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(generated from captions) I'm Mark Ferguson, good night. Hello again. Welcome to A Current Affair.

going through the roof, With petrol prices our exclusive you can't afford to miss on Australia's biggest discount, every litre! a deal where you get 50 cents off I'm very excited! 50 cents off a litre!

Where are you going to get that? wrongly booked and fined Also tonight, hundreds of drivers by a speed camera. and their p ints back. Now they get their money just $50 a week. Plus the couple who live o Plus, the couple who live on

So how do they manage it? First, saving money on petrol. It's become more important than ever. As world oil prices go higher,

passed on at the pumps. you're going to see those increases

the best advice So Ben Fordham has been getting on how to cut your fuel bills. And, for the first time, biggest discount petrol deal. we have details of Australia's

Where are you going to get that? I mean, 50 cents off a litre. of petrol prices? How conscious are you as I should be, Probably not as conscious I know I have to pay for. because it's just something continues to rise, As the cost of petrol on Australian families. so does the pressure of the biggest financial burdens The price at the pump is now one

we're giving you the inside scoop - on the weekly budget, so tonight from your petrol bill. how to slash hundreds of dollars We've assembled a team of experts - Australian motor racing champion, Mark Skaife, NRMA vehicle specialist, Jack Haley, from 'Money' magazine. and Effie Zhaos, the actual shopping vouchers. First, there was

So if you go to Coles or Woolies, off your petrol. you get 4 cents a litre Then what's happened is are cashing in on this. that financial institutions Petrol is a big-budget spender, with credit cards so they've come out that offer you petrol discounts. offer you petrol discounts. Now you actually get home loans that

believes to be the biggest discount And Effie Zhaos has found what she

revealed here for the first time. being offered on fuel, Australian National Credit Union 'Money' contacted

which is good. about their 40-cents-a-litre deal, Now, to our surprise, to A Current Affair when we said we were coming on to 50 cents a litre. that deal jumped up off your petrol for one year. That's 50 cents a litre That's just unbelievable. Australian National Credit Union The discount from covers up to 80 litres a week at any petrol station you like. and you can claim it if you're looking to buy a home Effie says it's worth checking out

or refinance a loan. Have a look at the interest rate - are charging, 7.32%. 7.24%, compared to what the majors account-keeping fees. It has no redraw and no monthly It's a good deal. Sure, you can get cheaper, getting here but what you're actually off your petrol, is an opportunity to save 50 cents it will really work. so for some people, ENGINE RUMBLES

in property But if you're not investing to be made. there are still good savings

to try to conserve petrol Is there anything you do when you're actually driving around? were ways I could save money, Probably not, no. I guess if there I would want to know about them. spends $60 a fortnight on fuel. Mother-of-three Naomi Jadwat

Having your airconditioning off in your fuel consumption. you can save you 10% OK. That's useful. Very handy. Yes. Shall we go and look in the boot? has some practical advice Jack Haley from the NRMA to reduce the cost of driving. things in there. OK. You've got a few interesting Golf clubs obviously are very heavy regularly, you should take them out and if you're not using them reduces fuel consumption. because reducing weight and bull bars. The same goes for roof racks

regularly also makes a difference. Having your vehicle serviced should be looked at Air and fuel filters your fuel consumption. because they can seriously affect is running in top condition. Make sure your engine

stop when the trigger clicks. When you're filling up the tank, than that, Because if you try and do more you'll get fuel spitting back at you

fuel and money. and that's just wasting

have correct pressure. And make sure your tyres one of the biggest issues I think tyre pressure would be to reduce fuel consumption. in terms of what people can do In between servicing, for instance, every second or third time it's a thing you should check you fill the car up. says Super 8 Holden driver Mark Skaife the wheel has a significant impact your behaviour behind

on petrol consumption. Brake before the corner, when you turn the wheel, turn the car the least amount within your side of the road so you're trying to flow the car or within your lane, as it comes off and then approach the steering when you finish the corner most moderate throttle input with the smoothest, as you leave the corner the least amount of work to try to make the car do and you'll use less fuel.

on fuel consumption A smooth driver can save up to 30% driver. compared to a really aggressive A few things I didn't know. I need to give more attention to. The tyre pressure is something The airconditioner is a good point, I guess, and driving with a bit more flow, I will certainly consider. is something

from 'Money' magazine And a final caution about the enticing petrol discounts and home loan companies - offered by credit card the fine print. don't sign anything before studying that are giving discounts on petrol. There are quite a few lenders out Look around, compare the rates, that's hard to beat. but 50 cents off a litre - Ben Fordham there. that 50 cent a litre discount And there's more information about

on our website. Or you can give us a call. OK. Now to sharks. And the latest attack that's given Adelaide an unwanted reputation as a danger zone. The loss of 23-year-old Jarrod Stehbens off Glenelg yesterday has renewed the debate about whether we should hunt down sharks which take humans or whether we've just got to accept the risk that goes with entering their domain.

That's our son and brother...

CAMERA SHUTTERS CLICK ..and our friend, mate and a good bloke. Unfortunately, he's not with us anymore. SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC

Jarrod fought it initially and then it came back again and grabbed his leg and just took him deeper. For the people of Adelaide, this is all too familiar. The next instant, there was a commotion in the water and both of us were facing the other way at the time. We turned back around and I saw a tail fin come out of the water. I thought it was a dolphin... and then it kind of sunk in as soon as it started attacking Jarrod.

For the second time in eight months the city has been shocked by a fatal shark attack off one of its metropolitan beaches. In these waters, the only shark really capable of taking a diver is a great white shark. He's a very experienced diver. He's done probably over 190 dives and he knew what it was about.

He knew what the environment was like. 23-year-old marine biologist Jarrod Stehbons was attacked while driving off Glenelg yesterday afternoon. His father, David. Jarrod was doing exactly what he wanted to do when this happened. He loved the sea. He loved anything to do with water, boats, and helping out other people.

He was helping them do their projects. I was nudged out of the side and I looked around and just a big white mass. Justin Rowntree was in t e water with Jarrod when the shark struck. Ju tin Rowntree was in the wat r t Jarqod whe th shar struck. And he seemed quite calm and he was trying to get his leg out of its mouth. Lots of things were going through my mind and I just hoped, I just hoped that he'd come up.

Looking out there today, with it being so calm and still, it's hard to imagine the horror that happened just under the surface yesterday afternoon. Jarrod and his three uni mates were on a field trip about 3km offshore. They were diving at a man-made reef which was built to attract snapper for local fishermen, and while it has become a popular dive spot, locals tell us it's also been attracting sharks.

We always lose a lot of our gear when we go out fishing at night and things like that, so I think that the last thing that I would be doing would be jumping in the water. Fishermen like Keith Klemasz say,

with so much around to attract sharks, the divers were sitting ducks.

When I see a diver, I think, "You're crazy, mate." I think it's just not - it's something I would never do. The main thing we have to importantly recognise is that it's the snapper that are attracting the shark

to that area. It's chasing a big amount of snapper moving through the area and a hungry shark going through with a diver in the way has caused this situation. Andrew Fox is a shark expert and son of Rodney Fox, who famously survived an attack from a great white in 1963. He says the uni students possibly didn't realise the danger they were in. The divers were doing research, finding cuttlefish eggs,

and you could argue in hindsight possibly there should have been an information network that there were snapper running through the area, that there was an increased risk possibly of a shark attack. It was December when 21-year-old Nick Petersen was also taken by a shark. It happened at West Beach, just a few kilometres from this latest attack.

Earlier, two fishermen had taken this video footage of a great white menacing their boat. Some are now wondering - is Adelaide becoming the shark capital of Australia?

Are these shark attacks on the increase? Statistically, if you look at the records, the official statistics still show that we only get 1-2 fatalities a year in Australia. As for calls to kill the shark,

Jarrod Stebhons's family and friends say no. Jarrod would be absolutely appalled to hear that anyone was proposing that. He loved the marine environment - it was his life, it was what he loved. Ben Fordham with that good advice. Now to councils behaving badly. Across Australia there are allegations of corruption, rorting and factional infighting.

And all too often, when disputes between councillors get nasty

and end up in court, it's ratepayers who end up footing the bill. It is my council and I'm ashamed of it and embarrassed to be a councillor of it. Let me get this straight - you're a councillor, this is your council building,

but you're too scared to go in there? That's right. Why? Because they bully and intimidate me. Who? The other councillors. They won't leave me alone.

What sort of things have they said about you? Oh, they describe me variously. As... ? One of the most recent descriptions is "a lying sackful of shit". Oh, really? Yeah. You're not, are you? I don't think so. Did you call him "a lying sackful of shit"? Yes, I did. Why? I'm not going to get into that. It's out of control. Absolutely.

It's out of control. Absolutely. Another day, another dustup at your local council. Cash gifts, corruption, travel rorts and charges of bribery. I've been on the council for 14 years. It used to be the councillors representing the ratepayers and looking after their interests. Now it's the administration forcing their will on the ratepayers

and residents. It's a disgrace. Bill Ronald is a councillor and farmer. He says all councils and councillors should be abolished. Basically, I think it's finished.

It's the end of democracy, and local government as I've known it is dead. Bill is a long-serving councillor at Kardinia, east of Melbourne. But now there's a serious split. Councillor Ronald had been charged with assaulting the CEO, Don Welsh.

For a CEO to have charges brought against a councillor is just outrageous. I was telling him exactly what I thought of his performance as a CEO

and some of the things he was doing against the elderly people in the shire. Councils are in crisis all over Australia. The entire Glen Eira council in Melbourne has been sacked for infighting, threatening behaviour and wasting ratepayers' money.

Now, th Gold Coast City Council Now, the Gold Coast City Council is under investigation over claims some councillors are in the pockets of developers. In Sydney, the Mayor of Strathfield has stepped down after he was secretly filmed being offered a bribe. REPORTER: He faced the Corruption and Crime Commission... In Perth, a former councillor has pleaded guilty to receiving cash gifts. Censorship, intimidation, bullying -

I think everyone's too frightened to say anything at the moment because everyone's suing everyone else. In Melbourne, Jeannie Solity is a councillor at the City of Monash. She's fighting with these three councillors,

so she's applied for intervention orders - AVOs - against them.

Jeannie, the AVOs were for what? Bullying, intimidation, vilification, harassment. Stalking? Stalking.

What will the ratepayers think about that? I think they'd be horrified. They should be horrified too. So far, the council has spent $30,000 of their money on legal costs. Listen, we bicker and we argue and we bitch among ourselves,

like every other council in the country. I'm not saying that doesn't happen. Frankston councillors, in Melbourne, would rather have a fight than a feed. Sworn enemies are councillor Mark Conroy and Glenn Aitken.

Do you think he's a rat? Oh, I'm not getting into those sorts of descriptions. I'll leave that for others to judge. Water off a duck's back. Councillor Aitken refuses to have a mobile phone, catches the train and accuses other councillors around Australia of being aboard the gravy train, with interstate and overseas trips. Many conferences clearly are just rorts. There's a fraction too much friction among the factions at Frankston.

Ratepayers have coughed up $12,000 for anger management. We don't bark, we bite, and that's what we've been doing. In the City of Casey, Paul Richardson has collected 500 signatures from ratepayers. He says the council wastes money and hides information. I want the City of Casey sacked entirely. Another situation,

I put in an account for my telephone usage, $146.10. They refused to pay that. It took 10 months for it to be paid. I suffered a two-month police investigation for seeking to gain financial gain by deception and an investigation by the Minister for Local Government and was cleared by both authorities. How much did that cost the council? About $18,000 or $20,000. You're a councillor. Are the ratepayers getting a fair crack?

I think they're being ripped off, basically. From what I've heard, some of these councillors need counselling. Yes, I think some of them need counselling, that's for sure. They need to be put out to pasture, that's for sure, cos they're not doing their job.

Martin King with that story. If there's a council issue you would like us to investigate, or something else that's bugging you, let us know through an email or give us a call.


McGrath has been ruled out of

the fourth test against England

which probably means that Michael

Cass witch is going to be filling Cass witch is going to be filling in Cass witch is g ng to be filling Cass witch is going to be filling in there. All Cass witch is goi g to be filling i there. All the Cass witch is going to be filling in there. All the latest on the news coming up. Still to come, the 'Temptation' winner who made it third time lucky. But his $670,000 bonanza involved a lot more than luck. And up next - the speed camera that booked drivers for being UNDER the limit!

I was booked for doing 2km/hour under the limit. UNDER the limit? Under th limit.

Welcome back. We know speed camera can get it wrong - authorities just don't admit it. But in a huge embarrassment,

dozens of drivers who were clobbered with fines and demerit points have had them overturned, all thanks to one driver who proved he wasn't speeding. I received the infringement notice about 2.5 weeks ago, and I was really upset about it because I don't usually speed. Frank Torzillo fancies himself as a bit of a detective. I spotted the actual, the arrow going into the steelworks driveway. The turn-off. And that matched yours?

That matched mine and also it matched the poles. The Melbourne truck driver reckons he's uncovered yet another speed camera bungle, and this time he's the victim. How did you feel when you found the location and realised you'd been incorrectly booked? I was furious, right, and I was a bit concerned for all the other drivers

that had got caught at the same time. This embarrassing debacle began a few weeks ago when Frank was driving home along the Hume Highway here on the outskirts of Melbourne.

Now, the camera that snapped him was set up just a bit further down the road near those trees there. It clocked him doing 88km/h - only trouble is this is a 90km/h zone. I was booked for doing 2km under the limit. Under the limit? Under the limit. And how much was the fine? $131. How many demerit points? One demerit point. What did you think of that? I was disgusted!

Should Frank pay the fine? No, Frank should not pay the fine. Frank was innocent. Graeme Marr is a former speed camera operator turned whistleblower. He says this is a case of operator error. The camera that snapped Frank was set at the wrong speed. How many innocent drivers would have been booked as a result of this stuff-up? A number of drivers that would have got booked innocently would be - I would put in the vicinity of about 300 motorists.

300 motorists booked for doing nothing wrong? For doing nothing wrong and obeying the speed limit. What topped it off was the actual tree that is bent there, which, in my picture is bent,

and I noticed that

and the building there is the same, which gave me a triangle, it shaded the tree, and I said, "That's it." Frank only discovered the mistake after paying for a copy of the speed camera photo

and finding the location where it had been taken. If no-one actually investigated it like I did, right, and just paid the fine, the Government is making money out of us for nothing. ENGINE TURNS OVER AND RUMBLES This is the latest in a litany of speed camera bungles across the country. Remember the old Datsun booked for doing 160km/h, even though a professional race car driver couldn't make it go that fast?

Stuart O'Neill's Honda Civic snapped on Melbourne's Western Ring Road doing 153km/h - cameras that would later be shut down for giving false readings. And the speeding bus in Sydney, booked for doing 87km/h, when its top speed was just 57km/h. For drivers, if they receive an infringement notice, should always check it go have a look at the site. Make sure the speed sign is that that is stipulated

on the infringement notice, not just pay it and forget about it because it's just revenue raising. What would be your message to the police? Get their act together. Ben McCormack there in Melbourne.

And the camera operator responsible for that bungle has been suspended on full pay. this bloke has 672,000 reasons to be celebrating - $672,000 and some change is what he won

after seven nights on the quiz show 'Temptation'. Stephen Hall runs pub trivia nights with a mate. But that wasn't the only secret to his success. You've got a grand total of:

My wife said, "That's the fellow from 'Temptation'".

Well done, mate. Thank you very much indeed. Good to see someone so young win it. Thank you again. Two weeks ago, Stephen Hall was just another bloke in the street. Today he's more than $500,000 better off.

I feel fantastic! You feel wealthy! Yes! For this boy from Bondi, persistence certainly paid off.

It was 1994 when he first tried his luck at 'Sale of the Century'. What are colloquially your 'strides'? Robin? Your trousers. That's right, you've won the game. But it wasn't his night. no prizes tonight, Now Stephen, unfortunately, and practise your speed reading. so you go home I hope you had a nice time. Good to meet you, Stephen,

please make welcome Stephen Hall. From Croyden in Victoria, and Stephen had another crack. Fast forward five years,

do we know the disease lockjaw? By what other name Stephen? TB... Uh, tet... you've run out of time. Stop the clock, Barbara, you've won the game by $90. And now, third time lucky? yeah, for sure. Third time very lucky, I'd say, the early rounds. Last week he cruised through playing for the lot. Last night came the final challenge - Oh man, it was tough. It was really.

"It's just another game." I was trying to say to myself, "It's just another game, it's just another game." But it wasn't, and Drew, who they put up against me, was a gun. He was a great competitor. But Drew's luck ran out when Stephen happened to pick this old bloke on the Fame Game. The Lock Out. Drew was out of the action for three questions. Stephen answered them all, and then this bonus.

Hi-5. Very handy - $25! "Well, this is my night"? Are you thinking, No, I was thinking,

Someone up there likes me. "That's a fantastic break.

"This really helps a lot." there, by golly he'd get there. If nervous energy would get him

was in the studio audience Every night Stephen's mother, Julie, on the end of her seat.

my daughter was beside me, 30 seconds before the end, him and I grabbed her and I thought, and I didn't dare take my eyes off

He can do it." "He can do it. He can do it. And he did! It's great, you know. the lot, the works. Stephen wins everything, Has it sunk in yet? Not really. No. I just ...

This has changed everything in wonderful ways. and it's changed everything Check this out. is familiar, If you think Stephen's fame occasional TV quiz appearances. it's not just because of his 'Flying Doctors', 'Neighbours', 'Russell Gilbert Live', 'A Country Practice'. You were in 'Romper Stomper'. Now the winner of 'Temptation'. Yeah, it's varied, isn't it? from Bondi So how does a comedy writer

end up becoming a game show winner? the show, not watching it, Well, you can prepare by taping as a buzzer. and then using the pause button Is that what you did? Yeah, it is, and I'd keep little notes. I sort of trained myself It's sad really. as opposed to theirs. I'd keep little notes of my scores Mate, it worked. Well, that's right. Who's sad now? David Eccleston there.

just $50 a week. Coming up - living on Could you do it?

the perfect gift for Dad? BOY: Where can I find UHF radio twin pack - just $49, $99, plus GMC 18-volt cordless drill - and Homelite petrol blower - $169. It all adds up to 10/10. And you can't beat 10/10. Mitre 10 Big Book out now. for 25% off men's clothing. Get into Kmart this Father's Day socks and sleepwear. Excludes underwear, for the greatest dad. That's the latest men's clothing

Time for a quick calculation. every week to get by How much do you reckon you need

of food and transport? when it comes to the basics Could you do it on $50? Some people do. of your budget I think taking control at night. probably makes you sleep easier aren't like most of us - Linda and Dave Parker chooks and a vegie garden, they have cows and goats,

they can live on $50 a week. but the big difference is People at home will say, a week." "Sorry, Linda, I can't survive on $50 think about what you're going to buy Give it a try, plan it, and go and give it a try. What have you got to lose? for me today? Are you going to lay some eggs

every three days. The girls lay two eggs get more than 30 eggs a week easy We've got half a dozen chooks, so we and we've got a couple of friends for other goods. that we trade the eggs do you trade them for? And what kind of goods Oh, home brew! Two-minute noodles are very popular. every day and wander around and say, We used to go to the supermarket tonight?" "What will we have for dinner

we'll have that." "Oh, we'll have this, no planning whatsoever that we already had it - and we'd come home and we'd find

sauce or whatever in the fridge had half a jar of sweet-and-sour and we'd forgotten about it. to put money towards their nest egg. The couple decided it was time of items she normally buys Linda came up with this checklist and how much she pays. at the supermarket For instance, bacon, $8.99 a kilo, So that's the normal price.

with some bacon in it So say I want to do a pasta dish and it's $6 a kilo, and I get to the deli

than I would normally well, perhaps I'll buy a bit more and put it in the freezer.

if it was more than $8.99 a kilo? But you wouldn't buy it No, I wouldn't. G'day! food group for each day, They buy in bulk and have a set

chicken on Tuesday, so meat upon Mondays, but Linda says you can be creative. without having the same meal. I think I can probably go two months as Linda does, In the long run, if you buy wisely

like the food we eat is great. It's good for you, it's good food. We don't have a lot of junk stuff. possible. I still believe in saving every cent When I go the supermarket, for $2.95 for 3 litres, if I can find no-name-brand milk instead of the name brand. I'll buy it thrifty One guy who doesn't need to be from Jim's Group. but chooses is Jim Penman largest franchise in Australia Today Jim's mowing is the second

and his secret...

didn't own a car, I ate cheap food, I used to ride a bike, fruit, not too expensive, but that was fine, you know, vegies, never went out or anything.

a week. It is possible to live off $50 and be clever. You just have to be careful admits Fiona Lippey from Simple Savings she doesn't live on $50 a week, you can cut down your budget. but this is how she believes

like too much coffee and alcohol. Firstly, drop the expensive habits, at the supermarket Only buy the basics and, where most of us fail, make your own entertainment. You can go to the movies now and then but just make sure it's on the cheap day, otherwise go for a walk in the park! You can still be generous.

In fact, I think we're probably more generous now

to friends, family and community a bit. now that we've tightened our belts a b t. (Exclaims in delight) Is that yours? Oh, you're a clever girl. Thank you! Oh, nice and warm! Lovely! David Eccleston showing us that when it comes to budgeting, where there's a will there's always a way. Alright, two words most motorists take for granted - tyre pressure. But keep doing that and it could cost you your life.

Tomorrow night - how tyre pressure affects braking, handling, blowouts. Our investigation shows the majority of our cars fail these basic tests.


is a a fair chance your

driving around with a similar tyre

pressure to driving around with a similar tyre pressur to this car pressure to this car here. pressur to this car here driv ng around with a similar tyre pressure to this car here. T ink driving around with a similar tyre pressure to this car here. Think it

won't make a difference in an em rgency?

won't make a ifference in an

won't make a difference in an emergency? Think again. The average

person's understanding of tyre pressures

pressures is "Do pressur s is "D

person's understanding of tyre pressures is "Do I still need to do

that?" I think today motorists are

very lazy. Correct tyre pressure is

critical. It will make a difference

between missing the child on the

road or hitting them. Tyre pressure - why you can't afford to take it lightly. That important investigation is one of those stories we have for you tomorrow night. Thanks for being with us. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.