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killed in the Greek plane crash. Relatives grieve for the Australians accused of having an affair. A kidnap victim's husband intersections. Sydney's most dangerous

Good evening, also tonight -

engineered a great escape how the Australian cricket team

in the third Test. Relatives of the Australian family killed in that Greek plane crash from Adelaide to identify the dead are making the difficult journey left orphaned by the disaster. and to care for a 2-year-old boy on board were literally frozen, It's emerged the 121 people as the plane's systems failed to -50 degrees. and temperatures plunged

route at about the same time, A day after the crash, on the same from the island of Cyprus to Athens relatives were flown of identifying the dead for the dreadful task the victims who can't be recognised. or supplying DNA for about half

there have been six autopsies, The Greek coroner said and contrary to early suspicion when the plane crashed, that all on board were dead these passengers were alive, and frozen solid, but almost certainly unconscious at the crash scene. according to the Greek military The Xiourouppa family was on board, who grew up in Adelaide, Cypriot-Australian Demos, their daughters Sophia and Joanna - his wife, Margarita, who both had Australian citizenship. has already flown to Cyprus, One of Mr Xiourouppa's brothers another is on his way. What can you do? it's your own flesh and blood, You always read about it, but now it's very hard. in the early '90s Demos had returned to Cyprus exporting whitegoods. and built a successful business now we just have to go deal with it. He looked after us, has been orphaned. The family's baby boy, George, grandparents visiting from Adelaide. He'd stayed in Cyprus with his police raided the airline's office, In Larnaca, and removed boxes of documents.

had been involved in this accident This particular aircraft that not terribly long ago, had been grounded, with its airconditioning system, because of an issue it pressurisation system. airconditioning problems, The pilot reported

symptom of broken seals or a window. which could have been the secondary was on auto-pilot when it crashed. And they've discovered the jet Michael Usher, National Nine News. After much debate and many inquiries, to go ahead Federal Cabinet is finally poised with the full sale of Telstra. Party gave a favourable response It's come about after the National for telecommunications services to a multi-billion dollar package in the bush. went to Cabinet this afternoon Communications Minister Helen Coonan

of sweeteners proposing $3 billion worth to sell the rest of Telstra. to get the Nationals on side And she's confident it will work. the fact that this is a done deal, I don't think we should overstate it's not. are encouraging. But I think the signs The most important of those signs -

Barnaby Joyce new Queensland National Party senator about the money now on offer, making approving noises enterprise contribution suggesting that when a private is factored in, the extra cash available in the bush to boost telecommunications services could be as much as $6 billion. there would be nothing on the table. If we hadn't gone in to bat and regional seats are furious Liberals representing rural credit for the Coonan proposals. that the Nationals are grabbing the noise that we should be making. We tend to sit back and not make Senator Joyce is... To Liberals like Albie Schultz, The creature from Queensland. on his threat to cross the floor. ..with Senator Joyce now going soft I'm now in a position not so clear cut. where unfortunately the decision's him "Backdown Barnaby". The Labor Party has already nicknamed Cabinet's expected to approve The package includes a $2 billion future fund for immediate capital investment. and another $1 billion the industrial relations front proposed changes is increasing. opposition to the Government's

driving past Parliament House, More than 200 trucks horns blaring, in a spectacular protest today. the right to collective bargaining. As drivers demanded to retain Laurie Oakes, National Nine News. on the spot in a Sydney court today Businessman Bernie Whelan was put at the trial of the man accused Kerry. of kidnapping and killing his wife, if he was having an affair Defence lawyers asked Mr Whelan at the time of her disappearance - as scurrilous. a claim he bluntly described Family photos have always portrayed as a loving couple - Kerry and Bernie Whelan and family holidays. enjoying dinners with friends on the farm with Bruce Burrell, At one time, even pictured the man accused of killing her. But defence lawyer Dave Dalton a very different picture. today tried to paint Mister Whelan was asked: In a prickly exchange,

Mr Whelan denied with Amanda Minton-Taylor, ever having a relationship the nanny to his three children. the couple were like parents to her. She gave evidence today saying seeing his present wife, Debra, Questioned as to when he started but admitted Mr Whelan couldn't recall, seven months after the disappearance. they holidayed together in Fiji divorce from his first wife, The jury was also told of Mr Whelan's and how that caused animosity who he said was a chronic alcoholic, with their adopted son, Trevor, of his will. who Bernie later wrote out disappearance he told a friend: Around the time of Kerry's Allison Langdon, National Nine News. more criticism today Morris Iemma faced from Western Australia, over the paedophile on the NSW north coast. who's now living similar cases happening again, The Premier has moved to prevent by Labor colleagues in Perth, but was accused of buckling to populist politics. has sent the Government into a spin, Community anger at Banora Point today forcing the Premier to announce paedophiles on parole that NSW will no longer accept from other States. we're not going to have them We don't want them, as a dumping ground for paedophiles. we're not going to have this state But who's to blame paedophile Seamus Otto Darcy-Searle for convicted West-Australian ending up here in the first place remains in dispute. They've been trying to cover up the fact from day one that the NSW Government agreed to this. The Premier blames correctional services officers on the north coast for not telling higher authorities.

He says had they been aware, Darcy-Searle's transfer would have been refused. There should have been some notification, given the seriousness of the offences. The whole saga will have much wider ramifications, as well as no longer accepting paedophiles, the State Government will review all 80 interstate offenders currently on parole in NSW. If we can toss them out, we will.

The Premier's action in demanding Darcy-Searle be sent home has drawn a swift rebuke from his West Australian counterparts, who have accused Mr Iemma of playing populist politics. The NSW Premier is obviously under a lot of pressure. He's said a few things, which I think on maturer reflection, he may not have said. While the Western Australian Government accepts Darcy-Searle will return home, it warns the agreement that allows NSW to send prisoners on parole to the west is now in jeopardy. Nigel Blunden, National Nine News. A warning from CityRail today, not to expect everything to go to plan when its new timetable comes into effect on Sunday fortnight. So it will have 14 buses standing by as a back up plan. In such a substantial change, we do expect hiccups in that first week to ten days. CityRail says the extra buses will cost about $70,000. We've all seen them - drivers who take outrageous risks by racing through traffic lights. Now the NRMA has found an alarming change in attitude, with a growing number of drivers putting the foot down when the light turns amber, sometimes with tragic results. It's not as though they're a brand new idea - traffic lights, and how they work, have been with us for some time now, but many of us seem to be losing the art of actually using them. About 50% of all accidents happen at intersections. Incidents such as these caught all too frequently on road safety cameras. The causes - impatience, speed and apparently, an epidemic of colour blindness. Running the amber light now just as dangerous as ignoring the red. The State's worst areas for traffic light collisions - are also right up there on the hit list. The rules we're ignoring - Making sure the amber light is treated as a stop light. It's not a be prepared to stop, it's a stop. The problem's not confined to intersections. The NRMA says we're still having real trouble with roundabouts, forgetting that basic rule - give way to the traffic on the roundabout. The main offenders - those coming from the right, who think they have the right. People travelling on the right, even when they're not on the roundabout, expect to be given way to.

And as more cars come onto the roads, the overall problem gets worse. Just an ignorance of the rules altogether. Peter Harvey, National Nine News. Eight young rowers have escaped serious injury after they were run down by a high speed ferry on the Brisbane River, during an early morning training session. The 16-year-olds abandoned their craft just seconds before impact. Only two were slightly hurt. A powerful earthquake hit Japan today, triggering an immediate tsunami alert. It struck off the coast, north of Tokyo and measured 6.8. No-one was killed, but at least 13 people were injured, most of them when the roof collapsed at a sporting centre. It also put this newsreader right in the centre of the story. The quake immediately stopped nuclear plants and the rail network in the region, but the tsunami alert was later cancelled. Japan accounts for one fifth of the world's major quakes. In the news ahead - Israeli settlers wreck their homes - rather than leave them for the Palestinians. And crucial information that could save the lives of Australian women. LIFT BELL CHIMES

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Five men have been charged with trying to steal $150 million Five men have been charged with trying to steal $150 million from the Commonwealth Public Service superannuation fund. Three of the men are aged in their 50s, the other two in their 30s. It's alleged they had the money transferred to overseas accounts on Christmas Eve 2003. Meanwhile, the 3-month fraud trial against former assistant tax commissioner Nick Petroulias has ended with the jury unable to reach a verdict. He's pleaded not guilty to fraud and corruption. There are calls tonight for police to tell the real story about the level of random breath testing in NSW. The head of the Government's Staysafe Committee is not convinced that RBT is being conducted in the right places and at the right times. 12 months ago National Nine News revealed RBT had been slashed by 40% - BT had been slashed by 40% - a report publicly denied by senior police. But yesterday they admitted to the Industrial Relations Commission that the road toll increased by nine on the previous year's figure after breath tests were cut by 60,000.

Evidence they give at a public hearing under oath is different to the information given yesterday and that's a very worrying aspect from the Staysafe Committee's point of view. The police service has been exposed as actually being the perpetrators of mistruth. The Parliamentary Committee on road safety is demanding answers. We want to know when RBTs are being done and making sure it's not a 9-5 situation. Despite all the advertising campaigns about being on the back streets, they're not even on the main streets. When was the last time you saw a random breath testing unit on the road apart from holiday time? In the past, a reduced road toll has always been attributed to the heavy policing of speeding and drink driving, so the State Opposition says senior police have no choice but to blame a higher number of deaths on a lower number of roadside enforcement. It cuts both ways - where I think the police force is in trouble on this occasion is -

they've been caught out. Adam Walters, National Nine News. Israeli settlers on the West Bank have little more than 12 hours to pack up and leave, as Israel's historic pullout nears its end. Two settlements have been completely cleared, but there is dogged resistance at the remaining sites, where hardliners clashed with police and soldiers. From our point of view, we are staying here for good. In a symbol of their defiance, many settlers are tearing up their eviction notices - one even trashed his home, rather than leaving it intact

for the Palestinians who will reclaim the land. Cause for celebration in Aceh, after the Indonesian Government signed a peace deal with the region's rebels in the hope of finally ending their 30-year war. The deal was signed in Finland between Indonesia's Justice Minister and Aceh's exiled rebel leader. At a mosque in the Indonesian Province, thousands crowded to watch the signing on television. Similar agreements have been made in the past, only to fail, but this time both sides are confident peace will last. When it comes to our health - knowledge can be the difference between life and death, Now, for the first time in Australia, there's a special information kit for women with breast cancer, endorsed by sufferers and specialists alike. Every day in Australia 30 women are told they have breast cancer. These survivors - an athlete, politician, writer and business woman - proof the disease, which kills 2,500 annually, has no boundaries.

It was a chilling experience to be told I had breast cancer and at times I really felt like I was drowning in the information. Information is often confusing, full of medical jargon and from too many sources, such as the the Internet or magazines. Now from the Breast Cancer Network there's a free kit - a one-stop shop to understanding the cancer, a list of every State's medical resources and questions to ask your medical team. Don't be embarrassed about asking for a second opinion. A lot of women feel they're cheating on their first clinician and they shouldn't. They should ask for a second opinion if they've got any concerns at all. There's also advice for family and friends. For the 30 women a day that are being diagnosed, there may be 10, there may be 20, there may be 30 more people directly affected. Apart from close consultation with breast cancer survivors,

this project has collated information on treatments and research, and is endorsed by Australia's College of Surgeons. So women can be assured not only is this information factual and useful to them, it's actually also correct and up to date. Sheryl Taylor, National Nine News. Ken with sport is next, and the Ashes series just keeps getting better. Australia force a nerve-wracking draw. Thanks in large part to a fight century from Ricky Ponting. And a Sonny Bill Williams update that won't please Bulldog fans. QUIRKY MUSIC VOICEOVER: Introducing the new Astra Coupe. With four airbags and ABS standard, the Astra Coupe provides you with incredible confidence. But in the end, the real confidence comes from having a great body.

It's a confidence thing.

Rarely in cricket has a draw been so important as it was early today, when Brett Lee and Glenn McGrath hung on to salvage the Ashes series at Old Trafford. A sell-out crowd inside and more than 10,000 turned away could never have imagined the day that lay ahead - for that matter, nor could the players. the Test ma ch COMMENTATOR: Australia have drawn the Test match. Somehow Brett Lee and Glenn McGrath survived four overs to salvage a draw and then had the cheek to say this. It's j st a shame It's just a shame there wasn't another 10 overs, I reckon we could have knocked the runs off. Ricky Ponting, like everyone, knew the real truth. We have been outplayed, we have to be realistic about it, we've gotta have a look at what we've done over the last five days. An out of sorts Hayden didn't get past 36. Martyn was desperately unlucky to be given out LBW, when replays clearly showed the ball had struck the bat first. COMMENTATOR: Sick inside edge. Ponting gave umpire Bucknor a prod and then settled into a superb captain's knock - everything was on the line, including his body. With five wickets down, Ponting brought up his century. A fantastic knock, just when his team needs it. Clarke misjudged badly. Warne was a rock again, before he became the eighth wicket

to fall in extraordinary circumstances. He's caught it on the rebound! After passing 150, Ponting fell. The game's over, we've lost. Not quite, enter McGrath - 24 balls were left to be bowled, it was excruciating for all. Finally, just one ball remained. COMMENTATOR: Australia have drawn the Test match. England had been defied and once again, Brett Lee remained undefeated. Very tough 15-20 minutes out there, but heaps of fun as well. The fun side escaped most of us, but it was a great escape. Ken Sutcliffe, National Nine News. The Bulldogs season just goes from bad to worse Sonn Bill illiams with news tonight that star forward Sonny Bill Williams is unlikely to play again this year because of a knee injury that's also expected to rule him out of New Zealand's ri-Nations of New Zealand's Tri-Nations campaign. Parramatta also has problems, with strike centre Timana Tahu expected to be sidelined for up to four weeks with a broken hand, but Manly is confident a calf injury won't keep Ben Kennedy out of Sunday's showdown with the Sharks. He can hardly walk, let alone run - and as one of the game's toughest players, it must be bad when Ben Kennedy says the injury is almost unbearable. I've had a lot of corks in my life, but this is certainly the best one I've had. But after limping to a loss against his old club Newcastle, Kennedy is keen to get back on the field. It's a big game for us, so if I'm 50% and I can run, I'll certainly play. And with Brent Kite already sidelined, coach Des Hasler refuses to rule Kennedy out - Manly needing a win to secure a top eight spot. We're still six days out from the match, I'm confident he'll play. And he's also confident his team can break a 19-year hoodoo - their last win at Shark Park, way back in 1986, when Hasler was still playing halfback. We'll make the semis, but at the same time,

you don't want to be limping into the semis, you want to be playing good football. Which is what the Tigers are doing - after seven straight wins they take on reigning premiers on Friday night, confident they can not only beat the Bulldogs, but go all the way. I do know there is a lot of faces in our team that will be household names within a few years to come, that's for sure.

People talk about the future of the Tigers, they talk about within the next sort of five years. the Tigers can be a force in the league. And I look at it now and why can't it be this year? Paul Crawley, National Nine News. Phil Mickelson has won the PGA championship by one shot, ahead of Australia's Steve Elkington and Thomas Bjorn. Elkington had a birdie chance on the final hole to go 4 under. When 3 under, Mickelson birdied the 18th to set up his second golf major victory. Elkington and Bjorn watched Mickelson sink an easy putt and after that it became a Mickelson family affair.

Good fellow and good to see him win

his second mainlyor and Chris

Latham is the latest Wallaby to be

injured. You'll get a run soon. I will and I'm available too. After the break -

finance and Jaynie with all the weather details.

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In business news, Coles Myer says it's considering the future of its department stores. The company's annual sales rose 13%, mainly from food, liquor and petrol. On the market:

Boral disappointed investors, closing down 24 cents, but OneSteel claimed a record result for the year. Thanks Mark and good evening, everyone. Sundown across the city with the temperature on 15. It was cooler than yesterday from the front that moved through 19 in Sydney

which is smack bang on average. Winds throughout the day have been fairly light, which made for a stunning winters day, But sadly, not a single drop of the wet stuff. But sadly, not a s gle drop after a cool start. Sunshine all round pretty Richmond 18 and Katoomba 14. Just a few lingering showers and western Tasmania coast today. for the Queensland The main action is in the west

some good falls, where the front has brought in was reported north of Perth. strong winds, a mini tornado since June. It was Perth's wettest day towards SA Tomorrow the front will travel into northern WA with a rain band extending the souht-west corner of WA. and another front will visit apart from a sprinkle or two Sunny in NSW, along the north coast. The ACT will be dry. with a morning of fog and frost. And that includes Canberra Melbourne, Hobart and Adelaide. Northerly winds freshening for of wild winds and hail. Perth in for another day Darwin and The Alice fine. south-east winds will freshen. Showers for Cairns and Brisbane's again tomorrow, Sydney will be bathed in blue sky as the high edges east. with northerly winds after a frosty start in most suburbs. So a warm one of 21 Up in the mountains, a top of 15. Warm temps coming up - our only rain days of the week. Friday and Saturday could be with under 5mm's expected. Don't get too excited though, Better than nothing, A Current Affair is next. I'm Mark Ferguson, goodnight.