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(generated from captions) Tonight - attempt to take his own life. shock and anger over John Brogden's Devastation for Michelle Leslie

for ecstasy. as drug tests prove positive

in America's worst natural disaster. And a rising death toll This program is LIVE captioned. This is Seven News with Ian Ross. Good evening. Days of misconduct allegations on John Brogden, have taken a terrible toll with the former Opposition Leader from a suicide attempt. tonight recovering in his office last night, He was found unconscious were about to be made public. as new sexual harassment claims felt he had let down his family, John Brogden his party and his constituents, so he tried to take his own life. rushed to hospital Wife Lucy and colleagues unconscious in his electoral office. after the former leader was found As a result to Royal North Shore Hospital Mr Brogden was conveyed suffering from minor injuries. are no suspicious circumstances. At this stage police believe there tried to digest the news. His party today

at the present time, He's going through a terrible period

that he recovers from that. and I can only hope is a terrible tragedy. What we've seen overnight Bob Carr is still furious a mail-order bride, Mr Brogden called his wife his political career. but hopes he can repair that everyone makes mistakes. He's got to think of his future, and Helena and I wish him well. This is a very forgiving society, of political life. Jeff Kennett knows the pitfalls overcome depression. He now helps people of isolation, of loneliness, In cases, it's the feeling they're on their own in part, as shame. and that might be interpreted, criticise the media, But other Liberals particularly a newspaper story harassment against two journalists. detailing new allegations of As a community that people are vulnerable, we need to understand and John was vulnerable. both journalists Seven News has contacted talking to the newspaper and both deny they did not want to comment. except to say stands by its story, But The Daily Telegraph in the public interest saying it was of the Liberal Party. and came from very high levels every single story that we do If we approached may or may not commit suicide, on the basis of whether somebody we wouldn't cover courts, bad reviews. we wouldn't give restaurants at a private clinic. Mr Brogden is tonight a full recovery. He is expected to make has moved to end days of turmoil The State Liberal Party a clean leadership handover. by agreeing to

today pulled out of the race, Barry O'Farrell

Opposition Leader tomorrow allowing Peter Debnam to become of dirty tricks. but it has not stopped claims Barry O'Farrell's triumph, It was supposed to be to sew up the Liberal leadership. the front-runner arriving to drop out of a race, Instead he came

would leave the party divided. fearing a narrow victory I understand people will say, "Well, hang on. why is he pulling out?" "If he was going to win, Because there's no point winning behind you. and having a disunited party My assessment is, in a way I could not. Peter could unite the party in a way I could not.

That is Peter Debnam for the top job. who is now uncontested I won't talk about numbers. and I'm planning to win the vote. The vote is tomorrow of dirty tricks But there are accusations

Member of Vaucluse installed. to get the conservative preselection for supporting him. Claims that MPs were offered an easy I'm simply not going to discuss of the party. anything about the internal politics and 24 hours to do it. I've got colleagues to convince

will need convincing too. It seems the public last night Well, I saw a Channel 7 poll

to either of us. that was less than flattering O'Farrell to stand as his deputy. Peter Debnam has asked Barry At their meeting today the trials of their former leader Liberal MPs were focused on rather than choosing a new one. tomorrow morning. That vote will instead come Bali police are now expected Michelle Leslie to formally charge Sydney model came back positive. after her drug tests joins us from Bali. Seven News correspondent Adrian Brown

as devastating news. Adrian, this must come for Michelle Leslie. Ian, it's the worst possible result Police here say in her purse were indeed ecstasy, they've confirmed the tablets found and that blood tests prove before her arrest. she had taken the drug for Michelle Leslie's legal team. The news is another setback Police now confirming that prove she had recently taken ecstasy. the results of blood and urine tests Positive, positive. But they could not explain tested negative for the drug. how an earlier urine sample The police also confirmed today found in Leslie's handbag the two pills as ecstasy. have been positively identified after her arrest In a statement to police an addiction to ecstasy. Leslie admitted Her lawyer, though, said were fakes. the transcripts of the interview He, though, was later fired. Now her new legal team say to interrogate Leslie all over again they want police because they insist mental state the first time. she was not in the correct

want her to be reinterrogated again? REPORTER: So you're saying you now Yes, of course. Of course. are not just targeting Australians To prove that police in their current war on drugs, they had arrested four local people they confirmed today

of marijuana and ecstasy. caught with this haul in Michelle Leslie's legal team. Tonight, more confusion Her Australian lawyer now claims

Suggesting his client is yet to be

interrogated by police even though

days. she has been incarcerated for 11

A huge rescue operation is under way along America's Gulf Coast where the scale of destruction from Hurricane Katrina is only now becoming clear. The official death toll stands at 70 but there are fears it could soar into the hundreds. Devastation has turned to desperation as Hurricane Katrina's floodwaters continue to rise. (cries) Entire towns were wiped out and thousands remain homeless. We won't have electricity for maybe six to eight weeks. We don't have water. We can't flush the toilet. Locals have described Katrina as "our tsunami". There you can see what 145mph sustained winds does - there is so little left. Frustration spilled into the streets as heavily armed police fought off looters in New Orleans.

Here on the outskirts of New Orleans are just some of Katrina's survivors.

Today, hundreds were rescued by air and by boat - tonight they are homeless. Boats have replaced cars as a makeshift navy of volunteers took survivors to higher ground. As the National Guard rolled in, to retrieve people from rooftops, helicopters continued to retrieve people from rooftops, including a mother and child. I thought I was going to die, actually. Everything's gone. Everything we have is right here. Dozens of helicopters have joined the search as crews race against time to find people alive. But amid the hope, there is a tragedy. This man's wife was swept away by the surging waters. I hold her hand tightly and she told me,

"You can't hold me." She said, "Take care of the kids." Officials stressed the death toll will rise as the days go on. In New Orleans, those who sought shelter from the storm will be relocated again because of rapidly worsening conditions. The extent of the devastation is best understood when seen from above. Our American news partner NBC sent a helicopter pilot who is also a journalist over one of Mississippi's worst hit areas. Here is his report. The casinos, as you know, were floating on the water,

were actually picked up and deposited on top of homes and businesses. This is the back end of the Hard Rock Casino. As you can see, it's just fallen off into the water now. One of the casinos was dropped literally on top of the Holiday Inn, just absolutely crushing it. We're proceeding to the east along the beach here. These are all the old homes that were along the beach, many of them just gone, just - you can see foundations and complete devastation through this area. This is downtown Biloxi here. As you can see, this area has just suffered a catastrophic amount of damage. About a half mile in from the beach, everything has been levelled, flattened, destroyed. There just aren't really any structures standing anymore. You can see where the storm surge came up and deposited all this debris. We're looking at a lot of freight vehicles. They've been washed all through the downtown area. These are some of the National Guard troops that are trying to keep looters out, looking for people who need help. The bridge at Highway 90 was completely destroyed. It's going to be a major job to remove all of that concrete and debris for navigation, for ships in the area. At least 10 people have been arrested in a series of running battles between police and protesters trying to disrupt the Forbes conference at the Opera House. Security there is tight so the hard core went looking for soft targets. Working their way down George Street, protesters versus police.

Lunch time on George street,

protesters verses police. Their

target today ... ANZ banks, no

sooner were they cleared than the arrests began. If, at any time, you deviate from that path or disobey my directions, you will be arrested. In all, only 40 protesters turned out. Low numbers last night too. The demonstrations marked more by apathy than anarchy. (yells) This is a public space! That Opera House is public space! You ---- off! And it was on. Not enough. They managed to topple one outright.

Instead of protisters pouring in,

the police pushed through, forgsing the crowds back. They arrested seven in total. 150,000 dead in Iraq and these guys in there are making profits, mate! What the protesters did not realise was that the Prime Minister and the Forbes delegates were at another location altogether. In fact, they were over there at the Overseas Passenger Terminal, two minutes away. 350 of the world's most powerful business leaders dined with a panoramic view of the protest.

Look, I'm sure they're having a bit of a giggle but that was never the main point. Ahead in Seven News - The death of the world's oldest person. Also, Commissioner Ken Moroney staying on as our top cop.

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The judge who helped expose widespread corruption among New South Wales Police has retired from the Supreme Court. Justice James Wood presided over the police royal commission and some of the State's most famous cases, including the granny-killer trial. He says drugs and terrorism are the two biggest problems now facing law enforcement authorities. Justice Wood starts his new job as inspector of the Police Integrity Commission tomorrow. Police Commissioner Ken Moroney has agreed to stay in the job for at least another two years, well past his intended retirement date. His decision follows months of turmoil at the top of the force, with no clear replacement in sight. After 40 years, Ken Moroney thought next May would be a good time to retire. Police Minister Carl Scully urged him to stay. My love for this job is just that. I love being a policeman. He's not only a good bloke, but he's a very competent bloke. He's personable, the troops love him. That may be true but there was simply no obvious candidate to replace him.

REPORTER: Has part of your consideration in staying on in the job been because of the decimation of the senior ranks over the past six or so months? Look, I'd be telling lies. It was an issue that I certainly considered.

Former Deputy Commissioner Dave Madden was the frontrunner until tainted by his role in the Bulldogs Coffs Harbour investigation. He has sought a medical discharge from the New South Wales Police. I wish him well. Assistant Commissioner Peter Parsons was tarnished by the same investigation, but cleared and former Assistant Commissioner Dick Adams retired only last month amid misconduct allegations. I want to say, "Thank you, Ken, for agreeing to stay." Dave Madden's position as second-most senior cop will be filled by Deputy Commissioner Andrew Scipione. His job taken by Terry Collins, the man overseeing the Forbes conference. Later this week, Ken Moroney will launch his new vision for the force, a mix of old-school policing and new science with Andrew Scipione now positioned as his natural successor.

They say it is lonely at the top but not, it seems, in the Federal Government. John Howard says there are plenty of leaders in his team but one, Peter Costello, is again refusing to rule out

a tilt at the top. The question of government leadership has suddenly become just how many leaders are there on the ship? I said as Treasurer and deputy leader, in a sense, I lead, and have to lead, in relation to economic policy. Tony Abbott says he is a leader too. I'd like to think that I'm helping to lead the country in health. John Howard added a couple more. Alexander Downer's shown tremendous leadership in foreign affairs. I think Philip Ruddock has shown great leadership in immigration, and now as Attorney-General. But there is only one big leader.

We're all doing it under the Prime Minister,

who is the leader of our nation. Mr Costello had a simple answer to his leadership ambitions at the beginning of the election campaign, exactly a year ago. FILE TAPE: I have ruled out challenging. I am not challenging. LAUGHTER Would you like anything else? He should repeat that pledge again today or he should come clean publicly. Here is what he did say today. If opportunities arise, you look at them when they arise. His supporters expect John Howard to give him the big opportunity of the prime ministership before mid next year and warn if he does not, Peter Costello will not be playing follow-the-leader for very much longer. Denmark is set to pass laws allowing Princess Mary's first child to ascend to the throne even if it is a girl. The Australian-born Crown Princess is due to give birth in October.

The baby's sex is a secret but under current Danish law only boys can become monarch. An exception was made for Mary's mother-in-law, Queen Margrethe, because she has no brothers. All seven parties in the Danish parliament support the new succession law. A woman officially recognised as the world's oldest person has died, aged 115. Hendrikje van Andel-Schipper passed away in her sleep at a nursing home in the Netherlands.

The former needlework teacher lived alone until 106 and put her longevity down to a daily helping of pickled herring. I would rather die young! Time for sport with Matthew White. Ricky Ponting is in a lot of trouble? He has risked suspension from the final Test match.

More on that shortly. Also tonight, Mat Rogers makes the switch to the Wallabies' No.10. And how the mighty have fallen at the US Open.

Free love - that's what the world needs now. swaying in the mud to a Hendrix lick... ..before the world got all cynical and buttoned down. Maybe a bit of free love might help Dad dislodge whatever it is he's got stuck up his chakra. Our water situation is still critical,

which is why Stage 2 Restrictions are now in force, so let's work together to follow them and help sustain our water supply. For full details, call: Friday night's blockbuster between the Eels and the Broncos is a sell-out. Brisbane is trying to overcome a case of the end-of-season wobbles and rookie Parramatta playmaker Tim Smith is vowing to continue their misery. He has been sensational so far, but for rookie Tim Smith now the season gets serious. Yeah, I'm thinking it's going to be a little bit more pressure on me and that, so I'm just really looking forward to it at the moment. He may face off against Brett Seymore with Brisbane's young half with Brisbane's young half now hopeful he and Darren Lockyer will be late inclusions.

It's good signs. We need some positives in the club at the moment. But Smith says his Eels don't feel Brisban, or any side.

At the moment we have a lot of

confidence in our side, so

hopefully we can take that into the

semi finals series and it will rough off. While Eels fans are hoping it is a start of something big for Parramatta here at the Sharks it is the end of an era. Jason Stevens and David Peachey are leaving, but injury means Stevens will miss Saturday's final home game against Souths.

I often looked back at the big guy

from the kick off and said it's

your ball, so I'm be sad he won't be there. Stevens was told today his shoulder Stevens was told today his shoulder could be okay for the finals. Getting stretchered off is not the ideal way to finish, but that may not be the case.

Peachey plans to play on in England and beyond. Oh, well. My uncle is running around in grand finals this weekend, and he's 40. Mick Peachey plays for Wellington. I said I always wanted to play football with my kid.

My uncles have done it. My boy's nine, so another 10 years, I'll still be playing. Cliff Lyons, eat your heart out!

Mat Rogers is the new Wallabies' fly half for Saturday's Tri-Nations Test against the All Blacks. A new-look side sees George Smith slot into No.8. Rogers wears the No.10 jersey with Clyde Rathbone named at outside centre.

The All Blacks have the Tri-Nations trophy to play for and the Wallabies have nothing to lose. Rogers has never started at five-eighth at senior level. Playing fly half you've gotta be there every time. So, uh... certainly makes it, you've gotta have a bit more run in the legs. Lachlan Mackay, Al Kanaar and Lloyd Johansson will make their Test debuts from the bench. A new outburst from Australian cricket captain Ricky Ponting has put him at risk of being suspended for one of the most important Tests in cricket history. Ponting is still seething

over the way England has been using substitute fielders to rest their fast bowlers. Ricky Ponting has already been fined $9,000 for his spray after being run out in the fourth Test by specialist fieldsman Gary Pratt. RICHIE BENAUD: Quick! Quick! CROWD CHEERS Oh, he's gone, I think. Now Ponting's had another go on radio. I think it's just I think it's just an absolute disgrace, really, that the spirit of the game is being treated that way, you know? It's not the way that we've ever played. I mean, if you want to look at all the rules and try and bend them in your favour as much as you can, then I think it's a pretty sad game. The International Cricket Council could suspend Ponting, but that is unlikely given the importance of the deciding Ashes Test. Either way, coach John Buchanan has heard enough. If we want to let any of those sorts of issues or distractions become a distraction, obviously, again, our thinking's in the wrong area. The Australians have arrived back in London where team management is about to meet to discuss replacing the hopelessly out-of-form Matthew Hayden with Buchanan refusing to guarantee the opener's spot. Matthew's the first person to admit, like any other player, that nobody's got, you know, a God-given right to be selected. Hayden has now gone 30 innings without scoring 70,

breaking Syd Gregory's record set in 1903. Syd broke his run of outs with a ton. And the injured Glenn McGrath could be a surprise starter in the weekend's tour match against Essex. Lleyton Hewitt and Mark Philippoussis begin their US Open campaigns tonight at Flushing Meadows.

They will be hoping to do a lot better than Wayne Arthurs and Samantha Stosur who were both first-round losers this morning. Arthurs said he struggled for motivation in his straight sets defeat to 33-year old Italian David Sanguinetti. Looks like it too. The day's biggest upset though was the fall of fourth seed Andy Roddick. He lost in straight sets to Luxembourg's Gilles Muller.

We have got a long fight ahead,

Lleyton playingo so a little bit of

exercise for this, C'mon!, Exactly.

What that worth it? See you. Nuala has Sydney's weather after the break, but first finance. After spending most of the day in the red the share market closed higher. Telstra slumped to its lowest for nearly a year. Westfield shares rose after a $1.5 billion profit.

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so let's work together to follow them and help sustain our water supply. For full details, call:

It's a very proud day tonight. Our Delta will perform live in New York.

And tomorrow, you'll see that performance right here. A Sunrise exclusive. Now, here's Nuala with the weather.

Good evening. What a way to see out Winter. Warm wind gusts up to 81km/h at Badgeries Creek. Top temperatures up 9 degrees on average. Plenty of cloud, but still no rain. That makes this the fourth driest month we've ever had in Sydney. Just 1.6mm of rain all up. It has been a warm, sunny and dry winter as well. less than half the average rainfall We received less than half the average rainfall and we have had record hours of sunshine.

Here's the front that drove the warm and blustery west-north-westerly winds across our state and most of the south-east. They gusted up close to 200km/h at Mt Hotham. The cold air behind the change has been producing widespread showers in the south-east. They're not reaching Sydney though, but west to south-westerly winds under this high will cool us down into tomorrow. So much calmer and cooler for the first day of spring. The cloud should clear too, for a mostly sunny day. Looking further into our first week of September, these showery symbols look promising, but they only really indicate the risk of a brief shower. So it should still be fine for Father's Day, Sunday, 22.

I don't think fathers would mind a

bit of a down pour at this stage

We need one. And that's Seven News to now. Don't forget, if you have a story for us to investigate, we would like to hear about it. Go to our web site - and click on the news tips link. I'm Ian Ross. Thanks for your company. Goodnight.