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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. commuters face random searches. Tonight - privacy fears as Sydney accused of a very adult crime. The cap-gun robbery - an 11-year-old And returning home - to keep his wife's memory alive. Simon Gillett's plan

and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson Good evening. evictee in big trouble with the law. Also tonight - the 'Big Brother' And the magnificent seven - into Tour de France history. Lance Armstrong rides But first this evening -

random bag searches Sydney commuters will soon face and bomb sniffer dogs

on public transport security. as the goverment gets tough privacy concerns The crackdown raising ethnic groups. and fears it could unfairly target on our transport system, Business as usual today but for how long?

is considering random bag searches The State Government on trains, buses and ferries sniffer dogs, and the use of airport-style for a conceded invasion of privacy. with no apology

not to have your bag searched Your civil liberty not to be blown up. is outweighed by my right And, post-London bombings, exceptions, appear to agree. most commuters, bar one or two You should have it done. I think it is quite reasonable. It's only for our own safety. I think it should be done. of security and paranoia. I'm pretty horrified at the amount will be up to police. Just who will be searched and when

But the Premier concedes

for a needle in a haystack it will be like looking and there are no guarantees. that's going to render us all safe. There is no one single magic bullet see the proposals as discriminatory. Civil liberties groups of the Muslim community, If I was a member I'd be very concerned about this. the use of sniffer dogs, The Opposition supports

but is less impressed CCTV cameras covering the railways. with the Government's 6,000 At the end of the day, for the Coroner's Court. they're really only much use they're disappointed The rail unions say about the random search plans. they weren't consulted Paul Mullins, Ten News. could be on the way And higher airfares of security at our airports. to pay for a tightening

been hired by the Federal Government British expert Sir John Wheeler has at more than 30 Australian airports. to examine security for expensive changes, While he says there may not be a need to pay for peace of mind. he believes passengers are happy will be willing payers Most passengers and most citizens fair and sensible arrangements. for what they consider to be

will examine policing The 3-month review and closed-circuit TV at airports, of airport staff. as well as the recruitment Condemnation tonight who's praised Osama bin Laden, for the Islamic leader for the rise of terrorism. and blamed Western governments reject his views Both sides of politics as provocative and un-Australian. Osama bin Laden is a good man Sheikh Mohammed Omran believes

with the September 11 attacks. and that al-Qa'ida had nothing to do September 11, in particular, I could say, Muslims or al-Qa'ida. it's not in the hand of anyone, the sheikh's views are appalling. In London, the PM said is a good man. He says that Bin Laden Doesn't that really prove my point?

It is not acceptable that Bin Laden is acceptable. to have anyone out there saying The sheikh remains defiant. to his thoughts. Well, everyone is entitled He's released a statement making inflammatory comments accusing the PM of being the one of suicide bombers here, about the possibility a view he put in a recent interview. harms and fear to your society. Don't talk something bring

within the Islamic community And signs of irritation to do more to condemn extremism. over the PM's plea to them pretty insulting. It is pretty unfair comment to make, we have been doing nothing but. It feels like and their aftermath The London bombings of Britain and Australia have got the governments

between freedom of speech pondering the balance or inciting terrorist acts. and preventing people from condoning

But a further revamp of our laws and counter-terrorism relating to security is certainly on the cards. with the Premiers of the States, with the Opposition I want to cooperate in order to get the right response. Greg Turnbull, Ten News. they can't guarantee British police say more innocent people won't be killed in the wake of the recent bombings. as the city gets tough

in the wake of the recent bombings. as the city gets tough Intelligence officers investigating the attacks in London and Egypt. whether Osama bin Laden coordinated A third person's been arrested of the London bombings, Louise Barry, the Australian face for the first time. returns to the site of the bus blast

for the injured It's a haunting moment and for the families of those killed. A city on high alert, of Jean de Menezes, London is reeling from the shooting

killed on an Underground train for a suicide bomber. by police who mistook him

Mobile phone vision has emerged being raided. of the innocent Brazilian's flat But, despite getting it so wrong, from their shoot-to-kill policy. British officials aren't backing away as it were, If we get to a point of no return, if not possibly a legal duty, on us there is a moral duty,

and able to deflect an attack as police officers who are armed to take life to save life. I hope they will understand to do their very best the police were trying in very difficult circumstances from suicide bombers. to protect the people of London Three men are now being questioned attempted train bombings, over last week's are on the loose. but it's believed five terrorists of the London incidents The coordinated nature

and the weekend bomb blasts in Egypt suggests, to some, a link. reported to be investigating Intelligence agencies is behind the latest attacks. the possibility Osama bin Laden locals won't let terror take charge. But in Egypt, too, A show of solidarity and defiance to so many. in a message that now hits home Amanda McLeay, Ten News.

A very small boy charged with a very adult crime. An 11-year-old is facing serious jail time after being charged with armed robbery. He's accused of holding up a convenience store with a toy gun, making off with four packets of cigarettes. The 11-year-old is charged with holding up this convenience store, three counts of assault, and breaching bail.

The court heard he waited in the toilet, then took out his metal-coloured cap gun and approached the terrified female attendant. He told police: As the 11-year-old made his getaway, the court heard he warned the victim: After leaving the store, the police say he threw the gun in this creek

and rode home on his bike.

The cigarettes and lighter were hidden as well. His father stayed at home while his son faced court. The boy's lawyer told the court that the 11-year-old suffers from attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder plus oppositional defiance disorder. He's on medication for both conditions, but isn't taking it. Outside the court, his lawyer had little to say.

It's an awful case, isn't it?

I not going to comment on the case, I'm sorry.

He's an 11-year-old boy. The magistrate summed up the charges as: The gun hasn't been recovered. The police prosecutor successfully applied for bail to be refused. The boy was taken to a nearby juvenile detention centre ahead of another court appearance next month. Kevin Wilde, Ten News.

A heartbreaking return home today

for the husband of Australian cyclist Amy Gillett. He flew in from Germany with his wife's body, not yet ready to accept an apology from the young motorist who ran her down. As an Olympic rower and Australian cyclist, Amy Gillett would return from overseas trips draped in medals. Today, she came home in a casket, wrapped in the flag she loved.

Husband Simon made the heartbreaking trip from Germany with her, searching for positives from the tragedy. If there's a positive out of this, it's that we're not bringing back six people in the same way. That could easily have happened. Amy's five team-mates are still recovering in a German hospital. All are now conscious. Alexis Rhodes is still attached to a respirator, but doctors are hoping to remove it in the coming days.

The 18-year-old driver who ploughed into them has written a letter of apology

saying she remembers nothing of what happened.

Simon Gillett isn't ready to accept it. He says he still harbours too much anger towards her. I'd be lying if I said I didn't, but I'm not gonna pursue that track because that's not going to help me or anyone. And helping others is what he wants most, setting up the Amy Gillett Foundation. It will aid the rehabilitation of Amy's team-mates,

provide support for up-and-coming cyclists

and, most importantly, increase road safety awareness. When you go past a cyclist on the road, just go past them as if it's your daughter or son or wife or husband when you're passing and just give them a little bit of room. Amy Gillett's funeral will be held in Ballarat on Friday followed by a memorial service in Adelaide on August 5.

Dan Nolan, Ten News. Tim Webster with a look at sport and Lance Armstrong - what an inspiration. Yes, Deb, there are few sporting achievements greater than those of Lance Armstrong. He's won an unprecedented seventh consecutive Tour de France. The 33-year-old bows out today the greatest cyclist in the history of the Tour. On a rainy morning, American flags waved

and children perched high on their fathers' shoulders. They sought just a fleeting glimpse of the great Lance Armstrong, the courageous Texan whose remarkable journey is already the stuff of legend. ANNOUNCER: Lance Armstrong! Armstrong told us a few years back it wasn't about the bike. After seven years watching the best in the world chase him through the Pyrenees en route to the Champs-Elysees,

we know what he's talking about.

I'm a fan of the Tour de France for as long as I live and there are no secrets. This is the hardest sporting event and hard work wins it. So vive le Tour forever. Thank you. CHEERING There have been many to win cycling's greatest race. But no-one else has done it seven times. No-one else has done it after beating cancer. Diagnosed with testicular cancer in 1996,

it spread to his brain and lungs and forever altered his once-muscular frame. Holding a massive lead heading into the 21st and final stage, only an accident could've prevented Armstrong winning again. Disaster nearly struck on the Paris outskirts - a fallen team-mate almost taking the champ with him.

But to thunderous applause, on he rode one final time, all the while committed to the decision he'd made a few months before. The biggest inspiration in my life now and the biggest inspiration in this decision is my children. They're the ones that make it easier to suffer, but they're also the ones that have told me it's time to come home.

It was fitting, then, Armstrong's three children joined him on the podium as he waved goodbye. Lance Armstrong the cyclist, survivor and father is going home for good.

Brad McEwan, Ten News. And Aussie swim great Grant Hackett has also earnt a new place in international sporting history. Hackett's victory in the world 400m freestyle final made him the first swimmer to win gold medals at four world championships. The 400m was previously dominated by Ian Thorpe, of course. Thorpie is not competing at these titles. And one last lap of Lord's for Glenn McGrath

in a special family celebration after his man-of-the-match performance against England. Paying at the home of cricket for the last time, McGrath took nine wickets for the game in Australia's crushing victory. All the highlights of Australia's spectacular wicket haul a little later. Plus the Wests Tigers' hot streak. Still to come - the 'Big Brother' evictee in big trouble with the law.

Also tonight - football panic sparks high-level security talks. And later this hour - we go backstage at 'Australian Idol 3'. Definitely


This program is captioned live. A teenager accused of sexually assaulting two 15-year-old girls has been refused bail. Police claim Valentine Makakea threatened the victims

if they reported the alleged attack. Valentine Makakea is just 19 years old. But he faces life in prison if found guilty of the two charges now hang over him. It's alleged Makakea was with three girls

at a unit in Wiley Park last Wednesday night, having sex with two of the teens aged 15 without their consent. They were taken to hospital for treatment.

In applying for bail today, Makakea's lawyer told Burwood court

his client strongly denied the charges and that a significant amount of alcohol had been consumed on the night. And while he said it was true there was a suggestion of evidence of a sexual encounter, there were issues over consent being given along with questions about knowledge of the girls' age. But the Crown alleges Makakea made admissions about the victims not consenting. In arguing against bail, the Crown prosecutor said Valentine Makakea's lack of understanding

over the gravity of the case against him was incredible.

Facts tendered to the court said he showed no remorse and allege he made threats against the victims if they were to go to police. Magistrate Gary Still said the two charges of aggravated sexual assault were very serious, and with concern for the victims' safety, he remanded Makakea in custody. He can re-apply for bail in two weeks. Eddy Meyer, Ten News.

A lucky escape for a family in Sydney's west after a truck crashed into their home. The impact sending a shudder through the Gillroys' home, ripping open their lounge room and sending furniture from one side of the house to the other. Luckily the family were out at the time. My daughter and I were out shopping and basically we just pulled up at the front gate and to my surprise there's a truck in my front lounge room

and I'm just totally shocked. The driver of the truck wasn't injured in the crash. NRL, and Telstra Stadium officials are meeting police tonight to review security after the firecracker scare at the weekend Bulldogs game. The culprits are still at large, and authorities are calling on Canterbury supporters to help track them down. Detectives are carefully analysing the footage of the firecracker explosion. This camera angle, behind the stadium grandstand,

shows a group of youths mingling.

Then there's a series of sparks, followed by the large blast as the cracker goes off.

The noise was so loud, it even startled the players and referees. FIRECRACKER EXPLODES The incident has prompted a meeting tonight of police, the NRL, the Bulldogs and Telstra Stadium officials to discuss current security procedures at league matches. The potential for injury and also for scaring people

was so significant, you know, it was just crazy. The prank had extra significance because of the recent London bomb attacks. Many fans already had the jitters. The culprit hasn't been caught,

although many people claim to have seen him light the cracker. He went to another seat, another gate, 'cause we were in Gate E and he went in some other gate. It went off in the midst of the blue-and-white army. Now those fans are being asked to identify who did it.

Over the past 12 months, the Bulldogs have done a lot to change the way things have been done with their fans and they're doing everything they can to assist us

and bring the culprits in. Telstra Stadium management says bag searches at its NRL games are carried out at random. It's just too big a job to search everybody. Nevertheless, bag checks, surveillance camera coverage and security personnel levels are again under review. How smart is it to take a firecracker, that's illegal anyway,

and explode it there? You could have blown off your hand, let alone injure people around you.

It's mad. Shaun Fewings, Ten News.

time for a check of the weather.

Tim Bailey, that hot out there

today, I was in danger of breaking

out the wine shirt. Please don't do

that Ron, for Sydney's sake. Keep that for

that Ron, for Sydney's sake. Keep that for summer. It's five degrees

above average. Westerlys are getting

through. An urgent call for John to

Kirribilli to get some. What have

we got tomorrow? Mainly sunny

through to Thursday, Friday,

Saturday, sun, blue skies and tops

of 21 degrees. How good was it,

judge for yourself. Let's look at

sky watch. Big and blue and that

will do on a Monday T was a nice sun rise as

will do on a Monday T was a nice sun rise as you saw. A maximum of

22 degrees. Let's check the

pollution level force you just

because we can. Low in the

northwest and the south-west and in

the east. A good day on the way to

you tomorrow. Tops of 21 degrees.

On the television later, the

Tigers, we'll build them a

clubhouse and I'll see you again in

around about ten minutes.

Next in the 5:00 news - a mother's rage as she comes face to face with her daughter's killer.

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This program is captioned live.

You're watching the five o'clock

news. That big accident on the M4,

I must have counted a dozen

emergency vehicles there At least a

dozen emergency vehicles, up to

seven cars involved in the smash.

It is a really nasty one T occured

on the M4 before Pit

on the M4 before Pit Street. One of It is a really nasty one T occured

the vehicles ended up towards the

side of the wall. There is a

lengthy process going on to release

a passenger stuck in the vehicle.

But as a result of the delays, only

one lane is open and you can see by

the traffic shots on the M4, it is

bumper to bumper. You can still see

the emergency services trying to

get to the scene but the traffic is

backed up. We'll have more updates get to the scene but the traffic is

throughout the bulletin It's been a day of bloodshed in Iraq

leaving more than 40 people dead. with two suicide bombings of explosives A truck with more than 200kg

crashed into sand barriers in Baghdad, surrounding a police station injuring at least 30 people. Early this afternoon, left 5 dead and 10 injured another suicide bombing near a Baghdad hotel. as a tsunami warning was sounded Terror in Thailand

on India's Nicobar Islands. following a major earthquake rocked the islands late last night, The 7.2-strength quake in neighbouring regions. triggering widespread panic of Thailand fled to higher ground, Frightened locals on the coast around 90 minutes later. returning to their homes on a killer paedophile in America. An emotional attack coming face to face The victim's mother her 5-year-old daughter. with the man who raped and murdered

three years of pent-up fury. A grieving mother unleashes You're a disgrace to the human race. Alejandro Avila, Erin Runnion confronts her 5-year-old daughter Samantha, the factory worker who abducted and murdering the child torturing, raping beside a freeway. before dumping her naked body You hurt her and you crushed her,

until her heart stopped. you terrified her and I know she fought you! And she fought, with those amazing brown eyes I know she looked at you and you still wanted to kill her. he took away. Telling him about the little life and funny, Samantha was outrageously bright she wasn't demanding, for everything under the sun, she didn't ask as much as humanly possible. just to play and have fun

to take that away? Why would you want but a life sentence. Erin Runnion called not for death the abyss of a lifetime in prison I want you to disappear into no-one will pray for you where no-one will remember you, and no-one will care when you die. had forfeited his right to life, But the judge says Avila by lethal injection. sentencing him to death

to use his time on death row Erin Runnion urged Avila why he killed her daughter. to try to work out to think about it. Well now you have a lot of time Don't waste it! Write it down, figure out how to stop you people! so that the rest of us can Rahni Sadler, Ten News. In California, has been arrested, A 'Big Brother' evictee

an indecent act. accused of committing as he's known, Simon Deering, or 'Hotdogs' with a 22-year-old woman was arrested

the pair committed the act after police say outside a Cairns nightclub. on a median strip with being a public nuisance. They've been charged obstructing police during the arrest. A third woman was charged for in court again in August. Hotdogs was bailed and will appear

Still to come - Sydneysiders to give blood. the 3-year-old boy urging

golden oldies hit the weights Also tonight - in search of the fountain of youth. And the tears and bizarre behaviour of 'Australian Idol'. behind the scenes

This program is captioned live. it's

it's warm but also windy out there.

You're struggling with a westerly

I'm struggling with a westerly,

this will be the untidiest head on

your television all night. A

westerly up around 34kms. Five

degrees above average. Liked it so

much, I put it an order for one

exactly the same tomorrow.

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday,

Saturday and sun T

Saturday and sun T is a real blue Wednesday, Thursday, Friday,

sky week. Let's look at the map of MSW for you.

Tomorrow at your place, 22 degrees.

Tomorrow at your place, 22 degrees.

The at 5.55, the Tigers on the

television, we're going to build

them a clubhouse and some fine

footballers and a lot of fun. tend to slow down a little. As we age, most of us is doing just the opposite But one group of mature citizens for the fountain of youth. as they search Weight training - of the big, the strong and the buff. often thought to be the domain and progressive resistance training Traditionally, exercise training

middle-aged people, not for seniors. is thought of as for young and in two Melbourne retirement homes But a pilot study

the golden oldies to hit the weights has found that getting the physical effects of ageing. can slow, and even reverse, People that are in their 70s and 80s and gone for good who thought their muscles were gone their muscles are still there are actually finding

but they're just dormant. to move these amounts of weights. I had no idea I'd be able I feel more confident. I feel stronger, I never knew I had before. I've got muscles now My gorgeous girl Amelia here is 79. She has had two hip replacements, pumping some serious iron but since she's started to her apartment, she no longer takes the lift she positively bounds up the stairs. When I go out with my daughters

I can just about keep up with them. They don't mind going shopping with me now. The study has found these pumped-up pensioners are seeing more than just physical benefits. My wife has noticed the confidence built and I can really approach things far more positively than I have before. Use it or lose it. Mark Howard, Ten News.

Finance, and the Australian share market

is treading uncharted territory today. the All Ordinaries hitting new record highs. Craig James at Commonwealth Securities.

The share market's certainly on the up again. The share

The share market, that was

certainly on the up today. Yes,

fresh record highs for the share

market. While morning shares led

the wairbgs they didn't have it all

their own way. Some of the commonly

high stocks like AMP were all

higher. These are part of the

Commsec mums and dads share index

and that was also at record highs.

The first of the ifpbflaigs records

out today wharbgs are they

The first of the ifpbflaigs records out today wharbgs are they showing

us? The producer is largely under

control. Largely limit today higher

building costs. This is the first

hurdle overcome for homebuyers.

Thank you Craig at Commsec 25,000 hopefuls, a lethal new judge - it's 'Australian Idol' time again. Tonight a sneak peak at the tears and tantrums that go into making a star.

You have to wonder why some people put themselves through it. The lure of fame, fortune and a fantastic life making public humiliation a serious option. (Sings) # But I still haven't found what I'm looking for... # That was seriously awful, aw-ful. You didn't like it?

New judge Kyle Sandilands tearing some contestants apart.

Some of these kids are genuinely devastated when they walk out of that room. They are literally sobbing. Yeah. Do you feel any remorse for making people feel like that?

None. But it's truthful. I would rather someone know the truth rather than try to pursue some sort of pipe dream for 10 years and waste their life. This year, 25,000 people laid it on the line for the judges.

(Sings) # With or without you... # Definitely without you. It's a no from me. From among this motley batch of wannabes,

the 'Idol' judges are hoping to unearth

a great Australian rock voice. So when the live shows kick off here in the 'Idol' studios, expect to hear some hard stuff. There's a couple of great rock acts. I had a lot of trouble with Mark trying to keep some of the rock acts in. I don't know what his ear is, I don't know whether it's just deteriorated over time

because he's old. As for the eventual winner, there's some debate, after last year's Idol, Casey Donovan, failed to have the kind of sales enjoyed by Guy, Shannon, and even her runner-up, Anthony Callea.

Australia voted for her, they loved her, they fell in love with her. They made a great decision. And it made 'Australian Idol' different from the first year. And this year, they'll vote for someone completely different. But maybe not this different.

(Sings terribly) Angela Bishop, Ten News. A brave little Sydney boy is inspiring people to roll up their sleeves and donate blood.

3-year-old Tanner Curtis was diagnosed with leukaemia at seven months, and doctors have used a number of blood products to treat him. Tanner's dad Joel works at Centrelink, and 600 of his workmates across NSW have promised to become blood donors to support him.

If you'd like to help, call the Blood Bank on 1300 655 233. 40,000 thousand new donors The Red Cross wants to recruit by the end of July. Tim Webster is back with sport more than record crowds. and not the Tigers attracting pretty good players coming, Yes, they've got a few more shortly. And one big star who wants to stay,

Also - so much for too old. to the taunts. Glenn McGrath's sweet reply And bridesmaid no more in the 400m, compares with Ian Thorpe. how Hackett's winning time



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This program is captioned live. on the Ashes series Australia has taken a stranglehold in the first Test. with a thumping win over England

was put to rest All talk of a resurgent England by Glenn McGrath and co with a crushing 239-run victory.

before the series began Being written off only made victory that much sweeter. COMMENTATOR: Take a bow, lads. on all fronts today. They've outplayed England The first Test hero - by the British press. some old bloke dubbed 'past it' It didn't worry me at all. rather than what other people say. I go on how I feel of a long night of celebrations. Families on hand for the start McGrath Sr's plans didn't come off. Luckily for the Aussies,

I tried to make a farmer out of him, playing cricket. but I think he was doing better For more than half the side, to their last Test match at Lord's. it's a fairytale finish ending with a 9-wicket haul, McGrath's love affair with the ground just how it began back in 1997. the first two sessions, With the rain washing out of coming back on day five, the Aussies rejected the choice the kill taking less than an hour.

a distant memory, England's first day fight for just 22 runs. the last five wickets falling

in 61 deliveries. An utter capitulation without a five-for at the ground. Shane Warne waves goodbye That's out, I do believe. with three 4-wicket hauls. The leg-spinner walking away a more fitting farewell - But perhaps this was for the last wicket. two champions combining his first Ashes victory as skipper. Ricky Ponting jumping for joy with

At 30, he'll be one of the few around in another four years. for a return bout is what the Ashes is all about. Tough, hard Test match cricket We thrived on that. we just grew as the Test went on. From that moment on, for a long time, This series has been built up have and win so comprehensively and for us to play the way that we has been fantastic. Tania Armstrong, Ten News. Grant Hackett has joined Ian Thorpe in world championships history as the greatest medal-winner

with victory in the 400m freestyle. But Hackett's expected showdown didn't happen - with Olympic superstar Michael Phelps the American failed to qualify. wasn't beside him on the blocks. For once, Ian Thorpe of his own - Grant Hackett making some history consecutive World Championship meets, the first swimmer to win gold at four a bridesmaid no longer. and, over 400m,

and now finally gold. Three consecutive silvers and certainly that was a good time. It's a nice feeling to win gold The time faster than Thorpe swam at last year's Athens Olympics. knowing that if he were here, That's satisfying in itself, a very competitive event. it would have been women's 100m freestyle relay team. No introduction needed for our Germany and the United States The Olympic champions holding out in World Championship record time.

and Jodie Henry Libby Lenton, Alice Mills, backing up from Athens. the place of Petria Thomas. Newcomer Shayne Reese taking and I thought, I saw that German girl beside me "You are not getting past me." A surprise for our men's relay. Andrew Mewing, Leith Brodie Veteran Michael Klim leading unknowns and Patrick Murphy behind the USA and Canada. to bronze

talking about this relay, When we made this team and they were to even make the final. everyone was writing us off of more medals tomorrow. And the promise the meet record Jessica Schipper twice breaking for the 100m butterfly final. as fastest qualifier Leanne West, Ten News. from his contract, Souths have released winger Roy Bell have rejected claims but the Rabbitohs drink-driving conviction. it's because of a recent to head back home to the North Coast Bell says he's wanted for some time.

for some time. for Bell and South Sydney It was a very embarrassing situation is the Motor Accidents Authority. because one of the club's sponsors Matt Orford's $1.8 million contract Manly has lodged with the NRL for scrutiny.

from Melbourne and Souths The Eagles deny claims they paid well above that figure. And the history-making Wests Tigers of their own. are looking to secure some signatures After treading

After treading water for many years,

the Wests Tigers are now making a

big splash. They're just two wins

away from playing in the finals for

the first time. There's a lot of

room for improvement. We were up 24

yesterday and we could have

finished them off and really ran

away wa it. But we have to work on

getting the killer instinct In front

of a record crowd, the Tigers made

it four in a row against the

happenless Souths. This it four in a row against the

rejuvenation is attracting new

talent with four named signings

for next year. And this years stars

keen to stay on I definitely want

to extend and stay at this club. I

love my footy at the moment.

Hopefully we can talk about

something soon. The only downside,

Bryce Gibbs has a twipsed knee

Bryce Gibbs has a twipsed knee and something soon. The only downside,

will sit out the crucial six weeks

run home it to the finals. You

can't catch the Broncos, we need to

win three or four games. It's a

fragile top eight, you lose three

games in a row and you ind up 11th.

Hodges hodge and Corey Parker have been charged

Hodges hodge and Corey Parker have been charged with a dangerous

throw on Tony Grimaldi.

Hodgeshodges could miss the match

but Parker can play. And John

Sutton has been resigned on a four-year deal. The Swans are not buying into any talk of premierships after yesterday's 21-point win over competition benchmark the West Coast Eagles. Sydney faces another stern test when they take on second-placed Adelaide in Adelaide next Saturday night.

While the impressive win over the

Premiership favourites had some

flairs doing black flips, others

including star forward, Michael

O'Loughlin were more circumspect

about the prospect Afzaal

Premiership. Headline contention of

the Premiership wharbgs do you

think about that? We're not talking

about that. If we lost yesterday,

we could have dropped to seventh or

we could have dropped to seventh or something. This team know wells

can't get ahead of ourselves.

Yesterday's win moves the Swans to

outright third spot but their

position remains precarious,

facing three top eight teams in the

remaining regular five matches

including the second placed Crows.

We can't get complacent and can't

We can't get complacent and can't sit resting on our laurels One of

the big pluses was the form of Adam

Schneider who was back to his best

The Schneider man wharbgs a goal!

Sydney back in front. Just his

speed and tack aming and chasing,

it was great to have him back. He ads

it was great to have him back. He ads the great thing to our team. Leading trainer Gai Waterhouse has faced a stewards inquiry Fernando Alonso has extended his lead in the Formula One championship after taking out the German Grand Prix overnight. The race was a disaster for Aussie Mark Webber. An accident at the start forced him into a long pit stop on lap one. Tiego Monteiro and Canadian Jacques Villeneuve also came off worse for wear in this incident, while McLaren's Kimi Raikkonen must have felt just as bad -

he was comfortably leading the race until mechanical problems ended his run on lap 36. Aussie riders Anthony West and Casey Stoner have survived a day of carnage at the British 250cc Grand Prix to both finish on the podium. In horrendous conditions, all the riders had plenty of trouble staying on their machines. the wet track made it almost impossible to keep upright. COMMENTATOR: Oh, Alvaro Bautista! Flicked him off. Stoner had a scare himself, surviving a trip into the gravel. He went on to finish third behind West and race winner Randy DePuniet.

He went on to finish third behind West and race winner Randy DePuniet. It's the first time two Aussies have stood on the podium together in the 250s. The MotoGP event was equally wet and wild, with Italian Valentino Rossi extending his lead in the championship. Greg Norman has finished third in the British Seniors Open in Scotland. In his seniors tour debut, the Shark missed out on a play-off with Tom Watson and Des Smyth by one shot after a final-round 67.

Watson beat Irishman Smyth after a 3-hole play-off to claim his second Senior British Open title in three years. Later in Sports Tonight with Bill Woods we'll hear from V8 driver Jason Richards on how he survived that horrific crash in Brisbane.

If have you family and friends

travelling in by the M4, tell them to

travelling in by the M4, tell them to avoid it. How long will this warm winter weather last? Tim Bailey will tell us next.

Lotto's $19 million Super Saturday is on a roll! That's right, $19 million! So get your entries in by July 30,

as $19 million is too cool to miss. SONG: # Big red ball that makes dreams come true. #

There's a lot of different theories about staying in shape, pretty complicated ones. and I've heard some staying in shape is simple. But to me, putting in the K's. It's all about... flakes of rice and wheat, Special K is delicious low in fat and high in protein.

and a balanced diet, Together with regular exercise and keep it simple. it helps me keep in shape

Time to get the guff on the wierd

weather. Can you stop picking on

the little blokes

the little blokes there. Look at weather. Can you stop picking on

the Pitwater Tigers on your

television. Say hello. Hi. Under 11,

I've got massive problems here.

These guys, they play AFL footy. Do

you love the Swanys too! Yeah It's

not much fun playing AFL footy when you don't have

you don't have a clubhouse. Do have not much fun playing AFL footy when

you a clubhouse? No Do you want

one? Yes We're having a sportsman

night in the RSL on Saturday night.

We will have Mark Jackson. The

number is on the screen. They have

no where to get changed, they're

the only team in

the only team in the competition no where to get changed, they're

who don't have a clubhouse and they

need one. What have we got weather

wise for you. Beautiful stuff even

for a Monday. 21 degrees, five

above average. Fine and sunny

conditions through Tuesday,

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I

don't even have to turn up for work,

it's going to be fine and sunny.

These guys are not only fine

footballers but they're

footballers but they're pretty good These guys are not only fine

with a song. # We're the Tigers.

We're fighting for the Tigers. # In

the grid. any moment you'll see us through

# We're the Tigers.

# We're strong and we're bold. We're the Tigers.

We're the Tigers. Yellow and black.

We're the Tigers. Yeah, there they

are, the Pittwater Tigers. They

were' the under 11s. Fine and sunny

tomorrow. conditions, around about 20 degrees

So the Pittwater Tigers are after a

clubhouse, they don't have one. The

sportsman night is on Saturday

night at the Pittwater xs RSL and

we're hoping to raise about $20,000 for them.

I'm not the smallest bloke here, this little bloke

this little bloke is. The Pitt I'm not the smallest bloke here,

Tigers on your television, under

more. 11! I'm glad I don't play footy any

A new lease on life for homeless men. for Sydney's largest hostel for homeless men.

Cardinal George Pell, The Catholic Archbishop of Sydney, at the Matthew Talbot hostel has blessed the renovations in Woolloomooloo. Society Donations to the St Vincent de Paul of the #1.6 million upgrade. of the $1.6 million upgrade. covered the cost

the homeless since 1938. The hostel has been helping That's the 5:00 news. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight.

Goodnight. I'll have the Late News at 10:35. by the Australian Caption Centre Supertext captions