and sadly, they're not alone. of their botched travel plans Others passengers have told us they received the the shocking treatment

after booking flights with Jetstar. complaint after complaint In fact, every week we receive their honeymoons and holidays ruined. from angry passengers who've had And these are just a small sample. to that of the war veterans Complaints that are all too similar has put profit over people. who can't believe a company Yes, I was angry should do something about it. and I think the airline it was the wrong thing, damn it. Quite frankly, I thought This group of war-weary navy heroes to fight a different type of battle. are reluctantly being forced let down completely. We just feel that we've been

of the HMAS Australia. They're ex-serviceman

the terrifying kamikaze attacks A number of them even survived at the end of the World War II. ever heard of the word 'kamikaze' That was strange because nobody had at that time. reach up and touch it Swear to God that I felt I could then bang into the bridge. as it went over the head, Oh, it was terrible, terrible.

that no man was meant to see. Suicide Saturday you can do about it. And there's nothing on that day? REPORTER: Did you lose some mates Oh, yeah. cut-price airline Jetstar, Now these old salts are battling at their long-standing plans which fired a torpedo in Tasmania next month to attend a national reunion to remember their fallen mates.

in a lot of cases. It is disrespectful in our club. We've got decorated people in the South Pacific, 30 South Australians who saw action of the Coral Sea, like the famous battle their flight time were shattered when Jetstar changed of a warning, without even the courtesy in Hobart. causing them to miss the reunion It's a corporate decision, isn't it?

no-frills arm of Qantas. Jetstar is a recently launched their fares, But not only have they slashed but also customer service. their people that do bookings. I think it's very poor taste on what it was all about. They must've known This reunion means a lot to them. every four years The reunion only occurs and confirmed six months ago. and their flights were booked for the change? And Jetstar's explanation Well, they say -

market." "It will suit Tasmania's tourist about this reunion To get a slap like that and I think the Jet mob have let us down. Everything that was planned was going very smoothly until this happened. What made it worse too, I thought,

is that Jetstar itself didn't give very good reasons as to why they did it. Ask these decorated war heroes how important it is to reminisce with their mates and they say it's immeasurable. Comradeship is the main part of service life, life after service life. But reunions very important, to see interstate men that you don't normally see on an everyday basis. We would like to see that something's done to correct that situation. If it can be, we would be most grateful. Well, the good news is since we became involved the airline has finally come around. And Jetstar has now been able to find a way to get the veterans to Hobart in time for the reunion. And if you think we can help you with a problem,

please send the details to our web site at -

Now, to a real estate tycoon who at the age of only 22 has taken the property market by storm, selling $80 million worth of property in three years. Not surprisingly, Amber Wershin is an inspiration to everyone around her despite her relatively young age. Karryn Cooper went along to find out the secret of her success.

Beginning her sales career at 19, for the last three years

Amber Wershin has been signing contracts, closing deals and earning big commissions. The list price one that is 449.

She won't reveal how much or how many properties she owns herself, but over the last year alone Amber sold more than $40 million worth of real estate on the Sunshine Coast.

And to top it off she's just been named Queensland's youngest Salesperson of the Year.

I don't think there's any secret. I think the formula is just a combination of complete honesty and genuine hard work. I would have to work the hardest out of anyone I know. A never-give-up attitude she hopes will inspire other young people striving to get a start or get ahead. There's a few people that didn't have a great deal of faith in me that said I wouldn't necessarily succeed.

I wasn't, I guess, the typical salesperson. So that made me more determined. She's obviously, as you've probably seen, a real role model for a lot of younger people that it's possible to achieve enormous things with persistence, with hard work to communicate with people. and with confidence and the ability Amber's ambition and work ethic Since joining Ray White,

of national boss Sam White. has come under the gaze

Within a couple of years salespeople in Queensland she will be in our top 10 operators in Australia. and potentially even our top 10 But for the young woman, started as a teenager, whose love of real estate buying her first home at 16, there are higher goals. To open my own office.

but possibly in the five-year plan. That's not an immediate plan,

A remarkable young woman. That report from Karryn Cooper. from the supermarket or juice bars. Coming up, orange juices Which ones are better? The surprise findings in a moment. more than the supermarket brands. I'll probably trust juice bars in them anyway I think they got so much sugar not that good for you. that they're actually I'm surprised. Shocked. Yeah?

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Australians love their orange juice. business. In fact, it's a billion-dollar in our supermarkets With so many varieties on offer that are springing up everywhere, and at the fresh juice bars are the healthiest? how can you tell which ones of scientific tests Helen Wellings has the results that should help you decide.

is exploding. The fruit juice industry in Australia

around $830 million worth a year. Supermarkets alone sell juice bars, But the newest craze, by storm. have taken the nation's thirst With a $200 million yearly turnover, Wellbeing and Juice City juice outlets like Boost,

are out to raise the nutritional bar. more than the supermarket brands. I'll probably trust the juice bars better in the nutritional stakes But is made on the spot than bottled supermarket fruit juice? our very surprising test results. Soon, and juice bars varieties rate? How do supermarket juices fibre, sugar and preservatives. We compare their vitamin C, calcium, of freshness People like the perception when you're going past a juice bar and certainly on the spot, and they're making the juice nice and fresh and also healthy it's got the perception of being from fruit and vegetable. because it's being made of Food and Nutrition Australia says Dietician Sharon Natoli a rich source of vitamin C. orange juice should be orange juice is stored on the shelf But how much vitamin C stays if orange juice is stored on the shelf

before it's consumed, or is squeezed maybe hours freshly squeezed while you wait? compared with drinking juice and leaving it on the shelf Certainly if you're making a fruit or you're not storing it correctly, Our results - will decrease. then the vitamin C content will decrease.

will decrease. then the vitamin C content

Our results -

scores lowest in our test. and Wellbeing with 42.6 levels of 30mg to 40mg of vitamin C. But all meet the daily recommended rate very well here Amazingly, the supermarket juices against those from fresh juice bars. it's the same, I didn't know that. Well, I'm surprised that in them anyway I think they've got so much sugar that good for you. that they're not actually So how much sugar? Our test shows - the one with the most vitamin C, Pulp, also had the most sugar - 11.4% followed by others from juice bars. have the least sugar - 8.2% to 7.6%. The supermarket ones your sugar content, If you're looking to lower rather than fruit juice again, go for whole fruit of fruit sugar. which is a more concentrated source for calcium. so stick to dairy products Fibre - whole fruit is a good source. But juices - juice bar juices have much fibre - neither the supermarket ones nor the 0.8% for Pulp down to a mere 0.3% in Daily Juice. put in to lengthen its shelf life, Only one juice had a preservative the supermarket brand Daily Juice. that's sensitive to preservatives, Look, if someone to choose a fresh juice then you're better off have any added preservatives. or a supermarket brand that doesn't versus supermarket fruit juices - But overall, our bar juices that's been done show that, The results of the testing and fresh juices are pretty similar. nutritionally, supermarket brands The vitamin C is quite similar.

of fibre. Juices are not such a good source I'll have for you next week, Now to one of the stories

I'll have for you next week, Now to one of the stories biggest cheats - and catching Australia's welfare, tax, water. husbands and wives How neighbours, even sons, daughters, are dobbing each other in. Frankly, he's cheating the system and laughing as he gets away with it. premeditated fraud. These are cases of deliberate,

They're just bleeding society dry. They're not ripping off Centrelink. They're ripping off the taxpayer. I'll have for you next week. That's among the stories They're ripping all of us off. I'll have for you next week. That's among the stories a great weekend. So until then, I hope you all have Please take care, and goodnight. Email - Captioned by Seven Network