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(generated from captions) Tonight - on the verge of rioting Hurricane refugees

as New Orleans descends into chaos. We're starvin' out here. People are dyin'. (chants) Help, help, help, help! the full force of Katrina's fury. Exclusive new pictures showing

to pay more for water And Sydney homes as regulators approve a price hike. This program is LIVE captioned. This is Seven News with Ian Ross. Good evening. by Hurricane Katrina The destruction unleashed

has turned to absolute desperation. are struggling to survive, Thousands of people

while others are left to die. in parts of New Orleans Anarchy reigns with looting and shooting

crumbles into lawlessness. as the American way of life Tens of thousands of refugees in a city fast descending into chaos. remain stranded

have become crowded bus stops Elevated sections of freeway for transport to Texas. as people wait where levee banks once stood, Sandbags are now being dropped

the flow of water into New Orleans. a slow and desperate effort to stop shots were fired at helicopters. Rescues were temporarily halted after have resumed. But the round-the-clock operations have been winched to safety. Already, 3,000 people are now extremely dangerous. All approaches into the city Seven News arrived, Just moments before

in an armed stand-off with looters. this resident had been I told him to drop everything. He took his weapon out and he ran. Several blocks away, to the ground, police had tackled these men finding hand guns in their bags. Back up. This is where the anger is greatest.

have been here two to three days Many of these people without access to food or water. Some people have died, one small child. including, it's claimed, that a child has passed back there. We have just been informed That death couldn't be verified

are lying around the streets. but other bodies with no help on its way. This man appeared close to death, a child which is two years old - What do you tell something that's going on like this, you don't think they can understand is she going to die here? are these two Australian couples. Trying to survive in all this Very scared. Very scared. also forced to live on the streets. Stranded tourists A nightmare. It's a battle zone. there's dead bodies in the street. There's shootings, Pretty horrific. we've set up portable loos, There's no power, there's no water, down there. we've got five dead bodies and Tim and Joanne Miller Garry and Cynthia Jones Katrina united them in desperation. had been complete strangers until

They survived the storm, as refugees. but spent the past four nights breaking the law to survive. They freely admit We're looters, like everybody else. their government has abandoned them. Both couples angrily claim

They just said their hands were tied they have to be invited in. because because

Johnny Howard, where are you? Tomorrow

their holiday from hell. they will attempt to leave behind in the days after the hurricane Locals who followed official orders are also angry and frustrated. are also angry and frustrated.

Help, help us, please. out of New Orleans in 24 hours, Louisiana officials want everyone

a deadline that's unlikely to be met. The government says to respond to a disaster it's doing all it can 145,000 square kilometres. which is spread over dynamic problem with the water. They are battling an ongoing Heavily armed police to patrol the streets. have stopped searching for survivors no-one is in charge. One New Orleans official claims their toll on the old and the young. The heat and the chaos are taking

people are still wading to safety. Four days after Katrina hit, and was joined by his two predecessors Today President Bush for victims. to launch a fundraising campaign will ask Americans The former presidents wallets to help those in need. to open their hearts and their

it's becoming too much to comprehend. For those trying to save the city, New Orleans and a curfew is in force. Tonight, troops are on the streets of Mike Amor is there. Mike, just how dangerous is it? the streets of New Orleans tonight. It's still very dangerous here on

police are certainly not in control. You get the feeling Guard units out on patrol tonight. We've seen a number of National this area, which is heavily guarded We've been warned not to leave this area, which is heavily guarded

the streets well before nightfall. and we were told to be off Mike, as we've seen, claim they've been abandoned. the Australians you talked to claim they've been abandoned.

Have they had any help? They've received no help at all. who have been stranded here Like the other people they've had no food or water. whatever they could find. They've basically had to take They say they're looters. They can't help but loot for food they could survive, they say. because that's the only way and they're also very angry They're very, very scared no government help at all that they've received

to the Australian Consulate here. despite trying to get on but to steal food, With people having no other option what are authorities doing? Well, until today,

today, this afternoon. they only started dropping food here who've been living on the streets Until then, bascially people to local stores have been having to go around on the water. and food that's been floating and they grab that. It's floated out of supermarkets most of the people here have had. That's the only access to food that Thanks, Mike. Mike Amor in New Orleans. were running for their lives When the hurricane hit and residents one man, know as a storm-chaser, in Katrina's path. put himself, and his video camera, Tonight, American Mike Tyce in a Mississippi hotel. shows how he was swamped over the past seven years. I've been in 14 hurricanes Highway 90.

I put myself in these situations is My objective and the reason that

and powerful these events can be. to show people just how bad

of our hotel. We're in the lobby here We're completely under water in this first store here.

There's chairs floating by. It's coming up now. It is so intense, the sounds you hear The front bumper is coming off! The water sloshing through the stairwells, splashing on things. You heard the walls crashing in underneath and they'd give way, you heard the wind.

The combination of all the sounds, you can't realise how scary it is and how loud it is. Hurricane Katrina had all the elements. Big wave, big wave! intense winds, extensive damage. The intense storm surge, intense winds, extensive damage. It was just - it was devastating, it was terrible. I feel very lucky to have lived through this storm. The Federal Government has announced a $10 million donation to the American Red Cross to help in the recovery operation. There should not be the assumption that because America that because America is the wealthiest and most powerful country in the world this isn't a major challenge and a major crisis. A team of 20 Australian disaster relief experts is also ready to head to the affected area.

To other news now - and the family budget is about to take another hit, with Sydney Water given approval to put up prices. The average household will have to find an extra $60 a year and it could go higher. More of your money is about to go down here. TOILET FLUSHES The pricing regulator says it has to because water in this city has been too cheap for too long. In the tribunal's view, these increases are necessary to balance supply and demand in Sydney. So from October, the price for 1,000 litres is jumping up from $1.01 to $1.20.

That means average households will be paying $59 extra this financial year, with further increases locked in until 2008.

There's a second rate, that's even higher, to encourage big water users, like garden lovers, to cut back. If people cut consumption in the range of 15% to 20%, they would break even. There's a $40 rebate for big, poor families. Not much when other utilities are rising

and petrol prices are out of control. Those things all impact much more on low-impact households. To cop a 9% increase on water in 2005/2006 is just too much.

The new pricing plan only covers part of the cost of building the Kurnell desalination plant. Once that project is finalised, prices could rise again. If we decide to build a larger plant, the increases will be higher than if we build a smaller plant. The state's new political leaders have hit the campaign trail, for their first big test at the ballot box.

Three by-elections will be held in a fortnight and the keg battleground is Macquarie Fields. Out of the blocks and straight into campaign mode.

Peter Debnam is wasting no time selling himself in unfamiliar territory.

He's the new - Labor leader, is it, Liberal leader? After a week of headlines for all the wrong reasons, the new Liberal leader was out to convince the Labor heartland he's up to the job. to Macquarie Fields. talking on the transport issues, I've been out here talking on the police issues. But apart from restating his opposition to drug-injecting rooms, there was no hint of a policy shift just yet. Good morning, everyone. ALL: Good morning, Mr Iemma. Oh, you got it right, too! (laughs) The ads seem to be working for the Premier, who hit the hustings with a funding announcement, $16 million a year for 74 disadvantaged schools, six in the Macquarie Fields electorate. But it's the new rail timetable, starting Sunday,

that could make or break Labor's chances. These will be hard by-elections to win. It's no secret the government is not in a strong electoral position. Nominations closed today for the three by-elections which will be held two weeks from tomorrow. But with the State election looming in 18 months time, this is just the warm-up. Ahead in Seven News -

safety concerns over a common medication for breast cancer. Also, the shock collapse of Queensland's Dr Death inquiry. And cricket legend Steve Waugh named our No.1 Dad.

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A kitchen fire today cost a Sydney family its home. The householder went to pick up his wife from the airport

but while he was away, the house caught fire. I just lost everything. Everything's gone. Adjoining homes were evacuated. Firefighters were also worried about a petrol station next door. Australian women taking tamoxifen for breast cancer are being urged not to panic over reports it could make their disease worse. Swedish researchers claim the drug makes some tumours grow faster.

For 30 years, it's been the drug of choice for the treatment of breast cancer. Now new research shows tamoxifen could be a medical mistake. Tamoxifen has saved many, many lives over the last couple of decades but it is clear that it doesn't work for everybody. For post-menopausal women, it could be deadly. A Swedish clinical trial found in some older women, the drug actually stimulates the tumour. It can increase the chance of relapse and even create other types of cancers. In the short term, finding out those things is sometimes uncomfortable but it actually is very helpful in the long term. About 10,000 Australian women take one tablet each day. The treatment usually lasts five years. But younger women are being told not to panic. Tamoxifen is very well-researched and is a very powerful tool in the number of tools we have in treating breast cancer. Everyone using the drug is urged to discuss it again with their oncologist. The Swedish trial is still in its early stages. Even the researchers say more work is urgently needed to stop this effective drug getting a very bad reputation. Patients who suffered at the hands of Queensland's so-called Doctor Death are devastated after the sudden collapse of a Royal Commission into his malpractice. The inquiry was shut down after the Supreme Court found witnesses had been bullied.

He's hiding in the US, but Doctor Death surfaced today.

I really don't have any comment, thank you. A hint of a smile from Jayant Patel now the investigation into his alleged malpractice is in tatters. This is the last thing the government wanted but we respect the rule of law.

Much of the inquiry's evidence is worthless after the Supreme Court found its Commissioner, Tony Morris QC,

was biased, unfairly hostile towards Bundaberg Hospital chiefs Darren Keating and Peter Leck. REPORTER: It doesn't worry you that patients might be dying or that 15-year-old boys might be losing their legs?

Dr Patel has been linked to 80 patient deaths at Bundaberg. Their families are saying, "What now?"

We're horrified. We can't believe this has happened. Today, Commissioner Morris apologised after being banned from any further hearings. It was never my intention to treat people improperly. My intention, as I say, My intention, as I say, was to get to the truth. The Queensland Premier says he can't re-open the $5 million royal commission but police and others will continue to investigate. And ensure that this inquiry has not been a waste of time and it's not been waste of money. To make sure Dr Death doesn't get away with it.

A video showing one of the London suicide bombers before the attack has been played on Arabic television. The man appears to be Mohammed Khan one of four bombers who killed 52 people on 7 July. The former Yorkshire schoolteacher blames western governments' treatment of Muslims for his actions. Until you stop the bombing, gassing, imprisonment and torture of my people, we will not stop this fight. We are at war and I am a soldier. The same video, also shows al-Qaeda second-in-command Ayman al-Zawahiri claiming responsibility for the London atrocity A memorial service has been held in Russia a year after the Beslan school siege. Victims' photos lined the school walls

as candles were lit for 331 parents, teachers and children who died there. The mourning was tinged with anger a group of mothers tried to attack the school principal. A bronze statue of Princess Diana and Dodi Al Fayed has been unveiled at Harrods in London. Store owner Mohammad Al Fayed paid for the memorial showing his son and the Princess dancing,

beneath the wings of an albatross. But it's getting mixed reviews. It's lovely, yeah it's beautiful. A lot of people back home relate to Diana very much. They love Diana in Australia. To be honest, I don't like it. REPORTER: Why not? I don't know, it's kitsch I think. It was eight years ago on Wednesday that the couple died in a Paris car crash. Former Australian cricket captain Steve Waugh has been named Father of the Year. The award recognises the 40-year-old father-of-three as a perfect role model. But Steve says when he got the call, he didn't feel perfect. It was 10.30 in the morning. I looked across at Lily, her hair was all matted, she had her pyjamas on, food all over her face, and I'd just got breakfast for her which was four slices of fairy bread. Still, Austin, Rosy, Lily and wife Lynette all reckon dad's a champ. He's a tireless worker for children through the Steve Waugh Foundation, and various Indian charities. Here's another top dad, Nick McArdle. And Nick, the Socceroos have a new captain. Yes, a fresh start for the Aussie team. Coach Guus Hiddink has given Mark Viduka the honour. And talking of skippers, George Gregan says he won't quit the Wallabies. And will the Eels slip up against the Broncos tonight? Sharks playmaker Brett Kimmorley won't be going on the Kangaroos Tri-Nations tour after seeking a release for family reasons. West Tigers' Scott Prince could now get the nod as back-up to Andrew Johns.

For Eels fans still haunted by memories of the 2001 grand final defeat, tonight's game against Brisbane offers a chance to heal old wounds.

A win would give Parramatta the minor premiership, a stepping stone to league's biggest prize. A leisurely stroll and a game of cricket for the Broncos today,

but it's been business as usual for Parramatta this week. And while both sides can still win the minor premiership it's clearly the Eels who are more interested. It's an important thing, particularly this season where every team has had a run of success. Shane Webcke has been named for Brisbane

while Smith is convinced Darren Lockyer will also make an early return,

but while the Broncos are being cagey the young Eels can't hide their emotions. Especially the Friday night game against the Brisbane Broncos for the minor premiership. You probably can't get much bigger than that. I am pinching myself. It's been a difficult week for a couple of the league's veterans. Rooster Luke Ricketson and Manly's Terry Hill will both retire when their season ends

and for at least one of them that's this weekend. Ricketson will be death-riding Manly against the Raiders on Saturday night, but Hill's confident he'll have another bus to catch next week. Just because we're playing Canberra in Canberra in probably minus three doesn't mean Canberra will definitely win. If we go down their in the right frame of mind, we'll win. Tomorrow the Sharks host Souths, the Cowboys play the Storm and the Raiders try to end Manly's season. On Sunday it's the Roosters and the Bulldogs, the Dragons versus the Knights and the Tigers against the Panthers. Wallabies captain George Gregan says after the Tri-Nations series he will play on after the Tri-Nations series

and is already looking forward to the spring tour of Europe. Gregan will equal the world record for test appearances when he plays his 114th against the All Blacks tomorrow. Despite speculation he was about to step down, Gregan says he definitely wants to tour in November. I'll take a couple of weeks off. Get myself mentally to take a break

and then prepare for what's going to be another tough series of games at the end of the year. All the action from Auckland here on Seven at 5.00 tomorrow afternoon. Mark Viduka will captain the Socceroos against the Solomon Islands in tomorrow night's World Cup qualifier. Viduka has never led his country at senior level and wants to take the team all the way to next year's World Cup in Germany. My dream ever since I was a little boy was to play in the World Cup

and to play for my country. Getting there would be the highlight of my career.

Australia must win the two-game series against the Solomons

to playoff for a place in the World Cup. Despite being 28cm shorter and nine years older than his opponent Andre Agassi is through to the third round of the US Open

after a straight sets win over Ivo Karlovic.

World No. 1 Lindsay Davenport dropped just two games in her second-round victory, while Agassi needed three tie-breakers to defeat the giant Croatian. The seventh-seed made only 11 errors to set up a clash with Tomas Berdych, the 32nd seed.

LLeyton Hewitt plays tomorrow morning. And finally, Max Presnell's tip comes at Flemington tomorrow.

Frpblgt plenty of footy happening T

Swans and West Coast Eagles tonight

the first AFL finals. Go luck swan knees

Happy father's day. Frpblgs the same to you.

Nuala has Sydney's weekend weather after the break, but first finance. And the share market ended the week in the red. Telstra continued to slide losing another 2%. Harvey Norman lost value, after a 3% drop in full year profit.

Good evening. It is Father's day on Sunday and if you really want to make your dad Father's Day,

get a load of this. It's the big boy's backyard. Boats, bikes, BBQs, rally racing cars, all on display at the Sydney Spring Home Show

here at Roseville Race course until Sunday. You might like to throw in a new brolly for dad, too, because we could finally get some rain on Sunday, around 5 to 15mm, potentially.

Last night, we only scored a couple of millimetres from the showers around. 2.2 was the most at Merrylands, 2 at French's Forest. They lingered a little in the morning, but by afternoon, it was sunny again so tops were higher than expected, up around 22/23 degrees. The cloud delivered better falls to our far north and south coast

under the trough of low pressure. A few showers will continue there tomorrow, but it's the broad inland low heading east towards us that will spread patchy rain to most of our state tomorrow,

reaching Sydney on Sunday.

We could pick up a very brief shower near the coast overnight, becoming fine during the morning, with more sunny breaks during the day. 19 along the coast, low 20s everywhere else. Becoming cloudy with light rain later in the mountains, 14. Cloudy with some light patchy rain for Father's Day on Sunday, 19. A shower or two Monday, clearing Tuesday, and warming up by Thursday. Before I go, the Sydney Spring Show isn't just for the dads, there's something for everyone, including this great spring-free trampoline for the kids. And that's Seven News to now. I'm Ian Ross. Thanks for your company. Goodnight. Hello, and welcome to Today Tonight. I'm Naomi Robson.