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(generated from captions) This program is LIVE captioned. for breakfast, I'm really sorry. If you're just joining us Undies keep things under. at other people. You just like to laugh Yeah (Shouts) Who's the best? time to wake up with friends. Right across Australia, it's again This is Sunrise on Seven. here's Kochie and Mel. Now from Brekky Central # Put your hands in to the big sky #

Good morning.

Michelin man. Beretta is looking like the

and just two sleeps to go. It's Friday the 2nd of September, Sunday is Father's Day, of course. a present yet So if you haven't bought your dad you had better get cracking.

Fancy see I thank pop up

I don't know what to buy my dad

I have got a quirky

Something else, not the book quirky,

from a viewer

How quirky?. A camera with a

difference, he has invented it

himself and we will tell you about

it. There is a bit of romance, a

bit of love in it too

For my dad?. No, we not hitching

your dad up. But this bloke has

made just enough money now, it has

taken him years to bring it to

market, to get engaged to his

girlfriend. It is a good present

too, I will fell you about it later

Because I buy my dad clothes every

the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. to find out the latest in to New Orleans We will also be crossing in the next hour. will show us their softer sides in the next hour. and Kevin Rudd, Our pollies, Joe Hockey of two high-profile dads. into the lives Today we will be getting an insight Anyway. year and he saves them for good.

It is just an unbelievable situation.

It is like the tsunami, it took a

couple of days for us to realise

how big it is. It is unbelievable

the pictures coming out of there.

It is just like Asian tsunami all ofrp again


How many people live in New Orleans

- a couple of million?

Not that am I don't think.Ly check that

But to actually tell every single

one of them

Go, get out of town

This city is no longer and lit take

a year to fix up. Imagine if

someone said that to you - it is

the first week of school for the

school kids after their summer

break. Hello Ms Jones my new

teacher, out of here to a different

state to get your education Extraordinary

We will bring you the latest on that through taught morning. Later on, we will be talking about with your child how to discuss weight issues without hurting their feelings. And we will run through for property prices. a city-by-city forecast for the news with Simon Reeve. Right now though, it's time Good morning, everyone. from Hurricane Katrina The rescue operation is becoming more chaotic.

in the thousands Oficials put the death toll for survivors and rescuers. with frustration In one incident, effort at the New Orleans Superdome. gunshots stopped the main relief

Shots were reportedly fired at

military helicopters from within

the crowd gathered outside the

stadium which forced the evacuation

to be suspended. One or two people

are taking their chances with the

waters that now cover 80% of the

city. But most have chosen to stick

it out in the hope that help will

get to them eventually.

Here advertise beginning of the

flooding on Bourbon Street from the

rain waller

Doug is the man who filmed this in

the heart of the city, streets that

are formally bustling with lls and

tourists. He is a full-time


Flying debris is going at 100

miles an hour to 120 miles an hour

over the down town district. When

you watch the waters rise now this

is when I start worrying and this

water is rising about a foot every

five minutes in this area here

where it is low-lieing and this is

when I was sitting hearsaying I

need to get back off towards the

wetst side of town

The people gathering today to be

brought out of the city must be

wishing they had listened to the

warnings to believe of leave before

the hurricane struck. For the

moment the convoy is complotly

inadequate to deal with with crowds. Malcolm Turnbull High-profile Liberal MP has stepped up his tax reform push of Treasurer Peter Costello. rebutting the criticism has spelled out a two-tier system. The former merchant banker for high-income earners It would cut the top rate of 47% to benefit the lower paid. and increase the tax-free threshold All the tax models that we've simulated

within a cost of $10 billion. are affordable

Earlier this week the Turnbull tax crusade Treasurer Costello laughed off had 280 plans. saying the backbencher Dr Death inquiry is in doubt The future of Queensland's after the Supreme Court found against two key witnesses. Commissioner Tony Morris was biased Justice Martin Moynihan towards Peter Leck and Darren Keating says Morris was biased from the Bundaberg Base Hospital. is weave our way through that mess What we have to do and come up with a way forward. of the inquiry this morning. The court will discuss the future are investigating a bribery attempt Indonesian police Michelle Leslie. relating to Australian drug suspect Michelle Leslie.

has confirmed The Department of Foreign Affairs

has called the Australian Consulate a man posing as Bali's Police Chief

demanding more than $15,000. is against Leslie would be dropped. In return, the man said charge Foreign Minister Alexander Downer she knew nothing about the incident. says Leslie has told authorities in Baghdad Large crowds attended mass funerals in a stampede for some of those killed during a religious festival. Friends and relatives of many victims for their loved ones are still searching from the River Tigris. as bodies continue to be recovered in the stampede Nearly 1,000 people died of a suicide bomber. which was triggered by rumours

designed to prevent drownings A high-tech underwater safety camera has passed its first big test.

A 10-year-old girl fell unconscious in Wales. after sinking in a public pool Within seconds, pool staff via a pager message. the Poseidon system alerted

then pulled the girl to the surface, A lifeguard where she was resuscitated. movement and texture of an object The Poseidon detects the volume, of swimmers in the water. and analyses the trajectory

Now it is over to Mark in Mt Buller with the sport. Our Aussies face a selection dilemma before the fifth Test. The Australian camp has been warned premier paceman Glenn McGrath is at risk of breaking down during the Ashes deciding Test. McGrath has been recovering from the elbow strain that kept him out of the fourth Test. Australian team physio Errol Alcott has refused to give any guarantees the 35-year-old would survive five days of intense cricket.

Despite the warning McGrath is expected to be named in the side, along with fellow speedster Shaun Tait, after scans cleared him of any major shoulder damage. As the club prepares to defend its premiership crown, Port Adelaide has been rocked with the news captain Matthew Primus's playing career could be over. The 30-year-old's worst fears were confirmed last night when told he will need another knee reconstruction. The injury is expected to sideline the big ruckman for at least a year. Primus missed Port Adelaide's 2004 grand final victory with a similar injury. Two-time US Open champion Serena Williams has sounded an ominous warning to her rivals

accounting for Catalina Castano 6-2, 6-2 at Flushing Meadows. But after the match her thoughts turned to helping the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

The hurricane that happened in New

Orleans and Mississippi and it has

been such a tragedy down there and

it has been on the news every day,

there is 100 people dead so I have

decided for every's I hit I will

donate $100 for the rest of the

year for all the tournaments I play. Williams will now play Francesca Schiavone in the third round. Australian boxing star Danny Green's immediate future is in doubt after he was diagnosed with two fractured vertebrae. The injury happened during a sparring session in Los Angeles just over three weeks ago. Green's 23 October fight with America's top super-middleweight contender, Scott Pemberton, has been postponed indefinitely.

A huge weekend here at Mount Buller

t kick off for the whole season.

Everything is building up to Torino

the Winter Olympics in 6 months

time, 54 competitors are

convergeing here one on Saturday

one Sunday and we have six Aussies

inaction and we will chat to them

during the morning

I saw John Coates the head of the

Australian Olympic Committee at a

lunch the other day and he said

Kochie are you guys coming over to

cover the winter Olympics? Have we

got any word on that yet Beretts?

Progressing Kochie. I think at

this stage some sft team are

definitely go go we have to get the

whole team there

I have packed if that is of any use

You are going, are you?

Well I think it is important the

support is there, yeah

Come on Beretts!

What if I win the tipping

competition? I'm thinking that

gives me an in for it

That has nothing to do witness.

Change the rules as you go, see you.

Time for the weather with Grant.

Good morning Grant Denyer.

Good morning. From Mark Beretta's

white stuff to the brown stuff of

the Sydney super dome. We have a

boring day here this morning over

some of Australia's elite super

cross legends of dirt. We have also

got some monster troubles where you

will not only see them doing a bit

of jumping but some car crushing

madness. Tomorrow night starts with

rounds 3 of the soup ire cross

Masters where there is plenty of

hang time in the air up there and

then on Sunday it is the jump mania

and Mel has her front tickets

already organised! The big wheels

will come taught crush a few cars,

it is huge, I love the smell of

burning oil in the morning. I can't

hear a thing so we will take a look

at the morning forecast. Another cold front will move through WA late tomorrow night, warmer northerly winds across SA. A trough will produce some isolated showers and storms over north-east New South Wales and Queensland. That same trough will produce showers along the NSW coast. Looking ahead,

Brisbane, Sydney and Canberra can all expect showers on Sunday. A fine but partly cloudy weekend for Hobart.

A mostly fine weekend in Melbourne. Showers in Adelaide tomorrow. Some patchy rain for Perth, and partly cloudy in Darwin.

If you don't quite under the skies

of monster trucks you can have your

Formula One, your glamorous elite

life style but the moment you see a

monster truck crush over a 1994

Corona it is spell binding

Thank you for that. Can't wait for

it. It will be one of those Fridays. Next hour, how parents can encourage kids to trim down without shattering their self-image. And our Big Guns of Politics show off their fatherly instincts. But next, we will test But next, we will test your sporting instincts. Stand by for all the footy tips during Sunrise Sportschat.

The footy tipping has reached the pointy end of the season and the stakes are even higher for our tipsters. With double points for winning finals tips, can the boys still bring it home?

Let's ask Mark Beretta and Greg Cary of Radio 4BC. Good morning.

Can we tiles them by four perhaps?

Let's not get too excited. I have

got a lot to lose. Beretts, let's

check the AFL finals tips. Talk us through the matches

Yeah, sure rplt it is a ripper

weekend no two ways about it. It

kicks off in Perth West Coast

versus the Sydney Swans. Here is

the West Coast history, 15 of their

first 16 they won and they have

only won two of their last six so

they have slipped off the perch.The

Swans are firing, they have been in

Perth since Tuesday and I don't

think you can tip against the Swans

in this one. Sydney will get it.

Geelong and Melbourne at the MCF on

Saturday. When they met a couple of

weeks ago they got home by a point

but I think Geelong's young legs

will get them across the line.

Adelaide and St Kilda on Saturday

stay night, whether they are up to

finals footy, the Saints is the big

question so Adelaide in that one

and Port Adelaide and the Kangaroos.

Every other team in the finals will

be relieved when Port Adelaide is

out of it but I don't think it will

be this week. I saw the Kangaroos

play live this week ago and I don't

think they can match the firepower

of Port Adelaide if they are pumping

Even though Matthew Primus looks as

though he has that injury back.

Greg in the NRL you have given up

on the Broncos. Come on!

Well, I haven't quite given up on

them Kochie. I really - nearly have

tonight. This is a tough match. I

think the Broncos need to win

tonight, it might be a bit

premature. If they don't win

tonight they have no chance of

winning the minor premiership but

two I don't think they can win the

competition. If they lose tonight

chances are they finish - well,

they finish at third at best,

possibly fourth, either position

puts them up in a real tough game.

Shane Webcke is back to captain the

team and it was only a fortnight

ago we were thinking he might be

out for the rest of the year.

Tonight he is back to captain his

beleague erred Broncos. I don't

think they can get over the Eels

tonight but they have proved us

wrong before.

Watt business and All Blacks panned

you two trait ors. Greg - desperate

times call for desperate measures Mel

I'm going with my heart, Nat will

rouse but anyway. The leaderboard -

look at that. Although it is double

point so it may be the last week I

can laugh about it

It is double point in the finals a

really mixed bag so that

leaderboard could shrirt change,

particularly the top two, so Greg good luck

It is up for grabs Kochie for sure

A great weekend ahead. Go the


What do you mean go the Wallabies?

You just saiding the All Blacks ...

I think they will win but you want

the Wallabies to do well. I don't think they will

Talk to you soon. Next hour we will cross to Mike Amor in the thick of the hurricane devastation. And our Big Guns of Politics review the week in Canberra. But after the break, we will review the day's trade on Wall Street. You're waking up with friends on Sunrise.

And this cool Travel Fridge/Freezer in 25 or 35 litres. Starts at $299. Repco - it's where to go for Father's Day. The Sunrise Weather Wagon powered by Caltex Vortex. Let's get an update of the overnight financial markets. Susan Luscovicz is on Wall Street.

It must have been devastating.

What we are hearing about the

impact on the economy in the US.

Oil production is out something

like 90%. The impact economically is going to be enormous

There is no question that you do

not have to live in the Gulf not have to live in the Gulf Coast

to feel this story, to feel the

impact of Hurricane Katrina David

and the fear is just how much of an

impact and how long of an impact

the world's biggest economy - and

you are seeing it play out of

course in the oil markets and in

the stock market - concerns about

these long-term impact continuing

to weigh on the stock market. Crude

oil stayed near its post-Katrina

record highs rising to $69.47 a bar

yet. Retail gas prices have soared

around the US in the wake of

Katrina which disrupted as you well

know oil-drilling rigs and

refineries in the Gulf of Mexico.

We did receive word today that two

of the major pipelines that supply

gasoline to the US east coast have

now resumed partial service but

still worries persist that these

rising energy prices will take a

big toll on consumer spending which

will then affect corporate profits

and thus effect the entire economy.

Retail stocks were broadly lower

today on those concerns. The Dow

Jones ended down 22 to 10,460, the

oil giant Exon Mobil the best

gainer along with two other companies that stand to benefit

from the rebuilding of the Gulf

Coast, home depot and caterpilla,

the Nasdaq down 4 points to 21.48.

Shares of General Motors dropped

3.5% the biggest loser among the

Dow industrials, the world's

largest auto maker says sales in

August fell 16% from a year ago as

the discount for every one program

apparently lost steam. That is the

latest from Wall Street. Back to

you Kochie and I wish you and Mel a pleasant weekend. Checking the markets in our region. Japan's Nikkei and Hong Kong's Hang Seng both posted gains. Back home - the All Ords is within striking distance of the 4500 mark led by building stocks. The ASX200 also soared yesterday.

Ahead this morning which Hollywood

tough guy wasn't always so tough?

Nelson Aspen has the details News, sport and weather. Get into Kmart this Father's Day for 20% off all men's underwear, socks and sleepwear. from the biggest brands For everything for every dad, but only until Sunday, Thousands of survivors from Hurricane Katrina are struggling to survive. They are now venting their anger at emergency officials as chaos surrounds the evacuation of New Orleans. People are dying from lack of food and water while authorities cannot control looting and violence. At the city's Superdome gunshots forced a temporary halt to the relief operation. Storm-chaser video shows the impact of Katrina as it hit on Tuesday. It is now America's biggest-ever natural disaster. thousands of people have died. Officials say are following up calls Australian consular officials trapped in the devastated area. about Australians Joanne and Tim Miller, They include Queensland couple under a bridge in New Orleans. forced to take refuge and sister-in-law Katie McLean, Fiona Seidler also from Queensland, were holidaying in the city. The Foreign Affairs Department the thousands of survivors expects Australians to be among the disaster zone to Texas. being transported from has claimed responsibility Al-Qaeda London suicide bombings. for the 7 July has aired a video Arab television network al-Jazeera delivering his will. showing one of the bombers Mohammad Sadique Khan claimed for Britain's support the attacks were in retaliation

for the war on Iraq. The video also includes comments Ayman al-Zawahiri. from Osama bin Laden's deputy Anger has mixed with tears of the Beslan school massacre. on the anniversary the 331 victims Mourners have remembered at School No.1. in the ruins of the gymnasium from the crowd But the principal required protection Vladimir Putin led condolences while Russian President while Russian President

from 500 kilometres away. school officials of bungling the raid Relatives accuse the government and which ended the hostage siege. Backers of Treasurer Peter Costello the government leadership debate. are trying to reignite the Prime Minister They have reportedly asked to spell out retirement plans. the government. They say speculation is damaging at the next election John Howard would be 68

and they wants him to make it clear until then. whether he intends being leader

the Treasurer's ambitions. The PM says he welcomes The Federal Labor Party of Foreign Affairs negligent has labelled the Department over its handling wrongful deportation case. of the Vivian Alvarez

Kevin Rudd Foreign Affairs Shadow spokesman counterpart Alexander Downer has also called his Coalition incompetent. Her life is at stake here. of the country unlawfully, She gets booted out to a hospice for the dying gets sent off face of the planet for four years. and basically disappears off the This is a very human story. Mr Rudd says the department knew was found in the Philippines 18 months before Ms Alvarez but did nothing. that she had been wrongfully deported after 7.00 Kevin Rudd will be joining us Joe Hockey. to debate the issues of the day with A P-plate driver and his passenger in country New South Wales. have been killed in a car accident have been killed in a car accident

the Holden Commodore he was driving The 17-year-old male lost control of at Wamoon west of Wagga. crashing into another car Police say he narrowly avoided Police say he narrowly avoided

before hitting a concrete drain. Once the car hit that culvert and then collided with the tree. it became airborne female passenger died instantly. The driver and his 17-year-old China's giant panda research centre a couple of new arrivals. has welcomed for the second time. Hua Mei has given birth to twins Mum is taking care of the firstborn born 20 minutes later, while the second, is being kept in an incubator. are said to be doing well. Both bundles of joy

I didn't realise they were so small.

Isn't it amazing

The markings are perfect

I could do. Speaking of so cute it is the best

with sport. We will cross to Mark at Mt Buller at the US Open. A safe day for the seeds in the women's draw of the US Open Two of the favourites to the third round. have moved safely through World No.1 Lindsay Davenport 6-1, 6-1. defeated France's Pauline Parmentier was never troubled, The former champion in all facets of the game. outplaying her opponent Justine Henin-Hardenne Earlier, seventh seed moved into the third round Sanchez-Lorenzo in straight sets. accounting for Spain's Maria Korea's Yoon Jeong-Cho. She will now play Former All Blacks' star Stu Wilson perfect motivation has given the Wallabies clash against New Zealand for this Saturday's Tri-Nations leaderless and imposters. after he labelled them In his Kiwi newspaper column a scathing attack Wilson also launched team selection policies on coach Eddie Jones's a chance to stuff the Wallabies, and said the match was a thrashing would be a disgrace. and that anything less than

that Lote Tuqiri Wilson went on to say would be the only Aussie in a trans-Tasman team. considered for selection

Our women have restored Australia's

cricketing pride after downing edge

gland in the one-day match. England

fell short when it was bowled out

for 256. The result means Australia

wins the series 3-2. At last good

news from the cricket. With all of

the world descending on Mount

Buller for the World Cup Aerials.

Last night happens Grimace who is a

legend explained why yodelling came

from. The young skier said he was

trapped and he had nowhere to stay

except for my young daughter has

one spare bed in her room. If I

could just camp in there and the

farmer says right. And the farmer

wakes up and believes the guy is in

bed with his daughter, chases him

and says I can't believe you have

trusted you, you have slept with my

daughter and the skier says "And

the old lady, too!"

I wondered where that was going bretsd. You did well.

Two jokes of the day today

Have another crack in half an hour.

We will have more about that in the

joke of the day. Let's check the

wheat frer Grant. Hello again.

Inside the Sydney super dome, if

your mum saw you up there you would

be in big trouble. This is

extraordinary, this weekends round

3 of the Australian Nokia super

cross Masters. It has been renowned

for being a factory producing great

riders. Chad Read is an Australian

in America and to give you a

perspective he is fourth in the

biggest rich person behind Lleyton

Hewitt. Matthew Moss, 17 years of

age has signed for the same team

that took Chad Read overseas, an

exciting opportunity for you

I have always looked up to chand I

wanted to follow in his footsteps

and I have got on the best team,

the right team so hopefully I can

follow my goals

They say the earing in Chad's ear

is worth the same price of a house

in Australia so it gives you an

idea of how lucrative it is overseas

Definitely a big sport. Australia

is growing very rapidly so it is

great. I love in the doors here, it is great

Troy you are racing here as well,

a multiple Australian champion. It

is great to race indoors .

It is great racing. The riders

don't get dearthy, it does not get

mudy so a great night

What makes Australians so good at

soup ire cross?

All the competition we have got

here. There are a lot of young

riders coming up who keep pushing

us along and it takes a lot to win

the national championship here now

and with a couple of guys coming

back from America it is getting

Bert and better

It all happens tomorrow night as

How much have your group played

role in your success? We will see

you from the city super dome in

half an hour with more weather

details. Coming up, our Big Guns of Politics tackle the federal leadership issue. And Beretts speaks And Beretts speaks to an Aussie NBA recruit. And later, how to keep kids happy and healthy. But next, Nelson is happy to give us the showbiz goss.

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Welcome back to Sunrise. Let's check the newspapers from around the country. Brisbane's Courier-Mail reports that a $6 million inquiry at Bundaberg Hospital into medical disasters at Bundaberg Hospital is on the rocks. The Australian dedicates most of its front page to Hurricane Katrina. It says New Orleans is to be abandoned as the death toll climbs into the thousands. The Sydney Morning Herald tells how the State's new Liberal Leader has put party peace at the top of the agenda. It also features some new research that has found a happy start to high school is the main reason students stay on into year 12. That makes sense

The new Opposition Leader looks

like Prince Charles

That was a nickname I think I hear

last night. He does. He has a tough

road ahead. Hollywood leading men pride themselves on being tough guys,

That is the thing in New South

Wales, the Premier is a relative

unknown and so is the Opposition

Leader. So it is open

Do we care? Of course we do!

We should. Those in New South Wales should. Hollywood leading men pride themselves on being tough guys, but one is apparently a mummy's boy.

Nelson Aspen, who is it?

Colin Farrell if you are listening

I didn't say it. No, no it is not

me that is saying it Colin but it

is Jane Kelly's new unauthorised I

should stress biography called

Colin Farrell Living Dangerously

and all of his so-called childhood

friends are coming out saying the

tough bad boy image is really just

a carefully crafted creation on

Colin's part and that he is

actually much more soft-spoken and

he was picked on for being a sissy

boy and he is really rather posh

they vai so I think Colin will

probably have a no-comment response

which would be better than the

knee-jerk response

Brad and Jen have moved out but

there is one item nobody is

fighting for custody of. What is


This is unbelievable. There are

certain things you would leave

behind like bad shelving paper or

something but the real estate agent

went into the house and Brad and

Jen have left behind rather large

1.5 metres photograph from their

wedding day of them all elate and

happy and drinking cocktails out on

the Malibu summer day and they just

left it behind so the real estate

agent has it and he has contacted

them but neither one of then wants

it. You know it is going to turn up

on eBay

That is sad though. I mean, you

know, they were happily married

I will take it!

Okay. We have a byeer. Let us know

you. how you go with that Nelson. Thank

We will catch Nelson after 8.30. hot spots next year? What is the word on the best property Check the latest research at 8.05. our campaign to improve aged care. Later, we will continue

your thoughts on the Soapbox. But next, we will check ago. His son Nick wants to raise Friday Flat at He'll only have a A new push to stop

The Sunrise Weather Wagon by Big Pond Wireless Broadband. is brought to you

Welcome back. Glad you are joining

us this morning. Lots of emails

coming in after the hurricane that

swept through New Orleans and

Mississippi. Jennifer says when the

tsunami hit Asia there was constant

coverage on every channel, special reports, appeals were started

immediately. The USA helps other

countries when they have disasters

but when they have there is little

obvious report offered. A lot say

what can we do to help and can we send donations? Julie asks that

question as well. We will find out

if there are any organisations that are calling for money

They haven't asked for it

Exactly. When it hit Asia,

extraordinarily poor regions of the

world with no money. Not saying we shouldn't help America, of course

we should, but at this point in

time you would think they have the

fund that can do it

With the tsunami India didn't ask

for any aid because they thought

they could handle it. I think it is

the same with the US. But we will

check it through for you. Anyhow,

Peter in Queensland says he is

stunned because there is an obvious

severe underestimation of the

problem and what it will take to

solve it. It makes me request the

competence of that government. I

think you are being a bit tough

this early. I don't think anyone

foresaw this. They said it would be

bad. They suggested people leave

New Orleans. A lot of people didn't.

But I don't think anyone could

foresee how bad it was. 1.3 million

people in New Orleans, that is

roughly the size of Brisbane so to

put it in perspective it would be

the same as Brisbane being wiped

out of everyone being told to

evacuate Brisbane, for kids to

leave, to go interstate to New

South Wales or Victoria to go to

school. It is a nightmare

Day one I think we saw this

hurricane had come through, there

were reports no casualties, thank

goodness. Now we are talking about

a city wiped out, under water, it

will take years to recover.

Thousands dead so just like the

tsunami it has taken a while for

everybody to actually realise the

magnitude of it

On the same theme Judy from

Queensland says it goes to show it

doesn't matter how big a super

power there are there are bigger

ones like the weather

Nature. You can think you are

pretty tough and big but boy nature

brings you down to size. A

different topic, we are after your

opinion, later on in the show we

will talk about how can you look

after your kids with body image,

particularly if you have a young

child carrying too much weight,

what can you do without throwing

them off course at a young age and

getting them all worried about body

image and stuff? So We are talking

about that which is important to a

lot of parent but there is an

article in the paper saying playing

with Barbie dolls makes girls as

young as 5 self conscious about

their weight paving the way for

later eating disorders. This

research studied 5 ah 6-year-old

girls found they were unhappy with

their weight after being shown

pictures of the size 8 doll.

Look at the legs

I think we all played with Barbie,

I think no-one looks like her we

would have thought. You would fall over for a start

I didn't play with Barbie often -

I was more a Ken-type bloke or a GI Joe

Hang on! Glad you cleared that one up

My little boy plays with bat man

and Spider-Man and he has impressive muscles A six-pack

Let us know, did playing with

Barbie stuff us all up? Time now for the Thought of the Day. It was emailed in by Corrine from Queensland. "Don't aspire to become irreplaceable. "If you can't be replaced, you can't be promoted." That That

That is very good. The joke of the

day comes from Brad in New South

Wales, not really a joke but a

report out of Perth from Perth zoo.

Just a reminder stu Wilson the

former all black captain said we

are a bunch of losers the Wallabies

and it will be a great time to

stuff the Wallabies. Perth stew

required a female of a very rare

species of guerilla. Within a

couple of weeks she was difficult

to handle. The vet examined her and

found she was on heat. The problem

was there were no male guerillas

around so reflecting on the problem

the zoo management noticed Stu

Wilson retired as an all black,

gone to work at Perth zoo, a big

Kiwi lad as you can imagine,

responsible for fixing the zoo's

machinery. Stu like a lot of Kiwis

had very little sense but seemed to

be possessed with ample ability to

satisfy any female species so the zoo administrators thought they

might have a solution. They

approveed stu with a proposition,

would he be willing to have sex

with the guerilla for $500. Stu

Wilson showed some interest but

said he would have to think the

matter over carefully. The

following day stu announced that

he would accept their offer under

three conditions - first he said I

don't want to have a kisser and

secondly you must never tell anyone

about this and then he said and

thirdly, I will need another week

to come up with the $500.

Oh boy, I like it

The views expressed by David Koch

are his and his alone. Stu started it. He did.

I have thrown out the other one

He is a very funny man

He said I have got the perfect joke

and I through it out a week ago

because I thought it may be

offensive to New Zealanders And that is not? We will get to see the fatherly side of our Big Guns of Politics next hour.

And we will catch up with the Aussie who is now holding court as a US sports star. But straight ahead, news, sport and weather. You're waking up with Sunrise.

SONG:# I wake up

# In the morning

# You look so good ... On the way - US correspondent Mike Amor has the latest on the hurricane devastation. The situation is desperate for many in New Orleans. And we will ask our Big Guns of Politics about federal leadership tensions. As well, Beretts chats to NBA recruit Andrew Bogut. Right now though, it's news time. And here's Simon. Good morning, everyone.

Rescue teams are continuing to search the debris of Hurricane Katrina, with officials already putting the death toll in the thousands. The evacuation of the vast flooded areas is slow, sparking anger and violence from survivors left behind.

It is the biggest natural disaster

in the US ever and now comes grim

news from Louisiana officials that

thousands of people most likely are

dead. Some of them who sought

shelter at the New Orleans

convention centre where there was

no food, water or support have died.

How many is not yet known. Their

bodies were dragged through the

streets to a makeshift morgue.

Meanwhile emergency crews are

scrambling to get people out of New

Orleans to safety as frustrations continue to rise.

We need help down here

20,00 people who had been housed

tat super dome in New Orleans were

almost a week with no

airconditioning or working bath

rooms are now being moved to the

Houston astro dome t smiles tell

the story

We left everything behind

Rescues continue across New Orleans

as people are plucked from rooftops,

their last refuge from floods that

cover 80% of the city. In hard hit

Mississippi the death toll is also

rising but the focus is on the

living. Rescue teams continue to

look for survivors. This

storm-chaser individual wro shows

how powerful the 25-foot storm

surge was in Mississippi

Even people on the coast never

thought it could be this bad

But Katrina's wrath lived up to

the predictions changing the

landscape and millions of lives


British police say they will investigate a videotape on which al-Qaeda claims responsibility for the 7 July London suicide bombings. Arab television network al-Jazeera aired the vision which shows one of the bombers delivering his will. Mohammad Sidique Khan claimed Mohammad Sidique Khan claimed the attacks were in retaliation

for Britain's support for the war on Iraq. The video also includes comments from Osama Bin Laden's deputy Ayman Al-Zawahiri. A chilling video of the Beslan terrorists has surfaced on the anniversary of the school massacre. The pictures show notorious Chechen warlord Shamil Basayev preparing for the siege. He is camped out in a forest with his accomplices, showing off weapons they had seized in raids on police stations. Basayev is the only one of the terror cell still alive. In Beslan relatives have remembered the 331 victims of the massacre. Queensland's $6 million health inquiry is in jeopardy after the Supreme Court ruled Commissioner Tony Morris had shown bias towards two former managers from the Bundaberg Base Hospital. The Dr Death inquiry could be aborted. Queensland's Supreme Court will discuss the situation this morning. High-profile Liberal MP Malcolm Turnbull

has stepped up his tax-reform push

rebutting the criticism of Treasurer Peter Costello.

The former merchant banker has spelled out a two-tier system. It would cut the top rate of 47% for high-income earners

to benefit the lower paid. and increase the tax-free threshold that we've simulated All the tax models within a cost of $10 billion. are affordable Earlier this week the Turnbull tax crusade Treasurer Costello laughed off had 280 plans. saying the backbencher a bribery attempt Indonesian police are investigating Michelle Leslie. surrounding Australian drug suspect has confirmed The Department of Foreign Affairs a man posing as Bali's police chief demanding more than $15,000. has called the Australian consulate against Leslie would be dropped. In return, the man said charges Foreign Minister Alexander Downer has told authorities, says that Leslie she knew nothing of the incident. Checking finance news. US stocks have closed lower after reporting weak August sales. as car-maker General Motors fell both finished in positive terrority London's FT100 and the German DAX In our region Hang Seng both posted gains. Japan's Nikkei and Hong Kong's

Back home distance of the 4500 mark. and the All Ords is within striking So is the ASX200. building stocks. Yesterday's gains were led by Now here's Beretts with the sport. before the AFL finals. Plenty of changes by the inclusion of four stars St Kilda has been boosted with Adelaide. ahead of its qualifying final Matt Maguire and Brent Guerra Fraser Gehrig, Sam Fisher, have all been listed to play Brett Burton and Martin Mattner while their opponents have recalled for the match, the clash through suspension. but Mark Ricciuto will miss and Brad Miller to face Geelong Melbourne's named Cameron Bruce has also been included while captain David Neitz a knee injury. despite still suffering injury Geelong has lost Paul Chapman with

and Charlie Gardiner. but gained Josh Hunt Alan Langer Former Brisbane Rugby League star as a superman has hailed Shane Webcke himself fit to face Parramatta after the former Test prop declared for the minor premiership. in this night's battle medial ligaments in his left knee The inspirational prop tore less than two weeks ago at least another two to three weeks. and was expected to be sidelined for

Brett Seymour Broncos' half-back

sufficiently has also recovered from injury but captain Darren and will take his place in the side Lockyer will postpone his return.

Now one of our big hopes for Torino

in February next year is Lydia who

will not be competing this week

with a knee injury

I had a fantastic day yesterday

back on skis after two months so it

sore was great and didn't pull up too

You have already qualified for

Torino so you can just focus on the

big one

Yeah, my Olympic spot, I'm not in

any hurry to qualify or jump in to

anything yet so I can take it easy

and jump when I feel like it

We will get the chance to sit back

going guys and see how the competition is

Thank you for that Beretts. We

will check back with you in half an

hour. Grant Denyer is surrounded by

monster trucks this morning.

Get the Benny Hill music out

because here we go, it is mini

monster truck madness, up and down

we go. This is crazy. It is a big

week edz of motor sport this

weekend at the Sydney super dome

including July mania. Aren't these

cute. The traffic is heavy. But the

mini monster trucks make a little

weather man look big. We have the

only female monster truck driver

around. The car-crushing and

car-Julying and these racing legend

this weekend at the Sydney super

dome for jump mania and round 3 of

the Nokia super cross series as we

broadcast your latest weather from

inside one of these little monsters. through WA late tomorrow night, Another cold front will move through WA late tomorrow night,

warmer northerly winds across SA. while a broad low will bring

some isolated showers and storms A trough will produce

and Queensland. over north-east New South Wales showers along the NSW coast. That same trough will produce

Looking ahead, can all expect showers on Sunday. Brisbane, Sydney and Canberra

for Hobart. A fine but partly cloudy weekend

A mostly fine weekend in Melbourne. Showers in Adelaide tomorrow. and partly cloudy in Darwin. Some patchy rain for Perth,

I can understand why monster trucks

is Homer Simpson's favourite sport

now I have had a bit of a taste.

Sugar! Holy Molly, I'm getting

aufplt see you in half an hour

More weather details before I break

a bone or two and get in trouble

with Dick Johnson.

The mind boggles what will happen

in half an hour. The south-east of the United States this morning. remains a picture of destruction of Hurricane Katrina's fury The legacy in New Orleans, is most hellishly clear which is being evacuated.

1.3 million people to go. The death

toll is now expected to be in the

thousands and most of the city is

still under water. Seven's Mike

Amor is in the disaster zone. Mike,

good morning to you. Now as we are

saying most of the city still under

water. Are we signing any

floodwaters subsiding at all or no

change in the levels?

Good morning, Mel and Kochie. You

will have to for give the noise. We

are at a stageing area where

choppers are landing and taking

off with some of the people they

are bringing out of the city to

this small area a kilometre or so

outside the city. The good news is

that the weather is not rising but

it is not subsiding but the water

is just part of the problem for the

people of New Orleans. As you

mentioned earlier in the news,

violence has overtaken particularly

down town New Orleans. There have

been reports of shooting, looting,

jar Jacking . One TV crew was car

jacked at gunpoint. We are coming

on our weigh in here and there are

a lot of people standing outside a

gunshot which had been looted. They

looked very suspicious, we don't

know what their intent was but we

didn't hang around. One policeman

said to go to down town New Orleans

literally a few blocks from here is

sue siefpltd he has every gun he

owns loaded and ready to fire. It

is a very scary scene here. Really

it has only added to the problems

of people trying to get in and out

- or get out of New Orleans quickly.

There is a lot of anger in down

town New Orleans at how slow

authorities have been to help then,

not enough food, buses. There have

been reports that people have been

dying in the streets trying to -

waiting to get out of the city. The

government is trying to respond to

that. you can hear some of the

choppers, which is part of that

response. They are sending an

aircraft carrier to act as a

command post and they are talking

about bringing in cruise ships to

help accommodate some of the people.

Many people here are saying too

little too late

Mike, the death estimates are

rising by the day. When we will get

a clear picture? It is unbelievable,

stories that people sought shelter

in the super dome and even died in there

Yeah, it is incredible and we will

not know the true picture of just

how many people have fallen victim

to this hurricane probably for

weeks they are saying although

again they repeated today it will

be several thousands which would

make it the worst natural disaster

in America's history in the past

century. You talk about people

trying to take refuge in the soup

Earl dome just down the road, have

a look at that scene. That is just

skwauler and people are trying to

get out of the rain by hud link underneath the highway overpass

here. That is how desperate they

are to get out of New Orleans

It is just absolutely devastating.

We almost cannot comprehend it.

Mike Amor, we appreciate your time.

I'm sure we will talk to you again

very shortly. Stay in touch. If you are worried about friends or relatives who you think are in the hurricane zone, the Department of Foreign Affairs has set up a special hotline. There is one issue the Federal Government just can't shake, and that is when John Howard will hand over the prime ministership. The leadership question re-emerged this week following comments by Treasurer Peter Costello. He said he already felt that he was leading the country. So was that shot directed straight at the PM? It is over to our Big Guns of Politics, Human Services Minister Joe Hockey and Shadow Foreign Affairs and Trade Minister, Kevin Rudd. Good morning, guys. Joe, is this issue causing instability in the Libs?

Can I get satisfy quick comment

from you Kevin before we talk about

leadership? Your comments about

Alexander Downer and the whole

Vivian Alvarez case, you think he

is incompetent? Do you think he should go?

No I'm not say thraipbg about Mr

Downer himself but the incompetence

of what his department has not done.

The department of Foreign Affairs

knew 18 months before Vivian

Alvarez was finally found by a

Catholic priest. They knew she had

been taken to a particular place by

a charity in the Philippines. They

were offered a file about her

whereabouts and they didn't take

the file or send out any search

party looking for someone they knew

had been an Australian who had been

reportedly deported. That is not

right, this poor woman - the

department knew for 18 months she

was an Australian and they knew who

the organisation was that took her away

Joe, the leadership issue. Peter

Costello saying in a sense he

already leads the country. Just how

nervous does it make the party room

and is it creating instability?

It doesn't make the party room

nervous and it is not creating

instability. We are getting on with

the job of governing

So you are happy for Pete to come

out and say he is really the leader

No, he didn't say that - he said

what he feels like is that he has

been a leader of the country as

have many others been leaders of

the country during that period. I

think his months were taken right

out of context if you have a look

at the full-scale of them. But look,

he is the leader of the economy.

Peter Costello is the Treasurer.

When John Howard was the Treasurer

he was the leader of the economy.

At the end of the day the Treasurer

is the person responsible for the

state of the economy and sure he

has a leadership role. He is the

deputy leader of the Liberal Party

He is a very experienced politician.

You have known him for years, I

have known him for years. I don't

know any guy in politics who uses

his words more carefully than Peter

Costello. John Howard uses his

words very carefully

That is true but Peter does as well.

He is saying "I lead the country"

then you have the three-ring circus

on tax reform.

There is speculation about the

liberal leadership has been going

on consistently now for what, six

years? Aren't we bored with the issue?

Peter Costello is not helping it.

Just as Kevin has a generals bat

on in his backpack, so do many other ...

Nice attempt to change the topic

We all harbour leadership


You too? You do as well?

In politics if you are ambitious

you want to be a leader

Okay, so you have leadership aspirations?

In politics ... Dig deeper! No, no, no

Any time lines?

The situation is this - in politics

you have to be ambitious. You have

to be ambitious for your goals,

your ability to deliver on your


Here advertise key thing - what is

Peter Costello's pitch to be

leader? It seems to be this - "It

is my turn" that is all he is saying

He has been a pretty good Treasurer

Leaving aside his credential for

Treasurer what is his pitch for the

alternative leader of the party? I

don't see a positive message and it

has come to the key one of the week,

tax, which has turninged into a

three-ring circus. Malcolm Turnbull

puts out a paper

John Howard is I think now

unquestionably Australia ace

greatest Prime Minister and Peter

Costello I think unquestionably ...

We will not go down that track

The election is a long way away.

While we are talking leadership we

have to get a comment from you -

New South Wales this week has been

in absolute turmoil. A complete

tragedy for John Brogden and his

family and everybody involved. Are

things - I mean how long do you

think it will take things toss

settle down under the new leader

Peter Deb Nam?

You are right, it has been a

Shakespearean tragedy this week and

it is up to the New South Wales

liberal members of Parliament to

sort it out

Did the media go too far?

Absolutely, absolutely. It was

ridiculous. I think the media has a

lot to answer for for some of the

things. What they effectively did

was turned allegations in to fact

and allegations in fact in the

first edition of the telegraph,

allegations that were denied by all

parties, they actually still ran it

as if it were fact. Politics is a

game of extremes. And it has

extreme highs and extreme lows and

when you are down if people really

do kick you and kick you personally,

kick your family it is the most gut

wrenching part of the job

Kevin, did they go too far?

I don't know the facts of the

exchange between them and John

Brogden but the general principle

is this - what is the dividing

line between what is personal and

private in your own life and what is in the legitimate public

interest? I think that is a debate

the country needs to have because

there is a dividing line

Where is it?

I think when it comes to a

person's private life it becomes

relevant publicly if there are questions of personal corruption

whether there are questions of

misuse of official expenses,

whether there is a gross compromise

between your public policy position

on something and your private

position on it

Yes, absolutely

But I'm not sure where that

existed in the case of some of the

things that have been said about

John Brogden. We just wish them well

As does everyone

Dame Elizabeth Murdoch was quoted

in the paper as saying her husband

met many famous people including

Winston Churchill and others, and

he said the greatest leaders were

the ones with the greatest faults

and that is right. A lot of people have faults

We are going to catch up with you

guys later on as part of our

Father's Day series. We are looking

forward to that. For now - Basketball star Andrew Bogut made Australian sporting history

when he was selected No.1 draft pick in the NBA. He is now preparing for his first season with the Milwaukee Bucks.

But in between training he returned to his home town of Melbourne. Mark Beretta sat down with him for his only one-on-one TV interview. Beretts, is he still recovering from the news?

Mel I have to say he is really

impressive and yes he is but he has

taken it in his stride. He is 21

years of age, he will make $21

million this year. He has come from

nothing, a few years ago the junior

coaches said he would never play

Bass ke ball. His dad believed in

him, got him a new coach and I

asked him yesterday what it was

like to be number 1 pick in the

biggest competition in the world

It is so crazy and nerve-racking

you are looking forward to get back

on the court to start training


Have you had time to think about

the honour and your career

One person gets that honour a year

to be the number 1 pick so it is

something I will cherish forever

but I wouldn't want to go through it again

Are you nervous about the NBA


It is nervous - joining a new

league and a bunch of guys you

haven't met it will be

nerve-racking but it is a close

family knit unit and everyone has

congratulated people and I want to

play hard and get some wins

Tell us about Milwaukee

It is a beer town, everyone has a

beer in their town. They are happy,

laid-back people and they are real

blue-collar type people. They work

hard and at night kick back with a

beer so a bit like Australia

When your coach said you would

never make a basketballer and your

dad believed with you and found a

coach that would work with you.

What did that mean?

I wouldn't be here without my

parent. I have played around

different associations all around

Melbourne, they had no social life

because they drove me everywhere

and they made that decision and it

has all worked out in the end. If

you want the game and work hard

someone will see it eventually and

that is what has happened with me.

Someone in the States saw I wanted

to get on although people said I had attitude problems but as a

young kid I say listen to your

heart and your self and your parent and forget about the rest of the world

What about playing for Australia?

Definitely think we will get a

medal in the next 12 years of

playing for the Boomers with the

crop coming up we have a very young

exciting group of guys hopefully

we can keep together for 8 years

and if you can keep a squad

together for that long eventually

something will happen and guys like

Brad and Aaron and guys in the NBL,

we have a strong chance to do

something successful in the next 12 years

They say this year you will make

$20 million. Has that changed your life?

It has not changed me but I live

more of a comfortable life and

trying to get my family settled but

I'm still the same old guy. All my

friend know me and know I haven't

changed. People think I have

changed but people close to me are

the ones I care about and if they

know I haven't changed that is all

that matters

Are you ready for the NBA and ready

to rub shoulders with Scha

It will be tough but there will be

times I hit the wall as a rookie

and I will keep my head up

You are living out a dream, doing

the thing you have always wanted to

do, you will get a lot of money for

doing it. How do you feel about

what is happening to you at the moment?

There is definitely a lot of

pressure because this is a time

where you really have to step up.

What I did in the last three or

four years in the Olympics and

college mean nothing now. This is a

whole new world. I have to confined

in myself, shut my doors and keep

working hard and good thingsless

happen. As soon as I stop for that

one or two days it will hurt me in

the long run but if I keep working

hard and doing the things that got

me here I will be fine

What a guy Beretts

Yes, I love his whole attitude. He

is in a good space. He knows he has

achieved thin credible award and he

will achieve a lot more in his life

time and a really impressive young guy

I'm sure we will hear a lot more

from him. Talk to you again soon.

The music critics are crowing about Rooster. They are the hottest young rock band out of the UK at the moment. The boys from West London will be here to perform for us next hour. Make sure you have a listen. But before that, we will give you a city-by-city forecast on property prices. And we will seek some insight on the aged-care crisis. But after the break, news, sport and weather on Sunrise.

By will checkup with what Joe and

Kevin are like for dads. For vow

one of his big supports is his dad as well. RAUCOUS ROCK MUSIC

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