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(generated from captions) and welcome to A Current Affair. Thank you to the space shuttle 'Discovery.' We're standing by for the landing Tonight - life and death emergencies It's just crazy. to ambulances. where selfish drivers don't give way here se ish drAvers don'x give way

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We check out the healthy options you have to be careful with. and the ones This program is captioned live. in their hands. First, it could be your life Every second counts to an emergency when an ambulance is trying to get patient to hospital. or carrying a critically injured But vital time is often wasted who get in the way. because of other drivers Have a look at this. SIRENS WAIL just hasn't seen us at all. This semitrailer shouldn't he? He should be able to hear you, Oh, he has now. his radio going Whether or not he's got or he's listening to something else. He's got his window open. so he should have. He's got his window open On the roads with our ambos. Seconds save lives. SIRENS WAIL enough attention A lot of people don't pay to what's happening behind them, on what's happening in front of them they are more concentrating so when we come up from behind too loud either they've got their radios up on their mobile phones. or they're talking SIRENS WAIL behind the wheel. Paramedic Aaron Davidson's Got some heavy traffic here. just how stupid some drivers are. It's hard to believe Dear oh dear.

The truck finally pulls over

waiting to turn right. but then there's a car an eternity. He sits there for what seems like SIRENS WAIL with a team of paramedics, Riding shotgun for a couple of days just how bad some drivers are. it quickly becomes clear What was he thinking? completely Whether or not he didn't see us of his surroundings so he's not aware to get in front of us. or whether or not he's just trying to their left and they're stopping. This person hasn't moved over SIRENS WAIL

at their normal speed and move over, Instead of travelling

on the brake instead. they decided to put their foot there he goes. What's this 4-wheel drive,

in seconds Everything we do is measured to us. and that is very, very important rapid response vehicles, We're in one of the new the quickest to get to emergencies. they were brought in to be Responder five, reply. He's eventually seen us. for these guys, job after job. And it seems there's no rest We're coming up to peak hour traffic for us. so we'll see how everyone behaves SIRENS WAIL

up the inside It's more dangerous going it's your last resort. but when you have got no option SIRENS WAIL Over the median strip here. SIRENS WAIL sweetheart, Hold your head nice and still, This isn't rocket science. Time can mean lives. is caught in traffic For every second that an ambulance like this at greater risk. it puts someone at an accident 900,000 responses a year The ambulance service does over responses that we do and every one of those emergency is measured to the second. people who rubber neck - Paramedic Ian Johns says at a crash scene - slowing down to take a look can be just as big a problem to get out of the way. as those who refuse a whole lot more risky. It also makes our job lots on, flashing lights We have enough reflective vests where they are going. but people just don't watch


trying to pull over Got this gentleman here but no-one is letting him in. peak hour traffic Here we're speeding through

to reports of a man hit by a train. SIR NS WAIL SIRENS WAIL

Someone's been struck by a train

life-threatening injuries and they definitely have can mean a bit of a difference. that if unattended to quickly This man has been seriously hurt. he was crossing a level crossing, All the information we've got is

at this stage. unconscious, can't get a naso in It doesn't look good. OK, pulse 132, BP 11. We find out later he didn't make it. Every second, every second is vital. I mean if someone is not breathing that they are not breathing then every second means something.

Jenny Begnell has seen it all, or distracted by blaring stereos most of the time drivers on mobiles are to blame. out of the way Most people want to get of panic, I guess, but I suppose there is a sense that they don't know what to do. with some people plain bad drivers. Then there are just I don't know what they are thinking. We get people tailgating ambulances, until they are in front we get people who won't pull over that's on the left so - of all the traffic to get to where they want to get to everyone just seems to be in a hurry mean that much. and the ambulance doesn't really is just so simple. And it seems the message your grandmother or your mother Just stop and think if it was whose life is in danger or your friend that has been injured that we are trying to get to is stopping us from getting there and you're the person that put yourself in someone else's shoes that we need to get to the jobs and realise and everybody is just as important. move out of the way. Stay safe but please move out of the way Simon Bouda reporting. It's just common sense, isn't it? We should always keep an eye on our rearview mirrors. Choosing the right school for your children can be quite a challenge. But one family was so convinced they'd found the answer that they pulled up stakes and moved interstate. Their son was enrolled in an all-boys school. Now they're surprised and angry because that same school has decided to let girls in. Alright, son, have a good day at school. Love you, son.

Bye. Why did you want to send your son to a boys only school? Because I believe a boys only school provides a better education for our boys. They tailor to boys needs only and I believe boys are more easily distracted by the opposite sex. It was purely a boy thing. And Mentone Grammar in Melbourne was purely a boys school, perfect for young James. So are you saying you moved from Queensland and you moved to this area, you set up your practice and you chose this school for your son? Correct, yes. That's why he's at that school? That's correct. But after 82 years of tradition as a boys only school, Mentone Boys will soon become Mentone Boys and Girls. That's right, co-ed. I was flabbergasted, I mean I was floored. James's father, Denver Maloney, is furious. Now the Black Rock dentist says the school should be taught a lesson and he plans to extract more than $20,000 compensation.

I've yet to talk to my solicitor about this. I touted a figure of $20,000 through another publication but I've heard back from my barrister this morning whose spoken to a barrister and he says I've got a very good case. I'm not sure I might have to move my surgery, it costs me almost $1 million to set up my practice. Why couldn't you leave him to cope with the girls? We've all got to cope with them.

Well, that's true, I could leave him there. And I'm not traumatised. No, but you're not 8 years old. James, what do you think of girls coming to the school? I don't really like it. Why not? Because they distract me. The idea of asking for compensation from the school I think's a bit extreme. Jacinta Cashen is the president of the Victorian Council of Schools Organisation. It doesn't have to be like that and maybe when the father gets used to the change

and talks through some of what's gonna happen he might actually decide it is the best place for his child. Not likely, says Denver Maloney, if girls are in, James is out. He's a firm believer in single sex schools. After moving from Hervey Bay, Denver did his homework,

discovered that single sex schools had a better academic record than mixed schools.

He settled on boys only Mentone Grammar after a meeting with the staff. They were promoting the virtues of a single sex boys education when I went to enrol my son. Denver says he feels deceived and on top of that compensation, you can add relocation costs. If you had to move schools, move away from the school what would you that do to you? I would a little bit feel sad because I would be leaving my friends. But couldn't you just move your son to another boys school in the area? There are some. There are some but not the sort of boys school that I want from preschool all the way through high school. My advice would be to go and talk to the principal, look at what they're trying to deliver and see whether it really is the disaster he thinks it might be. What do the other boys think about the girls coming? Some like it, most of them don't, though. Girls can be fun, you know. Yeah, but not in the classroom. Martin King reporting there from Melbourne. And the school says it's happy to continue talks with any families who have concerns about the change to co-ed. If you've got an issue with your school that you think we should know about, you can email us - Alright, petrol prices keep heading higher and higher every week. Now $1.25 has become the benchmark at plenty of suburban servos and of course prices go even higher in the bush. The only upside is that rising fuel costs are forcing more dealers to come up with discount offers so they can keep up with the competition. It's still to do with terrorism, concerns about the future and also the fact that the world's demand for oil has shot sky high. Whatever the reason, prices at the pump just seem to keep going up and up, and it's only going to get worse. By the end of the week I would expect most States will have prices at $1.20 or above. David Cummings from the RACV says now is the time to start using those discount fuel offers. If you're going to buy $30 worth of groceries, for heaven's sake, get full use of that coupon, make sure you fill your tank all the way to the top

and make sure you try and get the biggest discount by filling up on the cheapest day of the week. I use the shopper dockets because they're good value. They always save you a few cents here and there and it all adds up to a little bit, more towards the house, for the mortgage. Given with petrol prices the way they are, I'll keep the 4 cents a litre in my pocket, so that's good. Don't look at the small amount that you think you're getting at the moment. You fill up every week for 52 weeks of the year, it could be be a few hundred dollars that ends up back in your pocket instead of somebody else's, so use it wisely. The success of the shopping fuel discount offer

will create a monopoly for Woolworths and Coles to control the fuel industry totally. Robin Weatherall warns that any short-term gain

will mean long-term pain, as independents like him are forced out of business. Independents have provided the competition necessary to keep the oil companies honest.

Now who the hell's going to keep Woolworths and Coles honest when there's no independents left? Unfortunately the customer will pay for it dearly. Unfortunately yes, the market will be rationalised and we will probably pay a higher average price on a weekly basis but in general, I think we've got to grasp anything we can that can give us a discount at this time. It's not just the supermarkets offering discounts. Many independents have come up with their own schemes like Servo Savers and Ezyfuel and this Scratch and Save system in Shepparton, in central Victoria, off fu l which offers up to 40 cents a litre off fuel. Now, there's Smart Save. Ron Bowden from the Service Station Association explains. What we're doing with Save Smart is each month there are three promotional offers that will attract a discount. So this month, for example,

it could be a 6-pack of Mount Franklin water. You buy that for the normal retail price, you get a 4 cent a litre discount. The only thing you can do short-term is adjust the way you drive, don't be a lead foot. Take all the weight out of your car, don't carry your golf clubs around with you everywhere. Plan your trips, decide if you really need to do it and make sure you fill up on the cheapest day of the week. I don't think we've seen the end of it yet and we probably won't have any decreases for the remainder of this year. If you want to use your car, you'll just have to cop it and pay it. As for country people, there's no public transport, you have no other option. Ben McCormack with the battle to keep your fuel costs down. Coming up - the latest battleground for workers rights - parental leave. And the facts on fish -

the information you need to make safe and healthy choices. Oh Brad .. if we bundle four services with ACTEW AGL and TransACT, saving us 0-50% at over 2 0 restaurants and attractions. Plus we'll save 10% off electricity and other selected services. Off ends September 30, so we'll hav to be quick. Oh Brad, you're my hero. Don't miss out, call 13 16 46. Welcome back. Australia may be an island but it took us a long time to make seafood a staple part of the Aussie diet. Now we're constantly reminded that fish is a healthy alternative to red meat but that's not always the whole story because some kinds of fish are safer choices than others. Oh, it's fantastic, it's the sexiest protein on the planet.

I eat seafood six days a week at least and I never get sick of it. It's the catch of the day, seafood has become the most popular meal in Australia. We've never seen seafood as cheap ever as now in Australia.

John Susman has spent the last 20 years learning everything there is to know about fish. Too much seafood is never enough. And there are plenty of good, inexpensive fish that are coming through right now, here in winter - mullet, mirodori, silverwahow, these are the inexpensive that end up on the plate at the same or less than a piece of chicken and that's cheap eating by anyone's standards. Well, you can have as much as you like, but the minimum the Heart Foundation recommended is at least two meals of fatty fish per week. While cardiologist David Colquhoun is all for switch to fish, there are some varieties you need to be careful with. Well, that is a problem with some fish species, specifically mercury is what people have been worried about and it tends to be the large predatory fish like very large sharks, swordfish can be moderately high in mercury. So let's get clear on which fish we should be limiting in our diet. Here is a list that Food Standards Australia recommends we eat just once a week because of the possibility of mercury contamination. I don't think people do understand the dangers of things such as consuming shark, or consuming too much shark. Hilary Bambrick recently warned of the dangers of mercury in fish. If pregnant women do consume fish that's high in mercury, their children actually risk having slower motor development and poorer cognitive skills as they grow up. Is it scaremongering?

I think it is. I think it genuinely is scaremongering like over consumption of anything is going to be bad for you in high consumption but it's got to be relative to a moderate consumption. I don't think it's scaremongering. One of the potential outcomes of people increasing their fish consumption is that we actually risk dumbing down the next generation. I was eating fish sometimes three times a day. Two years ago we bought you the story of Rebecca and Craig Riddington.

I was told by my doctors that I should be having as much fish as possible, told we should eat more.

At 22 weeks into pregnancy, the couple lost their baby boy. Rebecca was found to have extremely high levels of mercury in her blood. My levels were 312. Now they are 265. Many, many times the limit. Should be below 6. Her specialist identified fish as the likely cause of the mercury. The reason why we lost Lachlan was because of the mercury and her placenta was killed because of the mercury. So we decided to commission our own tests. Aargus, the environmental scientific specialists, tested for mercury levels in yellow fin tuna, swordfish, kingfish, deep sea perch and three brands of canned tuna. These results from our tests are really shocking. All fish tested had high levels of mercury,

except the canned tuna that had no mercury levels all all. The standout was the swordfish, double the Australian Food Standard guidelines. So now Food Standards Australia has three recommendations for pregnant women, those wanting to start a family and children under 6. Only have one serve per week of orange roughy or catfish and don't eat other fish for that week. Or you can have one serve per fortnight of shark, flake, swordfish, broadbill, marlin but no other fish in that time. The clear message would be if you want to eat fish, and you are thinking fish is a good thing to eat, then certainly eat fish a few times a week but avoid fish that are high in mercury so avoid those large predator species, basically avoid anything, avoid big fish with big teeth. So many different messages coming through

but I think the overwhelming message is seafood is very, very good for you. The Omega3, the saturated fats and the general vitamin levels you get is worthwhile.

David Eccleston with that story. And we should update you on the good news for Rebecca and Craig Riddington. After all their dramas with Rebecca's mercury levels she's now a proud mum. Baby Nathaniel is nearly a year old and fighting fit. OK, has the Industrial Relations Commission given working parents around Australia a great new deal or just a pipe dream? Yesterday it ruled that men and women have the right to ask employers for two years of unpaid parental leave rather than one year. It also says they should be able to go back to work on a part-time basis until a child reaches school age. But the Federal Government isn't guaranteeing that these new rights will be included in its industrial relations changes. And there's plenty of room for employers to get around them anyway. How would you describe this, Helen? I think this is a victory for mothers, fathers and actually the work force. Having given up work to have children, Helen Lunn thinks the idea of two years maternity leave and then working part-time until the kids start school is great. Definitely, I would have had the option to stay on part-time, have some time off and come back of my own volition. Yeah, I think the more opportunity out there or the more choice the better for women. Kylie Baros is another stay-at-home mum who would go back to work if bosses were forced to accept the ruling made by the Australian Industrial Commission. Yeah, it's the best of both worlds - stay at home and have a part-time job as well. It gives you that choice and takes a bit of pressure off. This doesn't work, this is fairyland, pixieland thinking. Graeme Haycroft runs the Small Business Union which provides services for small companies. This could only be conceived by people that have never been in a small business workplace, it's absolute nonsense. It's just another cost that will be added to business which is going to make their lives a bit harder and impact adversely on the women who it's designed to protect.

I just don't see how this would work for us being a small business. Mick Blackwell's company, Elbowroom, employs 80 people, a handful are women but Mick says replacing them for two years then taking them back part-time is unrealistic. It makes it extremely hard for all the other people in the business

to say well, how fair is that they can go away for two years and come back part-time, I just don't see that working. You think there's a whole lot of issues there that wouldn't cut it in small business? No, no, no, I don't think so. Helen, they're calling this a landmark decision, do you see it as something that big? Well, it's a federal ruling and only affects 1.6 million workers so at this stage, it's a great start. Bosses have been given the right to say no to the new maternity leave

if they can prove it will cost too much but some mums think the Government should make the new ruling compulsory. Yes, I do, yeah, go for it. If Mr Howard can pull that off he might even get our children's vote, he might still be in. Kylie, do you think there's a danger here bosses will say it's all too hard to employ women and they will end up discriminating against women? Possibly, but I think if bosses are wise they will realise that they have in their employment very able, working mothers and it would be to their detriment to lose those people.

When you're hiring someone for a job you want to hire the best worker, not the best breeder. Commentator Andrew Bolt says the whole idea is outrageous. Of course it's unfair to the employers. It's not their child, it's not their baby, and yet they're having to make radical readjustments in some cases to do a favour for their female employees. If this was in the interests if businesses, they would do it anyway. If it's not, they're being forced to do it. Even though bosses can say no to the longer maternity leave employers like Mick Blackwell say they could still end up in court arguing with staff about it. That's the last thing any small business can afford to do, they just have to get on with the day-to-day running of business, they don't want to be fighting with staff members over these entitlements. Anything that's going to promote motherhood and allow an easy transition for mothers to return to the workforce and to still to be a part of the working community I applaud. Chris Allen there with the pros and cons of parental leave in the workplace. When we come back - 'Australian Idol' - the stars and their fall from fame. Yet there could be a lifetime of difference His fees are lower. Industry Super Funds are run only to profit members. Industry Super Funds - a lifetime of difference. There's an Industry Super Fund for every Australian income earner. Call 1300 881 371 or visit our website. If they weren't superstars, they were certainly household names. Their fast track to success seemed too good to be true. For many, it was. Tomorrow night - 'Australian Idol', the stars who saw the big deals

and their dreams fade away.

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impressive and scrust as quickly as you blink it's gone. We'll have that story for you tomorrow night along with the insider exposing popular SMS dating scams. We'll show you the tricks they use to lure unsuspecting callers into debt. See you tomorrow night. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.