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(generated from captions) is moving to assert his authority. Morris Iemma without neglecting his family. is determined to run the State But the devoted father of four Sydney's struggling rail system. His next challenge - for investment properties. the controversial vendor tax Morris Iemma today scrapped getting straight down to business. our new Premier But first this evening, new hope for Schapelle Corby. And Qantas employees bringing on the space shuttle. Also tonight, vital repair work Good evening. over an abduction hoax. And police furious as husband and father. I am not handing in my resignation over an abduction hoax. And police furious family values a priority. The new leader promises to keep Premier Iemma outlines his agenda. Tonight - getting down to business - This program is captioned live.

in the short-term? What else can we expect most hated tax. and you've abolished the State's Premier, five minutes in the job And Morris Iemma joins us now live. Paul Mullins, Ten News. will be sworn-in tomorrow. Morris Iemma and his team as husband and father. I am not handing my resignation in as Premier of NSW, On the day that I am elected family-responsible Premier. But the day belonged to the new in the average steak house. is more knife work than you'll see What we've seen in the last week My decision totally. This my decision, my timing. But he denies he was pushed. he had refused to budge. Up until today generational change at the top. to allow what was called as did Morris Iemma, as Deputy Premier, Dr Refshauge to step aside The party machine had wanted Andrew Refshauge. of Deputy Premier and Treasurer the sudden resignation from politics a bombshell, An hour before the Caucus meeting to him or his family. and little care for what happened no redundancy, with one company and no pay-out, 20 years of hard work the recessions of the 1980s. when he lost his job during the time I spent with my father I remember with some bitterness relations laws in the High Court. the Howard Government's industrial And a pledge to fight The Premier-elect's other priorities: on or after today. effective from all contracts vendor duty will be abolished, I announce today that the on property investment. scrapping the hated vendor duty the first decision - still to be announced, With the Cabinet shake-up This is the great day of my life. Elated, elated. emerges as the State's 40th Premier. the son of Italian immigrants, Morris Iemma, to its immediate future. from Labor's recent past the bitterness of the battle smiles all round be-lying Inside the Caucus room of Treasurer. and taking on the added role Elected unopposed as Premier

time tonight. mine. Thank you Premier for your today is as much their day as it is good education and to succeed. And giving me the opportunity for a Building a life for themselves and week and my mother five day as week. in factorys. My father six days a have in Italy. And they worked hard life, a life that they couldn't came here in 1960 seek ago better the son of migrant Italians who bloke, from the suburbs of Sydney, know about you? I'm an ordinary that much about you What should we without the public really knowing Stkpwhruf' prison to the job that I neglect my family. people of NSW my all doesn't mean happens as Premier. Giving the determined to ensure that also portfolio in government and I'm But the biggest and toughest approach as minister for health. for the last two years taken that I'm determined to do that. I have that by neglecting my family. And But it ought not to mean that I do hard as I can for the people of NSW. the job as Premier in working as be a balance, certainly in doing there for my family. There ought to father and husband, I'll still be make time to make sure that as a and political life? I'm going to father. How will you balance family your resignation of husband and premer, you won't be handing in the leading State. You've said at extra economic activity to keep NSW activity and action and generating economic activity and I am about Clearly it has been a hand brake on to generate economic activity. remove the vendor duty is designed for the government. The decision to that will be a focus and a priority reliability of our transport system, We have a plan to improve the excellent minister in John Watkins. the top priorities. We have an transport service. That's one of improving the reliability of our Well we can expect a focus on

a 10-year-old girl at Baulkham Hills, abduction attempts in under a week - investigating three genuine Resources are already stretched It's a hoax police didn't need. nearly 2,000 known paedophiles. Investigators targeting in less than a week, are genuine. another three abduction attempts, But police believe in Sydney's west. over a hoax kidnapping A 17-year-old girl may be charged the same boat. $24,000. He's one of thousands in settling tomorrow and the tax was a gentleman today and he's settled will pay the old tax. I had exchanged contracts but not the decision Even vendors who money. Very upset and annoyed with considering action to recover his tax just days ago. He's now forking out $11,000 on the vendor not so sweet. Investor, Richard Lee prices. But for some, the news is not see, and that is an increase in turnover, not prices. What we will is only likely to impact on says the decision is a good one, it While the retail institute of NSW of the investors coming back home. confidence and you will see a lot can invest in NSW again with Queensland. People know that they funds across the border to saying it will stop the flow of has applauded the first decision today onwards. The property council for all contracts exchanged from activity. Of the swift decision is activity and I am about generating The vendor tax became a break on about stimulating economic growth. .25% tax imposed last year is says the decision to abolish the 2 market and most investors. Mr Iemma welcome relief to the property controversial vendor's tax, a Premier's decision to axe the Here one day, gone the next The left fuming. Those who recently paid the levy But not everyone's happy. now the vendor tax is no more. to return to the property market Investors are expected

she was bundled into a car may be charged with lying. Police have put today's setback behind them and remain focused on catching what the Commissioner calls "vile perpetrators". There is nothing more abhorrent to a community than offences against its children. He's allocated special forensic teams and criminal analysts to determine if a gang of child-snatchers is at work. Investigators are also keeping a close eye on convicted paedophiles. There's nearly 2,000 of them spread across the State and each month 40 more paedophiles are released from prison. And police, I can absolutely assure you, do knock on doors and in old police terminology do tug on a few coats to indicate clearly to those people that we know who they are and where they're living. Many parents living in Guildford have already taken quick action to protect their children. We do the walks to the classroom and we'll wait outside the classroom the 17-year-old girl who claimed a different investigation - is now under at Greenacre But a fourth reported attempt and an 11-year-old boy at Guildford. a 5-year-old girl at Balgowlah and pick them up. I just won't take any chances any more. Even just to play outside in the front yard, I'm quite vigilant about where they play. Talk to your children. Talk to your children. Don't pretend that this isn't an issue that exists in our community. Dan Nolan, Ten News. Schapelle Corby has finally got the help from Australia she's been begging for. Two Qantas staff have arrived in Bali to give evidence in the appeal on her drug conviction. Two Qantas employees who were on duty when Schapelle Corby boarded her flight last October in Brisbane have arrived in Bali to give evidence. Qantas has agreed to assist the Corby defence, allowing the check-in officer and a baggage handler who carried her boogie board bag to tell the court what they know. With them - a company lawyer and a security guard. They were joined by an Indonesian lawyer retained by the airline. Under a deal with Qantas, Corby's lawyer, Hotman Paris Hutapea, won't name the men until they appear in court or comment on the evidence he hopes they will give, but his strategy is clear. To increase the reasonable doubt that nothing suspicious when Corby checked in. As time runs out for Miss Corby her lawyers will ask for a further adjournment in the hope of arranging evidence via satellite from a Victorian prisoner called Paul who allegedly names former convict Ronny Viganza as the owner of the drugs. Viganza denies any knowledge of the marijuana. But there's been no agreement so far over indemnity for the prisoner. In a bitter row, Hotman Hutapea attacked Justice Minister Chris Ellison, claiming the Australian Government hadn't done enough to help. This is all my letter to your government. So if they said we haven't done much, that's bullshit. Senator Ellison is heading for Jakarta but there's no meeting scheduled with the lawyers. In Bali, Schapelle Corby's mother is still hoping for a miracle that will see her daughter freed. John Hill, Ten News. A look ahead to sport with Tim Webster and the Sharks hunting the player who leaked stories of discontent. Jess, they're not happy one of their own has spilled the beans over player rumblings of discontent about the coach Stuart Raper. Outwardly, though, the Sharks presented a happy unified front at training today, despite their season teetering on the edge. Raper's view on where things stand shortly. And another coach under fire - Wallabies mentor Eddie Jones arriving home from the controversial tour of South Africa with critics calling for his axing. In sport, we'll outline the coaching stats that have Jones under fire. Also the ruling that's cost one of the NRL's leading referee's his spot this weekend. Still to come - a jailed woman testifies against her former lover in the body in the boot case. Also tonight - breaking her silence. A widow speaks out after her husband's shocking death. And the controversial safeguard that keeps killing Gold Coast whales. Get into Kmart This program is captioned live. A grieving widow could sue the North Sydney Council after her husband was crushed to death when a tree fell on their car in Crows Nest. Today she spoke publicly for the first time since the tragedy. 63-year-old Jill Houghton has lost her soul mate, but she can't remember the accident that killed her husband of 25 years. They were driving home after shopping three Sundays ago when strong winds brought down a eucalyptus tree, crushing their four-wheel drive - instantly killing 67-year-old Tom Fisher. The aspects I'll miss - the way he used to look at me, which was... She spent three days in intensive care at Royal North Shore Hospital with extensive head injuries requiring more than 50 stitches. Her liver was torn, three vertebra broken, several teeth and ribs broken. She's now in rehab, learning to use her hands again, and considering what action to take against North Sydney Council. It admits there were health problems with the peppermint gum more than a year before it fell. Well, the view was that tree was one to watch, but not one that posed an immediate risk. There are 170 of these type of trees scattered throughout the area, and North Sydney Council is now looking closely at each one to decide whether the whole lot should go. It says they are too unpredictable, there is no way to tell when they are about to blow over. That's a lesson it learnt the hard way, one that came too late for Jill and Tom. Maybe one day I'll get angry with someone, I don't know, with the Council or whatever, I don't know. But at the moment it's just a case of trying to cope. Evan Batten, Ten News. The brother of former rugby league star, Darren 'Tricky' Trindall has faced trial in Sydney, accused of running down two policemen at the notorious Redfern Block. Darren Trindall allegedly tried to escape, but drove smack, bang into a 250-officer drug raid. Look out, look out. Get off the road. A car screeches into the Redfern Block just seconds after allegedly knocking down two highway patrol officers. A District Court jury today heard that Darren John Trindall was behind the wheel. Hey, don't take pictures of me, mate. He's pleaded not guilty to using the car as an offensive weapon and assaulting police. What have I done? I've done nothing wrong. Senior constables, Richard Strawbridge and Paul Dietrich were manning a road block in Redfern during a raid on suspected drug houses by 250 police. All of a sudden, they allegedly found a silver car heading straight for them.

The jury's been told the officers yelled at the car to stop as it approached the police road block. After allegedly braking heavily, Trindall hit the accelerator and drove at the policemen as he tried to avoid arrest. It's alleged the officers were struck in the legs as the car flew past. Trindall, it's claimed, was arrested while trying to escape on foot. He denies throwing away a backpack allegedly containing house-breaking implements. A wad of cash allegedly found on the passenger. You're under arrest for goods in custody at the moment. The trial resumes tomorrow. Shaun Fewings, Ten News. A courtroom face-off in the body in the boot case. The jailed former mistress of Joe Korp giving evidence against him at a committal hearing today, claiming her attack on his wife was a spur of the moment action at his demand. Tania Herman claims Joe Korp once planned to marry her. But there was no love lost today as the pair faced each other for the first time in months during Mr Korp's committal hearing on a charge of attempted murder. Mr Korp's lawyer accused Herman of plotting to kill his lover's wife for weks, stealing Maria Korp's jewellery, being a bad mother and negligent towards other children in her care. 38-year-old Herman repeatedly denying the claims as she recounted the events that have left Maria Korp at death's door. Mrs Korp was found in the boot of her car at the Shrine of Remembrance last February, four days after she'd disappeared. Herman had choked her romantic rival in the garage of the Korps' Mickleham home. She claims it was a panic-stricken spur-of-the-moment attack just minutes after she realised Mr Korp wanted her to kill his wife. The accused allegedly told her: Herman said a member of Mr Korp's family had suggested killing Maria weeks earlier claiming it was the only way she could have Joe. Around the same time, she wrote a shopping list of items later used in the attack. Calm and composed as she gave her evidence, Herman stared scornfully at her former lover whenever she discussed him. Joe Korp didn't return her gaze, instead looking at his lawyer and occasionally shaking his head. Herman is serving nine years jail for her role in the attack. Christopher Still, Ten News. Tough new laws come into effect tomorrow to stop young Australian girls being sent overseas to enter forced marriages. Offenders could be jailed for up to 25 years. An arranged marriage is one thing, a forced marriage is another and when an under-age Australian girl is forced into a marriage overseas, both sides of Australian politics equate it with white slavery. This is an outrageous activity, one we won't tolerate, and we are intent on stamping out. We don't want to see any kid forced into a marriage that they don't want to be in. And I think we just can't simply accept the argument that it is a question of cultural sensitivity. In the past two years, 12 young women are said to have sought help at our embassy in Beirut after being sent there to be married against their will. It is an offence to traffic a young person, a juvenile, overseas for sexual servitude or, indeed, bondage and a forced marriage could well constitute that sort of behaviour. In Sydney, the Muslim Women's Association says the practice was common 10 years ago, but is now rare. Because if it is a practice that has been practised over so many years it needs to stop and only way to stop that is through education and knowledge. Some of Australia's Islamic leaders have stressed that forced marriages are about cultural tradition, not Islam. It is 100% cultural practice. There is no religious back-up or support for it. As for young women currently overseas in marriages they were forced into... To provide every practical assistance possible to these poor young kids to help them get back to Australia, if that's what they want to do. If a child has been taken illegally from Australia we certainly seek to have that child returned to Australia and there are international conventions which deal with that. # Ronnie Wilson And Jessica Rowe. # And Jessica Rowe. And West Roebuck. APPLAUSE Very difficult to have a quiet time the Marconi Club. Thank you everybody, that was the Ronnie Wilson and Jessica Rowe song. What have we got? 16th day in a row of above average temperatures. I will see you again in around about ten. Next in the 5:00 news - the flight attendant's behaviour that left plane passengers terrified. And the remarkably low-tech tool that could save the lives of the space shuttle astronauts.

This program is captioned live. You're watching the 5:00 news, time to check on the traffic with Vic Lorusso in the Traffic Helicopter. Jessica's busy singing the Vic Lorusso song now. I'm going to break out and sing the Ron and Jessica song. We're over the M2 and we're looking at traffic trying to get to the north-west tonight. There was an accident, up to three cars involved just out of the tolls. You can see how bad the traffic is and if we zoom the traffic back a little bit, the delays pretty much go back to Lane Cove. Unfortunately not a good start if you're heading to Sydney's north-west. There's been another bad accident at River Wood and it's closed Bellwood road. Good on you, Vic Lorusso in the Traffic Helicopter. A terrifying time for plane passengers during a mid-air emergency. The Malaysia Airlines flight was only 30 minutes into its trip when it began shuddering and plummeting. Passengers say they realised something was wrong when flight attendants started panicking and praying. I was looking out the window, and the plane dropped about 200m, and I thought "I'm a dead man." The pilot turned the plane around and made an emergency landing in Perth. Experts suspect a fault with the jet's electronics system. An astronaut with a hacksaw is going to have to venture outside the space shuttle to carry out emergency repairs. NASA giving the unprecedented order over fears of a disaster on re-entry. 'Discovery's crew carried out their second spacewalk this morning, working to repair a broken gyroscope on the International Space Station. ASTRONAUT: Keep together. Keep your waist down. But on Thursday they will attempt what no other space crew has done before, repairing their own shuttle. NASA worried gap filler seen protruding from 'Discovery's underbelly could cause it to explode on re-entry. The analysis had so much variability that we just could not preclude bad things. But the repairs are high-risk. Astronaut Stephen Robinson will be out of sight of his crew, attached to a 17m robotic arm beneath the belly of the orbiting shuttle. The basic part of the task is to get to the work site and that is something we've never done before is put an EV crew member underneath the vehicle. Australia's Andy Thomas will talk Robinson through the manoeuvre. He will first try to pull the strips of gap filler from the tiles. If that fails, he will have to use a hacksaw to shear them off. The task itself, pulling out the gap filler, they're going to have to be very careful of the area not to damage anything there while they're there. Not only does NASA not know how the removal of the gap filler will affect the shuttle on re-entry, there is also an enormous risk the work could cause more damage to the thermal tiles. But NASA says that's a risk it's prepared to take. Andy Thomas has reportedly sent an email to his wife saying how disappointed he is. In the US, Leisa Goddard-Roles, Ten News. There are renewed calls to get rid of the Gold Coast's shark nets to protect migrating whales. A baby humpback was trapped this morning. And what's believed to be its mother refused to leave its side. A mother in distress over the death of her newborn. The humpback circles a shark net, diving and surfacing, but never leaving. The initial elation of seeing a whale free, everyone was sort of happy, then concern came back to why is he still hanging around the nets. Concern spread quickly as whale rescue teams began to search for what they feared may be a dead whale caught in the Currumbin nets. Her distress obvious as the great creature of the deep circled, waited and watched. The mother came up very, very close to the divers and nudged one of the divers just very gently. Certainly there was no aggression involved, so we took the safety option. Unlike Friday's rescue effort, today there would be no happy ending - the baby whale was dead long before would-be rescuers were even called. The baby, which experts estimate was between days and weeks old, was found lying a few metres from a damaged section of shark net. Whale teams used boats and jet skis to force mum back from the distressing sight, fearing her desperate rescue attempts would result in her own death. Rod Coker watched the sad scene from his coffee shop for hours, and, like many locals, believes there's a case for pulling the nets out in winter. Let nature take care of itself and I think nets come into that area of us mucking around with nature. But the Minister says the nets are staying. The numbers, I might remind you, however, of whales that get harmed in the nets is quite tiny. Still to come - how the new Premier will affect your life. Also tonight, the breakthrough link between sound and schizophrenia. And could one of these hopefuls be a star of tomorrow?

You're watching the 5:00 news and Bailey, you're getting into the spirit at the Marconi Club. The Italian community is fantastic here. This is a famous football stadium and there's a big football game on, two big crowds on both barracking for different teams. Up the top we have ... Ronnie Jessica, Jessica. Ronnie, Ronnie. Jessica, Jessica. It's will 2-2 at the moment between you two and the weatherman yet to score. Weather wise we have the 16th day above average. Tomorrow a sunny start, increasing cloud and tops of 19 to 20 degrees. Got some good rainfall moving across inland NSW and into Sydney town on Thursday. Let's look at the map of NSW for you now. Top temperatures around the place. Want to hear some noise? This is noise. See you at 5:55. The top stories we're following this news hour - and one of four alleged abduction attempts in the past week discounted as a hoax. A 17-year-old girl is expected to be charged with making a public nuisance after apparently making a false claim to police. The other three cases are still being investigated. Schapelle Corby has finally received the help from Australia she's been begging for. Two Qantas staff have arrived in Bali to give evidence in the appeal on her drug conviction. And he doesn't officially start in the job until tomorrow, but our new Premier Morris Iemma has already scrapped the controversial vendor tax. Our State political editor Paul Mullins joins us. Paul, there's rumblings of another major resignation from the Carr Government frontbench. That's right, I can say there is a story developing here at State Parliament tonight. I have it on good authority that Planning Minister, Craig Knowles is tonight seriously considering quitting politics all together. According to a source close to the minister, he's likely to make a statement as early as tomorrow. Aiz understand early as tomorrow. Aiz understand it, Craig Knowles offered to serve in the new Iemma Government. But up until about half an hour ago, he still hadn't heard back. And apparently he's taken the view and his supporters have taipbg the view thae's not required so he'll probably be moving on. And Morris Iemma names his front bench tomorrow. Can we expect more surprises? Yes, I think the reshuffle now will be more extensive than we originally thought. Particularly if Craig Knowles resigns. I can say that I understand that Cherie Burton and Eric Roosendale will be at least two new faces in that line-up. A major breakthrough in the diagnosis of schizophrenia. By monitoring brain waves doctors can now distinguish schizophrenia from other mental illnesses, allowing sufferers to be treated much sooner. The cruellest twist to schizophrenia is the confusion that surrounds the disorder. Diagnosis of the illness is a major problem, with schizophrenia often mistaken for bipolar disorder. The key problem with schizophrenia is bipolar disorder where people have major mood swings from mania to depression. And it's trying to distinguish that from schizophrenia when there's quite a degree of overlap in the symptoms. Now researchers at the University of New South Wales have developed the first biological test for schizophrenia. MACHINE BEEPS Monitoring the brain's reaction to sound, they're able to accurately identify the disorder. Marilyn Matchell's schizophrenia was misdiagnosed 30 years ago and given the wrong treatment. One of the medications I was given for bipolar, which turned out not to be very helpful, was a mood stabiliser. But it had a side effect of causing 75% to 80% of my hair to fall out. The delay in diagnosing schizophrenia can often leave sufferers with long-term chronic illness and disabilities. This test is a major step in creating a brighter future for schizophrenics and their families. People will get on to treatment correctly from the beginning of their illness and we know that that's associated with a better longer-term outcome. Tim Potter, Ten News. Finance, and the Australian share market remained rather flat today. Craig James at Commonwealth Securities and it seems we've been on a bit of a spending spree. Yes, the major retailers held their half yearly sales and didn't we love it. Retail sales in June were up by 1.3%. And that's the strongest growth in 19 months and follows another strong rise of 1% in May. Certainly we're chaesing away the blues caused by high away the blues caused by high petrol prices And apparently home is wra the heart is? More of our money is spent on household goods, that includes things like televisions and DVDs and furniture and we're buying more because the goods are lower in price. Where we're spending less is that we're going out less, in cafes and restaurants as well as hottels. And under fire - Wallabies coach Eddie Jones states his case to keep his job for the next World Cup. Leading NRL referee Sean Hampstead has been dumped for this weekend's crucial round after a howling mistake during South Sydney's upset win over the bulldogs. Hampstead wrongly ruled play on when Souths fullback Todd Polglase lost the ball after he was tackled. The Bulldogs went on to score a try to level the match. Referees' boss Robert Finch called the mistake a major blunder and added he expected more from a senior referee. Finch expects Hampstead to return to the top grade after a week in premier league. Sharks players have rallied behind coach Stuart Raper ahead of Saturday night's crucial match up against Melbourne. However, the club remain furious that claims of player unrest were leaked to the media. And captain Brett Kimmorley wants the player responsible to come forward. They hardly look like a club in crisis. And coach Stuart Raper strongly denied reports f mistrust

and instability within his side. I'm annoyed by the way it has been reported and the way it's come out. I talk to my senior players week in week out about how the club is going. I'm sure if someone had a major problem with what we're doing, I would know by now. Senior players say that at no time did they discuss Raper's coaching style. They love kicking you down. The Sharks have slip frd 2nd to 8th. The captain Brett Kimmorley insisting if somebody is leaking false information to the media, they should fess up. I would hope that they would come to us. I don't think maeb many people will step forward and say they've said anything. Things couldn't be better at the Dragons meeting 4th place north Queensland on Friday night. The Cowboys declaring Carl Webb back from injury to take on origin rival, Luke Bailey. If we get a win I'll be happy. Obviously I won't go out there and be ridiculous about it all. Wallabies coach Eddie Jones has arrived back home to face the spotlight after his team's horror South African tour. Defending calls for him to be sacked, coach Jones says he's doing the best possible job he can. It's not often Eddie Jones enjoys returning from a Wallabies tour because more often than not, his team has failed. Consecutive losses to the Springboks magnifying Jones's dismal record overseas. Obviously it's not a good record, but, you know, Test rugby's about home and away. We play a proportional number of our Tests away and we have to be good enough to win away. But the trend in world rugby is that it's very difficult for sides to win away from home. Under Jones, the Wallabies have won just two games against the world's four best teams outside of Australia. But he's not concerned about the record ahead of the 2007 World Cup in France. The World Cup is a bit different because there is only one home side. Everyone is playing away from home. But at the halfway mark to the next World Cup, the calls are growing for Jones to be sacked. That's not for me to decide. All I do is do my job as well as I can, and that's for others to decide on. Jones also denied disgraced halfback Matt Henjack was sent home as a scapegoat for the team's disciplinary problems. The team reunites in Coffs Harbour on Thursday ahead of their next clash against New Zealand. Thai Neave, Ten News. Motorsport with a difference in England - car racing on three wheels. It's the annual Reliant Robins World Championship where the drivers never expect to keep their unique racing machines free from dents. Avoiding all the mayhem was a 25-year-old Lancashire grave digger Sam Begley who became the first driver to win back-to-back world finals. Later in Sports Tonight with Ryan Phelan we meet the battler from Campbelltown who'll box for the world title this weekend. And find out the latest on Andrew Johns' move to England. That's good news for us. Back now to Vic Lorusso in the Traffic Helicopter and how is it looking? Pretty slow, there's a truck that's broken down on the Pacific highway. It's pointing through to the F3. Slowly we can see traffic building back past Linfield and for traffic heading back from Chatsfield. This is the north bound traffic going north. But the traffic is very heavy towards Chatswood. The best bet is to stay on the highway because after the truck moves on we will see leans open again.

You're watching the 5:00 news. Somewhere in the next four and a half minutes or so, we'll find out what's happening with the weather. But the boss has phoned and he loves the music so much, he's going to put out an album called Tim's cheesey tunes. I've got plenty of them. You can't beat the community spirit. The Italian heart of Sydney you would have to say. Hello Marconi Club. Now, I've got to ask the age old question. We've been trying to work this out, we are a all journalists but what is Ron Wilson made of? Snails and puppy dog tails. And what is Jessica Rowe made of? Sugar and spice and all things nice. And Tim Bailey is? Very small. Thank you very much for that. Give yourselves a round of applause for that. This man has sung for the Queen. He plays for a band called Super Latino and he sounds incredible. # Oh OSolo Mio. # O Solo spfplt CHEERING What a voice on your television. Thank you very much. If you wantth want to be part of the action at the Marconi Club, we're down here Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights broadcasting live and tapping into the Italian heart of Sydney and having a ball doing it. A wee bit noisey though, isn't it. And also have some weather for you. As I've told you through the bulletin, 16th day in a row of above average temperatures. Tomorrow we'll see the first cloud for a little while. Tops of around 20 degrees. The good news is some rain. Inland NSW news is some rain. Inland NSW will get that on Wednesday or Thursday. Sydney looks like a rainy and windy place on Thursday with showers across Friday. So the break of blue sky, the Bailey blue sky-a-thon will come to an end tomorrow at lunchtime with much-needed rain across Thursday and Friday. Into the back yard and im' tell you what, I wish I was in mine. First time in 15 years I've earnt my money at network ten. And the sea temperature is 18 degrees. The satellite has cloud over Queensland thinning out due to an upper trof heading off-stump shore. The map for tomorrow, a cold front will generate strong winds and widespread showers across south eastern Australia prompting many warnings so we'll keep an eye on that and bring them to you tomorrow. The business of the brolly, predicted precipitation, drips and drops across proof tops. Patchy rain across NSW tomorrow where 10-20 millimetres is likely. Thursday, a cold front will cross NSW and southern Queensland bringing strong winds and widespread rain. Cold, strong southerlys will send snow across NSW and Tasmania. We're off to Thredbo next week but it looks like

30-50 centimetres of snow in the next 72 hours. You're very well behaved. Beautiful stuff. You've got to love the Marconi Club. If you want to be on TV like them, come and see us. I love your mum, that's very nice. Let's go interstate. Brisbane mostly sunny and 23. Likely Melbourne and Hobart. Mostly sunny in lis morn and Coffs Harbour. Rain in Wagga Wagga and Dubbo. Sydney tomorrow increase in cloud and 23 degrees. Windy Friday and Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I love it when little kids say I love your mum. Get down to the Marconi Club and join the fun. Look out world, here they come. The latest graduates from the high schools' Talent Development Project are out and set to follow in the footsteps of previous pupils Human Nature, John Foreman and Paulini. They've got stars in their eyes. But thanks to an intensive 1-year training program called the Talent Development Project, their dreams could become a reality. I'm gonna be a celebrity. Someone that everyone knows. These graduates were plucked from high schools all over NSW and given the chance to learn the ropes from some of the best in show business. Growth is a performer and performance opportunities and the criticing that you receive from the industry heads that they get to come in. They're just phenomenal. # Then you spread your wings. With all the training they've had and the contacts they've made, the 13 graduates today have a great chance of having a great career in Australia. But for two of them, there could be a greater opportunity, the chance to hit Broadway. They'll be taken over there and they don't have to pay for accommodation or air fares

where they'll work with the top producers of the theatres in Broadway. # Suddenly nothing would ever be the sim same A special panel will decide who gets the trip and it will be a tough choice. But with every musical star from country to opera respected here, it's far from the only option. I would love to study at La Scala in Italy and come back as one of Australia's greatest tenors hopefully. # Nessum Dorma I'm Ron Wilson, goodnight. And I'm Jessica Rowe. We'll have the Late News at 10:30, goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre. We apologise for the break in captions.