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(generated from captions) something in their neighbourhood. Something that they want to know more about. Top entries from around Australia will be placed on a special National Museum website. On Sixty Minutes this Sunday evening at 7:30. Peter Overton talks of 'Secret Mens Business' - looking at why, That's WIN News this Friday night, 12 August. The headlines are on our website at I'm Peter Leonard, from all of us at the WIN News team, have a great weekend. Good night This program is captioned live. Could this man be the terrorist with the Aussie accent? The tunnel trap forcing Sydney drivers to pay a toll. A record haul for Warne, but Australia struggles in the Test. Good evening. Also tonight - the start of a weekend of celebrations, marking 60 years since victory in the Pacific. If he's ever caught, the terrorist with the Australian accent should not expect any sympathy from our Government, which says he could end up somewhere like Guantanamo Bay. There's speculation tonight he's a former Australian soldier who served in East Timor. He's the al-Qa'ida militant with a familiar accent. As you bomb us, you will be bombed. Now he could have a name - Mathew Stewart, a former soldier. Police spoke to his mother on the Sunshine Coast this week. She denies the masked man is her son. This was her six years ago, talking proudly of his tour in East Timor. I had a number of people call me and pull me up in the street and say how proud they were that's what has kept me going. Mathew Stewart was traumatised by what he saw in East Timor and was discharged. They did engage in fire on two occasions that we know of. He then vanished after a trip to Afghanistan in 2001. A close friend has claimed the hooded man looks and sounds like Stewart. The Muslim world is not your backyard. The PM has his own theories. The more I listen to it, it does sound more Australian than English. From the Foreign Minister, a warning. Any Australian who joins al-Qa'ida or other related terrorist organisations

is taking up arms against our country and taking up arms against the Australian people. Mr Downer made it clear that if the man was captured by allied forces, he would not be covered by the Geneva Convention and could be detained indefinitely. In other words, he'd be treated just like David Hicks. Mark Burrows, National Nine News. Peter Costello used a book launch today to push his claim to take over as Prime Minister next year. The Treasurer cited the example of Harold Holt to argue that a generational leadership change can allow the Liberal Party to modernise and increase its electoral appeal. Harold Holt was deputy liberal leader for 10 years and treasurer for 8 before Sir Robert Menzies retired and gave him his chance at the prime ministership. Peter Costello has been Deputy for 11 years, Treasurer for 9, and hopes John Howard will hand over the reins next year. Today, launching a biography of the prime minister who drowned near Portsea, in Victoria, in 1967, Mr Costello drew some conclusions he clearly hopes will influence today's Liberal MPs, Mr Howard included. There is no doubt that the passing of the mantle from Menzies to Holt lifted support for the Liberal Party. Mr Costello pointed out that, even though Sir Robert Menzies was Australia's longest-serving prime minister, Harold Holt doubled his majority at an election soon after taking over. Also - When Holt became prime minister, the government had the opportunity to reconsider options that had previously been considered and rejected. The message didn't take much decoding. Mr Costello's colleagues are in no doubt he was using Harold Holt as a proxy to push his own cause. He took the reins of the Liberal Party in a smooth transition. after a long period of leadership He took the opportunity to modernise the party. But Mr Howard's attention was on a more immediate matter - the row over National Party whip Julian McGauran giving the finger to Opposition Senators in the chamber yesterday. His behaviour was wrong, it was unacceptable. He deserves the criticism that has received. The Prime Minister couldn't mortify me any more

than I've mortified myself. I'm very sorry. Laurie Oakes, National Nine News. Sydney's Cross City tunnel is likely to make many drivers very cross indeed. Once it's operating, a current turn off to the Harbour Bridge will be closed, forcing drivers to use the tunnel and pay the toll, or face a much longer trip.

That daily crawl is about to get a whole lot harder, or more expensive. You just know they are going to force you on to the tollways. That's the dilemma more than 25,000 motorists a day will soon face as the new Cross City Tunnel is effectively turned into a funnel. When it opens at the end of the month, drivers will no longer be able to turn right off William Street into Palmer Street,

to gain free access to the bridge and the Harbour Tunnel. Instead, they'll be sent underground on the new road,

paying $1.63 to travel 1km. It comes down to money. It comes back to providing the private sector with the return they require for the massive investment that they're putting there. There are two obvious ways to avoid the Cross City Tunnel and the toll, the first being a detour through the narrow and winding streets of Kings Cross. You'll then make your way down to Woollamooloo Bay and on to the Cahill Expressway. The other option is to drive through the old Kings Cross tunnel, travelling all the way down William Street, right into College Street, then into Macquarie Street. before linking up with the bridge. While it will save money, the detours will add 3km to what is already a slow trip. Kings Cross residents are fuming.

If you start closing the roads you will just get bottlenecks, you get safety issues, it's a recipe for disaster. But no complaints from the tunnel boss. It's about improving the local amenity for residents and I should know - I actually live on Palmer Street. Damian Ryan, National Nine News. The last thing a motorist wants after driving down a tollway, is paying more money to park. But with parking meters popping up everywhere over Sydney, residents of Randwick have taken a stand, forcing the council to abandon plans for them to be placed across several suburbs. Today, protesters marched on the Council Chambers, with tens of thousands of signatures. We do not want meters anywhere, zero tolerance, zero tolerance. Randwick's Mayor has backed down from plans to erect the meters on a large scale,

but does want them to be trialled on Coogee beach, another suggestion residents will strongly object to at a special council meeting on Tuesday. A gang of violent thieves with a taste for very expensive cars uhas struck again in Sydney's East. This time they've made off with a $500,00 V12 Mercedes Benz police believe it will be used to commit more crimes. The $500,000 convertible with a distinctive registration plate was stolen as the owner was about to drive into his apartment's underground carpark. The 49-year-old security company owner, Con Kalls, tried to fight off the carjackers. ried to fight off the carjackers. He was able to pull one of the offenders from the driver's seat and was involved in a fight a short fight with that person. One of the victim's neighbours says she could easily have been targeted. Before this incident happened, I was going to drive to Bondi Junction, but I changed my mind and that actually could be even me. The Mercedes SL65 was last seen heading west along New South Head Road. The carjacking came just two weeks after a $200,000 Mercedes was stolen from Vaucluse and used in a series of robberies before it was dumped and set alight. Police believe the same thieves may have struck again last night. It's more than likely this vehicle has been sourced for similar style offences. As extravagant as it seems, police believe high performance, luxury vehicles have become this gang's ideal choice of getaway cars in the committing of other crimes. Not specifically just Mercedes, but we have lost three of those in just the last three months. Adam Walters, National Nine News. A finance professional from Tamarama has been charged over a disturbing case of animal cruelty, involving rabbits and a guinea pig. Investigating police say

its one of the most horrifying cases they've ever encountered. This is 36-year-old Brendan McMahon in a pet shop, using his credit card to buy rabbits and later, according to police, cruelly assaulting them. Torture, mutilation and bestiality. Seen here on the right, talking to police, McMahon, a director of a Sydney finance company, was arrested overnight after police watched him enter his York Street office with a cardboard box. Inside the building, officers found one dead rabbit, another two had to be put down because of their injuries. There's no rhyme or reason to what we uncovered here, and we were quite distress by it It appears the animals were mutilated prior to death. Police began their investigation after a number of dead animals were found in and around McMahon's office block. Finance records from pet shops across the city allegedly linked McMahon to the crime. Today, he was charged with 17 counts of aggravated animal cruelty. This is where a majority of the animals were found, in York Lane, just metres from where the offender worked, they were hidden in cardboard boxes and rubbish bins. Mcmahon is in custody tonight, he didn't apply for bail. We would hope that the full weight of the law would come down on that person. Allison Langdon, National Nine News. There's some better news to report tonight on the drought, Latest figures show 87% of the State is now drought declared - down another 2%. Good rain about a month ago helped, but sadly there were no follow-up falls, which farmers had been banking on. World War II servicemen and women proudly marched in North Sydney today as part of the lead-up to celebrations marking 60 years since the victory in the Pacific, which ultimately ended the war. A war in which the killing fields were not just the battle fields, but they were the homes, the towns, the villages of human people.

One million Australians served in the Second World War, only a 170,000 of them are still with us. For veterans in Queensland it was all aboard the troop train to Townsville for the 60th anniversary celebrations. The train pulled in this morning - Townsville was crucial in the war, as a major supply and deployment base

for Australian and American troops. I made it and I'm just very proud and happy to be here with the Australians celebrating. The city has named this weekend's celebrations Honouring Living Heroes. In the news ahead - jail for the man who hid his girlfriend in a cupboard and a strike at Heathrow causes chaos for Aussie travellers. The man who hid Queensland teenager Natasha Ryan inside his house

for more than four years

has been sentenced to 12 months jail for perjury. Scott Black lied to police during the search for Ms Ryan,

saying he didn't know where she was. It was thought she'd been murdered her parents even holding a memorial service. I'd like to give him the funeral tape of my daughter, that I had for her and, hopefully, if he's got a video in prison I'd like, while he's there for 12 months, he can watch it every day. The couple are still together and now have a child. Angry investors ripped off by a Sydney property developer today voted to have his companies wound up. Many of them lost their life savings or their homes and there's little hope they'll get their money back. As con artists go,

Kovelan Bangaru is in a class of his own. The property developer promised easy loans and juicy profits from the real estate boom.

Instead, investors were fleeced of more than $20 million.

Bangaru spent the money on lavish penthouses and luxury cars, while his victims lost their homes and life savings. $180,000. $500,000. They were just ordinary mums and dads and they got spruiked in shopping centres. Many were sucked in after endorsements by cricketers, Brett and Shane Lee and Michael Slater - the sporting stars themselves lost $2.5 million, but Bangaru paid the money back under the threat of court action. No such luck for the mums and dads, who today voted to liquidate Bangaru's companies, rejecting an offer from a mystery buyer that would have returned up to 10 cents in the dollar. Come up with a better deal. If you want to say no to $50,000 right now, fine. As for the whereabouts of Kovelan Bangaru - I believe he's fled overseas. Creditors now are demanding prosecution by the corporate watch dog. Creditors say they're not holding their breath. ASIC has investigated Bangaru twice -

last year and back in 2002, but on both occasions it decided not to take any action. I think ASIC would have a great case against this fellow, it's whether he's around to pursue it and prosecute it. Brad Schmitt, National Nine News. A court in Hong Kong has ordered three young Australians to stand trial, charged with smuggling heroin worth $1 million. The trio, all from Sydney, have pleaded not guilty. The youngest, Chris Ha Vo, is just 15-years-old. The man described as Osama Bin Laden's ambassador in Europe has been arrested by British police. Abu Qatada is one of 10 people who'll be deported as part of Tony Blair's promise to get tough on radical Islamic preachers. He'll be sent back to his native Jordan, where he's already facing life imprisonment on terror charges. All 10 have been described as a threat to national security. In Tel Aviv, a mass protest against Israel's pullout from the Gaza Strip. Anticipating trouble, the Army has closed all access to the occupied territory, as settlers pack up their belongings ahead of the evacuation scheduled for next Wednesday. At Heathrow, more than 70,000 passengers have been left stranded because of a strike by British Airways ground staff. We're really tired, fed up. We're travelling with two babies, they're dehydrated, they're hungry. The dispute began when BA's in-flight catering company sacked 800 of its workers. Qantas flights are being cancelled or delayed, affecting nearly 2,000 Australia-bound passengers. Qantas says planes heading to London will be diverted to other airports. After ruling out an interest rate rise earlier this week, Reserve Bank Governor Ian Macfarlane now says there's a chance of an increase, but an equal chance of a cut. On the markets - shares climbed further into record territory, with gains in resources and the banks. But Telstra fell 11 cents after yesterday's profit warning. Today, the Treasurer refused to rule out selling the company, if shares remain under $5. The All Ords up 7 points. Ken with sport is next - and Ken, Shane Warne gets 600 wickets but there's little else to celebrate. Yes it was a bad day in the field for Australia. also can the Eels put away the wounded Bulldogs out here at Parramatta. And what have the Wallabies got to smile about? The All Blacks are next. Oh, you're so busted! Introducing Franklins Price Busters! 500g Maxwell House granulated coffee: Look for th s and other Look for this and other Price Busters! Only at Franklins. Oh, you're so busted! Introducing Franklins Price Busters! 500g Arnott's Family Assorted biscuits: Look for this and other Price Busters! Only at Fra klins. Shane Warne has become the first cricketer to take 600 Test wickets, but England controls the third Ashes Test in Manchester. Sloppy fielding helped the hosts hammer 341, Michael Vaughan surviving several let-offs to hit 166. Brett Lee aside, a bad day for the tourists, but Warne's was the wicket that mattered. Australia's brightest moment, a personal historic milestone. COMMENTATOR: That's a brilliant piece of reaction work from Gilchrist. It's 600 wickets for Shane Warne, what a man. Far from the Gatting ball delivered on this ground twelve years ago, nor the Strauss ball bowled just last week, but Marcus Trescothick will be forever Test wicket 600. COMMENTATOR: He's had his problems, but at the end of the day he's the best there's ever been To get 600 wickets, no-one's ever done that before, so I feel obviously very, very happy with that. A kissed wristband, a gift from daughter Brooke. When Simone and the kids went back to Australia Brooke gave me a wrist band and it says 'strength' on it, you've got to be strong, daddy. Glenn McGrath's comeback allowed the tourists to field their strongest team. Also back from injury, Brett Lee inflicted early damage.

COMMENTATOR: That's it, bowled. But Australia's big weakness was catching - Gloveman Adam Gilchrist, a repeat offender. McGrath, again unlucky. It's a no ball! Making the most of good fortune, Michael Vaughan. 21 fours and a six featuring in the first century of the series, England's captain continued to slip through Australia's fingers, finally falling for 166. At 5/341, day one went to England, despite a Lee-led fightback. Andrew McKinlay, National Nine News. In a move that's sure to create plenty of controversy, the ARL has announced Melbourne will host the third State of Origin match next year. It will be played at the Telstra Dome and is part of a multi-million dollar campaign to promote rugby league in Victoria. The Eels can destroy the Bulldogs' finals hopes tonight here at Parramatta Stadium - with injuries and suspension, just one player, Braith Anasta, survives from last year's premiership-winning backline. Joining me now, Eels coach Brian Smith.

If a team comes here with the right

attitude and they play to their

full potential, they should win

tonight? I hope so. We don't know

what to expect from the Dogs. I

hope you can expect a really strong

performance from Parramatta. Willie

Tonga looks like he's going under

the knife. They've had injuries all

year. You got excited last week

when we saw them overcome the

Warriors. What was that all about?

Was that one of the games that was

on the edge for you? It was. At

this point in time, Luke Burt has

come up with a great run here. The

game had been Mt Balance. To get

away with the game after being down

10-0, we needed a victory very much.

I did get excited. I hope I get

excited again tonight. What's this

team all about? We've got a very

experienced forward pack and we've

got a pretty experienced team right

across the board. We've got a

couple of rookies in tonight, Joel

Ready -- R derbgs dy and the two

Smith boys. Yopbg you'll find one

or two early kicks on. In rugby union, All Blacks captain Tana Umaga has recovered from an ankle injury and will play in tomorrow night's Bledisloe Cup showdown at Telstra Stadium. It's shaping as Australia's most important match of the year following two straight defeats in South Africa. Smiling in the face of adversity, the Bledisloe Cup and Tri Nations trophy on the line and, if you believe their critics, the coach and captain risk losing their jobs if the Wallabies slump to three straight defeats. This team has experienced that. We don't want to experience it again. You never like losing. Especially to their arch-rivals - the All Blacks boosted by the return of Tana Umaga, who declared himself fit today after watching Glenn McGrath's miracle comeback. I did watch that last night and I thought, "If he can do it, I can do it", so he was a bit of an inspiration. The captain also declared rookie fullback Drew Mitchell a target, along with the rest of the Wallabies' new-look backline. The selectors for the Wallabies believe these guys are up to it and now it's our challenge to see if they are. With both teams coming off losses to the Springboks, neither needs more motivation. It's a crucial game in the Tri Nations. You can control your own destiny if you win it. You can't if you lose it. Paul Crawley, National Nine News. After the first round of the US PGA Championship, Australia's Stuart Appleby shares the lead at 3 under,

Tiger Woods finished 5 over. Next best Aussie is Steve Elkington. But this was the shot of the day - Kenny erry s ball hit the stick and rolled down it for an eagle. At the World Athletic Championships, Australia's Patrick Johnson, on the extreme left of screen finished sixth in the final of the 200m, American Justin Gatlin won, completing the sprint double, earlier i the e k. after claiming the 100m earlier in the week.

And, Mark, it is a very brisk night

here out at Parramatta but we

should see a hot game of rugby

league at 8:30. Start of a big sporting weekend. After the break, Jaynie Seal with the all-important weekend weather details.

Hello there, 12 degrees right now after our second coldest morning of the year. Cloud but no rain and we dropped down to 6, which is 3 below the average and climbed up to 16, which is 2 under the average. But if you spent the morning in Liverpool or Parramatta it was, in fact, your coldest start of 2005. A chilly Friday all round - no snow for Katoomba today where you reached an icy 7. Some good falls in Queensland today, for the central and Capricornia regions. Powerful winds and showers in south-west WA from a strong front. Snow contracting to the alps and it has been mostly dry in NSW. Tomorrow, a second front will charge towards WA with more wild weather, this large high will help to clear the rain from Queensland. And for NSW just a splash on the far north coast. An excellent weekend for skiiers with Lots of deep, crisp snow and sunshine.

Canberra will have freezing nights and sunny days this weekend. Melbourne overnight showers clearing tomorrow. Mostly fine in Hobart and Adelaide. A wet and windy one over in Perth, fine for Darwin and Brisbane. Guess what? Sunshine again for us tomorrow with west-wouth-westers, light to moderate. A rising swell for surfers with some decent waves.

Clear skies and sunshine for the City to Surf. The temperature will be about 13 degrees at start time, warming up to maximum of 21. Good luck and have a great weekend everyone. See you Monday, Mark. That's National Nine News for this Friday - hope you have a great weekend. I'm Mark Ferguson - Goodnight. This program is captioned live.

Hello again.

Welcome to A Current Affair on this Friday night. Tonight, a shop owner facing ruin after 23 break-ins over two years, and video evidence shows it's the same young thieves every time. Also to ight - think you self thin. thin yourse f thin, Instead of dieting, this weight-loss program retrains your mind. Plus, beating the odds -