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(generated from captions) the maintenance at the hospital. I mean, I think they should fix and a roof had collapsed. problem with the water because they've had some sort of Can't have the CT scan and it snowballed from there. Operations were suspended were moved. and nine seriously ill patients was shut down High-tech scanning equipment A pipe had burst. because the ICU is flooded. have had to be evacuated Patients in intensive care unit in the worst possible place. at Westmead Today, there was plenty of water No hot water two days ago. has ordered an urgent inquiry. The Health Minister forcing surgery to be suspended. the intensive care unit A burst main flooded this week. during its second water crisis at Westmead Hospital evacuated from their ward Seriously ill patients have been Good evening. This is Seven News with Ian Ross. This program is LIVE captioned. turns the Blue Mountains white. And a blast of icy weather Cross City Tunnel. A first look inside the $680 million at Westmead Hospital. as a water main bursts Patients moved from intensive care Tonight -

the commission's independence. John Brogden questions And it's still happening. There is injustice, big injustice. of the people of New South Wales. It's an insult to the intelligence This is a joke. But today it found no corruption. as a favour to rivals Westfield. closed Orange Grove Planning Minister Di Beamer The commission investigated claims that's all I wanted. go back to business, to go back to work, I'm hoping for them to tell us as a year ago. It's the same confusion decision to close the centre. has effectively approved last year's and now the ICAC Their staff can't find jobs have lost $1 million each. The Orange Grove shop owners The Orange Grove shop owners are angry. Michael Hayes and Sam Sibai on government deals with lobbyists. but it has recommended tougher rules to close the centre with Westfield bosses It found no dodgy deals were done over the Orange Grove affair. of any wrongdoing and his ministers has cleared Bob Carr The State's anti-corruption watchdog this is a total disgrace. it's not just embarrassing, It's not embarrassing - on today's disaster. They blew the whistle frustrated Westmead doctors. Equally damaging leaks came from I am staggered have become lap-dogs. The watchdogs of New South Wales was coming out of the taps. because brown water 16 operating theatres were closed 15 of the hospital's it wasn't all that busy. From what we understand, We were told it was just too busy. were not allowed inside. but our cameras looked like this morning, of what the intensive care unit We'd love to show you pictures an independent engineering report. to immediately commission the Director-General of Health I have asked apologised. But the new Health Minister I am actually exceptionally proud. "Are you embarrassed?" The question was, You're not answering my question. Can I please answer the question? in the first place? Are you embarrassed by the situation to this urgent situation. the team has responded I am exceptionally proud of the ways so soon after a couple of days ago? Are you embarrassed by this, that happens once every 26 years. a water shortage as a freak event hospital bosses described On Tuesday,

Federal Police officers when the trial continues. cross-examine Mr Whelan tomorrow Mr Dalton is expected to on which this is based. dearly they treasureed the system Schapelle Corby's case showed how public's reaxe * action to the Dalt tonne said the Australian Mr Whelan to deliberately disappear. He also said it might be for Mr beyond reasonable doubt. had to be proved the case against Burrell He told the jury to remember that the jurors shouldn't accept that. His lawyer David Dalton said of Kerry Whelan. in exchange for the safe return demanding US$1 million Burrell wrote this ransom note Prosecutors say Bruce Burrell. he used to call employee and friend, in the murder trial of the man Mr Whelan is giving evidence looking for her. and start from there where the car is, I guess, Well, probably here the police, sir? Where would you prefer to meet shook with emotion. the millionaire businessman his wife was really missing, he told authorities But as he relived the moment when he arrived at court. Bernie Whelan was calm as he listened to his Triple-0 call. choking back tears in the case today, Mrs Whelan's husband gave evidence her own disappearance. could have staged have claimed the Sydney mother kidnapping and murdering Kerry Whelan Lawyers for the man accused of in that. that there has not been difficulties I think it would be untrue to say who was recently demoted. former Planing Minister Di Beamer, But that's little comfort for has stuck. by Orange Grove's Nabil Gazal None of the mud thrown at politicians all relevant information. making promises before considering by ministers include - He says inappropriate responses for dealing with lobbyists. does recommend tougher rules Ian Harrison But Assistant Commissioner in attacking the corruption watchdog could be so rash and intemperate as the alternative Premier that someone who presents himself

on the streets of Nairobi Roland and Susan Gianstefani are members of a Sydney-based cult, the Jesus Christians. But to Kenya, they are sinners. Not because of their radical views, but for something very un-Christian - kidnapping. If we are convicted it holds a seven-year jail sentence so that's quite serious in a Kenyan jail. Police claim the couple is holding this mother and seven-year-old son against their will, except the mum says it's simply not true. The claims made against the Jesus Christians are mere slander. Now in hiding, Betty Njoroge released a video denying she'd been kidnapped or brainwashed as her family has claimed. We've never forcibly detained or secretly held her against her will or forced her to do anything against her will. Betty is frightened to come forward since she, too, has been threatened with arrest. Mr Gianstefani spent 25 days in custody Spreading the Christian word and face up to seven years in jail. have been charged with kidnapping The husband and wife missionaries has abandoned them. claim the Australian government A Sydney couple being held in Kenya four years ago. since he went to Afghanistan His family hasn't heard from him after leaving the Army. and converted to Islam Stewart served in East Timor As you bomb us, you will be bombed. As you kill us, you will be killed. in the video is not her son. Vicki Stewart insists the man and interviewed his mother. home of Matthew Stewart overnight Officers visited this Sunshine Coast in al-Qaeda's latest video. may be the masked extremist whether an Australian soldier are investigating before he and his wife were eventually charged. The Australian High Commission says it's assisting where possible, but can't interfere in another country's judicial process. The cult's Sydney representative says the Gianstefanis are barred from leaving Kenya and face court action again early next month. The greatest fear is that the judge can be bought. If that's the case, it doesn't really matter what the evidence is. It is not the first time the Gianstefanis have faced kidnapping charges. Five years ago in London they were accused of kidnapping and brainwashing a 16-year-old boy. The charges were dropped but it's not helping their present case. They claim they're simply misunderstood. How are we dangerous? What is it we're doing that's dangerous? Women may soon be serving in front-line Army units under a plan being considered by Federal Cabinet. Infantry, artillery and combat engineering are just some of the units that would be open to women if the plan is approved. But it is poor recruiting figures, not equal opportunity concerns, driving the change. There are a lot of women who want that opportunity and they want that opportunity to serve. But women will still be banned from combat roles and joining the SAS. Sydney has had its first glimpse inside the completed Cross City Tunnel. Among the final touches is the electronic tolling system which operators say can't be fooled by drivers hoping for a free ride. Welcome to the Sydney motorway soon to be taking 90,000 drivers a day underground. After a few false starts the $680 million Cross City Tunnel is about to open for business. This is where you join into the mainline tunnel. This is eastbound, 40m beneath Hyde Park. 17 days to go as of now and you can see it's in pretty good shape for an opening. It's here drivers will be automatically tolled. There are four tag sensors for each lane, four times as many as the Harbour Tunnel. For drivers without tags infrared cameras will record numberplates front and back. We will find you and we will read your numberplates. Even if you numberplate is smeared with mud the infrared camera will pick that up. And straight onto computer, owners with accounts are billed. Those without get a "Please pay up" letter. When the tunnel finally opens later this month a journey each way will cost $3.53, rising at least 3c every quarter and its operators guarantee no driver will escape paying, not like the free ride on the M2. Its new owners say cameras supposed to catch toll evaders don't work and no-one has ever been fined. We will be introducing a new system. If you fail to pay the toll, you will be fined. Sydney has shivered through one of the coldest days we have had this year. It struggled just 14 degrees in town but was much colder in the mountains making things uncomfortable for all the locals. Australians aren't really made for the snow. But some of us look good in it anyway. # Boom, boom, boom # # Six white boomers, snow-white boomers # Imagine bounding out to this. 10cm in places around the Blue Mountains and beyond. Cold, too - minus 5 at Oberon. Black ice on the roads. The Great Western Highway was closed between Katoomba and Mount Victoria last night. The black ice situation is like an ice-skating rink for vehicles. We've had to close the highway merely for the fact you have no traction whatsoever. It was still slow going on the highway this morning. Must have been a nice train ride, though. All this icy weather came from somewhere around Tasmania. Today was as cold as it has been all winter. It felt worse if you were in the wind. The weather bureau says it should start to warm up by the weekend but the nights will be chilly. The bureau says it's a bit early yet to say this was the last blast of winter but if it was, it was as pretty as this picture. # Boom, boom, boom # # Six white boomers, snow-white boomers # Still ahead - Charges against a Seven journalist thrown out by a Sydney magistrate. Also, cyclist Katie Brown back home after the German road crash tragedy. And white becomes the new black for summer in Sydney. A Sydney magistrate has thrown out charges against a Seven News journalist over an exclusive report exposing poor security at regional airports. Anna Szymanski was accused of breaching aviation law over a story about how easily terrorist weapons could be taken onto passenger planes. The magistrate said prosecutors failed to establish any case. Seven's Director of News and Public Affairs says the prosecution was vindictive. I'm proud of the story. I believe security at regional airports has been tightened partially as a result of the story. The story was done in the public interest. We've now been exonerated, end of section. Prosecutors were ordered to pay Ms Szymanski's court costs. Telstra has announced an annual profit of nearly $4.5 billion. But new chief Sol Trujillo is crying poor asking for $5 billion from taxpayers, to improve services in the bush. New Telstra boss Solomon Trujillo doesn't seem short of cash. Fresh from announcing the record profit, he ignored the cheap commercial flights, slugging shareholders for a corporate jet from Melbourne to Canberra where he's asking ministers for $5 billion of taxpayers' money in the bush. to improve his company's services in the bush. Are you looking forward to this meeting? Absolutely. The government was giving no commitment before his arrival. Well, I want to at least listen to Mr Trujillo. But $5 billion is the magic figure sought by Nationals' Senator Barnaby Joyce to pass the Telstra sale. When people start offering services, you never knock that back. Labor says Mr Trujillo should be knocked back. One year's profit could put all this cutting-edge technology all over Australia and that is the solution - not to come to Canberra and ask for government handouts. And a government member And a government member sticking his hand out, or at least his finger, caused uproar in the Senate today. Julian McGauran's pointed celebration of a government victory on a vote - initially a laughing matter, then a gross affront. Particularly as there were children in the gallery, it's quite inappropriate behaviour for Senator McGauran and he should apologise to not just the chamber but to the Australian public. And he did. I would like to say to the Senate, I regret my actions. A chilly time inside and out of parliament. Sydney cyclist Katie Brown has returned from Germany determined to reclaim the road after the accident that killed her team-mate, Amy Gillett. She still faces six months rehabilitation but hasn't lost her fighting spirit. Katie Brown is back home to heal a shattered body. My left leg, I ruptured the patella tendon. All but two bones broken in my hand. Two broken ribs on the left, and I had a collapsed lung. Scars of the crash which killed team-mate Amy Gillett. Katie remembers everything. I remember hearing the car, I remember seeing the car crash into us, I remember laying into a ditch. She's not ready to forgive the driver. She said she was sorry, but, you know, it takes a little bit of time to accept it, I guess. But the former young BMX bandit can't wait to get back on the bike and back to her life. I was quite determined before the accident and now it's just made me a little bit more determined because it's just a setback. Dad's ready for the day they're training again. We have this arrangement We have this arrangement where I yell at her to go faster and she yells at me for yelling at her. (laughs) Katie's doctors say she now has six months of rehabilitation ahead before she can make her cycling comeback. That rules out next year's Commonwealth Games so now her sights are set on the 2008 Olympics. Six months - a long time to be stuck inside. Well, it's been four weeks and I'm sort of going a little bonkers. Whatever it takes to be back with her team. and we'll be winning some races. Now it will be pretty much full on and we'll be winning some races. HORN BEEPS Despite the chill Sydney's fashion pack could almost feel the summer breeze, David Jones' season launch. at last night's David Jones' season launch. Megan Gale set the scene in a flowing halter-neck dress set to be a must-have item. Dresses in brilliant blues and dazzling reds sent the temperature soaring. And bikini babes and bronzed boys revealed what will be hot on the beach this summer. Cooling things down a bit Megan reappeared in crisp white to bring the show to a close. Time for sport with Matthew White. And a warning for Parramatta. Some mind games going on. One of their own stars says at the moment, they can't win the title. More shortly. Also tonight - The last minute bid for Glenn McGrath to play in the third Test. And, why they're buttering up Tiger before the PGA. Yet there could be a lifetime of difference Industry Super Funds are run only to profit members. There's an Industry Super Fund Australia has given Glenn McGrath until the last minute to join Brett Lee in the side for the third Ashes Test at Old Trafford. In pictures just in from Manchester, McGrath has boarded the team bus full of confidence after passing a fitness test on his ankle. Lee will definitely start after recovering from a knee infection. Yeah, very happy. It's been quite a weird couple of days spending two nights in hospital. I was on a drip for most of that time. The return of both bowlers would be a big boost for the Aussies who are all square with England in the series. McGrath and Lee is a big boost for the Aussies We're looking forward to the challenge. This series right now is exactly where we wanted to be. This is the reason you play Test cricket, to be tested. We've been tested through this series so far. Play is due to get under way in just over an hour. Parramatta star Nathan Hindmarsh has told his team-mates to lift their game or face another disappointing end-of-season finish. The Eels may be in second spot but the Test forward says at the moment they've no hope of taking the title. They share a sponsor but the Eels can only wish they were going as well as V8 champion Marcus Ambrose. Hopefully we'll have the No.1 jersey on our backs at the end of the year as well as what he's got on his bonnet. But a brutally honest Nathan Hindmarsh admits that won't happen unless the Eels can find another gear, fast. I think just the way we're playing, we're not - we're not playing that well to win it. We're not playing good enough to win it so that's what I'm saying. There's nothing about the way we've performed over the last month, mate, that anyone can get too excited about. Half-back Tim Smith was excited, though, when he traded suits and spots with Ambrose. COMMENTATOR: How fast does it go? 300 - 300k's. Yeah, that's fast. The youngster will be in the driver's seat against a desperate Dogs' side with alarm bells ringing for Eels' coach Brian Smith. Haven't been impressed with their training at all this week so not sure, don't know, don't care. Just, they need to get their stuff together by tomorrow night, that's for sure. The in-form Dragons are also putting a lid on expectation ahead of their clash with Brisbane. We've probably been here before and haven't come up with the goods. Skipper Trent Barrett says that may change. Now he's prepared to share the load in attack. You can't win games, or big games, with one or two blokes playing well. Wallabies coach Eddie Jones admits he's feeling the pressure ahead of Saturday's Bledisloe Cup. While the players had a day off training, Jones headed to Canberra for a coaching summit. I'm going to try and improve my coaching. Obviously I need to, so I'd better work pretty hard today. Phil Waugh used his day off to catch up with old schoolmate and Sydney Swans defender Lewis Roberts-Thomson. Both played Rugby in the First XV but Roberts-Thomson decided he liked four goalposts instead of two. The Swans take on Brisbane at Telstra Stadium on Sunday. The final golf major of the year gets under way tonight, with a record 13 Australians lining up for the US PGA. Tiger Woods is aiming for his third major of the year after winning the Masters and British Open. And maybe they've finally found a way to make him melt under pressure - a butter statue of Tiger is sitting proudly at the Iowa State fair. Don't ask me, because I don't know why but I can say he's on a roll That is disgusting. It wasn't a bad likeness I have some news on Glenn McGrath. He is at the ground and his ankle ankle has been strabed um so it looks good. Nuala has Sydney's weather after the break, but first finance. The share market continued its record run. Despite its record profit, Telstra shares fell, investors nervous about its outlook for next year. News Corp gained after its record profit of $4.7 billion. Sunrise from 6.00. Nuala, it's cooler. Hey, that's my line. Thank, guys. A bit of rock music is probably just what we need to warm us up tomorrow morning after some of the coldest weather we've had all year. The worst of that arctic air is now moving out to sea but those poor kangaroos hopping through the snow still have a sub-zero night to shiver through in the mountains before the snow starts melting tomorrow. It was -2 there overnight and only reached 4 this afternoon. Across Sydney punishing winds kept the mercury down to the mid-teens and that's not even taking into and that's not even taking into account the wind chill factor. As that icy air over the south-east slowly moves out to sea the snow should retreat back up to alpine areas where it be longs. A new high will edge in turning winds a warmer west to north-westerly over the weekend ahead of that next change just reaching WA. We're not quite through the cold just yet. Down to 5 in the city overnight close to and below zero for other suburbs with widespread frosts away from the coast. Tomorrow shouldn't be quite so bitter. Mostly sunny and cool, up to 17. Slushy and 7 in the mountains. The weekend is looking much more pleasant, 19, Saturday, 21, Sunday. 23, would you believe - Monday, ahead of the next cool change. For now, I'm sheltering inside here at the Hordern Pavilion where they're setting up for the Daily Telegraph Career Expo on for the next three days, from floristry to motor racing to hospitality, even coffin making. If you're looking for a new career, this the place to be. I am thinking dentistry, Roscoe You could do worse but let's pass on the coffin making. Thanks Nuala. And that's Seven News to now. Don't forget, if you have a story for us to investigate, we would like to hear about it. Go to our web site - and click on the news tips link. I'm Ian Ross. Thanks for your company. Goodnight.