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(generated from captions) I'm Naomi Robson. Hello and welcome to Today Tonight. in the classroom. Tonight, teaching sex about the birds and the bees. What our kids are being taught And I can tell you

when they saw our promoted story that a lot of parents only found out at the explicit material. and many are shocked

for television, If this stuff is too explicit

in a year 7 classroom? why on earth is it are rejecting the thin look Also, how Aussie women to be a bigger size. and are feeling happy are a size 10 and under. 8% of women in this country and over. The rest of us are a size 10 Plus, the home overrun by termites. earned money buys you these days. This is what almost $500,000 of hard

cosmetics, movie tickets, holidays. And, a big free-for-all - DVDs, and how you can get them. We'll show you who's offering them But first, and hundreds of other mums when Annette Smith

on sex education last night, saw our promoted story she made it her business niece, in her care, to find out what her 12 year-old was being taught in the classroom. on the great school sex debate. In a moment we'll have our report

But first here's Annette's reaction. development book the other night We opened my niece's personal

to do her homework and I was absolutely in shock. that can't be shown on television There was stuff in there at 6.30 at night. the facts. I mean, kids do need to know Of course they do. in this book was way over the top. But the stuff that I was seeing

This is stuff kids should be learning from their parents or the family doctor. by their school teacher. Certainly not in class and emails we received today, And judging from the phone calls Annette Smith's concerns. a lot of parents share Here's Rohan Wenn's report. become sexually active The age at which young people is getting younger and younger. saturated with sexual imagery. We live in a society that is were used to sell dirty magazines. 30 years ago, naughty schoolgirls No.1 hits. Today, they're used to sell MORE TIME PLAYS BRITNEY'S HIT ME BABY ONE Joanne Korder says her 11-year-old twin sons she has always tried to shield

from the issue of sex, at least until they're much older. Whether it be a religious side or a moral side, they will be taught sex ed,


These days it say lot more detailed

than the birds and the bees. Some

of the wedding was totally

inappropriate. female reproductive system. It was more to do with the not that they're rude words. Words like vulva, fallopian tube, look them up in the dictionary However, the children did need to

Joanne complained to the school and has since pulled her children out of the sex education class

because she thinks know this much about sex this soon. children in grade five don't need to might be stigmatised Do you worry that the boys in the class with their classmates because they're not sitting learning about this stuff? We've spoken to the boys about that dare to be different, and our motto has been that we believe in as a family. dare to stand up as something Parental concern about sex education belief usually stems from the mistaken will promote sexual activity. that education times and the answer is very clear. This has been looked at many, many Comprehensive sex education of sexual activity effectively delays the onset by one to two years. from La Trobe University says Dr Anthony Smith parents and schools simply can't afford to wait too long to teach students about sex

sexually active younger and younger. because children are becoming have had vaginal intercourse A quarter of students in year 10 have also done so. and half of children in year 12

This is a homework assignment for

year 7 students.

year 7 students. It leaves nothing

to the imagination. It is so

explicit we can't show it to you.

This is stuff that my generation

was covering in year 12. What we

learned at the end of high school,

students are learning at the start

of high school. Children should not

be expert in all things sexual.

their studies. They should be concentrating on

of one such group, Bill Muelenberg is the head Australian Family Association. the so-called to abstain from sex Bill wants all kids and teach students to just say no. and he wants schools to try is very effective, it does work. Abstinence education that claim is rubbish But Dr Anthony Smith maintains Bill's reading of the bible and more likely to be based on than any actual scientific research. Abstinence education is dangerous.

In fact, US studies have shown is an abject failure that abstinence education to abstain and students who are encouraged are actually more likely to have sex and they have it at a younger age. It's simple ignorance. to abstinence only education The young people who are exposed know very little about their bodies and how they protect themselves they do so in a state of ignorance. When they do become sexually active,

boys growing up too fast. Joanne says she just doesn't want her when do they get to stay kids? lost what childhood she had But then Kelli Fisher and curiosity when through a combination or naivety she fell pregnant at 16, and give birth to a son, Ty. what your life might have been like Do you sometimes wonder had you not fallen pregnant at 16?

probably a lot better off Yes, I believe I would have been than I am now. from a younger age. I would have been working

studying. I probably would have been at uni at least in primary school She says sex education should start stake. so that children know what's at that if you teach kids about sex, What about the argument they'll have sex. I don't believe that's true. about that stuff, I believe if they know any of that stuff, they will say, "I don't want to get don't want to make a girl pregnant". "I don't want to fall pregnant, I

I think the consent needs to fall

back to the parents that the

parents are involved in these

issues especially something as

delicate as this. Now, to the trip from hell. it was one of those days. For 18-year-old Cameron Bell, He was booked on a two-hour Jetstar flight from Maroochydore on the Sunshine Coast to Melbourne. He had a hangover and he's scared of flying.

When I got to the terminals we were

all lining up and a fella looked

up and it said cancelled. Cameron was booked on a 10.10am flight and arrived half an hour early at 9am only to be told the flight was cancelled. Passengers were then offered a flight to Hamilton Island and then a direct flight to Melbourne. A detour, yes, but the direct flight to Melbourne would still get them there just after lunchtime, or so they thought.

Here's what happened next. Close to Hamilton Island, the airport was closed due to heavy the airport was closed due to heavy rain and the plane was forced to circle for a while, before being diverted to Townsville. After spending a few hours on the ground there, it was then back to Hamilton Island. From there, after more delays, they flew back to Brisbane, for another wait while a new crew took over.

Finally they were on their way to Melbourne direct with their Jetstar flight touching down at 1am. A 1,600km trip which was supposed to take just over two hours turned into a 3,600km, 15-hour expedition.

The next tiefpl definitely Virgin Blue. Now that's what you call a trip to remember. Now to a young couple's $500,000 dream home that's being eaten away by termites.

They've taken over the ceilings and every wall.

In fact, the home is falling apart. Only recently we warned of a termite invasion in the suburbs

which is affecting one in three homes.

But nothing quite prepared us for what you're about to see. Here's Nicolas Boot.

Our lives are ruined and we can't do anything about it. This can happen to anybody, anybody that's buying a house. We've called this our termite feature wall. Have a look at it. This is what almost $500,000 of hard-earned money

buys you these days.

In three weeks, Lindsey and Peter Magpayo have gone from proud first-time home buyers to destitute. Their new home, all $485,000 worth, is overrun by termites. Building inspectors say it's the worst infestation they've ever seen.

We've been told we have to move out, and you can see why. I mean, look at this. There is nothing holding that wall in. The termites have destroyed the home's structural integrity. They're in the main beams, in the floor, in the roof and in the walls. The couple had all the inspections carried out before buying. How could any expert miss this? Not how! Why? Why would this happen? We did all the right things. We got a pest report. We got a building report. We did what we should've before we wanted that house. We had to make sure that there were no termites, there were no - nothing,

that structurally it was right for us, for a house. But their home wasn't right. Within days of moving in, their horror had started. Lindsey heard tapping noises inside the wall. I don't know how to explain the sound, just it was just like a small tapping inside the wall. And she said to me, "Listen to this". The pest inspection of the property found that there were live termites in this fence but in the house the report states that there were none. The question is why didn't the company pick up such a huge infestation when there were visible signs? This downstairs beam was so ravaged by termites it was visibly bulging at the sides. But when attributing blame, it seems Lindsey and Peter may only be able to blame themselves.

The pest inspection report stated there was no visible signs of termites. It did warn that there was a medium-to-high risk of termites in the house.

This is going to present a significant hurdle for them. This clause here? Yeah. Property lawyer Ron Heinrich says unfortunately all too often home buyers don't read the fine print. This paragraph should have rung alarm bells -

"A more invasive physical inspection is available and recommended". Anyone who can read can read it, it's there in black and white. It's recommending a more invasive report. It can have very significant consequences for any young family

or any family6.

A home is a very major investment that anyone undertakes. NSW Fair Trading Minister John Hazistergos says it's a terrible lesson to learn.

He encourages all prospective home buyers to thoroughly read the reports, understand them and question them if you're not sure. Avoid the property or satisfy yourself that the property itself is not the subject of termite infestation. Three days after moving in, their dream turned to hell. You can't stay here. That beam can come down. The whole ceiling and the roof could come down on top of you.

Lindsey's parents Lawrence and Ruth Diamond can't financially bail them out. It could cost more than $100,000 to repair the damage.

We can't afford to fix it, we can't afford to move out, we can't afford to rent now with a mortgage.

Financially, we are getting further and further in trouble.

What I want out of it, I want this place fixed. I want the dream that I paid for. That's what I want out of this. And until that day, I'll continue to be angry and upset. Nicolas Boot reporting there. Still to come - the biggest free-for-all around - DVDs, holidays, movie tickets. We'll tell you who's giving them away and how to get them.

Coming up - How Aussie women are changing the way they feel about their size.

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Now, I think it's fair to say that in the past a lot of women felt dissatisfied with their bodies and under pressure to conform to the image of the stick-thin models you see on the covers of magazines.

But a surprising new survey has revealed more and more Australian women are less obsessed with being thin and are feeling very comfortable with how their bodies look, as Sonia Kruger reports. 8% of women in this country are size 10 and under. Who could look like that? Hardly anyone, not even the models in truth.

The underweight, thin, stick-insect has been rejected. Move over Victoria Beckham. We're finally sick of size 6. New research shows that it's Beyonce's fuller figure and Catherine Zeta-Jones and Kate Ceberano's curves that women are aspiring to. We're finally wising up to reality. The celebrity images and the advertising images are clearly underweight women. 10 year ago, Nutritionist Jenny O'Dea found that 80% of women were unhappy with their figures but according to the latest Newspoll survey, 80% of women are now satisfied with their bodies. We're finally realising that stick thin isn't chic.. Young women are rejecting this thin ideal and they also know that it's not real that in many cases the pictures have been doctored to make the picture-perfect. The survey found almost 90% of women want models in advertisements to feature more realistic-looking women And plus size model Alana Hearne is fast becoming Australia's next big thing. I've been doing really well in Germany, they like the broad shoulders and the hips, and they tell me my waist is a little bit to small but that's okay.

But Alana admits it's not been easy. The modelling world can be a cruel place, something she discovered early in her career.

I was 14 and I was size 10-12 constantly asked to lose that little bit of extra baby fat. The pressure was too much for me. I just basically left the industry

What wants to look like that? Who

wants to look like they are going to die.

She says often these images are

unavoidable. Celebrities are going to

to put images less than perfect, a

thigh shaved off ar a bit of a

tummy tuck. Slowly attitudes are

changing and her curves are in hot


Models of Alana's calibre, their earning potential is unlimited really.

It's advertising that has a lot more money than editorial. That advertising dollar is what the plus-size market is

Chelsea Bonner from Bella Models has seen the shift of plus-size models like Alana fast replacing the skinny Minnies of the past. The industry 10 years from now will be totally different again to where we're sitting now. It will be absolutely normal, I believe to see plus size models. In fact, we may even drop the term "plus-size models". It may just be "models".

When I work with skinny models, I do always feel a little bit I do always feel a little bit on the outer. I know they are all under a lot of pressure to stay thin, I know what it's like for them, I've been there. Some of them do get a little stressy about having that cheesecake or not. But now you can have your cake and eat it. Dove's hugely successful Campaign for Real Beauty has wowed the US and UK.

It features real women with real curves. It's just about to hit our shores. If we could do one thing to improve body image and risk of eating disorders,

If we could use real figures in the

advertisements. All advertisers

should take responsibility for the

image they promote. They should

skhro whether they touched the

image Even if she admits to a down

side, apparently it can be a little difficult to find

difficult to find a date. I think

some find it intimidating because I

am too tall but that is their problem. Susan Couhbor with that report. Coming up - the big free-for-all. Now, only a few days ago we paid tribute to our war heroes

on the anniversary of Victory in the Pacific. Sadly, though, not all our diggers have been afforded the same honour. Tonight, we expose the disgraceful treatment of some of the war veterans by a cemetery, of all places, which is threatening to discard their remains

unless their families pay to renew the burial leases. Here's Susan Couhbor. If you have to speak to the families, the widows, the widowers that come and speak to me on a regular basis, they are upset.

They're the brave men and women we vow to never forget. But sadly, on the 60th anniversary of Victory in the Pacific Day, we're told the memories of so many of our soldiers could one day be discarded. with a feeling of disgust We just went away

but tinged with sadness as well. Susan Thomas is one of the many whose loved ones have been laid to rest in this part of Adelaide's Centennial Park Cemetery. It's dedicated to war veterans

These blue and red stickers are a heartbreaking reminder to the families. That unless their plot license is renewed, at a cost of around $17 a year, the resting place will be given to someone else and the remains of their loved ones will be discarded.

As far as the ashes from the cremated veteran, I understand that the cemetery wants to dispose of those. They tell me that they do it in a sensitive way but we have no way of knowing. And for the burials, we have yet to see what is going to happen for the re-use of those sites. RSL executive director John Spencer wants legislation changed immediately so that sites belonging to our ex-servicemen and women don't require a lease extension. Susan Couhbor with that report. Coming up - the big free-for-all. DVDs, cosmetics, movie tickets and holidays. We'll show you who's offering them and how you can get them.

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Free holidays, free cosmetics, free samples, free movies. It all sounds too good to be true but it's not. And there are no strings attached according to the operators of a relatively-unknown Australian web site. And Chris Simond went surfing to find out what's on offer. I think it's a secret that everyone wants to keep to themselves. It's the best kept secret on the Internet. And that secret is now out - holidays, cosmetics, DVDs, movie tickets - They're a one-stop Internet shop and guess what?

They're all free! The best things in life are definitely free. Shop free by name, shop free by nature - is a virtual grab bag of free samples, competitions, giveaways, tastings and offers. Shopfree's CEO, Brendan Yell - We have hundreds of free offers on the web site, everything from free magazines to catalogues to recipe cards,

plus we have a heap of competitions as well. So you can actually log on, enter a few competitions, and maybe win some money, so using Shopfree is dead simple. All you need to do is log on, that you're interested in, choose the offers that you're interested in, and fill out the form, and it's sent straight out to you.

For example, just looking at the music and entertainment category, well, there you go, we've got two free Hoyts movie passes, plus four free DVD rentals. How good is that!

Shopfree earns its income selling advertising on the web site. For businesses like Blush Photography, their offer of a free make-over has been good for business. Since we began this promotion at Shopfree, our Internet enquiries and bookies have doubled. Being at home with children,

I found I needed to find an easier way to shop or find freebies specials, save money, all that kind of thing.

Jodie Battistuzzi found it all without leaving home giving her more time with her three young kids. There's a kids section so basically that's great for me. We've had magazine subscriptions for computers, samples of skin care, coffee, tea, soup, face cream, men's shaving cream,

and there was even a kid's ball at one stage so, there's been some exciting things.

I'd probably go log on maybe once every week or so

and there's always something new on there and it's for free so... it's great!

If make-up is every girl's best friend, Deanne McMahon is in cyber-Nirvana. Her cosmetics cost her nothing courtesy of the Shopfree web site. It's every girls fantasy to get free samples of make-up and cosmetics, so you can do it in your lunch break at work or at home watching TV,

if you have your computer there or... ..yeah, it's fun. We've had a ball, we really have, and we have saved it would be now into a couple of thousand dollars. If you are prepared to bid for your bargains, try Australia's largest online auction site, GraysOnline. But be prepared to take on Marilyn O'Brien. The aftershaves, we have a ball with for my husband

because they are all... ..some of them I have saved $200 ..some of them I have saved $200 on the recommended retail price as opposed to what I'm paying. The camera we got... ..and we got it for $600 less than it retails. The video camera was roughly about the same price, the mobile phone, I saved about $150 on it, the jewellery is unbelievable because I actually saved $110 on each article!

Everything we've bought has saved us lots of money off retail. When Peter Benalo's not surfing waves, he's bidding on online auctions like Grays without wiping out the credit card. I think I've saved about $4,000. This laptop is a $3,000 one that cost $1,500. This chardonnay is a $40 bottle of chardonnay. I bought it for around $13, $14 a bottle. The perfume comes in at about $75. That retail is at around $150. When I bought this camera, they were $2,400 anywhere, anywhere online. It was a $2,400 camera and I got it for $1,700 delivered to the door. I love it, I do! The site offers brand-new excess stock from manufacturers, retailers and distributors.

I think $100 or so is better in our pockets than it is in theirs and I relish the thought of doing it.

Additional details, including links to the sites mentioned in that report, can be found on our web site or give us a call. Now a quick look ahead to one of our stories on Monday night.

You've seen cosmetic surgery mistakes but you haven't seen anything like what happened to Susan.

She's come forward to show Australia what can go wrong with what most women believe to be the safer alternative, And on Monday night we'll reveal Susan's face. It's a warning to so many women. I'll have that story for you next week. I do hope you can join me for that. Until then, I hope you have a great weekend. Please take care, and goodnight. Captioned by Seven Network Email -