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(generated from captions) euphoria as the Ashes change hands. Australia's pain and England's This program is captioned live.

euphoria as the Ashes change hands. Australia's pain and England's for the first time. Iemma and Debnam go head-to-head for a car-free day in Sydney. The Lord Mayor's plans Good evening. that's painful to report. We begin with news to England wasn't bad enough - As if losing the Rugby World Cup and aren't they crowing about it? now they have the Ashes,

in London tonight. A massive street parade will be held It was all over for Australia, from umpire Rudi Koertzen, but one final bit of theatre

sent England mad.

England have regained the Ashes. COMMENTATOR: There it is! to produce a team to retrieve them. 18 years they'd taken (Cheering) dispatched immediate hero-grams. The Queen and Prime Minister Blair At the beginning of the summer it was a real distant dream,

it's now become a reality. a hell of a lot of hard work in, Because the lads have put their own ability. they've believed in with national pride, The pubs overflowed for football. the kind England normally keeps (Cheering) Ricky Ponting tried to explain. Back at the Oval, we haven't made enough runs, We haven't batted well enough, first innings totals, we haven't made big enough has been a bit wayward. and our bowling at times England fans put it more simply. too many Englishmen Not enough Shane Warnes, and these belong to us now. And for all of Warne's brilliance, in his last Test in England, dropped catch off Pietersen, there was that one crucial thoughts of retirement. perhaps motivation to freeze Warne's I possibly have for 15 years I've given it everything when it's time to stop. and there'll come a time pretty soon and if we hang out for that, England are out in 18 months time At the moment -

for that one. Maybe I might have to hang around What can we say? and get them back pretty quick smart 1.5 years time, let's get them back

over here now. because it's pretty horrible It'll last a while, that feeling.

and party in Trafalgar Square England will parade through London Oh, it's so sad. from London, Michael Usher joins us now has anyone slept there yet? and Michael, just to have a spring in their step Mark, I think they've slept enough this morning, to all us Aussies living in London. and still to keep on rubbing it in partying last night They certainly had a great night around the place this morning but no, they're on their way to work square about who now owns the Ashes. and they're letting us know fair and parade that begins there And Michael tell us about the street in the next few hours. Yeah, Mark, it does. St Paul's Cathedral. We're just outside from me now. It will start a little down the road

their double-decker bus, The English team will get on board it's an open-top bus, on the top there, behind me, they'll come down this street down into Trafalgar Square. of people to line up around here. They're expecting tens of thousands possibly 500,000 people or more. And down in Trafalgar Square full honours of the city, They'll be given all the there'll be speeches, the honour they deserve they'll stand there and soak up all in the afternoon, and then a little later on cricket ground they'll go over to the Lord's

handing over of the Ashes where there will be a ceremonial the next 18 months anyway. which they now have for at least Mark. OK, Michael. Grin and bear it, mate. for Shane Warne - It's been a bittersweet day his 36th birthday. he's also celebrating all-conquering cricketers And it's the ages of our once that are now of concern - not far away, with a string of retirements will struggle to recover some fear Aussie cricket of senior citizens. without the current batch but from two of our finest captains, It may look like the end of the world from the defeat. it's not, as long as we learn Maybe we needed a loss everything in our game. to start working out how to improve captaincy. Steve Waugh backs Ricky Ponting's and make him a better captain. It will make him tougher began with Allan Border, Australia's Ashes winning streak whose team Ponting inherited - followed by Taylor and then Waugh,

has remained unchanged which, largely, and maybe that's part of the problem. Has age caught up with Australia? Just three players are in their 20s, while Warne, who turned 36 today, and McGrath 35, Test series in England. have played their last We've got some excellent players still got a couple of years left, and Glenn and Shane have probably to the future - but we are going to have to look of quick - a couple of bowlers. and try and unearth a couple clear heads to prevail Taylor and Waugh want before making significant changes. was a gripping contest, And while the series a part of Australia's undoing. winning that first Test may have been their ability to fight back, That's where we underestimated England side for a long time. which we haven't seen from the There's no doubt other cricketing nations a lift. the result will give are entitled to say Australia, I still think pretty close to the top they're up there at the moment. maybe not quite at the top a reality check, Australia has received the bell is tolling - while for a number of our players, it did for Waugh and Taylor for them. and it wasn't the end of the world there's always more golf. As a retired player, mate, Ken Sutcliffe, National Nine News. today, Big changes in State Parliament

going head to head for the first time with new premier Morris Iemma Peter Debnam. with new Opposition Leader than in the past, And during a more civilised debate having to raise taxes. Mr Iemma refused to rule out

the two new combatants A handshake between after an 11-week winter break. as Parliament resumes I said congratulations. Gone are the theatrics and the rough and tumble last seen when Bob Carr and John Brogden faced off. The bear pit has lost its growl. I welcome him to his position and look forward to the challenge. And the challenges are substantial - the Government facing voter anger over late running trains, hospital waiting lists and a real estate downturn - all set against the backdrop of a budget sliding further into debt. Will you rule out any new taxes and any increase in taxes and charges to fund Labor's budget black hole? The Premier's making no promises. This Government's approach is always to keep taxes as low as possible. You're in a deep hole and you dug the hole. After promising a showdown, Parliament's resumption was a fizzer. Morris Iemma says he won't be a pale imitation of Bob Carr and today he went a long way to proving that. But while he was playing it safe,

the Opposition Leader may regret this aside aimed at our northern neighbours over their more than generous share of the GST. We all agree Queenslanders are bludgers. Nigel Blunden, National Nine News. With almost 2.5 million cars registered in the Sydney region, Lord Mayor Clover Moore is pushing for one day of the year when there are none at all in the city centre.

The idea is to encourage city workers to find alternatives - whether it be public transport, a bicycle, or just plain walking. In Clover Moore's dream In Clover Moore's ream of the future, Sydney's streets would see a lot of this and a very great deal more of this and this. Public transport in Sydney is worse than any other city in Australia, yet we are Australia's global city. So, to get our attention, she's won council approval for a car-free day next year,

from Circular Quay to central railway, from Rushcutters Bay to Darling Harbour, nothing but buses, bicycles and light rail. It sounds like a stupid idea to me. If I was driving into the city, I don't know whether I'd like it. Well, you probably wouldn't - others doubted if the clock could ever be wound back. If the streets were full of horses, you would want a horse-free day too, I imagine. And the NRMA says reality has to be managed, not banned.

A city is not just about pedestrians - a city is about vehicles, it is about creating the economic impact we have here.

The Government's considered reaction to the Lord Mayor's plan... It's not on. Clover Moore is completely undeterred. She says Sydney is choking and she's a out to break the stranglehold. Peter Harvey, National Nine News. A day after being acquitted of David Hookes' manslaughter, bouncer Zdravko Micevic is now facing a civil court claim former Test cricketer David Hookes. from the wife of former st cr ck ter David Hookes. T da civil proceedings were launched T day civil proceedings were launched against the bouncer, the hotel and the company which employed him. Mrs Hookes' lawyer has likened the case to that of OJ Simpson, saying a damages claim could succeed, even though criminal charges failed. Most people would change their behaviour after being caught drink-driving just once - not this 49-year old man from WA, who appeared in court today on his 20th drink-driving offence. Garry Woods was breathalised on Friday night, with a reading more than five times the legal limit. He was bailed today but next time he appears police will be appealing for a jail term. At least he had enough sense to let a friend drive him home. The Federal Opposition claims Telstra is planning to slash its workforce by as much as 14,000. It's called on the Government to release a secret report, which outlines the cuts,

saying it's hiding crucial information from MPs voting on the Telstra sale. A short time ago Telstra said it hadn't made any decision to cut jobs. Federal Government departments has been accused of adopting illegal practices, normally used by people smugglers. Labor claims documents were falsified and identities manufactured for two Serbian asylum seekers so they could be deported. This is the couple at the centre of the storm - Ergi Kola and his wife, Valbona. Labor says that when the Immigration Department tried to deport them under their correct names, Serbia would not accept them. Serbia will not accept back ethnic Albanians

who fled and sought asylum from Milosevic. So immigration, according to the Shadow Minister, decided to deport the Kolas under different names - Paulin Pali and Venona Vata - and got the Foreign Affairs Department to falsify identity documents for them. In Parliament, the Citizenship Minister angrily denied that such a thing would happen. at such a thing would happen. I can assure you this Government does not engage in illegal practices. But Mr Burke had photocopies of two sets of IDs. These are the documents the Minister guaranteed do not exist - the bottom identities are the fake ones. In the end, the deportation did not go ahead. Labor says Mr Kola is now in the Baxter detention centre. Isn't the deliberate production of false identities in order to gain admission to a country what people smugglers do? But a spokesman for Foreign Affairs denies that IDs were falsified. He says the second set of documents was issued because Immigration advised it had established the couple's real identities. Laurie Oakes, National Nine News. In the news ahead - how Sydney's drivers ignoring school speeding zones. And the Australian who's now Miss Thailand.

There are major traffic delays in Sydney's south-east tonight

following an 8-car pile up on General Holmes Drive

near the airport. All four city-bound lanes have been closed and diversions are in place at the Princes Highway. Police say five people are being treated for injuries. There's a new weapon in Australia's fight against obesity - a $3 million survey of our children's eating and exercise habits. It's a joint initiative between the Federal Government and the Food and Grocery Council aimed at providing insights for the future. If we can improve the dietary habits early, then we may establish lifelong healthy behaviours.

The last such survey was 10 years ago - since then, Australia has become the second fattest nation in the western world.

We have some worrying results from an NRMA study tonight

if your children have to cross the road near their school - it's found that half of Sydney's drivers exceed the 40km/h limit in school zones. The results show many drivers are ignoring the warning signs when children are around. Only about half of the motorists are actually abiding by the law and reducing their speed down to 40km/h. And it's right across Sydney's school zones - from Woollahra in the city's east, to Fairfield in the west - the NRMA monitored 11 schools where there are no fixed speed cameras. The results are not good enough and we need to improve. And this, say motoring groups, is the solution. Flashing lights to warn drivers they're in a school zone are currently being trialled in a handful of areas but parent groups say that's far from good enough. It's about saving children's lives. We want flashing lights outside each and every school right across New South Wales. Staysafe agrees but wants even further safety measures. There should a colour-coded area - in other words, the road, and the footpath should be painted a certain colour so there's no excuse. so there's no excuse The Roads Minister says he'll wait for an RTA report into flashing lights before taking action. It is very challenging for drivers in 40km zones, the State Government is aware of that and we're applying ourselves to it. A decision is expected by the end of the year. Daniel Street, National Nine News.

The man in charge of America's emergency services has resigned over the bungled response to Hurricane Katrina. Mike Brown saying he was leaving to end further distraction from the relief effort. President Bush took a tour of New Orleans by army truck today, again promising to correct the failures of the rescue

and denying it was slow because the victims were poor and black. The storm didn't discriminate and neither will the recovery effort. The death toll has reached 500, including 44 people found dead in a hospital, while 40% of New Orleans remains under water. Some massive disruption in Los Angeles today with a power failure affecting half the city. There were traffic snarls when the lights went out and workers had to evacuate office towers. The blackout was caused by a wiring bungle but some feared a terrorist attack was under way, following yesterday's threats by al-Qa'ida. Also in the United States - Prime Minister Howard has addressed business leaders, urging increased world trade with China.

Mr Howard says China's economic growth is a golden opportunity

and claims that engaging in business is the best way to deal with its rising strategic power. This is John Howard's way of shaking off the jet lag of the nearly 20-hour flight to New York - up early and out into Central Park. Then a speech to the Asia Society. These people specialise in business in Asia and were keen to hear his take on China. Mr Howard believes that too many people fear Asia's awakening giant. China's progress is good for China and good for the world. Its economic liberalisation and integration into the world economy has lifted hundreds of millions of people out of poverty. Mr Howard is here

to take part in an unprecedented gathering of world leaders at the United Nations. America is leading the charge for reform at the UN. They had hoped for majority support for statements decrying terrorism and agreements on arms control, but the PM hinted there are problems. I don't think we should slit our wrists if an agreement about a particular document on a particular occasion hasn't been achieved. So even before it starts, diplomats are saying that we can't any expect significant decisions to come from this very expensive gathering, providing more ammunition for the growing number of UN critics.

At the UN in New York, Robert Penfold, National Nine News. A 20-year-old Sydney woman has been crowned Miss Thailand. Angela McKay has a Thai mother and an Australian father. She grew up in Australia but moved to Bangkok two years ago because she couldn't break into the Sydney modelling market. She'll now contest the Miss World title in China at the end of the year. Ken with sport is next, and I hate to say it, but there's more on England's Ashes triumph. Yes, Mark, the pain runs deep - thanks largely to a Pietersen century that sunk Australia's chances. And can the Tigers replicate last weekend's form against the Broncos? you could save, call 13 22 44. (Sighs) Right. That's a lot to read, isn't it? WOMAN: Not for me. I just finished a speed-reading course. Graduated top of my class. Really? Yeah. Watch how fast I can read it. OK. Time me. Alright. Go. Finished. Let me have a go. OK. On your marks... Mm-hm. OK. Get set... SMOOTH, JAZZY MUSIC Fortunately, there are easier ways to clean your insides Try taking Metamucil every day Metamucil - the sensible daily cleanser for your insides. Australia's wounded cricketers will head home in the next few days, the first team since the '80s to lose a Test series, and, of course, the Ashes to England. Despite some final day heroics, slippery fingers cost the Aussies dearly, allowing England to pile on a second inning lead of 341 - a maiden Test century from Kevin Pietersen batting Australia out of the match. The draw gave the home side the series, 2-1. They queued up in their thousands, hoping a 16-year drought was about to end, but Australia wasn't surrendering without a fight. COMMENTATOR: Gone! What a catch! Gilchrist at full stretch, and the very next ball, McGrath was at it again. Gone, first ball. Somehow Pietersen denied him the hat-trick, but he appeared to be batting on borrowed time. Dropped twice, the second by Warne an absolute sitter.

Warne doesn't drop many, but has he just dropped the urn? And the big-hitting Englishman made them pay. A bit like that, you mean? Warne trapped Trescothick... ..then fooled Flintoff. And suddenly the world championships were back in the fight. Lee had Pietersen in his sights, but he gave as good as he got. It's in the air - and it's gone a long, long way again. Collingwood became Warne's 10th wicket, but Pietersen batted on,

closing in on his own place in Ashes history and England's fans were prepared to do anything to see it. It's not that important again, mate. But his century put everyone on a high. That's it, the arms are aloft, four through extra cover signals Pietersen's first Test hundred. McGrath eventually ended his run on 158, while Warne finished with 12 wickets for the match,

but it was all too late to stop England's celebrations. Paul Crawley, National Nine News. Beware the wounded Broncos - that's the message being rammed home to the Wests Tigers this week. Brisbane has lost its last six games but the Tigers say that just makes them more dangerous leading into Sunday's sudden death final. The Broncos are hurting -

just ask Tigers captain Scott Prince - it's been two years since he left the club but Prince can still feel what flows through its veins.

Although they're not playing well, I know for a fact, a deflated Broncos side is very dangerous. Whatever happened in round 15 shouldn't really matter now but the Tigers haven't forgotten how Brisbane scored 30 points against them in almost even time. They just gave us a good, old-fashioned smack on the bum. And their head-to-head record also isn't good - Brisbane leads, 11-1. I rate them as a heavy weight, that's for sure, and I think they wouldn't look out of place in a grand final. In a timely boost, Brett Hodgson looks set to finish his career at the Tigers - the 27-year-old has re-signed for another three years and that's a relief for everyone in Tiger Town. Thankfully, after all this time, we've reached an agreement whihc I'm sure that both parties are very happy with. And Melbourne has reacted angrily to the Cowboys stirring the pot again on the grapple tackle issue - the NRL has no problems with the Storm, players are sick of being questioned about the issue and club officials have now put North Queensland on notice about what they say are regular off-the-ball incidents. We've certainly got some information we told them about last week, that if we decide, we will become very public. Clinton Fletcher National Nine News.

That Kevin Pietersen batted really

well, but do you think he'll regret

the hairstyle? I hope so. After the break, finance and Jaynie with the weather details. SONG: # Get rhythm

# Get rhythm when you get the blues... # No matter what you're building, brighter people are using products made from BlueScope Steel materials, like XLERPLATE and COLORBOND steel.

# When you get the blues. # To breaking news now - and the man accused of coordinating the Australian embassy bombing in Jakarta last year has been sentenced to death. not only plotted the attack Indonesian militant Rois but bought the van and the explosive materials. A judge has just handed down the verdict. 10 Indonesians died in the explosion, including a 16-year-old schoolgirl. He's the most senior bomber to be sentenced so far but the two masterminds are still on the run. In finance, a strong report card from the International Monetary Fund and predictions that inflation will remain low

while the economy continues to grow. Now here's Jaynie with the weather. A calmer and slightly warmer day today with the city temperature now on 16. Winds have been slowly easing after today's strongest gusts over the harbour and at Badgerys creek. Clumps of high cloud have covered the skies but free of rain yet again. 21 which is 1 over the average for Sydneysiders. The Blue Mountains a chilly 11. It has been an overcast day in the south-east with temperatures generally about 5-8 below the September average. A few scattered showers about and storms in western SA, tracking eastwards. Gale winds blasting the south-west of WA with the front. For us? Nothing but a sprinkle over the western slopes of the southern ranges. Wednesday we have a weak trough stretching from the NT into southern NSW and Victoria, so it will be the southern inland areas receiving a few showers, a dusting of white powder on the slopes and moderate to locally fresh west-north-westerly winds. Around the country - Canberra late showers, easing winds. A few moving into Melbourne but drying up in Hobart, Adelaide and Perth. Inland showers for Darwin and a moderate to high fire danger for Brisbane. Sydney, you will be cloudy, light to moderate westerlies and coastal seabreezes in the afternoon. 21 tomorrow but it will feel warmer than today because of the lighter winds. Still going for a wet one on Friday but under 5mms expected. That's it for the next 7 days with maximum temperatures in the low 20s, Mark. That's National Nine News for this Tuesday. I'm Mark Ferguson. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.