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(generated from captions) with charity to all, with malice for none, second inaugural address - I do so in the spirit of Lincoln's with the words of his political hero. 10 as Premier, Bob Carr, bowing out after 17 years, effective from next Wednesday. and Member for Maroubra my retirement as Premier And so today I announce longest-serving premier. The departure of the State's The sign said it all. and Police Minister Carl Scully. between Health Minister Morris Iemma as a bitter 2-horse race is shaping up The battle for who takes over Why? Simply because he's had enough. he'll disappear from political life. From next Wednesday, Bob Carr is calling it quits. After a decade as Premier, Good evening. The contenders start lining up. who'll take the top job? Tonight - Bob Carr's bombshell - This program is captioned live.

And Paul Mullins joins us now. APPLAUSE imaginable. Thank you. the greatest honour and privilege storey comes to an end. It's been of next Wednesday, my part in that New South Wales continues. But as Jackson, the journey of mod earn The journey that began here in Port Paul Mullins, Ten News. Bob Carr is bowing out in style. as among his major achievements, of Sydney's beaches, and the cleaning up the growth of national parks Naming the environment, including grand old man of State politics. Well, all of a sudden, I'm the can't keep the smile off his face. Opposition Leader John Brogden and therefore Premier of NSW. of the NSW parliamentary Labor Party to replace Bob Carr as leader to put my name forward I have made a decision that of Police Minister Carl Scully. The first hat into the ring - to my parliamentary colleagues. I leave that inappropriate. That would be, by any measure, a successor. I'm not going to baptise be seeking to influence the race. but the retiring Premier won't to find a replacement to a scramble within Labor ranks Bob Carr's departure has led of reaching the goal. Both quit within months in records. Both said they had no interest longest-serving premier. as the State's Bob Carr replaced Neville Wran these public servants as colleagues. I'm proud to have regarded killed in Lithgow in 1997. of two volunteer firefighters The funeral The saddest time? of representing these people. the sheer honour And I felt for the first time The elation of the Sydney Olympics. His happiest time? sticks at a job that long? Now, which one of you I've been in the job for 17 years. for the future. and says he has no immediate plans Bob Carr has simply had enough nor looking to Canberra, Neither pushed,

from the man who won the Olympic bid. Recognition as well will be in crisis. and the health system the slowest-growing economy and we will still have we'll still be paying high taxes The trains will still run late, but says when he's gone... wishes Mr Carr well, Opposition Leader John Brogden record police numbers. in terms of his legacy - and issues that will be important certainly law and order issues education, had priorities - The Premier has clearly to him by the Liberals. in paying off the debt that was left for the job that he's done we owe him quite a debt of gratitude He's a tremendous Premier, Today is quite a sad day. an enormous contribution. Mr Carr has made Health Minister Morris Iemma says advice. been there for good counsel and ministers require. But he's always nudging from time to time . Which encouragement and direction and warmth and I've enjoyed the A person of great intell ebgt and to the outgoing Premier. were quick to pay tribute The likely contenders for the top job to take on the State's top job. to secure the numbers needed are now locked in a battle Those would-be premiers State Parliament Tuesday. Thank you Paul Mullins at South Wales come the meeting on replace Bob Carr as Premier of New is now very much the favourite to that's the case, then Morris Iemma support behind Morris Iemma. If power, Eddie Obede has swung his that the all important, right wing Iemma. And I found out minutes ago weights, Carl Scully and Morris between two right wing heavy interesting, we have a real fight who is going to take over? Very Canberra. The big question now is certainly won't be going to He certainly wasn't pushed and he is probably long enough for anybody. I guess 17 years doing battle here I think Bob Carr simply had enough. it than meets the eye? Not really, out of the blue. Is there more to this resignation has certainly come And Paul Mullins joins us now. Now

Iemma, has he got what it takes to Iemma, has he got what it takes to be Premier or is it about the numbers? It is about numbers. There's no doubt about the way the Labor Party does this, it is up to head office and the union movement just a moment. If it is Morris adies. Let's talk about the man for the country. The trains are still have the slowest growing economy in Government, same issues. We still Same Government, same Labor jockey on the same tired old horse. as I see it, it's a different of New South Wales is on Tuesday, Well, whoever the New Labor Premier you'll be taking on. Morris Iemma's the man John, if the predictions are right, and he joins us now. is Opposition Leader John Brogden, of running the State The man who'd like the job John Hill, Ten News. over the past few years. by the Carr Government that have been taken such as property taxes, of a number of bad decisions, is largely a result that it's not doing better and the fact NSW should be doing better economic record. he attacked the State Government's And while the PM wished Mr Carr well, an enormous debt of gratitude. and we all owe him a forward-thinking man a man of great strength, of enormous wisdom, He has been a man finely honed political skills. a salute to Mr Carr's From Federal Labor, and it's good to have a friend. when I became Premier of Queensland, He was the only Labor Premier and a mentor. he's been an inspiration of the premiers, He's the head prefect He leaves an outstanding legacy. quick to pay tribute. Labor premiers from around Australia And, envious of Bob Carr's success, whatever side of politics he was on. He contributed to the State a fantastic Games. and they delivered then they got into Government and we were bidding for the Games, when he was in Opposition He was a great supporter

so it will be a bloody drawn-out battle, there's no doubt about that. It will be more to do with what the unions want than what I think frankly the Labor Party membership want. Thank you John Brogden Concern for the space shuttle 'Discovery' after its blast-off this morning. Debris sheared off during launch, sparking fears of a re-entry disaster. But NASA is confident any problems can be repaired. America is back in the space race. GEORGE DILLER, SHUTTLE LAUNCH CONTROL: Three, two one, and lift off of space shuttle 'Discovery', beginning America's new journey to the moon, Mars and beyond. 2.5 years since the 'Columbia' disaster, 'Discovery' re-launches the shuttle program. On board - Australian-born astronaut Andy Thomas. I have you loud and clear. Good morning, Andy. Good morning, got you loud and clear also, thank you. But then this - 'Discovery' appears to suffer the same problems 'Columbia' did. Pieces of debris break away during lift-off. MAN: That first little white spot is where a piece of tile may have sheared and part of it came off. This time, the debris doesn't seem to have caused damage. But there was another scare seconds after launch. It looks like we hit a bird. Safety upgrades made in the wake of the 'Columbia' crash should help to quickly identify problems on 'Discovery'. A robotic camera will take photos outside, then the shuttle will somersault past the International Space Station so its occupants can check it as well. If anything should go wrong during 'Discovery's 12-day mission, NASA has a second shuttle on stand-by to try to rescue of the crew. Despite the inherent risks, the astronauts showed no fear today. Very aware of the risks, families of 'Columbia' and 'Challenger' victims today watching with First Lady Laura Bush, all holding their breath this crew will return safely in NASA's oldest shuttle. At Cape Canaveral, Lisa Goddard-Roles, Ten News. Looking ahead to sport with Tim Webster, and Leisel Jones finally wins a major swimming title? Yes, our fourth gold medal of the world championships was a very emotional one. Jones casting aside the disappointment of losses in Olympic and world finals to claim the 100m breast-stroke crown. A little later we'll hear how Jones has lived with the pressure to perform. Also, Grant Hackett hounded by drug testers. And some promising news for Hazem El Masri as the Bulldogs hold a shoot-out to find a new goal-kicker. Still to come - Sydney's shocking drink-spiking case. A court hears how the victims were targeted. Also tonight - back to the battle front. Why the 'Rainbow Warrior' tried to shut down one of our busiest ports. And the best of Bob - we'll share the highs, and lows, of Premier Carr's career. That story later this newshour. 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So for bonuses... # At Retravision, yeah, we'll do it. # This program is captioned live. A major environmental blockade of one of the State's busiest ports. A team of Greenpeace demonstrators has been arrested after blocking the shipping channels leading to Newcastle's coal exporting docks. It was a swift operation that caught authorities off guard. The Greenpeace flagship 'Rainbow Warrior' slipped into port and cheekily dropped anchor in the middle of Newcastle Harbour. Emergency vessels going up to the Kooragang swing basin, just be aware as we have a vessel anchored in the channel. At the same time, 10 members of Greenpeace's so-called climate rescue team illegally entered the port's coal yard and unfurled a banner which read "coal fuels climate change". Four demonstrators made for the giant coal carriers that fill the waiting export vessels. We've effectively closed down the port. Now, in doing so, we are actually preventing coal leaving Australia. We estimate about 16,000 tonnes an hour. Police rescue officers were dispatched to arrest those on the coal conveyors. On the harbour, water police from Sydney arrived to take control of the 'Rainbow Warrior' and arrest its captain, Derek Nicholls. The protesters say it's the price they're willing to take to stop greenhouse gas emissions. Every tonne of coal that leaves Newcastle comes back to Australia as climate change, our greatest national threat. Most of the protest team escaped arrest, though, shrugging off Port Authority officers and making for a couple of ladders strategically placed over the security fence. "You have no power of arrest over us." He said, "I beg your pardon, it's Commonwealth land". I said, "You're not a Commonwealth officer". "So all right, I'll call the cops, mate." I said, "go and calls the cops, mate, that's OK." Police guided the Greenpeace ship back to port after the 5-hour blockade. The action condemned as irresponsible by authorities. Shaun Fewings, Ten News. A possible breakthrough tonight in the hunt for those who tried to set off bombs on London's public transport. After an intense operation in the city of Birmingham,

officers from the London Metropolitan Police's anti-terrorist branch, helped by local police and Britain's national security forces, took four men into custody. One man has been rushed to London for further interrogation. A suspect package was found in his flat. The other three are being questioned at local police stations. State premiers are demanding a meeting with the Prime Minister to consider tough new terrorism laws. They say the London bomb attacks show it's time for a national re-think. John Howard was in London when the second wave of attacks hit. Now he's home, the Premiers want to talk to him about what the bombings mean for Australia. We're offering the hand of partnership to the Prime Minister. All State and Territory leaders have signed a letter calling for a national summit on terrorism. To ensure that we have the best possible laws to protect Australians in going about their business. The last major meeting on terrorism was after Bali that is nearly three years ago. It is time to upgrade our capacity and also take a look at what happened in Britain to see if we can learn from it. The State leaders want to review laws, especially those relating to people who incite terrorism, and they want to talk specific measures. Do we need to upgrade our security at our train stations? some other means about... cameras? Do we need to have more cameras? The Premiers say they want to address the threat of terrorism at the grass roots level. But extra security costs money, and, as with any meeting between the States and Commonwealth, one of the topics will be who pays for it. The Prime Minister says he'll consider the request. If there is some value that can be added then I will convene a meeting, If there is not, I won't. The Opposition Leader hit the trains himself calling for sniffer dogs and police flying squads on rail networks. And he wants a pledge from John Howard. The starting point of a conference has to be the PM sitting down and saying "I accept responsibility "to ensure that there is no successful al-Qa'ida attack "on this country". Laurel Irving, Ten News. A confessed criminal has claimed the drugs in Schapelle Corby's luggage were meant for him. But the man's own lawyer says he'd admit to anything if there was money in it. Schapelle Corby's lawyer has staunchly protected the identity of his so-called star witness, whose testimony, he claims, will set her free. In this morning's Sydney 'Telegraph', a man claims he was to take delivery of the drugs, but a baggage handler wouldn't deliver them, for fear of being watched. William Miller, or William Moss, says he stood to make $50,000 from the deal, but his own lawyer says he's well-known for these stunts. Corby's counsel won't confirm either way. Nothing we can say right now because we are not in a position to say that right now because we don't know who he is. Hotman Hutapea says he's in a Mexican stand-off with Australian authorities, who won't give indemnity to his witness. But the Commonwealth DPP says it can't grant blanket immunity and needs to know the witness's identity before it can consider any requests. Two Qantas staff are due to arrive in Denpasar on Monday. They're expected to testify there was nothing suspicious about Corby's luggage when it left Brisbane. Back home on the Gold Coast, Schapelle's mother has been forced to sell her fish shop. We really need the money to help going back and forwards. After two years in the Southport shop, Rosleigh Rose will devote more time to helping her daughter. Do you wish you could keep the shop and have the best of both worlds? Yep. She still hopes her girl will be home in three weeks. Max Futcher, Ten News. Two Sydney men have faced court on rape and robbery charges Claims meal breaks and public holidays could be in danger under proposed industrial relations changes. Workers encouraged to trade their conditions for more money. Most Australian workers expect a lunchbreak in the middle of a working day. But what if employers offered a pay rise or an earlier knock off time in exchange? A scenario acknowledged by the Treasurer. If you don't want to have a smoko or a meal break it gives you the right to cash it out to either leave earlier or get higher wages. The new Victorian Family First Senator sceptical. I don't think that we can expect someone at, say, a Coles check-out to be able to negotiate with their boss for paid public holidays or a meal break. But Mr Costello says trading in conditions of employment is already happening. Meal breaks are bargained at the moment, that's my point, meal breaks are bargained at the moment. But if meal breaks are already able to be bargained away, why do we need radical industrial reform to make them even more tradeable? That's the sort of question the Government is striving to answer to win over public support. Labor issuing a warning. The position of the Liberal Party is increasingly becoming it is time you traded away your peace of mind and your family life. Peter Costello has also repeated his view that the proposed unfair dismissal exemption for over 90% of companies could be extended to all companies. Peter Costello, if he had his way, would abolish it for everyone. But any move to completely abolish unfair dismissal laws would be opposed, and potentially blocked, by Queensland Senator Barnaby Joyce, who delivered the Government its one-vote Senate majority. Greg Turnbull, Ten News. Next in the 5:00 news - the husband in the car boot case makes a remarkable admission about his dying wife. REPORTER: Do you still love your wife, Joe? And the police pursuit that hit the wall. The embarrassed officer's explanation of what went wrong. This program is captioned live. You're watching the five o'clock news. Vic Lorusso is in the Traffic Helicpoter. The heart of Parramatta in uproar this evening, what's the incident that happened. Be We've just been told that a man in his 20s has been stabbed in Church street in Parramatta in Westfields. Obviously a crime scene has been set up by the crime police. That's live pictures at the moment and traffic is completely blocked off ath whole of the Parramatta CBD has been crippled as a result of this police operation. So if you know any family or friends exiting from Parramatta, they could be home as a result of this operation. They would be better to stick to Victoria Road. Thank you Vic Lorusso. Two Sydney men have faced court on rape and robbery charges after allegedly spiking the drinks of patrons at popular bars. It's claimed the victims were too groggy to defend themselves. At bars across the city, the men who called themselves Andy and Dylan were on the prowl. It's alleged they spiked drinks, raping and robbing people they picked up last October. The court hearing claims: The prosecution claims Andy is really Chabli Djait who appeared in court on the first day of committal hearing, Co-accused Adel Samadi stayed in the cells. The court was told that when police arrested Djait, he was wearing one victim's leather jacket and a watch. Another victim described the sensation of being drugged as being unable to walk in a straight line According to the police version of events, one Japanese student had $20,000 in traveller's cheques stolen from her. When they visited the home of Dejait, they found some of those cheques in her name at his home. It's also alleged three victims photographed the predators and have identified them during the line-ups. Police also say they have DNA evidence tying Djait to one of the rapes. Defence lawyers for both men have questioned the drug's impact on the victims. The Crown Prosecutor will call more medical evidence tomorrow. Kevin Wilde, Ten News. Tears from the husband at the centre of the woman-in-the-boot case after saying goodbye to his dying wife. Joe Korp won special legal permission for one last visit. Surrounded by security, Joe Korp left hospital after saying a final farewell to his wife, the 47-year-old shedding tears for the woman he's accused of attempting to murder. Inside he'd spent a far from private 30 minutes with Maria Korp, police and a representative from the Office of the Public Advocate supervising his visit. It came at the end of a tumultuous day, as Mr Korp fought to say goodbye. REPORTER: Do you still love your wife, Joe? Very much so. Thank you. Maria Korp has around two weeks to live after her legal guardian decided to stop life-sustaining feeding through a tube. She's remained in a coma ever since she was attacked last February and left for dead in the boot of a car. Her husband's lover has been jailed for attempted murder. Magistrate Paul Smith granted Joe Korp special permission to visit his wife, saying until a jury decides the accused's fate he's a husband wanting to say goodbye. Mrs Korp's legal guardian, the Public Advocate, could have stopped the meeting but didn't. There is sufficient evidence that she wanted to maintain a relationship with her husband. Values such as compassion and forgiveness would be part of her value system. Joe Korp was banned from taking photos during the visit. Mr Korp's committal hearing is due to begin on Monday. He could face a fresh charge of murder when his wife dies. Christopher Still, Ten News. Bus and ferry passengers look set to be hit with yet another hike in fares. The Government's call for higher ticket prices coming less than 12 months after the last increase. The call for higher fares comes despite driver and passenger security slipping over the past year. Many unhappy with the Government's plans to put fares up again with concerns service isn't up to standard. I catch four buses a day, and at least two of them are late. I've just shifted my time earlier because the bus that was meant to turn up on time doesn't any more. Probably not so bad of a morning, The Government has sought an increase above inflation despite no improvement in on-time running in at least two years. It blames delays on traffic congestion and is hoping the Cross City Tunnel will solve the problem. But its opening has been postponed until next month at the earliest. It will take about 38% of the east/west traffic off the roads I think the Government needs to have a look at the basics of the bus service. He's got increasing safety problems, increasing security problems and increasing complaints. The number of people injured on board Sydney buses has increased over the past four years. So has the rate of assaults, now well above the State transit's own benchmark. Exactly how much extra bus and ferry commuters will pay is a decision to be made by the pricing tribunal. That increase will be passed on by January next year. The tribunal will make a draft recommendation on any fare increase by early October. Evan Batten, Ten News. A wild police pursuit has nearly ended in tragedy for two officers. Just as authorities closed in on their suspect, he suddenly turned right, but the lead police car didn't follow. MAN: Oh, oh, oh. That was the CHP cruiser guys that just went into that building there. The suspected murderer was arrested after trying to run away. Safe inside his car - a woman he'd just abducted. Both officers walked away with minor injuries. The embarrassed police driver blaming the crash on mechanical problems. Still to come - some welcome news on interest rates for homeowners. Also tonight - when Bob met... Bob. We take a trip down memory lane with some classic Carr. And look who's talking - Sydney's newest radio station reveals its line-up. What a gorgeous day. A certain fellow said, what will the weather do for the next day. And I said I might retire and he said he might retire too. 21 degrees today, five above average. We have fine and

suny conditions Mr Premier for the next week and beyond. What else have we got? The map of New South Wales. Later on the television, the goodness awards. Nine out of ten people think there should be more goodness across Australia and we'll tell you how to nominate some of your favourites at 5:55. More now on our top story this newshour, the shock resignation of Premier Bob Carr. After 10 years leading the State, he's had enough, deciding to walk away from politics. The battle is now on with Carl Scully, Morris Iemma and Craig Knowles lining up for the top job. State political editor Paul Mullins joins us again, Paul, what will Bob Carr be remembered for most? I think Bob Carr will be remembered at a consummate politician. He was a marvous media performer, I guess that goes back to his days as a journalist. Some said he was little more than a spin doctor, but there were many achieve.S during his time as Premier particularly in education and the environment. I have think Bob Carr will be remembered as a hardworking Premier and an honest Premier. These a look at the highs and lows of Bob Carr's career. The one-time ABC journalist first came to political prominence in late 1983 when Robert John Carr entered State Parliament as a Member for Maroubra, taking on the Planning and Environment portfolios as part of Neville Wran's top team. The 1988 election defeat for Barry Unsworth opening the door and a month later, Bob Carr became Labor's reluctant leader. In his first test at the polls in 1991, Bob Carr pushed Nick Greiner all the way. His crowning glory coming four years later with victory over John Fahey, a win that would spark a record-breaking 10-year run as Premier. I don't know who wrote your lines, but they're terrific. Wasn't anybody in the Liberal Party. He's particularly proud of his environmental crusades and boosting teacher numbers. Bob Carr also came up with a gold medal performance during the 2000 Olympics, presiding over the "best Games ever". Sport, though, was definitely not his strong suit. Despite enjoying plenty of success with his annual fly-the-flag bet with Peter Beattie over the State of Origin, he once referred to the clash as NSW versus Victoria. More embarrassing, mispronouncing the name of tennis great Tony Roche. That faux pas nothing compared to his pledge to quit over hospital waiting lists. We'll cut waiting lists in our first year by more than half. APPLAUSE That was almost eight years ago. Transport woes have dogged his premiership, a constant flow of motorways in that time helping earn him his Bob the Builder tag. He was even forced into rebating many M4 motorists to meet an election pledge. His love of bushwalking has helped keep him trim, not to mention a distaste for sausage rolls. I like pies. Forced with a choice of a sausage roll or a pie, you'd have to go for a pie, wouldn't you? It's the more Australian choice. A common thread at his media briefings was a dry wit, in evidence when chooks began falling from the sky in Newcastle. Frozen chickens hurtling through the stratosphere is one of the mysteries of existence. His final fling with the State in the grip of a water crisis Frank Coletta, Ten News. To finance, and the Australian share market continues its push into record territory. After a mixed lead from Wall Street, local energy stocks slipped with the easing in world oil prices. Craig James joins us from Commonwealth Securities. Craig, there's plenty of good news for home buyers? What's the The inflation rates came out yesterday and interest rates are going no where. The consumer price index rose by six tenths. That means the annual rate of inflation is 2.5%, exactly where the reserve bank wants it. And the consumers don't miss out either? Particularly those updating their cars or wardrobes. Car prices fell again in the a last quarter and at the cheapest levels for 15 years and the price of clothes has fallen by 2%. That's the biggest fall in 30 years. Sydney radio listeners will have another choice on the dial from Monday. Vega 95.3 is about to hit the airwaves and it plans to cash in on cashed-up baby boomers. It's been nicknamed Nova for nannas. Sydney's newest station pitching for the baby boomers It is Vega 95.3. Plans for the station have been veiled in secrecy since Nova's owner, DMG paid $106 million for the licence. But today all was revealed, including the rationale of going after the audience aged between 40 and 60. They are the wealthiest group in our society and in our history. And there are two million of them in New South Wales. The station will feature a mix of talk back and music. The exact rat yo depending on how big a news day it is. Some hours it may play 12 to 14 songs an hour, other days it may play four. The station represents a giant leap forward for women on commercial radio. This is the first ds station to have a 50/ 50 shript including two going solo. It is about time I can't believe it

You're absolutely right, it's been a bloke's world for a long time, commercial radio. The line up includes Angela Catterns, Wendy Harmer, Tony Squires and rebeck aWilson on Drive. All the shifts go will go to air in September. Vega 95.3 goes live in Sydney on Monday at 11 am. Tim Webster, they're a superstitious mob at Belmore. We'll reveal the tactic the Dogs hope will save them from the curse of the No.1 jumper as Hazem El Masri gets some good news on that knee injury. Also - the result of the Bulldogs' shoot-out to replace leagues most accurate goal kicker. And Leisel Jones talks about the most emotional moment of her career. She says "Thank God", well. Small pieces of information from members of the public can help keep Australia safe from terrorism. Police and security agencies are working hard, but you could help them complete the picture. If you see anything suspicious, call the 24-hour National Security Hotline and help protect Australia from terrorism. Call 1800 123 400. Trained operators take every call seriously, and you can remain anonymous. Our water situation is still critical, which is why Stage 2 Restrictions are now in force, so let's work together to follow them and help sustain our water supply. For full details, call: FUNKY MUSIC HCF is different from other funds. So if you're not happy with the benefit limits you get... (Laughs) ..on your current health fund, you should switch to HCF because they have generous limits on health essentials like dental, eyecare, physio and chiro. To find out about HCF's generous benefit limits: This program is captioned live. Celebrations for 19-year-old Leisel Jones - she's the new world 100m breast-stroke champion. Her victory in Montreal, in a personal best time, ended a frustrating run of losses at world and Olympic championships. She's never hidden her emotions on podiums in the past, but finally there was a golden difference. American rival Jessica Hardy with all the pressure this time after eclipsing Jones's world record in the semis. Hardy overhauled by Jones and that heavy weight of expectation. COMMENTATOR: Jones is going to win it! Leisel's broken the hoodoo! She's won a big one. Years of frustration spilling out after being branded with a bad attitude. "Thank you, God." That's what she's saying. I guess it didn't help by having a blank face after Athens. So, um, I've learned to react better than that so, um, I think from all the bad experiences I've had, I've learned good things and obviously it's paid off. She also confronted and beat the most unwanted tag in sport. It was a little bit tough, I guess, sometimes, to, I guess, have that thing that, you know, "Oh, she kept choking" or, I guess that was, sort of, one of the things that hurt the most and I don't feel that I did choke. Jones's turnaround coming under new coach Stephan Widmar, who followed on from the work of her previous coach, Ken Wood. Grant Hackett's bid for four freestyle gold medals at this meet thwarted by American superstar Michael Phelps in the 200m showdown. With an exhausting schedule, Hackett says it's ridiculous the way drug testers are cutting into his recovery time. After every event, I seem to have a drug test. I had one this morning, got another one tonight, had one a couple of days ago. Tomorrow night, he'll contest the 800m final. Owen Martin, Ten News. Promising news for injured Bulldog Hazem El Masri today. The Dogs' latest fallen fullback could be back from a knee injury by the finals. After a closer look, all is not so bleak. Did your ears prick up and think, "I could be back"? Absolutely mate, I wanted to hug him. El Masri had previously been ruled out for the year after suffering knee damage in Friday night's win against Brisbane. The 29-year-old now has his sights on finals football. Pretty happy with that. We just have to see how Hills is. We'll do

all the right things and do f go through the rehab again. Even if El Masri is back in six weeks, he won't kick for a further two weeks after that, meaning for at least the next two months, the Dogs need a replacement goal-kicker. Big shoes to kill. And New Zealand kicker Jammal Lolesi, for good reason, was ruled out of the running today. Leaving Braith Anasta and Brent Sherwin to a kick off. Sherwin's likely to be given the kicking tee, kicking 80% home from around the park. Braith likes the left side and I like the right, so we might just go and do that. That would be interesting, if it works. They'll probably decide actually, whoever is happier. Storey. Storey. It was a swift operation that caught authorities offguard. Shifty says he wants to, same with Braith. So they'll sort it out between themselves. Lolesi will move to fullback but won't be asked to wear the No.1 jersey after the last three fullbacks in the last three weeks sustained serious injury. Yeah, I think the coach said to me, "I don't want you wearing that No.1 jersey, it's cursed, that jersey." Winger Matt Utai remains under a cloud for Sunday's game against the Souths with a damaged left shoulder. Rob Canning, Ten News. Disgraced Wallabies halfback Matt Henjak is now scheduled to arrive home from South Africa tomorrow. Team officials are denying there's been a cover-up and he was really dismissed for brawling with a team-mate. The Wallabies are trying to turn their attentions back to the field, but the storm over what exactly happened at a nightclub won't go away. Officials remaining adamant Henjak was sent home for throwing ice and not a public fight with Lote Tuqiri. Lote then went in and told him to pull his head in. They had a disagreement over that fact, and then, as I said, Wendell defused the situation. So the main cause of Matt being sent home is his inappropriate behaviour in a nightclub - throwing the contents of his drink. But now team management admits Henjak has also paid for his past problems. Matt does have a prior history of some incidents in public places and those were also taken into account when the decision was made to send him home. Ironically, players were reminded prior to the tour about off-field behaviour. Now that message has had to be reinforced. Certainly we are disappointed with the behaviour of those four players, but it is a strong message that we've got high standards in the team and we want to maintain those standards. It's a setback to Henjak's international future - he's being groomed as George Gregan's eventual replacement. He's obviously feeling the brunt of the consequences of his actions. It's up to him to do a few things that have been detailed to him. If he does that, he becomes available for selection again. REPORTER: Can you tell us what is expected of him? He needs to undergo some counselling, which he'll do. Tony Peters, Ten News. Adam Gilchrist admits the Australian Test team and their families are looking forward to leaving troubled London. The champion wicketkeeper/batsman had some much-needed R&R with his son Harrison. But Gilly admits he's keen to leave London tomorrow. Whilst we love London and being here it probably won't hurt for us to get away and, you know, get up to Worcester or up to Birmingham when we get there for the Test match just to, hopefully, feel a little bit, sort of, further away from what seems to be the threatened areas. The second Test begins next Thursday at Edgbaston. And later in Sports Tonight with Bill Woods, a former L.A. Laker reveals what Aussie basketball sensation Andrew Bogut must do to make the grade in the NBA. There are still problems in Parramatta? Yeah, there sure are after a police operation, unfortunately a male in his 20s stabbed earlier on Church Street right outside the Westfields. We'll zoom in on where the road has been blocked off by police. The police have actually dispatched some witch's hats there. They're leaving the street there. But traffic diversions have been implemented and there are significant delays. The scene of the location where this has happened is right opposite the Westfields. The road has been completely blocked. We've been told a single stab wound has been contained and the patient has been transported to Westmeade and we'll hopefully have more news about that

in the next news. BOING! Sink your teeth into the new $3 game play Scratchie: First, scratch the Popeye figure, then scratch the 'Your Words' panel. You can win 150 grand! TOOT! TOOT! SONG: # Scratch me happy! # Lotto's $19 million Super Saturday is on a roll! That's right, $19 million! So get your entries in by July 30, as $19 million is too cool to miss. SONG: # Big red ball that makes dreams come true. # time for the weather details. Tim Bailey I was impressed that you were able to bring to an end the Premiership in New South Wales history, one great weekend in the middle of weekend and he said that's enough That's right, he rang Baily up and he said I'm retiring! What we're doing here is celebrating goodness and kindness. What a shot with the city in the background. A little bit of a pick nick here, it's called the Fruitopia Goodie Awards and we're looking for community kindness, community generosity. We have some people here from St Vincent dePaul and the Red Cross here. You can win $1,000. You can be a community group, you can be Mrs Jones next door, a husband, a mum or a son. If you know somebody that spreads joy, happyness and kindness in the community, then we think you deserve a Fruitopia Goodie Awards. Put your thinking cap on and if you know somebody, this is the telephone number you nominate on. The number is: Goodness and kindness, you can't get enough of it, can you? Especially on the five o'clock news. What have we got weather wise. Mr Carr picked a good week to retire. We have fine and sunny conditions, 21 to 22 degrees for the next five or six days in a row. Sparkling weather conditions and five above average today. Even four above the minimum temperature too so everything in pretty good shape as long as you're not looking for rain fall or snow fall which most of us are looking for. Tomorrow's weather map: Drips and drops across roof tops and isolated showers. By Friday, cold westerly winds will generate showers across Victoria and southern SA and southern inland New South Wales as well. We're really teesing Ron this week. Our cameraman has got the muffins now, we had the chocolate mousse last night and also the hash browns. The studio is a tough place, live on location is the place to be. Fine and sunny for the next few days and

the next week is like that. Let's look at the interstate forecast. Sydney tomorrow has another sunny day. That is the outlook. If you know somebody who is full of generosity, somebody who is full of generosity, kindness has a big heart and has a big heart and a big smile, the Fruitopia Goodie Awards. Nominate them on this number: see you tomorrow night. Muffins! That's the 5:00 news. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Jessica Rowe. Deborah Knight will have the Late News at 11:30. Goodnight. Supertext captions by the Australian Caption Centre