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Political Dads -

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(generated from captions) We joke the political campaign trail

is all about kissing babies and happy families.

But with our Big Guns of Politics, it comes naturally. Human Services Minister Joe Hockey recently became a first-time dad to son Xavier, and wherever he is in the world, Shadow Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd always makes time for family. Take a look at two model father figures.

You beautiful (baby cries)

Hello. Fatherhood means

responsibility. All of a sudden you

have this enormous weight placed

on your shoulders. Here we egg. As

the baby was coming out I wanted to

count the figurers and toes then I

thought that is a short cord and it

turned out to be a boy!

Thank God for disposable nappies

I had a brief moment to have a

first father-to-son chat and I gave

the little boy one piece of advice

- two things in life you can never

recover, the spoken word and the

lost opportunity. I took leave from

Parliament which is a significant

step forward but I did it because

to me the first few weeks of my

child's life are far more important

than anything that I have to do in

my career. Who is that?

Beautiful. On Father's Day there

are two things I think of. I don't

think of myself, I think of my

father and the fact that he came

here as a my frant in 1948 and I

think of all those kids out there

who are living on child support who

might not get the opportunity to

see their dad on Father's Day. I

don't know why I put off fatherhood

for so long. It is the best thing I

have ever done in my life.

How did you go today? All right.

SONG:# What you know about love?

Harsh ash said I would never be ...

I think with politics you are up

and down but the most important

thing is to know you have family,

kids and your wife who stick by you, who love you.

SONG:# I guess you know about leaving ...

# Loving and leaving me ...

Don't set me up as some perfect

father, I am not. But with our kids

and with Marcus it is knowing what

is right from wrong, being there to

say you love them, whatever they

run in to in life. At the end of

the day you need someone who is

just unconditional. Give it a

whack! I think everyone who watches

the program knows just how tough it

is to balance work and family and I

have to say I'm not terrifically

good at it but I try at least every

day wherever I am in the world to

jump on the phone to him and see

what he is up to. The ultimate

Father's Day for me? The thing I

like most would be sitting on the

verandah at home here in Brissie

with a cup of tea and the whole crew around.

Joe, Kevin and Joe's dad Richard

join us this morning because Joe's

car didn't work this morning so dad

had to bring him in to the studio.

Unbeknown to Joe we brought Richard

in. What is it like to be a grandfather?

The greatest honour that a person

can bestow on another person

absolutely spwhr will he make a

good dad snls

I am positive of that - he ace

good son like the other boys that I

have and I'm sure they all look

after their family because the

family is the greatest asset in the world Here, here

That is so true. I know that you

travel a lot Kevin, which obviously

makes life really tough but you

said every day you try to get on

the friend and talk to the family.

It is a challenge that you have to

face, isn't it?

They really enjoy those 2 am in the

morning calls and you say "Whoops,

yes, I'm sorry". But it is really

important and Joe will find this as

his little boy gets older but it is

wherever you don't get it right in

politics or public life or in your

work it is knowing that you have

got this base to retreat to. People

who love you even when you don't deserve it

It will keep you grounded. You

will have days Joe when you think

you can conquer the world and the

baby chucks on you and it brings

you town to reality

You have a lot to learn about

saying it was a short cord and

realised it was a boy Yes

Could you explain that? What did

you mean by that?

I don't know what I was thinking

Have you set yourself goals? Have

you set yourself things that you

want to live by for your son?

Look, I just want to provide him

with all the opportunity in the

world and I want him to be the

master of his destiny. My job is to

provide the safety net in the same

way my dad provided it for me,

still provides it this morning by

giving me a lift in here. That is

why he hasn't got make up on. But

it is a safety net. That is what

family is about and the hard part

is I do think every day of the fact

that I'm responsible for the child

support agency and there are 1.1

million children out there in

Australia that may not see their

dad every day and we have to think

of those people not just ourselves

Exactly right. Thank you for letting

us in. Richard great to see you

again as well

Why didn't you use the red beads

He saves that for good. Happy

Father's Day on Sunday and all the

dads out there, especially my Daddy

too and my hubby. Later in the show, we'll get a personal perspective on the aged-care crisis. And we've got music for your Friday morning with UK band Rooster. But after the break, how parents can help when their kids are carrying too much weight. This is Sunrise on the Seven Network.