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# Reach up for the sunrise to the big sky... # Put your hands in this is Weekend Sunrise. Right across Australia, Lisa Wilkinson and Chris Reason. Now from Brekky Central, Now from Brekky Central,

# Reach up for the sunrise # Put your hands in to the big sky # and welcome to the show. Well, good morning, everyone And can you believe it, the September 11 attacks on America. it's now been four years since of Osama Bin Laden. And still no sign

Shortly on the show, on the war on terror. our report card

and what's still to be done. What's been achieved a Weekend Sunrise exclusive. Also this morning,

is on a brief visit to Australia. Cheryl Kernot she has no plans to move back. She will tell us why

There's something about women in

politics and in public life where

you're either a Madonna or a whor.

Is it fair to describe her as


Probably no more so than any

politician you care to name, mail

or female, who has left politics

before they believe to be what is

their time

And left the country. He she is now

live ning the UK.

Is she coming home?

Not at the moment. But she

certainly still takes an active

interest in politics, she is

following on what is going on in

the country.

The full interview is coming up. to find anyone in Canberra He hasn't been able

And so is Mark Riley. of Telstra's new boss. who can pronounce the surname you'll only find in the Riley Diary It is the kind of scandal after 8.30. it was a big weekend for you. Speaking of scandal,

I understand your buck's party was on Friday night

Yes, but I'm here in one piece.

Is the wedding still on course?

The wedding is still on course, she

is still talking to me, everything

is fine. 40 of my best and closest

turned up at the wharf

After Friday night, you're much closer than you were on Friday

afternoon, you know a few more of

each other see secrets.

Yes, apbltd secrets they will

remain. It is a terrifying ordeal.

We turned up at this boat which

looked like an Indonesian people's

smugglers pwhot. On the week that

gill gan died, we're just going out

for our three hour tour.

Any gingers, Mary an?

You know what happens on the

harbour stays on the harbour.

We'd like to hear from you about

your buck's party stories. Keep them relatively clean! or what did you do to someone else? What happened to you Just head to the soapbox. with the latest from the newsroom. But let's begin this morning Here's Simon. Good morning, everyone. very interesting in the cricket. And boy, things are getting Australia is in a strong position of the final Ashes Test. after day three and Justin Langer Centuries by Matthew Hayden Centuries by Matthew Hayden

total against England at The Oval. have laid the foundation for a big

Australia finished the day on 2/277. Despite rain interruptions, before Steve Harmison struck. Langer made 105 since July last year. Hayden's century was his first With two days remaining, to retain the Ashes. Australia has to win the Test Telstra may need to be delayed. Next week's vote on the sale of Queensland Senator Barnaby Joyce considering his position. is spending the weekend he would support the sale, After indicating with the legislation he now says he is not comfortable being rushed through Parliament. with increasing anger His hesitation coincides to give themselves massive pay rises. over moves by Telstra bosses has killed three backpackers A Queensland road crash seriously injured. and left eight others drive north-west of Bundaberg. A minibus collided with a four-wheel The bus was carrying tourists South Korea and Canada. from France, Germany,

on the cause of the accident. No details yet The threat of terrorism planning for the worst. has the New South Wales Government a special bunker for top officials. They are reportedly planning to build in London and Washington. Similar structures exist States are considering similar moves. The Sunday Telegraph says other has spoken of her torment Australian model Michelle Leslie after being locked in a Bali jail. News Limited newspapers The 24-year-old has told and the simple things in life she misses her freedom

and watching sunsets. like going out to dinner Leslie is still awaiting charges in her handbag. after police found ecstasy pills if convicted. She faces 15 years behind bars

best-known celebrities Some of the the world's in cities across the United States have gathered at concerts

of Hurricane Katrina. to raise money for victims U2, Alicia Keys and Paul Simon Shelter from the Storm concerts. were among the performers at the Morgan Freeman and Julia Roberts, Actors including Jack Nicholson, to help raise money. took to the phones Right now, to families they've never met. Americans are opening their doors from the hurricane The official death toll than previously predicted. is now thought to be far lower for survival at the US Open. Lleyton Hewitt is fighting against world No.1 Roger Federer Hewitt is down two sets to love but has a break in the third. is already through to the final. Andre Agassi in the second set, Hewitt had several set points but couldn't convert them, blow in the tie breaker. with Federer delivering the killer in the final. The winner will face Andre Agassi

The remarkable 35-year-old received

a standing oh vaigs.

something else. He is

has ended in humiliation. Port Adelaide's premiership defence

The Adelaide Crows proved

of South Australian football. they are now the undisputed kings 8-1 goal third term Adelaide produced a devastating by 83 points. to win the knockout semifinal in Perth The Crows will now play West Coast in next Saturday's preliminary final. in the NRL finals. A night of controversy in a spiteful match. St George Illawarra downed Cronulla Melbourne defeated Brisbane. The Broncos coach Wayne Bennett of taking a dive, accused Melbourne's Matt Orford which disallowed a Brent Tate try. Bennett says it was the defining moment of the match with his team trailing 18-10. St George Illawarra came from behind to end Cronulla's season. next week off The Dragons will now have before a preliminary final in two weeks time. And if the Ashes doesn't go to plan this weekend, And thunderstorms today in Brisbane with 26 degrees. The chance of rain for the big marathon in Sydney. A bit of thunder about in both Canberra and Hobart. Isolated showers for Melbourne, and some scattered rain for Adelaide and Perth. And guys, I'll have more news at 8.30. Thanks, Simon. Well, today is September 11 and it's impossible not to think back to the events in New York and Washington four years ago. While memorial services will be held around the world, the war on terror continues. And so does the hunt for the man behind the attacks. But just why has the world's most wanted man so far alluded authorities? Keith Suter is our Foreign Affairs editor. Good morning to you. Good morning. The $64 million question - in fact, it has probably doubled by now - where is Osama Bin Laden? Does anybody have any idea? We know where he is. He is in Waziristan which is the border between southern Afganistan and northern Pakistan, so we know the general area in which he is based. The problem is it is a very rugged place, full of caves,

and he's surrounded by people who are basically sympathetic to him. So the only way you can get him So the only way you can get him is by going in there on foot and people are reluctant to do that. Keith, is it possible we may never find him? There is a possibility of that because the guy has now been hidden away for so long

and there are all sorts of suspicions about the state of his health, so there's always a possibility that he might actually die without being captured. But he's still very active, obviously. I think he's active as a spiritual head of the movement. He is not involved in the day-to-day planning, but he is an important figure because he is an idol for many impressionable young Muslims around the world, and so people look to him to be their spiritual leader, but he is not involved in the day-to-day planning.

He basically set up a franchise operation and you've now got a network of cells scattered around the world who are operating really on their own agenda, but under his general, if you like, spiritual oversight. Let's take a summary look then. Four years on, where are we now in the war on terror? You'd have to say the war on terror is not going too well, in the sense that if you look back at World War II, the Americans got involved in 1941 and within four years the war was over, Hitler was dead. Here we are four years on and the main enemy, the most wanted man in the world, is still on the loose. I think also you'd have to say that we've had a series of other attacks, of course, most recently and tragically London on July 7. So in a sense, we are still a little on the back foot. We know that some of Osama's cells have been wound up, we've caught some of the people. A lot of them are in jail, some are on trial, some have killed themselves. But you'd have to say after four years of intensive campaigning against the world's most important super power, the Americans are still doing badly and Osama is still out there a little ahead. What has the cost been so far? Incalculable. In a number of ways, it would be difficult to calculate. One is the direct military cost of a campaign both in Afganistan but also in Iraq which has been one of the reasons why there is disquiet in the US, because there's a feeling - for example, Richard Clark,

who was Mr Counter Terrorism under President Reagan

has said President Bush has missed the plot,

we should have been going after Osama bin Laden. Instead, we've gone on this detour in Iraq and has only incurred even more anti-American feeling in the Middle East. So there is a military cost not only for Afganistan but also Iraq, there's the incredible cost that is involved with setting up the Department of Homeland Security, the biggest government reorganisation in the US since World War II. There's been a lot of turmoil over that.

There are long-term costs. For example, I was with a group of academics, who were saying it is now very difficult to bring talented young students into the US to study because of all the scrutineering that has to go on of their academic record, their political influences. The Americans have managed to keep ahead of the technological gain by recruiting the best and brightest from other countries such as India and then they live in the US after they graduate. Now it is much more difficult to get into the US. There is a direct military cost, but there are these other subsequent costs. And the human cost as well. I've got to ask you before we wrap up four years on, as we say, we thought Americans would have had time to prepare for any major scale disaster and then we have New Orleans.

It has got to make people ask the question are our governments prepared? I think the problem of Katrina to launch another terrorist attack, precisely at a time when the Americans are feeling so vulnerable. E

Our problem is we're going to be

talking about this war for the fex

20 or 30 years because no American

president or Prime Minister could

ever declare an end to the

hostilities and then risk there

being a bomb going off a week later,

because then you'd end up getting

sued and so we're going to be

talking about this now for the next

20 or 30 years.

It is difficult cult to fight a war

when you can't see the enemy. Ahead, with anyone in Canberra pronounce the name of Telstra's new boy. A funny Reilly diary after 8.30. But next, the personal thoughts of Cheryl Kernot.

Find out why she can't any longer call Australia home.

Well, there was a time when Cheryl Kernot was billed as a potential Prime Minister. But after switching camps to Labor, things started to go very wrong. Members of her own party and the Canberra press gallery decided to turn on her. The result blurred the line between personal and public life and left Cheryl Kernot looking for a new home in London. She is on a brief visit to Australia this week and sat down with Weekend Sunrise.

As you will see, she still has plenty of scores to settle. It's always good to come back. The sky is so blue and clear and the sea water is so beguiling. I miss that a lot. She became one of Australia's most prominent female politicians but since she fled to London, no-one's heard from Cheryl Kernot until now. REPORTER: Why did you go to London? Why did you choose completely the other side of the world?

Nobody offered me a job here. I got a job in London. She was the force that changed the political landscape as leader of the third major party. OLD FOOTAGE: We'll keep the bastards honest. But after championing the Democrats for four and a half years, she switched to Labor. I don't know whether I will succeed or fail. And I'm hurting a lot of people that I care very much about. There was this kind of media fascination with the fact that I'd changed parties and I think somehow I was going to be punished for that. Women aren't allowed to take risks, you know. In hindsight, do you think it was a mistake to move over to the Labor Party? It's hard to answer that because I had outgrown where the Democrats were, but the Labor Party wasn't particularly accommodating. As it turns out, I didn't understand enough about the Labor Party. Do you think you were naive about the goings on inside the Labor Party, the way the whole thing is structured? Yeah, absolutely. Why didn't anybody tell you? I don't know. I think when you're in politics and you're in the Senate and you're watching, you think you know, but perhaps there's no way of knowing. Looking back, would you do anything differently? Yes, I would have stuck up for my gut instinct when I joined the party. When you joined the Labor Party? When I joined the Labor Party. I should not have settled for the silly, masculine values of proving yourself. Cheryl Kernot was given the marginal seat of Dickson. She narrowly won the first time around. But at the next election, she lost the seat. It hasn't worked and it is for a whole lot of complicated reasons. They didn't say what are Cheryl Kernot's strengths and weaknesses. They just said, "Here's a leftover seat on a map which no factions are fighting for, "put her in there."

If that was bad, the next two years were terrible. Kernot released what was billed as a tell-all book, but she omitted an affair with then ALP frontbencher Gareth Evans, and the media went into a frenzy. There are plenty of political autobiographies out there that haven't been completely open in their declarations of their private affairs. Why do you think yours was singled out? Because it was me!

Mine wasn't a biography - an autobiography. Mine was a memoire, you know. I made a choice - I made a really conscious choice, not to hurt people. But the fallout was monumental. She was branded a liar and many claimed she had only changed parties to be closer to Evans.

It was not instrumental in my decision to leave the Democrats, although men seem to find that hard to believe. But I had outgrown that sitting in judgement role as a third party, never being able to run your own agenda, only being asked by the media at the end of the story "Will you vote for this or will you block it?" and I found that a straightjacket, in the end. And so the other choice was to leave politics. Well, politics is in my blood, that's just the way it is. Why do you think you came out of all of that so badly and yet, to many people, Gareth Evans walked away virtually scot-free. Why is that? I know. I think that's something about the Australian media. I don't think it's the Australian people. I do think there's something about women in politics and in public life, where you're either a Madonna or a whore. There seems to be something about punishing women. fallen women. Men don't fall. Women do, apparently. It's not a very attractive part of Australia, and I tell you, it doesn't happen in the UK. The man who exposed the affair was journalist Laurie Oakes. I find that a very deliberate, vindictive action

and maybe one day I'll just write an unauthorised biography of him, because there's a lot out there. I wouldn't have a clue if it's true or not, but if half of it's true, but if half of it's true, it'll make very interesting reading according to the people who rang my publishers. Cheryl Kernot can't help but to draw parallels with her experiences then and politics now. My daughter, who is 22, came to me tearfully at 6.30 in the morning to say, "Mum, guess what's happened to John Brogden?" She said, "I feel so sorry for that family because it's making me re-live" - we had four years of it - she said, "It's making me re-live the worst things that happened to us." I know how he feels in his heart and in the core of his soul, where you think, "Am I a really, really disgusting, wicked person?" And he's not, he's not, and he needs to know he's not. In your darkest times,

you must have got to a point fairly similar to the point John Brogden got to, did you? I never got suicidal, because I really believed that I understood the forces

that had acted against me to get me where I was but you do start to wonder about what on earth it would take for you to get up and keep going. You just think, "Can you do that?"

These days, she's happy to stay in London. You're still a very passionate person, you still hold very strong beliefs. Can you ever see a day when you'll return to Federal politics because it looks to me like the fire is still in the belly? The fire is in the belly, but I can't see a way back, no.

I think I'd like to be remembered for believing that politics didn't have to be as dirty as it is and I'd like to think that it could be different - I still do. For now, though, she's still searching for something. You know, in my heart, I'm a bit of a restless soul. I'm always looking for perfect intellectual and emotional intimacy and all those sorts of things and I want to keep looking, I want to keep embracing life and I'm not going to let a few male journalists in this country stop me from doing that. Cheryl Kernot there, talking exclusively to Weekend Sunrise. And if you want to hear more, she is the key-note speaker at the Going Public Conference in Sydney. It is on Thursday and Friday this week. All the details are on the Sunrise web site.

Being a male journalist, one of the

ones she's identified, I think

Laurie was right on this story. He

was a leader of a balance of power party having an atheir with a

member of government. I think that

would necessarily had to be revealed.

My point to her that there have

been other political auto buy yoing

fees by men and buy yoing fees and

they've been having affairs with

women that haven't been expoltzd by

people like Laurie oaks.

Times are changing, too.

Or is it a male female thing? I don't know.

My opinion is not going to count,

is it, I'm male?

You're a male journalist.

Simon is being very quiet.

I'm saying nogs here.

Completely changing pace, Laurie

oaks should be a built worried this

morning. A book on him?

We'll see.

I'll keep reading right on! Well, ahead this morning - are herbal teas worth the money? We'll test out some leading brands. But next - what's in a name? Mark Riley has the untold story of Telstra. Stand-by for some very funny TV.

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Welcome back. If you didn't know,

October 2 is a very big day in if

the life of one Chris Reason,

because he's getting married. He

was clever and had his bucks night

four weeks out

I thought it was a good idea. I

went through to 4am. Ended up in

McDonald's at Kings Cross and slept

until 4am this morning stkphrfplt

you had 24 hours sleep. Normally in

TV they need to put a green base on

you before they put the make-up on

you. He came with his own.

I did pretty well. I only had 90

minute in make-up. We've got a

couple of eplt mails here. Fred

says after handcuffing my best

friend to a yacht, stripping him

naked and parading him around the

Opera House, he got his own back by

doing the same to me, just just a

little bit worse, exempt they

covered me with hair removeer first.

Both weddings went well and the

girls were none the wiser. Maybe I

shouldn't have revealed Fred's name.

You should have said something, Fred.

Steve says that he was stripped

naked, there is a theme here, and

driven around South Yarra on a

Saturday night in a caged trailer

for three hours. Goodness me, you

boys know how to have fun, don't

you. And my wife doesn't let me

talk to those mates any more.

That's a classic. Now it's time for

a quick check of the news headlines. Checking news headlines on Weekend Sunrise. Australia have played themselves into a strong position in the must-win fifth Ashes Test against England. Matthew Hayden and Justin Langer have answered the critics, both scoring centuries at The Oval. Australia is now 2/277, putting them 96 runs behind with - weather permitting - two days remaining. Next week's vote on the sale of Telstra may be delayed. After first indicating he would support the sale, Queensland Senator Barnaby Joyce now says he is not comfortable with the legislation being rushed through Parliament. Police are continuing to investigate a car crash in Queensland that killed three backpackers and seriously injured eight others. Australian Model Michelle Leslie has spoken of her torment,

being locked in a Bali jail. The 24-year-old has told New Limited newspapers she desperately misses her freedom. US President George W. Bush has defended the handling of the Hurricane Katrina relief effort. Four years on from September 11, Mr Bush used his weekly radio address to praise America's resilience. And Lleyton Hewitt has pulled a set back from Roger Federer. He trails to two sets to one in the semifinal of the US Open.

Last time I checked, it was 2-2 in

the third set. A quick weather check now, And before I go, if the Ashes doesn't go to plan this weekend, there is always elephant polo. Australia has been wowing fans at the annual event in Thailand's coastal town of Hua Hin. Among the elite sportsman representing his country, one Peter Fitzsimmons.

They couldn't find a horse big

enough, so they had to put him on

an elephant. That looks like a lot

hof fun.

When did you guys start playing


Peter started playing on Tuesday

when he arrived and I went there

with the kids on Wednesday and I

actually missed by 24 hours. He

scored a goal in elephant polo and despite having played 7 tests for

Australia as a Wallaby, he said

scoring a goal in elephant polo was

his finest moment ever in sport.

On the CV, skorpd goal in elephant polo

But sit the most impossible thing,

because when you swing that, it is

so far down to the ground, the

pipbg bows. To hit it is amazing.

Most kids take their kids to

soccer! Well, name-calling is nothing new in Canberra. But this week, it even surprised us. Mark Riley kept tabs during the Telstra saga. The result is a classic entry in his Riley Diary. When Sol Trujillo and his American sidekicks first rode into town to take the reins of Telstra, they immediately became... The Three Amigos.

The cultural challenges posed by this new corporate posse soon became evident, especially pronouncing the head Amigo's name. I've heard Tra-heel-lo, I've heard Tra-jil-lo, and I've heard a few other ones, but let's call it Tru-hee-yo. But our pollies obviously weren't listening. With Telstra now on a Mexican stand-off with the Government over its plans to sell the company, it seems no-one can get his name right. The board has chosen Mr Tra-heel-yo. The board has chosen who? Mr Tra-heel-yo. Let's call it Tru-hee-yo. I'm not launching some kind of personal attack on Mr Tra-heel-yo.

Maybe not, but there's definitely an attack on the poor bloke's name. Kim Beazley is having trouble, too. Prime Minister, hasn't Sol Tra-hil-lo...

Tra-hil-lo? Surely Peter McGauran would know how to pronounce it. He is the minister responsible for Telstra in the House. The new management team headed by Mr Tra-hu-lio...

Tra-hu-lio? That's a shocker! He sides with Mr Tra-hu-lio and I feel sorry for that gentleman. We all feel sorry for the poor gentleman. Let's call it Tru-hee-yo. Well, if Mr Tru-hu-lio... Mr Tru-lio... It doesn't get any better. Have a listen to Bob Katter mangle it. In light of Mr Tru-jil-lo's... Have another go, Bob. Mr Tru-gil-lo... Strewth! That's even worse.

How's Kim Beazley going? Sol Tru-hil-lo. Starting to swallow it now, but it still sounds awful. The Prime Minister described Mr Tra-heel-lo yesterday as a disgrace. No, he didn't describe Mr Tra-heel-lo as a disgrace, it was... Mr Tra-hil-lio... Maybe Labor's Justine Elliott can get her mouth around it. So it seems that Telstra CEO Sol Tra-jul-lo... Mmm... nup. Okay. What about Tony Windsor? Now he's about as close as we've got to a dinkum cowboy. He knows what Sol Tra-gio...

Tra-gio? That's a new one. (mobile phone rings) Oh, sorry. Excuse me. Hello. Hey?

You're joking! Hold the phone.

Kim Beazley has got it right! It is Mr Tra-hio's job to be honest. To be honest, we're flabbergasted! But it didn't last. They decided to describe Mr Tra-hilo as a disgrace. The big Amigo has got to have an identity crisis. Mr Tra-heel-yo... Tra-hil-lo... Tra-gil-lo.. Tra-jul-lo... Tra-ji-yo... Tra-hul-lio... Let's call it Tru-hee-yo. Nah. Let's try calling the whole thing off. Consistency is everything in Canberra, Mark Riley? Consistency is everything in

Canberra, right, mark?

Yes, consistently wrong. I reckon

we just should call him sol Lee.

While we've got you this morning,

we wanted to ask you about that

interview with Cheryl Kernot. How

is she now viewed by the press

gallery, maybe it has changed after

that interview, but at the moment?

It was a fascinating interview.

Well done. She's always had a kind

of conflicted appeal in the press

gallery. One of those politicians

who attracted a lot of copy because

she had ideas, confrontational,

abrasive at times and that worked

for her and against her. I'm not

too sure whether it was a

conspiracy that in the end brought

her down. There are a lot of men at

my level here in political

reporting and very few women,

perhaps that's a function of what

she's saying, but also I think she

has to look at her own party. The

Labor Party didn't exactly embrace

Cheryl Kernot and didn't support

her the way it should have. Some

obviously did, but a lot of the

backbench of the Labor Party leaked

furiously about her and I think

this is a game of ambition and they

saw someone coming in from outside

the party taking a front bench

position, that one of them could

have taken themselves, and there

were jealousys there. It is a very

complex situation.

She had some choice worlds for

Laurie Oakes. Has he ever expressed

regret about his actions?

I don't know about regret. I think

he's thought about it. The

justification always was that when

- the personal life of a politician

crosses over into their public

responsibilities and whether it is

material to tear public

responsibilities, then it is report

bl and he obviously made that


Do you think the gallery is

changing, though? We made this point point earlier,

point earlier, talking about other

politicians had affairs and we can

talk about Bob Hawke in that way.

That was never outd and now we're

starting to look so more

intentionally at our politicians

and John brag den a victim of that

in the last couple of weeks

A good point. You can prosecute

that argument. Earlier in the week

we were understood in Banda Aceh

with Peter Costello and had a talk

to him about the changing

relationship between politicians

and journalists that was and journalists that was really and journalists that was really

exemplified by the brag den affair.

Look at the two-storeys that are

really impacting this year in

politics. John brag den and his

attempted suicide and Tony Abbott

and the love child that wasn't.

These are stories where politicians

become human and I think and

there's also - what is our

barometer? Does it impact on their

public responsibilities? In both

those cases you'd have to say yes.

Is there a public interest? I think

the public answers that themselves.

There is an interest in the

personal lives of politicians.

Where does it begin and where does

it end? There's the conundrum.

Have a look at thelers page in

about any newspaper around the

country and you'll find out what

the public feeling is

Absolutely and look at the response

to your interview today in the next

couple of days

The soap box so far has been very

proCheryl Kernot. We'll have to

leave it there. Mark, thank you. We

look forward to seeing you next week.

Thanks, guys. Well, if you thought Tom Cruise could mix a cocktail,

wait till later in the show. We're going to meet the Aussie bartenders taking on the world. But next - why is David Koch here on a Sunday morning? And can herbal teas help you? We'll seek some expert advice. RINGING AND BACKGROUND NOISE WIND DOWN SONG: # Oh, me # I spy... # Well, it does again. # My I I spy my little I # My, my. # MCDONALD'S THEME Well, Kochie just couldn't wait for Nat's return.

Welcome back to Weekend Sunrise.

Kochie couldn't wait for her return

on Monday, so he came in 24 hours

early to make sure everything was ready

We have given him a job because we

didn't have enough chairs on the

sun advise set. We've teamed him up

with Joe because mat is covering

the Ashes in London. Are you nervous?

It is not me who should be, Kochie

is all over it. We had our

production meeting and he is across

everything and have picked the

biggest weekend in sport

It is a bit like a sports version

of beauty and the beast. What a

weekend of sport. AFL, the Swans

getting up, port going down,

unfortunately, but a great win to

the Crows and also the cricket

overnight. Kerry O'Keefe, how do we

control him? And also as you said,

mat in London and he's got an

exclusive with Shane Warne

With the NRL producing mafpl after

match of thrillers, we've bot the

drag gones skipper in to give us a

report card of the season.

That is all coming nup Sportsworld.

It looks like he has got it down pat already.

There is an air of excitement here.

Sport is going to be the winner. Well, herbal teas are increasingly popular, but what do they actually do? of the benefits of herbs Raising awareness of the benefits of herbs

is the main aim of National Herb Medicine Week, which kicks off tomorrow.

Well, we're going to have a quick lesson ourselves now. Jocelyn Fullerton is the coordinator of Herb Medicine Week. Good morning. Jocelyn, what are the benefits of herbal remedies?

Herbal medicines are fantastic

because they're actually eemd to be

a very gentle type of medicine. It

also has a broad spectrum of action.

It is very safe to use them and

what I've chosen today is a

selection of medicines we can use

for digestion because a lot of

people have problems with that.

What have you got here

This is chamomile. Chamomile is a

traditional tea used in Italy and

this is very zooting tea. It is

excellent for sleep and it is also

good for teething. You drink this

tea for burning indigestion. So if

you've got heart burn after a meal,

it will help you sleep and calm you down.

Kids can have chamomile tea

Absolutely. They like the taste of

it. Some apple juice and chamomile

tea in their bottle and they will

sleep like a baby.

We usually sea chamomile tea in tea

bags. How do you get these

ingredyepblts so fresh and natural?

This is and or gan nick herb picked in Egypt.

Where do you get that?

You can purchase this kind of thing

in organic stores and purpchusing

the tea as a loose tea mean you get

a better quality tea and it will

last longer. This is pepment. You

fl notice the difference between a

fresh Pipment and peppermint in a

tea bag.

What is that good for?

Very refreshing tea and fantastic

for digestion. It is good if you

have a lot of wind.

Thanks for the tip!

This is ginger. I couldn't find a

fresh one, this is a died one. Have

a taste of this. This is warm, rich

and very spicy. This is an

anti-inflammatory tea, so it is

excellent for arthritis. I do talks

for the health centre with our

geriatric people there. This is a

fantastic digestive tea as well.

This is good for spasms. If you've

eaten lunch quickly, ginger will

sort you out.

Are all these teas okay for

pregnant women because I can remember having bad morning

sickness. Some were good and some

weren't. Are these okay?

Peppermint and ginger together are fantastic.

And all completely safe?

All completely safe.

You can't have too much of them?

Can you regulate how much you have,

is there something you watch there,

in moderation. ;

Everything in moderation. A few

cups a day is fantastic. What I've

made for you here is a body skrun.

This is using sugar, Coco and olive

oil and this is edible body scrub.

Is it chocolate?

It is chocolate. Have a feel of

that. Can I taste it? You can.

Does it taste like chocolate?

Yes. We are going to be making this

for herbal medicine weak. It leaves

a lovely soft film of oil.

That is fantastic. What is that

made of?

This one is made with Coco, raw

sugar and some olive oil.

It is a pity your bucks party is

over. This could have come in handy

on Friday night.

40Yeeks, yeah!

You still haven't told us what you

got up to.

I noplt going to.

Many thanks. That is my quick way

of wrapping up this segment and

getting out of that conversation. If you'd you can go to our website. Well, you might want to think twice

before next asking for a drink on the rocks. Up next - the bartenders who live life on the edge. What did you have for lunch? Polish sausage with onions. Your breath shows no evidence. Do I need one? (Exhales) No, your breath is irrefutably fresh.

Have you ever wondered how sunrise

manages to pull the big names? Well,

it is simple. They just come to us.

You two are professionals, here on


Your face looked a bit blank.

It is a bit MIG for me.

So good it is almost a shame.

My kid is splendid, see my child.

Music will overcome it all

It was nice to have this talk with you.

Sunrise, it is where all the big

names come for a chat.

Welcome back. That is a great promo.

Those guys recruit the stars and

that's how they do them it, a quick

karate chop at the back of the neck.

We did say we were getting a lot of

response on the soap box to Cheryl

Kernot. I don't have a name.

Unfortunately. Good on her for

saying what she did about John

Brogden. Maybe he did make a few

mistakes, but not enough to take

his life

I've got one here. Sit from Dallas,

who says football players change

sides to be on the winning team,

not politicians, particularly when

their not to was keeping the

bastards honest. If you join them

in, you become one. She joined the

team that she had been putting down.

Before we go this morning, the

latest from New Orleans. The

official death toll The official death toll following Hurricane Katrina has risen to 381. But there's hope less people died than previously thought after initial estimates put the dead at 10,000. Leanne Gregg has our report.

Rescuers are returning to flooded

neighbourhoods in New Orleans to

persuade people to leave before an

order comes to force them out.

You've got food and water, you're


But these officers convinced him

there were other threats and

carried him to safety.

We felt because of his aj and some

possible complications with his

health, it was file for him to go

All around the city there is

encouraging news and locals now

phrase FEMA's new leadership.

The right team is on the ground and

New Orleans has taken a great

positive step to recovery

We're going to move on and deliver

the goods for the people of New Orleans.

Among those goods, dryer streets.

These huge pumps are moving the

toxic flood water out of the city

and into the lake. Water levels are

dropping up to a foot a day,

progress clearly seen on houses and


I'm getting the city back together

and I'm a part of it.

Now that some of the streets are

clear of water, piles of trash are

being clear ld away at the

convention centre, where thousands

of evak wees took shelter. Because

peoples are performing so many

rescues and finding fewer bodies

than expected, officials say the

death toll may be lower than

earlier projected.

At least that is good news, a lot

lower than 10,000, which is a good to hear.

Some breaking news out of the US,

Lleyton Hewitt, not wanting to

steel Kochie's thunder, has been

beaten in the semi and Agassi will

play off in the final

I don't want to say I'm pleased but

I was going to have a conflict of

interest if Agassi was up against

Hewitt. Don't you just want Agassi

to win?

One SMS here. Theef theefs hit the

SCG on Wednesday night wearing red

and white. They got away with it,

the swan knees

I thought you were going to blame

my bucks party.

I thought you might like to try

this. This is the chocolate body


Is that enough for my body?

Give it a taste.

Guys, we'll see you again next

weekend. Captioned by Seven Network Email -