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(generated from captions) that the chief of the High Court But of course I do hope a dramatic sentence reduction. but her team expects he was still making up his mind, The chief judge said to find out for themsleves. the High Court judges that her lawyers phoned is about to be reduced Schapelle Corby's 20-year sentence So strong are rumours not to get their hopes up. is warning her supporters but the Australian Government on Monday will hand down the shock decision It's believed the Bali High Court is about to be cut in half. for drug smuggling her 20-year sentence are confident Schapelle Corby's lawyers But first this evening, clash in Gaza. as Israeli soldiers and settlers And acid the latest weapon terrifying abduction ordeal. a brave teenage girl's Good evening. Also tonight - and Jessica Rowe. Ten News with Ron Wilson Ten News with Tim Webster (All chant) Pay the victims now! James Hardie of stalling on compo. angry asbestos victims accuse And pay up now - after a brutal attack on a nurse. Hospital security under scrutiny to have her sentence slashed in half. Tonight - Schapelle Corby set This program is captioned live.

his concerns over staff security. Mr Nilson had previously aired was not entirely unexpected. But the incident were also injured in the attack. Three other colleagues mental health unit at the time. had been working in the hospital's The 60-year-old Vietnam war veteran I don't have any conscious memory. he remembers nothing of the attack. His brain injuries were so severe ill patient at St Vincent's Hospital. was bashed unconscious by a mentally registered nurse Kevin Nilson Two weeks ago, workplace assault. about his harrowing for the first time Kevin Nilson has spoken publically of a psychiatric nurse. after the brutal bashing is under scrutiny Security at Sydney hospitals Martine Griffiths, Ten News. in six days time. are scheduled to be executed the same prison as Schapelle, that the Bali bombers, who share in Denpasar There's also intense speculation those at this stage. but we have no way of confirming to be halved by the Bali High Court There's a rumour her sentence is our embassy in Jakarta and checked the rumours with I have heard the rumours to confirm the reports. Australian diplomats are trying will be appeal. automatically the public prosecutors is four to five years, yeah, Let's say the verdict Let's say the verdict is also likely to be angry. The Balinese public the prosecution could appeal. Depending on the decision, in seven years. Schapelle could be out with remission and time served, which means will be cut in half, drug smuggling sentence or if the 20-year which attracts 10 years, to possession, if her charge will be reduced Corby's defence team doesn't know were invalid in law. that the major charges from an Indonesian law expert accepted evidence It is believed the High Court was today remaining unusually quiet. Hotman Paris Hutapea and celebrity lawyer in the Indonesian justice system Leaks are not unusual and release my client. will give a teleconference

to break into the home. A side window was used not to wake up my mum and sister. I was just trying to be quiet in the house at the time. who were also asleep about her mum and older sister was more worried But the frightened teenager she's a little hero to us. for a 13-year-old, She was very controlled by a man wanting $5,000 ransom. captive in the family car His little girl was being held her dad received a phone call. Two hours later and looking out the window. I was just being normal How did you stay so calm? My greatest fear was the needle. knew she had to stay calm. the young girl with a blood-filled syringe, Threatened by a man in the middle of the night. allegedly abducted from her bed from a 13-year-old Newcastle girl Amazing bravery and courage by the side of the road. before being dumped and held captive for three hours was snatched from her bed The 13-year-old girl from a terrifying abduction ordeal. A Newcastle teenager is recovering for further rehabilitation. to Ryde Hospital on Monday Kevin will be transferred 200% in a decade. violent patients has increased to security officers for help with disappear. At St Vincent's, calls psychiatric wards is not about to disappear. psychiatric wards is not about to And the problem of security at and Blacktown hospitals by next June. St Vincent's, St George, Campbelltown Other centres will be opened at Liverpool and Nepean hospitals. Already set up - and violent patients will help. which will admit and treat psychotic of psychiatric emergency centres the establishment The Government hopes is Statewide. The problem of nurse safety But it's not an isolated case. that could be made much safer. There are a whole range of things of mental health at St Vincent's. Worries also shared by the director for the safety of patients. concern for their safety and concern about management, Kevin had raised those issues I have concerns about my safety.

(All chant) Pay the victims now! Pay the victims now! An emotion-charged demonstration by asbestos sufferers and victims' families demanding immediate compensation from James Hardie. They included a bus load representing victims of the Baryulgil mine north-west of Grafton who so far have been left out. Ted Mundine's father and five uncles worked at that site. They're all deceased, and they died at ages ranging from 40s to the 50s. James Hardie officials insist they will not commit to a deadline for payouts to be completed as government-level discussions on how the money should be divided. Inside, shareholders were oblivious to the noise, told about a 51% jump in quarterly profit. Company directors in line for significant increases. It makes me sick and angry and disgusted. They don't have a conscience, if they did, they would pay up. They're just stalling it. 15 years of my husband's life is gone and it's lonely, for asbestos disease victims. of stalling on compensation payments accusing the company Scores of protesters James Hardie's AGM in Sydney. Angry scenes outside Kevin Wilde, Ten News. just glad it's all over. The level-headed teenager in danger. It would have put other people I'm glad I didn't cry or scream. He was refused bail. kidnap and break and enter charges. he admitted to the sexual assault, but the police fact sheet He didn't utter a word in court David Newman of no fixed address. The accused is 29-year-old to a nearby club and calling police. A neighbour taking the girl to do a drug deal. where he allegedly came in this street after the accused dumped her The ordeal only coming to an end in her mum's account. But there was only $6 driven to ATMs to withdraw money. she was held against her will, For three hours, police say to break into the home. A side window was used Company officials may have been locked away inside, but even there they couldn't escape. And umm, we have heard how asbestos disease sufferers will not be paid compensation that's due to them and that's pretty unnerving stuff for someone whose life is flashing before them. And adding further spice to these protests is the constant speculation that James Hardie is considering abandoning Australia to avoid paying compensation. Even today, an eventual sale of the 110-year-old business was not ruled out. Frank Colleta, Ten News. Sydney will get a desalination plant no matter what, and at Kurnell. Premier Morris Iemma announced the go-ahead, contradicting statements by predecessor Bob Carr that the plant is dependent on a continuation of the drought and falling dam levels. But let's be absolutely clear - there will be a desalination plant. And it will be an important addition to our water infrastructure, providing for Sydney's water supply into our future. The Government says Sydney Water will finalise environmental assessments and a shortlist of tenderers by the end of the year. The Education Department is likely to review procedures Defiant hardliners have clashed with security forces trying to clear settlements in Gaza. More than 20 soldiers were injured, some doused with acid. This was always going to be the hardest battle for security forces. Hardline settlers and sympathisers barricaded inside the synagogue at Kfar Darom. Jets of blue liquid from water cannons to stain and later identify the protesters. Tough tactics from police well prepared for the worst. This was the most violent, frenzied clash of the Gaza evacuations. Protesters hurled sand, oil, paint and even acid. Soldiers in agony forced to rip off their clothes. More than 20 were injured, many taken to hospital with burns. But outbursts of anger weren't confined to adults. At Neve Dekalim, the synagogue was also the final stronghold. Inside - 1,000 people, many ultra-nationalists from outside Gaza who had come to fight the evacuation. Police deliberately unarmed carrying out the protesters one by one. While this was the most difficult day, it was also the most successful. Security forces have cleared 80% of Gaza's settlements. The rest should be by Monday, one way or another. All the empty Jewish homes will be demolished, even so, settlers set them alight. Some making their feelings known in other ways. Overall, the process has gone relatively smoothly. But still, this is a conflict many feared, Jew fighting Jew. For once, Palestinians are watching from the sideline. Eddy Meyer, Ten News. Tim Webster with a look ahead to sport, and you'll enjoy this - a retro weekend as league names its team of the '70s. Yes, Jess. And in many ways not just a team of the '70s but some of the greats of rugby league overall. It boasts the likes of Langlands, Cronin, Rogers, Fulton, Raudonikis, Coote, McCarthy and Beetson. And a little later - what one Test great thinks about the Kiwis wanting Andrew Johns to play for them. And could this be George Gregan's farewell Test at home? The Wallabies skipper is under immense pressure on the eve of the Springboks' showdown in Perth. Why he thinks he's still got what it takes, coming up in sport. Also later - why flashy young Tiger Benji Marshall will play it by the book tonight against the Bulldogs. See you soon. Still to come - anger over the PM's plan to keep radical Muslims out of his terror summit. Also tonight - the great mate debate - parliament security staff free to use the M-word again. These things are all a matter of context. That's why it's impractical and absurb to ban something. And how police plan to catch the bandits behind a spate of ram-raids across the city. We'll have that story later this newshour.

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This program is captioned live. This is Ten News. Mateship has won out at Federal Parliament. A ban on staff using the word 'mate' has now been overturned after massive public outcry. The PM's never been a man afraid of using the M-word and says Parliamentary staff should be allowed to make their own judgment about when they can. This things are all a matter of context. That's why it's impractical and absurb to ban something. But, yesterday, that's exactly what happened on the daily memo to security officers. Could you advise the House what is unparliamentary or un-Australian about the word mate? MPs found the issue hilarious. Mr Speaker, mate... I actually walked out of the Parliament, out of the chamber yesterday and one of the attendants came up to me and said, "Mate, do you mind if I call you mate?" I said, "No, that's absolutely fine, mate." But, underneath the comedy, most are astonished. I think it's just pathetic, frankly. And, today, there's been a backdown. The head of Parliamentary Services didn't write the memo but agrees it sends the wrong message, and so today's memo instead says: It's a serious directive, but the issue has most people in Parliament laughing. Some of Parliament's security staff have even written a little poem. 'An Ode to Mates' begins "Colloquialisms are fine to some, but don't sit right with me, "'Cause Parliament is not the place "for words like 'mate' and 'cobber' to me." After a week of hard politics, the 'mate' word is providing some light relief. Laurel Irving, Ten News. One of the country's most experienced detectives has been ordered to stop Sydney's current spate of ATM ram-raids and car-jackings. He's forming a strike force of 20 officers to find and arrest at least two gangs creating havoc on the streets. They're ram-raiders running rampant. Gangs of arrogant criminals whose specialities are ATMs normally unguarded and full of cash. Up to $350,000 in each machine easy pickings in the middle of the night. Property crime squad commander Ken McKay is the man who's been ordered to stop them. They're rarely confronted by members of the public or security people. It's just a very, very good earn for them. There's been a host of ATM ram-raiders throughout Sydney in the past few weeks alone. The latest robbery happened yesterday. At least two gangs were involved. The first, of Caucasian appearance, car-jacks top-of-the-range Mercedes and uses them for getaway cars. It has been confirmed links to 15 recent crimes including ATM ram-raids or attempted heists in Moore Park, Waterloo, Flemington, Hurstville and Bankstown. The second gang, of Middle Eastern appearance, uses white vans to carry entire ATMs away. And they are quite prepared for the police to chase them and that doesn't deter them one single bit. And we need to put a stop to it before someone gets hurt. With the right tools, a highly skilled ram-raid gang could crack open one of these ATMs in just one minute flat. The better-organised syndicates have templates indicating the weak points in the casing, just 4mm thick. An angle grind here and there and they have access to the safe. The ATMs and getaway vehicles are usually destroyed to hide the evidence. The owners of these ATMs will have to start thinking about greater levels of security to protect them or go back to putting them into solid walls again. Superintendent McKay says the gangs won't stop until they're caught. Shaun Fewings, Ten News. The Education Department is likely to review procedures surrounding children sent to sick bays, following the case of the 9-year-old girl from Raymond Terrace who spent the night locked in her school. An investigation into the incident has revealed a series of lapses at the school. 9-year-old Nicole Bettison is recovering from her ordeal earlier this month. Locked up for the night inside a school building as police and her parents conducted a frantic search. She's pretty good, actually. She's had a bit of counselling, she's actually coping pretty well. Although she's still pretty clingy. But her parents are less than impressed with the Education Department, angry they've been kept in the dark about what went wrong at Irrawang Public School. We don't want any compensation or anything like that. We just don't want to have it happen again. And we feel if we don't take it further, they're just going to sweep it or cover it up. An inquiry is under way into whether principal Nicole Clavery or any of her staff breached their duty of care. The Department admits a litany of errors was to blame. A register showing who was in the sick bay wasn't always being filled in and even worse, a motion detector attached to the school's alarm system wasn't working. It's a motion sensor, so it detects movement. And once the girl would have moved out of the sick bay area, we would have had a situation where the sensor would have gone off. It would have alerted the police and the police would have entered the building. The Education Department says it's up to individual schools to set their own rules about how a sick bay should operate. The only stipulation - if a child falls ill, parents should be contacted. Nicole's parents weren't contacted. They say procedures at all schools should be tightened up. John Hill, Ten News. Bail's been denied for a Sydney man charged with animal cruelty and bestiality. 36-year-old Brendan McMahon faces 18 animal cruelty charges relating to rabbits and a guinea pig. The court heard a further six bestiality charges are also expected. According to his lawyer, the man has mental health issues brought on by a drug problem. Asking to be released, McMahon said he would agree not to go within 50m of any pet shops but the magistrate ordered he undergo psychiatric testing. Traffic mayhem as a burst water main floods a major Sydney road. The fountain of water exploding out of the ground at Gladesville and pouring over Victoria Road. Part of the busy arterial had to be closed, slowing traffic to a crawl. The flood streaming into side streets, making it tough going for pedestrians forced to wade home. Sydney Water crews have shut down the main and will be working into the night to repair it. Sydneysiders are being warned not to panic if they see bushfires this weekend. The official summer burn-off began today in the Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park, with 19 hazard-reduction burns taking place this weekend in preparation for summer. Residents in Baulkham Hills, Camden, Gosford, the Hawkesbury, Warringah and Hornsby should keep windows closed if it gets too smoky. Asthmatics are also advised to stay indoors. Tim Bailey, we should be a bit more careful with what you say after the Dr Seuss hop on the lounge last night. I really enjoyed that broadcasting and night. I really enjoyed that broadcasting and poking a little bit of fun at you as usual. But you know, on a Friday I always love you and particularly Jessica for that matter. What have we got four folks? It's a little bit grey, I understand that. We're going to get rid of all of that. Tomorrow a light shower and then sunny conditions by Saturday afternoon. Just the way it should be, around about 21 degrees. Let's have a look

at Friday. I just about 21 degrees. Let's have a look at Friday. I just love having a Bo peep at them and wish I could forget about Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. It was all cloud staying with us. The current temperature is 20 degrees. Let's check the pollution levels for you. It was low in the north-west and in the east. The good news is inland rain across NSW for most of tomorrow. And 21 degrees and rain across NSW for most of tomorrow. And 21 degrees and a fine and sunny afternoon at your place. I'll see you again in around about ten. Next in the 5:00 news - the extraordinary payouts for hundreds of air force personnel whose jobs made them sick. And judgement day for a notorious serial killer. What the victim's families had to say about his bizarre apology. Price busted! Franklins has price busted: Country, Crouton, Hearty and Golden Harvest soup varieties: Look for this and other price busters, only at Franklins.

Oh! You're so busted! Franklins has price busted Kellogg's 450g Coco Pops, 530g Rice Bubbles, 500g Sultana Bran. Look for this and other price busters, only at Franklins. This program is captioned live. This program is captioned live. You're watching the 5:00 news. Time to check on the traffic with Vic Lorusso in the Mix 106 Traffic Helicopter. Jessica was just reporting a burst water main on Victoria Road in Gladesville, can you Victoria Road in Gladesville, can you get a shot of that? We can, west bound lanes are affected as a result of the burst water main. These are the traffic delays for motorists heading towards Gladesville. The burst water main occurred up ahead near the police station and you can see the water crews working hard there. It is really slowly starting to struggle for traffic heading outbound. We'll update the for traffic heading outbound. We'll update the situation again at 5:50. Bitter divisions have emerged in Australia's muslim community over the Prime Minister's terror summit next week. 14 handpicked Islamic leaders will attend, but only moderates have been invited. Devout Muslims attended Friday prayers in mosques around Australia today - the hottest topic, the PM's summit next week to enlist them to combat home-grown terrorism. Off the list, outspoken sheikhs like Melbourne's Mohammed Omran. Mr Howard considers him extremist. At the very least, the sheikh gives Osama bin Laden the benefit of the doubt. I see no merit in inviting unrepresentative people I see no merit in inviting unrepresentative people who have an extreme view. And he has support from one of the biggest groups - the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils. It is well representative of those who are really looking after the grass-root Muslims. But also left out is the Lebanese Muslim Association, which lays claim to be another of the biggest groups. The exclusion of so many key individuals and groups greatly diminishes the value of the summit. Some believe the Government in the past has made the Muslim community a scapegoat and they harbour resentment at the way 'children overboard' was handled, one today saying they were Muslim children. The summit has been restricted to 14 to keep it manageable, by definition it was bound to put many noses out of joint but it clearly risks being counterproductive. This view by no means isolated. I think the whole thing is, maybe the people chosen are there to say what the PM wants to hear. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. Compensation at last for hundreds of long-suffering former air force maintenance workers. A special $21 million payout recognising the health problems caused by their years of exposure to toxic chemicals. For decades, they've been the supersonic icon of Australia's air defence. But the men who maintained them over 20 years ago paid a heavy price to keep them in the air. A chemical used to reseal fuel tanks inflicted skin and neurological disorders on over 700 former maintenance workers like Ray Webster. After years of battling, hundreds of compensation claims are still being assessed. But today, a one-off payment from the Government. It reflects the medical complexities of the issues and the nature of suffering that some people have. Letters will be sent tomorrow granting $40,000 to those severely affected or $10,000 for those with less exposure. I'd have to fit in the 40 grand, because I was covered in it. I was just covered completely in it. Ray suffers psoriasis, depression and memory loss as a result of contact with the chemical. Protective gear was almost non-existent. It's easy with the knowledge that we now have to make judgments on the past. But of course, the knowledge wasn't available when the program was started back in 1977. $40,000 is not going to cover anywhere near our losses. It's less than half what they were expecting, but the payments won't affect their compo cases. Never ever seen an apology for what's been done. No-one said, "Sorry we injured yous." F-111s will be decommissioned in the next 10 years. Ray wants to get his compo and enjoy life well beyond that. Max Futcher, Ten News. One of America's worst serial killers has been slammed Four people have been killed and two others injured in a helicopter crash in Russia. The MI-8 military chopper was on a routine inspection of oil pipelines in Siberia when it suddenly plunged to the ground. It's thought the helicopter may have become entangled in a cargo load attached to another helicopter, but experts say the MI-8s are more than 40 years old and should no longer be in service. The two pilots were the only survivors. A scathing report has revealed NASA skipped vital safety precautions One of America's worst serial killers has been slammed as a cowardly, impotent pervert before being sentenced to 175 years behind bars. The so-called BTK killer outraging victims' families by asking for forgiveness. To the families of those he killed, Dennis Rader is evil incarnate, a monster who had never shown remorse. I remind you that you are nothing but a despicable, child-murdering, cowardly, impotent eunuch pervert masquerading as a human being. Yet on what the former church president called his "final judgement day", he chose to say sorry. I know the victim's families will never be able to forgive me. I hope somewhere, deep down, eventually that will happen. The man who proudly dubbed himself the BTK killer because he would bind, torture and kill his victims even had the gall to talk about those he butchered as if he knew them. Nancy Fox, she was a wonderful person and I did track her just like a predator. For half an hour he rambled, quoting the Bible and blaming demons for the depraved sexual fantasies that fuelled his desire to kill. Then he heard from his victims' families. Rader is an appropriate name for you as in one who invades, a surprise attack. You are such a coward. Between 1974 and 1991, Rader brutally killed 10 people. This man needs to be thrown in a deep dark hole and left to rot. Dennis Rader will die in prison, ordered to serve 10 consecutive life sentences, one for each murder. He can't be executed because the death penalty wasn't legal in Kansas the time of the killing spree. at the time of the killing spree. In the United States, Leisa Goddard-Roles, Ten News. Still to come - a new boss for News Limited. Also tonight - the fight to free a baby whale stuck in shark nets off the Gold Coast. And the pop-star Pope. What Sydney can expect if we win the right to host World Youth Day.

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as Sydney is concerned, a little bit of rain for your gardens but most of it will be west of the great most of it will be west of the great dividing range. And then a fine and sunny weekend from about noon on Saturday right through Sunday and tops of 21 degrees. Let's look at the map of NSW for some top temperatures on a fee-good Friday. If you weren't paying attention, I'll repeat it for you. 21 degrees at your place tomorrow. Have a great weekend. See you at 5:55. Angry scenes outside a James Hardie annual meeting in Sydney. Scores of protesters accusing the company of stalling on compensation payments for asbestos disease victims. Concerns about Sydney hospital security following the brutal bashing of a psychiatric nurse. Kevin Nilson was assaulted by a patient at St Vincent's and left with brain injuries so severe, he remembers nothing of the attack. And the Federal Government is yet to confirm Schapelle Corby will have her 20-year sentence for drug smuggling cut in half. The convicted drug smuggler's lawyers confident the Bali High Court will hand down the shock decision on Monday. Another baby whale has been trapped in shark nets off Queensland's Gold Coast. The exhausted calf struggling to free itself as its anxious parents circled nearby. Fighting for life, a young humpback exhausting itself, wrapped head to tail in shark netting off Currumbin on the Gold Coast. Having a lot of trouble trying to stay on the surface. It's caught by the tail and by the head. This one was fairly tangled when we got here and then it did a couple of rolls which made it slightly worse. The 6m mammal the second to be trapped in the last fortnight. The last calf died. Angry locals are demanding the nets be removed during the whale migration season. There's not even a line on it or anything. Those green buoys you can't see in the dark. Marine experts from Sea World worked to free the humpback as three others from its pod circled. The calf tiring after spending the entire night battling for freedom. These animals are capable of a huge amount of energy and we didn't see any of it. Experts managing to free the calf after 2.5 hours. With a new nicks and cuts from its ordeal, the baby humpback swam off to join its parents. Sharon Marshall, Ten News. Finance, and the Australian share market rallied again today. Let's go to Commonwealth Let's go to Commonwealth securitys. What an amazing result for James Hardie today. What sort of reaction was there for investors? Despite the set back for asbestos compensation victims, investors are stkpwied to see James Hardie record the 51% jump in quarterly profit. James Hardie shares have been creeping up when news of the compensation short fall broke creeping up when news of the compensation short fall broke in February. Today James Hardie shares ended just high of all time record highs And the replacement for Murdoch, who is it? Well, with him stepping down, the current CEO, John Hartigan has been appointed for the top job. He has five years of running the company's day-to-day operations under his belt. running the company's day-to-day operations under his belt. He's got Rupert Murdoch's vote of confidence but no word of where Lachlan's welcome home party is being held. Wild scenes in Germany as thousands of young Christians turn out to catch a glimpse of the Pope. They're scenes that could be repeated in Sydney if it wins the right to host the next World Youth Day. They used to know him as Cardinal Ratzinger,

no-one was confused about the Pope's new name. (All chant) Benedicto! Benedicto! Benedicto! They used to know him as Cardinal Ratzinger, but on his first papal visit home to Germany, no-one was confused about the Pope's new name. (All chant) Benedicto! Benedicto! Benedicto! He's in Cologne to celebrate World Youth Day, a festival created by Pope John Paul II to reinvigorate the Catholic faith. The next one will be held in 2008 and Sydney is the red-hot favourite to host it. Towards the end of that week, the World Youth Day, the Pope will arrive and we'd expect at least 500,000 people will gather in the precincts of Olympic Park It would be Pope Benedict's first visit down under and organisers plan to take him by boat from the Opera House to Homebush. On a similar trip down the Rhine River in Cologne pilgrims waded out to get as close to the pontiff as possible, a practice that could be a little more dangerous in Sydney Harbour. Well, I hope not, because we've got sharks here and I don't think they've got those in the river at Cologne. Sydney will learn whether it's successful on Sunday night. Dan Nolan, Ten News. Tim Webster with sport, and the West Tigers leaving nothing to chance for tonight? Yes, Jess. Ahead - how Marshall and Prince hit the books in a bid to end the Dogs' season. Also - good news tempered by bad news for the Dragons ahead of the Eels clash. And a rookie rushed to Perth while a Wallaby great fights for his career.

St George Illawarra prop Jason Ryles passed a fitness test today and will play in Sunday's second versus thirrd match-up against Parramatta. Rob Canning joins us from Telstra Stadium where the Tigers meet the Bulldogs tonight. Rob, we've been saying it for a while, but this really is the Dogs' last chance. For the Bulldogs to make the final, they must win the remaining three games and have one of the four sides above games and have one of the four sides above them on 26 points lose two of their remaining three games. For the Wests Tigers, they are hot, seven straight wins, a club record. And much of that attributed to reading and writing. They looked more like a pair of high school students than the play makers of the NRL's hottest club. But Benji and Nathan Prince every week the fall on paper. and Nathan Prince every week the fall on paper. We just write down a few things on paper and tactics and where we can fine the weakest points In Oki Jubilee, trent Barratt went through a low key visualisation session. Justin Pore is in worse condition. Rolling his ankle at training yesterday. He won't play, ankle at training yesterday. He won't play, but we're pretty optimistic that it will be OK South Beating the Roosters for the first

time in 11 years. Crow crow crow's comments last weekend were fiery. I don't want the Knights to get the wooden spoon, I have no problem with the Roosters getting the whole of the wooden drawer. And last night's team of of the wooden drawer. And last night's team of the 70s announcement drew criticism of Andrew John's announcement to play with the Kiwis. We will have tonight's result here at Telstra Stadium later on in ST. Wallaby speedster Mat Rogers will start on the wing for tomorrow's Tri-Nations clash against South Africa. Rogers returns from a knee injury after missing the last three Tests. There's plenty of speculation this will be skipper George Gregan's last in Australia. But George says he still has the passion to play. Yeah, a good bunch of guys to work with and a good challenge As soon as you lose that, you know that's where the big warning sign is. Coach Eddie Jones is yet to finalise his bench after rushing ACT Brumbies back Adam Ashley-Cooper into the squad last night. The Sydney Swans can cement a double chance in the finals with victory over the Kangaroos on Sunday. Stakes are high with the Swans sitting fourth and the Kangaroos fifth, and just two rounds to go before the finals begin. and just two rounds to go before the finals begin. I think the Kangaroos are a confidence side as well so you've got two teams that are in pretty good form that have got a lot to play for that are playing on Sunday. Barry Hall remains in the race for the Coleman Medal, presented to the man who kicks the most goals in a season. With 66 on the board, he's four behind St Kilda's Fraser Gehrig. Lleyton Hewitt continues to pick up the pace in the lead-up to the US Open. He's into the quarterfinals at the Cincinnati Masters after a comfortable straight-sets victory over Croatia's Mario Ancic. Hewitt says he's now back to full fitness. Yeah, I feel pretty good at the moment. The first couple of days were tough and also, the matches are in hot and humid conditions here, so that really tests you. But today is the best I've felt so far. Fourth seed Marat Safin is also finding touch Fourth seed Marat Safin is also finding touch after being sidelined with a knee injury since Wimbledon. He joins Hewitt in the quarterfinals. Tiger Woods is continuing his love affair with the NEC Invitational in Ohio. Tiger has won four of the five tournaments he's played at Firestone and even bunkers weren't going to stop him sharing the first-round lead. The world number one shot a 4-under-par 66, along with Vijay Singh and Sweden's Henrik Stenson. Stuart Appleby also started nicely - he's two shots off the pace and the best of a healthy contingent of Aussies. That's the way to turn it. Adam Scott fired an even-par 70, but he was even frustrated with the ones that went pretty straight Not surprising, with the prize purse a cool $10 million. To the tips, and Michael Sullivan's selections for Randwick tomorrow. That's it. Later in Sports Tonight - the usual Friday night smorgasbord of footy. Headlined by the Bulldogs and the Wests Tigers and St Kilda taking on Fremantle over in the west. Have a great weekend. Back now to Vic Lorusso in the Mix 106 Traffic Helicopter and how is the Friday night 106 Traffic Helicopter and how is the Friday night traffic going? A lot of traffic trying to head out towards the south-west and get on the M5 towards Campbelltown. There was a bad accident on Hoxton Park road head willing down towards the airport. But as you can see from the traffic delays, they head back towards Bankstown. Also in Gladesville after the burst water main we showed you earlier. Traffic heading towards Ryde is main we showed you earlier. Traffic heading towards Ryde is delayed. Tim Bailey with the weekend weather next. Then all hands on deck for Daffodil Day.

(Sings in Rastafarian style) # Yum diddly yum-yum yum-yum # In me belly-belly and me tum # Chew your snack Ski You'll feel good inside # Feel good inside # Fruit & Milk make me want to dance # How does it feel when you eat it up? # Fruit Ski, Milk Ski - goodness you can't hide # How does it feel when you eat it up? # New Ski Smoothies: # Chew your snack Ski # And feel good inside # Chew your snack Ski... #

This program is captioned live. Time for all the weather details with Tim Bailey. What a nasty with Tim Bailey. What a nasty little article in the Sydney Morning Herald today I took owe feps on your behalf, a ponytailed feps on your behalf, a ponytailed clown, I'm not sure which part of that was wrong. What upset me is that we get out into the greater west. We did the Marconi club and the Blacktown RSL and we're going to Campbelltown. I take a point where the fine folks in Campbelltown are disapointed that they're not on the weather map. Well you're going to be on the weather map from now on. As of Monday weather map from now on. As of Monday and we're going to do it live in the next month or so from there. Thank you very much to John Laws who jumped on our case to let us know about it and he was always on your side. So we like that sort of stuff. And the greatest West, we're in your back pocket. What have we got for you this weekend more importantly. Some rain spreading across inland NSW. We like that sort of talk. spreading across inland NSW. We like that sort of talk. Showers on the garden in Sydney. We like that sort of talk and then sunshine around Saturday afternoon and Sunday. I think it is just about the perfect weekend. 21 degrees. Speaking of perfect, what about the weather photo tonight. I think it is the best one we've ever received. Put that up on the television would you Mr Producer. Wax it up. That is from Euan and Wax it up. That is from Euan and Mackenzie. The shot is of Stanley's Ridge at sunset and that was Kenzie's first ever camping trip. Her dad took the photo. That is a lovely shot for a Friday. Digital delight, please keep sending them

to Tim's weather at our website. We'll put to Tim's weather at our website. We'll put them on each and every night. If you're in Campbelltown, you're on the map from Monday and we're coming to the Catholic club and we'll broadcast Monday through to Friday and have a festival and to Friday and have a festival and make you feel more than at home. It is a good family here at Ten News apart from our father whose name is Ron Wilson! Now into the back yard. We did 22 degrees today, I said it would be 25, I lied to you. The satellite, extensive cloud The satellite, extensive cloud streaming across the south-east ahead of a cold front causing rain in Tazmania, Victoria and western NSW. The weather map, they're so important to have a bo peep at on the front doorstep of the weekend. Fresh westerly winds will cause shower across Victoria, Tazmania and SA. Snow on the alpine peaks. Rain clearing from eastern NSW as the first front moves Rain clearing from eastern NSW as the first front moves in. The business of the brolly, predicted precipitation. Patchy rain for most of NSW. By Sunday a cold front will bring another burst of strong winds and shower and alpine snow to south eastern Australia. A good looking weekend. After the shower on your garden tomorrow morning, 21 degrees and fine and sunny. Saturday and Sunday, you can't say those words too many times at the Sunday, you can't say those words too many times at the weekend. Let's go interstate.

That is it from me. Campbelltown, That is it from me. Campbelltown, we're gunning for you starting Monday. Looking forward to your company when we get out there and do the whole week. Have a lovely when folks wherever you live. And you know what the rules are - there aren't any. Daffodil Day took to the harbour this morning. The 12th annual Daffodil Day transformed the ferry 'Alexander' into an eye-catching floral display to help raise awareness of the NSW Cancer Council's major fundraising event. The public is encouraged to buy a daffodil to support those touched by cancer. And the money raised goes directly towards cancer research, education and patient support. The NSW Cancer Council hopes to raise over $3 million from the event. That's the 5:00 news. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Jessica Rowe. Charmaine Dragun will have the Late News at 10:45. Goodnight. Supertext captions by the Australian Caption Centre