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(generated from captions) And you can join in the fun. # Make you my lady # # ..make you my lady # worst songs of all time. vote on Australia's And our music legends of quads on the way. because she's got another set How will she cope - for the first birthday of her quads. the mum getting ready Also, a world first - people will cheat. large amounts of money involved, When you've got ripping off seller after seller. to family and friends, at rock-bottom prices agents who sell clients' homes

to his wife through a private company if an agent sells a property It's also hard to spot a dodgy deal, And that is hard to prove. You just don't. of the agent? is not a very good mate that's actually buying that the person How does someone know by the agent. all thanks to double dealing while the seller gets fleeced, gets the bargain of the century, the buyer and more often than not, it happens all the time David Morrell explains, But as buyers' advocate and lodging it with the authorities. a Section 55 form filling out what's called without declaring it to the seller, or a business associate a family member, a friend, a property to his or her partner, It's illegal for an agent to sell Just wait a minute. is probably illegal. Okay. You're aware what you're doing I'll get him, alright? Yeah, just one sec, You know that, don't you? these properties well under value. Sue, you and John bought husband real estate agent John Talia. The source of Sue's knowledge is her and knowledge is king. is based on knowledge Clearly, insider trading of the world to shame. would put the Steve Vizards at rigging the game and Sue's success real-estate style It's insider trading but it's not legal. Sue's system might be profitable, of dollars. it could be hundreds of thousands Or at the upper end, is a lot of money. at the lower end of the market Tens of thousand of dollars even in a falling market. to make huge profits, She's got a foolproof system Sue Talia has the Midas touch. When it comes to real estate, about the properties that you bought. We want to talk to you money involved, people will cheat. When you've got large amounts of could help us find him? I was wondering if you We're looking for John. I'm from Today Tonight. REPORTER: Sue, as Rohan Wenn reports. has no idea they're being duped, All along the way, the poor seller for up to twice the price. so they can resell the property low prices to family and friends of selling homes at unbelievably in the despicable act some agents engage As you'll see, But that is not always the case. are supposed to represent the seller. But first - real estate agents official list of all-time shockers. and see if they make the Jot down a few titles

for every agent that gets caught, But David Morrell says by the Victoria Police fraud squad. the subject of an investigation because they're currently Perhaps they're both jittery to come out of his luxury property. while husband John refused she ran, her ludicrously profitable portfolio, When we confronted Sue about were undervalued, didn't you, Sue? You know those properties sold the property for $500,000. who just 10 months later John Talia's own wife Sue, that the buyer was What he didn't tell the family was the good news was, he had a buyer. But Talia told the family, was only worth $325,000. to be on the block behind me, that her house, which used who was suffering from dementia the family of a woman John Talia managed to convince Four years ago, to rip off innocent elderly people. have used insider knowledge Sue and John Talia And it's not the first time just could not continue. and our relationship in any way shape or form it's just not acceptable to us call it what you like, Call it insider trading, at Doncaster in Melbourne's east. is called Bonds Real Estate in his daughter's name, His agency, which is registered came to light. when his dishonest double dealing but was kicked out of the company used to be a Ray White agent, John Talia of Ray White Australia John Shore is the director from somebody's misfortune. to be making a profit for any agent to act like that, it's not acceptable From any agent's point of view it's just not acceptable. From our point of view, to the tune of $150,000. have ripped off an innocent old man meaning the Talias the house is actually worth $300,000, two independent valuations have shown But since then, John's wife Sue bought the property. the house was only worth $150,000 that falsely claimed that Armed with a letter John Talia saw his chance. to move into a nursing home, and was forced to care for himself But when Antonio got too old called Antonio Carbone. to an elderly gentleman This house used to belong Can you hang on? aren't you? You are the director of the company, They are in your name. like John Talia did.

to sell this property directly to him without putting it on the market. And Jack kept the deal secret by not filing a Section 55 form with the authorities. Can we talk to you about the house you sold to Katherine Reeves? Who? Katherine Reeves. I don't know who Katherine Reeves is. That's a fairly incredible claim, landed Jack Brukarz given that the deal landed Jack Brukarz in front of the Victorian Civil and Administrative Appeals Tribunal, where he was found to have breached the regulations and was fined $5,000 and given a formal warning. Do you think your behaviour was ethical? Was my behaviour ethical? Yes, absolutely. Selling a house to yourself? No, I didn't sell a house to myself and I think you're putting words into my mouth. Well, you tell me what did you do? Who ended up owning the house, Jack? It was all dealt with. You didn't feel like you were He convinced Katherine Reeves of agent Jack Brukarz. And then there's the case and he puts the other person in. missed out on the commission if the agent gets angry that he's it tends to happen - That's the only way was dobbed in by another agent. because Simon Lukauskis only came to light And the dodgy dealing and sold the place for $205,000. Richard then turned around for $160,000. Richard Hampton, to his current live-in lover, Simon eventually sold the property just $150,000. that her property was worth of a 91-year-old lady when he convinced the family That's what Simon Lukauskis did to his boyfriend. when an agent sells a property It's also hard to detect is actually there. to understand how that relationship a forensic detective you've almost got to be that is a second-removed cousin If you're going to sell something who never get nicked. involved in insider trading there are dozens of others taking advantage of this woman? No, definitely not. Well, she felt like she was taken advantage of. Well, she can feel as she feels. In the end, buyers advocate David Morrell says the only way to protect yourself from agents who are insider trading is to get your property independently valued. That means you don't use a valuer that your agent recommends and whatever you do, don't just take an agent's word for it, unless you're willing to do your dough. An agent can convince someone that a place is worth a lot less than it actually is. Rohan Wenn reporting there. If you believe the union movement, millions of Australian workers are about to have their lifestyles severely changed, with no holiday pay, no sick leave, no penalties and no overtime. The workers you're about to meet have certainly found that the new laws have changed their working lives. They've been sacked and exploited by bosses who believe employees simply have no rights. So what are yours? Here's Adene Cassidy. I had no option, I had to sign. I didn't want to lose my job. They was taking money out of our pockets and we didn't even know about it. what he was doing He thought he could do what he was doing and get away with it, basically. Three Australian workers, three blatant cases of exploitation. And if you believe the union, three classic examples of what's to come for Australian workers. I was sacked because I joined the union. For single mum Carmen Walacz Velesca her job as a mushroom picker was her lifeline. So when her boss pressured her So when her boss pressured her to sign an individual contract she agreed, fearing she'd be sacked if she didn't. I wasn't happy about it, I needed time to think about the agreement and they didn't give me the option. They needed to know straight away, yes or no. Three weeks later, Carmen was fired. She claims it was because she questioned her rate of pay after realising she was earning less under the agreement and that she had lost her penalty rates. It's very upsetting. I don't want people to think I don't want people to think I'm lying or anything like that. I don't want to lie. I'm not a troublemaker. I'm just standing up for my rights and for everybody else's rights. You want to encourage the younger generation to get into the workforce but this is just intimidating them. Sev Oxca and Corina Powell worked together at their local IGA for two years - diligent teenagers who loved their jobs and trusted their boss, a boss who ripped them off more than $35,000, a boss who sacked the girls when they took him on. I was angry, upset, I felt used. When Sev discovered she was owed more than $14,000, she went to her boss, hoping it was just an innocent mistake. But the previous owner of this IGA store didn't want to know about it. It was just over $14,000 with interest and superannuation that he didn't pay. $14,000 that he'd underpaid you? That was over a two-year period. So did you feel really angry when you heard that? I mean that's a lot of money. I was because I got unfairly dismissed as well. Because I went to the union, he fired me. I was getting maybe just over $7 an hour when I should have been getting about $17 an hour for supervisor. So they were ripping you off $10 an hour? Yeah. The problem is many of us are confused from the moment we enter the work force. In a recent survey of young people, one in four didn't know if they were casual or ongoing employees. More than half didn't know what award or agreement they were working under. Statistics the union believe will get worse under the new reforms. The reality is my staff are my business. So you don't think you will ever be tempted to introduce these reforms? Never, I'd rather go broke. While small-business owner Geoff While small-business owner Geoff Warleigh denies he's a rebel boss, he is steadfastly refusing to introduce any reforms, adamant the only agreement his employees will be signing will reassure them their penalty rates, lunch breaks and holiday pay are safe. As an Aussie, I don't want that to happen in Australia. I mean if America or if the rest of the world wants to be like that, good luck to them, whatever. But Geoff may well be only one of a handful of rebel bosses. It's estimated 665,000 companies across Australia will be in a position to enforce the changes straight away. I will win this, I know I will, I know I will. I've got to show people that you can't just be walked all over, it's not right. It would appear there's not a medical tribunal in the nation that hasn't come under criticism of late, whether it be for alleged cover-ups, inaction or decisions out of step with community thinking. Only last night we exposed a psychiatrist with an appalling track record, including giving electric shock treatment to boys as punishment. The authorities have known about him for years but sat on their hands. We've decided to give you, our viewers the opportunity to make up your own minds about medical tribunal cases. Here's Rodney Lohse. The case you're about to hear concerns a doctor charged with unprofessional conduct. You, the home viewers, and our jury of six men and women will have to decide on Dr A's punishment. He doesn't deny the facts. Here is the relevant evidence given to the Medical Practitioner's Board last year. On 23 July 2003 two men, who we will call patient X and patient Y, arrive at a Melbourne medical clinic. Take a seat guys. They meet with Dr A who sees the two patients at the same time. He has seen them before and is aware they're both HIV positive. The reason for the visit is they're both seeking employment in the sex industry as sex workers and need a medical certificate to say they've been screened for sexually transmitted diseases and are currently free of any such infections. Yeah, I can give you that. That's not a problem. With the full knowledge that both patient X and Y are infected with HIV, Dr A proceeds to provide them with a medical certificate. On the certificates Dr A wrongly claims both patients have been screened for and are free of sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV, and are fit for work. Dr A signs and dates both certificates. The HIV-infected patients, on or about the same day, present those certificates to the licensee of a brothel where they begin employment as prostitution service providers. They worked as prostitutes for 12 days before they were asked to leave when it became known they were HIV positive. It's unknown whether they passed the virus on to any of their clients. In Dr A's defence, his lawyer presented evidence he was already being treated for depression at the time of the incident and had been suffering relationship problems at home. Due to this stress and depression, Dr A had already had restrictions placed on his medical registration. His legal team also argued he had mistakenly filled the medical forms out and it was unintentional. Now a word to our jury - none of the facts are in dispute. It is your role to decide a suitable punishment. You may start your deliberations. So there you have it, the case has been presented. We'll have the verdict after the break. Also coming up - music legends vote on the worst Australian songs of all time. Find out if you agree. After the break, the Aussie world-beater - the mum who has already had one set of quads gets ready to deliver another set of quads. How will she cope? We know what to, sort of, expect this time, but a bit more harder, a little bit more harder. Not much, I don't think. 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We, they jury, have decided that the doctor concerned should be struck off the register for life. I can now tell you the doctor had his registration as a medical professional cancelled and was disqualified from reapplying to practise medicine for 12 months. It was recommended he seek counselling and help with dealing with difficult doctor-patient relationships. It's quite remarkable, the difference between the relatively soft sentence of the medical board and our jury's ban for life. It certainly looks like the medical board has favoured one of its own with that verdict. Rodney Lohse with that report. Now to Australia's miracle mum who's preparing to give birth to quads the second time around. Dale Chalk's first awesome foursome are celebrating their first birthday and she's just been told the fate of her second set. You have to ask - just how is she going to cope? Here's Karryn Cooper. (All) # Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you # # Happy birthday, dear Ellie, Emma, Samuel and Joseph # What a difference a year makes. When the quads were born 13 weeks premature, Ellie had a hole in her heart, Joseph needed emergency surgery for a perforated bowel and the other two, Emma and Samuel, required intensive care. But, baby, look at them now. # Happy birthday, happy birthday # I still remember when I had them, they were still in hospital. They came home. And it's like, now they're one. It's just gone. I don't know where it's gone. Who would have thought, you know... they've grown so big, it's great. It's certainly been a big year for the Chalk family. Not only were Dale and Darren coping with newborn quads, but the news they were expecting a second set of quads was hailed as a world-first. It shocked everyone and stirred controversy. What happened just happened. It was a freak thing that happened. A lot of people just don't seem to understand - it just happened. You go to have one child, one child. A lot of people see me in the street and say to me, "How many times did you try to get have four again?" You don't go out to have multiples. You go to have one child. And if you're blessed with one child, that's fantastic. A lot of times you don't even get any children. And that's even more poignant for Darren, who suffers from a rare genetic condition called Klinefelter's syndrome. He cannot produce live sperm and was told he'd never be a father. Already he's got five kids. Two-year-old Shelby was conceived from the same sperm donor as the first set of quads and now the second. There's No.1 with the little heart beating away just in there. Today the couple will find out the sex of their unborn babies. Quad four has been unwell. It has a severe heart condition where the left side of the heart isn't forming. And the Chalks have been hoping against all advice that it'll survive. Sadly, it doesn't. It's in God's hands. Dale is now just over the half-way mark of her pregnancy. And despite her heartbreak, is staying strong. It's always amazing every time you see them. Yeah, indescribable. It's life inside you. Little willy. It's a boy. One boy. This one down here, It's a little girl. Girl. Oh, girl. One girl, one boy so far. The next little baby is also a girl. It is still amazing, and it stuns me, the detail you can see. Despite, says Kim, conducting hundreds of these scans at the Lifespan Centre. Each of them weighs about 250g, 300g, and you can see heart valves, vessels coming in and out of the heart, you can see spine, you can see parts of the brain, face, fingers, toes, all of that. The three remaining babies are thriving. While the loss of one is devastating, Dale and Darren are determined to stay positive. What are you doing, Ellie? The Chalks live with Dale's parents, Sue and Phil. A small holiday at Couran Cove Resort on South Stradbroke Island for the whole family is the first getaway they've had together and the last chance to relax before even more babies arrive. When they do, there will be eight children under 2.5 to cope with. More relaxed this time, we know exactly what to do. Very excited still, though, extremely excited, cannot wait. Yeah, but we do know what to expect this time. Bit more harder, little bit more harder. Not much, I don't think. (laughs) Touch wood. Are you kidding? It's going to be really hard, isn't it? No, it'll be good. Routine straightaway, then they'll be fine. We wish the ever-growing Chalk family all the very best. Coming up - music legends vote on the worst Australian songs of all time. So what do you think will make the list? # I love to have a beer with Duncan # # 'Cause Duncan's me mate # # Oh, tell me your flaws # # Do your chores # # Dear old Sadie # That's 2-for-1 towel packs. For stacks more deals, get into Kmart.

Now it's time to rank the worst Australian songs of all time. Let me tell you, there are some real shockers. Rohan Wenn joins some of our greatest music legends to sift through the music archives and they've unearthed the worst of the worst. # I love to have a beer...# # Sadie... # # I caught you out # # Ah, shuddup your face # They are the worst of the worst. The Aussie songs we once loved, but now don't know why. # Baby # Recently a number of Aussie music heavyweights were polled to find out their top 10 worst songs ever recorded in this country. And according to music guru Molly Meldrum, the hard part was choosing just 10. A lot of these songs that I saw on the list have come through the Countdown days which is a bit of a worry. # I'm an individual, you can't fool me... # Mark "Jacko" Jackson might be an individual. He was even an okay footy player. But make no mistake - he was no singer. # I only take what's mine... # And the awfulness of fellow footballer Warwick Capper's song I Only Take What's Mine is only surpassed by the awfulness of the film clip. SLAPPING NOISE I know it's easy to be smug in hindsight, but surely even in the '80s this would have seemed ridiculously bad. It was a classic example with Mark and Warwick a footballer should stick to their game and never attempt to sing. And speaking of the '80s and badness, who can forgot Angry Anderson's song Suddenly, which shot to the top of the charts after being used in the Neighbours episode, where Scott and Charlene where Scott and Charlene finally tied the knot. # Suddenly you're seeing me just the way I am # If I were to get married, that is the song that I would like played at my wedding. The experts also argued that even great singers can release crap songs. # Oh, tell me your flaws # # Do your chores # # Dear old Sadie # Whenever I get nervous or whatever, I loved vacuuming and cleaning the house, you know. And that's the song that inspired me, possibly, to keep my house so tidy, The official list also included this track - a bizarre blend of love song and cricket analogy. # Howzat? # # You messed about, I caught you out # # Howzat? # And the experts also didn't remember fondly Slim Dusty's hit Duncan. Listening to it these days is enough to make you long for a quiet drink. # I love to have a beer with Duncan # # 'Cause Duncan's me mate... # I think that the only time that Slim got a bit wayward on that song was when he did Countdown and he changed the words to "I want to have a beer with Molly" and everyone knows I don't drink so I didn't quite know what he was getting at. Here's one for those with a good memory, Marshall's Portable Music Machine by Robin Jolley. # Oh, Marshall's portable music machine # # Let me tell you it'll be the best you've ever seen # Don't worry, I couldn't remember it either. The Ted Mulry Gang also got a look-in with their very dodgy pick-up song, and even more dodgier film clip, Jump in My Car. # Jump in my car # # I wanna take you home # And the critics couldn't help but pan this early offering from current Australian Idol judge Mark Holden. # I want you to be my lady # # Make you my lady # # Love is so hard to find, girl # That is possibly one of the worst songs that you would hear in your life, you know. And I'm not sure what's happened to Mark Holden since then. I guess he just disappeared into obscurity. Interestingly, this clip may actually contain one of the first examples of stage diving. Then again, it might not. We had a lot of smoke back then and those coloured lights, and I think he just tripped. Here I was thinking he was ahead of his time. No, he was never ahead of his time. Finally, when it came to the very, very worst, the critics were unanimous - Shaddap You Face by Joe Dolce. # What's-a matter you? # It's one that you'd expect to be on the top 10 list here in Australia, yet it was a song that caught the imagination of this entire population back then, basically. Although we should remember that Shaddap You Face was a No.1 hit in 22 countries and sold four million copies, perhaps proving it's a fine line between fame and shame. # Ah, shuddup your face... # Yes, it was a shocker. Now to next week when we take you inside the lives of young Australian Muslims. We've been following them for a week and documenting their lifestyle and they tell us, while they want to live here, they reject the Australian way of life. Every Muslim in the world, practising Muslim, is to Islam first. The brother in Islam is closer than the brother in blood. At the end of the day, okay, we will never integrate. That's among the stories I'll have for you next week. So until then, I hope you have a great weekend. Please take care, and goodnight. Captioned by Seven Network Email -