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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Al-Qa'ida's direct threat against an Australian city. A Sydney family targeted in a series of driveby shootings. Caltex says it won't apologise for high petrol prices. We begin with breaking news out of Melbourne,

with the man accused of killing cricketer David Hookes found not guilty of manslaughter just moments ago. Bouncer Zdravko Micevic had waited five days for the jury's verdict. His lawyers had argued the 23-year-old was acting in self defence, after Hookes had hit him after an argument outside a pub 20 months ago. We'll bring you more details shortly. The alarming prospect of a terrorist attack on Australian soil may have edged slightly closer, with a new al-Qa'ida video naming Melbourne as a likely target. Authorities are taking it seriously but do not believe it amounts to anything more than a hollow threat. Australia has been mentioned in previous video dispatches. Now it seems al-Qa'ida has a specific target. Yesterday London and Madrid, tomorrow Los Angeles and Melbourne, Allah willing. The man behind the mask is thought to be Adam Gadahn, a known al-Qa'ida operative, who grew up in southern California. It's the second time in 12 months he's fronted the camera. We love nothing better than the heat of battle, the echo of explosions and slitting the throats of the infidels. The 11-minute video was obtained by an American television network in Pakistan as it was aired around the world, PM John Howard was in New York commemorating the fourth anniversary of 9/11 with a visit to Ground Zero. The best response to things like this is to redouble our protective efforts, which we are doing. In Melbourne the Premier called on Victorians to ignore the threat. We'd be playing into their hands if all of a sudden we said, "Oh, yes, we are fearful." The reality is we have very sound security arrangements in place. And they will be bolstered even further next March for the Commonwealth Games. It certainly puts Melbourne in the spotlight. Despite the video, Australia's terror level remains at medium. Security experts believe the threat, while serious, is just more propaganda. It's always possible

an affiliate might be encouraged as a result of this but I'm not sure that there's anyone in Melbourne that has kind of capability at the moment. Damian Ryan, National Nine News. As Australians and Americans were confronted by today's new terrorist threat, the US was also honouring the victims of the September 11 attacks on New York and Washington. It's now four years since Osama bin Laden unleashed his hijack teams in the world's deadliest terrorist plot. (Bell tolls) They came, four years on, to read and to listen to a long list of names -

2,700 in all - all victims on that one day in New York. Robert Joseph... This time the widow and daughter of an Australian victim, Stephen Tompsett, attended. He lived and worked here in America and although it is four years, the hurt still runs deep. Well I just remember my dad and remember what a good person he was. This year it was a little different at Ground Zero, mainly brothers and sisters were given the opportunity to read out the names of the victims. Gary Robert Hague. (Together) And our brother - Jonathon Eric Briley. In Washington, it was a very different ceremony - A pro-Iraq war rally and a concert. The idea was to show support for the troops, who, these days, are getting unsettled, hearing grumblings by a growing number of Americans, that Iraq is a waste of lives and money. (Sings country music)

Even though those threats have been made to other cities, security here in New York today was discreet but extremely tight. And that's going to continue for the entire week as world leaders, including John Howard, gather here for meetings at the United Nations. In New York, Robert Penfold, National Nine News.

Police say members of a single family were the targets of a series of driveby shootings in four suburbs last night across Sydney's south-west. Three homes were sprayed with bullets while a 25-year-old man was shot in the arm and the hand. The four shootings happened within 90 minutes - a man was shot at Campsie before the gunmen fired on homes at Panania, Punchbowl and Croydon. Detectives believe that those shootings are all connected - the victim and the victim's family are associated with all of those premises. Soon after the victim admitted himself to Canterbury Hospital with arm and hand wounds, his mother's house was targeted.

I just saw the gunshots on the window

and I saw my mum crying and one the neighbours got to me, "someone shot your house" and I just went crazy. As police recovered several cars from the victim's backyard and a Samurai sword, neighbours told of their fears. It concerns me because of the safety of my kids. It's pretty scary to have something like this happen here. At Condell Park, the gunmen abandoned a late model Mazda, stolen from the victim's family, and dumped their pistols after five more shots were heard during a police chase. We sort of thought, "Should we hide, should we duck, "or what should we do?" For major crime squad detectives it's a case of back to the future, and quite possibly the drawing board. Urban violence of this intensity has not been witnessed in Sydney since the height of the gang wars in the city's south-west two years ago. Adam Walters, National Nine News. Now back to that not guilty verdict in the David Hookes case and we're joined by reporter Rachael Rollo in Melbourne. Rachael, how have Hookes's family and friends reacted?

David Hookes's widow remained

impassive in the court room when

the verdict was read out. She

hasn't said much and remained

impassive as Misevic, the man who

was accused of the manslaughter of

Hookes, remained impassive. He's

now a free man, having been found

not guilty by a jury of six men and

six women. This is what he had to

say on the steps of the Victorian

Supreme Court a up eme Court a short

Supreme Court a short time ago. I'd

like to express my condolences to

the Hookes's family, sorry it's

happened. It's unfortunate. I wish

them all the best for the future.

I'm glad it's all over, mate. With predictions our already high petrol prices could go up to $1.45 a litre, the NRMA has called an emergency summit. But don't expect any help from the oil companies - the boss of Caltex saying that he would not apologise to struggling drivers. With record prices fuelling motorists' anger, oil giants are now feeling the heat.

But today the Caltex chief was unrepentant. I wouldn't apologise for the prices the way they are. Caltex blames world oil prices, including the loss of production in America after Hurricane Katrina, and dismisses claims it's ripping off motorists. I would never describe the refining and marketing business as one that has a profiteering element in it. With household budgets already stretched, business is now feeling the pain too. It's clear that there will be price increases

and there will be price increases because of the significant lift in petrol prices. Amid warnings of worse to come, the NRMA is calling for an emergency summit on Thursday week, bringing together the Federal and State Governments, motorists, service station owners, oil companies and the competition watchdog. What the NRMA is doing with 2.5 million members is blowing the whistle, saying the public wants a good open debate on this. After nearly 50 inquiries into fuel prices in the past 20 years, the value of another meeting is questionable. Caltex says it won't attend. The Prime Minister says it will achieve nothing. The NRMA warns consumers are fed up and want action. Motorists have simply had enough. Nigel Blunden, National Nine News. Despite complaining that legislation for the full sale of Telstra is being pushed through Parliament too quickly, maverick Senator Barnaby Joyce today voted against a motion to allow more time. The Queenslander toed the Government line after a series of meetings with National Party heavyweights. "What's the rush?" Barnaby Joyce asked on breakfast radio this morning. Since he'd already uncovered a couple of problems with the Telstra sale bills, Parliament should take more time to properly examine the legislation before voting on it. I think we need a little more time to have a look at it, to feel comfortable with it.

But even as he spoke, the National Party's heavyweights were already lining up to pull their wayward colleague into line. This is the week that we've got to pass the legislation. I'll talk to him today. REPORTER: What about the suggestion of a longer senate inquiry? No, no, no, We've had the inquiry, thank you. It was that one-day inquiry last Friday that Senator Joyce had branded inadequate. So Labor moved in the senate to delay a vote on the legislation for three weeks, and challenged the big-talking Queenslander to support it. Instead, he obediently voted the Government line, helping to defeat the resolution. The result of the division there being 35 ayes and 36 nos, the matter is resolved in the negative. He'd been talked around at a 40-minute meeting in the office of National Party Leader and acting PM Mark Vaile. Every time I have a discussion with Barnaby, it's a good, healthy, robust discussion. Former minister Bruce Scott, who is President of the Queensland Nationals, will now go through the legislation point by point with Senator Joyce to assure him it honours all aspects of the deal he agreed to a fortnight ago. The vote will have to be this week, and I would suggest he's more than likely, at this stage, to be a supporter of this legislation.

Laurie Oakes, National Nine News. Dragons winger Wes Naiqama has been caught driving without a licence for the third time. He met club officials this afternoon and was ordered to undertake a community based education program. Wes is a very good quality young man who's made a poor decision. Naiqama has apologised for his actions and admits he thought he'd be sacked. Yeah, I pretty much thought the worst. He'll face court in October. In the news ahead - Kerry Stokes's billion-dollar court battle. And the death toll down-graded from Hurricane Katrina. Imagine if everything you liked suddenly got even better. EXCITING MUSIC Sporty looks, award-winning safety and handling, and to top it all off, No, make that three times. There are millions of super fund and union members out there. MOUTHS: Oh! There's a low-cost bank that's been created M.E. - Members Equity Bank. So for simple, secure, low-cost banking, call ME on 13 15 63 or visit the website. One of the survivors of the Sea King helicopter tragedy has told an inquiry that being thrown from the aircraft as it crashed probably saved his life. Corporal Scott Nichols says the first he remembers is waking up in the grass and of Indonesian locals dragging him free of the smoking wreckage. Corporal Nichols suffered severe leg injuries in the crash, which claimed the lives of nine Australians. The damage bill from yesterday's factory fire in Wentworthville has been put at more than $500,000. A building supplies warehouse was gutted - the wreckage still smouldering this morning. Part of the Great Western Highway was closed for several hours as 80 firefighters tackled the blaze. One of their main concerns was controlling the smoke to prevent asbestos fumes drifting into residential areas. Media baron Kerry Stokes has begun a landmark legal challenge that has the potential to reshape Australia's pay TV industry. He claims rivals brought down his C7 sports channel, and he wants $1 billion in compensation. He's Britain's highest-paid barrister - Jonathan Sumption QC - the man Kerry Stokes is banking on in what's been billed as Australia's biggest media trial and this is where it will unfold - Federal Courtroom 21a - fitted out to accommodate the teams of lawyers, eight of them Queen's Counsels. The Seven Network is seeking up to $1 billion in damages. It's claim - that a consortium led by Foxtel's part owners, News Limited and PBL, set out to destroy Stokes's now defunct pay channel, C7, by colluding to win Australian Rules TV rights. But in a statement from Foxtel, the 22 defendants in the case adding that the failure of C7: Everything about this case is big. The hearing could drag on for nine months - Mr Sumption's opening address alone could take four days, then there's his $20,000 daily fee, not to mention what's at stake for the parties involved. Apart from damages, Kerry Stokes wants Justice Ron Sackville to order News and PBL to sell their 25% Foxtel shareholdings, but he could also be liable for hundreds of millions of dollars in legal costs. Brad Schmitt, National Nine News. The death toll in the New Orleans hurricane disaster is likely to be much lower than the possible 10,000 forecast by city officials. As the water recedes, authorities say they are finding fewer bodies than expected. President Bush returned to the region today, trying to restore lost ground, following the fiasco of the rescue effort. Waters remain high in some parts of New Orleans, while a full cleanup has begun in the higher parts of town. The official death toll across five southern states is now 424. Japan's Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi has retained power with an even greater majority following yesterday's general election.

Mr Koizumi's coalition will control two-thirds of the vote in the new parliament. This poll was seen as a referendum on the government's reform agenda, including privatisation of the postal service. Israel has ended 38 years of occupation of the Gaza Strip. the withdrawal completed as tanks came out in the early hours of the morning. Palestinians poured into the vacated settlement areas,

torching synagogues. While the pullout is being celebrated by the Palestinians, they fear that Israel will strengthen its occupation of areas on the West Bank. Ken with sport next and for the Eels and the Dragons there's encouraging news on the injury front. And it's not all bad for the Storm either. Also England poised to win back the Ashes from Australia. And Roger Federer wins his sixth Grand Slam title, the US Open.

PHONE RINGS WHISPERING VOICE: Eat me... PHONE RINGS (Growls) Eat me. MAGICAL MUSIC (Breathes deeply) HYPNOTIC MUSIC Look into my apple & cinnamon Swirl. Know that I will taste amazing. Mmm!

New Tip Top Swirls. Hypnotically delicious. Mixed news for Melbourne today in the lead up to Sunday's sudden death final against the Cowboys. Billy Slater won't play while Robbie Kearns is hopeful. At Parramatta, Nathan Hindmarsh continues to make a speedy recovery from a knee injury that was threatening to derail his finals campaign. Now just one win away from the season decider, Parramatta is showing no signs of landing belly up this year. As with the Dragons, the Eels now have a week off and Hindmarsh continues to push his recovery skills. This is my first day really doing any exercise on it, not too bad, still a bit sore, but going well. And expect to see a little more of this pre-game - Michael Vella and Eric Grothe rocking and rolling in the dressing room and not just for the fun of it. Used to get a little bit nervous, now I just try and enjoy myself. Feels better on the field too, don't get sick out there, it's good. The news at Dragons was encouraging - Jason Ryles's hamstring and back concerns are easing and Ben Creagh's knee will be right in a fortnight. I'll start running this Thursday if everything goes to plan, so it's going alright. In Melbourne. the injury clouds hanging over Billy Slater and Robbie Kearns haven't cleared but the news isn't all bad. Slater has damaged ankle ligaments but hasn't given up hope of playing in the Grand Final if the Storm get that far.

While a stitched up Robbie Kearns could be a surprise starter against the Cowboys, despite injuring his shoulder on the weekend. It could be my last game and I'd hate to think I wasn't there this weekend and we to go out after week two of the semifinals yet again. And the Broncos' Justin Hodges is back on his feet - a knee injury has kept him sidelined since round 24 but that looks certain to change. Clinton Fletcher, National Nine News. The Sydney Swans took a dip at Bondi today trying to wash away all the hype that has followed their stunning last-minute win over Geelong. You read about it every day, how fantastic it was, but to get back today, we've reviewed the game, gone through that so that's sort of history now and we're on to the future and that's St Kilda, Friday night. An upset win would give the Swans a place in the Grand Final. With just one day remaining in the Fifth Test, Australia's hopes of retaining the Ashes are slipping away. After such a promising start, the tourists collapsed to be all out for 367 in their first innings. England ahead by 40 runs and with nine wickets in hand, need only a draw to secure the series and the Ashes. With just his fourth delivery... Catch! Yeah! ..Warne landed the breakthrough before poor light, again, brought an early end to day four. 56 overs lost but the Aussies were maintaining a sense of humour. COMMENTATOR: They've all got sunglasses on. Do you think they're taking the mickey or what? When you're playing the best in the world and you're 2-1 up

and the weather is in your favour, would you come off? The forecast for the final day is at least brighter but what Australia need is a miracle. As we've all seen through the series, there's been plenty of twists and turns and I'm sure there will be a bit more turning tomorrow. Day four provided plenty for England - COMMENTATOR: It's in the air and out! Martyn gone for 10, Flintoff fired up - Hayden his next victim on 138... That is very close. ..and from there came a collapse, Katich fell for one and after a promising start, Gilchrist was the next to go on the last ball before lunch. Hoggard has got reward. Hoggard finished with 4/97, Flintoff 5/78, as Australia tumbled, losing seven wickets for just 44 runs. At stumps,

Roger Federer showed plenty of fight to withstand a fired-up Andre Agassi and win his second consecutive US Open title this morning. In a brilliant final, the 35-year-old American threw everything at Federer before losing in four sets. Federer must have felt like public enemy number one in Agassi's backyard, more so after taking the first set.

Agassi was prepared to try anything. He came to the net... COMMENTATOR: Agassi's in a dogfight again. ..and traded blow for blow on the baseline, busting Federer in the second and leading 4-2 in the third. That's great. Somehow the defending champion lifted when Agassi was at his punishing best. CHEERING Three previous 5-set matches began to take its toll on Agassi as Federer broke back and forced a tie break.

That's great. That was the beginning of the end for Agassi. And there it is again. The American had given it his best shot. He was out of steam and Federer knew it. And there it is. Once again, Federer saved his best for last. I don't know how I do it, but it definitely feels great every single time. At his 20th US Open, Agassi never hinted one way or another whether he would be back. With three races remaining, Australia's Ryan Briscoe is in hospital following a fiery incident in the Chicagoland Indy 300. Briscoe's car became airborne, slammed into the fence and then split in two in a ball of flames.

Very lucky boy. Stosur won the

doubles today at the US Open. That's a big win. After the break finance and Jaynie with the weather details. SONG: # Get rhythm

# Get rhythm when you get the blues... # No matter what you're building, brighter people are using products made from BlueScope Steel materials, like XLERPLATE and COLORBOND steel. # When you get the blues. #

In finance - home owners have been hit with the renovating bug, causing a surge in activity in the latest quarter. It follows steady interest rates, stable house prices and generous tax cuts. On the markets, further pain for Telstra shareholders.

Yes, welcome rain for some farmers not much in Sydney over the weekend. Current temperature now 16. A rocky ride as we pan across the city. A lot cooler than our summery weekend

as those wild winds have been ripping through Sydney behind the low.

Gusts have reached over 65km/h for many areas. Just a few sheets of cloud about but no rain.

Smiling faces for some of NSW over the weekend with this low now heading out to sea. 50mm-60mm fell in Parkes, Cowra and Orange to name a few. And roughly 15mm-25mm fell over some of our catchments. Tomorrow there should be isolated showers along the western slopes of the southern ranges of NSW with snow on the alps and southerly winds. Showers and isolated storms in SA and a front heading towards south-west WA.

At least the weekend is looking good at this stage, Mark. That's National Nine News for this Monday. A Current Affair is next. I'm Mark Ferguson. Goodnight.

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