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(generated from captions) I'm Naomi Robson. Hello, and welcome to Today Tonight. Now, it's taken 30 years, of terror will come to an end. but today this family's reign to flee their own homes in fear, They've forced dozens of families to flee their own homes in fear,

has decided it's time to act. and now a government minister and now a government minister

you do not want to miss this - Also tonight, that's cut off Telstra for good. the community it's totally Telstra-free. No phone line, no Internet - of this new power system The exclusive Australian trials on all their phone bills. that's saving residents up to 50% the biggest gun bust Plus, we take you inside

in Australian criminal history. turned into gun factories, Suburban homes

as small as cigarette lighters. making guns Harmless? Don't you bet on it. GUNSHOT the world medical breakthrough. And stop snoring forever - approved, and it really does work. It's simple, cheap and medically No gimmicks.

But before we get fully under way, for 30 years in a suburban street a campaign of terror that's reigned is finally coming to an end, evidence against the Bullman family with dozens of families giving finally decided to act. after authorities SCREAMING to come to an end today, isn't it? After three decades, it's all going Just keep walking. Get off me, Rebecca! Get off me! I don't believe sort of violence or intimidation, that people should be subject to any will not be tolerated. and that sort of behaviour Their reign of terror for three generations, for 30 years. has been going on for absolute decates now, It's been going on

and it needs to stop. the same without you, is it, Lyn, Wither's Way isn't going to be you and your family? to us or the residents? Is there anything you'd like to say is about to create history. The Bullman family, headed by Lynette Today they face the music Tribunal. in the Consumer, Trader and Tenancy It's taken 13 years to get here. We are the landlord of last resort. of socially disadvantaged people We have a lot that live in our houses we are going to have problems. and so therefore Minister Cherie Burton New South Wales Housing Department wants this family banned. Black-listed, to receive public housing again. they are filed to be marked never At the end of the day then that's what we'll do. if our only last resort is to evict, hoping that it'll be a good result Feeling nervous about today, from the premises today. and they're actually evicted and actually get justification. It would be excellent to see that It'll be great.


is what happened to Steven and

Rebecca. But there have been so

many more before them. Dozens have

been abused, assaulted and forced

to flee. Would you like to say

anything to the neighbours? Sharon Walsh - do you remember her? That was 27 years ago. She lived in Dot's house.

according to Sharon Walsh. History repeats itself, You forced them out.

I was the victim, and these were

the ones that were moved. And this

is shoren Walsh. She can't believe

they're still here. It's people

like them who give public housing a

bad name. This is about justice,

them getting what they deserve and

losing out on public housing. They

don't deserve it. by the end of next week, And that case is expected to finish and we'll bring you the result then. just become a Telstra-free zone. Now to the entire community that's just become a Telstra-free zone.

phone lines and infrastructure the residents have ditched Telstra In fact,

phone calls and Internet access. after being lured by cheap trial of cutting-edge technology They're part of an Australia-first that does away with Telstra for good. the cheapest rates in the country. And now they're receiving has this exclusive report. And David Richardson new technologies It's just one of those you would see in your lifetime. that you don't ever imagine It's a revolution -

turning their backs on Telstra, for the first time 500 homes able to make phone calls without using telephone landlines. that doesn't use Telstra powerlines? You're offering a phone service It uses the electricity powerline. That's right. For three months, have been making calls families in this new Hobart suburb using the humble powerline -

commercial trial of its kind new technology in the largest in the world. electricity connected to their home, Everybody - nearly everybody has got

you know, that power line coming in and why not use that asset - for something more than just energy? of Aurora Energy, Peter Davis is chief executive with 25,000km of powerlines - an electricity company the telecommunications business. powerlines that have now entered into the telecommunications business.

in your house, with this technology, If you've got a powerpoint phone calls and broadband Internet then you can access cheapo with a fifth of a signal

the telephone line, and still doesn't go through that comes in your house it's going through the cable

supplying your electricity. to use its power poles and lines Aurora has been looking for other things for 10 years. It's only now giant Mitsubishi Electric technology developed by the Japanese giant Mitsubishi Electric

has made that possible. your modem into a powerpoint, AD: All you do is plug in plug in your phone - plug in your computer, plug in to a whole new world. high-speed Internet access Originally, the plan was to provide forced to rely on dial-up services to hundreds of families because they couldn't get broadband through phone lines.

Enter this little box -

companies to become phone companies. a gadget that has enabled power can deliver it over the powerlines. It reformats the signal so that we for this audacious trial. Piero Peroni is project manager these little wires. The signal travels through This traps the signal. onto the core of the cable. It's induced Through the plastic? Through the sheath, into the modem, through the power cable or through a data then out through the telephone line through to your phone. comes through powerlines like this - Instead of fibre-optic cables, it all

bunched strands of good old copper. Let's see how it works. So there's no loss of quality? None. This is coming through an electrical cable. It is not going through a landline phone line? That's correct. The amazing thing about this electricity technology is that it is really, really fast. So the products we are offering are between four and 10 times faster than ADSL that people are currently paying for. Jenny and Rob Grant are among the first to use the new broadband-and-phone-over-powerlines service. For the first time, they have broadband for their computers and cheap phone calls. 10c local calls. Internationals and things like that are only 6c a minute. How much are you saving?

You don't have to pay line rental for a start,

which is about $25 a month now. So that is an immediate saving. On the call costs and things, probably half.

It means anywhere there's a power

line, there can now be phone and

Internet access. A body blow to an

already-reeling Telstra, with power

companies waiting to jump in on

tell staw's turf. We've had

visitors from all over the world.

Power utilities all over Australia

are watching this, so they're about

to take a big bite. The trial will

run for another six months, but

analysts prezict power companies

could snatch a dwauter of Telstra's

customers, and there are plans to

provide video and television this

way. For people who think you can't

make a phone call this way, think

again. Px Think again, definitely.

It's a definite viable alturn trve. David Richardson reporting. Now to the frightening discovery of thousands of tiny guns as small as cigarette lighters that were poised to flood the streets of Australia. Tonight, you'll see police on their biggest Australian gun bust ever as they raid the suburban homes that had been transformed into weapons factories. Adene Cassidy has this special report. Despite what it looks like and so forth, this is a homemade firearm/gun, and it can kill, and it is lethal. GUNSHOT They're as small and compact as a cigarette lighter, but the shots fired from these tiny handguns are deadly. GUNSHOT for something so small. It makes a lot of noise for something so small. Yes, it does. It's deadly. 32-calibre cartridge. When police stormed this backyard shed, they had no idea it would turn out to be the biggest gun haul in Australia's history - thousands of pistols with a street value of $4.6 million. With any job, we certainly go in with the adrenalin pumping. Homemade handguns that were ready to hit the criminal market, key-ring pistols carefully and cleverly designed to look like a car immobiliser or simply a key-ring accessory - at around $1,000, a cheap buy for any crook. I would imagine they're driven by profit, like many criminals. It's the first time Australian police have seen a gun of this size and design hit our shores. So if you were the neighbour, you'd have no idea that the suburban shed is actually producing weapons like this? None whatsoever.

It was a covert and complicated six-month investigation that led Detective Sergeant Matt Heenan and his team to this house in a quiet Sydney suburb - the house of a well-known criminal who'd been using his motorbike workshop

as a smokescreen to manufacture these lethal weapons. Did you realise how many guns you'd find in this suburban shed? At that stage, we didn't. We expected to obviously find some, and the equipment used to manufacture them. 901 key-ring pistols were found, and these illegal manufacturers were making sure they had plenty of stock. Parts to make another 2,500 guns were also seized, just two steps away from the finished product. Well, certainly, there were over 2,500 in various stages of production ready to go. 2,500? 2,500, yes. So if you hadn't have found these parts in this shed, there was the potential for another 2,500 guns?

That's the situation. Key-ring pistols originated in Bulgaria, but, like many homemade guns or even bombs, criminal networks distribute information, often via the Web, about how they're made, the design, the specific measurements. That is the bullet that is fired and hits the target, and it is lethal. It is accurate up to 10m, and lethal. Above that, it can be effective and accurate up to 20m, and it will be lethal up to 1,000m to a kilometre.

Commander of Forensic Ballistics, Detective Inspector Wayne Hoffman, says these illicit pistols

indicate a frightening development in Australia's gun culture. It's easy to see why criminals would be attracted to a weapon like this. GUNSHOT There's no way to know what it is. For all purposes,

when you look at it, it looks like some form of key ring.

But it doesn't look like any form of conventional firearm whatsoever, and you would have no idea. That's the scary thing, isn't it? Well, it completely is. The other scary thing about it is that it's concealable and it's portable, and it can be put in any pocket and carried anywhere. It's almost impossible to breach security these days using a regular handgun or pistol, which is why these key-ring pistols have become a deadly tool in Europe and the United States, where they've already been used in nightclub shootings.

While the aluminium frame may set off a security alarm, it wouldn't be hard to convince a security guard, upon closer inspection, this was simply a key ring or an accessory. It's a frightening prospect. GUNSHOTS Just someone pulling that out of their pocket, they would have no idea that that's a gun or a weapon. Even if it was pointed to you and you saw the two holes, you still would not have any idea. There's obviously going to be a good profit on it for them, because they're taking a risk. This gun trafficking syndicate also caught the attention of federal agents at the Australian Crime Commission.

Director of operations, Michael Outram, describes this gang as similar to a drug ring - manufacturers at the top of the pile who have gun-runners do the dirty work for them. I think that the investigation team did a great job. When you think of the number of firearms/weapons that have been kept off the streets, the number of prosecutions that have occurred... 11 people were arrested over the haul, and eight men are now behind bars. New South Wales squad commander, Detective Superintendent John Kerlatec. So it must have been a pretty proud moment for you all? It was a very significant result for a good investigation. So do you believe that the majority of guns have been seized?

Yes, we do. GUNSHOTS In the 12 months since the haul, a number of these pistols have been confiscated. But it's difficult to know just how many did reach the hands of criminals. GUNSHOTS Let's hope it wasn't a lot. Adene Cassidy reporting there. Now, coming up, a story for snorers and their families. The world medical breakthrough that works. We'll also cross to Denmark for the latest on Princess Mary.

And we look at the biggest trick being played on Australian shoppers. Have you been conned? WOMAN: Where can I get ready for spring? Mitre 10 - catalogue out now. Now, if you've taken a close look at food labels lately, you'll have noticed a number of different logos and health claims - red ticks, white ticks, green ticks, crosses, endorsements from sports stars, etc. It sounds confusing, doesn't it? And it would seem it's meant to be. So how can you tell which are the legitimate claims? Well, Jackie Quist went to find out. UPBEAT MUSIC Welcome to the world of food labels - endorsements, ticks and more ticks. Advertisers have pulled out all stops

in an effort to make their products appeal to the health-conscious consumer. As a result... I think people are getting more and more confused. Nutritionist Matt O'Neil - All these logos, which are obviously competing commercial interests, in some cases are saying to consumers, "No, pick our product." "No, pick our product." It's terribly confusing. It seems the success of the Heart Foundation's tick program has inspired a host of copycats, according to dietitian Cate Lombard. This one has a tick on it, but it's a green tick, and it has nothing to do with the Heart Foundation at all.

As well as as a multitude of ticks, there is the glycaemic-index-tested symbol,

the AFL-endorsed and NRL-endorsed products. Cricket Australia and the Institute of Sport have weighed in alongside Sports Dietitians Australia. I think the idea of a sporting organisation endorsing a product

is a real concern for me. Athletes have very different nutritional requirements

to the average person, particularly children.

Athletes have a huge requirement for carbohydrate and they can tolerate some of the high sugar content of these products. It is all designed to convince consumers that the products are healthy. Nutri-Grain, for instance, is endorsed by both the NRL and the AFL, but the cereal contains very little fibre, is high in salt and very high in sugar. Well, it's not your first choice. I would prefer people to be having a more whole-grain cereal with less sugar in it and a higher fibre cereal would be much better. Cate says Weet-Bix and VitaBrits are excellent whole-grain, high-fibre cereals yet VitaBrits is the one with the official Heart Foundation tick. So is it better? No, not necessarily. There's a lot of other products that are just as good as the products with the tick. The truth is, manufacturers pay thousands of dollars for the right to use the official Heart Foundation tick, but tick program manager Susan Anderson says it is an excellent guide for shoppers. Well, only the tick from the Heart Foundation can guarantee that we have independently tested that product for salt, saturated fat, fibre and kilojoules.

You can imagine, the Foundation is mighty ticked off at the copycats. We have started a national campaign to highlight the real tick, and to reassure people that it's the Heart Foundation tick. That means the product has been independently tested to meet our strict criteria. But does the tick outrank the glycaemic index symbol, and what exactly is it?

Well, it has the possibility of being misleading. The GI logo label here indicates that it's low GI. Now, that's not a measure of how healthy the food is. It's really just a measure of how slowly the sugar is absorbed from that food. And there is plenty of sugar to absorb - 55.2 grams per 100 grams to be precise. Even though it is low GI, there is a lot of sugar and a lot of fat in that product and I would be choosing other products that have probably got a better nutritional value than that does. The advice is no matter how many symbols, ticks and endorsements a product has the best way to make a healthy choice is to read the fine print. Don't just look at the products that have a tick or that have been endorsed. You will find that there is a whole range of products that are as good, if not better, that don't have the endorsement. The nutrition label is accurate, it has good information there. We can probably improve on it further, but there's good information there. Use that to compare your products. Now, Denmark's Princess Mary is in hospital tonight after starting contractions six weeks before her baby is due. Princess Mary has been keeping all her official engagements despite her pregnancy,

but it looks like she's now going to have to slow down.

And Danish royal reporter Palais Pulsen had this quick update on how our Mary is doing a short time ago. Palais, thank you so much for joining us. Could you tell us what the latest is on Princess Mary's condition? Well, the latest news is that the Princess's condition is stable. Now, we also hear that Prince Frederik was by her side last night? That's correct. He was by her side during the day yesterday, but later on he went to some other activities. And what was the public reaction to the news that she had to go to hospital? The public is very interested in this. I mean, the Danish press is going more or less crazy about this. I can show you the newspapers from today. They have about 10 to 14 pages about the Crown Princess Mary and about her condition at the hospital. Now, do the doctors think she may have been overdoing it? She's had a very busy schedule, hasn't she? They call her "the princess on the run", don't they? Maybe she's been working too hard and maybe that's why she has to be at the hospital now. Okay, Palais. Thank you so much for your time today. Thank you. Coming up, the real estate agent caught selling drastically reduced homes to his very wealthy wife. And snoring. The world medical breakthrough that's The world medical breakthrough that's pain-free, cheap and working wonders. (snores) It's pretty amazing actually. The snoring is reduced or got rid of in about 85% to 90%. WOMAN: Where can I get ready for spring? MAN: At Mitre 10. With a round barbecue - $39.95, Morrison Vinaro 2 mower - $297, Adds up to 10/10. Now, does someone in your family snore? And have you ever missed And have you ever missed a good night's sleep because of it? Well, the answer is probably Yes, because nearly a quarter of us snore, and it can have a serious impact on our work and personal life, not to mention putting a huge strain on relationships. But as Gavin Alder reports,

a world medical breakthrough that's simple and cheap now offers households a peaceful night's sleep. I never got more than about an hour and a half sleep in one hit. (snores) There are days when you wake up and you think

"Oh gee, how much sleep did I get?" because I'm still tired even after a so-called full night's sleep. (snores) Eventually it got to the stage where I stopped digging her in the ribs and just got up and went to the spare bed. (snores) Snoring is ripping lives and relationships apart. Yes. Every night she'd wake me up, yep. Noel Skippen can't remember his last full night of uninterrupted sleep. His wife Suzanne is one of the 25% of all Australian adults who are chronic snorers. The guilt, you know, not looking forward to going to bed because I knew I'd be disturbing him.

So it created some tension. Yeah. Snoring is a multibillion-dollar industry. 40% of women and 65% of men snore from time to time. And there's a bewildering range of remedies from hypnosis to acupressure rings. Suzanne has tried it all. Copious amounts of different pillows, the band across the nose, all the sprays that you can think of. refused surgery because of the cost, Nothing has worked, and she has refused surgery because of the cost, the pain and the fact it requires a couple of days in hospital. I'm going to put a local anaesthetic injection, and then we're ready to go. That was until Queensland ear, nose and throat surgeon Don Laing went overseas to learn the Pillar procedure. Developed in Norway Dr Laing claims it's not much different to going to the dentist. It only requires a local anaesthetic before three thin strips of dacron are inserted into the soft palate. It's the soft palate where the vibration and snoring comes from. We come in to inject the needle just into the tissue of the soft palate and we shall inject the dacron like so.

It's all over in 15 minutes and then the patient is free to go. A chap last week had it done and rushed out to deliver a cow. David Short was the first patient to have the procedure done in Australia. Oh, fine. Yeah, not a problem. I actually went back to work 10 minutes after the procedure. Before the procedure David's symphony of snoring would rock the house every single night. Victoria, there is snoring - and then there's snoring! What category did you put David in? Oh, gale force 9. Shocking. (laughs) Truly?

Oh, yeah. You could hear him from the other end of the house. His wife Victoria says he was impossible to sleep with. I can see how it does - would possibly drive people apart. Just the relentless lack of sleep, I can see how. Because that does happen. Yes. We've heard of people splitting up because they can't sleep in the same room and the consequences that can have on a relationship. Dr Laing has seen it all before. I have a couple who have bought his and her houses one next to each other and they sleep in separate houses. Because the snoring was that bad? The snoring. For sure. And after treating snoring and sleep apnoea for 20 years Dr Laing has never been completely happy with what he could offer - until now. We're always looking for something new. We're driven to looking for something new

because always proceedings in the past really haven't lived up to expectations. It's early days but he's confident the Pillar procedure will change all that. Figures given by the regional researchers are saying that the snoring is reduced or got rid of in about 85% to 90%. I'm still waiting to see if that happens in my surgery but I'm expecting that. For David and Victoria, it's working. They have both been enjoying silent nights since his treatment a month ago.

And no problems since? No, none whatsoever. It's pretty amazing, actually. I've been getting my first night's sleep since we've been together

and I feel so much better during the day. It's amazing. And he's less grumpy, too. For Noel, the thought of a deep, restful night's sleep may now be more than just a dream. It'll be nice to wake up in the same bed. I'm looking forward to that again. Because it's been a while? M'mm. There's nothing like a happy ending. And further details can be found on our web site. And now, a look ahead to one of the stories I'll have for you tomorrow night

when we'll meet a big-shot real estate agent

caught slashing the price of his client's homes, then secretly selling them to his rich wife. REPORTER: Why don't you give Pauline the next month? Yeah, just give me the next month. I thought we were friends, Mark. I describe this sort of treatment as reprehensible.

It's wrong. It is very wrong. You didn't declare your interest, did you? Frank. Mark. End of conversation. That's tomorrow night.

And I look forward to your company for that. So until then, I hope you have a great evening. Please take care, and goodnight. Captioned by Seven Network Email -