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Workplace changes -

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(generated from captions) Alright, having a lunch break take for granted. is something we all pretty much of new fears But it's suddenly at the centre proposed changes about the Howard Government's to our industrial laws.

meal breaks, Those changes don't guarantee rights like paid public holidays. they don't guarantee other basic

if you lost your lunch break? Mate, how would you feel Terrible. A disgrace. Everybody's entitled to a break at work. How important is a lunch break to you? Vital. It keeps you sane, have a break, got to remember there's more to life than just being at your desk. First it was abolishing unfair dismissal laws, then changing the minimum wage system, now John Howard's industrial revolution

to lunch. could mean you'll lose your right its way, You see, if the government gets automatic right to meal breaks, 8 million Australians will lose their and that's not all. public holidays like Christmas Day, They'll also lose their right to paid Anzac Day and Good Friday. to the Dark Ages. I believe it's going back hours and do what I do here? Why doesn't John Howard work eight As a mother and worker as well. factory workers like Geraldine Cassa Today at this Melbourne car parts at the possibility and Anthony Main were outraged with their boss to have a break. they will have to negotiate someone to have a something to eat, The meal breaks are not just for come into it, Occupation Health and Safety issues without a break, people having to work eight hours in more accidents obviously going to result quick smart. and we'll have to put a stop to it How would you feel if you had to work Christmas Day and Good Friday? No, that's my time.

I want to spend that time with my family. These are grossly unfair.

They're going to lead to really harsh exploitation, add much more pressure to Australian working families at a time when they don't need it. ACTU secretary Greg Combet has been leading the charge brave new world against the Government's just five entitlements. which will see workers guaranteed 12 months parental leave, Sick leave, four weeks annual leave, and minimum rates of pay. maximum hours of work The rest? with your boss. You'll have to negotiate is growing every day. Opposition to these changes about the facts, The more that people are learning to these things the more that they are opposed advertising, you know, and no amount of government purse from a sou's ear, as they say trying to con people, turn a silk is going to con people. It just doesn't make sense

We shouldn't have to bargain or

negotiate for a meal break that. Is

something that is absolutely

at the Government's plans This latest shot standard.

has come from an unlikely source, Senator Steve Fielding. the newly-elected Family First He plans to pressure the Government and public holiday pay so that meal breaks remain the traditional right of workers.

Just think about what this could r

would do to family life, knowing

you weren't guaranteeed Christmas

day or Anzac Day or good Friday.

These are things Australian

families really hold onto and These are things Australian

they're very important.

Senator fielding can come and talk to me about this. Minister Kevin Andrews This afternoon, Workplace Relations

assuring workers they will get lunch. was again in damage control, on the part of the Government There's no intention accepted by employers and employees to remove what's quite commonly meal break that there should be appropriate public holidays. and equally that there should be Mate, you run the cafe here. How do you feel about John Howard having meal breaks? trying to ban people Well, it's a bit hard. I think everyone has to eat. Secondly, it would be very bad for business. We rely on people having lunch breaks. If they ban lunch breaks, we don't get paid.

Well, get John Howard to work Christmas Day, Boxing Day and all the public holidays. I don't think he would like it. Ben McCormack there. If you do manage to get a lunchtime, how about a facelift?