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(generated from captions) Nine News for this Tuesday. I'm Mark Ferguson. That's National Here's Ray. This program is captioned live. to A Current Affair. Thank you and welcome Now they're turning a candid camera imaginable - on some of the strangest behaviour with obsessive compulsive disorders a house full of people

become stars of reality TV. Putting

diso de into t disorder into three people with this

disorder into the same house, it disorder into th same house, Yt

does sound a bit voiuristic. disorder into the same house, it Also tonight - angry confrontation. over costly loans for cars Customers hitting back Customers hitti g back

that aren't fit to drive. and takeaway - Plus, testing the fat in fast foods you can still eat and stay healthy. we'll show you what favourites e ll show you what favourites

of your own fears or obsessions. Imagine being a prisoner bizarre behaviour day in and day out. Imagine being driven to repeat of obsessive compulsive disorders. Welcome to the world a glimpse Hollywood and Jack Nicholson gave us at this extraordinary condition 'As Good As It Gets.' in the Oscar-winning film up their lives to the cameras. Now real life sufferers have opened I wouldn't wish it on anyone. It can permeate everything about your life, and just effect everything pretty horrific.

She's obsessed by dripping taps. She can't stop washing up. And she even vacuums the vacuum. obsessive compulsive disorder They all suffer from or obsessions, where persistent, unwelcome thoughts, repetitive, excessive rituals, cause victims to carry out or compulsions. of Australians who from suffer it. Lisa Byrne is one of thousands Checking the tap wasn't dripping, checking the doors were locked, or even unplugged that electrical appliances were off because you get to the point from the wall to be happy. where you have to remove it of the disorder lived together So what would happen if sufferers and it was all captured on camera?

will be their home NARRATOR: The OCD house of their obsessions. until they are cured fly-on-the-wall documentary, In this remarkable British had everything they did filmed three obsessive compulsive victims Big Brother-style. Can't touch anybody. 'cause can't touch anybody. Can't sleep with my husband I very rarely go out. I can't cook. I can't open the front door. I can't pick up the post. I can't have a shower. I can't have a bath. I never shop. Wendy has an irrational fear of coming into contact with shiny flecks of dirt or glitter. I'd wash, sometimes I'd say to my husband, "Is it enough?" how sure are you? and he would say "100%." And he would say in percentage terms to wash her hands constantly. Sophie's overcome by a desire This is my chain. and won't touch any pens or pencils Gerry chains himself to bed at night to a crime he's never committed. for fear he will write a confession OCD is a false friend. safe if only you could do this stuff It tells you you can make yourself and keeps on promising and it promises the more it takes. and the more you give Britain's leading expert on OCD, Professor Paul Shalkovskis, came up with the radical idea. He and a top team of therapists hope the three housemates will confront their nightmares and overcome their illness. We are going to help them push themselves and that's what's really important. And I am confident these are people who will push themselves to the point of cure.

If I didn't stop her she'd carry on until her gums would bleed. I think it is a great treatment intervention, particularly for people who've got quite resistant OCD who have been treated in all other possible avenues. Clinical psychologist Professor Don Jeffreys treats Australian patients with OCD. He says the documentary is a positive way of educating the public about the disorder.

I pull up my sleeves and then I go

like that and start doing that and

shoes. I look at the soul soles of my

that's rather serious Is this not turning something into light entertainment? it's light entertainment. No, I don't think of how bad OCD can get I think it's a serious expression for some people and that it can indeed be treated. But isn't it a bit voyeuristic, who are essentially ill? watching people it's educating the public It might be but at the same time

this condition has on people's lives that on the level of compromisation and secondly they can be treated. Come on! Brilliant. During the experiment Sophie is forced to confront her horror of germs. I have not washed my hands and they have been round the inside of a toilet. Gerry is encouraged to overcome his fear of writing a letter and posting it. I nearly pulled it back but I didn't, I let it go. And as for Wendy. That's wrong with the glitter? But to me that's my bogey man. I think you are doing amazingly well. Do you think this is good? I think it's fantastic. If it continues in this way I am optimistic of all of these. about the long-term prospects their long-term goals. I think they will make Wendy is up at dawn. The following morning She's had a panic attack achieve sinks in. as the enormity of what she's suffering the same disorder Is it wise to put three people in the same house together? shown in other studies, Yes, and I think this has been these people understand each other in treatment. and they can be cooperative I hope they do it well

three people with this disorder but from the idea of putting or in the same house to deal with it into the same room I can't see that that's such a good idea. It does sound a bit voyeuristic.

Back home, Lisa, who believes she's now 90% recovered thanks to drug therapy, isn't convinced.

And for me I needed the support of people who didn't have the disorder so I think that's something that would be very odd to be living with other people who have, you know, special needs as they are recovering

and it doesn't sound to me like such a good idea. So can you see a house of the obsessive compulsives coming to a suburb near you? Yes, I can imagine that and in some ways our treatment centres of OCD in this country we treat people very much the same way. form of therapy. Elise Mooney there with an intriguing Alright, remember this teenager? for a car loan A single mum on welfare signed up nearly $22,000. that will eventually cost her A loan she can't afford. only a fraction of what she was told. And even worse, the car is worth last week, Well, since we exposed that rort

with more horror stories other victims have come forward about the same company. Do we all look happy? We are far from happy. is "magic happens" The slogan at Motor Wizard Finance only found misery. but these furious customers The Wizard is part of a circus

and that's exactly what they're running here, a circus. And Bozo is just too shy or cowardly and gutless to come out and show your face. Do you even have a soul? Of course I do. Of course you don't. Manager Richard Burgess is the one they're calling Bozo. We confronted him last week with another unhappy customer but today Mr Burgess and his staff locked himself inside. Your upstart little salesperson. Where's Paul? "Oh, everything will be fine, Sharon, you won't have a problem "with this car." Apart from the lemon citrus that it's coasted in, hey, Richard! the battery blew up In the first week which cost me $110 straight away. In the second week it broke down to the RACQ and I had to fork out $250 and an extra $80 for towing costs. for her car Sharon Hills is paying over $13,000 and in eight weeks in repairs. it's already cost her $1,000 what you've bought here? How would you describe A dud. I'd like to throttle them, it's wrecked my life, from my children. it's taken things away on opportunities now They're missing out because I don't have the means to get them around. Single mum Sam Brownlaw and her three children are back to catching the bus because the car she bought from Motor Wizard Finance caught fire. Yeah, it's unrepairable, they've written it off. And this was caused by faulty wiring? Yep. Had you complained about the wiring? I had rung numerous times and I just got hung up on. Why are you so ashamed to represent the company you work for? And you're the man that threatened to knock my block off just because I wanted repairs done. Holly Kellaway and her partner Michael are paying $17,000 for this car from Motor Wizard off the road than on. which Holly says has spent more time the head gasket And when Motor Wizard repaired

wrapped in gaffer tape. this is how it came back - It's an absolute rip off, for it. it's not worth a cent we paid It's dodgey, dodgey, dodgey. and I've brought it on. You told me to bring it on Come out and represent the business. who bought a car she was told Then there's Andrea Scott ran on LPG as well as petrol the safety certificate, but in spite of what was on by the Transport Department. the LPG tank was not passed So Andrea, how would you describe the car you bought from Motor Wizard Finance? Literally as a bomb especially with the LPG tank in it being out of date and everything that could have blown at any time with my 8-year-old son and I in the vehicle. Do you feel ripped off? Definitely for sure, they have no regards whatsoever for people's safety. All of these people are battlers who chose Motor Wizard because of the promise of interest-free loans. b cause of th promise But some like single mum of five Lorraine Young find when they can't make the payment Motor Wizard repossesses the car. Last December they came back and repossessed it for $8. You owed $8?

Just $8. And they repossessed the car? As far as I was aware they couldn't do it for $8 but when I went and spoke to the finance company they said, "If you are only a dollar behind we can take the car." Only a dollar? Do you think there's any excuse for the way they treated you, Lorraine? No, there's not.

And they should be held accountable for what they've done. Why are you too afraid to come out and talk to them? MAN: Because I'm doing things properly and efficiently and professionally.

Well, you sold them a car which was a lemon. If you've been knocked back for finance anywhere else we'll give it to you. Debbie works for Motor Wizard and says they buy cars at auction, sell them for three times what they paid

mostly to welfare recipients who can't afford the loans.

She saw 40 repossessed in six weeks. I rarely saw a vehicle leave the yard that didn't have to come back. There were warranty issues that weren't sorted out or promises made on things that would be done on the vehicle before it was picked up or before, the term is, delivered from the sale that wasn't carried out. Don't sign. Don't sign. Instead of facing the music they called the police who told us one of the owners of the car yard, Rod James, seen here in a previous story, would speak to us if we went to his Gold Coast office. Rod James? Yes, I've got Rod's name on the... I spoke to him briefly on the phone in there

and he said as far as he's concerned he's very happy to talk to you on camera but down there and not here.

Sorry, office is closed. We've got an appointment with Mr James. the office is closed. No, you don't have an appointment, e ff ce s c osed Well, I do, I just called him on the phone and he told me to come down. No, sorry, he didn't. Well, I'm telling you he did. When we got to the Southport office security guards stopped us. Off the premise now. Don't touch me. That is your third warning. You will be removed now! Lady, off the premises. What kind of a business treats its customers this way? That's called physical assault, punk. Twice with eight witnesses. How's your job? Chris Allen reporting there. And that business has now contacted the people we interviewed and offered to fix their problems provided they sign documents contradicting their complaints to us. How's that for hide?

And just so there's no confusion, Motor Finance Wizard has absolutely no connection with Wizard Home Loans. Like the people in that story, if you have a major gripe on any subject,

let us know about them and we'll see if we can help. Just send an email to: Or give us a call. Now to Schapelle Corby, whose re-opened trial resumes tomorrow in Bali.

The last chance may rest with the

flashy Jakarta lawer Hotman Paris.

Today he slowed down long enough for a chat. Today he talked with our own David Margan. All those are diamonds? Yeah. They're big diamonds? Yeah. How many carats in the ring? 14. I'm also told when you're in Jakarta you have two handguns strapped to your body. I've got them with me now, all the time. I even carry their sleep and everywhere. You've got one strapped on you now? Yeah, I've got one in here. He's brash, ostentatious and flamboyant. Hotman has made it big in the corrupt world of Indonesian bankruptcy and commercial law. I already work 23 years, most of my money all from my sweat, not from my corrupt, you know. Hotman says he's taken on all this for free.

Why are you doing it if not for the money? To make you success as a lawyer, money is number two. Number one is you have to like the game. The game? The game. If you win you will be famous and the money will come automatically. But the Federal Justice Minister, Chris Ellison, is not so fond of Hotman or his methods. ELLISON: I've asked him some questions as to what he's done in relation to video link evidence, for instance,

and I've yet to receive a reply from him so it's been very frustrating dealing with him. This is all my letters, this is all my letter to your government, OK. So if they said that we haven't done much, that's bullshit. This is all my letter. He accuses the Australian Government of not fighting for Schapelle, of being too bureaucratic. No matter how I present the case, as the government, you must be happy if we could free Corby. No matter how we do it. We just help us to do it, that's the key point. Help us to do it, OK? You had a meeting with some witnesses this morning, Qantas employees, a baggage handler and a ticketing clerk, as I understand it, how did that meeting go? I think the response is very positive and as to the detail I cannot give that we release that tomorrow. Are they really going to help, though?

But we do increase reasonable doubt, that's our strategy. Increase reasonable doubt? Yeah.

What about the fellow William Miller who claims he was the one who was suppose to collect the marijuana in Sydney? As a lawyer, anybody who come forward we have to listen and we -

that's why we need somebody to help us in Australia to interview him. You initially said you had no doubt about his story

but Miller's own lawyer described Miller as "a total bullshit artist, "a man who would say anything to make a buck." That's why in my letter including today, I sent to your government, this is all the witness we need, can you talk to them before we decide which one. They say this is the eleventh hour, it's too late? Before there are so many letter I send them. So nothing in is new.

The war of words goes on and mystery witnesses come and go and evaporate like ghosts. According to the High Court, it is our obligation to bring the witness we cannot ask the court to summon them. No other witness from Australia? So far only two today. And no video link set up for tomorrow? Because we got no witness yet from your country. So you're going to fight for her? Of course, otherwise why do I come here already fully sweat today and I have spent two hours with Qantas to debate, to discuss, you know, and that's the way of my handling cases, you know. The more complicated this the more I like it. You going to get her out? I'm still optimistic, at least to reduce. "Or at least reduced", by that he means Schapelle's 20-year jail sentence might be reduced to a shorter term. David Margan there in Bali. Coming up - how do your favourite fast foods measure up when it comes to healthy eating? Did you get your car insurance renewal in the mail? MAN: A what? A mule?! I-I didn't get a mule in the mail! A RENEWAL! The ad says AAMI can save you money. DOOR OPENS Save me money? Get into Kmart for 20% off your favourite underwear, socks, hosiery and sleepwear brands. That's 20% off all men's, women's and kids' underwear, socks, hosiery and sleepwear. Sale ends Wednesday, so get into Kmart now. Fast food usually gets a bad rap when it comes to healthy eating. Many of the big companies are changing that, by offering low fat options and salads. So we've asked a leading nutritionist to weigh up the relative merits of the most popular types of take-away. What is your favourite fast food?

Mmm, Hungry Jacks.

Red Rooster. What is my favourite fast food? KFC.

Pizza Hut is good. Mmm, when I'm in a really gluttony mood I go for something like Maccas or KFC chips. What does that taste like, Matt? Um. Good? Yep. I get home and I'm tired and like it's just so much more convenient sometimes than getting out there and cooking. Like plenty of us, the Burgess family from Melbourne are fast food fans. For Jake we've got McDonald's, Matthew's Kentucky, Jeff's pizza and I'm Chinese. Shane, if fast food is so bad for us why does it taste so good? Well, it contains large amounts of saturated fat. It contains large amounts of sugar, combine them together and you've got a great recipe for taste. While many of the big fast food chains are offering low-fat alternatives, nutritionist Shane Bilsborough says

we can still eat our old favourites and be healthy. That's the thing we really want people to be conscious of - making better choices when they're dining out or when they're buying fast food. Tonight, we'll compare the fat content of different fast foods, then show you how to make them healthier. But even before you order, you should know how much fat you should have in your daily diet. 50 grams is a good ballpark figure to work with.

OK, Shane, we've got the whopper with cheese, the Big Mac and the burger from the hamburger shop - which is best? Well, the whopper with cheese contains an enormous 46 grams, roughly 46 grams of fat,

the Big Mac cooked in canola oil, plant fat which is a lot healthier about 24 grams of fat. And from the local fish and chip shop you've got your 20 grams of fat. Now if you lose your cheese and lose your bacon

you can cut that down to 10 grams of fat, so much better choice. What about chicken, do you like Red Rooster, KFC or Nandos? Nandos. KFC because the food tastes good, yeah. KFC five pack in original, half a Red Rooster chicken and then we've got the Nandos skin on and skin off. Well, with KFC you've got about 72 grams of fat, which is massive. That's way over your 50 daily limit. Absolutely, yes. You've got your Red Rooster you've got 23 grams of fat, the Nandos skin on you've got about 20 and skin off, big difference, you've got about 12. OK, so it seems like the Nandos skin off is the best option. It's a good option. The other thing also is if you're going to have any of these have half your Red Rooster chicken, have one or two pieces of your KFC, have a salad with it, it's all about making lifestyle choices not about over consuming. Do you like Pizza Hut, Dominos or you know like a pizza store? Pizza store. Why? Because they're bigger and they put more stuff on it. Shane, you're sitting at home watching the footy, if you want a pizza,

we've got a pan fried super supreme from Pizza Hut,

Dominos supreme a d gourmet pizza on the end, which is the best option? The Pizza Hut pizza contains about 30 grams of fat for two slices. Two slices? That's right, it's a lot, isn't it? What if you eat the whole pizza? 120 grams, that's a huge amount. Dominos we've got about 27 grams for two slices which is once again a lot. Your gourmet pizza we've got 10 grams for two slices. But Shane, what if you're a real fan of Dominos or you're a fan of Pizza Hut pizza, can you make these healthier? Well, you can when you ring up for your pizza just order less cheese, less meat, more vegetable toppings or the other thing is just don't eat the whole pizza, have a few slices with a salad or some vegetables. Shane, what about Indian, Thai and Chinese? Well, that's very interesting

because most of the time we're focused on the fast foods, the Maccas, the Hungry Jack's, but let's have a look at what these contain - butter chicken 90 grams of fat, that's massive.

The green curry 80 grams of fat, the crispy skin chicken 60 grams of fat. Is there a way to make this stuff healthier? Well, there is. The butter chicken is based in cream so let's stay away from the cream. The Thai green curry is based in coconut milk, so let's avoid the coconut milk,

and the crispy skin chicken - deep fried chicken, let's avoid that. Is one fast food healthier than another?

Yeah, like if you put Subway and Hungry Jack's, Subway's definitely better. Shane, everyone says that Subway is a healthy option, I've gone the foot-long meatball special. Would you believe that has more fat in it than a Big Mac? If you want to eat healthy at Subway, your six subs - under six grams of fat - and make sure they're six inches. So it's OK to eat fast food sometimes? Sometimes. Sometim s.

What constitutes sometimes? Once a week, once every two weeks, that's reality, It's not going to go away and so eating it now and then a huge iffe ence is not going to make a huge difference Ben McCormack with that report. Coming up, more on that disqualified drink driver, who never learns. 'JUST BE HAPPY' TUNE PLAYS TO RELAXING MUSIC Right now at Target, get 20%-40% off manchester and a huge range of homewares.

MAN: The new Chilled Juice from Golden Circle.

A taste so good you may never squeeze oranges again.

Let's update you now on some developments in our ongoing investigation into disqualified drink drivers

who blatantly ignore the law. Remember this from last night. The message in Australia is "drink drive, get off." Meet Lyndon Johnson. Unlike his namesake, hardly presidential material. So you don't care that you're flaunting the.. Watch as he leaves the court after his third conviction for drink-driving while already disqualified.

10 minutes after losing his licence for three years, he gets into his car and drives off.

This person has no repsect at all for the law. Get off the roads, mate. Hop in this taxi here, go back to work and I'll pay for the taxi. I don't want your money. Well, the man we caught red-handed, Lyndon Johnson, has now been tracked down by police. They say he will be interviewed later this week. Not before time. Meanwhile, our story continues to cause a stir - the Queensland Government announced today it's considering confiscating the cars of disqualified drivers, who re-offend. Alright, last night we met two women convinced that discrimination is alive and well in the Australian workforce. They believe bosses .5aren't giving them a fair go because of the the way they look. Well, a teenager looking for a bit of part-time work feels

she's also being judged unfairly. We apologise for this break in caption transmission.

How many jobs have you applied for?

How many jobs have you applied for? 20. How did you go? I've had three

interviews an one acknowledgment.

How did you go in the interviews? I

felt as though they were judging

felt as though they were judging me. What do you mean? I felt as

me. What do you mean? I felt as though they were looking up and

down as though I wasn't suitable

for their standards. Do you really

for their standards. Do you really

for their standards. Do you really feel that? I feel as though because

I'm not skinny I haven't been

emloied. It's because of how you

look and not who you are? I think

that's one of the main factors. How

that's one of the main factors. How do oyou feel about nah? It's

intimidating and fraus straiting.

intimidating and fraus straiting. Discrimination is still in the

workplace. Yes, doi feel that a

girl's size does matter these days

but what can we do. There was a

time when I just decided that I

time when I just decided that I just wouldn't eat at all trying to

lose weight so I could try and get

lose weight so I could try and get a job. That's a terrible thing to have to th nk

have to think about when you're 16.

It is. Now it's only casual after

school work she wants. Remember,

she's 16. That age when body image

and peer group pressure is

everything. Lindsay, you've got

awards coming out of your awards,

awards coming out of your awards, awards coming out of your awards, you're a real go getter, aren't you?

you're a real go getter, aren't you?

you're a real go getter, aren't you? I try to get as many skills as I

can. This award winning,

multitalented teenager simply

can't understand why her positive can't understand why her positive

can't understand why her positive attitude and list of achievements

is constantly overshad oed by

is constantly overshad oed by appearance. We were talking to two

appearance. We were talking to two women last night who had exactly

the same problem. You know, it's

not based on the size of a person

or how they look, it's or how t ey look, it's the

or how they look, it's the matter of

or how they look, it's the matter of

or how they look, it's the matter of their skills and all we need is a

fair go. Positive reaction to the

plight of lana and Veronica on our

program last night was one of the

reasons Lindsay decided to take up

reasons Lindsay decided to take up the fight today. How do you know

it's the size you're not getting

these jobs. You can tell by the way

these jobs. You can tell by the way the employer looks you up and down.

It should be about the skills you

have. Just take them on their

values and you may be surprised. I

don't think there's any surprises

with Lindsay, if you get Lindsay

you get a bargain, don't you? We think so. Chris Hill reporting. Okay, these are average people with simple advice on how to achieve the Great Australian Dream of owning a home. No experts here, this is real life experience, showing you how to save tens of thousands and slash years off your mortgage. Paying off your mortgage in record time isn't that hard.

I mean, you can save $50,000 off your mortgage just like that. My goal is to pay off my mortgage by the time I turn 30. You should be able to do it seven years or less. I knew from quite a young age that I wanted to do something like this. Anything's achievable. That story tomorrow night, plus a special report on what's fuelling the increasing violence in our streets, pubs, clubs, even shopping malls. Look forward to your company then. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.