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(generated from captions) Here's Ray. This program is captioned live. to A Current Affair. Thank you and welcome Tonight, the feuding and the fury -

bitter neighbourhood disputes into personal battlegrounds. that turn our suburbs Things

can get out of hand. can get out of hand. Bloody, can get out of d loo y

deceitful coward, you are. can get out of hand. Bloody, lad d ceitful coward, y u are. (Bleep), dece tful coward, you are. Bleep), deceitful coward, y u are. Bleep),

beating speeding fines, Also tonight - now taking up the fight the former speed camera operator for drivers getting a raw deal.

Plus, cyclists versus cars - on our ads. it's like Russian roulette on our roads.

First, judges and the law. to be beyond reproach, Members of the judiciary are expected but consider these examples. This is a tax return. All of us have to put one in. But 16 judges across Australia

with criminal prosecution are now being threatened for failing to do so. were due in last year, Now the returns we're talking about

other Australian taxpayer has to do. yet 16 judges haven't done what every What sort of example is that? think they're above the law, It looks like 16 of them or very arrogant. or else they're incredibly sloppy, It's the ivory tower syndrome above it all, by the look of it. and they're just sitting up there

they'd avoid paying their taxes. I can't believe that they thought Everybody has to pay their taxes. They've got to pay a bit more than most people. because they get paid a lot more an accountant to do it for them. Surely, they can afford Ian Dodd, Then there's District Court Judge

through at least seven cases accused of sleeping and snoring that came before him. People like Jenny Carter, award overturned by Judge Dodd, who had her $300,000 compensation would be examined. were promised their complaints

through me giving evidence, Judge Dodd was constantly asleep giving evidence. through my witnesses coughing They were dropping rulers, banging,

just to get him to wake up. it really was. It was just a total circus, by the Judicial Commission Jenny Carter and others were promised

their cases cases would be reviewed that Judge Dodd's handling of

without delay. But more than two months on even been interviewed. some key witnesses still haven't No urgency at all, it seems, surrounding these cases. about clearing up the doubts until September. Meanwhile, Judge Dodd is "on leave"

of the Federal Court. And finally, Justice Richard Conti, commercial case has been thrown out A verdict he delivered in a by the Full Bench. Why? Because his fellow judges feared

shown bias and pre-judged the case. Justice Conti might be seen to have with questions and comments He'd badgered some witnesses from the bench. So, here we have a judge to come into question, who allows his impartiality because he was often asleep. another having cases reviewed at a snail's pace. Yet now that review is going along threatened with criminal prosecution And 16 judges are having to be

with their tax. to get them to do the right thing "beyond reproach"? What was that about Alright, we move on that make you wonder to some extraordinary feuds of "Love thy neighbour?" whatever happened to the concept Take a look at this. You're filming my children. I'm not! You're recording my children. Nothing. you're abusing my children. You're harassing my children, whores, (bleep), prostitutes, This man has called my kids and me (bleep) lady. things get out of hand. When things get out of hand, that walked on two legs, Bill. You're the biggest bloody liar (Bleep) off, (bleep). Oh, (bleep)? Prove it in court. and his twin sister You threatened to kill him with a (bleep) gun and a knife.

and foul mouths, Armed with frayed tempers right across Australia, streets are at war gets bloodier. and every day the battle It's actually led to murder. Mark Sorell was dead. Two minutes later the fight, one died in hospital. Three men were stabbed during and so angry People have gotten so distressed that they've just, they've killed. Mediator Shanna Quinn attempts to umpire these suburban stoushes

before someone loses control. and we stew What we do is we stew and we stew on the door and then you go and you thump and aggressive way you, and in the most inappropriate and threatening way, in a fairly insulting air your complaint air your complaint just disintegrates. and the whole thing You're just (bleep) stupid. outside of Brisbane, In a suburb just

her neighbours. Julie-Anne Carol taunted of them. Zoom in, zoom in on each one Filming their every move. the loudest, my father taught me. He who laughs last laughs the whole street turned on her. In a massive backlash, last night. I've been threatened with a gun Someone's going to kill her. to the complainant. Something subsequently will happen afternoon near Mr Brunt's home. The shooting happened yesterday is Norm Brunt. The man on the stretcher is Brian Sharard, The man who shot him wife he tried to murder him. a neighbour so obsessed with Norm's

you can see the scar there. I've got shot in the head, came out the front of the shoulder. He put another slug in my back that

who come to us reach a resolution, We find about 85% to 90% of people success rate. so that's a really good are 40% of his business, If fights over fences then director Disputes Resolution Centre, of the Queensland Government's Peter Johnstone, is desperately needed here. Excuse me, George. just listen to me - No, excuse me, Bill, God gave breath to. you're the biggest liar of a timber fence, A magistrate ruled in favour boundary in Colourbond but after building a secondary the Joyners wouldn't pay the McConnells their half of the court-ordered fence. I would rather go to jail than pay the next door neighbour. Faced with that option, though, the Joyners finally gave in, but now poor little Crystal is house bound. What's your fear for the dog? That she'll be dead.

You think your neighbours would kill your dog? Definitely. they would get back at us. That's the only way Revenge is rife.

This baker deterred customers from spending money at the neighbouring shop by urinating in both the front and back doorways, every single morning for a year. Early intervention is the best policy, if we allow things to deteriorate and fester, they're only going to go from bad to worse.

But even the government mediators were too scared to take on these two. The police, the Government, the council have all been told of your bloody snooping, conniving, deceitful coward you are, hiding behind a fence. No. Just like all your relatives over there, hey. Paula says Josephine is a busybody who hoses her children. Fijian-born Josephine says Paula is a racist. They said to me (bleep), you ugly (bleep).

No, I'm not racist, I hate everybody equally if I don't like them.

Why? Have I asked you who lived there? You asked me.

Why would I do that? I'm not nosy like you. You asked me. Why, why? Give me a reason why then. You asked me.

Why are you standing there, lying to my face? After boarding up their windows and barricading their boundaries, Paula has now succeeded in having Josephine evicted from her Housing Commission home and moved to another suburb. I'm innocent but they just proved everywhere that I'm a trouble-maker. If only she'd gotten to know her neighbours first. That's rule number one - if you like them, it's harder to fight them. It's much easier to be angry with someone you don't know. Oh, good. Oh, good. Back! When a problem does arise, go to rule number two - calmly discuss it straight away. Don't let disputes or conflicts or even concerns fester. Don't show me your finger, I don't care about your finger.

Something that looks like you ain't no lady. Get the hell off my property.

Amanda Paterson there. Now to speeding fines, and the 'insider' who has switched sides. Instead of helping government collect more revenue, he's now helping motorists try to beat tickets issued by speed cameras

he used to operate.

What are you saying about the way

speed cameras are being operated?

It's a disgrace. It's unfair and

motorists are being issued

infringement notices unfairly.

Graham Marsh should know, it was

his job to find a spot, set up a speed camera and catch driversologly speed camera and catch driversologly speeding. The problem

is when you set up the camera, the

beam that's sent out, it bounces

off an object, goes down the road,

hits a vehicle down the road, sends

the signal back again and gets the

motorist going in the opposite

direction. It gets the wrong car?

Yes. Now the speed camera operator

has done a complete U-turn. He's

quit his

quit his job, instead of snapping drivers he's quit his job, instead of snapping drivers he's defending them in

court. How are we going to win this

case today? We've got to attack the

operator. We know there was

incorrect set-ups. Glen is fighting

a charge at driving at 69 kHlomet es

a charge at driving at 69 kilometres in a 60 zone. Graham is

his defence expert. The site being

unsuitable, I believe f you stick

along them lines, things should unsuitable, I believe f you stick along them lines, things should go

well. This is where you were

booked? Yes. How fast were you

going? 58 kilometres. How do you

know how fast you were going? I was

constantly checking the speedo.

When you got the ticket how fast

were you going? They allege 69. And

you weren't going 69? No. Nowhere

near it. This is why you're challenging this chal eng ng this An

near it. This is why you're challenging this in court? Yes. What is wrong

challenging this in court? Yes. What is wrong with this site it it

looks like a fairly open site with

me? If you look behind you, you'll see s e me? If you look behi d you, you'll

me? If you look behind you, you'll see a vehicle behind the trees.

That van? Yes. s e a v hicle behAnd the t ees That van? Yes. Another see a vehicle behind the trees. That van? Yes. Another vehicle hat va ? Yes. An t e veh cle

That van? Yes. Another vehicle that's hard to detect during broad

daylight and the beam would

actually reflect off of that, down

the road, and get a vehicle, even

one of the vehicles down there

coming this way, send the beam back

again and actually catch a motorist travelling

again and actually catch a motorist travelling inbound here. So, armed with a wit a

travelling inbound ere. So, armed

travelling inbound here. So, armed with a former camera operator, Glen

goes to court. Did the police

officer know you were filming him?

At this stage, no. Victoria's not

the only State where radar

operators are in the gun. In Sydney,

radar expert Roy claims 60% of

readings should be challenged. He

says the silver eagle, a

says the silver eagle, a car-mounted radar system, is full

of flaws. The alleged speeding

vehicle is only in the detection

area of the radar for a split

second. What do you say to these

motorists that you've booked? I've

motorists that you've booked? I've got to say sorry. It was something

that shouldn't have been allowed to

that shouldn't have been allowed to happen. But it did happen. I

believe it's a first-rate system.

It delivers a first-rate outcome for Victoria. It delivers a first-rate outcome It delivers a first-rate outcome It delivers a first-rate outcome for Victoria. Bob Hastings is

Victoria's top traffic cop. ct ri 's top traffic cop, Victoria's top traffic cop. He says

Victoria's top traffic cop. He says the system is fine. Each time the

the system is fine. Each time the camera operator sets up, they check

the site to make sure there's no

interference on the radar. The

system may be fine for the police,

system may be fine for the police, but fined was Glen this afternoon.

but fined was Glen this afternoon. The magistrate found him guilty of

The magistrate found him guilty of speeding. Very disappointed. I

speeding. Very disappointed. I believed that the law, not the

judge, but the law has let us down

on this occasion. Not only myself

but let the whole of Victoria down.

That $128 fine with costs is now

more than $800. It would have been

more than $800. It would have been cheaper to have paid the fine? Of

course it would have been but then

course it would have been but then course it would have been but then who's gonna know and they'll

who's gonna know and they'll continue to get away with it. I'm

continue to get away with it. I'm doing what's best for the whole of doing what's best for the whole of Victoria, not myself. Martin King there in Melbourne. Celebrity photographer Jamie Fawcett is being threatened with legal action but not by someone who resented him taking their picture. Instead, another member of the paparazzi claims

Mr Fawcett snapped in a quite different way. He put his camera down and just imme iately started going ani alistic, you know, and just immediately started going an a istic, you know, and just didn't let up.

Pierre Smithdorf snaps celebrities, but on this day Pierre says he was snapped by another snapper,

and not with a camera. I was dazed, I was stunned, trying to block his shots and hold my camera and my head

and he just carried on pounding

and you could see the anger and the violent rage in his face. He was screaming, yelling at the top of his head.

Are you the black prince of paparazzi? Whatever that means, if some people think that, so be it. Jamie Fawcett is the snapper accused by Pierre Smithdorf. Both photographers were in hot pursuit of Hollywood comic Owen Wilson when they caught him going for a swim at Sydney's Bondi Beach. I was here taking my shot and there were two or three people in between us, and he said,

"As soon as I've taken my shot, I'm going to kick your (bleep) head in." I have a professional job to do.

I work for a professional organisation and I take my photo and go. the Bondi Beach incident, While refusing to talk about seen here in a previous story, Jamie Fawcett, denies Pierre's version of events have been rivals for three years. but Pierre says the two exclusive pictures and beats Jamie, Anyone that manages to get some it's war. And that's what you've done? threatened for three years now, Yes, I have, and he's been and car chasing and bugging There's no need for fighting and this cowboy stuff. the paparazzi. Peter Carrette knows all about He's been one of them for 30 years goes too far. and he says Jamie Fawcett it's the devil may be attitude - He's antagonising everybody,

we don't need anybody, "We don't need publicists, nobody can stop us." "we are going to get the pictures, That is not true.

going anywhere near her Nicole Kidman tried to stop Fawcett order against him. by taking out an apprehended violence

and Mr Fawcett denies any wrongdoing. The order was later lifted He's going to kill us. You've got to be joking.

Nicole Kidman. I'm not trying to kill out AVOs against photographers, Usually it's the celebrities who take earlier this year, just as Nicole Kidman did with his rival but Pierre Smithdorf says he's had it

seeking an AVO against Jamie Fawcett and he's already gone to court

with assault. and he hopes the police charge him

always looking over my shoulder. I'm in constant fear of my life,

Are you serious? Yes, I am. I am. It's that serious. and take some action When does the law step in and do something about this, all as bad as one another - But Pierre, aren't you snappers to get a shot? you'll even push one another around with what's occurring here. No, and that's the whole problem for everyone. He creates a bad impression from me, I mean, Naomi Watts gets flowers

and his wife a thank you card Nicole Kidman, Sean Connery

You get $20 million a picture, you

get $250 a picture. Within get $250 a picture. Within reason, You get $20 million a picture, you get $250 a pictu e. Within reason,

it's a necessary evil. These people get $250 a picture. Within reason,

it's a necessary evil. These people

continue to run riot, threaten it's a necessary evil. These people

people's lives, whether does it continue to run riot, threaten

end? When does it end? Chris Allen there. next week Pierre Smithdorf must return to court for an apprehended violence order. to complete his application

say he is adamant Meanwhile, Jamie Fawcett's lawyers that altercation. that he did not start the rival 'tribes' on our roads - Coming up - the blame game between cyclists and car drivers.

Welcome back. our national phone poll Time to check out the threat of a terrorist attack in the wake of new warnings about in Australia. of ASIO says A former assistant director people who dress a certain way, people of Middle Eastern appearance, by police and security agencies should come under more attention than the rest of us. So last night we asked if it was fair automatically targeted as suspects that Australian Muslims are in the war on terror. Out of nearly 24,000 calls, in the current climate." 80% say, "Yes, it is fair, from our poll. Certainly a most emphatic result Let's take to the roads now. in our cars. Millions of us do it every day Some of us on bicycles. they're at war The two groups often seem to act like

at risk. and that can put everybody's safety of the roads, They don't follow the rules

what they're doing they don't seem to know if somebody hits them. and then they all scream and whinge They just come way too close. riding alone I mean, I've actually been clip my handlebar and had a wing mirror an hour. as they come by at 80 kilometres their own safety, They only care about they don't care about anybody else. It's 5:45 this morning. for two hours, These cyclists have already been up the winter chill, not because they enjoy are still asleep. but because that's when most drivers

near miss every training ride, If you don't have at least one it's been a good ride. have all learnt the hard way Ross Harding and his mates there's safety in numbers. of the horn right behind you. You get the good old blast containers thrown at me. I've had full McDonald's drink Cars just squeeze past you. off trucks and buses, I've been bumped by wing mirrors half the time. they're just bloody ratbags of a car, When you're behind the wheel

want to be is behind a cyclist. the last place you most likely unpredictable, they can be reckless. They can be slow, they can be got cars and trucks tailing you, But what about from this seat, you've beeping horns and hurling abuse. So if the road is there to share, and infuriated here. how come I feel so intimidated here but they are. I dare not call them idiots, of traffic, They just weave in and out

they come up on your blind side. when she wrote to the local newspaper Jenny Ward had cyclists in a spin "cane toads of the modern era". calling bike riders on BMXs, They behave like 12-year-olds is Mum, now they think everybody in the car their little kid on the BMX," "There's Mum looking out for they're grown-up people, but this is not true, for themselves. they should take responsibility that nobody wants to share the road. Look, I think the biggest issue is Amy Gillett in Germany The tragic death of Aussie cyclist

sharing the road can be. highlighted how dangerous to take more care on the roads. Amy's husband Simon urged all of us killed or seriously injured. It's a familiar story - cyclists

Take care on the roads. Watch out

for cyclists. You can't do this. It's not right. the frustrations on both sides What better way to understand and experience it first hand. than to jump on a bike

they're not happy with me. As you can see, that guy nearly took me out. I'm going as fast as I can, Woo, I've got a bus right behind me here. I think you've just got to be really aware of who's behind you and beside you and hope that drivers show some patience, 'cause it is scary stuff. It's reckless riding like this, going through red lights, riding on footpaths, that Jenny Ward wants to stop. The only way to do that, she believes, is to make cyclists get registered, like all motorists. I would like to see certificates of competence. They don't have to be big full licences to ride bicycles around but a certificate of competence if you want to be on main roads. If they've got an identifying plate like cars have got, you know who they are, they can be identified, they're not going to go on the footpath o the ootpath and plough through the shoppers because they can be identified. It's a suggestion that has merit according to Alex Unwin, from Bicycles NSW. If it improved the safety of cyclists,

that would be a great thing. They're part of the community, so they're not going to have a problem with being taken up

their responsibilities under law because they take up their rights on the road, how you actually manage that is another issue. Just take care. There's no hurry. If you get help up a millisecond, big deal, you know.

You're still going to get there, it doesn't matter, hey. Two cars behind me and it's going to be pretty slow to begin with 'cause, as you can see, I'm stuffed, so here we go again. Mad! You'd dead set have to be out of your mind to do this.

David Eccleston in the line of fire there.

Pie apologies for some of the

language -- my apologies for some

of the language at the start of that story. Now to a really special update. Australia really opened its heart to these little girls - Bethany and Leanna. Viewers of a A Current Affair came to the rescue

when we told their story late last year. It's no exaggeration to say that you helped save Bethany's life. Ben, do that thing again. You want a grape? No. Do that thing again.

Six months ago, we introduced you to Bethany, a little girl needing a big miracle.

Well, she'd like to be a normal girl. Bethany and her sister Leanna were both perfectly healthy,

until a crippling brain disease suddenly changed everything. She woke up and her body was twisted - in eight hours. These struggling parents, Michelle and Nick Mills, were shattered.

Bethany and Leanna were diagnosed with primary dystonia, the only children in the world with this rare condition.

It's a cross between cerebral palsy, Parkinson's and dystonia and dystonia is where all the limbs twist. Yaaay! They were prescribed massive amounts of medication, up to 20 pills a day. But then Bethany stopped responding to the drugs and soon it was a matter of life and death. If she keeps going downhill, yes, we will eventually lose her. But there was one chance -

a lifesaving operation on the other side of the world. This is our only hope. This is where you came in. When that story went to air on Christmas Eve last year, the response was so overwhelming Rotary volunteers gave up their holidays to help answer the thousands of phone calls. In the end, $128,000 was raised, all thanks to you. We're going to get 'em over to France, get 'em over there

There are just so many wonderful people willing to help and they don't even know Bethany and Leanna and we are just really lucky. Montpellier, France. This radical surgery is called Deep Brain Stimulation. It's risky, ground-breaking and can't be done in Australia.

It's extraordinary stuff. in Bethany's abdomen, A micro computer is inserted her body, through the neck tiny wires are threaded inside and into the head, the brain. where electrodes begin to stimulate from the brain operation, She's just come back she's doing really quite well. Before you see the result, remember, just a few months ago. this was Bethany you can walk? Can you show me how quickly

And here she is today. happen, that she can be so well, It's a real miracle that this can it's wonderful, it really is. What happened to that twisted body? It's gone. It's wonderful.

a very good second chance. It's given her she only had six months to live The doctors said if things didn't happen. Here we are, here we are. Good girl. So could she do this beforehand? even to do anything, so... No, she couldn't use her hands that mean the most, It's the simple things without help, like going to the bathroom and writing her own name. eating and drinking all by herself, want to thank everyone Nick and Michelle

in Bethany's miracle. who played a part and everyone in general, The Australian Government, ACA, it was worth it. from 1 cent to $100, from the Mills family. Ben Fordham with that thank you But, in a cruel turn of events, stopped responding to medication. Bethany's sister Leanna has now

before the end of the year She will need the same operation if she's to survive. just give us a call for details. So, once again, if you can help, place for children. OK. The Internet can be a fascinating It can also be a dangerous place.

they're swarming on the Internet, They're creeps, and they prey on our children. in Australia has been approached Three out of every five youngsters by sexual predators on-line. who knows how they operate Tomorrow night, the expert campaigner to keep your kids safe. and what you must do is a fertile hunting ground. To these predators, he Internet To these predators, the Internet

is at risk. Any child talking on the Internet to, and it's not safe. They don't know who they're talking that's just a sex cam, right there. There's a live cam, It's a great concern, as a parent. that parents can do There are a number of things

from on-line predators. to protect their children for every family. It's an important story and much more, tomorrow. We'll see you with that, Goodnight. by the Australian Caption Centre. Supertext Captions