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(generated from captions) achieving that presentation. his work, also how to go about production, with up to 60 people The Passions was a huge performers. involved, from studio support to new of working with emotion was One of the things for me that was performers. that I had to work with now until the 6th of November. The works will be on display from music July. That'sWIN News this Friday 29 at The headlines are on our website at the WIN News team, have a great I'm Peter Leonard, from all of us weekend.

This program is captioned live. after Carl Scully accepts defeat. Morris Iemma to be the new Premier to keep Bulldogs' fans in check. Tough new rules by an official's blunder. An Aussie swimmer robbed of gold Good evening.

the next Premier of NSW, Morris Iemma will be

became a one-horse race after the scramble for the top job this afternoon. Realising he didn't have the numbers, the harsh reality of Labor politics Carl Scully faced up to and pulled out of the contest. on Carl Scully's face, There was a smile a grim announcement. but it was hiding in the Caucus, Whilst I have significant support to get me over the line. it is not enough So in the interests of party unity, for the leadership I will not be a candidate Labor Party. of the NSW Parliamentary

counting the numbers, Having spent two days the result was clear - the favourite of the party machine, Health Minister Morris Iemma,

has the numbers. the next premier of NSW. Morris Iemma will become all week, Having avoided public scrutiny was conciliatory. the soon-to-be premier today and his phone call. I appreciate Carl Scully's statement friends for a very long time Can I say that Carl and I have been and will continue to be friends. has been littered with allegations Their brief battle of heavy-handedness, lobbying's been all aboveboard. but the party king-maker claims

to lean on anybody is just crazy. To think that we're trying

it's very silly. It's a thing from the past, I've been in a few stoushes. I've won a few and I've lost a few stoushes if you're faint-hearted and you don't get into these or thin-skinned.

remains in doubt, The position of Deputy Premier despite Andrew Refshauge's denials by head office to stand aside. that he hasn't been pressured He hasn't muscled me. We've had pleasant chats. Carl Scully's exit from the race party room ballot next Tuesday. saves the ALP from a damaging is to convince NSW voters Morris Iemma's next challenge to Bob Carr. that he's a worthy successor and a lot of ideas I've got a lot of plans on Tuesday. and I want to share those with you Nigel Blunden, National Nine News. dark horse of Bob Carr's Cabinet - The new leader has been the by those around him, well-liked and respected outside politics. but virtually unknown almost anonymous, Member for Lakemba All that now changes as the shy, becomes Premier Iemma. Graham Richardson once said, "Watch this space," "this boy's on the way up." But, until today, just how far Morris Iemma would go. few would have realised he's been the man Modest and understated, behind the scenes - who gets things done a quiet achiever. The son of Italian factory workers, in Beverley Hills, Morris Iemma grew up went to Narwee High,

earning economics and law degrees. then university,

then with Labor's Senator Richardson, He worked as a union official, political strategy were all about. who taught him what powerbroking and in 1991, Mr Iemma entered State Parliament eight years later. becoming a minister strategy He devised a highly successful in Sydney's south, to win marginal seats but it wasn't until 2003 on the political landscape. that Morris Iemma really registered at Campbelltown or Camden Hospitals. There was no cover-up health portfolio, Landing the $8 billion out of the crisis his challenge was to take the heat over deaths at two Sydney hospitals. for listening and acting, By developing a reputation

to fade away. the worst of the headlines began

with four young children, Morris Iemma is a family man, including twins.

hard-working and energetic. At 44, he's also considered before the next election. qualities he'll need in the 20 months

I'm going to work very hard and do the best job I can for the people

of NSW and what I'm most looking

forward is going home and spending

children. some time with my wife and my four

A Sydney mother broke down today, against any criminal charges when the Coroner recommended of her 16-year-old son, over the death

into his first job. who was just three days The Coroner found Joel Exner died safety mesh. because of a poorly installed Throughout the inquest, would be held accountable Sue Exner hoped someone

for her son's death.

I just want him back here today he would be here, and, if things were done properly, and I look at it as manslaughter. little comfort. But the Coroner provided straight through safety mesh, Joel Exner fell 12m

which had been installed incorrectly. This, said the Coroner, and labour time. was probably to save money But he found: by the union, This inquest has been watched closely at Joel's worksite which maintains the failings are not an isolated case. are too afraid to speak up It says many workers in the industry about safety concerns because they fear for their jobs. prompted a large protest. The teenager's death, two years ago, Workers hope bosses get the message. corners in the name of profit, They continue to just cut these

and they do. hoping that things don't happen, is civil action. Sue Exner's next step to get away with it. They're not going And WorkCover is considering charges. That's all he was - a kid. Nina Stevens, National Nine News. Bulldogs fans have been put on a tight leash after that firecracker incident last weekend.

Tough new rules are now in place at Telstra Stadium to prevent further trouble at home games. Its ranks include the loud and loathsome louts of league, but the Bulldogs Army has been muzzled, possibly for good - its fate sealed by last week's firecracker at Telstra Stadium. EXPLOSION They're not fans, they're just idiots who come to the game to cause trouble. The Bulldogs have devised a new plan to scatter their rogue supporters.

It'll stop the ability for some of them to mill, which is what they do, they tend to get together and incite each other to do stupid things. They haven't waited for a secondary thing to happen -

they've acted swiftly and I believe the things they have put in place are very effectual.

Going into the next few rounds, our fans will demonstrate that they know what's right and what's wrong. The disarming of the Bulldogs army begins this weekend, at Aussie Stadium, for the match against South Sydney. But senior police remain concerned about the possibility of trouble flaring again for the end-of-season grudge match between the Bulldogs and the Roosters. At the same game last year, Bulldogs fans sparked a brawl. Police charged those responsible. Last week's offenders proving more elusive, since literally vanishing in a puff of smoke. Adam Walters, National Nine News. Just as Britain confronts a new terrorist enemy, the country may have finally found peace with the fighting forces of the IRA. The Republican Army has announced the end of its armed campaign against British rule in Northern Ireland, switching to political struggle after a guerrilla war, which began 36 years ago. Unexpectedly and unilaterally, the IRA moved to bring peace to Northern Ireland. All IRA units have been ordered to dump arms. All volunteers have been instructed to assist the development of purely political and democratic programs

through exclusively peaceful means. There was no apology for the decades of violence, and a staunch vow to remember those who gave their lives

in the struggle. Even so, it's considered a massive step forward. This is a step of unparalleled magnitude in the recent history of Northern Ireland. There is a huge responsibility on us all to seize this moment and to make Irish freedom a reality. But the sceptics, especially Irish Protestants, say they've heard promises before and aren't yet convinced. They say they want deeds, not words, when it comes to the handover and destruction of Republican weapons. The real pressure now is to know that the IRA weapons being destroyed and to have knowledge that it's over, and over forever. Most parties, though,

including the British and Irish governments, hope this paves the way for the Northern Ireland assembly to sit again. It did so, briefly, under the terms of the Good Friday Peace Agreement but was suspended in 2002. was the IRA's refusal to disarm. The main sticking point then the decommissioning of weapons A Government body will oversee over the next six months. National Nine News. In London, James Talia,

of the July 7 terrorist attacks A suspected mastermind in Zambia. in London has been detained as Haroon Aswat - The man has been named a 30-year-old British citizen. of last week's failed attacks, In the investigation for questioning, police now have 20 people in custody remain on the run. but three of the would-be bombers a scare In the capital last night, our time, in a garbage bin, when a backpack was spotted but the bag turned out to be empty. of the London bombings The Australian victim has been laid to rest in Melbourne. to work by bus, 28-year-old Sam Ly was travelling

in Tavistock Square. when it was ripped apart was an engagement ring Among his belongings

to his girlfriend. he was planning to give a farewell to a true champion. In Ballarat,

of Olympic rower-turned-cyclist The funeral not so much with tears, Amy Gillett was marked but pride and fond memories - woman who they said and they told of a with her friendship. could cast a spell and, finally, she died in love. She gave love, so much of it, What more could any parent ask?

The service concluding and cycling team-mates, with her former rowing as her husband led the coffin. forming a guard of honour, another golden day for Australia, What should have been has ended in controversy - at the World Swimming Championships, and Ken, a judge got it wrong? in which Giaan Rooney won gold, Mark, it soured a terrific day, swam the race of her life while Jessicah Schipper in the 200m butterfly - but had to settle for silver, she broke the world record, her Polish opponent broke the rules. because no-one noticed and finishes - It was one of the great races - in World Championship history. Olympic Champion, Otylia Jedzrejczak, Jessicah Schipper and Poland's under world record time. they hit it! COMMENTATOR: Schipper, Jedrzejczak - Jedrzejczak won it!

three seconds off her personal best. Jess also slashed almost I have ever seen. That is the greatest silver medal had his eyes open, But if the lane judge it should have been gold. Replays clearly showed with only one hand - Jedrzejczak touched the wall that's an illegal finish under international rules

in the butterfly. to me, It was just an end of the race I tried to catch my breath, I touched the wall, and I saw the results. and I turned around for the rule books, Aussie officials dived but any protest was pointless - TV replays aren't used in swimming - wants that changed. now the head coach Other sports have done that that swimming did that too. and I think it's time for hollow gold - On the podium, there were tears through Jedrzejczak's mind. you can only guess what was going over this one, If the Australians are hurting they're not going to let it show - on the day's gold medal, instead concentrating who not so long ago, which went to a girl, of giving swimming away. toyed with the idea Giaan Rooney lives by the motto: it's a matter of choice." "destiny is not left to chance, In recent years, painfully out of reach, that destiny seemed it was fulfilled but in just over 28 seconds today, in the 50m backstroke.

Yes, Rooney's got there! COMMENTATOR: Rooney has got gold for Australia! I love the 50m backstroke. I've been itching for this moment, since her first World Championship - It's been four years a long time between drinks. 'ADVANCE AUSTRALIA FAIR' PLAYS that's all I can say. I'm a big meet-swimmer,

I love the pressure. I love the big meet, And a gutsy performance 4x200m freestyle relay team - by our women's by the Americans. winning silver after being reeled in National Nine News. In Montreal, Tim Sheridan, After day five of competition: with the rest of the sport. And I'll be back later In the news ahead - from school fundraisers. the push to ban junk food dancing diplomacy. And Alexander Downer's Oh, you're so busted! Introducing Franklins:

or natural juice varieties: Like Ardmona 825g sliced peach

and other Price Busters! Look for this Only at: from members of the public Small pieces of information from terrorism. can help keep Australia safe are working hard, Police and security agencies complete the picture. but you could help them If you see anything suspicious, National Security Hotline call the 24-hour from terrorism. and help protect Australia Call 1800 123 400. Trained operators take every call seriously,

and you can remain anonymous.

for a $200,000 Mercedes Police are on the lookout of several Inner West hotels. used in the armed robberies car-jacked the vehicle in Vaucluse Four men wearing balaclavas as its owner drove into his garage. Not good. I don't recommend it. in the robberies of hotels Two hours later it was used

in Petersham and Annandale. A car chase in the heart of city have already disappeared Sweet and fatty treats from many school canteens. being sold Now the pressure's on to stop them on school fundraising drives. well, healthier anyway - It may be better for you - or a big bar of chocolate. than a bag of doughnuts or any other sort of fruit - But, somehow, buying an apple - doesn't have quite the same appeal, for new soccer balls even if it is to raise money or any other worthy school cause. Federation believes, so the Parents and Citizens should be our way. in the number of schools We've already seen a drop taking chocolate drives, for example, as a fundraising activity. Australian children are getting fatter, and getting the healthy food message across is a priority. Banning, you know, fundraising chocolates and doughnuts in schools is long-overdue. But the Parents and Citizens Federation and the Education Department readily concede that so-called junk food drives will continue to be enormously popular -

and while canteen food is steadily improving, schools should still try harder. Really encourage them to look at what they're selling and to make sure that it's consistent and it is healthy food. Some experts claim soy beans are already winning the playground taste-test over sausage rolls, but a soy bean sizzle - who'll buy that? Peter Harvey, National Nine News. The National Party has offered a sweetener

to try to make the full privatisation of Telstra more attractive to people in the bush. Leader Mark Vaile today suggested that $2 billion from the sale could go towards a special fund to protect services to country areas. On the markets, Telstra shares gained 1 cent. Meanwhile, Woolworths surged 31 cents. The retailer sold more than $31 billion worth of goods last financial year. And strong trade in resources lifted the All Ords 17 points, finishing the week close to an all-time record. Our dollar is firmer, buying US76.20 cents. The shuttle 'Discovery' has staged a majestic tumble through space to allow a better inspection of the craft after this week's launch mishap. The manoeuvre was carried out in front of the International Space Station.

From 'Discovery', an early morning

acrobatic show, 180m below the

international spacestairs, the

shuttles's first back flip,

allowing pictures to be taken of

its underbelly as the search

continues for damage. On board,

they were on a roll, Andy Thomas

charged with taking photos of the

first shuttle to dock in the space

station in almost three year,

carrying with it, desperately

needed supplies. We have contact

and capture. Hugs and handshakes

from the astronaut whose have

called the space station home for

103 days. It's emerged more pieces

of foam than first thought tore

from the tank on lift-off, but

scientists are still checking for

problems to ensure it's safe to

bring 'Discovery' home. In the US,

Christine Spiteri, National Nine News.

Now a fascinating view of politicians having fun, with our Foreign Minister taking a starring role. It was the close of the Asean Summit with Mr Downer providing his own lyrics to 'Now or Never'. (Sings off-key) # It's been a lifetime, # Now is the right time...# For Elvis it was a classic. In Mr Downer's hands, something less. Elvis would have left this building in a big hurry. There are renewed calls for shark nets to be banned from tourist beaches after a whale became tangled in one on the Gold Coast. The humpback was spotted early this morning and quickly became the centre of attention. Rescue divers took more than two hours to cut the whale from the net, but it wasn't without a struggle. The whale has now moved on to deeper water. Ken's back after the break with the latest on tonight's Roosters-Dragons clash. And the Wallabies' embarrassing week continues in South Africa. Totally busted! Franklins: Like 10 x 375ml Kirks soft drink canned varieties: Look for this and other Price Busters! Only at: I love my work, but five days a week was getting a bit much. That's why we called ClearView. our investment strategy. They helped us change without all the usual mumbo jumbo. And they explained it better off We're over $10,000 a year and we're paying less tax.

Ah! Arrgh! get the retirement you want. because our plan is to help you Tonight in Wollongong, end the finals hopes of the Roosters, the Dragons could effectively

at the start of the year. an almost unthinkable situation in round seven, While they defeated the Dragons grand finalists four times The Roosters - are struggling in 12th spot. in the last five grand finals Joining me now - John Cartwright. the Roosters' assistant coach,

John, we've heard that maybe the

Roosters have lost that fear factor.

Do you think that's got any

validity to it? It probably is. You

only have to look at the

competition table at the moment to

realise side, we're struggling to

points. We're struggling to put

points on the board in game. Our

defence has stayed strong has ch

has been our trademark over the

years. So to beat St George,

they've got a great attacking sides.

We're got to score some sides

tonight. Ricky said they're the

best team on the reporter competition. Do you agree with

that? They're right up there.

They're in great form, they can

score points from all over the park.

You only have to look at the names

of the players on the side to put

fear in the Opposition, but we've

got good players coming back tonight. Despite the competition

take, our mood has been good, we

just haven't been able to come up

Thank you very much, Kenny. with a wing. Best of luck to you.

for the Wallabies - It's been a tough week in disgrace first Matt Henjak was sent home the laughing stock of South Africa. and now they've become It follows a team dinner, where players were asked they would most like to eat which team-mate after a plane crash. if they were left stranded for under-privileged kids, At a coaching clinic the Wallabies were in demand, has been anything but good fun but their time in Cape Town caused more embarrassment. after a team dinner with the guys - No, it was a bit of fun they weren't at a nightclub - we had a forwards and backs dinner, as was reported - eating. they were at a restaurant the bizarre bonding session One of the questionnaires from and it ended up as front-page news. was the most popular dish, Matt dunning the plump prop had Lote Tuqiri saying

was Tuqiri's pick, given For dessert, Morgan Turinui in Cape Town at the moment, Obviously, there's not a lot of news

some headlines today. so maybe we can create Also creating headlines - to tomorrow night's showdown The Swans in the countdown with the second-placed Crows. West Coast has Sydney in the hunt Last week's win over leaders for a top two finish. a really tough month for the club, We knew it was going to be

of a couple of wins, it's been good, but coming off the back is going to be a real test. but this Adelaide game at the moment, an outstanding team, They are an outstanding team form-team of the competition. you could argue they're the Paul Crawley, National Nine News.

In other league news, Manly vo shut

the door on John Hopoate. I wonder

where he would be on the menu..

Slightly bitter, I imagine. After the break, weekend weather details. Jaynie Seal with the all-important SMOOTH JAZZ MUSIC PLAYS SONG: # All of this # Is yours... # I'm waiting for rain... # SONG: # There's no noise around me through your town... # SONG: # I was passing best jazz this weekend The only place to find Sydney's is the 'Sydney Morning Herald'. # On borrowed time... # features eight tracks Your free 'Sydney Jazz' CD jazz stars. from our brightest Herald' tomorrow. Only with the 'Sydney Morning So busted! Introducing Franklins: toilet tissue varieties: Like Purex 6-pack LY e Purex 6-pack

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Good evening. A comfortable 17 in the city but dry day. after another spectacular, Hardly a cloud in the sky, us light, westerly winds in the city thanks to a high which has delivered and mild daytime temperatures. will look like This is what our weekend with perhaps a few clouds on Sunday. The satellite map shows us under the broad high. a cloud-free Australia

have been passing Further south is where the clouds mainly to Tassie and Victoria, from westerly winds bringing showers on the higher peaks. with a dusting of snow along the south, Tomorrow a front will slide bringing showers to coastal SA of our State by tomorrow night. and end up in the south-west

around the alps, Showers clearing up early will be dry and mild otherwise the rest of NSW with mainly light winds. cloudy day, Canberra, you will have a partly moderate west north-westerly winds. with a top of 14, with light to

Winds freshening in Melbourne, showers clearing early for Hobart, with late showers in Adelaide. and Brisbane. Rain-free skies in Perth, Darwin A great day to be outside, west north-westerly winds with more sunshine with along the coast. and afternoon seabreezes of the month. So a magnificent last weekend next Thursday, Hopefully we will get showers but otherwise more dry weather. Enjoy your weekend, everyone. Hope you have a great weekend. A Current Affair Thank you and welcome to on this chilly Friday night. Tonight - of debt collectors, ruining lives, the bully boy tactics and they don't back off, the wrong target. even when they've got I

was quite nervous and shaking It

could happen to a ybody. Suddenly, could happen to anybody.

could happen to a ybody. Suddenly, could happen to anybody. Suddenly, coul happen to a ybody. Suddenly,

could happen to anybody. Suddenly, you ou d be ch se by a d t you could be chose by a could happen to anybody. Suddenly, you could be chose by a debt collector. Also tonight, crazy bureaucracy. They reckon this grandmother doesn't exist. So now she faces a costly legal battle to regain her identity.