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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. the death penalty for the Bali 9. Prosecutors demand an airliner, killing all on board. The fatal flaw that doomed cutback random breath testing. Police admit they've drastically

Good evening, also tonight, The nation pays tribute the Japanese forces in World War II. to the generation that turned back Confirming their worst fears, the Bali 9 have been told in the next few weeks that they will all stand trial sentenced to death by firing squad. on charges that could see them graphic evidence Police today handed over of their alleged drug smuggling the harshest of penalties. and said they would be demanding against the Bali 9, As police compiled the case been quietly praying some of them must have facing a death penalty charge - they wouldn't end up

that hope was crushed today, their evidence files to prosecutors, when police handed over all nine face multiple charges by firing squad. carrying the death penalty her innocence. Renae Lawrence is still claiming

We didn't know what it was. went out of their way Lawrence and Martin Stephens to dress up for the occasion. Stephens has hired Wirawan Adnan, the smiling bomber Amrozi. the lawyer who represented the death penalty He shouldn't deserve a courier, he's just a mule. because from what I know, he's just everything was on display - As is the custom in Indonesia, the drugs, eight kilos of heroin, of all nine accused smugglers - the packets opened in front Scott Rush staring at the evidence to his death. that could very well send him she had to carry the packets Lawrence says her family would be killed. because she feared

we couldn't go back. Once we got here,

for a series of separate trials, The way is now clear beginning sometime in September. Mark Burrows, National Nine News. loss of pressure is being blamed A sudden and unexplained in Greek history. for the worst air crash A Boeing 737, en route from Cyprus, just north of Athens airport, slammed into a mountain

on board. killing all 121 passengers and crew have been dead or unconscious It's thought they may all for some time before the crash - tried to fly the stricken plane although at least two passengers chilling text message to his family. and another had time to send a On these hills just outside Athens, remained of the Boeing 737. burning wreckage was all that to the scene but found no survivors. Fire and rescue services scrambled the plane, shown here last year, Initially, there was speculation had been hijacked. Now, instead, it's thought of cabin pressure. it suffered a catastrophic loss of oxygen The pilots seem to have been robbed that it was happening to them. without realising to Athens The plane was flying from Cyprus

lost contact. when air traffic control Greek air force jets were scrambled in the cockpit, and reported no sign of the captain apparently unconscious. and the copilot slumped over, from the ceiling. Oxygen masks were hanging

Backing the cabin pressure theory, made contact with a relative, a passenger with a mobile phone

and most passengers were unconscious. reporting one pilot was dead "We're freezing to death." "Farewell, cousin," he said. as the plane hit the mountainside, Then, a bang it should've landed. just minutes before where the plane took off, At the airport fearing the worst. distraught relatives gathered, 48 children on a school trip. Among those reportedly on board, an airconditioning fault repaired There's now speculation the plane had just last month. have been recovered Its black box flight recorders and will now be analysed. James Talia, National Nine News. Australian citizen from Adelaide, And we've just learned that an aged 8 and 6 his wife and two daughters were on board that flight.

a 3-year-old, wasn't on the plane The family's other child,

and is being cared for in Cyprus. A startling admission by police today that they've dramatically scaled back units across the State. the number of random breath test The reason - on the safety of officers. an industrial court ruling The apparent result -

in the number of fatal crashes. a rise made the revelation The police service Commission today - in the Industrial Relations handed down in December last year, It's appealing a $150,000 fine Mark Johnson, was run down after a police sergeant, during a radar operation. by a drunk driver were placed at enormous risk At the time, the IRC found officers during roadside duties. three months following that ruling, Today it was revealed in the RBT checks dropped by 60,000 speed operations. and there were 90,000 fewer the death toll rose by nine, Police say the previous year. compared to the same period Police today argued without stepping onto the road it's impossible to do their job to flag down motorists. the commission threw out the appeal, But after just four hours, it'll publish its reasons later. Part of policing does mean

on the carriageways and roadways, we need to walk and work it's critical to our operations. so the fact is the dismissal, The Police Association welcomed had been negligent. saying the service

to look after us, If they don't do their job we're not able do it for the public. Allison Langdon, National Nine News. Moves are under way tonight kicked out of NSW and returned to WA. to have a notorious paedophile to public anger, The State Government has responded saying his days here are numbered. near Tweed Heads met again today Residents at Banora Point be sent back west. demanding Otto Seamus Darcy-Searle yeah send him home! We don't want him here, not at all, My children don't feel safe already. family in the tight-knit community, On parole and sent to live with his Darcy-Searle served just five years four members of a junior soccer team for more than 100 offences against he'd once coached. if he does it again? What's going to happen to our kids Under pressure, has had a change of heart, the State Government just a day after it claimed there was nothing it could do. He's a West Australian and he should have been paroled there and that's where he'll end up. Right now the Government is running for cover. National Nine News understands West Australian authorities made their first enquiries about relocating Darcy-Searle in late May, a position at odds with Justice Minister Kelly, who maintains no-one here was officially told until just before the 63-year-old arrived. There may have been somebody know a day before he was due to hop off the plane. The State Government maintains it has no written agreement with WA to keep Darcy-searle and has assured concerned residents on the north coast that the convicted paedophiles days in NSW are numbered. There were major traffic problems early this afternoon when a car caught a light inside the Domain tunnel, forcing the closure of all south-bound lanes. The tunnel was closed for just over 30 minutes because of the smoke, forcing a bank up of traffic. The car was eventually towed away and the tunnel re-opened. The soon to be opened Cross City Tunnel could turn out to be a quick trip to an empty wallet. We learned today that casual users, such as tourists, will have to pay more every time they use it, prompting calls for Sydneysiders to boycott the tunnel altogether. Six weeks overdue - and the Cross City Tunnel is now overrun by critics. This Cross City Tunnel from day one, has been a debacle. We are glad to know Ned Kelly is alive and well and working for the Cross City Tunnel. The latest outrage is over the cost for casual users of the tunnel. Drivers applying for a 7-day pass - The NRMA claims visitors will be hardest hit. If you come down here for the school holidays for a couple of weeks, you are going to have register fees twice and the administration fee each time you go across. There is no profit attached to that, we are charging them what it costs. The operators insist the costing arrangement was ratified by the Government, when it signed the contract. The NRMA is now calling on motorists to boycott the tunnel and will soon publish maps showing drivers how to beat the toll.

By this time in a fortnight, the tunnel will be open for business and the operators are confident these recent controversies will be quickly forgotten, as drivers realise a journey which now takes upto half an hour, will be all over in just two minutes. Damian Ryan, National Nine News. Premier Morris Iemma has offered some hope to clubs

Police blame alcohol for ugly scenes after Wests Tigers' rugby league win at Campbelltown Stadium yesterday. Five men were detained for running onto the field, while one, who punched a policewoman, is expected to be charged with assault. Club officials will meet police this week to review guidelines on alcohol sales. An important anniversary in the history of our nation - it's 60 years to the day, since the end of World War II in the Pacific. Imperial Japanese Forces finally surrendered, victory was ours, but at a horrible cost - and today those sacrifices were remembered at a special ceremony in Canberra. Under a high and windswept Canberra sky, a final salute. The Air Force's dramatic star-burst, as thousands gathered at the War Memorial for the last act in three days of commemoration and thanksgiving. BAND PLAYS Almost 40,000 Australians died in World War II

and today's ceremony was heavy with military formality - an honour guard slowly taking its position around the Altar of Remembrance.

Some of the great hymns were sung, a reminder that not all survived to share that overwhelming joy in victory 60 years ago, when Australia exploded with happiness - images such as the dancing man becoming fixed in the national memory. And those wartime allies and many others

were also there today. Everyone was exhilarated. You got kisses from the girls, hugs. Today, the Prime Minister's tribute was unstinting. These sons of Australia kept liberty's flame alight just as surely as Churchill's defiant speeches or America's great arsenal.

And those wartime allies and many others were also there today. Aseries of wreath layings from the nations who suffered under and fought against the Japanese - ending, for the first time,

with Japan's ambassador also laying a wreath, and bowing to the memory of those dead Australians - an act echoed in Tokyo, when both PM Kouizumi and Emperor Akihito used a memorial service to express their apology and regret. The Government and veterans organisations are now determined to ensure that this August 15 isn't the end to the matter -

they want commemoration of Victory in the Pacific to become very much part of Australia's annual calendar. Peter Harvey, National Nine News.

In the news ahead - parents promised more information in school reports and the brave battle of a little girl with severe burns.

E.S.P. and hill-descent control all standard and from under $41,000, the new 190-kilowatt V6 Holden Adventra. It's pure Aussie animal. High interest - 5.5% per annum. (Whistles) Interested? Well, call ME on 13 15 63. Or visit Members Equity Bank - the Super Funds Bank. A man has been arrested at Canley Vale, accused of firing a nail gun at people as they walk past a building site. It's believed he may have taken aim at passing school children, but no-one was injured. Police recovered several guns, other workers at the site and neighbours have also been questioned. In the latest change to education, parents are being promised more information in school reports on exactly where their children stand. It follows complaints that parents weren't being given any indication about how their child compares to others. These children will next year be ranked by performance, new reports telling parents whether they're in the top quarter or the bottom. And for each of their subjects, an achievement ranking, from low to outstanding. These new reports mean parents will get information that they need about how their child is progressing. If there is a problems, it will be very apparent. Parents have complained the current reports are confusing. This addresses some of the questions we had like where is our daughter in maths and English, in relation to the schoolmates in her class. And a national report card on the state of literacy in classrooms is expected to call for a back to the basics approach. The reality is that about 1 in 10 NSW students cannot pass a very basic national Year 3 or 5 reading benchmark.

The review is expected to support a return to phonics - the sounding out of a word, letter by letter, or syllable by syllable, which used to be taught exclusively. Nowadays children in NSW are taught using a mixture of phonics and other methods - the State Government insisting a blend gives the best possible outcome. But they may be forced to back down, the Commonwealth threatening to strip funding from States who don't toe the line.

The only language the Australian States often understand is money and if we have to use it that's the language we'll speak. Kellie Connolly, National Nine News. Israel has begun its controversial pullout from the Gaza Strip. Jewish settlers have been given 48 hours notice to leave. But several thousand have vowed to stay on and fight - some burning their homes in protest. All my family died in the Holocaust and dreamed for this land and now we're giving it away for terrorists, terror won. The volatile situation was inflamed by the militant group Islamic Jihad, which openly celebrated the withdrawal as a Palestinian victory. In Spain, riot police have clashed with Basque rebels An update now on little Mona, a 3-year-old burns patient who came here from Indonesia for treatment. Eight months on, she's undergone a number of successful skin grafts and is now being measured for her new burns suit. Mona suffered terrible burns to most of her body when she fell into a large communal cooking pot in her village. Surgeons at the Children's Hospital at Westmead volunteered their services

after Rotary told them about her plight. Her doctors say seeing her improvement is reward enough. Ken with sport is next, and the Dragons captain says he and his players are going to get a whole lot better. But the Eels say they are ready for them.

Also the Broncos suffer a major setback. And England's men set Australia a record challenge. VOICEOVER: The dual cab Nissan Navara STR Turbo Diesel has a massive 110 kilowatts of power. And right now, for a very limited time, it also comes with a mass of extras. You still get $1,000 worth of free fuel. Plus free rego, free stamp duty, and free third party. WOMAN: You beauty. VOICEOVER: Not with new Frizz Defence from Pantene. J'adore. THUNDERCLAP MAN: Je t'aime. VOICEOVER: With up to three-times better frizz control your best defence is Frizz Defence This Tuesday's Oz Lotto has jackpotted to $2 million. GURGLING So you could win a truckload of cash. SIR ROBERT MENZIES: It is my melancholy duty to inform you that Australia is also at war. 60 years after the end of the war, an insight into the dramatic politics of the era at the very place where it happened.

In rugby league, competition leaders Brisbane suffered a major setback today,

with news that a hamstring injury is likely to sideline Darren Lockyer until the finals. And with the Broncos struggling after back to back defeats, it's thrown the race for the minor premiership wide open. While Karmichael Hunt caught up on all the news, sitting right next to him was the biggest story in rugby league. During yesterday's loss to the Dragons, Lockyer forced off and who knows when he'll be back. It's not something I'm going to rush back with, make sure it's 100% before I come back and play. And the man who played all over Lockyer today sent out a chilling warning. I still think I can play better and hopefully in the next month or two, we'll see that. You can bet he'll be fired up for Sunday's showdown with the Eels, Barrett hasn't spoken to Parramatta's PJ Marsh since their dust up in round 18, but the Dragons skipper won't be seeking a re-match, but Mark Riddell will, when the former Dragon returns to Kogarah

for the first time.

He says he can't wait to catch up with an old team-mate. Timmo, if I can get Timmo, I'll be very happy. I'm sure he'll be pumped up, he loves the crowd and lairing up. He'll be looking forward to getting back there, hopefully we stop him from scoring so he's got nothing to lair up about. And the Sea Eagles have some major concerns

walking the finals tightrope, with Brent Kite ruled out for a fortnight and Ben Kennedy's had an MRI scan on a leg injury. While the wash up from the Wallabies Bledisloe Cup loss is All Black, Jeremy Paul will miss the Springboks Test, Stirling Mortlock's out for a month with a calf injury, flyhalf Matt Giteau in doubt and his back up Lachlan Mackay ruled out because of a knee problem. Paul Crawley, National Nine News. Australia's batsman will need a major form reversal to stop England from winning the third Ashes test on the final day at Manchester tonight. The day began on a sour note, headlines claiming a bust up between Warne and Ponting over tactics. I don't mind hearing criticism, but when it's totally wrong or made up or lies, that is very disappointing. Warne didn't bat like a man with a problem.

He craved a Test century so badly but his flamboyance brought him undone. COMMENTATOR: That could be caught. It is. Gillespie is bearing the full brunt of Australia's poor form, but with a defensive bat and attack, the top order should take note. He made a defiant 26. Once out, it was England's turn. Lee took aim at Strauss. Trying to hook him early is probably not the greatest plan. I've tried it twice and got sconned twice. In the field Warne and Ponting weren't communicating. COMMENTATOR: Well, well, well. It was all the encouragement Strauss needed. While Trescothick coat-tailed the impending century-maker... ..until McGrath had success. But the runs flowed. Twice Bell had a life off Gilchrist's glove. It was costly, while Strauss continued a century of punishment. That's it. McGrath toiled, claiming Strauss and others, but the damage had been done.

I've have had better five-fors. One more swipe and the declaration came. Australia's batsmen now have plenty to prove and a day in which to do it. The finish to the PGA Championship has been delayed because of severe thunderstorms. With three holes to play, Phil Mickelson is -4 under a shot in front of Steve Elkington and Thomas Bjorn, Tiger Woods is in the clubhouse at -2 under. Geoff Ogilivy is next best of the other Australians. In a tight final round, the lead changed several times. At one stage Elkington went to -5 under. Threatening storms then eventuated to stall the drama. Australia's Craig Mottram has put in a big hearted run to win bronze in the 5000m at the World Athletic Championships. Mottram, on the inside lane, looked like he would miss out on a place, but a late surge over the final 50m gave Australia its only medal in what has been a very disappointing meeting.

Let's hope we don't After the break - get a disappointing Jaynie Seal with all the weather details.

score in the cricket tonight. Holden's brought in someone really quick to tell you about the fantastic deal on new Commodores. Skaifey. Right now, Holden are offering $2,000 worth of free fuel with any new V6 Commodore. And a huge $4,000 of free fuel with any of my favourite V8s. Thanks, Skaifey. You are quick. Thanks, mate. That wasn't quick! Free fuel? What was quick about that? I could have done that. Like lightning. Holden means a great deal to Australia.

In business news - Macquarie Bank is considering joining a consortium to make a multi-billion dollar bid

for Britain's 300-year-old London Stock Exchange. Now with the weather, here's Jaynie.

Thanks Mark, and good evening, everyone. Well, its been a windswept Sydney today, with the city temperature now on 20. A rocky ride as we zoom across the city from around lunch time, where there was plenty of high cloud but no rainfall. The warm northerly winds in most areas have been gusting to around 60km/h and will slowly ease overnight. A very balmy 23 today in the city,

which is a whopping 5 degrees over the average. Katoomba made it to 13, where we expect just a few splashes tonight. Cloudy in the south-east of the country from the powerful front, which caused severe winds of over 100km/h to the alps this morning. Light to moderate falls in the south-east and tonight, light rain and isolated showers are set to fall over the far southern inland areas of NSW. Tomorrow the high will move over us helping to clear away the showers. The main action will be in the west,

where the next front will charge through delivering strong winds, showers and possible hail and that front will effect our State towards the end of the week. Canberra, your Tuesday will be sunny after the frost clears.

Easing showers for Melbourne and Hobart,

cloud clearing to sunshine in Adelaide,

wild winds, showers and storms in Perth, warm and dry in Darwin and Brisbane. Blue skies in Sydney with the south-westers easing throughout the afternoon, very rough seas. Tomorrow should be about 4 degrees cooler than today.

Fingers crossed for those showers on Saturday, Mark. And that's National Nine News for this Monday, A Current Affair is next. I'm Mark Ferguson, goodnight.