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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Tonight - cruelty charges - of shocking acts with animals. the Sydney businessman accused

Cross City Tunnel fury - of motorists to pay the tunnel toll. the road closure forcing thousands after another violent carjacking. And residents in fear and Jessica Rowe. Ten News with Ron Wilson Also tonight - unmasked. Good evening. for the Aussie al-Qa'ida. The main suspect in the hunt And 600 reasons to smile - a new Test record. Shane Warne celebrates But first this evening -

Sydney's toughest police. a crime so sickening it has appalled A 36-year-old Tamarama man and bestiality, has been charged with animal cruelty a 3-week torture spree. allegedly going on

boardroom for this Sydney man. It's a far cry from an office arrested at 1:00 this morning Brendan Francis McMahon his York Street office as police raided two rabbits and one guinea pig. finding dead, raiding his Tamarama home Officers simultaneously finding another mutilated rabbit. rumoured to be a company director The 37-year-old professional, since July 20. has been under police surveillance of 17 rabbits and one guinea pig During that time, the bodies

mutilated and killed. have been found tortured,

mutilation and bestiality. The evidence suggests torture, with 18 counts McMahon has been charged from a city pet store, Seen here burying a rabbit it was ultimately this shop worker to the suspect. who helped lead police Ingrid Clancy alerted the RSPCA Pets on Broadway store manager after refusing to serve him last Thursday evening. after he tried to buy three rabbits to be rabbit scratches on his face I noticed he had what appeared some alarm bells. and hands and that sounded will reappear in court next Friday. McMahon did not apply for bail and with 18 counts McMahon has been charged and one act of bestiality. of aggravated cruelty upon an animal penalty of 14 years in prison. A crime which carries a maximum as one of the worst on record. The RSPCA describing the crimes with one of the more serious ones. This would be up there dumped in this lane. Police found many of the animals after being tortured and mutilated. It's alleged they were dumped here will reappear in court next Friday. McMahon did not apply for bail and Kathryn Robinson, Ten News. The State Government has denied alternative routes for motorists it's unfairly removing on the Cross City Tunnel. who don't want to pay tolls will be closed to through traffic, It's been revealed Palmer Street forcing drivers to use the tunnel the Harbour Bridge. if they want to reach openers, along with the Government The Cross City Tunnel's private the benefits for motorists, the benefits for motorists - are keen to promote saving time dodging scores of traffic lights,

off Sydney's congested streets. and taking vehicles about another slug of motorists, But they've kept quiet from the eastern suburbs will pay a $1.66 toll drivers coming to get to the Harbour Bridge. drivers can turn off William Street At present,

without paying a toll. and head for the bridge will be blocked But this approach from Palmer Street

later this month. when the Cross City Tunnel opens currently using this route The 25,000 vehicles a day and made to pay the new toll. will be forced into the tunnel Motorists have a choice. No, you're not forcing anything. to use alternative roads They have a choice

on most of Sydney's roadways. as they have It's not gonna work for me.

it's gonna be real expensive. I come across here too often, I think. We're paying enough already, have no real choice The NRMA is concerned motorists but to take the tunnel. too long and likely to be congested. Most alternatives are that any of the routes, We're concerned to become rat-runs car parks. and we don't want them to become it's a dud deal for motorists. But no doubt they say, to rake in $15 million a year The tunnel's operator stands forcing motorists into the tunnel. from closing Palmer Street and the new Roads Minister Joe Trapodi, No problem with that, says he's fixed the speed camera fiasco more interested in assuring motorists

that's caused by a software problem. hundreds of motorists are lining up Meanwhile, security system in court. to challenge the camera John Hill, Ten News. have struck for a third time, Sydney's Mercedes-Benz carjackers convertible. stealing a half-million-dollar worried they'll be next. Other luxury car owners The stunned carjacking victim how he was ambushed explains to neighbours of his luxury Rose Bay home. driving into the garage to put out his garbage bins He'd stopped into his $455,000 Mercedes SL65, when two masked men leapt one of just 30 in Australia he would have gone through hell. Yeah, he's all right, but of course because I'm driving a similar car. It's quite scary though wasn't prepared to lose the vehicle The car owner though without a struggle. offenders from the driver's seat He was able to pull one of the a short fight with that person. and was involved in a fight,

and he backed away The thieves threatened him with his beloved convertible. as they made off the world's most powerful roadster. The SL65 AMG is known as and hits 100km/h in just 4.2 seconds. A V12, it generates 612 horsepower carjacking in Sydney's east It's the third such Mercedes in just over a month. was found torched On Monday, a stolen $220,000 coupe from the scene of an ATM ram-raid. after outrunning police Police suspected

the stolen car's number plates, the gang's already changed for another armed robbery. possibly in preparation why would they steal cars But the question remains,

of their hold-ups? worth more than the proceeds being burnt out at Canterbury, By virtually the last one being used as a means of transport. it would appear they're strictly including a Ferrari. contained a treasure trove of cars The latest victim's garage including a Ferrari. I'm driving a similar car, an SL55, I'm afraid it's going to happen to me, any time, anywhere. Police have warned luxury car owners to remain vigilant. Shaun Fewings, Ten News. Bernie Whelan sought the help of a Sydney underworld figure to find his missing wife. Mr Whelan revealing the desperate measure as he testified at the trial into her kidnap and murder.

Not long after Bernie Whelan's wife went missing, he had a chance meeting. Over dinner organised by a friend, he spoke with Karl Bonnette, a man once referred to in Parliament as a leading member of Sydney's underworld. He offered to help Mr Whelan find his wife. At the heart of the $1.25 million ransom demand Mr Whelan received was the claim that an international group was behind the kidnapping. Bonnette apparently checked with criminal contacts and found: The man described in court as a colourful Kings Cross identity

also thought the kidnap was the work of just one man. Bruce Burrell has pleaded not guilty to the kidnap and murder charges.

Bernie Whelan also revealed he and Kerry were planning a joint 100th birthday party. She was go to turn 39 and he 61. Another reason why she would never have left on her own was the fact daughter Sarah was about to go into hospital. This is the last known sighting of Kerry Whelan as she parked the car at a hotel car park. She disappeared minutes later in May 1997. Her husband wanted her to park there because of assaults, including a murder at nearby public parking station. His cross-examination continues on Monday. Kevin Wilde, Ten News. A former soldier from the Sunshine Coast has emerged as the chief suspect in the hunt for Australia's hooded militant on the latest Al-Qaeda video. It's believed he vanished in Afghanistan four years ago. As you kill us, you will be killed... Aggressive and threatening, but all we can see are his eyes. Are they the eyes of Mathew Stewart, the former private from Delta Company 2RAR based at Townsville's Lavarack Barracks, who served in East Timor? In 2002 he went off the rails, allegedly travelling to Iran and then on to Afghanistan where, it is claimed, he trained with al-Qa'ida and fought for the Taliban. A family friend affirming his unstable state when he left the army. Seriously ill psychologically

and, in fact, the army was giving him some counselling. Mathew Stewart's family believes he died overseas and has already held a funeral service for him. Federal police are believed to have contacted his mother at her home on Queensland's Sunshine Coast. There are competent agencies. They are dealing with the issues. We treat this very seriously. We want to see it resolved. Former colleagues at the Townsville Barracks described Stewart as a loner with anti-American views.

People of the West, don't be fooled by the lies of Blair and Bush. It is chilling stuff and of course it would always be in the interest of al-Qa'ida to use somebody who was unconditionally a Westerner. The Federal Government was today targeting terrorism closer to home, hosting a meeting of business leaders to discuss ways to improve cooperation on security. Greg Turnbull, Ten News. Tim Webster with a look ahead to sport, and Shane Warne creates even more cricket history? Yes, he's the first bowler to take 600 Test wickets. Marcus Trescothick was Warne's only wicket of the day, but what a memorable one.

A little later - the significance of Warnie's wristband kiss. And the dropped catches that let England off the hook. And as Tiger Woods struggles, Aussie Stuart Appleby has a share of the lead in golf's final major of the year, the US PGA. And Phil Mickelson's amazing shot over trees. And we'll go live to what will be a packed Parramatta Stadium for the crunch game between the Eels and the Dogs. See you in half an hour. Still to come - support for the single mother sacked for questioning a workplace agreement. Also tonight - the botox bandit - she ripped off beauty clinics to stay looking young. And people power - the residents who rolled back a council's parking meter plan. We'll have that story later this newshour.

This program is captioned live. A win tonight for people power. The Randwick Mayor has buckled to resident demands to abandon plans for more parking meters. All he has to do now is convince his councillors to do the same. It's the fury that forced a mayor to back down. (All chant) No parking meters! No parking meters! Today is the last chance for Randwick residents to oppose the planned introduction of 7,700 parking meters, 40,000 locals objecting to the idea. An overwhelming response that's forced a change of heart. You've done a backflip? I wouldn't call it a backflip, but then I'm a politician. I think we need to establish the grounds where there is a need for parking meters. He's now talking about a much smaller trial of 100 parking meters around Coogee, but residents won't have a bar of it. Let's root the parking meters right out of Randwick.

We do not want to pay to visit at

my grandma's because that will cost

us a lot, a lot of money. Today's protest capping off the weekend demonstration, hundreds spelling out their feelings on Coogee Beach. The fight's not over yet. Other councillors may still vote in favour of meters. Buoyed on by this small victory in this campaign, residents are vowing to take their fight to have these parking meters removed right across Sydney. They say they're already building a support network of frustrated residents in Balmain, Leichhardt and Rozelle.

We need to start getting together as communities and say, "We don't want this anti-social predatory form of tax collection." Evan Batten, Ten News. A rally of support for a single mother who claims she's been sacked for questioning a workplace agreement. Mushroom-picker Carmen Valeska says she was forced by her boss to sign the pay-stripping contract just when she was nearing the end of her 3-month probation. He said to me "Because if you don't sign "you're basically not coming in on your next day on, "you'll be waiting for a phone call." Two weeks after voicing her concerns, Carmen was sacked. Unions are highlighting her case to protest against the Howard Government's industrial relations reforms. A Brisbane woman whose vanity led her to crime has been lucky to escape a lengthy stint behind bars. The 38-year-old had a series of botox treatments and fled without paying. Like a lot of women, Julie Villiers wanted to look younger, so she embarked on her own extreme makeover. The 38-year-old treated herself to Botox injections at the Central Brunswick Medical Centre in December 2003. But after the pricey procedure, Miss Villiers said she needed to use an ATM and never returned to pay the bill. She prefers not to make any comment, thank you. But it wasn't a one-off botox blunder. The beauty hit two more Brisbane city salons before being busted. Today the botox bandit pleaded guilty to three counts of fraud, her defence council telling the court Miss Villiers, a former Brisbane Girls' Grammar student, was a well-educated private school woman whose crimes could not be categorised as serious. After reading through details of the offences, Judge Ian Dearden expressed shock at just how expensive botox injections are, saying the price of beauty was a little higher than he had expected.

The Crown asked that Miss Villiers be jailed for 12 months. Despite a lengthy criminal history for stealing offences, dating back 10 years, the judge imposed a 12-month intensive correction order instead. So the woman, who once worked for the Queensland Director of Public Prosecutions, will now report to police twice a week for a year and undergo counselling. She repaid more than $2,000 of her debt this afternoon. Chloe Baker, Ten News. Our farmers are still struggling, despite recent rain. 87% of the State is officially in drought. That's a 2% improvement on last month, but dams in key agricultural areas remain critically low. Farmers over the last three or four weeks have taken a great risk in planting around 90% of normal cropping levels. Farmers are relying on spring rains to make sure their wheat and canola crops survive.

Time for a check of the weather.

I'm afraid the rain is the last

thing on Tim Bailey's mind tonight.

How about the bone chilling

temperature at the top of

Australia? As I do it from Eagle's

nest, if I can't get a report right

from the top of Australia, I'll

never get it right. I can see the

weekend from here and it is looking

fine and sunny and around about 19

in Sydney. The temperature here at

the moment, minus 22 wind chill

factor. It didn't rise above minus

8 at Thredbo today. It seems I'm

not the only one with the shivers.

If you live in Liverpool, this is

Bailey's official electric blanket

alert. You are dipping down to

around about minus 3 tonight,

potentially your coldest night in

around about three years so you're

going to feel it. So if you have

someone you can cuddle or go a bit

further, I'll be doing it this

evening. Currently in Sydney,

around about 13 degrees. Let's look

at sky watch for you. That was the

day in replay. And aren't Fridays

so much better than Mondays. Here

from the top of Australia,

privileged territory and we'll see

you again in around about ten. Next in the 5:00 news - grounded. Why thousands of Aussie air passengers have been left stranded in London. And it's only rock and roll, but the new Stones song is upsetting the White House. The album's cool, it's good by itself.

I don't want it to be sidetracked by some little political storm in a teacup.

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This program is captioned live.

You're watching the 5:00 news. Time

to check on the traffic with Vic

Lorusso in the Mix 106 Traffic

Helicopter. We've just seen from

Tim how good the conditions are in

Thredbo and obviously you're getting

the brunt of it up here. We sure

are, everyone trying to head south

out of Sydney and

out of Sydney and what a weekend it

will be in the ski fields. But

let's try to get you there on time.

This is the traffic at the moment

currently exiting out of Ingleburn,

this is the M5 that leads towards

the Southern Highlands. These

delays head back towards Bankstown

so the trip of 7km is bumper to

bumper. And pitwater in Manly is

closed due to a gas lake. This program is captioned live. To the body-in-the-boot case, and Joe Korp was today banned from going to his wife Maria's funeral. He spent the morning alone at the couple's home, lighting candles and playing his wife's favourite song. Maria Korp died last week, six months after she was found strangled in a car boot. Hundreds today paid tribute to the mother of two. Her children marking the moment by releasing doves into the sky. Joe Korp has been charged with his wife's attempted murder but that could be upgraded within days.

His former mistress has been jailed for 12 years. Up to 2,000 Australia-bound passengers are stranded in London tonight

because of industrial action at Heathrow Airport. Up to 70,000 people have been stopped from travelling after a walk-out by catering staff. Two Qantas flights - QF2 and QF10 - which were due out this morning have been grounded until tomorrow. British Airways has cancelled more than 120 flights, two of them bound for Sydney and another bound for Melbourne. The three Bali bombers could be executed within weeks. The so-called smiling assassin, Amrozi, his older brother Mukhlas and the bombing mastermind Imam Samudra were all sentenced to death two years ago. Lawyers for the men say there's speculation the executions could be carried out later this month, or in early September. 202 people, including 88 Australians, were killed in the nightclub bombings. The Rolling Stones are rocking America, but not in their usual way. The group's latest song causing outrage in the US, where they think it's a blistering attack on the President. (Sings) # It's only rock and roll but I like it. # Unlike so many of their contemporaries,

the Rolling Stones have traditionally steered clear of politics, until now. # Start me up. # The ageing rockers are starting up trouble with a song from their new album. Titled 'Sweet Neo-Con' it sounds like an attack on US President George W. Bush, with the words: It's not an attack on President Bush. It wouldn't be called 'Sweet Neo-Con' if it was about President Bush. While it may not take specific aim at the President, Jagger admits the song does attack the Bush Administration. It certainly criticises policies he espouses, I'm sure. Keith Richards wanted 'Sweet Neo-Con' removed from the album. I said to Mick, "Hey, you know, that's pointy, pointy." Richards doesn't want the Stones to suffer the backlash the Dixie Chicks did when they criticised the President's stance on Iraq two years ago.

The album's cool, it's good by itself. I don't want it to be sidetracked by some little political storm in a teacup. But the backlash has already begun.

A poll on conservative Fox News Channel found a majority of viewers want Mick Jagger dropped from his promotional contract for the National Football League. Few believe any backlash could affect the Rolling Stones now. Sir Mick Jagger doesn't need his NFL contract and the band's about to launch a sold-out 18-month world tour. In the US, Rahni Sadler, Ten News. Also tonight - the new labelling laws that will let you know exactly where your food's from. And 60 years after the war ended in the Pacific, Aussie veterans re-live that day. I was on Singapore island as a prisoner of war and the Japanese solldiers said to me, "We're going to execute you."

This program is captioned live.

Tim Bailey, I know you are

freezing where you are, but it is

definitely worth it for the stunning

view you are bringing us tonight.

It is privileged territory really.

The chair lifts have stopped and I'm

the only person on the mountain at

the moment apart from the crew.

1,937 above sea level. Excuse my

back for a minute, I need to take

in the view. You can see across

lake Jindabyne and Victoria is only

a matter of 14km away. I hope

that's right, it probably isn't.

But I'll get back to you at 5:55

with the right distance. Minus 22

at the top of Thredbo going down to

minus 3 in Liverpool. Tomorrow in

Sydney town, a sparkling blue town.

It will be around about 21 on

Sunday so some nice weather coming

after some bitter air across south

eastern Australia. Let's look at

the map of NSW for fabulous temperatures.

How cold is it folks!

Hello to everyone in Lord Howe

Island, that's the first time I've

mentioned them in about ten years.

Minus 22 wind chill in Thredbo and

Bailey's mouth is still working,

yes I can talk under water with a

mouthful of cement. I'll see you again at 5:55. The top stories we're following this newshour - luxury car owners are living in fear tonight

after another violent carjacking in Sydney's east. Thieves have stolen a rare $500,000 Mercedes convertible, the third such robbery in a month. The State Government has denied it's unfairly removing alternative routes for drivers who don't want to use the Cross City Tunnel. It's been revealed Palmer St will be closed to through traffic, forcing drivers to pay the toll if they want to reach the Harbour Bridge. A Sydney businessman has been charged with animal cruelty and bestiality. The 36-year-old from Tamarama is accused of going on a 3-week torture spree. Police allegedly finding dead and injured rabbits and guinea pigs in his office and home. New rules tonight to take the confusion out of buying Australian. Our fruit, vegetables and seafood will soon need labels showing clearly where they're from. But farmers say that doesn't go far enough. Just where does our fresh produce come from? Under pressure from consumers, the Food Standards Authority has released draft new guidelines so we'll know more than ever before. Australians feel very passionate about country of origin labelling. We hope we've got a system where they'll be able to use it actively

in the supermarket each weekend. Farmers have also campaigned for truth in labelling - taking their protest to Canberra this week. The guidelines mean all fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts and seafood

will have to be labelled as either Australian

or their country of origin. Previous guidelines allowed signs just to say 'imported'. Retailers say the changes make sense, but will be harder for small businesses with handwritten signs. It'll be a nuisance value for us but we can understand the public wanting to know place of origin.

As well, there'll be changes for packaged foods. Saying they're imported will no longer be good enough - they'll need the country as well.

Farmers are delighted, but say the changes didn't go far enough. They wanted percentages included on food made from local and imported ingredients, which the authority says is too hard and would lead to higher food prices. The big grocery chains, the big end of town, which the authority says is too hard and would lead to higher food prices. The big grocery chains, the big end of town, doesn't want to have these things provided so they can keep consumers in the dark. The changes put Australia at the forefront of food labelling laws and they've come about simply because of consumer demand. It seems Australians want to know more than most about exactly where their food comes from. The regulations are open for comment and are expected to become law this year. Retailers and manufacturers will have six months to make the changes. Laurel Irving, Ten News. To finance, and once again, the Australian share market has ended the week strongly.

Jacqui Maddock is at Commonwealth Securities.

I guess where most of us see the

effect of the record oil prices is

really at the petrol pumps. But

there are some not so obvious

effects? Yes, it seems we're being

hit on every front with the oil

prices. For example, it is more

expensive for us to travel. Have a

look at the petrol levies on

airline tickets. And it means that

companies are finding it more

expensive to produce consumer

goods like plastics and event yully

the cost increases get brought down

to us. Last year we were spending

around $120 a month on average on

petrol, this year it is more like

$160 a month and rising.

Around the country, commemorations have begun for the 60th anniversary of VP Day marking the end of World War II. Veterans of the bloody battles in the Pacific among those honoured today in Sydney.

These are just some of the men and

women who fought for us in the

Pacific during WWII And today our

younger generations couldn't wait

to thank them. Veterans of the

battles of the Coral Sea, Midway,

Milne Bay and Guadalcanal and

Kokoda. Facing the 60th an verse

ary with mixed feelings Almost

10,000 Australians lost their lives

in battle and another 8,000

perished in POW camps. 60 years ago,

we could hardly believe it was over

but so pleased it was. We were

issued with two bottles of 26

ounces of beer and I drank them

both and I don't remember much more

about it One man who remembers the

time all too well is Sir John

Carrick, a Changi POW. I was on

Singapore Island as a prisoner of

war and the Japanese said to me and

my colleagues, we're going to

execute you But while Sir John was

freed, many more were not. Their

captors refusing to admit defeat,

still killing prisoners after the

surrender. Today's event is just

one of a host of events, all of

them comemtkpooflgtzing the 60th

anniversary of victoryy in the

Pacific and remembering all who

fought there. The major parade will

go through the city tomorrow

morning. With the going down of the

sun and in the morning, we will remember them. Sport with Tim Webster, and Aussie cricketers dropped plenty of catches? And didn't it cost them? Ahead - those expensive misses. Also - the special words from Shane Warne's daughter that inspired this moment. And Stuart Appleby stakes an early claim for the US PGA title.

This program is captioned live. Australia faces a major battle tonight when the third Ashes Test resumes. England already 5/341 after a series of dropped catches. But Shane Warne could at least celebrate being the first player to take 600 Test wickets. McGrath may have shrugged off his ankle injury, but Australia couldn't catch a cold. COMMENTATOR: There you are.

Lee taking matters into his own hands. Brilliant! Brilliant from Brett Lee. But another mistake would haunt them when Vaughan was dropped on 41. Next ball, he knew it was going to be his day. Out! Ohhh, no-ball. Bad luck. Couldn't happen to a nicer people. Vaughan cashed in and set England up. But Shane Warne is rarely upstaged and stepped in for another piece of history. The first to 600. 20 years ago, the world record was half that. When Simone and the kids went back to Australia, Brooke gave me a wristband that says "Strength" on it - "You've got to be strong, Daddy." I spoke to her and the kids this morning. She said "How's your wristband going?" and asked me about it. I said I'd kiss it if I got 600 wickets today. Vaughan went on to score the first century of the Ashes series. He's got it away. That's well played. The Aussies continued to drop the ball, while Vaughan treated Gillespie with contempt. Michael Vaughan is at his best. The Aussie pacemen ineffectual as he reached 150. It took the day's worst ball to end his knock on 166. I always think that a run of low scores

is going to end somewhere. Forunately it ended here today. I thought I played pretty well. Two late wickets with the new ball edged Australia back in the game. The Aussies shrugging off late concerns about McGrath's ankle. I think he just twinged something up in his right leg. England well placed at 5/341 and Flintoff to come. Oh, he's bowled him! Rob Waters, Ten News. Bulldogs five-eighth Braith Anasta concedes a win against Parramatta tonight is a must if the defending champs are to have any chance of back-to-back premierships. Rob Canning joins us from what will be a packed Parramatta Stadium and Rob, Anasta's got a massive load on his shoulders tonight.

He does indeed. In fact, Anasta is

the only Bulldogs backline player

to have played in last year's grand

final winning side. It leaves Bill

Moran saying that he wants to go out a

winner. He's been known as Ldog

Braith for divfrpbs25 tars, he will

be Bondi Braith. It is emotional,

I've been here for six years. As a

19-year-old, Anasta made his name

with the Bulldogs and over the next month,

he'll be playing against

Parramatta tonight. It's even

harder now we're lose agriculture

we might not make the semis. I want

to go out on a high and win every

game I can for the rest of the way.

The Eels say they would like

nothing more than to put an end to

their hopes. There is motivation

there, it would be nice to see them

miss the eight especially when they

get their players back. Fourth

place is a bid when they meet the

fifth placed Cowboys on Sunday.

I'm not too sure, only time will

tell. We're poking along steadily

at the moment And Suncorp stadium

is one of four venues sold out when

the Dragons meet the Broncos. We'll

probably have to play the best

we've played to beat them. Matt

Peterson has signed on with the cold coast. Besieged Wallabies coach Eddie Jones and skipper George Gregan have found an ally in former great Glen Ella. He says they're the right men for the job and the Australians get the chance to silence the critics tomorrow night against New Zealand.

Coach Eddie Jones and captain George Gregan are under immense pressure. Their critics want them axed should the Wallabies fail again tomorrow. But not everyone agrees. I think Eddie Jones is the best coach in Australia at the moment. George has the experience there, is no better captain in the land. Despite the detractors, Gregan remains diplomatic and isn't worried about silencing his own critics, as long as his team silences theirs.

Everyone can pass a comment, that's

fine. We haven't been distracted by

that. There's always talk, there's

always discussion leading into the

matches and the important thing is

as a group, you focus on what you

need to do to perform well on the

field and that's what we've done. I don't think it's panic stations yet. The press want Eddie and Georges' heads. But it's a long process, young team, all is not lost if we do lose it, but I don't think that's going to happen. All Blacks captain Tana Umaga has done a Glenn McGrath, cleared to play after an ankle injury. But the Wallabies are on the front foot.

Well it's great. You know when we

beat these guys, we want the best

team we can get get. It's crowded at the top after the first round of the PGA championship in the United States. Australian Stuart Appleby is one player in a 6-way tie for the lead. Phil Mickelson is the biggest name in the log jam at 3 under par.

Tiger Woods made a horrible start after firing a 5-over 75. If Tiger Woods wanted a battle for another title this year, he's got one after his worst-ever start to a major. It was bogey after bogey - and throw in a double bogey for the 2-time PGA winner. After waiting till his 17th hole to finally find a birdie, Woods celebrated before reality hit - out of a field of 156, Tiger sits equal 113th. Australia's Stuart Appleby with a share of the lead after finding some long-lost touch with the putter. APPLAUSE COMMENTATOR: And that's the way to get it done. A bunker and two bogeys on his back nine cost Appleby the outright lead after a flawless start to his round. While the locals didn't have much to cheer about with Tiger, they turned their attention to another favourite. Even on the wrong fairway, there's no stopping Phil Mickelson. That's his third at the par four. My goodness. Mickelson finding some spin and storming into contention. While he handed out high fives, there were different celebrations for others further back in the field. Carlos Franco sinking one of the putts of the day. He does it again. Players loving the year's final major. Kenny Perry just as happy with his third shot on the par-5 17th. Well, that ended up in the flag area and drops for the eagle! Tania Armstrong, Ten News. Sydney's Oran Park Raceway hosts Round 8 of the V8 Supercar Championship Series this weekend. And after his miraculous escape at Queensland Raceway,

Kiwi driver Jason Richards is simply pleased to be there.

You would never know that this

fresh looking Dodo racing

Commodore was the same car three

weeks ago. Inside was Jason

Richards. The New Zealander is

still nursing a brokenry rib, but

he'll take care of that this

weekend in Oran Park with this

special body brace. It has plastic

re-enforcements and it has foam and

takes the load away from parts of

your body and compresses the body

to make sure you don't find the

sore spot. Richard's impact, not

the only thing bruteal. Garth is

one of eight different race winners

and the lanky west Australian says

the competitiveness is the way the

series should be. There's nothing

worse than a predictable

championship and the series is

getting closer. It proves how

close it is if you can have eight

different people winning and each

week, there are ten guys capable of

winning. The future of Sydney's Oran

Park raceway has been in doubt. But

after recent changes in State

Government, the owner says the

future may be looking brighter Don't forget you can catch all the V8 action from Oran Park here on Ten from 2:30 on Sunday afternoon.

Also on Ten on Sunday morning from 9:00 - the annual City to Surf which this year could attract over 60,000 runners. A fun run for most, but out in front Tanzania's Patrick Nyangelo and Dixon Marwa are again expected to battle it out. Nyangelo is chasing a third straight victory. Veteran Steve Moneghetti, who pushed the pair last year, is back again but playing down his chances. Kerryn McCann is the clear favourite for the women's crown. To the tips and Michael Sullivan's selections for Rosehill tomorrow.

Later in Sports Tonight with Bill Woods, well almost too much to get it all in. League, AFL, The Ashes Test

and don't forget the City to Surf on Ten Sunday morning, Jess. Tim Bailey joins us from Thredbo with the weekend weather next. The ver last of the Friday sunlight. Tim Bailey is at Eagles Nest at Thredbo. It's ver cold and windy.

The wind has just come up. We've

had a fantastic 48 hours across

Thredbo. The temperature hasn't

gone further north than minus 8. At

this moment, we think it is around

about minus 10 with a wind chill of

minus 22. The snow can I tell you

ladies and gentlemen is so light

and dry, it squeaks underneath your

feet and skis. I'm paying the price

of the best day yet. 9,337 metres

above sea level. You can see over

there is Lake Jindabyne, it is a

fantastic and privileged spot to

be. Almost on the roof of Australia.

It is really good. If I can't get

your weekend weather right from

here, I'm not trying. I can see

your back yard and it looks a treat.

Tomorrow in Sydney town, around

about 19 degrees with gorgeous blue

skies. That will colour in on

Sunday as well which is good news

for the sun Her ard to City Surf.

Some 50,000 of you going for a trot

in that. One word for you, that's

silly on a Sunday. Our weather

photos, the digital delight. Let's

give it Friday's number. And up we

go. That is from Janine from NSW.

That's fogy and misty and a little

bit special, thank you very much

for that. All right, into your back

yard. My tongue is just like an icy poll.

Let's go to the satellite, we have

cloud over eastern Queensland in an

upper trough is generating steady

rain. Cloud over the south-east is

due to a cold front. Tomorrow's

weather map, they're handy in this

business. A high will generate

widespread frost and a mostly sunny

day across the south-east and clear

rain from Queensland. The trough

will produce rain over inland WA

and a second cold front will

maintain strong winds and showers

across the south-west. The business

of the brolly, predicted

precipitation, showers on the far

north coast of NSW and Queensland

tomorrow. And Sunday, a strong

front will slide across the southern coastline spreading

showers from SA and some late light

patchy rain may persist over a jet

stream. But your weekend across NSW,

just looks like being clear and

blue. 19 in Sydney tomorrow, 21 on

Sunday. This is just glorious.

1,937 metres above sea level. But

at the tip of CossyOsco is just up

there and there's not a soul there.

The snow is so good, I tell you

what, if can you get down in

September, do because this will go

through to December, it's that good.

Interstate, let's have a look at it.

And tomorrow, Brisbane mostly

cloudy and 20 degrees. Canberra, a

frost and sunny and 13. The frost

is spreading across Bailey now.

Windy with showers in Perth and

sunny in the Alice.

Sydney's forecast, it's fine and

sunny and 19 degrees. This there

are the sun rise and sunset times,

the outlook for the next seven days,

not too much to worry about. Sorry

about the spit and the dribble and

the fact that some of the words

didn't come out. It's minus 22

degrees, thanks to the crew behind

the scenes. Have a great weekend,

I'm headed that way down the hill.

It's going to be a great game at

the weekend I'm Ron Wilson, and I'm Jessica Rowe,