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(generated from captions) was created. How some of Australia's best music behind the songs. And - the book that tells the story but did he survive the tumble down? a man falls from a ferris wheel Later in the bulletin - in the stomach. It feels like being kicked I can't sleep. that's shocked her family. and what happened at her school fears for her future why this little girl Also tonight - Welcome to Ten's Late News. Good evening, I'm Deborah Knight. should anything occur. the photo could be invaluable that's fitted the criteria, or carrying the briefcase who's wearing the backpack of the person If you can take a photograph to fight the enemy within. and what does he say we can do but how does he know, in Australia, terrorist cells are planning attacks And - a former spy says that he found so disturbing? but what were the sordid sex details admits bugging his computer, of the body-in-the boot case The brother of the man at the centre on the earth. they are the best human beings and your people always think because your country to say how terrible is your airport They don't want to send a witness after another dire day in court. all hope is lost Why Schapelle Corby is feeling with the space shuttle. NASA engineers regard the problem a sign of how seriously for the orbiting astronauts the cancellation of a half-day break Tonight - This program is captioned live.

told the same story. Customer service agent Ricky Stevens including a boogieboard bag. Her 65kg of luggage for the flight in Brisbane. when she checked in about Corby's baggage that there was nothing unusual Qantas employee Howard Park said Giving evidence, in the Indonesian media. Schapelle to celebrity status The notoriety of the case elevating into the packed courtroom. She was ushered for additional witnesses. of gaining more time there was little chance Hotman Paris Hutapea conceding But the news wasn't good. then conferring with her lawyers. meeting with her mother, Rosleigh, before the hearing, The 28-year-old appeared hopeful She feels very lonely. She's very, very sad. there is no witness from Australia. Until the last day, was in deep trouble. well aware her appeal night in tears in her jail cell, Schapelle Corby spent a sleepless According to her lawyer, drug smuggler in tears. and leaving the convicted ending her re-opened trial to find new witnesses, to give her defence team extra time A Bali court has refused for Schapelle Corby. There's been a dreadful blow with a few more experiments. filling the time to the shuttle's huge cargo bay, Soichi Noguchi was restricted While Robinson goes about his tasks, cut it off with his modified hacksaw. If that doesn't work, he'll try to during re-entry. that could pose a problem the protective heat tiles protruding from between two pieces of filler There, he's trying to remove of 'Discovery'. to reach the underbelly to the huge robotic arm Robinson hooked on inside to guide him, With Australian astronaut Andy Thomas Space Station passed over Australia. as the shuttle and International left the shuttle's air lock Soichi Noguchi Steve Robinson and fellow astronaut the shuttle 'Discovery's heat shield. of trying to repair the touchy job as two astronauts begin from space tonight First - amazing pictures

at girlfriend Tania Herman's home. was holding swingers parties He said he discovered Joe on his brother's computer. Gus described installing spy software tendered to court, In his police statements to Maria's lies. claims Gus today put down Joe and his lover would kill her - he recounted Maria's fears that In the witness box, of Joe's committal hearing. during the final stages was under scrutiny himself But Gus Korp The family will stand by Joe. an emotional pledge. His brother making My family's been excellent. for attempted murder. as he awaits trial Joe Korp claims he has some support and a murder charge now inevitable, His wife near death and was keeping tabs on him. part in bizarre sexual adventures his own brother knew he was taking It's been revealed but he maintains he's innocent. murder of his wife, Maria, will stand trial over the attempted of the body in the boot case The husband at the centre to find her not guilty. taking 30 minutes and tonight the jury believed her, She told the court it was a joke, on a plane so it would be delayed. to call and say there was a bomb and sent a text telling a flatmate was running late for a flight Police said Angela Sceats with a text message in London. who triggered a bomb scare for a 19-year-old Australian woman there's relief In breaking news tonight - John Hill, Ten News. human beings on the earth. always think you are the best because your country and your people is Sydney airport, to disclose how terrible They don't want to send a witness But he says it's too late. in Jakarta tomorrow. Justice Minister Chris Ellison Her lawyer will now meet this could be the end of the line. For Schapelle Corby, But there are no guarantees. from a prisoner in Australia. for permission to hear evidence a higher court Her lawyers will now have to petition in tears. Schapelle was taken from the court her reopened trial. effectively ending of the evidence, And that was the extent the bag would have been rejected. If there had been, or smell of marijuana. There was no sign item because it was too long. The bag was handled as an oversized

will be charged with murder, Joe Korp's lawyer asked how long the defendant could remain on bail. The prosecution, though, say no decision has been made about fresh charges. Joe Korp will face the Supreme Court in November. Christopher Still, Ten News. There's been a tragic accident at a city reservoir. A routine water sampling project turned to disaster when the boat capsized on Warragamba Dam, near Sydney. Rescuers said the three people on the boat were trapped underneath it. When they overturned, they were trapped for some time. They managed to get themselves out, but unfortunately, one of the male occupants on the vessel was unable to get out. The occupants were due to call in. After that, the alarm was raised and that's when the search commenced. The survivors were flown to a park to be met by ambulances that took them to hospital where they were treated for hypothermia The search for answers is under way tonight, after a flight turned to disaster Convinced it's inevitable his client the next move. lawyers were discussing was committed to stand trial, but, even before Joe Korp to attempted murder He's entered a not guilty plea in the case against Joe Korp. her evidence used for her attack on the mother of two - is serving nine years jail The former mistress with other people. of his brother and Herman having sex he and Maria saw photos Mr Korp also claims for more than 300 people. All on board survived the crash and the fireball that followed. A traffic camera records the horrifying moment when the Air France passenger jet explodes in a fireball. MAN: There were lots of flames around. We just tried to escape. The plane, packed with 297 passengers and 12 crew, was making its daily flight from Paris to Toronto when it overshot the runway by 200m in shocking weather. Witnesses claim it was struck by lightning as it landed. MAN 2: Really, all I did was run like crazy. MAN 1: There was a lot of panic. We were all running everywhere, there was a lot of gas and smoke. I don't know if everybody managed to get out of the plane. We were all running like crazy. We just want to hear someone say that everyone is OK. Motorists who watched the jet twist and turn out of control before nose-diving into a tree-lined ditch say they heard the pilot ram the engines into reverse then saw flames. MAN 3: He went straight into the valley and cracked in half. We were about to run over and try to help, but it went up in such flames. Incredibly, everyone escaped down emergency chutes. 43 people were taken to hospital, all with minor injuries, one of those, a pilot. At this stage - and again, I can't confirm - but there are no known fatalities. The Pearson international airport in Toronto had been on red alert for lightning strikes all afternoon, but officials say it's too early to speculate on the cause of the crash. It took two hours to extinguish the blaze. No Australians are believed to have been on board. In the US, Leisa Goddard-Roles, Ten News. New Telstra chief Sol Trujillo has slammed the Federal Government's telecommunications rules as unfair and stifling. Mr Trujillo has spent the past two days touring regional areas of NSW and Queensland. He says Telstra will spend more on country services if it can make money, but has hit out at current regulations which he says hinder competition. What happens then is it creates digital divides when you think about disincentives for investing, and customers getting treated differently, which is a principle that we, at Telstra, don't prescribe to. But the PM isn't budging. One of the reasons that Telstra is highly regulated is the desire for governments to see that the bush gets a fair crack of the whip. The new Telstra chief didn't spend too long in regional areas - he's now back in Brisbane after his quick tour. A former senior ASIO officer has warned there may be up to 60 people in terror cells planning attacks in Australia. He's urged the public to photograph anyone acting suspiciously. Michael Roach is a 30-year-old ASIO veteran, now a private security consultant. He's told the ABC terror networks are operating in Sydney and Melbourne. Perhaps the number is around 50 or 60 in Australia that are working in separate cells. The threat is real. The Federal Police agree. He's close to the figure that I'm aware of. We are aware of the people who should be under surveillance and the right thing is being done in relation to them. Michael Roach says only 10% of Australians known to have trained overseas at terror camps have ever been charged, some of the remainder still active. They are divided into groups within the cell structures. For example, having the coordinator of the group down to those people who will actually deliver the bomb. He's also urged the public and transport security officers to be more vigilant to try to head off a suicide attack before it occurs. What the train officials need to be looking for is somebody standing in the corner, somebody who's holding onto their backpack, somebody who's looking really concerned and anxious. The aftermath of the London bombings proved the immense value of mobile phone cameras and video taken by members of the public. Controversially, Michael Roach wants Australians to photograph fellow passengers they regard as suspicious. If you can take a photograph of the person who's wearing the backpack or carrying the briefcase, that has fitted the criteria, yes, that photo could be invaluable should anything occur. Greg Turnbull, Ten News. There's a major sports story breaking tonight - the rugby league star Andrew Johns has slammed suggestions he's quitting Australia for big money in in England. Johns has signed to play for Warrington in the English Super League and risks missing a major match for Australia. I'm not motivated by money, really, I'm on a fair whack here. I'd stay here and enjoy the summer. I could be off surfing. More on this a little later in 'Sports Tonight'. After the break - Mr Mulholland, why did you take that 14-year-old girl? No comment, mate, thank you. a netball coach freed on bail until sentencing over a relationship with a girl. Also tonight - why this little girl fears for her future, but what happened at her school that's shocked her family.

I can't sleep. It feels like being kicked in the stomach. And why doctors are urging parents to immunise their children against chicken pox now and not wait until November when it's free. If you can possibly afford it, children should be immunised as soon as possible.

A netball coach has faced court after a weekend away with a 14-year-old girl. 37-year-old Graham Mulholland admitted assaulting his wife and breaching an apprehended violence order to stay away from the teenager. Mr Mulholland, why did you take that 14-year-old girl? No comment, mate, thank you. The factory worker took the teenager on a road trip around NSW after a fight with his wife about the girl. The teenager told police she shared a double bed with the coach, but denied having sex. A 5-year-old says she fears for her life after stabbing her hand on a used syringe at a school. Her shocked family is demanding answers. Every moment for the next six months Naomi Fraser will be left wondering if her 5-year-old daughter has contracted a potentially deadly disease. I can't sleep. It feels like I've been kicked in the stomach. Little Rhianna also struggling to understand what's happened. I think I'm going to die. Rhianna was playing outside the library at Thornlands Primary School on Monday when she innocently picked up a bag containing three used syringes, piercing her skin as she took the needles to the office. I was horrified. It's every parent's worst nightmare to be told your child has been pricked with a used needle. Rhianna's already had tests for HIV, and hepatitis A, B and C. But it'll be six months before they know if she's been infected. To make matters worse, other parents have phoned, saying they don't want their children playing with Rhianna. I feel she's going to be alienated and eventually she's going to not like going there. Thornlands school officials refused to comment today but Education Queensland has confirmed another syringe was found at the school earlier this year. Naomi is angry parents weren't warned. I'm absolutely furious at that school. They never once sent a note home to any parent. Naomi's praying Rhianna gets the all clear but she also wants to warn other parents about potential playground dangers. I'm talking in the hope this never happens to another family or another child ever again. Michelle Rieken, Ten News. A warning for parents tonight not to put off immunising their children against chicken pox. Many still risk becoming infected before the shots become free in November. It's a common illness affecting 200,000 children each year. And while in most cases chickenpox is not life-threatening, many parents are putting off immunising their young ones, waiting for November 1, when the procedure will be free. But doctors have warned against delaying. If you can possibly afford it, children should be immunised as soon as possible. The national vaccination plan offers children turning 18 months and those aged between 10 and 13 free immunisation. But until then, their parents have to fork out $50 for the shots. $50 is a lot of money. I can perfectly see why people would want to delay. Any parent who puts off vaccinating their child should heed medical advice and get the vaccination done when the doctor says it's needed. While the seasonal epidemic affects hundreds of thousands of kids yearly, only 1% are hospitalised. Despite this, doctors are urging parents to immunise their children to avoid infection later in life where the symptoms are far more severe and even fatal. While some mothers are tempted to hold off, many are not prepared to take the risk. For two months, I'd probably wait to get it for free. For six months, I wouldn't. If you can afford to do it, do it because it could save your baby's life. Kathryn Robinson, Ten News. After the break - a man falls from a ferris wheel, but did he survive the tumble down? The book that tells the story behind the songs - how some of Australia's best music was created. And in 'Sports Tonight', meet the Aussie teenage baseballer set to take the American Major League by storm. # Hey, where's my Weet-Bix? # There are real Sanitarium Weet-Bix... ..and there are cheaper copies. But only wholegrain Sanitarium Weet-Bix provides double the zinc and six times more folate to help young bodies grow, and twice the iron to fuel muscles and energy. So, to be your best, there's only one Sanitarium Weet-Bix. # ..Weet-Bix for breakfast every day... # # Hope you had your Weet-Bix. # This program is captioned live. An amazing escape for a man who fell from a ferris wheel. Police say 31-year-old Caleb Hill slipped from his seat 15 metres up when the ride stopped to take on more passengers. He's disabled, and was with a carer who caught his hand, but he was too heavy and slid from her grip. He clung to metal bars several metres below until rescuers climbed up to him. They secured him until he could be brought back to safety, suffering minor cuts and bruises. To finance news, and we're joined by Tom Piotrowski at Commonwealth Securities. No surprises, Tom, for the Reserve Bank? That's right, Deborah. An interest rate decision just wasn't on the cards today, and that's likely to remain the case for the remainder of this year. Although, because we've seen a run of strong economic readings lately, including jobs growth, there is a growing sense that the economy is going to gather pace in the latter part of this year, and that means that interest rates will certainly return to the spotlight at the beginning of next year. And more good news from the building sector too? That's right. June building approvals surprised the market with their strength today. The market was expecting a fall of about 1%, but what we got instead was a rise of almost 1%. Particularly strong was commercial building activity and renovations soared by about 9%. So this comes on the heels of yesterday's announcement that the NSW State Government would abolish the 2.5% vendor tax on investment properties. Thank you, Tom. Tom Piotrowski at Commonwealth Securities. Another bearish day saw the Australian share market retreat further, the All Ordinaries shedding 17 points. The secrets behind Australia's best songs are being revealed in a new book about the country's music history. Some of the biggest names in music getting together for the star-studded launch. They've written some of the biggest hits in Australian music history. But how did they write them? And what's the real story behind the songs we fans hold so close to our hearts? A new book called 'Songwriters Speak' answers those questions. And at the book's launch at Glen Shorrock's place last night, these tunesmiths got to compare notes. It's a wonderful journey. I remember the first time I heard a song of mine on the radio, it was mind-numbing. Mental As Anything had trouble with their first hit. (Sings) # The nips are getting bigger # We got menacing letters from America saying, "You can't talk about women's parts like that. "That's shocking - with the nips are getting bigger - "you can't talk about women's parts." The book also features behind-the-scenes song writers who have written number ones for other artists. Terry Britton is a classic case. He was in The Twilights, a really famous group here in Australia in the '60s. He went over to England in the '70s and he wrote 'Devil Woman' for Cliff Richard, which was a huge, worldwide hit. For a country with a relatively small population, our roster of successful songwriters is huge. But ask any one of them to pick their own favourite song and it's like asking them to choose between their own children. Probably 'Because I Love You' - you know, do what you want to do, be what you want to be. Because it's become a bit of an anthem. And maybe 'Turn Up Your Radio' as well, which is a rocker. Not a bad little tune. The song that probably means the most because of the way audiences react to it is probably 'Little Ray of Sunshine' I would imagine. # Oh, my little ray of sunshine # It's one of those songs that touches people. They relate to it and that's one of the great joys of being a song writer. Angela Bishop, Ten News. The weather's next and then it's 'Sports Tonight' with Ryan Phelan, And Ryan, injury woes in the AFL. Yes Deb, and they couldn't have come at a worse time for two teams who are struggling to stay in the finals race. Another massive blow for the Cats - Cameron Mooney likely to be sidelined until September with a back problem. And Richmond's rising star Brett Deledio falls victim to a tough training session. And more woes for England ahead of the second Ashes Test. The day's sport is next. Don't let a headache spoil the fun. You can get faster pain relief with Advil Liquid Capsules - so effective they can relieve headache up to 14 minutes faster than paracetamol tablets. From headache to muscle ache, trust Advil Liquid Capsules. This program is captioned live. Before we go, a quick look at tomorrow's weather. More showers are expected in Cairns, rain developing in Brisbane and Sydney, clearing showers for Adelaide, A revealing look at Jennifer Aniston A revealing look at Jennifer Aniston and her side of the bitter bust-up with Brad Pitt. The former 'Friends' star has dropped her guard - and her clothing - for an exclusive interview and photo shoot with 'Vanity Fair' magazine. The actress says she was shocked and confused when her marriage fell apart, but denies it was all because she refused to have children. Jen confesses she met Pitt's new love Angelina Jolie only once, and that was before the pair started filming their latest movie, 'Mr & Mrs Smith'. At that meeting, she told the actress she hoped she and Brad had a "really good time" filming the flick. That is the latest from Ten News. Stay with us - 'Sports Tonight' with Ryan Phelan is next. I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. From the Late News team, goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.