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Aussie Drug Arrest -

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Book The Clubhouse! Another Australian has been arrested in Bali on drugs charges. He was allegedly in possession of syringes and more than 2,000 pills. Meantime, Australian model Michelle Leslie has spent another night in custody in Bali waiting to learn her fate. The 24-year-old was arrested during a dance party at the weekend. Bruce Bilson is the Parliamentary Secretary for Foreign Affairs.

Good morning. What is the latest?

With Michelle Leslie we have had

some immediate contact with her

after she was detained and met with

her yesterday. There has been some

encouraging news that a testing of

her urine suggested there has been

no narcotics in her system so that

hopefully is encouraging news and

we wait to find out what the actual charge will be towards her

Before we get on to more details

about Michelle, what about news

overnight that another man - an

Australian man - has been charged

in Sumatra with these 2000 pills

and the possession of syringes

Kochie we have heard ha

information, we have met with that

man in Sumatra. He has not been

charged as yet. He has been

detained, pending what charges

would actually be laid so we have

been in touch with him. I can only

emphasise to your viewers Mel and

Kochie that drug offences are

extremely strictly enforced and

there is a zero tolerance attitude

in many of the countries that

Australians visit. So if I can urge

your viewers, enjoy your holidays

but don't be anywhere in the

vicinity of any narcotics in these countries

Like I said earlier we are all

shaking our heads in light of

Schapelle Corby and now we are

talking about Michelle Lee and the

21-year-old Adelaide man who has

been detained overnight. Can you

tell us any more about him? I

understand something like four

syringes and I know you said he has

not been charged yet but four

syringes and more than 200 tablets

Yeah, some of that information is

coming out into the media Mel. Our

consular officials have met with

the man. Clearly we are trying to

make sure he has been properly

treated and making sure his

welfare is being attended to, while

we wait to find out the charges

laid against him. Some of our

assistance stems to providing a

list of lawyers, making sure that

Australians get the best legal

representation they can because we

as a government don't have a

get-out-of-jail-free card. We try

to draw people's attention to the

very strict zero tolerance adopted

by countries towards drugs and

these are countries our web site

tries to behind are hide the fact,

you must be careful, it is a zero

tolerance attitude and the member

Altis are stiff, sometimes

including the death penalty

With Michelle's case authorities

were testing the drugs. Do we have

the results of those tests back yet?

Not yet Kochie. Those two tablets

went to be tested yesterday and we

were expecting its may be tomorrow

before details are known what is in

those tablets so at that point we

will know more about what charges

may be directed towards Michelle

Leslie. She was with a group of

people, another issue people should

be mindful of, not only knowing

what they are putting into their

bags but taking a very close

interest in what is happening to

our luggage. You have to be

vigilent, there are 23.5 thousand

Australians visiting Bali alone and

we urge them to be thought full,

there is a zero tolerance seen

about drugs and take heed of the advice

One would think that goes without

saying but obviously it does not.

So do you think Australians are

being targeted at the moment in Indonesia?

No, there is no evidence of that.

The information we are gaining is

that the Balinese police in

particular and the authorities

right across Indonesia are taking

a zero tolerance approach to

anybody. It is not just Australians,

Westerners, it is their own

citizens as well. That is part of

their policy, their legal framework

is very strict, zero tolerance on

drugs and penalties are very stiff

and occasionally visitors including

Australians are caught up in that

approach It is one of those things

I suppose that anyone who has been

to Bali knows that the locals

frequently peddle it to all and

sundry on the streets, they don't

seem to be getting caught. It is

innocent traflers, forget the Bali

nine, they are ridiculous, it is a

different - they were stupid, what

they did, a totally different issue,

but people like Michelle it seems outrageous

Well, the information is unfolding

and that is the thing that we are

keeping a close eye on, what is the

information that is available, what

are the offences that the local

police are considering. The

allegations - and they are only

allegations at this stage - are

very worrying. They seem to

surround a very small A Nar cot ins.

There is some discussion about who

owned them and how they were found.

These things will be tested in the

court process but Kochie and Mel

and viewers, don't take the gamble.

This is not a gamble worth taking

in these destinations. Enjoy the

sunshine, the people, the

hospitality but don't take the

gamble when it comes to drugs