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(generated from captions) have to defend themselves but who often mums who are not only struggling But first to single mums, extravagant wedding. And Bec and Lleyton's to 10 years in their life. They've literally dropped five years to 10 years in their life. it's no longer a fantasy. the ageing process - Plus, slowing down there is some good news. But don't panic, may not be worth what you think. Also, home owners - your house and not be blamed for anything? Why do they get to walk away Who's really to blame? 10 different dads. Two single mums, 11 kids, Tonight, a real eye-opener - I'm Naomi Robson. Hello, and welcome to Today Tonight.

What - so you think aborting them? you could have made in life? is that the best choice to pay for these children, and not having a job to six different dads, Having six kids inside her house. as long as she could stay but later agreed to have her say, she initially didn't want to talk, for her side of the story, When we asked Samantha She's populating it for them. to populate the society? that we need Like, what was it John Howard said - They just pay them. That's all it is. The government is just too lenient. No, I don't. she would've kept having them? do you think for child three, four, five and six, that she wouldn't get paid If your sister had've known they can't afford them. when they know don't keep having kid after kid so that parents like Samantha should stop after two children, Sandy believes welfare payments the more money you get. The more kids you have, you can't survive without money. because in society today For the money, is having child after child? So why do you think your sister to dad number six. and is currently pregnant again to five different dads who has five children to people like her sister Samantha, welfare shouldn't be paid But she says fallen on hard times. who have genuinely there's welfare for people like her Sandy says she's grateful he couldn't handle. and my mood swings and stuff, with post-natal depression I was suffering after the birth of daughter Nikita. when her partner left her dependent on welfare who found herself is a genuinely needy mum Sandy Anderson Help Mummy make the bed - go. of the welfare debate. at the opposite ends of the welfare debate. This is the tale of two sisters willing to pay her all the money. and the government three different States Six kids, six different blokes, looks at both sides of the argument. Well, Rohan Wenn and don't pay any child support? or is it the fathers who take off Are the single mums to blame, So how does this happen? between them to 10 different fathers. two mums with 11 children we have some exceptional examples - And tonight, on our welfare system. against claims of being a drain

to raise her family Rachel says she's worked hard from the fathers. you hope to get the money from the fathers. from the government, and you don't hope to get the money and you make the most of it, and you have children You end up in a bad situation for their children. and refuse to pay maintenance is because so many fathers walk away so many single mothers are on welfare She says the only reason with her current partner. and she had her two youngest are from different fathers Rachel's three oldest daughters on the television?" "because they saw that advertisement "Do the kids think less of me And I thought, being in that situation myself. my self-worth, They made me second-guess including single mum Rachel Turnbull. amongst many of our viewers, But that story caused a huge reaction while sitting at home. receiving benefits and she shouldn't be on easy street, an absolute fortune from government, she is pulling a huge amount, I think she has access to - from fathers like Laz Reynolds, And as well as receiving maintenance to four different fathers. who has five children of Mary-Anne Spresser, On Monday we brought you the story is what I do in life. Look, what I choose to do in life this is no good for the children"? "This is no good for me, and you would have said, surely the penny would have dropped After two kids, is she setting the girls? What example She's got four girls. Six kids from six different blokes. the wrong lessons from their mother. might be learning all Sandy worries her sister's kids In fact, and send them to school. to make them lunch or hasn't got the food in the house or there's no money to send them be bothered taking them to school, She's probably too sick and can't Yeah, but it's nothing new for her. That's a worry, isn't it? school age and they're not at school. A couple of these kids look to be I could have, yeah. safe sex and not get pregnant. Well, you could always practise

But Rebecca's mother Sue says in her daughter's case, the welfare money hasn't helped. It's actually made things worse by allowing her daughter to have a family she can't afford and can't properly care for. People who have three, four, five, six kids on welfare, it should all be looked at because they know they can't afford them. If it wasn't so available, then more girls would think about it. she knows welfare payments to single parents will always be unpopular In the end, Sandy Anderson says she knows welfare payments to single parents will always be unpopular with some taxpayers. But for now, she says the payments are the only thing keeping her and daughter Nikita housed and fed. I'll make it. I've made it this far and she's five, and I'll keep going. Rohan Wenn reporting there, and we'd like to know what you think a fortnight from the government. instead getting by with nearly $900 and she's never had a job, when she first fell pregnant Rebecca left school past the age of 12. I never imagined my life any other way. I just can't see my life to four different dads. She's had a total of seven children every year since she was 13. Rebecca Matheson has been pregnant from the greedy? How do you separate the needy facing the government. But that's exactly the problem No stories are ever the same. Everybody's different. Everybody's different. as though they are the same. you can't judge all single mothers In the end, Rachel says despite everything that's gone on. the best that she could She's taken care of us She's taken care of us She's a great mum. And they just don't want to know. to know what they need. how they're growing up in life, to care about their school reports, in their everyday care, to be involved in their lives, just for their upbringing, not just for money rights, I've begged for help - from them, I've pleaded, For years I've waited for help of her eldest daughters. without much help from the fathers of this single-mums issue. You can let us know your thoughts on our web site or give us a call. Now, moving on to the celebrity wedding of the year. Today, glamour couple Bec Cartwright and Lleyton Hewitt her legs on show, her hair down. It's a really lovely moment for them, and they're just such a divine couple. It's moving, I think, with a lot of people involved. Today, minutes before she was to tend to the bride, the stylist for Bec and Lleyton's wedding, Jo Ferguson, took time out to give us the inside goss. I just want to make sure they look perfect and that they're happy with the results, they all feel comfortable. While keeping quite hush about the big day, Jo did reveal some insider tips about the wedding. I think with her pregnancy, it was important that she felt comfortable in something and that it was still fashionable enough for her to feel bridal and eliant and comfortable throughout the day. tied the knot under a shroud of secrecy and security. But that didn't stop fans lining the streets near the Opera House or the media helicopters hovering above in the hope of getting a glimpse of the newly married couple. And Sonia Kruger has the inside word on the cost of the big bash, estimated to be around $180,000. Two stars, one destiny... Tonight, love-all for Hewitt and Cartwright. It's the stuff dreams are made of for Australia's Prince and Princess Charming. And today, we were treated to a bird's-eye view of the wedding of the year. No private nuptials for these two. We were all invited... ..well, sort of. What we could see, peeking through the top of the Opera House, were the five bridesmaids adorned in pink and yellow. And then there she was - Bec's grand entrance, her daring dress causing some last-minute adjustments as she tackled the stairs,

It's interesting to see how the public think of the dresses, because they're beautiful. We've estimated the ceremony alone would have cost them $23,000. Not bad for a day's work - and what a day! I know at the Packer wedding, they were all given very expensive gifts. If anyone knows how to throw If anyone knows how to throw a celebrity bash, it's wedding planner to the stars Melanie Kale. Fresh seafood, oysters, prawns. You can take it to the sky, really. Just to see them all dressed today will move me because it's such a special occasion for such beautiful people. We wish Bec and Lleyton all the very best for the years ahead. Now to the future of shopping, where supermarket trolleys know what you want, alert you of specials and even remember what you bought last time. And Helen Wellings looks at some of the high-tech gadgets that are coming to supermarket near you. It's a trolley changing the way consumers shop forever. This is a glimpse into the future. It's revolutionary technology. It's the shopping crystal ball,

the place retailers and supermarkets come to catch up on the latest shopping gizmos to get you to buy more. The new trolleys basically provide great convenience for shoppers. This electronic scanner trolley is the way of the future. No more crumpled shopping lists. Now it's all on the screen in front of you, and you do the work, scanning each product. Vernon Slack of Fujitsu Mobile Solutions Group says it's so instant and easy. And they say you'll be pushing this down the supermarket aisles as early as next year. What they can do is walk through the store and if they need Spree today, for instance, they could go ahead and scan that, add that to their shopping trolley. If they're looking at something for their meal tonight, they can scan that item. The new trolley actually knows what you want to buy and will even tell you what aisle it's in, based on your preferences and goods you've bought on previous shopping sprees. The store keeps a record of every transaction you make Another invention - this electronic self-checkout, already operating in one Australian supermarket. It scans goods, tells you to weigh them, to put them in the bag, and then takes your money. All do-it-yourself - no need even for a cashier. And if your supermarket doesn't have this, it could be checking you out this way. People hate queuing and I think what we're seeing here is something that will give them convenience and choice. Con Vass, director of NCR Retail, says this electronic gate works by reading a microchip implanted in each product. It reads it through and as it scans it, it picks up each item there, giving you integrity, so there's no errors. You pick up your receipt and walk home. But don't get too carried away. It will be another decade before this scanning system reaches our stores. Chocolate cookies, diesel, burning tyres to beautiful fragrance which we designed to target profiled customers. It's not high-tech or revolutionary, but you're about to be bombarded with smells - lots of smells. Con Zanthaopoulos of ScentAir sells scent diffusions to retailers - artificial fragrances that waft through shops, malls and hotels. It's a simple science designed to make you spend. It's our second greatest sense, smell, and creates a lasting memory of a brand. But with all this, that old-fashioned tricky trolley tango will still catch you backtracking in the aisles. That report from Helen Wellings. Coming up later, property values - How your home is probably not worth as much as you think. But there is some good news. And after the break, turning back the clock - a treatment that makes you look and feel years younger. All 25 k of it. Straight as a die, it is. Get many meteorites? Now with free bullbar and still with $1,000 of free fuel. The missus likes her rockery, though. If your house was built before 1988, some of the materials it's built from might contain asbestos. And that's fine if they're in good condition and if they're not disturbed during renovations or repairs. But it is important to know where asbestos might be in your home and to make sure that anyone who might handle it, like tradesmen, tenants or potential purchasers, knows too. For more information, see this booklet or the asbestos website. Now, let's face it - a lot of us a lot of us would not only want to look younger, but would like to feel younger too. But, as we know, there's really no stopping the ageing process. Or is there? Well, Michelle Tapper looks at a unique treatment that's making many Australians feel up to 20 years younger. Everyone kept coming to me and saying "God, you look great. What are you on? I want some of that." They've literally dropped five years to 10 years in their life. These people are convinced they've found the clues to life's holy grail. I believe at this time this is the closest thing we have to a fountain of youth. The most bizarre and fast becoming a youthful lure for the rich and famous is a treatment involving the use of fertilised eggs harvested from genetically perfect Chinese women. In fact, one of Australia's richest men the eccentric building tycoon Bruno Grollo has reportedly paid up to $40,000 a session for between six and 20 injections in this strange stem-cell treatment in China. Back here in Australia the treatments are almost as cutting edge. We put on fat, we lose muscle, we lose our libido - which is very said - we lose elasticity in the skin and we're not as vital, not as bright, as we were. According to Dr Michael Tait from the Australian Life Extension and Enhancement Clinic it doesn't have to be this way. He says his radical program is changing people's lives forever. We've been given a second chance, put it that way, and now we feel as though and now we feel as though we're moving backwards but progressing forwards. Brisbane couple Alan and Lorna Hall are in their 70s and have been on the life extension program for almost three years. Alan says he feels 25 years younger and claims, along with a balanced exercise and nutrition program, it has saved him from a disease-ridden retirement. I wouldn't dare have tried to run - I would have fallen down in a heap after a few yards. Now I will run and I'll play football with the kids. They're part of a controversial program involving the injection of human growth hormones aimed at rejuvenating the body's cells. Dr Tait says the procedure is perfectly safe in the right doses and claims doctors have been approaching ageing the wrong way, treating people's diseases rather than preventing them in the first place. They say, "I feel better, my muscle strength has improved, "I'm sleeping better, I'm more alert, "my libidos improved - and that's important to them. And the man behind the Life Extension Clinic, Alan Yovich, agrees. Yovich bought the procedure to Australia from the United States and claims he is living proof it works. At the moment this is what we've got and we're getting fantastic results. I feel fantastic, our patients feel fantastic. So what can I say? I just feel I can cope with a lot of day-to-day things a lot, lot better, than when I used to get a bit tired, things would get you down. I'd get headaches. I don't feel that anymore. 60-year-old race-horse owner Dianne Darwin has been having the injections for over a year. She's just one of hundreds of Australians and thousands worldwide racing to a get a hit of longer life. I would just like to feel healthy for as long as I can. I certainly don't feel 73. I feel in my 50s. I've had people come in and they feel 20 years younger. Some people are very keen to extend their lives at whatever the cost. But University of Queensland ageing expert Professor Helen Bartlett says the jury is still out on many new anti-ageing treatments. I think we need to focus more on the lifestyle things that we can actually control rather than invasive procedures that we really can't guarantee and that, of course, are very costly. You can't physically stop the ageing process. It's a genetic time clock that, once you are born, that biological clock starts clicking away. But what we can do is slow the speed of that clock down. As part of a worldwide study into just that former Paralympic gold medallist Brendan Burkett is heading the local arm at the Sunshine Coast University. I know I'm not doing this to extend my life. But I want to have a full life for the time that I'm here. Alan Roberts is a 56-year-old in semi-retirement and one of Burkett's best students. He doesn't take hormones. He can't fathom cosmetic surgery but says he looks and feels as good as anyone his own age. A healthy lifestyle doesn't have to take a lot of time. The best part of a healthy lifestyle is building it into your regular day. Don't fight for the car park which is closer to the shopping centre, park away in the far corner and walk into the shops. We do have to accept that the body isn't built to last forever. But try telling that to the those on that elusive quest. I love it when people come in and say, "Hey, Doc, I feel great. Can you make sure I stay this way?" rather than people coming in and saying, "I'm 85 years old. Can you make me feel better?" We don't like that. And additional details on that story can be found on our web site. Now to the school where sport has just become a no-go zone. Despite our ever-increasing childhood obesity epidemic, the principal has called "time out" for year 10 students, claiming they should be spending more time studying. Here's Sarah Clarke. Year 10 sport has been taken away from all children, Taking sport away is un-Austalian. These teenagers are outraged because they've been banned from playing school sport. (all chant) No sport, no school. No sport, no school. More than 300 students have been punished by the principal because several of their year 10 classmates are failing maths. Only 10% of us are failing maths. What about the other 90% of us? We have all talked about moving our children to another school. That's how angry we are. Mum Anne Thomas says her son Nathan is a grade-A student who shouldn't be punished, and she says depriving any teenager of exercise is not only unfair but it won't improve their grades. Kids definitely see it as a punishment. They will not go to these maths lessons with a positive attitude. Anne's not the only parent angered by the ridiculous punishment dished out by the principal of Victoria Point State High School south of Brisbane. There's been no compromise at all. They've just gone straight ahead doing what they want to do. I just think that there's something wrong with the teaching. Sporting legend Dawn Fraser says with one in four children overweight, sport should be mandatory, not banned. I think the majority of children will have better grades if they are allowed to play sport. Swim coach Laurie Lawrence agrees. We want to encourage the kids to play sport. We don't want to backfire, you know, and from my old days as a phys. ed. teacher - as I said before, a healthy mind in a healthy body. Although the students have Although the students have staged protests and signed petitions, they say the principal isn't listening, and he's threatened to expel anyone who talks to the media. We would like the department to step and in say this is not the right thing. And after the break, the definitive guide to what your home will be worth in the years ahead. And a look at the most dangerous of hoons, caught doing over 200km/h through the Sydney Harbour Tunnel. ENGINE REVS Small pieces of information from members of the public can help keep Australia safe from terrorism. Police and security agencies are working hard, but you could help them complete the picture. If you see anything suspicious, call the 24-hour National Security Hotline and help protect Australia from terrorism. Call 1800 123 400. Trained operators take every call seriously, and you can remain anonymous. and I've got the all-wheel drive for the weekends. Ohh! Crewman. it's the ultimate ute. I've also got a fridge and a telly in here. Nice! # Are you ready for a good time? #

But down 3.4% since 2004. will be a time for recovery. from rising household incomes. but we think that will happen for that to work off It's going to take a number of years are considered undervalued. where property prices Hobart is the only State capital with houses overvalued by - Brisbane is the worst homes are not worth what we think. in almost every Australian city, our The bad news is And that's the good news. with the ANZ Bank. Paul Braddick is a senior economist There will be no crash. has been well overdone. about house prices All the expectations and negativity went searching for answers. Well, Rodney Lohse change over the coming years? So how will your property's price that things will improve over time. because the research also shows on property values, there is some good news worth less than we think, houses across Australia are actually suggest Now, although the latest reports What that means is we're all going to get a pay rise so we can continue to afford buying houses. But each State is a little different. House prices in Queensland have probably outperformed other States. In New South Wales, the heat has already come out of the market and 2005 to 2006

because the next growth spurt is some way off but there is no reason not to buy because prices are not going down either. The soft landing has played out so far. We would expect that will continue. Now to one of the stories I'll have for you tomorrow night, Email - Captioned by Seven Network Please take care, and goodnight. I hope you have a great evening. So until then, tomorrow night. And I'll have that story for you by the drivers. that's obviously desired that's obviously desired The hoon plate isn't something would be less likely to offend. The hoon drivers ENGINE REVS behind the wheel. that there's a ratbag would warn other motorists the "H-plate" Unlike L-plates and P-plates, fixed to their cars. and force them to have "hoon plates" and the call to shame crazy drivers no need to rush into buying But in general, it is good news - for Tasmania is relatively subdued. We think the near-term outlook but they are still undervalued. prices have risen, to the Apple Isle, and people are returning migration has turned around Finally, Tasmania, where negative longer term. so we can't expect too much to weaken in that market The fundamentals are starting amongst buyers in the local economy. because of positive sentiment continue to grow, despite oversupply, Western Australia, too, should to fall any further. We don't expect them over the past 12 months. we've seen prices fall by around 3% Like Sydney, strong growth in house prices. and that's supported has been very strong Victoria, economically, onto the market in Melbourne. with 3,400 units expected to come with 3,400 units expected to come Victoria is facing testing times