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(generated from captions) Tonight - the couple who won $800,000 in Lotto in just seven weeks. then spent it all That's almost $20,000 a day.

welfare benefits. And they were still collecting **** off! **** off! What a spending spree. shortly. And we'll have that story for you Also, beauty products did this. chemicals you need to look out for. We'll show you the dangerous Plus, meet Lucas - who has taken over the family home the 14-year-old boy forcing his brother and sister out. We'll have his mum's desperate plea. And the Aussie man drought. women need to go to find blokes. We'll reveal the suburbs where single But first - a couple's incredible spending spree. they blew it all in just a few weeks. After winning $800,000 in Lotto wasn't nearly enough for the pair But the huge windfall Centrelink benefits. who were still claiming their Natalie Bonjolo reports being charged with fraud. on how lady luck led to the couple from Today Tonight. Donna, it's Natalie Bonjolo **** off. Get away from me. It's time for Oz Lotto. VOICE-OVER: It is everybody's dream to win Lotto. but you wouldn't know it. For Donna Lynden, her dream came true a talk to you about the lotto win. Donna, we just wanted to have No, no! **** off. in cold, hard cash. Donna and a partner won $800,000 in cold, hard cash.

the whole lot was gone. But in just seven weeks,

spent more than $100,000 a week. That's right -

you don't want to talk to us? Is there any reason **** off! Donna...? Donna put the cash in a bank account. After her Lotto win,

And although she was now wealthy, Centrelink benefits - $14,000. she kept claiming her and caught her out. Eventually, the agency caught on She and her partner were charged. with a plea of guilty. Yesterday, they faced the judge

winning on the lottery, Well, anyone that has a major to Centrelink. obviously has to declare it Centrelink spokesman Hank Jongen says on people who make false claims. the agency is red hot if you get caught, It's not a question of when you get caught. it's a question of you've got to repay the money And when you get caught, criminal conviction. plus you can also face so we get our payment. We're entitled to that payment, We'd be mugs if we didn't. in Queensland after they won Lotto. Ted and Renate Jenkins caused a storm They blew $500,000 in 12 months. As far as we're concerned, with the money. we did what we believed was right than we should have done And we left it a lot longer to go back on the dole.

After their spending spree, the Jenkins went back on the dole, the opportunity of a lifetime, sparking accusations they had wasted that they were bludgers. So we're on the dole. So?

a 57-year-old bloke a job? Who's going to give I can't see anybody.

out of the woodwork. They're not crawling It's really simple. if anyone gets a job, If anyone gets a payrise,

if you win lotto, receiving a Centrelink payment, to bottom line, if you're is you must declare it. a chat to you about the Lotto win. Donna, we just want to have

I've now got a criminal record. ADVERTISEMENT: And... avoid serious penalties Most people do the right thing and circumstances change. by telling Centrelink when their Donna Lynden's crime comes at a time massive crackdown on welfare fraud. when Centrelink has launched a

that amazing amount of money, Lucky to win like a shot. but the authorities were on to her will be sentenced next month. She and her partner to defraud the system, For people who deliberately set out there are pretty severe penalties. a criminal record. And you end up with you have to repay the money. But in addition to that, **** off! Natalie Bonjolo reporting there. and consequently Now, we all want to look good

and make-up to do so. Australians spend a fortune on creams when you find out But you'll be shocked cosmetics and hair dyes just how many of those moisturisers, are packed with toxic chemicals. we use every day the reactions and side effects And, as you'll see, beauty products to some of those so-called can be horrific, as Glenn Connley reports. It was just ugly. I couldn't go out of the house. My eyes were puffy and swollen to leave the house like that. and there was no way I was going I had a bright red face, in the end, almost. my eyes were swollen shut I was too embarrassed to go out. to put petrol in my car I had to get a friend for people to look at me. because I was too embarrassed hair dye to toothpaste, From moisturiser to shampoo, brushing and wiping we are rubbing, scrubbing, into ourselves every day all sorts of lotions and potions better, younger, smoother and softer. thinking they will make us look But we do so with little thought

we are asking our bodies to absorb. to exactly what it is I couldn't even recognise myself. The next morning, I woke up and my scalp was numb. My head was swollen, I've seen hundreds of women

to cosmetic products. who've had reactions cosmetic and personal-care products We should be concerned about the that you find in supermarkets. Toxicologist Dr Peter Dingle says many of the cosmetics to make us look good and defy age which are supposed

significant long-term damage. are actually doing about 20 or 30, They've got a battery of chemicals, that are commonly coming up. used in creams as a preservative He says chemical additives often

even deadly, allergic reactions. can trigger dangerous, improving the quality of your skin. Over the long term, these are not the quality of your skin, They're damaging

looking older and more wrinkled so you're going to end up

that you put on the skin. the more of these chemicals That's the incredibly ridiculous thing about it. in the products we use I believe that there are things that really shouldn't be here. for human beings. I don't think they're safe of all things, a sorbolene cream, Eve Diamante had a bad reaction to, renowned as a simple, safe product. After a burning sensation, Eve frantically washed her face in cold water to ease the pain. The water was drying out my face and it even started to bleed along here.

If you look in the photos, there's quite deep cracks and it started to bleed. My eyes were swollen, I had a red face, but the funny thing is I had a line where I had not put cream. Eve consulted a dermatologist who discovered she had reacted to a chemical preservative known as chlorocresol. It took two weeks and a layer of skin to get Eve back to normal.

All my skin peeled off and that took the heat away from my face. I still looked quite wrinkly and red. I'm a member of the L'Oreal Beauty Club on-line, and for all their members, they've actually sent out a free sample. So I got that in the post last week and thought I'd give it a go. Melanie Brown's L'Oreal cleaning mousse freebie did not feel quite such a bargain

when her skin reacted violently after just two applications. It looked swollen. It was very red, scaly. It had little white pimples forming on the top of the redness and it felt awful. It was burning and itching, and it just felt terrible. There was a tightness feeling as well and it just felt really horrible. It looked pretty bad because I had a lot of red pimples on my skin and I had to put extra make-up on on those days to cover that up.

30-year-old Leanne Black also reacted to a L'Oreal product. This time, a foaming gel, which she says turned her clear complexion

into a spotty, inflamed nightmare. I thought it was something I'd eaten or drank, but it wasn't, and it continued to get worse and worse and I got some peeling on the nose and cheek areas

and when I put moisturiser on, it would sting quite a lot. Neither Leanne nor Melanie know which ingredient they reacted to. Both have used L'Oreal products before without a problem. For its part, L'Oreal insist its products meet all Australian safety standards. But Melanie says she is not the only one to have a problem with the Happyderm cleansing mousse. I'm a member of an on-line forum for women - Vogue Australia and there's a whole thread dedicated to just this product.

The reaction that a lot of women are getting is identical to what I had -

the redness, the inflaming. There was one woman that woke up with her eye fused shut. While chemical preservatives are in so many foodstuffs and cosmetics these days, doctors also say we are more susceptible to allergies as well.

Either way, Dr Dingle says many of the chemicals are unnecessary.

There is no need for all these chemicals. One, you can make simpler products. Two, you can make safer products.

And just by reducing the number of chemicals that go in people are going to be exposed to a lot less chemicals. No matter what the label promises, when it comes to creams and cosmetics, consumers are advised to test a small amount on their hand or wrist before smearing it elsewhere. The word "hypoallergenic" is a marketing term.

It really has very little substance. "Natural" can mean a product with one natural ingredient in it and "organic" can mean as little as 1% organic content. Sydney beautician Sharron McGinchy says she saw so many clients experience bad reactions to the chemicals in cosmetics, she started her own chemical-free line of products. She has some simple advice to all consumers. Start reading ingredient listings and questioning what you're putting on your body. If you are already questioning what you're putting in your mouth, you should be questioning what you're putting on your skin, because it will absorb and over a period of time can have toxic effects. But which ones should we avoid? Here is Dr Dingle's danger list. First is formaldehyde - an industrial chemical linked to burning eyes, nose and throat rashes, coughing and nausea.

Sometimes it's just the combination of chemicals and there are so many combinations that it's almost impossible to actually pick out an individual chemical that could be causing the problem. You're talking about half a dozen to 20-30 different chemicals. In Anna Bragaglia's case, the chemical was PPD, or paraphenylenediamine, used in hair dyes.

My son came into my room early in the morning and he just looked at me and he started crying and said,

"Mummy, what's wrong with your face?" Anna's hairdresser put a burgundy tint through her hair.

She says within a day the swelling and pain was unbelievable.

I think people need to be more aware of the dangers. So it's definitely a good idea to patch test any new products you use just to be sure.

And if you've had a problem with cosmetics or know of someone who has please get in touch with us on our web site or just give us a call. Now, we've all heard of the growing number of neighbours constantly at each other's throats usually over bad behaviour.

But a backyard blue of a different sort

is raging in one of the country's most exclusive suburbs and it's over, of all things, a children's cubbyhouse as Andrea Burns reports. It's affected our whole life and our children's lives.

It's a cubbyhouse. Over height,

it defies the Australian standards for play structures. I think they're being absolutely ridiculous. In a child's imagination, this is a castle, a fort, a princess's tower. (laughs) To trained kindy teacher and neighbour Libby Thomas, it is just plain dangerous. This is a totally unsafe structure. And my fear is that someone's going to get really hurt and I don't want it to be my child and I don't want it to be their children. There was no trees on this estate,

so until that tree out there grows, there's nothing to climb, and it's important for them to climb.

Ashley and Cary Dry believe cubbies are part of growing up. Why should the children not have a cubbyhouse to imagine and play with? Libby Thomas says they should,

but not at the expense of her family's privacy. She accuses the local council of dropping the ball - happy to take increased rates from subdividing prime land, but not doing enough to enforce rules to make close living liveable. We can't have private conversations outside because there's children climbing all over the cubbyhouse. I don't understand how you can be invaded

by the chitter-chatter of happy children playing. Initially, the local council ruled the cubby was an outbuilding, then it was reclassified as a platform and the council ordered it should be torn down. After that, the "great cubby case" went before the Administrative Tribunal for a stay of execution before being sent back to council, which might or might not grant building approval, retrospectively.

Confused yet? The short version? It may be a goner.

Their children have called over the fence that "My Mummy hates your mummy

"and my Mummy's said I'm not allowed to play with you," and this tears me apart. We've got children of similar ages, we could be ferrying each others kids to school. You know, they can't even look at me now and I think it's extremely unfortunate

and I'm very, very sorry for our children. That report from Andrea Burns. Later in the program, Australia's man drought and the suburbs where women need to look to find a partner. And coming up, a desperate mum forced to move two of her children to their grandma's house to protect them from their brother. Now! Get off now! Get off now! We try to reason with him every day. It starts World War III! Now! No! with kids clothing now 25% off.

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It's a confidence thing.

Now to a mum who is at her wit's end with her 14-year-old son so much so that it's no longer safe for her two other children to live in the same home. Here's Nicolas Boot reporting on a mum's desperate plea for help while her family is being torn apart. I want to go, too. But you're going to have to get off the car or Mum's not getting anywhere. Now, off. Now! No. Now. Get off now. Get off now!

14-year-old Lucas is a ticking time bomb. When he's charged up, his mother Julie, and his aunt Sharon, can't stop him. You need to get off now so Mum can go and do what she has to do and come back.

No! He's getting bigger. He's getting stronger. He's getting more determined. Why did you kick your aunt in the head? Because she was trying to get me off the hood. Now. No. Lucas, so Mum can go and do what she's got to do and come back. I want to go with her. You're not going. Tonight you'll see a mum's cry for help.

Even when Lucas is drugged to the eyeballs on a cocktail of medication 15 tablets a day, he is uncontrollable. Some things I can remember is I yell, I swear, I get angry, I hit walls. I think it's had enough. I'm just violent. I get knives sometimes.

And you threaten us. Yeah. No, you're not. No, you're not. This violent tantrum has lasted more than 20 minutes and it all started because Julie wanted to pick up her other two children from school but Lucas refused. Lucas! We try to reason with him every day even over simple things like brushing his teeth, having a shower. It starts World War III.

All he does is gets abusive and yells back at us.

When I get angry at Mum, mostly what I do is I threaten to hurt her and stuff because the main times I get angry is when I can't get my own way or Mum won't do something for me. Lucas is a boy that doesn't know the meaning of the word "No". Medical professionals have diagnosed him with ADHD,

oppositional defiance disorder, disruptive behavioural problems, mood problems. But it seems all the diagnosis under the sun can't help him or his family. I got the axe and I just went like that a couple of times like that and Mum still didn't give up so I just put the axe down and left it alone

because I thought I'd scared her too much anyway. So you threatened your mum with the axe? Yeah. Once, though, only once. He tells us he can't remember the rages - rages that have in recent years got way out of hand. We were worried about you. Where did you go? The situation has become so desperate that the younger children are at risk. Are you going to acknowledge them? Are you going to say hello to them? No!

Tristan, seven, and 10-year-old Katlyn can no longer live in the family home. This is now a daily ritual - Julie driving the other children to their grandparents' home after school.

They stay there overnight.

Julie then returns in the morning and takes them to school avoiding their brother, Lucas. He would become so violent that he was threatening them, threatening me, bashing walls.

He would get a weapon, threaten me and the children. try and get a weapon to try and threaten me and the children. He would chase them around the house. He would threaten to throw them down the stairs in the other house we lived at. It just came to the point where I couldn't deal with that every day. You've been asked to turn it off. Lucas has been suspended from school, his education is suffering. But it seems nobody or any government agency will help.

We are in crisis. There's no other word to describe it. So we're at a point now where I'm asking for help

because I don't know what else to do. People are going to say that it's your fault that you've let this situation get out of hand. I've done support groups, parenting courses, mental health seminars.

What more can I do? I keep trying. I've read all the books, I try and find as much information on the Internet as I can. Julie was receiving respite care four hours a week, but due to funding cutbacks but due to funding cutbacks the service has ceased. And I'm being told that the only time we'll get help and services is if the law is involved. I can't believe that there are no services for him now

before it gets to that. Lucas, please don't go anywhere. You haven't had any medications and I can't come after you. Lucas! Nicolas Boot reporting there. And if you have an issue you'd like us to investigate, simply leave the details on our web site at - or just give us a call. Coming up - Australia's man drought. The real reason why so many women can't find a partner,

and we'll name the suburbs to go to, to find a bloke. Hello. The man drought is a fact. I think there's men out there. It's just a matter of knowing where It's just a matter of knowing where to go to find them. I'm at this age and I'm still single. Is there something wrong with me? # All by myself... #

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Now, it's official,

one of the biggest challenges facing a single woman these days,

is not finding the right man, but finding any man. According to the latest survey, Australia is suffering a serious shortage of men, but it's not all doom and gloom for single women,

as Adene Cassidy reports. There's a drought on. But this time, rain won't help. There just doesn't seem to be any decent ones left out there. # Don't wanna be all by myself... # Then when you get to this certain stage, you think "I'm at this age and I'm still single. Is there something wrong?" # All by myself... #

There's simply not enough men out there. # All by myself any more... # It's official.

Australia is caught in a man drought. The man drought is a fact. It has emerged over the last 30 years. There are 20,000 more women than men aged 30-something in Australia today. 30 years ago there were 54,000 more men than women.

Demographer Bernard Salt has checked out the statistics and the tide has definitely turned. And the worst hit...

The worst affected age group are women born in 1972. There are 157,000 women still alive in Australia who were born in 1972.

That compares with 154,000 men born in 1972.

There is a 3,000 shortfall. And if you're looking for a man, say, five years older the outlook is even bleaker - an extra 10% fewer men than women. When you get to this age it's really hard to meet people so I'm not sort of likely to go and hang out in a nightclub and hope that I meet "the one" there. Time disappears so quickly and you just get so involved with the various careers and the next thing you do, you look around and you think, "Am I going to get married, have a family and the whole thing?"

Hello. Mia and Tina are on the dating circuit determined to defy the statistics.

"Interests include computers, family and music." Sounds good. to meet "the one", Serena isn't just finding it hard to meet "the one", it's meeting someone that's the problem. My ideal guy? Someone that wants to settle down and grow old together, basically. I want to make memories for a lifetime.

No-one want to do it. But the problem isn't just refusing to settle down. There are two theories as to why this has come about. One is that generation X in the 1990s went backpacking throughout the world and formed relationships overseas and stayed there or at least the men stayed there. The other theory is that generation X, men in particular, are being drawn overseas for job opportunities.

Serena's family is typical of this trend. She is 27 and single. Her brother went to America, fell in love and isn't coming back. But, says Serena, it's not fair. We don't get the overseas guys so why should they get our guys?

They're not playing swapsies.

Still, don't despair just yet. These are five of the 100 guys These are five of the 100 guys that New Woman magazine tracked down

and they're all single. I'm 28 years of age. Still obviously single. Just haven't really met the right person, so I've been looking, that's for sure. Together for a photo shoot, they say that meeting the right girl can be equally as tough. I don't find girls approach me much. If a girl comes up to me, I'm quite happy. It's flattering. But when it comes to settling down, the feeling is mixed.

Yeah, a family, settle down with some kids, you know, in the next five years. I just want to be, you know, no connections, no ties. I'm in no hurry. There's still plenty of fun out there to have, I think. I'd be ready to get married any time. I think there's men out there. It's just a matter of knowing where to go to find them. Luckily Bernard Salt has done the hard work for you.

By analysing the census results you can find that place where there is a high proportion of young men and a low proportion of young women. Top single-man hot spot in Melbourne - Yallambie followed by Oakleigh and St Kilda. In Sydney, head to East Killara, if not, Illawong and Holsworthy. Brisbane, head to Spring Hill, Nathan and Jamboree Heights. So it seems the guys and the girls are out there and on the look-out.

Get out there and play the game then I think you've got a good chance of finding that "one". Good advice. Adene Cassidy with that report. And girls, we've listed all those suburbs on our web site, along with additional links to help you find that perfect man. Or just give us a call. Now to one of the stories I'll have for you tomorrow night,

when we look at a DNA debacle that left a man paying child support for 12 years, even though the DNA test results to determine whether he was the father were lost and he was never told. So why is child support still being taken out of his wages? REPORTER: Why won't you have a DNA test so that Ken knows?

was never carried out. The DNA test back then this child, I've never even seen a picture of

to even send me a picture. and the family refuse I'm still paying maintenance. 12 years down the track, for the last 12 years. I have every week I'll have for you tomorrow night. And that's among the stories I hope you enjoy your evening. So until then, Please take care, and goodnight.

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