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China Bound -

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(generated from captions) have in common - But first, what do these companies Rheem, Jockey Underwear? Holden, Sunbeam, Victa, Hills Hoist, The list just keeps getting longer. They're the companies or all of their operations to China. which have started to ship part

it's a torrent, And it's not a trickle, thousands of Australians out of work. and it's leaving or read about this until now Now, you may not have heard but make no mistake -

as Rodney Lohse reports what we're witnessing is Australian industries. the undermining of entire we're talking about, No, it's not the buildings it's the jobs, are just the tip of the iceberg. and these with manufacturing is Well, the international trend in low-cost economies. to relocate manufacturing about skills shortages in Australia You've probably heard a lot recently labour from overseas to work here and companies desperate to import from mechanics to fruit pickers. in all areas Yeah! I'm happy to be here. what other people are doing overseas We've got to look at and that is to have a labour treaty. we're getting absolutely desperate, But now it seems of employment speed-dating agencies setting up the equivalent into moving to Australia. to romance foreign workers have within themselves and there's maybe some fear they recruitment drive since the '50s It's the biggest overseas flooded the country. when the Ten Pound Poms There's no ?10 immigration proposals around anymore. like we had in the '50s The idea is to go out to countries that we want. where we see skilled workers and Industry chief executive Australian Chamber of Commerce Peter Hendy says the plan is to Australia straightaway. to get 20,000 foreign workers that we've got It's a reflection of the fact for something like 30 years. the lowest unemployment rate We've got a growing economy, and a need for jobs, that means a growth we got a very low replacement rate. and, of course, signalling Immigration Minister Amanda Vanstone all stops to get the people we need. the government has pulled out to come, live here, You get the opportunity be a permanent resident. And sure, why not? after all. The Aussie economy is booming But what about the hangover? It's got to come. about the China free-trade agreement We've heard a lot

except what it's going to cost - and there will be one. worker in Australian manufacturing If you're an unskilled or semiskilled you're going to end up unemployed chances are and sooner than you think. as I've said, There's been a continuing drift, to relocate manufacturing in China. consultant to big businesses Les Lothringer is an Australian wanting to set up in China and his business is booming. that sort of manufacturing in China. We've got no choice but to relocate Empty - that's how factories South Pacific Tyres in Melbourne like the one that used to house

now stand, and it's probably who lost their jobs how the 500 or so workers are feeling. when it moved production overseas and bills to pay. Men and women with families I mean, I'd be terrified. I mean, who wouldn't be terrified your next pay cheque was coming from. if you didn't know where in another factory, And who's to say, if you got a job it wasn't going to do the same - to some cheap foreign country? shut up shop and move in Australia The fact of the matter is, are becoming endangered species. factory workers in the Footscray plant I started working in 1969

and three months. and I worked there for 32 years was one of the first to go. Sam Sgroi's job He worked at South Pacific Tyres 1,000 workers. which at its height employed blokes like Sam got sacked When it closed about four years ago, and he still can't find a job. until retirement age. I was planning to work there our manufacturing jobs to China - The situation is we've lost Joe Milo has a job for the moment 160 of them!

over his and his workmates' neck but the axe is hanging

manufacturer Trico. at the multinational windscreen-wiper It makes me feel very, very insecure even if these jobs go at Trico in the way that I get employment at, the next place doesn't get the same idea? what's to say that some employer Because plenty have already. are now being made in China The Aussie icon Victa motor-mowers Hills hoist and our beloved humble

to be hung out to dry in China. also looks like being it's going manufacture some Hills hoist I can assure you that we'll still in Australia together myself, out the back. even if I have to knock them easy so easy with Hills # # Ease up, ease up, manufacturing overseas. Well, we've seen Rheem move Schindlers Elevators - Email, Otis Elevators, they've gone as they say to us

to manufacture overseas. because it's cheaper Even our smalls are going, Jockey looking overseas, along with Sunbeam and, can you believe it, Holden. Union president Doug Cameron Australian Manufacturers Workers has serious concerns. in the future? Where does Australia go Without the protection of tariffs the answer is "No" $15 an hour to do here because what a worker gets paid for a fraction of the cost. a Chinese worker will do

Roughly less than 70 cents an hour. And when we're done with manufacturing farmers will be next. Look no further than your local supermarket shelf. Chief imports flooding our supermarkets. Foreign companies moving in on our Australian companies. Profit, greed, this is what it's all about - Greed. And Les Lothringer says it doesn't stop there. If you're an IT worker you might want to start thinking of an exit strategy. There's a lot of well-educated Chinese who can write software

both at Masters and PhD level. So just what jobs are safe?

Service industry jobs, education, for example. The hot jobs range from accountants to chefs to hairdressers, to office assistants to park rangers. Not a manufacturing job in sight. I think there is a real possibility of the de-industrialisation of Australia. Rodney Lohse reporting there on the demise of some of our Australian industries. Now, hard times have fallen on one of our greatest retail icons