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with a licence to burn. The beauty clinics the hundreds of disaster stories. Laser facial surgery and and use it on your face. Anyone can buy a laser some Australian beauty clinics? What really goes on inside That story coming up. Also, tradespeople. Tonight, we start the clock they can keep us waiting. and show you just how long or they don't show up. Can't even get them to quote to count calories, fat and sugar, And, if you rely on food labels the chances are you're being misled. I eat the whole lot. When it says four serves, Plus, the latest on Hurricane Katrina in the United States bearing down on New Orleans and waves up to 10m. with winds up to 260km/h But first, to laser surgery, to create a rejuvenated look, which by all accounts is designed it often creates anything but. but as you're about to see, with this special investigation. And here's Helen Wellings I looked like a car-crash victim. I would say My kids couldn't even look at me. It was just horrific. I've had in my life. It is the most painful thing It actually broke me. it just broke me. Best way I can explain it - scabs, and swelling. Bleeding, burns, weeping skin,

own faces after laser resurfacing. These women were horrified by their procedure and it should be banned. Laser resurfacing is a dangerous from her laser resurfacing. Susan Mitikowk is still recovering a huge response from Australian women Her story last week triggered with similar terrifying experiences of the hidden dangers. wanting to warn others Blood everywhere. My face was so swollen a toothbrush in my mouth. I couldn't even stick I remember thinking to be a burn victim. I just knew what it would be like what I'd look like afterwards, If I'd seen what I'd look like afterwards,

the gumption to do that. there's no way I would have had The photos they don't show you.

before laser resurfacing - This is Tina Church Then just 40 minutes later - Days after - still red raw. Three weeks on - You know that you can't go outside because of how you look. or nobody can see you Tina did do her homework, and record checked her doctor's qualifications

she was given a sales spiel. but she feels that was going to do the procedure, When I was seeing the doctor just be a tingling sensation I was told it would probably that I would probably be fairly red, and then afterwards blood vessels after the procedure. that there may be slight little She just said, a little bit of bruising," "You might get a bit of swelling, and I thought, "Okay." cosmetic doctor Cynthia Weinstein Barbara Tregear went to for laser resurfacing in 2000, from practising for six months just before Weinstein was banned and unprofessional conduct. for medical incompetency had to literally hold my feet down My husband while I was getting the treatment. It was just like hot fat. the anaesthetist was off sick, Susan Dickson's doctor told her would work just as well. but gel and injections Shocking. He didn't care, really. working but he just kept going. I mean, he knew that gel wasn't I mean, he knew that gel wasn't

but he didn't stop. He knew I was in pain He just kept going. one of these laser machines The problem is anyone can buy and use it on people's faces. medical qualifications, You don't need training or experience. It's trial and error. Patients are guinea pigs. it didn't work. As far as I'm concerned, for Barbara Tregear. But it was even worse from this brutal treatment. Her face shows permanent damage the cowboys and Indians you know, you see in the old movies It's like -

striped across their face. and they've got the paint It was red, white, red, white. That's what I looked like. thinning of the skin, scarring - Loss of colour and pigment, of laser resurfacing. all potential side effects and the experience of the operator. It really depends on the skill Dr Norman Olbourne of Plastic Surgeons from the Australian Society is extremely risky. says laser resurfacing Laser is a burn. actually see it burning the wood Depress the trigger and you can to your face. and this is what actually happens burn the outer layers of skin, Both carbon dioxide and erbium lasers

compared with this new method. stimulates the skin. Laser stimulation It does not burn it. from the Schriebner Centre says Dr Albina Della Bruna a very different laser method. they use so that it does not burn the skin. Our laser is a modified CO2 laser the skin It rejuvenates and replenishes by stimulating the collagen layer there is no charred skin. but there is no smoke, The skin is intact. They've used it of laser resurfacing. to rectify some disastrous results like panda-bear eyes I had these huge, big, white areas around my mouth. and other areas of depigmentation It was just ridiculous. Leanne Harvey received compensation

patchy, whitened skin. after being left with thin, laser stimulation, After Dr Della Bruna's she is now happy with her skin. You look wonderful now. Beautiful. It's really, really good. But other new alternatives do burn, IPL, like intense pulse light treatment, across Australia. available in regular beauty salons or experience necessary. Again, no training The advice? And from those in the know? Be wary of who you go to. don't put yourself through it. Don't do it, don't go there, and Romy Page was the producer. Helen Wellings reporting there If you've had a similar experience you'd like us to follow up, or if you have an issue on our web site at - please leave the details or just give us a call. Now to the racial slur most senior politicians his job. that's cost one of Australia's New South Wales Opposition Leader John Brogden had no choice but to resign today after calling former premier Bob Carr's wife a mail-order bride as well as inappropriately touching two female journalists while in a drunken stupor. And not even the Prime Minister could help Mr Brogden, as David Richardson reports.

I acted dishonourably and now is the time to act honourably. Of course it's hurtful but it's not... I know it's not the way

a lot of people on his side of politics behave. Hello. John Brogden. Good to see you. Racist and sexist - it's not how disgraced Liberal Leader John Brogden would want to be remembered but that is now his legacy after a disastrous beer-fuelled night on the town. Brogden has no character, Brogden is a featherweight mediocrity. I was disgusted, absolutely disgusted that a man like that would let himself go, especially in the position he is in. I think it's quite daft and quite disastrous for him. His downfall came three weeks ago at a well-known Sydney bar. After downing six drinks, he described Bob Carr's Malaysian wife as "a mail-order bride" but it didn't end there. He then pinched Sunday Telegraph reporter Justine Ferrari and propositioned Sun Herald journalist Angela Cuming. My actions were in jest but that does not excuse the fact that they were inappropriate actions. Scandalous behaviour from a man of public office. Political commentator Malcolm Farr believes Brogden was just too green for the top job. He was absorbed by politics to the extent that he did just about nothing else. Maybe if he'd got out there

and copped a few clouts around the ear, a bit more experience, this would never have happened. Malcolm Farr says Brogden's blunder is up there with the worst political gaffes of all time. Well, there was Noel Crichton-Brown, of course, who said he would do painful things to a woman's breasts. There was the incident of Andrew Bartlett with Jenny Ferris, the manhandling over wine. My all-time favourite is the conversation between Jeff Kennett and Andrew Peacock about John Howard back in the '80s which, unknown to them, the mobile phone conversation, was taped by somebody. I am resigning the leadership of the Liberal Party today. While Brogden has stepped down as the leader of the NSW Opposition, he will remain the member for the blue-ribbon seat of Pittwater. His female constituents are appalled. Well, I think he should have had more sense than to do what he did. I think he's a fool, basically. I mean, I think that you go and do something like that, he's just got to pay the consequences now. I don't like him, sorry. Now to one of the most popular diets around. Popular because it's been endorsed by the CSIRO. It's a low-fat, high protein, weight-loss program known as the Wellbeing Diet and it's also a bestseller, as you'd imagine. But now doctors and nutritionists are asking serious questions about the diet, as Chris Simond reports. I found the diet to be healthy. I lost 3kg on it so it's doing something right, it has to be. The diet does work, providing you can stick to it. Not everybody can eat a higher protein intake whether it's from red meat or dairy. I don't think the research backing really justifies the hype. The argument for a widely acclaimed high-meat diet adopted by thousands of Australians is fast losing weight. Riding high on the best-seller lists, the CSIRO's Total Wellbeing Diet book is now being called into question by doctors and nutritionists. Some say it should even be removed from retailers' shelves. is now being called into question by doctors and nutritionists. Some say it should even be removed from retailers' shelves. So it says "Have more protein. Carbohydrates are bad" instead of putting the emphasis on food.

While it's promoted as a low-fat, moderate-carbohydrate diet, nutritionist Dr Rosemary Stanton is concerned the diet's main thrust is meat protein. And with the CSIRO's scientifically proven endorsement, it's misleading dieters. Some meat is fine but there is some concern that a very high meat diet is correlated with a higher incidence of many cancers. Doesn't it strike you as somewhat ironic, Rosemary, that one of the main sponsors of the book is the meat and livestock industry? Well, I guess it's no coincidence

that the diet recommends about 300g of meat or other protein-type animal foods a day with legumes, nuts, seeds, grains - whereas the researchers didn't look with legumes, nuts, seeds, grains -

some of the things that actually fit with the dietary recommendations that governments put out. There was a lot of variety. I wasn't hungry at all, like diets usually starve you. Hairdresser Bianca Williams lost 3kg with the diet and 4.5cm from her waist. Unperturbed by Rosemary Stanton's claims, she's happy with the results, and goes even further. I definitely would go on the diet again.

I'm actually starting to think about it now, just to get rid some of those extra kilos, ready for summer. Rosemary Stanton, I can understand,

because she's always been very much pro whole grains and fruit and vegetables so it doesn't surprise me that she would be arguing against either higher protein or higher red meat. Dr Peter Clifton, co-author of the CSIRO diet, believes there's no cause for concern, the diet's success speaks for itself. I don't have any problem increasing the amount of meat above the Australian dietary guidelines. What we decided to do was to increase the amount of protein and reduce the amount of carbohydrate. So what this ended up doing in the weight-loss diet was to really double the proportion that was protein. Although the absolute amount of protein that has been increased is only pretty small - it's just that we've reduced the carbohydrate as well. Rather than the diet's recommended 300g of meat a day, Rosemary Stanton suggests 100g is ample and, for those on the diet or contemplating it, she has this advice - More vegetables, more fruit, more plant-based foods

and only small amounts of meat - and make sure it's lean. Coming up later in the show - how reliable are food labels

when it comes to counting calories, fat and sugar? You'll be surprised. Coming up - tradesmen put to the test. From plumbers to electricians, see who keeps us waiting the longest. Can you give me a rough guide as to what time you'll be here? Giving up your day to wait around for tradesmen - it's absolutely shocking. Now you can access the world with Grapevine - ActewAGL and TransACT's very own internet service provider -

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Blistering speeds of up to 2 megabits per second, incredibly large downloads. And from just $9.90... ..Grapevine will grow your world. Call: Or visit: Now, we all know that time is money. And when it comes to time-wasting, we may have uncovered some of the worst culprits - tradesmen. So tonight, we put tradesmen, from plumbers to electricians, to the test to find out who are the worst offenders at keeping us waiting and waiting. Here's Sophie Hull. It has been a nightmare. I've just really given up on it. It's just become very frustrating. Giving up your day to wait around for a tradesmen is absolutely shocking. Can't get them, can't even get them to quote. Everyone has a horror story

Everyone has a horror story about tradesmen. Scouring the phone book, making endless calls, finally finding someone to quote for the job, only to wait around all day for them to not show up. It is shody workmanship. Two years since Debbie James' shoddy bathroom renovation, she's still suffering. It's been next to impossible to get anyone to fix the leaks and breakages from the last tradesman. It's like, well, you know, "We've got your money. We'll see you later."

In most cases you have to ring four or five people to try and get anybody to come out, and then they take forever. I think that's the consumer's biggest complaint,

A lot of them are very nice guys

but they don't own a watch between them. Builder Brian Heaton believes tradespeople who don't turn up should be struck off. He runs building courses helping home owners to fix their own problems

I think they are overbooking but

they are all booked to the extent

that they aggravate the people that

they are serving and directly as a

result of our dissatisfaction, he

lost at least three other jobs that

would have been referred to him just

by word-of-mouth. That is the

consumer's worst complaint that you

have been waiting for somebody and they don't show up. Builder Brian Heaton believes tradespeople who don't turn up should be struck off. He runs building courses helping home owners to fix their own problems but says too many tradies are taking advantage of the fact they're in short supply and it's bringing the industry into disrepute. I think they're doing their trade an injustice.

They are doing the trade an injustice. We might love to whinge about not getting tradesman on time but they say don't blame them. Australia is facing a severe skill shortage and it will only get worse. In the next five years, it is forecasted that 170,000 people will leave the industry. And with only 40,000 joining it, we are faced with a shortage of 130,000 tradies and that's 130,000 we clearly can't afford to lose. So just how hard is it to get a Mr Fixit at short notice?

We set three home owners in different States the same challenge - to find 15 Tradespeople at short notice, All three lived 30kms from the CBD and had to find 15 professionals - electricians, roof tilers, plumbers, pest controllers and TV repairmen to come the next day.

Can you make it any sooner? It is urgent. In Brisbane, Katrina Anderson called 23 plumbers before she found three who could make it. In fact, it took 60 calls to line up 15 people to quote on jobs. Of those 15, 13 showed up and two were late. But the rudeness of one of the television repairmen

They expected me to wait and wait and wait. But the rudeness of one of the television repairmen was breathtaking.

When she asked for an explanation

in he shouted at her and storm sd

after the job. He got very abusive

and told me to f off Can you give

me a rough guide when you will be here. To Melbourne where Linda Gore only To Melbourne where Linda Gore only managed to lock in 12 tradespeople after making 52 phone calls.

It took us 20 phone calls just to

get one fellow to come out. Of them, two were late - up to two hours with no apology. One roof tiler turned up 1.5 hours early without warning and the second roof tiler rang at one o'clock to say he wouldn't be coming after all.

Next week. Is that the earliest? In Sydney, Val Boyd was only too happy to take up the challenge

after a disappointing track record with tradesmen. Mostly they won't give you a time, which is really annoying - take the day off from work and plan to be home.

They won't even say whether it's the morning or the afternoon and then they'll turn up around 6.00 when it's dinner time and you're busy. After 49 calls, 12 tradies booked in for the following day. We were stunned by the results, in the best possible way. or five minutes early. All of the 12 showed up on time gave reasonable quotes They were polite, find the source of a problem. and honest answers if they couldn't were so nice, The people that came today they were all well-mannered. even took their boots off, The tradesmen which I've never known before. They came on time. I was really surprised. They were really excellent. but it is encouraging. Val's experience may not be typical

But it seems the vast majority of us to play the waiting game will have to continue while Australia desperately tries of skilled workers. to fill the shortfall

I will be waiting, thanks. Bye. is a monster storm Now Hurricane Katrina in the United States bearing down on New Orleans with winds up to 260km/h, creating a surge of waves up to 10m. and sheets of rain in the next few hours, And it's expected to hit land and here's the very latest. Pray for all of New Orleans. Pray for us. with winds up to 175mp/h, 200 miles wide Hurricane Katrina is one of the biggest storms ever to hit America. It's due to make landfall in the next few hours,

on New Orleans. dumping up to 15 inches of rainfall is bad news for any city, A hurricane this size the potential damage is huge. but for New Orleans, surrounded by water, On low-lying ground is already below sea level. much of it large parts of the city under water, Scientists fear the surge could put putting thousands of lives at risk. will prevent any loss of life - Authorities hope the evacuation with a warning from the top. city governors backed up to put their own safety I urge all citizens of their families first and the safety by moving to safe ground. took over 250 lives The last Category 5 storm in 1969 of the Mississippi coastline. and destroyed large parts in Florida Katrina has already taken nine lives and has become even stronger over the Gulf of Mexico. on its long track Coming up - food labels. fat and sugar, When it comes to counting calories, just how reliable are they? you're being misled. Well, the chances are as they go along? So they're just making it up Well, in a way, I suppose they are. Need inspiration for Father's Day? Check out the new Bunnings Warehouse catalogue. just $14.94. 4-tier garden light kit - only $89. Bosch lithium ion cordless sander - price on a stocked item, If you happen to find a cheaper we'll beat it by 10%. are just the beginning. Lowest prices WOMAN: Hey, Dad! car insurance renewal in the mail? Did you get your MAN: A what? I-I didn't get a mule in the mail!

A RENEWAL! AAMI can save you money. Save me money? DOOR OPENS (Laughs) Really? SONG: # Lucky you're with AAMI. #

reading labels in the supermarket A casual look at shoppers

confirms that are made by what's in the fine print. a lot of product choices Indeed, a lot of us calories, salt, sugar and fat. rely on the printed labels to count But as Rodney Lohse reports, of information there's one small piece we rarely take any notice of of all. that's the most important information

What does a serve mean to you? Does it mean a plateful? At least a plateful. of Australians are weight-conscious Research shows the majority and for years, we've had it drummed into us - check the label, check for calories, fat, sugar and salt, and keep those numbers low. all along we have been deceived. But it seems would that do the business? If you were a Nutri-Grain eater, Probably not quite enough.

to about halfway at least. I'd probably want to go What is a serve? Is it as much as you can eat? Is it what fills your plate or quantity or is it some magical number so they can sell us lies? food companies come up with

manufacturers can pull on consumers, It's probably the sneakiest trick

we've all overlooked it. and it appears with valuable information, Food labels, rather than providing us do nothing more than confuse us. For some food manufacturers, it would be good to make the serves smaller, so they can say, "Per serve, this product has less fat" or "low sugar" or "fewer kilojoules". Nutritionist Karen Inge says

there is no Australian standard unlike most products, there is no Australian standard relating to a serving or portion size. And don't companies use that to their advantage,

so much so, there is no consistency, and they seem to make up what they think is a size, arbitrarily. And almost across the board, they are unrealistic. Take this cereal, for example. When I eat cereal, I have a bowl. Now, I don't think I'm unusual, than the three-quarters of a cup but it's certainly a lot more than the three-quarters of a cup

on the side of the box. they're recommending Big difference. Or what about jam? This is 15g of Cottees - a serve, across a serve of bread, and that's supposed to go

which is two slices. It's going to be spread pretty thin. Or these baked beans, for example. I'm apparently being a pig. If I eat this whole tin,

That's enough for two people - two serves.

as they go along? So they're just making it up Well, in a way, I suppose they are. calories, fat, sugar or salt intake, So if you are trying to watch your to do the right thing it makes it almost impossible are manipulated and don't ring true. when manufacturers' serving sizes people do definitely need guidelines I think people do definitely need guidelines

and what actually a serve is, on how much they should be eating the average Australian. because you only have to look at are overweight or obese. 60% of Australians So we're eating far too much. We put the serving size labels to the test and bought 40 products, sees a serve differently. and found just about every one the less sugar. Of course, the smaller the serve, and sugar per serve, Obviously Streets has less fat because it's a third smaller. at least there's a measure. If there was a standard, are also confusing. Chocolate serving sizes For instance, of Nestle chocolate - the same brand but different blocks and the other says 20g. one says 19g is a serve That's about two squares. And if you compare labels,

half the fat of the other brands, it looks like Nestle has about the serve is half the size. but it's because none of these are a real serve. And any chocolate lover will tell you suggested serves are just too small, And it doesn't matter who you ask - of potato wedges, whether it's the suggested serve the cup-size serve of Nutri-Grain, or a cup of spaghetti. this is a serve of potato wedges, If I gave you this today and said what would you say? Keep them. It's a bit stingy, isn't it? Yeah. When it says "four serves", I eat the whole lot. Now to tomorrow night when we have a special report on divorce Australian style, including a couple where the wife lives downstairs,

the husband upstairs, and the kids go up and down the stairs. We still live in the same house but I live in the upstairs section, she lives downstairs.

How can you have a relationship when you have your ex-partner living in the same house as you? He said, "I don't think I love you anymore". She ruined my life. It ruined my life. I'll have that story for you tomorrow night. So until then, I hope you have a great evening. Please take care, and goodnight. Captioned by Seven Network Email -