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(generated from captions) of child abuse. the victim of a horrendous case the now 21-year-old left court - Comforted by a friend, and went to police for help. at Macquarie Fields after she escaped from their house The shocking case came to light only in a room for two years. their teenage daughter of falsely imprisoning has been found guilty A Sydney couple during practice for the fourth Test. fells one of his own new paceman, Shaun Tait, Also tonight, Australia's Good evening. in Islamic schools. Australian values to be taught on drug charges in Bali. Interrogation for the Sydney model their daughter for two years. A couple guilty of locking up This program is captioned live.

to chance as he left for Bali lawyer Ross Hill leaving nothing and double padlocked, With his luggage specially strapped she was allegedly carrying. about the two ecstasy tablets what she's told them but it's unclear tough questioning from police today, The 24-year-old faced more for drug possession at the weekend. after she was arrested hoping to win her freedom has just arrived in Bali, for model Michelle Leslie The Australian lawyer by a White Pointer at Christmas. from where an 18-year-old was killed The attack happened just a kilometre for the victim. as water police search The beach has been evacuated, was found a short time ago. The missing man's oxygen tank they've escaped unhurt. about 2km out to sea - He was with three friends, of Adelaide's most popular beaches. late this afternoon off one following a shark attack A diver is missing Allison Langdon, National Nine News. We're gonna fight it until the end. and say they'll launch an appeal. was never abused They maintain the girl appeared stunned by today's verdict. The couple and their other children The mother's lawyer saying: of maliciously neglecting the girl. not guilty But the jury found the couple her condition described as: she weighed 44kg - and walked to a police station, When she eventually escaped just five times in two years. and allowed to shower drugged daily with sleeping pills she was denied food, the girl claimed During the 3-week trial, We've been torn apart. and my family's life. It's just ruined my life of unlawful imprisonment. as the jury found them guilty today They too were supported by family and wheelchair-bound mother. by her stepfather was locked in a darkened bedroom the girl, then 16, From June 2000 until April 2002,

in Australia All schools that are registered he needn't bother. Muslim teachers say to discuss school programs. with the Islamic Council The Education Minister will meet whatsoever. and we make no apology for it, and values in Australian education This is about standards, consistency in Islamic schools is compulsory. teaching Australian values The Federal Government says they're doing it already. But the schools say of terrorism. to discourage the spread in the latest effort in Islamic schools will be made compulsory The teaching of Australian values Mark Burrows, National Nine News. before police have to lay charges. She can be held for up to 90 days ahead for Michelle Leslie. There are plenty more tough days to bail them out. They can't expect the Government from the Federal Government. can expect limited help It seems Leslie and Payne into any country in Asia. as to carry drugs any Australian could be so stupid It's beyond belief that and syringes with traces of heroin. of 2,000 pills held over the possession Graham Payne, of Leslie and also Adelaide teacher his astonishment at the arrests The Prime Minister has expressed the two ecstasy tablets for a friend? or was she carrying Did she buy the drugs, Leslie is giving police. It's unclear what explanation of support. Her mother issued this statement soon. Her parents are expected in Bali to the interrogation room. ..being run from her cell LESLIE: Go away! scared, her head covered... This was her today - and obviously loving it. at the top of her game She was in demand, fashion show. an exclusive Eastern Suburbs until the weekend - This was Leslie's life smoothly, above board. to make sure everything runs and just be the person in between consult with the family with the lawyers, Basically just to consult of Michelle Leslie. to help plead the case

whose support has fallen as better premier. But the largest group of voters is still to make up their minds. If this is the best honeymoon Labor is getting, if I were them, I'd be very, very worried. Support for the two major parties after preferences is now neck-and-neck. While today's poll will no doubt provide a modest boost to Morris Iemma as he makes his first rural visit since becoming premier, over rival John Brogden, Mr Iemma holds a strong lead since he replaced Bob Carr, In the first poll of voters very supportive. the people have been by the public's response - I've been encouraged since his elevation three weeks ago. just like it's been elsewhere at a local farm, The reception was warm Morris Iemma touched down in Cobar. There was a spring in his step, as which is why he went bush today. a large group of undecided voters, but still has a task in winning over over John Brogden, He commands a healthy lead since becoming Premier. in his first opinion poll has given him mixed fortunes Morris Iemma's low-key profile Stella Lauri, National Nine News. for discussion will also be opened. Muslim teachers are hoping doors at Auburn to open a new building. Mr Howard will visit Al-Fasail school with the Prime Minister on Monday. to raise the issue schools will have the opportunity One of Sydney's larger Islamic will address this shortly. and I'm sure the Prime Minister Obviously, schooling is a huge issue from the recent terror summit. the Government excluded them Islamic teachers are offended that we have in our Koran. They're very similar to the values to be compassionate, to be caring. the Australian way of life - We're being taught if they're not taught. has threatened to cut its funding and not because the Government because they want to learn Australian values already, its students are being taught Noor Al Houda Islamic College says so we're already doing it. of Employment, Science and Training, as specified by the Department the Australian values now have to incorporate

his first real electoral test will come in the city when voters go back to the polls in by-elections in Maroubra, Marrickville and Macquarie Fields on September 17. The Government's not in a strong electoral position. With an eye on boosting his support, the Opposition Leader was courting small business, promising big cuts to payroll tax. This policy is a big win for small businesses in New South Wales. 4,500 companies would no longer pay under a Coalition government. Another 22,000 would have their bills slashed. Nigel Blunden, National Nine News. Sydney hospitals are being forced to go begging overseas to try and solve a drastic shortage of nurses. The State Government has blamed the problem on a lack of university positions for trainees, saying thousands of young Australians who want to be nurses are not getting the opportunity. The nurses are needed to cover critical shortages in intensive care, operating theatres, surgical wards, aged care, midwifery and mental health areas. To fill the void, these ads are running in the United Kingdom, Scandinavia and New ealand. n t e United Kingdom, Scandinavia and New Zealand. 2005 has been our biggest overseas recruitment campaign. The State blames Australia's nursing shortage on the lack of federally funded university training positions. I think it's scandalous that at two universities, Charles Sturt and University of Technology, that 3,000 young Australians were denied an opportunity to study nursing. He asked the Federal Education Minister for another 1,800 university positions and claims NSW received only 400. We funded 1,250 extra university places into NSW. And he claims NSW has failed the nurses. Until such time as they are paid for hard work and sacrifices that they make, we will continue to have nurses bleeding from the profession. Nurses refute that. Nurses in NSW are paid more than any other State in Australia. The bottom line according to the nurses is, yes, some do leave the profession, but it's not generally over pay, it's because of the workload - there's just not enough staff on the ward to provide the good patient care they want to provide. It's a vicious cycle. Until the Government provides us with more seats in universities, I can't see much change occurring. Sheryl Taylor, National Nine News. BHP Billiton has announced the biggest profit in Australian corporate history. The world's largest mining company posted a massive $8.6 billion - almost double last year's result. The growth has been driven by the high global energy demand and increasing prices in commodities such as oil and coal. On the markets prior to the result - BHP lost 51 cents. Shares in Amcor, CSL and Mayne Group fell on the back of weak profit news. But industrial services group Brambles rose 12 cents after posting a profit of more than $500 million. The All Ords fell 27 points. It's feared an Australian has been caught up in the third major airline crash in the past nine days. A Boeing 737 200 came down near a jungle town in northern Peru. It was attempting an emergency landing, because of bad weather. There were 100 people on the flight. At least 37 of them have been killed. Canberra is still trying to confirm if an Australian was on board. Five weeks after that terrible accident which claimed the life of cyclist Amy Gillett in Germany, all her team-mates have now returned home. Two spoke today of how determined they are to ride again. Champion cyclist Louise Yaxley is savouring her biggest victory - defying the odds to defeat death. I'm lucky to be here. I have to remind myself every day, so, thank you. Five weeks ago the 24-year-old was in a coma with head and chest injuries, a smashed elbow, a broken wrist and severe lacerations. She's remembers both the moment an out-of-control car skittled her and her team-mates, and when she regained consciousness five days later - her parents and boyfriend were by her side. It was wonderful feeling to wake up and see them there already. It was initially feared she might lose her right arm, but after surgery and intensive physiotherapy, the signs are good. Two days ago I was able to hold a phone for the first time, which was unbelievable - you know, to have be able to have a conversation myself. Louise is determined to ride again. So too is Brisbane-based team-mate Lorian Graham, Recuperating from a shattered knee and shoulder, the 27-year-old today was wearing a wrist band in honour of Amy Gillett, who died in the accident. I'll never forget what happened but you need to move forward with life. Tough times don't last but tough people do. Damian Ryan, National Nine News. In the news ahead - police demand tighter security after another ATM robbery. and an elderly driver's terrifying flood ordeal. Our water situation is still critical, which is why Stage 2 Restrictions are now in force, so let's work together to follow them and help sustain our water supply. For full details, call:

Sydney's ATM gang has struck again - this time robbing a cash machine at a Chullora shopping centre and threatening a security guard. Police are now pushing for banks to improve security, saying ATMs are easy picking for criminals. Sydney's 17th ATM robbery in eight weeks took place early this morning after a gang of ram-raiders attacked a security guard's car with a baseball bat outside the Chullora Marketplace. Ordered him from his vehicle, removed his mobile phone and threatened him - if he contacted police, they'd kill him. They then rammed their way though the front doors of the shopping centre, using a stolen four-wheel drive. This premises last night was quite easily entered by the vehicle. The ATM was hit that hard, it just smashed into many, many pieces and I think the cash box just fell out of it. ATMs ushered in a new era of convenience for everyone. The trouble is, according to police, the machines are simply too convenient for those who smash for their cash. We are talking to the Bankers Association and other parties that do possess these ATMs about adequate security. We'd be looking forward to working with the police department on this. There is no doubt that the safety of ATMs actively contributes to the attractiveness of retail sectors and zones. to the attractiveness of retail sectors and zones. It's a very important issue. ATMs in the US now spray indelible ink on cash when they are ruptured - technology police and retailers would welcome here. Adam Walters, National Nine News. Israel's settlement evacuation program is complete - troops clearing four areas on the West Bank - at one stage lifting soldiers into a protest stronghold using a shipping container. The military has now emptied 25 Jewish settlements in the Palestinian territories - a move designed to restart the peace process. Alpine regions of Europe have been hit by flash floods - this 72-year-old woman trapped for two hours in her car when she was caught by the rising waters. She was rescued by emergency crews. At least 26 people have drowned in the flooding. Other regions have been hit by huge mudslides. The great American cyclist Lance Armstrong is again fighting claims that he's a drug cheat. A month after his 7th-straight win in the Tour de France, a French newspaper claims tests on an old urine sample show he once used a performance enhancer known as EPO. The Europeans have branded Lance Armstrong a drugs cheat many times but now France's top sports newspaper claims it has the proof. The reporters say that urine samples taken from Armstrong in 1999, and rechecked recently, tested positive for the performance-enhancing drug EPO. Tour de France officials say the report is credible. "It is damning for Lance Armstrong in general," he says. "And something has broken inside of me." Today Armstrong issued a statement, saying: The evidence is in these recent lab results. There were no tests to detect EPO in '99 but now Armstrong's samples have been retested and the newspaper claims they came up positive. The 7-time winner of the Tour de France has now retired from racing, but defence of his reputation looks like being a lifelong event. In Los Angeles, Robert Penfold, National Nine News. Ken with sport is next and Glenn McGrath again causing concern ahead of a Test match? We'll have that, while Shaun Tait brings Justin Langer to his knees. Also, the Tigers run into the finals. And Mark Viduka's goal of the season. Imagine undies - tag free, seam free, elastic free. This is ridiculous. Blokes don't talk like this. Don't they? There's no seams, there's no tag, there's no elastic. It's not the undies. It's the script! A real breakthrough in undies. (Crew laughs) See?! "Forget footy, let's talk undies." Yeah. No. "Are there things in your undies that irritate you?" "Are there THREE things?" (Both laugh) You can't say that. Well, what would you say? Bonds new seamfree trunks. Very, very comfy undies. How'd it go?

Our water situation is still critical, which is why Stage 2 Restrictions are now in force, so let's work together to follow them and help sustain our water supply. For full details, call: In a new blow for Australia, Glenn McGrath has suffered an elbow injury and is in doubt for tomorrow's opening to the fourth Test at Nottingham. While it's a nervous wait for McGrath, the team will welcome a new tearaway to the ranks, with 22-year-old South Australian, Shaun Tait, making his Test debut. Nottingham - home of Robin Hood. But the Australians are hardly a band of merry men. Glenn McGrath injured his elbow during training, while a fired-up Shaun Tait floored Justin Langer. Unlike the batsmen, selector Trevor Hohns liked what he saw, as did the captain and Australia's leg-spinner. Watching Shaun Tait today in the nets, I don't think too many people liked facing him this morning in the nets. Look, he's a pretty exciting bowler to watch. Once the pain eased, Langer and Tait made up - Warne convinced the paceman will add plenty of punching power to the tourists' bowling attack. You've got an exciting, young 20-year-old kid who is bursting at the seams and hitting blokes in the head, left, right and centre. With pre-series talk of a 5-0 whitewash long forgotten, this Test at Trent Bridge, then The Oval could signal the end to Australia's Ashes dominance. Talk is cheap - it's about performances and going out and doing the business, and we haven't done it in the last couple of games, but I can absolutely guarantee we are going to do it in these next two Test matches. England is convinced that tension-packed draw at Edgbaston proves momentum is with them. It was quite nice to see them jumping up and down about having a draw. I don't think there's many teams that have seen that in the last 5 or 10 years. Warne happy to apply a simple mathematics to the mind games. We only have to win one of the last two to retain the Ashes, so I believe the pressure is on England, not Australia. Andrew McKinlay, National Nine News. The teenage son of Tigers legend Wayne Pearce has turned his back on his father's club, to sign instead with the Roosters. But Mitchell Pearce's decision won't derail the Tigers charge this year, with new stars hoping to convert their form into Test jumpers. One win away from securing a home semifinal, they're already the talk of the town. Now the Wests Tigers players are looking for further recognition for their stellar season. A lot of players at this club deserve to be considered for selection, I think - Scotty Prince, no doubt, John Skandalis has been brilliant, Ben Galea. It would be just like an early Christmas present for me, I'd have to say. It would be a sensational feeling and it would be an honour to put the jersey on. If any rep jersey was thrown my way again, I'd snatch it up and run about 500km the other way so they couldn't catch me. A blow for the Tigers today - the 16-year-old son of Balmain legend Wayne 'Junior' Pearce, Mitchell Pearce, has elected to join the Roosters ahead of his dad's old team. The Tigers supporters can be a little bit disappointed, but as far as I'm concerned, it's what he wants to do and what's best for him. Halfback Junior Junior has all the skills. He's got a step, he's got great ball skills. good kicking game. He obviously takes after his mother. A player at the other end of the spectrum, Owen Craigie, is back in town after walking out on his English club - he's looking for one more chance in the NRL. I've taken things for granted. I know what it's all about now to have an opportunity and throw it away, but I'm looking for another one to make the best of it. Danny Weidler, National Nine News. A fully fit Mark Viduka has shown what he's capable of, with two goals for Middlesbrough in their 3-0 victory over Birmingham City. The first was a real stretch for the Australian - the second was the stuff of genius - three times Viduka toed the ball before it curved and missiled into the net. And, after almost 20 years, Maradona has confessed what we all knew - his legendary "Hand of God" goal against England in the 1986 World Cup quarterfinals did, in fact, come off his hand. On his new variety show, Maradona claimed it was a bit of mischief - even team-mates thought it would be disallowed. Maradona had to encourage them to embrace him, so he could bluff the ref - and it worked. Higher. Hmm. Higher still. Up. Up. Get a high rate that's nice and secure. See the bank. Perfect! JAZZY MUSIC

Calmer conditions for today with the current city temperature on 16 The time lapse camera captured 360 degrees of sunshine from 1:00 this afternoon. It was a freezing start under clear skies for inland suburbs including Campbelltown, where you climbed to 19. Not a single drop of the wet stuff and humidity levels were generally low. The city peaked at 20 today which is one over the average. Katoomba made it to 13 Inland WA have been the lucky ones with a slow moving low providing over 20mms, along with severe storms, damaging winds and possible hail. Not for our state - just a few splashes along the north coast. And another chilly night ahead. Frost and fog for southern inland NSW tomorrow morning, thawing out during the day with sunshine and southerly winds. A few more sprinkles north from Port Stephen, but heavy rain will continue in the west with the low heading east. Keep your winter woolies on Canberra with a freezing night. Light morning drizzle for Melbourne. Rain-free skies in Hobart and Adelaide. Clearing showers in Perth, a windy morning for Darwin. Brisbane 22. Tomorrow should be virtually a carbon copy of today with most of the sky being blue and light to moderate southerly winds. Scarves and beanies to begin with jumping up to a pleasant 20, which will be a tiny bit warmer than today. Sounding like a broken record with fine weather coming up. A possible coastal shower on Saturday morning but looking uneventful at this stage, Mark. We end the news tonight with some very tiny twins. These micro monkeys have been rescued in Brazil after their mother was killed by a car. They're not much bigger than a human thumb and weigh just 8 grams each. The good news is, once they're back to full strength, they'll be returned to the wild. That's National Nine News for this Wednesday. A Current Affair is next. I'm Mark Ferguson. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.