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The CSIRO Diet -

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give me some sort of respect.

Gt today is Masterton had a rethink. for doing the right thing. Congratulations to Masterton home-grown success story. Alright, now to an incredible into a huge bestseller The CSIRO diet book that's turned in just a matter of weeks. right around Australia credibility, The CSIRO label certainly gave it but as you're about to see, diet is that it actually works. the other big selling point for this The book's been phenomenal for us. I was aware it was pretty good. had to wait for it to be reprinted. We sold out of the book twice and we Thank you very much. Here's a turn-up - one bestselling book in Australia what do you think has been the number for the past four weeks?

'The Da Vinci Code'? No. Bryce Courtney? No. Try a diet book - for that matter. and one written by the CSIRO by the success of this? Are you surprised I am absolutely astonished. I knew diet books were popular, but when we were writing it we weren't really sure how well it was going to do. Peter Clifton and Manny Noakes are a couple of CSIRO scientists who are now bestselling authors. I've written a lot of scientific manuscripts that are in very esteemed journals, but nothing quite like this before. the ultimate diet book. What they did was come up with t@e ultimat di t book.

that a high-protein, low-fat diet Scientifically proven evidence will lose you weight

cholesterol and sugar levels. and improve blood pressure, out there There are so many faddish diets are getting sucked into these fads and men and women especially all the time, often at risk of their health. the Science Minister, Brendan Nelson, When the book was announced, I joined to try out one of the recipes. So our scientists said, real science behind it "Right, well, let's put some that is well balanced, "and come up with a diet "is scientifically supported, to the Australian community." "and we can safely promote

And this is it. if you can't beat them, join them. In the end we decided it's off to work we go. # SONG: # Hi-ho, hi-ho, Also back then...

Just step onto the scales. ..we put three frustrated dieters...

I've given up chocolate, alcohol, coffee - nothing has worked. ..on this government-sanctioned program. I'm going to go on in my life. This will be the best diet I m going to go o n my l fe And James was right. and going really well. I've lost 10 kilos so far This has actually worked. what it's claimed to do in the book. This has actually done It's brilliant. I lost 12 kilos in eight weeks. to a 14. Louise has gone from a size 18 the soup diet, I've tried the milkshake diet, the low-carb diet, the Atkins diet. You name it, I've tried it, until this one. and nothing has worked I've lost six kilos so far. in her dieting life, For the first time Lyndal, too, has no disappointments. It's too easy to do.

It's not really a diet. is just unbelievable The information provided for you to carry on every day. that I've never seen before. It's just something big meals of protein, lots of vegies, All of them have been eating a d are too ful to eat snac s, but there's one drawback.

They're all way too big for me. And dieters, there's good news. Clearly, there's a need for a weight-loss book targeted for men. They're working on a sequel. to make things simple. There's a need to ake things s mple. This week's sales figures from around Australia will undoubtedly show Harry Potter taking number one, but the scientists will still hold the crown in the non-fiction category. with all that money? What are you going to do Well, it goes to nutrition research indirectly. so we get the benefits of it But you get nothing? Fame perhaps. That's a shame. That is a shame, yes. Brady Halls there. in your street is worth Want to know what everybody's house including your own? We're going to tell you.