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(generated from captions) of business tycoon Lachlan Murdoch, Tonight - the shock resignation but why has he gone? for cocaine contamination. Trainer Gai Waterhouse pays dearly

and that I wish to apologise That I am deeply sorry her owners and also my workmates to Miss Waterhouse, take drugs again. and that I will never of dollars she's been fined. We'll tell you how many thousands

most notorious paedophiles And one of Australia's but who's going with him? is being deported - Welcome to Ten's Late News. Good evening, I'm Deborah Knight.

Also tonight - in the number of popular fish. why there's been a 50% cut the world is a poorer place, With this loss of biodiversity, to change in climate, less able to adapt the world's populations. less able to feed in a shark net This whale is tangled up and fast running out of fight would the rescue operation be? but how successful with your broad agenda # (Sings) # When we first saw you impassioned plea to Mr Downer - And the Australian public's don't give up your day job. my ASEAN friends... # (Sings badly) # And seen the light of media boss Lachlan Murdoch, But first - the shock resignation

chairman and chief executive. calling it quits as News Corp tonight issued a statement saying His father, Rupert Murdoch, his executive role in the company his son has stepped down from an advisory role and as a director. but will remain on in The 32-year-old says he is excited in News Corp about his continued involvement to his family and will return to Australia in the very near future. are new parents, He and his wife, model Sarah Murdoch,

born in Sydney last year. their son, Kalan Alexander, There are reports that prompted the sudden departure, an argument with his father said in the statement but Lachlan Murdoch to thank his father that he would like especially in business and in life, for all he has taught him for him to apply those lessons and it is now time to the next phase of his career. newspaper division said A spokesman for the company's

as a complete shock. the resignation comes It now renews speculation about 74-year-old Rupert Murdoch, who will eventually succeed into a global force. who built the media empire from Commonwealth Securities Tom Piotrowski joins us for News Corp's share price? and Tom, what does this mean

Because of but the move of News Because of but the move of News Corp

to the US it has a to the US it has a substantially

reduced presence in Australia so reduced presence in Australia so it

will have less of an impact in will have less of an impact in terms

of the share price - standing of the share price - standing down

from the executive board is from the executive board is unlikely

to have a long-term impact on to have a long-term impact on the

share price but on a more personal share price but on a more

note, as you mentioned in note, as you mentioned in that

preview, Mr Murdoch is said to be preview, Mr Murdoch is said to

personally saddened by his personally saddened by his son's

departure, perhaps undermining departure, perhaps undermining the

Dan mastic aspirations he had. Tom Piotrowski at CommSec Thanks, Tom. with our finance report. and Tom will be back later in London tonight, There's some breaking news a home in Notting Hill British Police have been raiding in the hunt for the London bombers. The surrounding area was evacuated stormed the house, as squads of heavily armed police to stun the occupants, using percussion grenades were also wearing gas masks. while a number of police escorted from the house by police. Witnesses report seeing three men

is still blocked off The surrounding area the house. as police continue to search in a business on All Saints Rd, Matt Davis who is involved is taking place near where police activity joins us on the line. today. Matt, what's been occurring there at the moment. Well, it's all pretty chaotic But the first thing we knew, there were armed police about 10:00am, full uniform, tearing down the street here, not see the like of it before.

That got everyone a bit shaken up. there were police cars everywhere All of a sudden, all the streets very quickly. and they cordoned off so it's all been pretty chaotic. Then, we heard some gunshots, Has it calmed down yet? lots of stuff going on. No, it's not actually, there's still what's going on Although, you can't quite see because you can't go anywhere. there's a lot of activity. Everything is cordoned off, There's a lot of press around. What's the feeling? There's a lot of press around. What's the feeling? the police are actually going ahead Is it a feeling of relief that in the hunt for the terrorists, and making what seems to be progress there could be more attacks to come. or is there a sense of fear that but everybody seems pretty calm. Yeah, there is a sense of fear, for years, so it's kind of, Londoners, we've been through this people don't seem that bothered. I don't know,

doing something. But the police are definitely But I've never seen the like of it. really, if you think about it. I suppose it is like a war zone, for your time Matt, thank you so much and during the daytime in London. this evening here in Australia in a business in London Matt Davis who is involved is occurring where the police activity in the hunt for the London bombers. Racing trainer Gai Waterhouse from stewards has been hit with a heavy fine

traces of cocaine. over a horse found contaminated with She was found responsible, stablehands were ultimately to blame. even though cocaine snorting disqualification and suspension Gai Waterhouse escaped she was ultimately responsible after stewards found tonight found in a horse she trained. for minute traces of cocaine

is free to field her horses tomorrow The champion trainer of $15,000. but she will have to pay a fine who confessed to cocaine use. The person responsible, a stablehand and that I wish to apologise That I am deeply sorry her owners and also my workmates to Miss Waterhouse, and that I will never take drugs again. Gai Waterhouse was formally charged with presenting the horse Love You Honey for racing last April when it contained a banned substance. Stewards found the horse came into contact with the cocaine inadvertently. We identified that particular party who had access to the horse

and in fact his living quarters were just a few feet away. While the stewards found Gai Waterhouse had no control

over the recreational drug use of her staff, the rules of racing are strict. As a consequence, Mrs Waterhouse said she had no option but to plead guilty. Mrs Waterhouse now requires all staff and owners to wash their hands before handling horses. She told stewards because it was so easy for this horse to be contaminated with cocaine

she might have to start drug testing her staff. At least three strappers and stablehands in her employ have admitted being cocaine users. Stewards say they're also keen to launch a crackdown. We certainly do a lot of testing of riders but we do have a proposal now to test staff on the ground as well and this particular case reaffirms the stewards' decision to propose that. Gai Waterhouse and her lawyers will now decide whether to appeal the decision. John Hill, Ten News. One of Australia's most notorious sex offenders is being deported and is expected to be on a plane within hours. Paedophile Robert Excell, a British citizen, has been released after almost 40 years in a Perth jail. Immigration officials will escorting him and his wife back to Britain, where police are waiting to meet him

and put him on a sex offenders' registry.

Excell was convicted of molesting six children. There's been an apology tonight from the Immigration Minister over five detainees who were refused food, water and toilet access during a 7-hour road trip last year. Two detention officials have resigned and some may face criminal charges over the mistreatment.

The asylum seekers complained to the federal ombudsman about their treatment when being transferred from a detention centre in Victoria to the Baxter detention centre in South Australia. The Nationals have named their price for the sale of Telstra - $2 billion for services in the bush. But even if the PM meets the demand he may still not have enough votes to get the sale through Parliament. Services in the bush have long been the biggest hurdle between the Government and the full sale of Telstra. Now, the new Nationals leader says the best way to guarantee those services

would be with a telecommunications future fund. And, for the first time, he's put a price on it. It would need an investment of $2 billion from the sale of Telstra. And that puts the PM and Treasurer in a difficult position. They need the votes of all the Nationals

to get the Telstra sale through Parliament

but had wanted to use the proceeds to pay off debt and public servants' superannuation. It's clear there are delicate conversations ahead. Well, we'll continue to talk. As well, the Nationals want more, not less, regulation of Telstra - a demand likely to be met with dismay by the telco's management. But even if the PM agrees to Mark Vaile's demands, he may still not get the votes he needs to sell off Telstra. The Nationals' newest senator says guaranteeing services in the bush forever could cost much more than his leader estimates. My feeling is we may need a bit more. And he's adamant he won't vote for legislation he doesn't support. Are you prepared to cross the floor? Absolutely. The Opposition agrees Mark Vaile's proposal isn't good enough, saying he's failed his first major test as Nationals Leader. He is just a Liberal Party man in moleskins. He is prepared to sell out the bush for a $2 billion slush fund for the National Party at the next election. Laurel Irving, Ten News. After the break -

Do you feel embarrassed about what happened earlier this year. Do you have any regret? A firefighter sacked for using a fire truck for a delivery run to the shops, but what was he picking up? And why there's been a 50% cut in the number of some of the world's most popular fish. With this loss of biodiversity, the world is a poorer place, less able to adapt to change in climate, less able to feed the world's populations. Oh, you're so busted! Introducing Franklins: Like Ardmona 825g sliced peach or natural juice varieties: Look for this and other Price Busters! Only at: This program is captioned live. The way is now clear for a new premier of New South Wales, the current Health Minister, Morris Iemma, set to take the top job next week. The withdrawal of Police Minister Carl Scully from the race means he'll be elected on Tuesday to replace Bob Carr,

who retires on Wednesday. A firefighter has been sacked after pleading guilty to misusing a fire truck. He was accused of using the truck to pick up a pizza, slowing the station's response to an emergency call. Joe Natoli, the former Maroubra fireman today fighting to get back his job. Do you feel embarrassed about what happened earlier this year. Do you have any regret? Confirmation today he'd been sacked by the Fire Commissioner last week following a six-month investigation by the NSW fire brigade. It's alleged he took friends on a joyride in one of the station's tankers in January this year. An anonymous letter leaked from the fire station to the media

claimed he was out picking up pizza when an emergency call came through. Natoli gave a Code One, suggesting the crew was on the way.

But the truck was delayed, his colleagues left waiting at the station. He was immediately suspended on full pay pleading not guilty to two charges of misusing a fire truck. Months later after 300 pages of evidence, he changed that plea to guilty and was sacked. His union has appealed to the Industrial Relations Commission claiming unfair dismissal. The precise details of exactly what took place here that night in January remains a closely guarded secret. Clearly embarrassed by the whole affair, the NSW fire brigade simply isn't willing to release that 300-page report. Today's conciliation hearing failed to resolve the dispute. It's now headed for a full hearing at the end of the year. Evan Batten, Ten News.

A major study has found a startling decline in fish stocks in the world's oceans. Overfishing and climate change are being blamed for a 50% drop in numbers of big fish like tuna and marlin. It's a global alarm bell - something we take for granted now under threat. Research published in the prestigious 'Science' magazine revealing a decline of up to 50% in the numbers and variety of large predator fish in the world's oceans. We also found that hotspots of diversity have declined

and the hotspots that we find right now are mere remnants of what was once there. Most under threat in the last 50 years - fish like tuna, marlin and swordfish

along with other ocean predators like sharks. With this loss of biodiversity, the world is a poorer place, less able to adapt to change in climate, less able to feed the world's populations. The authors of the study blame overfishing and climate change for the decline. But the issue is highly controversial and hardly cut and dry. The last time these same scientists released a similar paper a couple years ago, it was contradicted by a number of their peers from all over the globe. But they have support too, other marine biologists warning their conclusions are a wake-up call. Australia is singled out for having one of the best conservation zones, east of the Barrier Reef. And while our fishing industry admits there are problems globally, it says Australia has recognised this and acted. Australia has, if not the strongest

then among the strongest fishery management regimes in the world. We've got the strongest legislation and we are well funded to apply good fisheries management. Eddy Meyer, Ten News. There've been celebrations on the Gold Coast where a humpback whale has been saved from shark nets, rescuers moving in

when the whale was spotted floundering at dawn. Exhausted just from trying to stay afloat, the stranded humpback floats, tangled in the nets. No-one knows how long he'd been there but experts could tell he was running out of fight. He wasn't caught badly at all. He'd just gone in and twisted up the headline, or the lead line and the float line. It was just twisted up on his nose. Stranded within sight of Main Beach, the 10m humpback had plenty of rescuers - Sea World, a specialist whale rescue crew, the shark net contractor, even life guards and a pod of dolphins. They surrounded the whale while a growing crowd watched from the shore. You don't like to see this. It's sad but hopefully they'll be able to free this one and get them on their way, wherever they're going. For an hour the teams cut, coaxed and cared for the exhausted whale. They had to wait for it to come up to breathe before they could remove another piece of the tangled net. Finally, the moment of freedom came without fanfare. They cut the last piece of net and the whale slipped away. It is a wonderful feeling when you cut that last bit of net and he swims free, there's no doubt about that, mate. So far this whale season had been particularly good.

Up until now, none of the animals had been caught up in the Gold Coast's controversial shark nets. But last year they caught four. Calls to have the nets removed, just for the winter migration, have been rejected. One thing's certain - there's at least one humpback not hanging round to find out how that debate turns out. Daniel Barty, Ten News.

More news when we come back, why Steve Vizard's troubles might not be over yet. Meet a new 'Australian Idol.' And in Sports Tonight -

the controversial finish that robbed Australia of a gold medal at the swimming world championships. This program is captioned live. Shamed businessman Steve Vizard is in more trouble tonight. The Prime Minister has ruled out any future government roles for him and legal authorities have reminded the banned director he's still facing the possibility of criminal charges.

While some friends predict a Steve Vizard comeback after his 10-year corporate ban, John Howard is the latest of many high-profile acquaintances to write him off. People always resent a breach of trust of this kind in a position which gives you privileged access to information. As Vizard left court yesterday, his reputation shattered, he promised a further explanation.

I look forward to talking to you in more detail when we've understood what's been said. Not today it seems, No sign of the beleaguered businessman at his Toorak mansion. It might not be the end of Vizard's troubles, the Commonwealth DPP has written to his lawyers. Your client should be aware

if sufficient evidence becomes available he will be prosecuted. Defending his advice for civil prosecution, Damian Bugg denies there's been a deal. There was no deal done.

My office had no dealings with Steve Vizard, Steve Vizard's solicitors anyone on his behalf. The claims of preferential treatment continue. There's a lot of people out there hit by the legal system day by day and think they're being treated less well. John Howard says he feels let down by the man his government appointed to the Telstra board.

But could Steve Vizard one day be trusted to a public position? No, no, certainly not. Gerard Scholten, Ten News. Returning to finance news with Tom Piotrowski at Commonwealth Securities who's not just following the shock resignation of media boss Lachlan Murdoch. Tom, the market had a strong finish to the week and the month.

Unlike yesterday selling it wasn't Unlike yesterday selling it wasn't a

feature of the market to date. feature of the market to date. It

strode to ruin new record strode to ruin new record close

after improving by about half a after improving by about half a per

cent but given the fact that it cent but given the fact that it is

the end of the month the

the end of the month the share

market has improved by about two market has improved by about two and

three-quarter per cent over the three-quarter per cent over the last

month which means of the last month which means of the last twelve

months it has improved by months it has improved by about

twelve per cent. Good news before twelve per cent. Good news before it

now but more good news now but more good news for

homeowners this week? Yes homeowners this week? Yes there

today the Reserve Bank said today the Reserve Bank said private borrowing rose by

borrowing rose by almost

three-quarters of a per cent in three-quarters of a per cent in June

which means of the last which means of the last twelve

months it's risen by just months it's risen by just under

twelve per cent which is its twelve per cent which is its lowest

level since two thousand and level since two thousand and two.

Elsewhere we saw was this Elsewhere we saw was this boring

fall quite sharply but credit fall quite sharply but credit card

borrowing spiked sharply because borrowing spiked sharply because of

the early winter sales perhaps the early winter sales perhaps but once again it paints a picture once again it paints a picture of

rates remain on hold for the time Diplomats letting down their hair at the end of a meeting in Asia have been treated to a song by Foreign Minister Alexander Downer and we'll leave it to you to decide if he's a singing sensation or not. Alexander Downer knows how to ham it up. But his latest effort? Well, we're not sure. (Sings off-pitch) # We've got together # We've seen the light He started off alright. A quick check of the words and then into it with gusto. # It's now or never #

No, he wasn't sending a message to Peter Costello. It was the final day of the ASEAN summit in Laos. # When we first saw you with your broad agenda # And let's face it, it's been a heavy week. Mr Downer forced to sign a peace pact with the region to gain a seat at the East Asian Summit later this year. So now was time to let the hair down. But was that a pelvic thrust we saw? Let's have another look. It's not the first time Mr Downer has made a goose of himself. Remember the fishnet stockings? Ah, yes.

But to be fair, these skits are part of the custom at these otherwise serious meetings and our Foreign Minister wasn't alone. This was the effort from America's Robert Zoellick.

(Sings flatly) # Oh my darling oh my darling # Oh my darling Clementine # We know Mr Downer is used to doing a little diplomatic dancing. But trashing a great Elvis song? Perhaps he should stick to his day job. Leonie Mellor, Ten News. The weather's next and then it's 'Sports Tonight' with Bill Woods. Deb, it's on again - a bit of fun turns into a Wallaby stew. It seems not everyone has an appetite for Eddie's antics. Obviously there's not a lot of news in Cape Town today so maybe we can create some headlines today. Plus - how the Roosters handled their hottest game of the season. Roberts is gonna have too much toe and Roberts gets there to the line. And we'll bring you the Cats' tale. Well, there it is, there's about six or eight gone in so far. MAN: We've broken our assembly line into a number of sections that we refer to as 'In Stage Quality Gates'. MAN: The Quality Gates are a series of checkpoints that guarantee quality at each stage. We are saying, "You must guarantee the quality of your product "before you pass it on." This is the first total vehicle that's been monitored by this gate system. It's going to be one of the best-quality cars built in the world. MAN: We're really building something great here. In fact, it's going to be better built, better backed, than any other car built in Australia. AMBIENT MUSIC

This program is captioned live.

Looking now at the weather for the start of the weekend. Building cloud and another front are causing showers over southern WA. Patchy cloud is also crossing SA, Tasmania and Victoria, bringing a few showers. The rest of the country is mostly cloud-free due to a large high pressure ridge. A cold front is expected to bring a few showers to South Australia. North-westerly winds will bring clear skies to Victoria and Tasmania. But onshore winds will see showers on the Queensland coast. That is the latest from the Ten News room. Do stay with us -

'Sports Tonight' with Bill Woods is next. I'm Deborah Knight, thanks for your company. From the Late News team, have a great weekend. Goodnight. Supertext captions by the Australian Caption Centre.